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Irun Magazine Volume 1

Published by Meilimei56789, 2015-07-27 23:00:22

Description: Central Miami and Biscayne Corridor without a running store or a running community. We were just two guys who believed that we could make this happen, yet it is not as simple as it may seem.

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INTRODUCTION Hector & Yami Arana (entrepreneur)IRUN COMPANY iRun Co owners By Hector Arana Magazine Contributor As we approach our three year anniversary, it is Cobi Morales great to look back to how it all started: (entrepreneur) Central Miami and Biscayne Corridor without iRun Co owner a running store or a running community. We were just two guys who believed that we could Editor make this happen, yet it is not as simple as it may seem. The work and effort it took us still keeps us Daniela Faig humble, but the rewards have been tremendous. In this magazine you will find some of the Started working with iRun 2 years ago, highlights of iRun’s path 2013, as a well as most where she became a runner, and is of our training principles and philosophies. Our community of runners has grown from 16 runners currently managing the store’s website. in our first workout to hundreds of runners today. Bachelors in Marketing from The There isn’t a corner in Miami where you won’t spot an iRun shirt, and the loyalty of iRun runners University of Florida and masters of is remarkable, which makes us look forward to International Business from FIU. what the future has in store for us. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the commitment Cristina Gonzalez-Sempere to continue bringing you great products without compromising our belief that at the end of the day, Passionate about running and function will always be first and foremost here at cycling as well as history and coffee. IRUN. Degree from FIU in International “We are more than a Relations and Political Science. store, Andres Zimeri we are more than a Competitive Triathlete, will community... graduate this semester in WE ARE A FAMILY” Recreational and Sports ManagementSTAFF SPECIAL THANKS TO THE PEOPLE WHO MADE THIS PROJECT POSSIBLE MAGAZINE / GRAPHIC DESIGN Joyce Sosa MAGAZINE PHOTOGRAPHY Andres Hernandez & Cecilia Ceballos PRINTING Impressdcmedia and to our Sponsors & Contributors.

TRAININGWORKOUTMONDAYS After a weekend of long runs, track workouts and races, we come together to iRun Monday evenings for “good times”. BY JOHN PENSON Runners meet outside I-RUN store before the night’s workoutPerhaps what makes this group so unique is that the core of the runners, whether they are slow, overweight, average, fast or even elite, all train and work together as one. The fastest runners pay constant attention to what’s coming next, as well as the slowest, and that is how the groups connect. When we arrive at the store, Hector personally embraces everyone, offering a handshake and psychological support for the journey we signed up for, either by helping us pick the right pair of shoes or by helping us choose the right nutrition.We then reconnect and welcome any new and old faces for the Monday grind. Cobi goes unnoticed as he heads straight for his bull horn. At this point, Cobi calls out what will be the evening’s workout, which varies every week ranging from half-mile repeats to fartlek runs to progression runs. The beauty is that if you don’t pay attention, you will miss the subtle intricacies of where the night will take you. 2 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

“What makes this group so UNIQUE is that the runners, all train and work TOGHETHER as ONE” Cobi reveals the workout program to the runners After opening up with a 15 minute warm-up run toeither Midtown, the Design District or Morningside, thefun begins. Cobi addresses the group again with his bull horn toreinforce the night’s menu and to mentally prepare thegroup for another night of magic. For the next hour orso, even if at times it feels impossible to keep pushingthrough the workout, the group positively responds byfollowing the progressions. For each and every segment,we all offer each other support—either verbally withloud cheers or subtly with nothing more than a nod anda smile. “It amazes me to see my own progress and that ofthe group”. On the cool down run on the way back to theiRun store, we all share the mental and physical highs and lows of the night’s workout. Upon returning we are greeted again by bothCobi and Hector who encourage everyone to return. It is no wonder why the solid efforts we put in translate to “good times” at iRun.7UHDWPHQWIRU$WKOHWHVE\DQ$WKOHWH 7UHDWPHQWIRU$WKOHWHVE\DQ$WKOHWH Call for an appointment: 305-240-0929 Call for an appointment: 305-240-0929 Pain from exercise, stress or an injury should not be Pain from exercise, stress or an injury should not beconstant in your life. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, constant in your life. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, painless and may be the answer your body needs. painless and may be the answer your body needs. Visit one of our two Miami offices Visit one of our two Miami officesNear MIA: Near MIA: 4150 N.W. 7th St., Ste. 200 4150 N.W. 7th St., Ste. 200Midtown: Midtown: 5050 Biscayne Blvd. at iRun 5050 Biscayne Blvd. at iRun



TRAININGThere are many different ways of measuring how your training progresses: some runners like to train byheart rate, others by pace, and others by effort. However, this is where the question arises: which of these isthe most effective? The answer lies in all three.HEART RATEIf you train by heart rate, lactate threshold workouts will give you the best results and efficiency. Lactatethreshold workouts will teach you how to push through the lactic acid build up in your muscles. PACEOn the other hand, if you train by pace, base your workouts on realistic times. For example, if your marathongoal pace is around 8 minutes per mile, your speed workouts should be at around a 7 minute per mile pace. Thisway you’ll train similar to the way you’ll race and you can focus on what’s more important during marathon training which are the long runs.6 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

TRAININGEFFORTFinally, those who train by effort are usually the most experienced runners, as one of the requisites for thismethod is to understand heart rate and pace training. These runners use simple yet effective terminologies togo by their workouts such as easy, comfortable, medium, and hard. If you combine all these training methods, HEART RATE , PACE, EFFORT along with CONSISTENCY it is almost guaranteed that you’ll achieve outstanding results! 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 7

CHALLENGE Flat & Fast USATF Certified 5K/10K course. Cash prices, Music, souvenirs, food and lots of fun. From the 5k walker all the way to the more experienced fast runners. The course was completely closed to traffic, police “ ”officers and safety cones were on the entire course.8 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

Course records: CHALLENGE5k FemaleAlice Henley 16:525k MaleDan Martin 15:1810k FemaleValeria Rodriguez 38:2610k MaleEthan Clary 31:17 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 9

TRAININGMETABOLIC EFFICIENTTRAININGWhether you’re an experienced athlete or just also seen radical performance improvements, all while taking in getting started, Metabolic Efficiency concepts fewer calories during training sessions and races. They’ve become apply to you! more “metabolically efficient”. The real benefit of Metabolic Metabolic efficient training is the perfect way Efficiency isn’t for world class athletes. Metabolic Efficiencyto avoid gastrointestinal (GI) upset while fueling during races, principles apply to everyone! Our bodies work like hybriddifferent from the common “carb-loading” theories. Have you automobiles in a sense; we can burn a variety of fuels dependingever, despite consuming hundreds of calories from high-energy on the intensity of the activity we do on a daily basis. A goodcarbohydrate fueling supplements during events, still run out of first step into a metabolic efficiency will be gradually reducing theenergy late in races? The vast array of products are designed calorie intake per hour of exercise every week. Example: if youto deliver “fuel” quickly and simply. As we exercise, especially are a traditional athlete who intake 500 calories per hour, startat race-like intensities, our body diverts blood flow away from reducing that amount by 50 calories every week until you reachthe digestive tract to deliver oxygen-rich blood to our working between 115 to 175 calories per hour of exercise. Low caloriemuscles. Athletes have seen drastic reductions in GI distress intake has proven solid results, race faster and stronger in youroccurrences as they improve their efficiency. These athletes have next race. “ High calorie intake during races slows you down”10 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

HIGHLIGHTSIRUN IN THE NEWS In 2013... iRun sold more Adidas Adizero Tempo, Boston and Brooks Racer ST in the state of Florida per square foot.DeukwIno20o13 Kwon Alyson Venti ALSO ran 9 full marathons. His times: won every single Ultra Distance race - Last year Hector Arana co-owner of iRun gave a 3:25/3:04/3:15/3:14/3:16/ she participated in the past total of 10 shoe clinics across South Florida. 3:10/3:06/3:12/3:10 - Every customer who trained with iRun in 2013 PR’d Isn’t that impressive?! WOW 13 months with a course record. in the 5K all the way to the marathon, “every single Keys 50 mile, Ghost Trail 100 mile and one” Long Haul 100 mile. Alyson runs and -iRun Runners have a reputation for being a fast group which is not necessarily true, we have runners average of 28 miles “EVERY DAY” of all levels!At iRun we’ve survived past running trends and now we are ready to survive the Next Big thing, maximalist shoes!! Making its mark as a real game-changer- Published by 100 Mile FinisherYOGA FOR ATHLETESYOGA FOR ATHLETES PRIVATE LESSON 20% OFFYOGA FOR ATHLETES @jenniferpansa ONE PRIVATE Coaching SessionGROUP CLASSES GROUP CPLRAISVSEASTE LESSONS20% Exhale Spa - The Epic Brickell [email protected] Tuesday 6:45 - 7:45amOFF ONE Friday 6 - 7pmPRIVATE Sunday 10:45am -12pmLESSON David Barton Gym - South Beach Tuesday 10:15 -11:30am Thursday 10:15 -11:30amwww.



WEEKENDBy Alicia ProcterBefore IRun there was no organized running group on Saturdays in this side of the city, today there is no denying the warm welcome and sense of camaraderie felt when you walk into the parking lot of Salsa Fiesta on 30th and Biscayneearly Saturday morning. It is amazing being greeted by 30+ runners,who have all dragged themselves out of bed, like you did, to be therewith the same goal, to run. Whether beginning runner or veteran, fastor slow, in training mode or just there to get some exercise, the iRunCompany Saturday run is for everyone. Rest assure that if you forgotyour motivation at home, iRun co-owner Hector Arana, will serve youup a quick pep talk to get your energy going. Be ready to flash thosepearly whites for a quick group photo, which you can later view onInstagram or Facebook (@iruncompany @irunonline) to tag yourself,and just like that the group is off running into the sunrise. Regardless ofyour skill, speed or intention, iRun Company’s Saturday run is the placeyou want to be. Mileage for each Saturday run varies depending on theseason, from 6 miles all the way to 23 miles during marathon training.

Whether beginning runner or veteran, fast or slow, in training mode or just there to get some exercise, the iRun Company Saturday run is for EVERYONE!2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 15

HYDRATIONCHRONIC FATIGUEsyndromeBy Cobi MoralesNot being properly hydrated manifests itself in many ways. harder in order to supply the skin and muscles with oxygenHere are some of the most common symptoms reported and nutrients. As dehydration progresses, the body redirectsby those who suffer from chronic fatigue “Many who blood to the working muscles and away from thesyndrome: skin, impairing your body’s ability to diffuse heat. The suffer from increase in internal heat then results in muscle cramps,DEHYDRATION can be a cause chronic fatigue light-headednes and fatigue. If you have chronic fatigue syndrome are syndrome, you will identify with these symptoms. It’sof fatigue when you have chronic fatigue common for our bodies to experience dehydrationsyndrome. Nearly all body functions are about dehydratedfluid balance, and even small changes in fluid ”and don’t when we have chronic fatigue syndrome. Dehydrationbalance can affect our performance and daily can interfere with our natural thirst reflex - many wholife. If this fluid is not replaced, blood volume even know it suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome are dehydratedcan drop. As a result, the heart has to work and don’t even know it.16 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

Our bodies are about 70% water. Vital organs like the kidneys, brain, and heart can’t HYDRATIONoperate properly without a certain minimum of water and salt. Dehydration is causedby a loss of water and important blood salts like potassium and sodium. 70% When your body experiences dehydration, it results in subtle tension in your tissues,muscles and organs. This restricts blood flow. Because your blood flow is restricted, itbecomes a dumping ground for toxicity. The result is that you feel as though you arehung over and your muscles ache...common to chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers.HOW DOES HYDRATION WITHELECTROLYTES HELP?The special formulation of electrolytes (with no sugar) helps increase the amount ofwater that’s absorbed into the blood stream. That means more of the water you drinkis actually used to hydrate yourself instead of being eliminated because theelectrolyte balance isn’t right. Remember! We know most of you hydrate during exercise, but you need to do it throughout the day to beat chronic fatigue. “I can’t emphasize enough how important hydration is before my runs. My performance on tough runs improved significantly after I started watching my water intake. Adequately hydrating, even as early as a day prior to my workouts has made a remarkable difference. ” - Adriana Montiel said.7UHDWPHQWIRU$WKOHWHVE\DQ$WKOHWH 7UHDWPHQWIRU$WKOHWHVE\DQ$WKOHWH Call for an appointment: 305-240-0929 Call for an appointment: 305-240-0929 Pain from exercise, stress or an injury should not be Pain from exercise, stress or an injury should not beconstant in your life. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, constant in your life. Chiropractic care is non-invasive, painless and may be the answer your body needs. painless and may be the answer your body needs. Visit one of our two Miami offices Visit one of our two Miami officesNear MIA: Near MIA: 4150 N.W. 7th St., Ste. 200 4150 N.W. 7th St., Ste. 200Midtown: Midtown: 5050 Biscayne Blvd. at iRun 5050 Biscayne Blvd. at iRun 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 17

FUSIONAs more runners found the need for cross training to complement theirrunning, we came up with the “iRun Bike/Run Cross-Training SummerProgram” sponsored by Saucony.Runners and triathletes from all different levels gathered every two weeks to do x amount of fast, short bike/runs at high intensity for two hours. “Silently no one let anyone quit, and heroically everyone pushed themselves throughout the workout as if the world's stage was watching us kick through the hidden back trails of Virgina Key to the finish”, mentions Valeria Rodriguez inher blog “Why Run Now?” Starting the program, most participants didn’t know what their bodies were capable of doing, however, the simple and effectiveapproach to training left everyone with high expectations and more confidence, which later on translated (for some of them) into avery succesful triathlon season.

FUSION“Silently no one let anyone quit, and heroicallyeveryone pushed themselves throughout theworkout as if the world’s stage was watchingus kick to through the hidden back trails ofVirgina Key to the finish.”-Valeria Rodriguez 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 19

v EFFORTAWP RUNWhy are WE waking up at 5:30am? Why are WE running at this time if we can do it later? Every morning,Monday through Thursday, these two questions come to our minds in search of answers and the answers are always the same: WEjust love rising and shining; WE love taking the streets by surprise; WE love seizing the moment and just focusing on our run.Nobody says it is easy, but everybody says it is worth it. The best time of day to run is a long-standing debate among runners. Is there a “perfect time”? Who knows! We are not talkingabout relative humidity levels or about thenow-infamous “dew point” but about that senseof accomplishment you get every time youfinish a run. Every run may not go as planned,but once you have finished, you feel you can doanything.How do WE do it? Going to bed a little earlier is the first step. Youmust redefine your bedtime and be consistent. Itis not only about waking up but also about beingefficient during your day. Once you get used toyour new bedtime, it will be much easier towake up and you will notice all the benefits ofa morning run. What benefits? A morning run gives you the energy required to face your daily challenges; it brings discipline intoyour life and offers you a workout free of excuses.WE have fans all over Miami that wake up every morning looking forward to seethe AWP 5:30 am group photo.In October 2013, a former group of AWP runners created a new morning running group called RWV(Run With Vivi). They meet at the same time on Biscayne and 21st streetLET’S GET DIGITAL!Large format or small format, short run to long run, from custom die cuts to varnishes, embossing to foil stamping – we’ve got it all covered. 305.672.7467 Improve. Impact. Impress. 2045 NW 1st Ave • Miami, FL 33127 www.impressmiami.com20 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

EFFORT FREE entry, plus post-race Pizza, Beer and New Balance giveaways!When iRun Workout Monday’s started, we would run 3 mile warmups followedby 1 mile time trial. As the workouts grew, New Balance approached us with theidea of the NEW BALANCE MILE. FREE entry, plus post-race Pizza, Beer andNew Balance giveaways, have all atrributed to this event’s popularity. To date wehave hosted 4 New BalanceMile events (held twiceper year) with impressivecommunity results. Just togive you an example, in the3rd New Balance Mile, 16runners broke 5 minutes inthe mile. This event is opento all levels. “See you at thenext NB Mile” 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 21

DID YOU KNOW?IRun paces mostof the races in South Florida By: Hector AranaIn 2013 the iRun runners had the privilege of pacing most of South Florida 5K, 10K and Half Marathons including the Southernmost Marathon in Key West, Miami Beach 13.1, Turkey Trot 5K/10K, ALS 5K/10K, and the Halloween Half Marathon among others. You may ask: why pacers? Because for the most part, we runners sometimes stress out before and during the race about our desired finishing time and this could have a big impact on our race results, thats why we take care of pacing. It’s also a great way for us to giveback to the running community, there’s no better feeling than crossing the finish line with a group of runners that you help set their Personal Record. Lookout for your favorite iRun Pacers in 2014!! 22 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

LET’S TALK ABOUT DILEGT’SITGEAT LYOUR LAST LONG RUNBEFORE A MARATHONBy Cobi Morales Four, three or two weeks before your marathon? It all depends on two factors: How fast you can recover from one workout to the next? How many Large format or small format, long runs you short run to long run, from custom die cuts have done? to varnishes, embossing to foil stamping– A three-month marathon training program is a process in which not only we’ve got it all you prepare your BODY, but also your BRAIN. I always see an Improve. Impact. Impress.“unbalanced” preparation between training and the mental aspect that goes 305.672.7467along with it. Like an old friend used to tell me: “you need to change the page,” 2045 NW 1st Ave • Miami, FL 33127referring to changing my mentality according to my fitness level. Throughoutyears of experience, “I've gained the impression that the closer you do your last long run before a marathon, the greater your chances of a successful race.” For most runners, three weeks before race day is the ideal timing for theirlast long run. However, runners that have pushed their last long run closerto race day have achieved faster marathon times. In iRun’s 2013 Chicago andNew York Marathon training programs, everyone ran their fastest marathondoing their last long run two weeks before race day. Get physically andmentally strong. 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 23

INTERNATIONAL By: Cristina-Gonzalez-SempereIRUN KENYA In the past three GUATEMALA IRUN KENYA years iRun has expanded its net of followers to the international atmosphere, not only in Latin America but also on other continents like Africa and Asia. Runners throughout Brazil, Guatemala, Venezuela, Thailand, Indonesia and Kenya have become so inspired by what we do at the store that they’ve created their own “iRun” groups and at times even follow our trainings. As a matter of fact, in Kenya and Guatemala we have a charity program where we give away shoes and shirts which are donated by our clients andIRUN COMPANY GUATEMALA the store’s inventory.INDONESIA shoe donation GUATEMALA

ROLE MODEL By Spencer D. WestIf anyone could make excuses, it we could get to that point, don’t we? I know have the desire to fight. would be me. I’m over 40, was 70 I did when I started running and I still do. Don’t be blind to the other factors pounds overweight just five years Well guess what, you can. Does this mean ago, have a demanding job as a that you can instantly get yourself on the holding you back either, such as weight orlawyer, drive hours a day to and from the podium? No, but it also doesn’t mean mental weakness. Take it from me, excessoffice, and, oh yeah, I have a wife (also a that getting on the podium or winning weight in the wrong places (stomach,runner who has a demanding job and races is some unattainable goal reserved waist, hips) holds you back and makes youworks full-time) and two young kids. I only for the “genetically gifted”. I could slower. There is no exception to this and ifdon’t make excuses and neither should barely run a 28 minute 5K when I ran someone says otherwise, they are ignoringyou. You are not too busy to run, to my first in 2008. Now, I am disappointed the scientific data and making eitherexercise, to train hard, to get faster, to get and hard on myself when I don’t break 17 themselves or someone else feel better. Athinner, or any of the other goals you set for a 5K. And I don’t set limits on myself healthy and lean body will better performbut don’t follow through on every New either. I won’t acknowledge, ever, that I for you than the opposite. Don’t pretendYear’s Eve. can’t get as fast as the fastest guy I train that you don’t know how to get there with. You just have to realize that getting either, or blame it on genetics or any of “Stop making faster and better absolutely never happen the other excuses we hear and make every by accident. It takes lots of hard work and day. Don’t be afraid of discipline in your resolutions, stop making the desire to actually feel some discomfort life and be afraid of gluttony. The former in your life. This discomfort can also will help you in all aspects of life and the excuses and stop letting be described as actual “pain”, but unless latter will derail you from accomplishing injured or not listening to your body anything of substance. And as far as life kick you in the butt. (overtraining, undertraining), that pain mental toughness is concerned, just stop is only in your head and will fade almost making excuses. In my own life, to the The only way to change is immediately after your workout. What best of my ability, I finish the workouts I won’t fade, however, are the cumulative start, run as hard as I can when I put that ”to do it. results you gain from those hard workouts race bib on, and always try to give my and the feeling of accomplishment from competition the best I have. I could not Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox for a moment breaking a sweat. That temporary pain, run with the level of athlete I train with if and give some practical advice to follow to me, reminds you that you’re alive and I did otherwise. through on my philosophy of not makingexcuses. First, let’s talk about speed.Everyone can pretend that they don’t careabout getting faster, but I don’t buy it. Weall marvel at those faster than us and wish SATURDAY, MARCH 29, 2014 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 25



ADVICELOIGUHRTAWPEPIRGOHTASCHHOTEOSBY IRUNCOMPANYAs our third anniversary These days many people are trying to faster, but do we really want to run fast approaches, we have been move into a much lighter pair of running every single day of the week? Most likely fortunate to meet and fit shoes because a new theory proposes the answer is NO. so many new runners into that \"less shoe=more natural.” Aftertheir first pair of running shoes. We can successfully fitting hundreds of people We are not the only ones proposingnow proudly say, \"we have survived the and having close interaction with runners this philosophy. Matt Fitzgerald, a regulartendency towards light weight training who run more than 80 miles a week (at contributor of, Triathlete,shoes.” How did we do it? By defining paces sometimes under 7 minutes per Inside Triathlon and Competitorone philosophy: Running should be mile), we can clearly say: We believe that magazines, wrote an article titled,enjoyable and achieved by working by training hard, staying commited and “Good running form is a matter of noton each individuals abilities to run. A a good pair of running shoes, anyone can being lazy.” The statistics say that Southskillful runner can run in virtually any improve their running. Florida is one of the slowest runningshoe based on his ability. But for the rest communities in the nation. All it takes isof us, functional running shoes help us Light weight shoes have been around to drive North a few hours to find fasterget from run to run, and in most cases, for a long time, the only problem is that runners who don't seem to be concernedkeeps us injury free. people these days seem to not know how about training with light weight shoes. to use them properly. They make you run28 IRUNCOMPANY.COM I 2014

DAN OFFERED @ $995KBLAKEMAN REAL ESTATE GROUP OFFERED @ $1.475MMORNINGSIDE MIAMI BEACH5524 NE 7 Avenue | Miami 1446 Jefferson Avenue | Miami Beach5 BD | 4 BA | 4,026 SQ FT 3 BD | 3 BA | 1,558 SQ FT OFFERED @ $868K OFFERED @ $824KVENETIAN CAUSEWAY MODERN ESCAPE1021 North Venetian Drive #406 | Miami Beach 1100 Biscayne #3903| Miami2 BD | 2 BA | 1,430 SQ FT 2 BD | 2.5BA | 1,498SQ FT OFFERED @ $399K OFFERED @ $348KNEAR DOWNTOWN EDGEWATER1900 sw 10th Street| Miami 350 NE 24 Street | Miami4 BD | 3 BA | 3,100 SQ FT 2 BD | 2 BA | 1,020 SQ FT 2014 I IRUNCOMPANY.COM 29

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