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Published by Safety Signs UK, 2020-09-07 05:27:29

Description: Canteen


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CANTEEN EQUIPMENT CANTEEN China Plate Tea Spoon Code: SS10017 Stainless Steel Code: SS10011 Size: 10” Dessert Spoon Fork Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Code: SS10008 Code: SS10009 Knife Stainless Steel Code: SS10010 China Bowl Code: SS10016 Wooden Canteen Table Code: SS10013 Size: 1800mm x 600mm Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website: 78

CANTPEPEEN&EQCLUOIPTMHEINNGT EYE PROCTAENCTTEIOEN Tea Spoon Mugs Foam Cups – 10oz Plastic Water Cups 7oz Plastic Code: SS10007 Code: SS10006 Code: SS10006A Size: Half Pint Size: Box of 1000 Size: Box of 2000 Code: SS10012 Size: Pack of 100 Plastic Canteen Table Code: SS10013B Size: 1800mm x 600mm Water Machine Water Bottles Stacking Chair – Code: SS10101W Code: SS10101 Plastic Size: 19 Litre Code: SS10014 Telephone: 01245 327 397 79 Email: [email protected] Website:

CANTEEN EQUIPMENT CANTEEN Tea Bags – PG Tips Tea Bags – Tetley Code: SS10001 Code: SS10002 Size: Box of 1150 Size: Box of 1100 Nescafe Gold Blend Nescafe Coffee Douwe Egberts Code: SS10004 Code: SS10003 Code: SS10004A Size: 750g Size: 750g Size: 750g Sugar Sugar Sachets Code: SS10005 Code: SS10005A Size: Pack off 1000 Size: 1kg Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website: 80

JANITORAL SUPPLIES Our Janitorial products are widely used throughout the construction and refit industries covering all aspects of cleaning, welfare and facility requirements. 81

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES CLOTHS & RAGS Single Dusters Dish Cloths Jay Cloths Scourers Code: SS07012 Code: SS07013 Code: SS07014 Code: SS07015 Size: Pack of 10 Size: Pack of 50 Size: Pack of 10 Sponge Scourers Mutton Cloth / Sponge Tea Towels Code: SS07016 Stockonette Code: SS07018 Code: SS07019 Size: Pack of 10 Code: SS07017 Size: Large Mixed Rags Micro Fibre Code: SS07020 Cloth Green Size: 10kg Code: SS07302 Micro Fibre Micro Fibre Cloth Red Cloth Blue Code: SS07304 Code: SS07304 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website: 82

JANIPTPOER&IACL LSOUTPHPLINIEGS EYE PROTECBTAIOGNS Rubble Sacks 30 x 46 x 54 Code: SS09001 Wheelie Bin Liners Size: Box of 100 Code: SS09003 Size: Box of 100 Bin Liners – Green H/D Sacks Red H/D Sacks Black Code: SS09004 Code: SS09004B Size: 18 x 29 x 39 Size: 18 x 29 x 39 Code: SS09002 Box of 200 Size: Box of 200 Box of 200 15 x 24 x 24 18 x 29 x 29 Blue Extra Heavy Duty White Heavy Duty Duty Sack Black Bin Bags Bin Liners Code: SS09005 Code: SS09006 Code: SS09007 Size: 21 x 32 Size: Box of 100 Size: Box of 200 Size: Box of 100 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] 83 Website:

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES PAPER PRODUCTS C Fold Hand Towel Centre Feed Jumbo Toilet Mini Jumbo Toilet Dispenser Towel Dispenser Roll Dispenser Roll Dispenser Code: SS08012 Code: SS08013 Code: SS08014 Code: SS08015 Kitchen Rolls Code: SS08006 Size: Pack of 4 Mini Jumbo Toilet Rolls Code: SS08009 Size: Pack of 12 Jumbo Toilet Rolls Code: SS08005A Size: Pack of 6 Toilet Rolls IT57 2 Ply Centre Feed Code: SS08001 Pure Toilet Paper Hand Towels – White Size: Pack of 36 Code: SS08011 Code: SS08004 Size: Pack of 6 C Fold Hand Towels C Fold Hand Towels – 1 Ply – 2 Ply Code: SS08002 Code: SS08003 Size: Box of 2440 Size: Box of 2880 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website: 84

JANIPTPOER&IACL LSOUTPHPLINIEGS CLEANEIYNEGPERQOUTIEPCMTEIONNT Bleach Disinfectant Detergent Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner Code: SS07001 Code: SS070002 Code: SS070003 Code: SS07008 Size: 5 Litres Size: 5 Litres Size: 5 Litres Size: 5 Litres Toilet Cream Glass Cleaner Multi-Purpose Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner Trigger Spray Trigger Spray Code: SS07004 Code: SS07005 Code: SS07006 Code: SS07007 Size: 1 Litre Size: 500ml Size: 750ml Size: 750ml Washing Up Liquid Channel Cubes Toilet Rim Hangers Code: SS07024 Code: SS07009 Code: SS07009B Size: 1 Litre Size: Pack of 12 Size: 3kg Washing Up Bowl Furniture Polish Air Freshener Code: SS05008 Code: SS07010 Code: SS07011 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Size: 300ml Size: 400ml Email: [email protected] Website: 85

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES Kentucky Mop Handle MOPS & BUCKETS C/W Clip Code: SS04004 Socket Mop Head Socket Mop Handle Kentucky Mop Head Code: SS04001 Code: SS04002 Code: SS04003 Size: 12oz Galvanized Mop 25L Water Container Bucket with Tap Code: SS05006 Code: SS19072 Black Builders Bucket Plastic Mop Bucket Blue Code: SS05001 Code:SS05007 Size: 3 Gallons 24L Mop Bucket Plastic Mop Bucket Gorilla Tub with Wringer Green Code: SS05011 Code: SS05010 Size: Standard Code: SS05007B 86 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANIPTPOER&IACL LSOUTPHPLINIEGS EYE PROTECTBIIONNS Dustbin Swing Bag 50L Waste Paper Bin Code: SS05004 Code: SS05003 Code: SS05002 Size: 94 Litres Size: 50 Litres Dustbin C/W Lid Wheelie Bin 360 Litre Wheelie Bin Code: SS05004 Code: SS05005 Code: SS05005A Size: 80 Litres Size: 240 Litres Size: 360 Litres 660 Litre Wheelie Bin Green 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Green 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin Steel Code: SS05005B Code: SS05005C Code: SS05005D Size: 660 Litres Size: 110 Litres Size: 1100 Litres 87 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES BROOMS & BRUSHES Coco Broom Coco Broom Coco Broom Coco Broom C/W Handle C/W Handle & Stay C/W Handle & Stay C/W Handle & Stay Code: SS03001 Code: SS03002 Code: SS03002 Code: SS03004 Size: 10” Size: 18” Size: 24” Size: 36” Bassine Broom Bassine Broom Plastic Dust Pan C/W Handle & Stay C/W Handle & Brush Set Code: SS03006 Code: SS03005 Code: SS03011 Size: 18” Size: 10” Coal Bassine Broom Bassine Broom Shovel C/W Handle & Stay C/W Handle & Stay Code: SS03011B Code: SS03007 Code: SS03008 Dusmo Size: 24” Size: 36” Code: SS19055 Tarmac Lute C/W Handle Long Handle Code: SS03020 Dustpan & Brush Size: 24” Code: SS03011C 88 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANIPTPOER&IACL LSOUTPHPLINIEGS BROEOYME PSR&OBTREUCSTHIOENS 6 Row Wire Brush 4 Row Wire Deck Scrubbing C/W Scraper Brush Brush Code: SS03013 Code: SS03013A Code: SS03009 Toilet Brush Floor Squeegee Pair of V-Sweeper C/W Holder Code: SS03017 Heads Code: SS03012 Size: 18” Code: SS03015A Boot Scraper Blakes Boot Bath Coir Mat V Sweeper Code: SS003010 C/W 3 Nylon Brush Heads Code: SS03014 Complete Code: SS03010A Code: SS03015 JANITORIAL SUPPLIES LITTER PICKERS H/D Litter Picker Litter Picker Code: SS04005 Code: SS04006 Telephone: 01245 327 397 89 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES DEB PRODUCTS DEB Cradle Green Cleaner DEB Cradle Red Sanitiser DEB Cradle Blue Code:SS06006 Code:SS06007 Protection Cream Size: 750ml Size: 750ml Code:SS06008 Size: 750ml DEB Cradle Skin Care Board Code:SS06005 DEB Swarfega DEB Deflect DEB Deflect Orange Cleaner Suncream Code: SS060118C Code: SS06019 Code: SS06018 Size: 150ml Size: 4 Litres Size: 1 Litre Telephone: 01245 327 397 90 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANIPTPOER&IACL LSOUTPHPLINIEGS EYDEEPBRPORTOEDCUTICOTNS DEB Protect 1000 DEB 2000 DEB 4000 DEB Deflect Dispencer Dispenser Dispenser Dispenser Code: SS06015 Code: SS06016 Code: SS06017 Code: SS06918B DEB Skin Safety Centre Board Complete with Dispensers Code:SS06009 DEB 1000 DEB 1000 DEB 2000 DEB 2000 DEB 4000 Protection Cream Restore Cream Pure Soap Lime Cleaner Lime Cleaner Code: SS06014 Code: SS06010 Code: SS06011 Code: SS06012 Code: SS06013 91 Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website:

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES HAND CLEANERS Buttermilk Soap Red Beaded Hand Gel Liquid Hand Soap Pelican Pump To Code: SS06001 Code: SS06002 Code: SS06003 Suit Liquid Soap Size: Box of 72 Bars Size: 5kg Size: 5 Litres Code: SS06003A Size: 5 Litres Hand Soap Barrier Cream Alcohol Hand Gel Code: SS06004E Code: SS060004A Code: SS06004B Size: 500ml Size: 1 Litre Size: 500ml Gojo Hand Medic Soap Code: SS06004C Size: 500ml Telephone: 01245 327 397 Email: [email protected] Website: 92

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