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FBC Sales News 2017: Spring

Published by iharrisfbc, 2017-04-11 14:02:52

Description: A Freedom Boat Club flip book.


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FBC SALES NEWS spring 2017 BOAT SHOW CASE STUDY: Rhode Island Membership—Growth or Bust by Dustin Tidwell

GROWTHRhode Island MembershipOR BUST! A Recent Sales Success Narrative by Dustin Tidwell, FBC Corporate #1 Membership Sales I spent the majority of my time with Kerri Hannoush, per Dick Cromwell’s instructions. I found her open minded, energetic and excited to learn. I left her confident, experienced and eager to show off her new skills. When I arrived on Thursday, I worked with Kerri at the Warwick office. I took control of Sales Optima and began drafting an open house email. That’s when I discovered Kerri had been editing

a template each time she sent out an email, and so had norecord of previous successful emails. I showed her the correctway to create an email, and we set up Friday morning’s BoatShow email.Friday (2/3/17) was the first day of the boat show, and it was alittle slow. We generated approximately 100 leads and no sales.I did receive several replies to the email, and I worked themwith the sale ending Sunday. Saturday (2/4/17) started off with a bang. We had sold our firstmembership within an hour of the show opening. I made Kerrido all the work. It was important to Dick that she be able toduplicate the process after I left.We were able to move the Yeti cooler that I brought to thecenter of the show, near the bar, giving us a second lead source.I noticed several people were stopping at Dick’s booth to taketheir picture with a mini inflatable boat. I quickly seized theopportunity and created a third lead source.We ended up selling a second membership at the show andI emailed agreements to several others that were not at theshow, including Simone, who was actually in Fort Myers!We generated approximately 300 names on day 2, and I taughtKerri how to use the easier lead form. I took the majority of theleads home and entered them into Sales Optima.Sunday (2/5/17) I adjusted the boat show email with a bit moreaggressive wording and added discount pricing for the firsttime. The deals started pouring in right away. We were writingup our first deals within minutes of the doors opening.

This was a great score for Dick as the new quickly. We ended the boat show with sevenmember paid with check and prepaid his first deals and over 500 leads.year! I was constantly on the phone workingemail responders and callers. Deal #4 came in On Monday (2/6/17) we worked in the Warwickjust before lunch. office. Our first task was to enter the remaining leads from the show and draft an email forDeals 5, 6, and 7 came in over the phone to the Open House. I worked with Bill Bittner atpeople I had been working, including the Corporate Marketing to create a basic templategentleman in Florida! There was a brief that Kerri could use going forward. Dick wasmoment between deals 4 and 5 when Kerri wanting a template with his video in it. Thisbacked off someone who I believed came to was completed, thanks to Bill.join. I reiterated to her that she could not waiveron the deadline and that no call was to end We made calls from the buzz score with nowithout a credit card payment! She refocused success. We did the same on Tuesday.

On Wednesday (2/8/17), I role played with Kerri. I walked into the office as aprospect and had her pitch me. I wanted her to be prepared for the Open House.They were not pitching off the benefits sheet, so I showed Kerri the video of myperfect pitch, and we worked on her pitch. We sent the Open House email out at3 pm as planned.Thursday (2/9/17) was a blizzard. We were literally snowed in. I made calls fromthe buzz score and scheduled a few appointments to the open house.On Friday I drove over to the Hartford Boat Show to give Greg G. some pointers.Saturday (2/11/17) we had the open house at the Warwick office. We had fourpeople show up, and we signed them all up. All four were from the boat show.It’s Sunday morning, February 12, and I’m headed home, with 11 membershipssold, and 540 leads generated!P.S. Kerri went on to sell 4 more memberships by month end, to have the best monthin franchise history!  1 

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