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Published by Mark Jabez Bongco, 2020-11-26 19:02:12

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The Redefining Campus Press. Shaping Great Stories BLAZON Vol. CI No. 01 November-December 2020 The Official Student Publication of Bataan National High School-Junior High School News Analysis Resilient Pinoys and the Government Angela Kim Wahing Silence means yes, or maybe a no. tMahnarssnw. e5Mr0a0srhmeeyeotEds.uaCltaetrhzlaeeraG, rELnneDgrlsai.svhidTEealecmheernftaacriyliStactheos othl,eodniestorfibtuhteiodnroaPpnhdoofrtfoectebrniyetveAransl gowefhlmaicKohdimcualteWesrasahnmidnogre People had been rambling about the government’s response about the Better planning, better services 2020 typhoon Ulysses. It is not new for people to lean on the govern- BNHS simplifies module distribution and ment when crisis occurs, people are retrieval, readies for Q2 priorities. When Ulysses battered the country, the government was silent Mark Jabez Bongco and that made the people loud and furious. More than seventy-five percent of gailangan kung hindi ni’yo kami tutulungan, Bataan National High School who chose kailangan naming ng suporta ninyo,” ex- President Rodrigo Duterte stated modular learning can expect more effi- pressed by Dr. Alma V. Poblete, Principal IV. “Don’t believe in that. That’s garbage. cient materials distribution and retrieval You know, all those in-charge in process as the administration continu- A schedule is set for better flow of distri- preparations for an emergency, long ously improve its logistics on the matter. bution. For Grade 7, the modules are dis- before the typhoon, they have already tributed from 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Grade deployed their respective personnel.” To further cater students who live in far 8; 9:00AM-10:00AM, Grade 9; 10:00AM- With that, the president was asked flung areas, BNHS partnered to various el- 11:00AM, and Grade 10; 11:00AM-12:00PM. if he thinks there was a negligence ementary schools and barangay to serve as on the part of the local government drop off centers of the learning materials. After a week, the modules should be sent when it came in responding on the back to the drop-off points with regards to typhoon. President Duterte said that “Salamat sa pagtitiwala na maibibigay ng the same schedule set by the school and re- the government agencies are pre- ating paaraan ang educational needs ng in- place it with the next module to be studied. pared, that it had to be the first thing yong mga anak. Ngunit sa hindi magandang planned out. About the spending pangyayari sa ating kapaligiran, mahihira- In addition, the school administration has for the needs, it has to be controlled pan kaming ibigay ang kanilang pangan- prepared for the second quarter as most of logically, spending for what is only the materials needed were already printed. needed. There are foods, and hous- ing, the only way to spend money is editorial features P3 to lack of the needs. DWowanrpnlianygisng EARTHHealing Mother President Duterte had cleared out that the government could respond P2 to crisis with an enough amount of funds allocated. The response to disaster done by the separate depart- ment was resisted by the congress, they are to work with unity and not by their separate departments. Despite the people’s commentaries about the silence of the government, there is the president to clear the confusion out. Some answers are not specific and clear, but it lessened the confusion of the citizens. All the more, Filipinos wil always bank on to the time-honored resil- ience attribute. Than no matter what disaster comes or how negligible the government is, Filipinos will thrive.

2 editorial Redefining Campus Press. The Blazon Shaping Great Stories The Official Student Publication of Bataan National High School Downplaying Warnings uriosity is an innate part of inno- Cvation. But in the online world, curiosity should proceed with caution. As people stay indoors for the Angela Wahing 2020 past months, many mobile apps and websites have emerged and became but, what if Omegle gets hacked by and that they are solely responsible trending. One of which is Omegle, a someone? your information is at the for their own behavior. Use Omegle website made by Leif K. Brooks on palms of their hands, and we have at your own peril. Disconnect if March 25, 2009. This chatting site al- no clue as to whatever it is, they are anyone makes you feel uncomfort- lows you to be able to chat and even going to do with that information. able.” do a video call with random strang- ers on the internet anonymously; it One of the biggest issues with this As you can see, we are left alone also allows you to put some of your website is the possible inappropriate to protect ourselves on this web- interests and matches you with a activities and explicit messages you site. “You may be denied access to stranger that has the same as yours. might come across that might even Omegle for inappropriate behavior, The said site once again began some be traumatizing. There are predators or for any other reason.” Omegle trend; students ranging from high online who would try to engage you doesn’t protect us from anything, it school to college had been joining in in a sexual roleplay through chat doesn’t make any effort to prevent on this craze in hopes to find their and some of them would even go as inappropriate things from happen- \"university boyfriend/girlfriend\". far as to strip naked in front of their ing. Instead, it opts to ban them Also, with the restrictions in place webcams. It's so unsettling, unnerv- from their site. Not even a report in most coronavirus hit places, ing, and uncomfortable to know to the police, but a ban. Be safe. It's boredom spiked tremendously and that there are monsters out there not very recommendable to use people are trying out this trend using this website with ill intentions this app for the sake of satisfying usually those ages 16-20 in which fully aware of the fact that kids and our curiosity. If you still insist on they start to get more curious about teenagers are using this app for their using Omegle, stay on chat, don’t relationships. pleasure. give away information and if you’re webcamming, cover your face. It is Another feature in Omegle is that According to Omegle's disclaimer up to us to protect ourselves from you can save conversations but, in \"Understand that human behavior is what we choose to expose ourselves this situation, you're not the only fundamentally uncontrollable, that to. Because Omegle isn’t trying to one able to save it. Omegle appar- the people you encounter on Ome- help us for now. ently also saves your conversations gle may not behave appropriately, and interests for spam and inap- propriate behavior. We don't know where they use our conversations, nor do we know whether our identi- ties are truly being protected or not on this website. Once you go on Omegle you might notice people saying \"asl\" which stands for age, sex, and location; now this is where the issue begins. Sharing your information online is not the best idea, knowing that Omegle saves conversations that contain your information might not shake you up that much The MARK JABEZ BONGCO CHIARA DOMINI OCONER News Writer/Lay out Artist Feature & Editorial Writer BLAZON ANGELA KIM WAHING JOHN KEVIN GAMIAO Editorial Board Cartoonist/Photojournalist Student Publication Adviser The Official Student Publication of Redefining Campus Press.Shaping Great Stories Bataan National High School-Junior High School

Redefining Campus Press. 3features Shaping Great Stories The Blazon The Official Student Publication of Bataan National High School EARTHHealing Mother Chiara Domini Oconer pen. We being more fortunate than them should be Climate change, how long will we ignore the a bit more considerate to their kind and also worry earth's sighs of exhaustion? about their lives. Over time, our world has exceeded its average tem- The next generation’s present the other crea- perature and is currently increasing non-stop. We and tures’ lives depend on us, the quality of life that other organisms on this planet have been experiencing they will be experiencing all depends on our cur- and seeing visible effects for quite some time. rent actions. For all of the small things that we do This issue has existed since the 19th century and has first been published in the newspapers last 30 years ago; knowing this, it's just difficult to understand as to why not everyone seems to be concerned. Our actions affect not only us but them too. As a matter of fact, besides greenhouse gasses causing global warming, human emissions also contribute to this problem. We are not the only ones living on this planet, we share the same home as thousands of other species we may or may not be aware of. The drastic weather changes, the rising of sea levels, warmer oceans, and the higher risks of wildfires and droughts also because of heat waves; are all caused by climate change, and all of us are affected. We are such blessed creatures to be able to under- stand what is happening to our home, there are other creatures in this world not being able to understand how their home is not in a good condition; they continue living their lives oblivious to the things that might hap- More than ever, coastal barangays bear the effects of climate for the betterment of our environment, we have made a dif- change, Fishermen Mang Renato Dela Rosa and Mang Cornelio ference; even doing a simple action like leaving no wastes Cruz from Brgy Tortugas, Balanga City lament that the rising after your meal can make much of a difference. sea temperature dimisnish their catch, making it difficult for them to meet both ends. Photo by Angela Kim Wahing We don’t necessarily have to work hard; we have to work smarter and that is to work altogether. A community imple- menting a zero-waste lifestyle can be a big change for us if everyone cooperates. We can’t stop or reverse something that already has been done, but we can do things to make the situation better and prevent it from getting worse. All of the things that this issue has caused us should inspire us to strive harder to improve our situation and our climate resilience. Being the world's stewards, it's our role to take action and do something for the sake of our future, the following generations, and other organisms we live with; this is not the time to argue whether who's responsible for this mess. We must all cooperate regardless of our age, race, or what- ever it is, everyone's presence is needed and nothing will happen unless we do something.

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