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Parker County Football Preview 2013

Published by Meilimei56789, 2015-07-27 23:07:55

Description: Using methods that are inarguably ‘tried and true,’ with a brief look at the track record, the Roos’ head coach attributes past success, and current confidence in future success, to consistent methods of developing a mindset of deter- mination and dedication.

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fromthesidelines6 | parker county football

PARKER COUNTY PREVIEW insidelook Proudly Supporting Our Roos!FOOTBALL 0 8 WEATHERFORD KANGAROOS PUBLISHER “Winning isn't something that Jeff Smith Under new management happens suddenly on the eld when the SPORTS EDITOR/WRITER 16 ALEDO BEARCATS whistle blows and the crowds roar. Greg Webb Winning is something that builds Traditional success physically and mentally every day that PHOTOS you train and every night that you 22 SPRINGTOWN PORCUPINES Kay Biggs dream.” David Clausen Chemistry lessons Emmi Smith Greg Webb 2 8 MILLSAP BULLDOGS Two Locations in Parker County Lori Blanton Derik Moore Attitude and effort 901 Santa Fe Drive Wayne Wienke Weatherford 34 BROCK EAGLES DESIGN/PRODUCTION 5147 East I-20 Service Rd Maturing for district Willow Park Krissie Paine Greg Webb 4 0 GREAT EXPECTATIONS AD DESIGN Confidence and a clean slate Erin Ferguson 44 VARSITY SCHEDULES ADVERTISING DIRECTOR Tamara Smart preview 2013 | 7

fromthesidelinesA fifth ‘wheel’ is a good thing“ ... Now, I return to this young fellow. And the to the mix for those classifications. Class There are more changes for area footballcommunication I have got to make is, that he 2A is already split into Divisions I & II, teams, described inside this preview ef-has great expectations.” but in a one-and-done scenario for Class fort. The publication features in-depth 3A, its playoff teams will experience small- dialogue with the county’s head coaches,to ardent fans of high school foot- CHARLES DICKENS school, big-school bracket placement after team schedules and an overview of the key ball, and because of their inherent, Great Expectations – 1861 district standings are decided. Next year, players who will hit the gridiron. built-in fervor for the game, every Class 3A (which will then be 4A … oh my The contents will not inundate readers season is special. It is “the most be assigned a loftier class designation by goodness, we need to move on here) will with seas of stats, but rather, insights wonderful time of the year” in at least one ‘A.’ Schools whose enrollment be split into divisions before districting. about the coming season from the menmany peoples minds, but even better than numbers may bump them to a higher class All of the name-changing aside, there are in charge.Christmas (unless you are on the receiv- as part of the normal re-districting routine plenty of new twists to anticipate this season. Parker County sports within its bound-ing end of the retail business), the favor- could experience a double-A jump. Weldon Nelms and a handful of other aries an enviable variety of football.ite team’s season can last four months — School officials, athletic directors and new coaches have been charged with From its varied assortment of style, onmore than two months at the very least. coaches who have longed for the creation steering the Roos football program to bet- both sides of the ball, to the samplingAdopting the theme of fresh expectations of another UIL classification to level the ter times. The excitement of the Weather- of contests within four of the five UILfor this season’s preview is apropos for enrollment playing field may be disap- ford administration, parents, fans and this classifications. Whether a loyal, ‘on themore reasons than merely another big slice pointed by the relative non-effect of the sports editor, has been plentiful, anticipat- road, or at home’ fan of a local school,of Lone Star football, (though that is quite class addition. In short, six-man football ing a return to playoff-calibre respectabil- or an unattached lover of the game, thesufficient). The University Interscholastic schools will be grouped, and monikered, ity with ‘Nelms at the helm’ … (last time area teams should satisfy most TexasLeague (UIL), with next year’s realignment as Class 1A. Current 11-man, 1A schools I will use that. I promise). football enthusiasts’ great expectationsbearing more changes than simply reshuf- go to 2A, 3A to 4A … you get it. The new The county welcomes its fifth varsity of entertainment. fling the deck, has provided some precur- top classification of 6A will remain rela- public-school prep team in 2013. Brocksors affecting this school year’s sports. tively unchanged in its substance. football plays ‘with the big boys’ this year, GREG WEBB —Next year, all UIL-member schools will But this football season, there are other sporting a full varsity schedule, and just a WD Sports changes for postseason that have the February away from UIL alignment. Head smaller schools (2A, 3A … you know, next coach Chad Worrell will let the Austin- year’s 3A, 4A) exuding some excitement. based boys figured out most of the sched- The UIL has added a fourth playoff team ule for him … and is happy to let them, after lining up opponents for five Brock teams for this season.6 | parker county football

preview 2013 | 7

Using methods in his approach that are inarguably ‘tried and true,’ with a brief look at the track record, the Roos’ head coach attributes past success, and current confidence in future success, to consistent methods of developing a mindset of deter- mination and dedication, a brisk and dis- ciplined approach to — well, everything — and managing relationships. “Right, wrong or indifferent, everybody has their own way of doing things. Prepa- ration on and off the field has a means to an end, and in our system we believe there is no walking. We set the pace, and that’s a mentality you drive the kids to embrace. “This is not to imply anything negative about what the methods [may have been in the past], but when [as a coach] you are used to doing things a particular way, you want to pattern the coaches and the development of the kids so they are all ac- customed to those methods.”I’m no football messiah, but I am a coach that believes in the Upon the arrival of assistant coach Kip Holteffort to a system where you surround yourself with great kids and (the “lead horse” in Nelms’ words), signifi-coaches, and a great community. And when everybody buys in, cant changes to speed, strength and mobil-that’s when it becomes awesome. ity training were incorporated as an initial influence to the program. Nelms has been pleased with the progress, applying an “awe- some” rating to the level of the program by the end of the 2012-13 school year.EVOLUTION, From Page 9 resulting in a new Class 6A. Though an gard,” Nelms said of his motivated de- “Ultimately, we want the kids to take those early-career goal to accomplish the all-level cision to plant new roots in the Parker same habits from the weight room and applyJoining the Weatherford athletics family feat, it was the challenge, and the commu- County seat. “I love challenges, and the them on the field. I like the trend we havecompletes the UIL classification cycle for nity, that attracted Nelms to Weatherford. prospect of building things, in this case, a going. We just have to filter that same men-Nelms, who has now coached at each level. successful football program everyone can tality down to our younger kids, somethingHe will add yet another level next season, “I guess I am a bit peculiar in that re- be proud of.” we are mapping out now, as the administra-when the UIL shifts designations up a spot,10 | parker county football

tion and coaches already here at Weather- lustrated a penchant for elevating the level that believes in the effort to a system Proudly Supportingford get to know me and I get to know them. of expectations and delivering on his inten- where you surround yourself with great Our Roos! tions. At the same time, he eschews any no- kids and coaches, and a great community.“I totally understand that I am the new guy tion his approach and talents for coaching And when everybody buys in, that’s when “ e Dictionary is the only placeand energetic about getting good practices are the result of anything but a collective it becomes awesome.” that success comes before place for a positive effect. And I’m hop- effort of hard work. And he knows that ining everyone, from the students, to the Weatherford, there is work to do. THE SENIORS — THE LEADERS Hard work is the price wecoaches and administrators can see this is must pay for success. I think younot just about football, but can have a posi- “I am not scared of this job, nor the op- Looking at the numbers for the 2013 can accomplish anything if you'retive effect on all of Weatherford’s athletics.” portunity it presents. But at the same Roos, the Weatherford squad is a bit light time, I am realistic about the task at hand. at the top of its ranks, in terms of senior willing to pay the price.”Long-range benefits aside (while yet ongo- players, with an immediate-future conse- Vince Lombardiing), Nelms’ most immediate concern is “I’m no football messiah, but I am a coach quence that some of the underclassmenthe looming football schedule for the 2013 will need to ‘varsity-up’ quickly to help Two Locations in Parker Countyseason. His assessment of expectations carry the load. Traditionally looking toamong Roo fans runs the gamut, acknowl- the top of the class for leadership, Nelms is 901 Santa Fe Driveedging the range from band-wagon drop- relegated to hope the quality of his leaders Weatherfordoffs to the graciously expectant, with the will supercede the lack of quantity.“50-percentile” that are in ‘wait-and-see’ 5147 East I-20 Service Rdmode and are looking for “the proof in the “We will have 19 or 20 seniors in a Class Willow Parkpuddin’.” Nelms’ definition of a successful 5A football program where you reallyprogram is far-reaching, and going beyond should have 40 to 50. We’ve brought some Texas-Bank.comjust putting up mass quantities of W’s. kids back into the program and we’ve lost a few. But that’s just part of the building“If you can give the school and the com- process. I want all of our seniors to lead,munity a product they can be proud of and whether a starter or the last one off thelook forward to, it makes all the difference bench. Overall, I think we have a goodin refocusing a program. And I’m not nec- nucleus of seniors, and look forward toessarily talking about having to win a state watching them grow into their roles.”championship to accomplish that. I’m talk-ing about a program where the kids are held Seniors help set the tone in a myriad ofaccountable and a group that will fight hard settings, not just exclusive to the gridiron.for you. They also represent themselves with The Weatherford coaching staff, while im-sportsmanship and conduct themselves ap- parting the disciplines of improving skills,propriately, not only on the field or in the will look to its team leaders to impress theclassroom, but also are part of the commu- right kind of peer pressure.nity as good young men.” “Good things happen when you haveNelms is justifiably proud of past successes, discipline. People can argue the fact un-and during his coaching career he has il- til the end of time, but discipline has to See KANGAROOS, Page 12

KANGAROOS, From Page 11 tion may lend itself to early intimidation, call for a ‘tough-love’ type of situation.” that includes different alignments, calls longer-term benefits will emerge. for the linemen to make adjustments overbe in place on any team, and it has to be THE SCHEMES the ball and is designed to deploy the fullenforced. It starts inwardly before you can “We will play some sophomores who — KEY PLAYERS cast of its skill players. Some of the keyrealize the outward effect. And if your should be on the JV team, and we’ll have to players on the offensive side of the ball areleaders [show the discipline by example], see how they are going to handle the varsi- The fact that a handful of coaches joined listed below, with some comments fromyou’d be surprised to see the effect it has ty-level ball,” the coach said. “But the other Nelms in the move to Weatherford speaks Coach Nelms.on the rest of the squad. When you have side of that is we will end up with some kids volumes for the head coach and for the staffa leader like that, you have another coach who will play three years of varsity ball, so who uprooted to make the move to Parker QUARTERBACK —  Grant Werts (Sr)out there on the field.” the future will be bright from that aspect. County. Two of the new staff members in- We will just have to make sure we guide clude Jerod Fikac (Offensive Coordinator) “For the offense we run, Grant brings a lotNelms acknowledges the big shoes some those young players through the process, and Dick Smith (Defensive Coordinator). to the table in meeting quarterback require-of his younger players will lace up to step because there are going to be some rough ments to fill that role. He’s a big, strong kidonto a varsity gridiron under the bright, times for them this year at this level. It will On offense, the Roos will spread out the with a strong arm. Grant is very tough andFriday-night lights, and while the situa- opposing defense in a fast-paced attack12 | parker county football

very coachable, and the greatest quality he One of the things I SERIOUSLY INJURED? NEED LEGAL HELP?has is that he’s a fierce competitor.” love about our CALL ON SCOTT!BACKS/RECEIVERS — Chris Whitling offense is you can put(Sr); Jeuqwan Brownlee (Soph); Jared linemen in a position 817-224-2284Schwartze (Jr); Fred Brownlee (Sr); Lo- to do what they do [email protected] Guest (Sr). best without changing • General Personal Injury Claims • Motor Vehicle AccidentsRECEIVERS/TIGHT ENDS — Dalton up the whole • DWI Victims • Nursing Home Abuse & NeglectClubb (Sr); Chase Warren (Soph); Ty- • Premises Liability • Product Liabilityler Scoggin (Soph); Nathan Werts (Sr); “offensive scheme.Kendall MacDonald (Sr); Spencer Hynes • Wrongful Death • Business Disputes • Consumer Fraud(Soph); Dylan Puckett (Jr). (Sr); Grayson Adams (Jr); Antonio Can- • Family Law • Criminal Law sino (Jr); James Robinson (Jr).“Whitling and (Jeuqwan) Brownlee can Strong Values!be big-play threats at back or receiver and “I think [the O-line] is an area we were able Strong Representation!we’ll move both of them around in the to get a pretty good analysis of during thescheme. Fred Brownlee is a game breaker, spring, with Coach (Shane) Dunn on board On The Square In Weatherfordespecially If you can get the ball to him and working hand-in-hand with Coach (Ja-in space. He can go. Guest has a lot of mie) Tharp, who is familiar with these kids.burst at the receiver position and fits intoplans of also using him in the backfield “Dement is an exceptional athlete and iffrom time-to-time. Nathan Werts is a he continues to develop and has the desiretight end/receiver that is strong and a hard to, I think he could play at a big school af-worker, and developed some nice hands ter he finishes high school ball. We movedthrough the spring and summer. Clubb is Adams to center and he got tremendouslya talented defensive back, but we will also better in the spring. He’s very smart, anduse him at wide receiver because he is a will be making calls at the line for us.tremendous athlete. We won’t do a lot ofplaying kids on both sides of the ball, butthere will be some.“Overall, I feel real good about our depth “One of the things I love about our of-at our receiver and back positions and I fense is you can put linemen in a positionthink we have a lot of weapons. We’ll do a to do what they do best without changinglot of things with them and it’s important up the whole offensive scheme.”for us to be two-deep at those slots.” KICKERS — Trey Rich (Sr); CameronOFFENSIVE LINE — Keegan Dement Hood (Jr).(Jr); Jace Ford (Sr); Brendon Raymond See ROOS, Page 14

bpTheaeiinnrega’asnadchlsoaatmcorpiffiiocwneo. trhkaatngdoaeslowt iothf“Green is a player who has a lot of poten-“Logue will be a big help for our defense, handling the punting. He really can boot tial. We have to decide whether he will it out of the stadium when he gets a-hold be up or down on the line of scrimmage, of it.” but he could also help as a D-back. Hum- phreys was a defensive back we moved up THE ROAD AHEAD “to be an outside linebacker. With all of the changes being instituted, “Matt Garner is awfully valuable to us on from the training techniques to the over- the inside of our defense, with the experi- haul of the schemes on both sides of the ence he has at that position. Pointer has ball, excitement and anticipation are plen- a burst [of quickness] to him, and is very tiful commodities encompassing Weath- tough and very physical. He could also get erford football of late. And while zeal is some reps running the ball.” the very element to fire a program turn- around, the Roo coaching staff makes sureROOS, From Page 13 to be good tacklers, and that’s the key. We DEFENSIVE LINE — Blaze Sexton (Sr); the players are on point. will tackle every day, learning to grab cloth“Rich has a cannon and Hood has a great and manage the angles.” Tanner Davis (Jr); James Robinson (Jr);leg, as well. I think our kicking game isgoing to be OK.” DEFENSIVE BACKS — Dalton Clubb Nathan Kluge (Jr); Justein Love (Jr); Jason “We’ve told the kids from the get-go, and (Sr); Dylan Puckett (Jr); Jacob Gay (Sr);The Roo defense has also undergone ex- Christian Eltiste (Sr). Washington (Jr); Austin Foster (Soph); will repeat, ‘nothing will be easy.’ There’stensive changes. Under Coach Smith’sguidance, the D-line will be actively offer- “Clubb is very talented at the free safety po- Damen Hoffa (Soph); Wes May (Sr). a lot of work and a lot of pain and sacrificeing up different looks to the opposing of- sition. Puckett can help at receiver, but he’sfense. The Roos have also upped the ante more valuable to the team at cornerback. that goes with being a champion. Whileon their stunting schemes to further per- He’s also one of our most versatile players,plex O-lines’ blocking assignments. because he can also handle deep snaps for us.” “Coach Smith does an oustanding job at you have to get them back into the fold“Our kids understand this is a ‘go get LINEBACKERS — Chance Humphreys coaching up the different looks and stunts and love ‘em, you also have to be realis-‘em’ defense. If you are hesitant playing (Sr); Draven Pointer (Jr); Matt Garnerthis defense, you’re probably going to get (Sr); Robbie Carper (Soph); Keshawn from the D-line. I’ve hated playing against tic with them to let them know there’s noburned. If you play aggressive, you have Green (Soph). him in the past because some of the things easy way to win.” he does can drive you crazy. It even looks unsound sometimes, but it works. Nelms has little doubt his supporting cast of coaches will mirror his own enthusiasm “May was really the only casualty we had and dedication to bring success, in all its during the spring, but he’s on schedule to forms, to Weatherford football. be ready by the time district play starts.” “I look at our entire coaching staff, the PUNTER — Zack Logue (Sr) new coaches as well as the coaches who14 | parker county football

were here before me, as a family. Whether ally every season. Coach Nelms likes the Proudly Serving Parker Countyyou coach the seventh grade, the B-team underdog role and would love for all of the For 55 Yearslinemen or the varsity, every one of these Roos’ district mates to take Weatherfordcoaches are of the same importance to me. lightly. With the staff Nelms brings en The Malt ShopAnd you won’t find a coaching staff that masse, three of them long-time assistantswill coach any harder than this one. We and two more who are former players un- 2038 Fort Worth Hwy.are going to try to get everything out of der his tutelage to boot, and bolstered by Weatherford • 817-594-2524these kids that we can. the knowledge of the coaches already in- house, the learning curve for the Weather- Mon-Sat 9:45am-9:30pm“Our goal is obviously to put together a ford kids may be steep, but it will certainly Sun 12pm-9:30pmcompetitive program — enough to com- be consistent and well-managed, takingpete with [Arlington] Martin, Bowie, La- advantage of untapped athleticism themar and Arlington High. We aren’t going Roos have roaming their lay down for anybody. We’re lookingfor that signature game when you can slip Weatherford has an opportunity to get offup on somebody you’re “not supposed to to a good start with its non-district slatebeat.” And if we can get that [signature of Richland, Cleburne and Burleson, withwin] this year, the process of turning this an off-week before the Arlington delugeprogram is going to be faster. If it doesn’t of Bowie, Martin and Arlington High.happen this year it will happen next year. The final four games of the district season should be indicative of the Kangaroos’“I totally understand that folks want to see mettle and resilience, after the tests againsta quick turnaround, and we’re certainly Arlington’s best. The Roos health, and re-working hard to show positive results as sulting depth, is key this year.quickly as we can. Even with our lack ofdepth, I think that if we can stay healthy, Even if the Roos have tough beginningswe have a good chance to compete well [in under new management, with a finishthe 2013] season. With some breaks here matching last year’s 3-7 record, the teamand there, we have enough weapons that should be much more competitive, withwe can be right in the thick of things. But closer and more palatable matches for Roobuilding a program to the level we want fans — an upward step. A .500 seasonis a process that takes place over time, but for WHS, especially if the win columnthat certainly doesn’t mean we cannot im- includes a couple of triumphs over Ar-prove from the very beginning.” lington schools, would be a definite posi- tive, providing the “signature win” CoachA TOUGH CALL Nelms is seeking. With that milestone ac- complished, the Roos could move into theDistrict 3-5A is one of the most athletic second tier of the district pecking ordergroupings in the state, with a healthy crop and, dare we say it ... of Division I football commits with virtu-

aledobearcats BEARCAT BOON STORY BY GREG WEBB Two decades of postseason play has Aledo firmly entrenched in Texas football tradition — and hungry to create more16 | parker county football

THE COACH — THE CULTUREThe day we stand on the sidelines before that first game of the season, and when they play the national anthem, if I don’t get goose-bumps, I’ll ead coach Tim Buchanan is entering his 21st year at the helm of the Bearcats’ football program. His tenureknow it’s time to rethink whether or not I want to be a football coach. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.h “curiously parallels the approximate number of playoff brackets Aledo has frequented over the span. In Class from the coach five years ago is as relevant today as it was back 3A, and now in the 4A classification, the Bearcats then: “The day we stand on the sidelines before that first game of the season, and when they play the national anthem, if I don’t get goose-bumps, I’ll know it’s time to rethink whether or not I want to be a football coach. But I don’t see that happening any time soon.” Even a brief conversation with Coachhave advanced to varying levels in the postseason matrix, with Buck, especially around this time of yearfour of the ultimate trophies sharing residence in the east Parker will reveal at least a couple of certain-County burg. ties about the man — he is from TexasCoach Buchanan (“buck-canon,” phonetically speaking) is un- and he loves the game of football — andderstandably confident about each class of kids rolling into and that’s singularly a good thing.through the football program, as they know when they walk into THE SEASON AHEADthe Aledo halls, there is a level of expectancy in every aspect ofthe high school experience — the classroom, the playing field, In the second season of the UIL’s two-the community. One demands an equal reflection of the other. year regrouping, the Bearcats outlook in the “Fort Worth district,” (plus theAledo’s fan base runs deep and passionate, and not just about Pirates) again looks prosperous. Thoughfootball. But seas of black and orange on a Friday night, wherever the district contests are the importantthe gridiron, are awe-inspiring as the proto-typical ‘Friday Night ones, paving the way to the second sea-Lights’ experience. son, Aledo’s triad of non-district oppo- nent’s prior to the bye have potential toAs Aledo’s head coach talks about the season ahead, his animated be the most entertaining.inflection bears witness to the passion Buchanan yet holds for thegame of football — and even more so, Bearcat Football. A quote See ALEDO, Page 18 preview 2013 | 17

Daythan will be in the backfield with the quarterback, atthe fullback/runningback spot, and we’llbe offering different combinations in the“backfield with Aar- on, Jess and maybe Isaiah, depending on his workload at defensive back.ALEDO, From Page 17 Cowboys providing the Class 5A match a as they circumnavigate the Texas circuit. Worth on the season. Arlington Heights, night earlier. who had a down year in 2012 with a 3-7Aledo will again play in the Tom Landry Coach Buchanan looks forward to the record after a playoff appearance the yearClassic in 2013, and again will face the The balance of the pre-district schedule match with the Mexico-based team and before, will try to turn things around.Highland Park Scots to satisfy the Bearcats’ will be home games, with the long-stand- will try to extend the annual meeting attwo-year commitment to the prep-kickoff ing Aledo-Stephenville rivalry matching Bearcat Stadium in seasons ahead. The “I think Heights will be better this year,”extravaganza. The venue will change, with a pair of highly-ranked Class 4A and Borregos’ flat-fee appearance provides a Buchanan said of the Yellowjackets. “PhilSMU’s Ford Stadium ceding the event to Class 3A teams, respectively. And in nice financial stipend for Aledo ISD, as Young, who was last year’s offensive coor-Allen High School’s $60 million Eagle the final game before break, Monterrey well as promoting a multi-cultural event. dinator, is taking over as head coach andStadium. Both teams have wrested Top-10 Tech’s Borregos (Rams), who play the the rest of that coaching staff is prettyspots in the Class 4A preseason polls, and Yellowjackets the previous week, bring District 7-4A play begins Sept. 27, and much intact.will be featured on Saturday (Aug. 31), their annual football road show to Aledo marks the first of Aledo’s four trips to Fort “None of the Heights staff was on boardwith the Longview Lobos and Coppell18 | parker county football

last year until football season, so, they’ve runs into the depths of its underclass. A Making A Difference, One Smile At A Timehad a full year and should make Heights prime example of success feeding upon it-a much better team. Young is a good foot- self (in a good way), the frequency of games Schedule Your Complimentary Consultation Todayball coach.” the Bearcats dominate early, promotes var- sity experience for the subs, while lending www.AledoBraces.comWith the post-district split into big- rest and repair to the starting playoff brackets, 817•441•8700Arlington Heights’ fortunes (i.e., a post- Time on the front lines before given theseason slot) could be a significant determi- responsibility of starting has been excep-nate for the Bearcats’ bracket placement. tionally valuable to Aledo’s succession ofConventional wisdom predicts Aledo to talented signal callers. The Bearcats’ zone-capture yet another district crown, with read spread offense is ultimately quar-FW Southwest and Granbury a good bet terback-concentric, even if the runningfor two of the remaining three slots. backs in its arsenal possess a healthy dose of “Gray-matter.” Buchanan begins withShould Heights indeed return to prior re- the central offensive cog as he discussesspectability under Coach Young and his personnel who will be the key to Aledo’syear-long staff’s ‘seasoning’ and snatch fortunes in the 2013 season.a playoff berth, the Bearcats could “bepushed” into the Class 4A, Division II seed- “We’ve been very fortunate with our quar-ing by virtue of its smaller enrollment size. terbacks. Having back-to-back starters like Matt Bishop and Pate Davis was a great“Granbury should be good this year. I thing for us. Even though they had differ-think they started 10 sophomores last ent skill sets, both were very good footballyear, so they will be an improved team, players. And I think Pate has a very goodalong with Arlington Heights.” chance to start for the Air Force Academy as a freshman.”Buchanan expresses his preference forpostseason in the D-II bracket. QUARTERBACKS — Luke Bishop (Jr); Ryan Newsome (Jr).“I’m pulling for both of them.” “I think we’re in good shape again thisTHE ROSTER — OFFENSE year [at quarterback]. Luke had consider- able playing time last season. Ryan movedAledo lost 25 lettermen to graduation into the district last year. Both are battlingduring the offseason, representing several for the starting quarterback spot. If webushel baskets of prep football talent, and had to play a game tonight, Luke wouldseveral whose skills are on next-level grid- probably start, but we still have time to seeirons. But, as has been the case through if that is what will happen by the opener.”much of the last couple of decades, theinfluence of the Bearcats’ football program See BEARCATS, Page 20

BEARCATS, From Page 19 Our offensive line is getting better, and improvedBuchanan describes some physical differenc- “more than any other group during spring between Luke and his older brother, Matt,who was a three-year starter at quarterbackfor Aledo. But he returns to the common “itfactor” both possess on the field, pointingout they “both make plays other kids justcan’t make.” Newsome is a dual-threat typeof quarterback, putting his 10.6 speed ondisplay at state in the 100-meter dash.“Luke is a more accurate passer, whileRyan has a stronger arm. In the springgame, we were productive with Luke atquarterback and Ryan at the slot receiver.The kids are about the same size, (5’9”, orso), so we may need to move the pocketaround a bit more than the past couple ofyears because we have had more height atthe quarterback position.”RECEIVERS — Taco Anderson (Sr); Qua-nel Williams (Jr); Ryan Williams (Jr).Tight Ends — John Whatley (Sr); LukeGlover (Sr).FULLBACK/RUNNING BACKS — Day-than Davis (Sr); Jess Anders (Soph); AaronVidrine (Sr);“We may have the best overall group of us get vertical with our passing game. Jess and maybe Isaiah, depending on his improved more than any other group dur-receivers than we have ever had. Anderson workload at defensive back. ing spring drills. With Corey Stitle mov-heads up the group. He was our leading “Whatley started for us last year and did ing over to defense, Caleb will be our onlyreceiver last year and he’s gotten bigger, a very good job. I consider Glover kind of “We are pretty good right now at our of- starter from last year. He’ll be playing atstronger and faster in the offseason. a sleeper. He has very good hands and is a fensive skill positions.” center. Ernie McQuade, who moved here good blocker. And a really tough kid, too. from Georgia, can play any position on“Williams started JV ball last year and came Offensive line — Ernie McQuade (Sr); the offensive line.up to the varsity level late. He is an excel- “Daythan will be in the backfield with Caleb Buchanan (Sr); Preston Bradhamlent split end/wide receiver type. When the quarterback, at the fullback/running (Sr); Corbin Bullington (Sr); Tony Keith “If we had to play tonight, the starting guardsBishop is in at quarterback, we’ll likely have back spot, and we’ll be offering different (Sr); Ruben Moxley (Jr). would be Preston Bradham, who started aNewsome at the slot receiver. That can help combinations in the backfield with Aaron, “Our offensive line is getting better, and couple of games, and either Corbin, a big,20 | parker county football

strong 350-pound senior, or Rueben, who Matthew Hawkins (Sr); Ryan Heiss (Jr) PUNTER — Garrett Ewell (Jr)has very good mobility. At the tackles wehave Tony Keith, very fast for a O-lineman. “At middle linebacker, Mittie is the driv- “Garrett has a heck of a leg. If he can puntErnie will fill the other tackle slot.” ing force behind our defense — every- in the games like he has in practice (55 to thing starts with him. He’s a phenomenal 60 yards in the air), he will really help withKICKERS — Chance Nevarez (Sr); Parker football player. He doesn’t run that fast field position”Shaunfield (Sr). and doesn’t bench press as much as some others we have, but he is the best middle Buchanan thinks the Bearcats could be“Both of our kickers are back from last linebacker I’ve ever been around. He has dangerous on punt and kickoff returns,year. Chance has probably added 10 yards the “It” factor and just has football savvy. with the speedy Newsome in the his leg, while Parker has worked really Carter will also drop back to receive kicks,hard and may have added 40. They com- “At the outside backers we’ll have Mat- as will Durham, who Buchanan believespliment each other well, with Chance han- thew on the strong side and probably is the best punt fielder he has ever seen,dling closer field goals and Parker handling Ryan on the other side, who has good while adding “knock on wood.”most kickoffs and longer field goal tries. speed and the ability to ‘knock the crud’ out of people.” THE FORK IN THE BRACKET“Overall, I’m feeling pretty good aboutthe offensive side of the ball for us.” SECONDARY — Brock Parker (Sr); Tyson With the weapons Aledo has in its offen- Mauser (Sr); Jonny Carter (Sr); Jonathan sive arsenal this season, the Bearcats mayTHE ROSTER — DEFENSE Durham (Jr); Isiah Mallory (Jr). have one of the most potent, varied and entertaining scoring machines fans haveDEFENSIVE LINE — Corey Stitle (Sr); “Brock and Tyson are back to take care seen for a while. The pre-district HighlandRay Hart (Sr); Zach Hyles (Sr); Tristan of the safety slots. Carter, who is prob- Park and Stephenville games are assuredStary (Sr); Hershell Gardner (Sr). ably the best athlete we have out of the eye-candy for any football connoisseur. senior class, will play at corner, and we’ll“We moved Corey from offensive tackle use him in a lot of different roles. He will With perhaps the exception of Fort Worthto defensive tackle, mainly because we take some snaps at receiver and we’ll give Southwest and Granbury, District 7-4Aneeded to get more size on our defensive him the ball on reverses. He’ll also be re- play promises to be a string of one-sidedfront. Corey is the biggest, strongest and turning kicks. Durham started for us as a affairs, should the Bearcats stay relativelyfastest lineman we’ve had in a long time, sophomore on the JV team will man the healthy and on point — but then that’son either side of the ball. He’s 6’1”, runs other corner, with Mallory also vying for the case for almost any team. Aledo winsa 4.9 40-yard dash and weighs in around some playing time at cornerback. district with an unblemished mark.260 pounds. Ray, our other D-tackle, isjust 5’9” and around 200 pounds, but is “My biggest concerns on defense, depth- If Coach Buck gets his wish, with Gran-one of the strongest kids in our program. wise, are at D-end and D-tackle, which bury and Arlington Heights joining the was the main reason we moved Stitle over top four, Aledo gains a Class 4A, Division“Zach Hyles slimmed down and got a lot on that side of the ball. We will rotate sev- II berth, avoids Denton Ryan (who re-faster over the offseason and will move to eral kids in that have different skill sets. peats as Div. I state champs) and has a veryends He could be one of the best defensive We’ll also look for another kid, maybe one legitimate shot at going very deep in theends we’ve ever had. On the other side will from the offensive line who isn’t starting, playoffs. Luke Bishop’s playmaking abilitylikely be Tristan Stary or Hershel Gardner. that we can move into the D-tackle rota- and Ryan Newsome’s running threat mayThey will be battling it out for that spot.” tion to kind of shore up that situation.” be the double whammy opposing defensesLINEBACKERS — Jordan Mittie (Sr); won’t handle well. 

springtownporcupines THE RIGHT STUFF Coach Turner banking on team chemistry to boost22 | parker county football the Porcupines in 'opportune' season t STORY BY GREG WEBB he “second season” in virtually all sports is a reference to life after the regular season is done. The monicker carries a positive connotation in that a team has played well enough to become part of the excitement of playoffs, in (usually) different venues against an opponent (usually) unfamiliar.

I’ve always been a believer that it isn’t the quantity of those seniors as much as the quality, and that does not necessarily mean just the athletic ability “of those leaders. cause it would be great for this team. And I’m hoping for this family of kids that is what the chemistry will be so we can get over the hump. That’s certainly the plan, anyway.”There is arguably another season gaining can, and apparently did, offer a new per- ence was.” THE LEADERSHIPmore attention, particularly with the so- spective — and an encouraging one. The 7-on-7 competition has been a boonphistication and regimentation of training “One of the moms had made a posting on for teams like Springtown, whose spread Turner has seen the numbers of seniorsmethods, not to mention the equipment, Facebook about our 7-on-7 team at the scheme embraces a philosophy of passing ebb and flow in his years at Springtown’sto help athletes increase speed, strength, state meet,” Turner said. “She was talking first to open up the run game, instead of helm, but has become less concerned withmobility and specific skills. After the pads about how much fun everybody had — the traditional approach to the contrary. the head count, with the realization thatand helmets have been stowed in No- and not just the fans, but the kids, as well. And while the summer roster is made up each class is different, with a peculiarlyvember (or for more fortunate squads, “And she was right. Last year, it seemed of skill positions on offense, and second unique mind set.December), the offseason begins and is in- more like work for the guys. But this year, and third-layer players on defense, Turner “We have 19 seniors on paper right now,creasingly referred to as the “first season.” even when things were going bad, the kids hopes the work and play ethic he and the which isn’t bad for a Class 3A team. ButWith coaches relegated to observer status picked one another up and played hard, parents saw catches fire. I’ve always been a believer that it isn’t thein the popular 7-on-7 pass-happy sum- and were just happy about being there. I “That was certainly not the whole team quantity of those seniors as much as themer leagues, Springtown head coach Brad had a lot of folks come up to me afterward out there this summer, but it was a lot of quality, and that does not necessarily meanTurner becomes one of the fans, which saying how much fun the whole experi- them. I hope the attitude carries over, be- just the athletic ability of those leaders. See SPRINGTOWN, Page 24 preview 2013 | 23

My philosophy has alwaysbeen that the seniors ‘own’the football team and wherethey go, they will take therest of the team with them. SPRINGTOWN, From Page 23 it’s your time to be ‘the man.’ value of its offense, averaging more than “Landry is athletic and very intelligent, and “We had a really good senior class last year 40 points per game. Fans unfamiliar with knows what to do with the ball. I think he “My philosophy has always been that [the and they provided good leadership. But Pojo’s ‘modus operandi’ on each possession, has a chance to be as good as his brother seniors] ‘own’ the football team and where we’ll return eight [seniors] on offense that and expecting ‘three yards and a spray of (Logan), which is pretty darn good. (Lo- they go, they will take the rest of the team started at one time or another and there turf pellets’ would be sorely disappointed. gan Turner completed his college football with them. We have some good leaders in are five more on defense.” Turner is understandably stoked about the career at Hardin-Simmons University last this bunch, and I could name eight or ten coming year, with his son Landry about to fall, setting team, conference and NCAA seniors right now that I wouldn’t hesitate LIGHTING UP THE BOARD take the starting reins of the Porcupines’ passing records in the process).” to name as captain. So, I think we will be aerial show. With good, talented guys in front of and fine in that aspect of the team. You never Although the Porcupines’ 2012 season end- QUARTERBACKS — Landry Turner around him, Landry has a chance to be know specifically until you get out there ed with a less-than-hoped-for 6-5 record (Soph); Dylan Springfield (Jr); Tyler something special. His mental approach in the fire and find out. Most of those (but 4-1 in district) and a first-round exit Hickman (Jr) to the offense, and to be able to analyze guys have led in various ways as under- from the playoffs, a constant in nearly all what’s going on around him and provide classmen, but it’s always different when of its contests was the sheer entertainment24 | parker county football

the feedback of what is happening, is a lot of depth, but if we can stay healthypretty remarkable for a 15-year-old. And we should be pretty good on that side ofthat is to his own credit — he’s a product the ball. They won’t have to hold off theof being around the game growing up and D-line very long, just enough to give ourhas developed a real understanding for it. guys back there a chance to execute.RECEIVERS — Dylan Springfield (Jr); “Caleb is probably our best O-linemanCaleb Whiteman (Sr); Dylan Ray (Sr); right now, and a college prospect. BrooksRyan Hester (Sr); Mateo Herrera (Soph); is a really big kid (6’5”, 340 pounds).Bandon Santos (Soph); Jared Green (Jr). Colton is another returning starter, as isRunning Back — Ryan Snow (Jr) Gavin Edgecomb. We have strong starters“All six of our skill players coming back on the O-line.”this year started at one time or another lastseason. This is the best receiver corps we’ve GIMME SOME “D”had since I have been here. We’ve had per-haps better individual receivers but never a While the spectacle can be a joyful and/better overall group, made very apparent in or equally frustrating experience to homethe 7-on-7. Our talent level in this area is team backers, as well as the coaches,so good, there are six or seven we could put avoiding an up and down the field ‘horseout there right now and not even flinch. race’ is a preferable scenario to leave the stadium with emotional and mental facul- ties intact.“Whiteman is entering his third year big-body receiver, like Ryan. Turner has kicked the priority of defend-of varsity ball and is the most versatile “Ryan Snow, a good-sized back who ing the Springtown end zone up a notch,among the receivers, playing our H-back catches the ball as well as our receivers do. after the high hopes for a talented 2012position, which is a receiver-running back We will use a no-back set sometimes and unit undercut expectations. With the de-hybrid. He’s athletic and very smart —two put him out in the slot. I think we can parture of two very good defensive endsthings you need at that position. pose some matchup problems for oppos- (Bryson Burtnett – TCU, Thomas Loving“Springfield is the fastest of the group (4.4 ing defenses and stretch out the field.” – Central Ark.), the Springtown staff is40-yard). He can take the top off of the OFFENSIVE LINE — Caleb Plumlee (Sr); combing its roster for D-line developmentdefense and represents a good deep threat. Brandon Brooks (Sr); Colton Hunt (Sr); candidates, so it can leave its strong line-Dylan is not the fastest guy we have out Gavin Edgecomb (Jr). backing corps intact.there, but he’s a good receiver and ex- “Being able to do all the things I think we “If you asked me ‘Coach, what is the No.tremely tough. are capable of is going to boil down to our 1 goal, the main thing you have to accom-“Hester has the best hands I’ve seen here big boys up front, and their ability to pro- plish to be successful?,’ my answer wouldin a long time. We call him “Silent Bob” tect. Coach [John] Albritton has done a be that we have got to play better defense.— he doesn’t talk much, just does his good job with those guys. We don’t have I truly believe if we can play some decentjob, and does it well. We have a couple defense, we can play a long time this year.of young receivers in Mateo and Bran- “It’s a real challenge to play great defensedon, both sophomores, who will be goodbackups for us. Jared Green is another See PORCUPINES, Page 26

these days, with all of the wide-open of- the ball that well. This will be a recurring very well. We’ll just have some issues to ‘SPECIALITY’ TEAMS fenses and other things teams are doing, subject in our staff meetings while we get address on the D-line if we stand Kolyn but we don’t see a lot of people chunking ready for the season.” up at linebacker. Turner hopes to seize an opportunity to the ball all over the yard [at the 3A level]. DEFENSIVE LINE — Kaleb Keys (Sr); Ty- “Kaleb and Tyler are looking like our take a page from a Texas A&M-approach In 2011, we saw spread offenses every ler Chappell (Sr). starters at D-tackle. If we can develop a manual regarding special teams. With tal- week to 2012, seeing multiple teams who LINEBACKERS — Josh White (Sr); Kolyn couple of D-ends, we can play Waldrop at ent in the wings to back up its starters, played true Wing-T/Slot-T schemes. Waldrop (Sr). linebacker, leaving us with a strong corps Springtown hopes to develop considerable “Last year’s defense didn’t translate nor “Josh and Kolyn are probably our two best in the second layer.” pride factor among the units, with the adjust very well to those offenses fast defensive players. White led the team in DEFENSIVE SECONDARY — Ricardo benefit of keeping many starters on the enough. Without question, we have to tackles last season at linebacker. He’s good Reynoso (Jr); Evan Glesne (Sr); Jake bench for kicks and returns. adapt to those sets and play better defense in space and is just a real good football Walker (Jr); Dillon Springfield (Jr); Clay- in 2013. player. We’ve talked about whether Ko- ton Walker (Jr); Collin Rector (Sr); Caleb “We have the pleasant task of deciding “We have to stop the run more effectively lyn will be at D-end or at linebacker. He’s Whiteman (Sr); Dylan Ray (Sr). who is going to do what in our special and make people throw the ball, because 6’1”, weighs about 225 and can motor “Ricardo, Evan and Jake are all solid play- teams. It’s usually not like that, so that’s we don’t really play anyone who chunks ers at the cornerback position, and we’ll a good thing. We’ll have a half-dozen or also throw Dillon into that mix, crossing so kids this year who are not starters, but26 | parker county football over from the offense. At safety, Clayton are certainly good enough, fast enough and Collin will be back there, along with and physical enough to be on all of our Whiteman and Ray, who will also go special teams. both ways. “With all of those players, we have a solid “Players like Chanse Lee (Sr), Jake Walker, secondary. Our receiver depth helps out Tyler Hickman and Bucky Farris (Sr) are a lot, putting some of those on the other some of those kids [our coaching staff] has side of the ball. We just have to keep an talked about who can be the core of our eye on how much we [have guys going special teams players. both ways], especially the fast-paced of- fense we run. But we have a good bunch “If you have a group like that who buys of ‘dedicated’ DBs that will give us some into and takes pride in those units, it can leeway on playing time.” be a ‘special’ thing. I don’t know that we’ve PUNTERS/KICKERS — Matteo Herrera ever seen the opportunity to do this with (Soph); Eric Avalos (Jr). our backups. Coach [Duncan] McLean is “One of the advantages of our soccer taking over the special teams this year and program is that we should have two or I think he will have good flexibility with three good candidates for our kicking/ that group of players. punting game. Matteo and Eric will be battling it out for the various punting “We will use our receivers in return roles. and kicking duties.” Springfield and Whiteman will probably be the deep receivers on kickoffs, with Rector being our primary punt returner. Collin is not our fastest player, but he catches punts very well, and he’s not afraid of anything.”

CHASING THE BELL COW — I would love to pool in 2014, when the UIL ‘hard-wires’ Winning Is ACATCHING A BREAK get off to a better the divisions within the 4A designation, Habit. start than last year. ala the current 1A and 2A structure.Going into the district slate last season, Success Is APojo bore a 2-3 record with a total deficit Our non-district “I would prefer, now that they are send- Choice.of a mere seven points in both non-district schedule is pretty ing four teams to the playoffs, that the UILlosses. As will likely be the case again this would always split up the playoff divisions Both Are Builtseason, the opening district game, match- “tough. after district … but then, I would hope On Soliding the Porcupines vs. Kennedale, deter- for that wouldn’t I? We will probably getmined the eventual 2012 champion, in a “But playing well early in the season will placed in Division I when they change it Springtown led at the half. help bolster our confidence and solidify the up next February. We have a unique, may- fact that we’re a pretty good football team.” be one-time, opportunity this season to get • Custom ConcreteWith three of its first four contests on the The playoff format for Class 3A will be into the small-school playoffs, and if we do • Foundationsroad, and not a patsy in sight for those unique in 2013. In the classification’s final I really believe we can make some noise.” • Drivewaysaway games, Pojo will be tested well and year before its new designation of Class • Sidewalks & Patioscould use at least a couple of confidence 4A, the UIL is not waiting until next year’s A RETURN TO POJO • Retaining Wallsboosters by the time it hosts a home-open- re-designation/re-alignment to introduce • Concrete Repairsing district match against a Kennedale four-team playoff seedings. Regardless of Springtown’s fortunes in theteam whose defense was gutted by gradu- first half of its season, it will be hard for Commercialations in the offseason, (even though re- At the end of district play this season, the the Porcupines not to look ahead to the & Residentialtaining most of its offensive threats). two playoff-qualifying schools with the District 6-3A opener against the Wildcats 35 Years Experience largest enrollment will go to the Division — at home, to boot. It will be such a piv-“I would love to get off to a better start I playoff bracket in Class 3A, with the two otal game, with the losing team (though 817-596-9909than last year. Our non-district schedule smaller schools who qualify for postseason probably the district runner-up) regrettingis pretty tough. entering Division II. a lost opportunity to take the crown.Gainesville and Graham both went to the With the two Fort Worth schools (Castle- Pojo will roll on offense. The defense needssemifinals last season, and Liberty Chris- berry and Diamond Hill-Jarvis) looking to gel, and do that well in advance of thetian went pretty deep in the TAPPS play- like the odd-men out in the final district start of league play, so there is plenty of prideoffs. Decatur, even though they didn’t standings, Springtown and Lake Worth to accompany efficiency. Improving on thathave a great record last year, still has that would drop into the Division II playoff side of the ball, this year and the next sever-TCU-commit quarterback (Grayson Mue- bracket, and thus a chance for a better al, will make Springtown a team to be reck-hlstein) pulling the trigger over there. And draw against its ‘small-school’ counter- oned with for a while, in Division I or II.quite frankly, they just don’t like us very parts. This season could be a one-shot dealmuch. There’s a pretty good rivalry there. for the Porcupines at the D-II level, who Beating Kennedale at home, Springtown are likely to be placed into the ‘big school’ wins the district, goes to the small-school“If we could start out great, it would be bracket, and indeed makes some noise withawesome, but I don’t think that will be a a bit of swagger. Stubbing its toe in the dis-determinate of how well we can do in dis- trict opener, the Porcs still make the play-trict. One of our goals [in non-district] is offs and advance beyond the first improve every week and by the time we However the scenario plays out, Pojo prideget to Kennedale, I really think that will is on the upswing in Springtown. be the game for the district championship.

MILLSAP, From Page 29 EXECUTING THE SLOT-T and receivers matchup year-in and year- In contrasting the Spread and the Slot-T, out required to run the spread, which led the skill set requirement is different, and to a real inconsistency on offense.” the players will be affected in what Cok- er hopes is a positive way. The staff has An offshoot from the Wing-T offense, the moved several of the players into positions Slot-T shifts the emphasis to the running better suited for their skills and the oppor- game, and the potential to ‘spread the tunity to improve. wealth’ in terms of the number of weapons a team can deploy in its running attack. QUARTERBACKS — Bradley Bottoms With success grinding out (or biting off (Jr); Nick Lucia (Soph) chunks) of yardage, the potential of lulling the defense into ‘stop the run’ mode can “Bradley and Nick will be competing for open up passing lanes. the quarterback spot. They are about the same size. Nick is a tough, smart kid and The Slot-T’s origin made it very popular in Bradley is very athletic, so I think we’ll have south Texas, eventually migrating to the cen- two good candidates to step into that role.” tral part of the state into schools like Rodgers, Lago Vista and Liberty Hill, who have expe- BACKS — Dylan Burton (Sr); Cole- rienced considerable success in the scheme. man Hutchison (Sr); Andrew Tyson (Sr); Kaden King (Jr); Morgan DePriest (Jr). “Another plus for us, and maybe an imme- “Dylan looks to be our fullback. With his diate effect, is that the teams we play will low center of gravity, he has a good build not, and perhaps have not, seen this of- for this offense and should be a workhorse fensive scheme very much. I only know of for us at that position. We missed Coleman two schools in this area running the Slot- almost all of last year when he got hurt in T. One is DeLeon and the other Castle- our second scrimmage, but he is back. Ty- berry, who is putting it in their system this son is probably the speediest kid we have in year. It’s tough for a scout team to mimic the program. Both are leading candidates this offense in practice, and they will only to play halfback. At tailback, Kaden and have three days to prepare for it. Morgan will be battling for playing time. Coker thinks the Bulldogs are on the fore- “All of these backs have good speed and front of what could a trend among Mill- quickness and they all work hard. The sap’s Class 2A peers. halfback and tailback positions can be in- terchangeable in this system, so there will “Four of our five district opponents run be a lot of evaluating going on early in the spread, but I think we will see, espe- the season.” cially in the smaller schools like us, more teams start going back to a basic-type of- RECEIVERS — Nich Channer (Sr); Aaron fense like this is.” Penninger (Jr); Michael Rogers (Jr).30 | parker county football

Everybody will be ing during the practice. This is a very physical SNACK ATTACK? down in a four- scheme, so we will still have to get as many point stance and kids into the mix as possible to get some rest. We’re Open 24/7 with 2 Convenient Locations bring an attitude. To Satisfy Any Craving! “Everybody will be down in a four-point“Michael will make a good target. He is stance and bring an attitude. In fact, that’s BREAKFAST • LUNCH • SNACKS • COLD DRINKS • COFFEEbig and tall. our motto this year — it will be on the back CONVENIENCE ITEMS • NEWSPAPERS • MAGAZINES of our shirts. ‘Attitude and Effort.’ If we ap-“The Slot-T is a ball-control offense, so ply those two things to everything we do, I think we will have some success this year.”“the run will definitely setup the pass. We BOURLAND’S DEFENSEwill probably throw the ball less than wedid in the spread, but at the same time, A Weatherford grad who came to Millsapwhen defensive backs start cheating up to after a stint with Haltom, Pacer Bour-defend the running game, it will open up land will redesign and take over a Bulldoglanes. I think we will have more success defense. The Millsap defenders will bewith the passing game when we do choose charged with keeping the game close to ac-to throw the ball. commodate a ground-based offense built to chew up clock and score consistently.OFFENSIVE LINEMEN — Mitchell Coker(Sr); Robert Newsome (Sr); Tre Newby (Sr); In contrast to last season’s scheme, assign-Clint Holloway (Jr); Walton Harlin (Sr). ments will be more straight-forward and reaction rather than read oriented.“Aside from the five who look like theywill start on the line, we will also have sev- “We will go to a 4-2-5 scheme. We believeeral kids from last year’s JV team battling the four-down linemen will be a little bet-for open spots. ter look for us and better suited to our de- fenders. We have simplified things, really on both sides of the ball. We think we can eliminate a lot of the confusion and just let our kids play football.“There are a lot of traps and sweeps in this “But we will still be able to give some dif- 1014 N. Main St. Locally Owned & 1111 Ft.Worth Hwyoffense, and quite a bit of downfield block- ferent looks in the secondary. A lot of the 817-594-0523 Operated by The Rice 817-594-1872ing. Our guards will be pulling a lot, so we’ll 4-2-5 looks run a cover-3 with one freehave to find the O-linemen that run pretty safety, but we will change it up a little bit.” Family Since 1982well, and they will need to be in good shapeto keep that up throughout the game. Most DEFENSIVE LINE — Colton Binghamof the coaches that I’ve spoken with said we (Jr); Tre Newberry (Sr); Mitchell Cokerdon’t need to worry much about running (Sr); Robert Newsome (Sr).[the linemen] at the end of practice. Becausein this offense, they will get their condition- See BULLDOGS, Page 32

season. We also experienced significant last year — the players, the school and the gains in other areas, too. I think the guys community. We all want to have a win- got really excited about how much they ning program, to play hard and compete. had improved from last year. The new We’re putting [last season] behind us and equipment we have , and changing up the looking forward to a fresh start. We’re go- way we worked out generated a lot of posi- ing to go forward, and up, from here. tive attitudes. “When you go through a season like that, After perambulating through the roster,the you do everything you can to make sure it Millsap head coach clarified any miscon- doesn’t happen again. The offseason was a ceptions about which players might start time of evaluation, from top to bottom, where, and stressed the requirements to and I really believe we have a plan in place improve the Bulldogs. that will fit us and help us to be successful.”“The offseason was a time of evaluation, from topBULLDOGS, From Page 31(Jr); Nich Channer (Sr); Bradley Bot-“Going into this process there is no depthTHE RIGHT MOVE toms (Jr). chart in place. Whoever earns their spot isto bottom, and I really believe we have a plan inTre will be the strong-side defensive end. going to get it. That holds true for every- Midway through the season last year, it wasplace that will fit us and help us to be successful.There will likely be some rotating at those“The three main anchors in the second-body, whether it be quarterback, runningevident that the Bulldogs’ roster was tooother spots, as much as we can for those ary will be Kaden, Bradley and Nich, but back, linemen, or any other position on the decimated to turn their fortunes, and theguys who will be going both ways. there will be other kids we will rotate in. field. We’re all about getting back to the ba- pride factor carried through the balance of We will just need to find out who looks sics, this season. Blocking, tackling and ball the schedule. The fact that so many were un-LINEBACKERS — Timothy Newberry (Sr); best in those spots.” security are the things we will improve.” derclassmen and realized they would surviveDylan Burton (Sr); Clint Holloway (Jr). Part of the UIL’s ‘one-off’ rule changes this to play another day helped them persevere. year includes expanding playoff eligibility to A change — any change — was appropri-“Timothy will move to inside slot this year. PREPARING FOR THE DISTRICT, a fourth seed from each district. Stoked by ate. The decision to make their footballDylan was our leading tackler last year and READY FOR BETTER TIMES the prospect of at least getting on the right approach a bit simpler, but no less effec-will be the other inside linebacker. Clint track to cure offensive and defensive woes of tive should be a confidence builder forhad nearly 50 tackles last year and will also The offseason work of strength and con- the past, and by his kids’ commitment level. Millsap. The MHS boys lost some of lastspend some time at linebacker. ditioning paid dividends for the Bulldogs Coker leaves all options open with the fervent season’s games through turnovers and mis- belief that Millsap can control its own fate. cues, both of which have been addressed. DEFENSIVE BACKS — Kaden King “Overall, the team timed faster in the off- “[Corsicana] Mildred will still be solid, Toughness is not at issue for the Bulldogs though they lost a few of their key people to and they will have a better vehicle to com-32 | parker county football graduation. And they will get back the dis- pete, and it is hopeful that will be soon. trict’s MVP from last season. Tolar will be The Bulldogs will not again go winless in tough because they have a lot of returning 2013, and an early win or two puts them starters. There will be four teams going to the back on the road to competitive health. playoffs this year. We just want to take care of The curve ball the Slot-T will pose for business one week at a time and see if we can opposing defenses could well usher in improve enough to grab one of those spots.” a respectable season. Millsap has been “[The season] was tough on everybody through the gauntlet and can only head back up the ladder. Just how far, in one season, is at issue. 

brockeagles EAGLES‘Outlaw’ Brock hopes a challenging,34 | parker county football ‘free-lance’ varsity slate in its final season before UIL participation will groom the Eagles for district success STORY BY GREG WEBB

ARRIVING It looks like we will have six or seven seniors joining the team this year. I“Having to wait until next simply means have a lot of respect for those kids. They came out last year as juniors,we will have an even bigger and better ith the 2013 football knowing they were going to have two years of football and were notgrand opening next year,” Worrell said. season, Brock scratches going to be in a district. This group has a special place in my heart.“Everything, including the field house and off yet another item “concessions will be done. the junior high kids began playing. Worrell niors joining the team this year. I have awfrom its 4-year to-do views those few with marked admiration. lot of respect for those kids. They came list in its quest to join out last year as juniors, knowing theyTexas’ University Interscholastic League “It looks like we will have six or seven se-(UIL) members who play prep football. A See BROCK, Page 36major item was checked off in the spring,when a bond election was passed to pro- “When the entire project is completed,vide, among other things, a football sta- adding to the baseball and softball fields,dium and peripheral facilities. tennis courts, and all of the other facili- ties, Brock will have an athletic complexHead coach Chad Worrell, the architect second-to-none for a 2A school.”of the Eagles’ football program from itsinception, and charged with leading the THE VARSITY ROSTERmarch to UIL district play, has taken thelead in putting together a varsity sched- Worrell has had the unique experience ofule (as well as slates for four sub-varsity meeting, and coaching, the Brock athletesteams) without the oversight of Texas’ from the time they donned pads in juniorathletic and scholastic governing body. high, so it is probably safe to say he knowsSuch ‘puzzle-piece’ schedules, amounting his players better than most varsity headto a full season of non-district contests, coaches. Even so, there are some new facesare traditionally referred to as ‘outlaw’ that have arrived in the area that will beschedules. joining the ranks.With construction of the stadium on- Another contingent of the Eagles’ roster aregoing, but not slated for completion until those kids (now seniors) who were not partafter the 2013 season, Brock’s home games of that first year of school-sponsored foot-will take place in their original home sta- ball, but were already in high school whendium at Brock Junior High. The Eagleshad hoped to christen the stadium in Oc-tober home games, but the already-tightconstruction schedule slipped. preview 2013 | 35

BROCK, From Page 35 get better for next year, that’s how we areweW’ree’rgeoivnegrytboceopsmtlafpyoertthtitohivseeempk. iedos pwleh,ebreutit’schanging mindsets about those coachingplay more sophomores on the varsity than looking at that. If we can find a senior or we want to, but that’s just what you havewere going to have two years of football two for the O-line, that will help us. But ifdecisions, but Worrell bases his ultimate to do sometimes at a 2A school. My phi-and were not going to be in a district. This we end up with five underclassmen start-determinations on the long-range benefit losophy on that is if you pull a sophomoregroup has a special place in my heart. ing on varsity and five on the JV, then weof the player, and thus, the team as well. up to the varsity, they need to start. And will go into next year with 10 battling for it’s the same if you pull a freshman up to“It says a lot about them as individuals, starting spots.“We’re very competitive people, but we’re JV. If they are not starting at the higherthat they come out for the team and put in going to play those kids where it’s best level, then they should be getting reps atthe work they do. While all of our younger the sub-varsity or sub-JV level. So, we trykids have played peewee and junior high “for them. If they need to be on the junior not to pull younger kids up just for depthball, some of these seniors never played varsity team and getting a lot of snaps to “We’re in a boat where we are going to purposes.”football until last year. It takes a lot of gutsto do that, being 16 or 17 years old and EAGLES OFFENSEtrying out a new sport for the first time —particularly football. And they stuck with Player evaluations are a constant mov-it, knowing they may be behind some of ing target coming into a new season forthe younger kids, skills-wise. They’re just a the Brock coaching staff as they see thespecial group. results of summer camp programs, wel- come athletes new to the area and assess“Something they can take with them is talent levels. While Worrell has solid ideasthat they are definitely helping lay the of the likely principal players assumingfoundation for this program, and the kids their respective positions on the gridiron,who will come after them.” deciding the balance of the depth chart is a work-in-progress, with final decisionsThe first-year players, seventh and eighth- coming after two-a-days and a pair ofgraders in the 2011 season, will be sopho- scrimmages.mores and juniors this season, and willmake up the lion’s share of the varsity ros- Suiting the offensive scheme to the per-ter. Brock will again field two junior-var- sonnel has required some relatively smallsity teams (Blue and Gold) and the now adjustments, but Worrell feels like the tal-well-established junior high squads. ent he has will easily support the offense attack. Coach Casey Jones has joined the“We were expecting 70 to 80 high school Brock staff in 2013 as offensive coordina-kids to come out this year for football. tor, and while also heading up the strengthOur thinking right now is that we’ll carry and conditioning program, represents25 to 30 on the varsity squad.” Brock’s first full-time football assistant coach.Without the dangling of a district-titletrophy in front of the Eagles in 2013, “We’ve tweaked the schemes a little bitthoughts of who will play on the varsity from where we started, but that’s some-or the JV could have the potential of thing we’ll do year-in and year-out to36 | parker county football

take advantage of the things we do bet- position to rotate them out there and keep per Gore (Soph); Tyler Collier (Jr). Proudly Supportingter than others, but we will stick with our them fresh so they can all play defense. Our Roos!overall scheme. We may give a little more That’s a big advantage.” “Jake, Cooper and Tyler are pretty muchof a spread look this year, but that won’t TIGHT ENDS — Titus Gossett (Soph); our anchors for the offensive line. We “Ability is what you're capablebe a full-time spread. We’ll work in mul- Micah Thornton (Jr). have five or six other kids that can poten- of doing. Motivationtiple sets.” tially start for us on the O-line, which is “Our depth at the where the competition comes in as they determines what you do.QUARTERBACK — Joseph Earl (Jr); Seth battle for those open spots. Most of the A itude determines howBoleman (Jr); Zayne Young. skill positions will be guys have had really good summers and a real plus for our it’s just a matter of seeing how they have well you do it.”“Both Joseph and Seth had a good sum- progressed and who will be the best ones Lou Holtzmer, and should be battling it out for the team this year. to start. When we get to the scrimmages,quarterback job. Zayne Young is a fresh- all of them will get a lot of reps. Two Locations in Parker Countyman, and he will be in the mix, as well. “Both Titus and Micah are good candidatesSo, we may have a 3-way battle going on at the tight end position, but they can also “We’ll have to see how our depth is on the 901 Santa Fe Drivethere with lots of good competition. These split out wide when we need them to, and line. We have a few kids who are ‘tween- Weatherfordthree all have different skill sets, and who- try to get some favorable match ups. They ers’ that are probably JV players but thatever ends up as the starter will help dictate are good-sized kids that can give us some we’ll need on the varsity. It just depends 5147 East I-20 Service Rdsome of the things we will do on offense.” options as to where they will line up.” on which ones can step up.” Willow Park OFFENSIVE LINE — Jake Earl (Jr); Coo-RUNNING BACKS — Leddy French DEFENDING WITH THE 10-1; Matthew McCartney (Soph); Kol-bin Mills (Jr); Keaton Green (Jr); Worrell is very familiar with the defensive scheme Brock deploys. He not only played“Leddy is one of the leaders from our JV in the defensive scheme, but has beenteam last year and is a good go-to guy at coaching it for 17 years. Worrell, with as-that position. Matthew is a very talented sistant coach Marty Amrine, will combineplayer and we will lean on him a lot. Kol- efforts as co-defensive coordinators.bin is one of our fullbacks who had a verygood summer and Keaton will probably The 10-1 defense has a plethora of pseud-spend some time at both fullback and run- onyms. At its core, it is designed to keepning back. There will be some others. We the offense guessing about who will de-had some kids who have moved in that fend on the line or rush or drop back intocould help us at running back, as well as coverage, and usually requires defensivethe receiver slots. backs to defend man-to-man. Because the 10-1 is an attacking type of defense“Our depth at the skill positions will be with the potential of an ever-changinga real plus for our team this year. I’d love look up front, there are considerable flex-to have them two or three deep at each ibilities for coaches to rotate personnel in See EAGLES, Page 38

EAGLES, From Page 37 BROCK EAGLES next year when they do the realignment, Aug. 30 Dallas Gateway Charter 7:30 p.m. so we may be playing teams like Boyd,and out. Worrell offered up a few of the Eastland or Breckinridge.”principal characters who will provide the Sept. 6 Episcopal School of Dallas 7:30 p.m.core of the defense. After its first regular-season game at home, Sept. 14 Booker at Sweetwater 6 p.m. the Eagles become road warriors in a for-DEFENSIVE LINE — Hunter Pittman (Sammy Baugh Classic) midable stretch of away games. Brock’s(Jr); Tanner Pittman (Jr); Billy Tedford head coach offers up a potential benefit(Jr); Titus Gossett (Soph); Kolbin Mills Sept. 20 @ Chico 7:30 p.m. from getting used to playing at unfamiliar(Jr). venues, and launches into an assessment Sept. 27 @ Winters 7:30 p.m. of this season’s opponents.LINEBACKER — Leddy French (Soph);Defensive Backs — Klayton Marr (Jr); Oct. 4 @ Windthorst 7:30 p.m. “It’s going to be tough with those five gamesTyler Skelton (Soph); on the road, but that’s another one of those Oct. 11 Ft. Worth Christian 7:30 p.m. situations we hope will help toughen up the“We always try to limit [playing both ways] guys mentally. We start with Dallas Episco-as much as possible, especially early in the Oct. 18 TBD pal one of the bigger private schools. Theyseason when it’s still pretty hot and they’re did well in the 7-on-7 state tournamentnot yet in game shape. But you can’t avoid Oct. 25 Tornillo at Sweetwater 2 p.m. and have two or three Division I prospects.that with 25 kids. Our skilled guys on of- We’ll have our hands full with them.fense will be doing most of the double duty Nov. 1 BYEon both sides of the ball. We don’t have to “Booker was 9-4 last year and have ahave a bunch of big-bodied guys up front Nov. 8 @ Dallas Roosevelt 7:30 p.m. 4,000-yard passer that will be back. They’rebecause of the aggressiveness of this defense.” expecting to make a run at the state cham- junior high and two JV) has been kind of for our first varsity season. We may have pionship this year. That will be a SaturdayTHE SCHEDULE a nightmare. Comparatively, the varsity some games lined up where we may be in night game and part of the Sammy Baugh games are the easy ones. Juggling the other over our heads. But we feel like playing Classic, which features four games in threeWhile eager to put together a slate for the ones kind of make you scratch your head. those tough games now is going to pay off days. That will be good for our kids, I think.Eagles the past three seasons, Worrell is for us down the road. More than likely, we It will be kind of a playoff atmosphere in ajust as eager to let the UIL do most of the “We’re playing some tough competition will be placed in Division I (big school) year where we won’t have playoffs. Therework from now on, relegating Brock to will be a lot of Sweetwater locals, plus themerely find its non-district foes. fans that Booker and Brock will have.“I’m glad I won’t have to put together an- “Chico has had winning records out thereother one of these ‘outlaw’ schedules. That for the past few years, and Windthorst _may the best thing about realignment, that is Windthorst. They have a group of someI won’t have to go through that, again. It’s tough kids over there. A lot of the schoolsnot just that it’s so hard finding the var- around here that are familiar with Brock,sity games. The sub-varsity teams can’t have probably been on the short end oftravel that far on Thursday nights and so the stick in basketball and baseball gamestrying to find games for four teams (two38 | parker county football

against us over the years. They may be Brock’s JV Blue team went 7-3 last seasonlicking their chops over in Windthorst and won both of its games against varsitywaiting for Brock to come to town — and teams. The Gold group ended up 6-4.there may be a few extra sausages on the Worrell, who believes that overall, factor-[tailgate] grill before that game. ing in participation levels and skill levels, the Eagles are a bit ahead of schedule in“But then we’ll get to play at home again the process of being a full-fledged UIL-against Fort Worth Christian, hopefully at the membered football program. Throw in thenew stadium, before hitting the road again for completion of the stadium facility as thethe last two games. We will also catch Tornillo crowning jewel of the athletic complex,in a return trip to Sweetwater and close out and Brock’s entry into the fully-sanctionedthe season against a (3A) Dallas Roosevelt, football world will arrive in style.which should be another good test for us. Worrell’s schedule to “mature” the juniors“We’re trying to mature our kids with this and seniors (with probably a smattering ofschedule. Fort Worth Christian and Dallas sophs) for a district schedule in 2014 shouldEpiscopal are the equivalent of 3A schools, be spot on. If a thrashing occurs at the handsso with Roosevelt, that will be three games of a 3A-calibre team, or any other perennial-against 3A schools. The thinking is that play- success team, no-harm, no-foul. If most ofing those teams, with the kind of athletes the thrashing through the schedule is doledthey have, we won’t be intimidated when we out by the Eagles, Brock’s gridiron boys willplay our district schedule next year.” still be matured, and bear a healthy dose of confidence going into UIL play. GAUGING PROGRESS

2013schedules ALEDO WEATHERFORD BEARCATS KANGAROOSAug. 30 @ Richland 7:30 p.m. August 31 Highland Park 7 p.m. Cleburne 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 Tom Landry Classic at Eagle Stadium in Allen Sept. 6 Stephenville 7:30 p.m.Sept. 13 @ Burleson 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 Monterrey Tech 7:30 p.m.Sept. 20 BYE Sept. 20 BYESept. 26 *@ Arlington Bowie 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27 *@ Arlington Heights 7:30 p.m.Oct. 4 *Arlington Martin 7:30 p.m. Oct. 4 *South Hills (Homecoming) 7:30 p.m.Oct. 11 *@ Arlington High 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 *@ O.D. Wyatt 7:30 p.m.Oct. 19 *@ Paschal 2:30 p.m. Oct. 18 *Western Hills 7:30 p.m.Oct. 25 *North Crowley (Homecoming) 7:30 p.m. Oct. 25 *@ Southwest 7:30 p.m.Nov. 1 *@ Arlington Lamar 7:30 p.m. Nov. 1 *Granbury (Senior Night) 7:30 p.m.Nov. 8 *Arlington Houston (Senior Night) 7:30 p.m. Nov. 9 *@ Trimble Tech 1:00 p.m.* = District 3-5A game * = District 7-4A game44 | parker county football

MILLSAP SPRINGTOWN BULLDOGS PORCUPINESAug. 30 Alvord 7:30 p.m. Aug. 30 @ Liberty Christian 7:30 p.m. 6:00 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m.Sept. 6 @ Dublin Sept. 6 @ Decatur 7:30 p.m. Sept. 13 BYE Sept. 13 Trimble Tech 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20 Windthorst 7:30 p.m. Sept. 20 @ Gainesville 7:30 p.m. preview 2013 | 45Sept. 27 Rio Vista 7:30 p.m. Sept. 27 Graham (Homecoming) Oct. 4 *@ Tolar (Homecoming) 7:30 p.m. Oct. 4 BYE Oct. 11 *@Mildred 7:30 p.m. Oct. 11 * Kennedale Oct. 18 * Rice 7:30 p.m. Oct. 18 *@ Castleberry Oct. 25 *@ Life Oak Cliff 7:30 p.m. Oct. 25 * Lake Worth (HoF Game) Nov. 1 * Scurry-Rosser (Senior Night) 7:30 p.m. Nov. 1 *@ Mineral Wells Nov. 8 *@ Blooming Grove 7:30 p.m. Nov. 8 * Diamond Hill (Senior Night) * = District 6-2A, Div. II game * = District 6-3A game

preview 2013 | 7

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