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KG newsletter january

Published by info, 2020-02-03 23:51:13

Description: KG newsletter january


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HIGHLIGHTS OF THE NEWSLETTER • Back to School • Lohri Celebration • Makar Sankranti Celebration • Reading Campaign –Book Week • Republic Day Celebration • Dental Hygiene Day • What’s happening in the classroom (Activity Oriented teaching) • Free play • Innovations • Sentence of the day during Circle time • Assemblies • Star Student • Special assembly based on Saraswati Puja.

On 6th of January kids walked with smiling faces wishing their friends and teachers good morning. They brought new life to inanimate rooms with their presence. The room was filled with joyous sounds of the tiny explorers sharing the things they did during their vacations. They were all set to explore, learn, dance and sing.

KG Students at GDGPS presented a special assembly on the occasion of Lohri and Makar Sankranti. The cold weather, bonfire and dances were enjoyed immensely by one and all. It was an enjoyable morning as the children celebrated the ‘Bonfire’ with great gusto and fun. Til, Pea nuts and popcorn were the flavours of the day. Children were told about the importance of these festivals and fire as they enjoyed singing lohri boliyan. As well as all the students flew kites on that special day. May the festive flavours of Lohri and Makar Sankranti bring you bountiful joy and prosperity in the New Year! Lohri and Makar Sakranti Celebration

Reading Campaign as a part of book week Book Week is a great event for kids to celebrate their love of reading, characters and authors. Schools library hosted the week to talk about great books and encourage children to love reading.


REPUBLIC DAY CELEBRATION Republic Day also called as 26th January 2020 which is celebrated every year as this day is of great importance for every Indian. All the dance troop of Kg amazed the audience with their sizzling dance performance on patriotic song and perceived the importance of the day.

Dental Hygiene Day The key to bright and beautiful smile is white teeth. We celebrated dental hygiene day on 8th January 2020 in our morning assembly. A skit was enacted by our teachers to make the students aware about the pros of dental hygiene. The students sang songs on dental care and some basic knowledge were provided to them about how to take care of their teeth.


What’s happening in the classroom In GDGPS students are engaged in active &deep learning and are not passively taking in information from instructions. They are identifying, thinking, writing, reading etc. To make each student an active player in learning process, an environment must be created in which there are opportunities for students to do tasks. Here teachers are emphasizing on teaching through activities in which the students participate rigrously & bring about efficient learning experience. It gives reality for learning teachers uses all available resources to implement exploratory, constructive & expressional activities.

INNOVATIONS By little hands “ Innovation is important for growth” Innovations means creating new ideas. Something that has never been made before or the process of creating something that has never been made before. Little students at GDGPS used to make innovations according to what has been taught in class and to look at the topic from different point of view. This make them more confident about what they know.

SENTENCE OF THE DAY DURING CIRCLE TIME Circle time is a great way for our KG kids to get a sense of community with other kids of their age & enhance their skills and improve their attention span. At GDGPS, KG kids start each day with circle time. It helps the children to learn how to form a sentence as they are made to say a sentence each day during circle time. • EG: The capital of England is London. • The national animal of England is Lion. • The national flower of England is Tuber rose. • We should brush our teeth twice a day. • We celebrate republic day on 26th January. • The capital of Germany is Berlin. • China is the most populated country in the world. • The capital of China is Beijing. • The national language of China is Mandarin. • The national currency of China is Yuan. • The famous monument of China is “The great wall of China.” • Indian constitution was made on 26th January 1950. •

ASSEMBLIES An assembly is a gathering where all the KG students will join together in every morning. Assembly will start with the morning prayer followed by theme song. Then the students will stand in pledge position for the Indian pledge. After the formal part, will move to the speech where the kids will speak 3-4 lines on anything they have prepared and then the GK Question will be asked. Then all students will sing a rhyme together and then at the end phonic song.

STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH Hands on learning is what we practice at GDGPS Purnea. You would find our kids a lot energetic during sessions in class, and their minds never stop learning. They learnt and excelled in all arenas and thus were awarded” STAR STUDENT OF THE MONTH”. LKG STAR STUDENT- AKANKSHA DALMIA. UKG A- STAR STUDENT- SHANVI UKG B – STAR STUDENT – UTKARSH NAYAN

SPECIAL ASSEMBLY ON BASANT PANCHAMI Saraswati puja is a special occasion for students all over India. Our KG kids celebrated a special assembly in Basant Panchami on 29th January. They sang Saraswati vandana mantra and prayed the goddess. Goddess Saraswati mirrors absolute truth. Students are encouraged to worship Maa Saraswati because of the educational value she holds.

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