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The Lost Bunny

Published by matthewlai0713, 2021-11-05 06:37:02

Description: The Lost Bunny


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The Lost Bunny By: Matthew Lai

Once upon a time, John is on his way to visit his mother who lives in a wood cabin in the forest. When John is traveling through the pacific dark forest, he looks into his backpack and realizes that his favorite toy bunny is gone. What made it worse is that John was feeling very very hungry, so he continued walking, wishing he could get to his mother’s cabin as fast as possible and have a good meal.

After walking alone in the rainy forest for a while, John got to an open area where there are four buildings made up of different foods, one is made of green macaron, one is made of chocolate, one is made of carrot, and the last one is made of chips. John is surprised because he never saw houses built in food in his whole life, just as he’s approaching the houses to check it out, suddenly, a witch holding a cage came out of nowhere and stopped him, the cage is holding John’s toy bunny. “Give back my bunny” yelled John. The witch refused. All of a sudden, three turtles with different colors of red, blue and yellow, came out of the woods. “Hey witch, that toy bunny looks great, it would be a nice decoration in our house, would you mind giving it to us.” said the three turtles. The witch refused again, but the turtles kept begging, the witch was annoyed so she gave them a challenge that if they could eat the whole front door of either of the houses, they would get the bunny. All of the turtles accepted the challenge, the red turtle went first and chose the house made out of chips. The red turtle grabbed a seat and said “Just watch as I eat this whole door.”

Then he started eating, after eating half of the door, the red turtle grew to the size of a large snowball. “I don’t feel so good,” Said the red turtle. The red turtle continued to grow bigger and bigger until he couldn't balance his body and started to roll on the ground into the dark forest, the red turtle was never seen again. The blue turtle was the second one to try, different from the red turtle who chose the house made of green macaron. “Watch and learn, this is going to be so easy!” Said the blue turtle full of confidence. As he ate up the door made up of macaron, but just like the last red turtle, the blue turtle ate up the whole door very quickly. The blue turtle’s body grew greener and greener. A woodcutter walks past the turtle. \"Why is there a bush here?” asked the woodcutter. “I’m not a bush! I’m a turtle!” yelled the turtle. “Oh my gosh, it talks!” the wood cutter exclaimed. “I need to get rid of this bush, before it starts hurting anyone” said the woodcutter. “No, don’t!” yelled the turtle. The woodcutter ignored the turtle and carried the turtle away, the blue turtle also failed the challenge. “It’s my turn now,” said the yellow turtle. The turtle approached the house made up of chocolate, he took out a fork, and started eating. The yellow turtle ate one piece after another. When the turtle had almost finished the whole door, his belly was as huge as a mountain. The turtle then farted louder than a rocket taking off, the fart launched the turtle into space, and the yellow turtle also failed the challenge, because he was never seen again.

“Yay, You all failed the challenge, I won, I got to keep the bunny!” Said the witch happily. “I also want to try.” Said John. “I didn’t say that I’m giving you a turn,” The witch laughed with an evil smile. “I think you should also give the boy a turn,” Said the woodcutter. “This is my game! My rule!” Laughed the witch. “Give the boy a chance or I’ll cut off your head!” The assertive and intrepid woodcutter threatened the witch. “Fine, fine, fine, he is not going to succeed anyway. Go ahead.” Said the witch unwillingly. John chose the last house that is made up of carrots, which is not as delicious as the other, but healthier. John grabbed some wood and made a fire. “What are you doing?” Asked the witch. “I’m cooking the carrots so I won’t get poisoned.” Said John. “You can’t do that!” Yelled the witch with a sharp and strident voice. “Yes he can.” Said the woodcutter while holding a chainsaw beside the witch’s throat. “Ugh, fine.” Said the witch. John started to eat the door piece by piece, he made sure that every piece of the carrot was fully cooked, and he also made sure he fully digested the carrots before eating the next piece. After a whole night of non-stop eating, John finally finished the whole door. “Cheater! You’re a cheater! I’m not giving you back your bunny!” Yelled the witch.

“You must keep your promise.” Said the woodcutter. Although the witch didn’t want to return the bunny, the woodcutter grabbed the bunny from the witch and gave it back to John. John thanked the woodcutter and continued his walk to his mother’s cabin with a mellow mood. When he arrived at his mother’s cabin, his mother ran up to him and hugged him. “I was worried, what took you so long?” Said John’s mother. John sat down and told his mother what happened on his way here. John and his mother had a wonderful evening. And since then, they lived together happily ever after.

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