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Published by gopalmagar, 2021-07-19 05:50:03

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BFA Exhibition Project 2019  2


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Kathmandu University School of Arts Department of Art and Design BELONGING  4 KU Art+Design is pleased to present yet another edition of BFA Exhibition. We envision this exhibition as a platform to showcase the final projects of our graduating students. Each project reflects a gratifying process of four years of rigorous studio practice, our intensive academic and applied artistic requirements along with the student’s thoughtful inquiries. As always, the deadlines were tough and demanding. But, at the same time, those moments also served as essential fuel in driving the process forward to produce creative individuals of the conscious kind. Such rigorous work demands unswerving effort from every aspect - from the institution to the individual efforts. Thus, the sincere and selfless efforts from the many known and unknown individuals abiding to the ethos of our institutional dictum is what continues to make it possible all these years. Hence, each of our exhibitions is an infusion of commitment and inquisitiveness of our students enriched by the continued support from our very dedicated team of faculty members, visiting professors and artists, critical reviewers and diligent staffs. Such pedagogic approach has yielded and set the standard of our students as can be reflected tangibly in this exhibition too. The works curated in the 2019 BFA Exhibition and Catalog display a broad range of art and design practices that illustrate their concerned issues manifested in paintings, performance, designs, games, photographs, installations, illustrated books and interactive designs. These works of art remain truthful to the skills and sensibilities of their young creators. In a larger context, these works deliver fresh dialogue in contemporary Nepali art and design field. Many of the works engage us in a conversation with their distinct voices and approaches while some challenge our guts. A majority of our Graphic Communication students have explored their problem-solving attitude to address various pertinent topics while some have followed their inner calls as creative individuals. They were encouraged to push boundaries and investigate deeper to develop projects through the tools of meticulously formulated research methodologies, passing through various stages of ideation and thoughtful execution. They were challenged to be innovative as well as thought provoking. However, Studio Art students, as always, enjoyed delving into their personal universe. Their works are inspired by their own experiences yet they have thoughtfully situated

STUDENTS NAME  5 them into impersonal space. Their ability to be observant, honest and dedicated to their work process exemplifies their ever-evolving journey as aspiring artists in the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and personal fulfillment. Many of their works remain introspective and they invite us to reflect upon our psychological and emotional nuances. By and large, this batch has explored the issues that they could closely relate to. From returning to one’s root or embarking on an attempt to revive one’s neglected culture, or weaving travelogues to recollecting buried memories – they have let their creative being flow and find affinity to where they deeply belong. Hence, we believe that the title “Belonging” meaningfully weaves their collective efforts into a thematic thread of belongingness itself. This batch of artists, designers, illustrators and photographers now join our growing community of BFA graduates from Kathmandu University. They will move on to pursue their dreams as creative individuals and a humble person, while they will remain in our hearts as all of our graduates have. And we thank them for joining KU Art+Design and wish them exciting, fruitful and adventurous creative journeys ahead! Our sincere gratitude goes out to the family members and guardians of each student for entrusting them to our institution and accepting our pedagogy for developing solid artistic foundation for their brighter future. A special thank you to BFA juniors and alumni who have extended their help to put up the show. And we extend our deep respect to our well-wishers who always offer us strength to challenge ourselves and exceed your expectations. Sujan Chitrakar Head of Department Department of Art and Design


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Alevate  2 Polygon Kreative is a studio which produces creative solution through illustration, graphic design and product design. And for the final project I have designed a flexible and convenient workspace for kids and young adults in the form of a table. This table is designed for indoor spaces to minimize the problem of small space issues and inflexibility of using a table. This table makes it more convenient while they are studying or working in bed or other indoor spaces. It has a primary function like the three step tilt mechanism with a height adjustable feet, fit for multiple user size and type of work. ALLEN TULADHAR GRAPHIC COMMUNICATION 984-368-7477 Chagal, Kathmandu [email protected]


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  4


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Moment of  6 Meditation My work evokes serenity through a continuous process of meditative journeys. The swirling lines of papers pushes me out into the nothingness allowing me to ponder upon my thoughts, emotions and the events that have affected myself. In the process, the fear of the unseen future and retrospection of my past are overshadowed by the tranquility of the very moment. As I work, I find myself concentrating on the very act of twisting and turnings of the forms I play with. And I am at the present – peacefully meditating. AMIR MAHAT STUDIO ART 984-994-8337 Lubhoo, Lalitpur [email protected]




BFA Exhibition Project 2019  10 Space Mess AMOGH PARAJULI GRAPHIC Space Mess is a board game for kids COMMUNICATION of age 6 and above. This game is established through a design studio 986-043-5914 called A.I.M Innovative Studio. A.I.M Sanepa, stands for ‘Abilities In Me’ that mainly Lalitpur specialize in design, illustration and [email protected] murals. Space Mess is an educational and fun board game for kids where they can learn simple mathematical equations, alphabetical task and can do fun extra activities. This board game was created with an intention of building a strong bond and create a good relationship and connection between the parents and children. The children of this digital era are in a constant threat from being negatively affected by its unwanted influence especially at a very young age. The fun tasks offered by Space Mess aims to serve as a handy tool to work as a solution to help solve this problem of digital exposure and let the children discover the world through a different eye. Board game helps in building interaction and communication between two individuals, teaches sportsmanship, teamwork, rules, regulations, increases brain function, reduces stress, brings laughter and with the help of these elements the lost bond is reformed. Space Mess not only helps in educating the kids but also helps in building a good connection with their loved ones as well.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  12


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Into The  14 Void Their gaze confuses me. I find it voyeuristic because it blurts muted words. Words may succeed in justifying the emotions they carry but their aural frequencies might suggest ambiguity. My silence is thus a resilience to let it mend my sentiments, beyond words and utterances. Contemplating upon my past gives me strength – a catharsis. And the characters that shape my fantasy sensitize me to become aware of all distortions. ANJILA MANANDHAR STUDIO ART 981-880-4289 Bhaktapur, Nepal [email protected]


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BFA Exhibition Project 2019 KU Gen  18 DIWAS MAHARJAN As part of this integrated project, I have designed a mobile app for GRAPHIC KU School of arts, art and design COMMUNICATION department and have established a design studio named Lapcha 984-952-5100 Creatives specializing in UX/UI and Kalimati, Visual Designs. Kathmandu KU gen is a mobile application designed for students of KU art and [email protected] design. The idea of this mobile app came from a research that I did to to develop a digital platform to make the sharing and exchange of information easier among the students. KU gen is one solution to many problems faced by the students. A mobile app serves as an easy and fast sharing personalized digital platform making it possible for sharing information swiftly. With this principle, I too am trying to make the KU Gen a personalized platform where students can share and get notified about information’s in easier way. Likewise, promotional materials like poster, motion graphics, video and social media advertisements are also included in this project for disseminating information about the app itself.

DIWAS MAHARJAN  19 Rujen Shrestha 22 Male Single Student “ Life is better when Shared” Goal Apps Interest Stay up to date with the technology Used every day Gigs Wants to be more social and active & Events Always looking for a event or places to go Loves to participare and visit in events Key Goals Technology Score Frustrations get notified about the events One platform that regroups all medias I phone 6 user Social Level Have to look for events in facebook Too much information and mesages Technology Level Shares stuffs everyday Uses Viber as a paltform to share info Intermediate Common platform to share

BFA Exhibition Project 2019 +  20 Login Dashboard Calendar Message | Forum Noti cation Pro le More


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Recollecting Memories  22 HITESH VAIDYA Remnants of/in space tell stories of its history. They induce their STUDIO associations with us and connect ART with our distant past. Every object has its own history. It tells stories and 984-942-6172 shares memories. Thus, an object, Jagati-4 beyond its mere identity, refreshes Bhaktapur our memories. This work explores my relationship hitesh [email protected] with the objects scavenged from an abandoned space - my own house, wrecked by the earthquake of 2015 and left as debris. My continuous revisits to the site always leave me nostalgic. Every nooks and corners that I once called home remains buried in the dumped debris. I struggle to dig out and collect those objects to recollect memories from them.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  24


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  26 Evocation Of Home JAGDISH MOKTAN STUDIO I am born and raised in this city but ART my idea of home has always been the rural-scape that I abandoned a 986-032-8930 long time ago. I have become familiar Suryabinayak, with the urban space through the Bhaktapur continuous act of moving from one [email protected] temporary apartment to another. However, a sense of alienation always comes to disturb me. This detachment with the very place, I now live in, has triggered me to explore my relationship with my ancestral home. With these works, I seek for visual connotations to be able to express my sense of attachment with my village. Although my visits are a few, they have built a strong bond with the place and its people. Through my performative paintings, I try to recreate the experience of getting back to the root. Hence, to me this act means more than just creating visual delights. I draw my inspiration from the visuals of eroded walls that expose the underneath layers of my home in the village. Along with it I also draw my gestures while covering those layers with local mud as done during the Dashain festival every year. The contact with the walls brings me closure to the place and confirms my belonging.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  28


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Revive And Reconnect  30 KEMESH MAHARJAN Addiction to phone is one of the major problems we see today. Technology is GRAPHIC a boon if used for fulfilling the basic COMMUNICATION necessities and productively, otherwise it may worsen things up. Even during 984-194-0403 social gatherings to family get- Nakkhu-13, together, the young the old all seem Lalitpur to be more drawn towards their phone than having a physical interaction. [email protected] People use their phones when they are alone, outside with friends, at café, at the dining table - literally anywhere. Mobile phone overuse is a dependence syndrome seen among most of the mobile phone users. Games are an integral part of all cultures and are one of the oldest forms of human social interaction. Everyone loves them. So through this theme, Revive and Reconnect, I created this product with an intention to revive the good old times of enjoying interactive card games. The objective is to reconnect the people by providing a getaway from digital distraction.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  32


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Voice Out  34 MANIKA MANANDHAR A communication design can make a difference in a society. The more GRAPHIC we choose not to talk about Sexual COMMUNICATION Violence, the more we hide ourselves from this issue. So I have decided to 986-099-9721 start a visual campaign to deliver my Lagankhel, messages out into the world through Lalitpur my work. I have named this campaign: ‘Voice Out’. It aims to minimize sexual [email protected] violence issues that have been increasing daily. It tells people to speak out against sexual violence rather than hiding/neglecting/ignoring/taking it as a shame or thinking it useless to speak up. Communicating the idea through my posters and booklet is a visual campaign that might raise public awareness as well as educates the communities at the same time from a new perspective. To initiate the campaign, I have created a brand name ‘mikhā’ which is a Newa: term meaning an ‘eye’ also known as ‘aakha’ in Nepali. The brand specializes in graphic design and illustration.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  36


BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Everyday  38 Aesthetics POOJA DUWAL Everyday things hold our experiences in them. But because one is used STUDIO to them, they are often unnoticed. ART Translating commonplace things into paint is a way for me to 980-888-0630 rediscover the subtle details present Madhyapur there. Painting in oil allows me to Thimi, Bhaktapur appreciate the harmony of colors and compositions in these objects. [email protected] While the images hold reference to the things before me, they are gradually transformed, inhabiting their own world in layers of paint as they visually evolve. These paintings are thus a process of becoming more appreciative and observant of ordinary things of everyday life. * The title is cited to the book Everyday Aesthetics by Yuriko Saito


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  40

BFA Exhibition Project 2019 Wander- lost  42 RIYA DHUNGEL Photography has not only been a medium for me but also has been my GRAPHIC way of self-expression. This collection COMMUNICATION of photographs comes from my wish to preserve the moments in my life living in 984-953-3831 France for 5 months. Kupondole, Paris has always been a dream Lalitpur destination and getting a chance to study there an as an exchange student [email protected] has been overwhelming. With my title “wander-lost” I want to express my daily life which circled around getting lost in the city and wandering around with all those unfamiliar faces and places around me, which in fact was a wonderful experience. I got to learn new things, discover new places and got to meet and interact with new people. Through this book, I want to take my audience on a quick journey into the Parisian world from my perspective, and from how I experienced my life in Paris.


BFA Exhibition Project 2019  44

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