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Published by Sofiya Karpina, 2015-06-21 00:26:20

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Masae leaned towards the window, breathless at the size of the school campus they flew over. She felt the hands holding her arms behind her back tighten. The guards that were packed around her in the small space of the helicopter room yelled at her. She smiled as their voices were overcome by the screaming blades spinning overhead, and stretched her chin up to see more through the glass just above her shoulder. Multiple buildings crowded around a center point below them and disseminated out from it in a radial spiral. The floor below her tilted and turned, taking them in a diagonal curve down by the edge of the campus. Just then Masae remembered she had not the slightest wish to be dragged to Kurugo University, and her shining dark brown eyes turned to stare blankly ahead. At that small moment, she pictured Matzu-san. Her heavily red-colored lips were nearly still as she spoke to Masae. It was as though opening her mouth too much would break the mask of her face. \"So pack up now, unless you want to be late. It seems to me you have a liking for being late.\"1

Masae had stared back, wondering how the woman ever lived throughschool with her straight unmovable back and forever flawless businesssuits and pointed heels. At that moment, the woman's stiff perfection wasat it's peak. In the last five years, Masae failed to break it, and shewanted to – more than ever - at that very moment. \"Matzu-san... I've done everything perfectly. Don't send me out.\" Shehated her own quiet voice. Her stinging throat filled her with frustration,and her face grew warm. Dim sunrays from outside cut across the face of her \"permanentnanny\" diagonally, leaving the upper half in black shadow, from whichthose eyes gazed at her simply, unmoving. Matzu-san turned and leftwithout a word. A slam snapped Masae back to attention when the guards slid openthe side door and thick leather gloves began to usher her. She made littleeffort to get up and was almost carried out. Immediately a burst of airfilled her lungs. She caught a glimpse of her own feet coming into contactwith the ground and how the helicopter-induced wind flattened and liftedthe grass around them in violent outward waves. 2

Her arms were grabbed once more. When she tried break free, the band holding her hair back snapped and hundreds of small black curls whiplashed into her sour face. The guards laughed hysterically, and her hands were freed. She coughed and spat, clearing her face, while also struggling to shove down the feelings that had welled up in her as she remembered what happened yesterday. She could not forget the sound of a door shutting her out. Not when it wasn't the first time. \"Good morning!\" A middle-aged man waved wildly and approached them from across the field. As the guards dragged her towards him, the helicopter behind them lifted and flew away in a mosquito-like fashion. She glared after it. A bothersome mosquito had brought her to Kurugo. \"Good morning, good morning.\" The broadly smiling man jogged over, reassuring them he would \"take good care of the new student\". He pushed his sunglasses over his head. \"I'm Shishido Keitaro. Welcome to your new home!\" He shook her hand and she turned her head away. He paused. \"Don't be nervous. I'm sure you must be very excited... er... somewhere deep, deep inside your heart. You know, I would be if I were you. It’s awesome out here.\"3

Masae remained still, inspecting him in a subtle manner. What was itabout Shishido-san that seemed awkward? His arms were extendedtowards her openly, palms-up. A grin covered his face, reaching up to thecorners of his small eyes. \"Welcome, welcome. What's your name?\" \"...Masae-desu.\" \"Ah, welcome Masae-desu... My, you have... exotic hair. Are youhungry? Well that's not very much important, but don't worry muchbecause you soon will be fed. Because, you know, it's lunch-time. Ormaybe you don't want to eat, if you're feeling homesick, but no worries.Let me know if you need anything.\" His words went by quick, but hisbreezy voice felt light, promising casualty and openness. Her eyes scanned the surroundings while he babbled. Around theentire field the view was covered with lush Oak and English Elm trees.Sunlight colored their tops with yellow highlights and the wind brought thescene alive with movement. Magical. This is definitely not Japan, Masaedecided, we're in the middle of nowhere. 4

\"And this young man is Yokuzo, Koi.\" Shishido-san motioned next to him to an overly-happy-looking guy with thick-rimmed glasses. \"He will be your temporary district representative, since you're going in to the General district. Unless you have multiple genius abilities, you'll be moving on in no time to the district you specialize in.\" Probably none, Masae thought. She felt irritation bubbling up inside. Her parents bribed her way into an elite school where she would never belong. At least it was payed for... Masae shoved the thought away and plastered - to the best of her abilities - an excited expression on her own face. \"Great.\" \"Otherwise, turn to Koi if there's any trouble - he's one of the few that can go directly to the student body president for help. Even I can't, though I'm his overseer.\" Shishido-san grinned as though he'd said something worth laughing about. \"Glad to have you here.\" Koi's voice was plain, gentle, and made her relax. At least someone here seemed to speak normally, without extreme hand gestures or a commanding tone. \"I'm not.\" She said quietly.5

\"Well, maybe we could get you out of here in a few days.\" Earnestnessseeped through and mixed with his smile. Masae puzzled at this - maybehe would help her run away. Was she hoping for too much? Shishido-san chuckled, looking at his watch. \"Well, I'll leave you to gether to the hall, then.\" He waved and walked away in a seemingly randomdirection. Koi turned to the guards, his smile pulling into a flat line. \"You're free to go.\" His voice was deep and very, very serious. Masaefroze and felt a cold flash. When he turned to look at her, she tried toswallow and her gaze flickered around, avoiding his eyes. She struggledto hide the shock as Koi guided her towards the \"dormitory she will love\"with a firm hand on her back. END OF CHAPTER 1 - CHAPTER BY HANA 6

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