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20220508 English Bulletin

Published by vchairman.cmcacamberwell, 2022-05-07 16:00:24

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WELCOME TO CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH We are a faith community that is growing in our love for Jesus, who died for our sins, and is raised from the death. We are called to follow Jesus, and to make disciples of all nations. If you would like to know more about God, Jesus, or our church or the Bible, please use [email protected] / Minister-in-Charge Rev. James Kong 0413 953 238 / Assistant Pastor (English) Ps. Allan Quah 0402 675 219 to Get in Touch. 58 Cooloongatta Road, Camberwell, VIC 3124 • Tel: (03) 9889 0702 •

Silent Prayer ORDER OF WORSHIP Call to Worship 4th Sunday of Easter & Parents’ Sunday Service Adoration & Praise (8 May 2022) Prayer <B e Still in the Presence of the Lord> Responsive Reading The Lord’s Prayer Eph. 6:1-4 Welcome/Notices Offering 396 <Give of Your Best to the Master> Intercessory Prayer 1 Thess. 4:13-18 Scripture Reading Proclamation Confidence in the Coming of The Lord of the Word Chorus of Response Benediction Ministry Roster 8/5/2022 Preacher LP Lina Lim Worship Leader Michael Fung Song Leader Jin Loong Wong Backup Albert Wong Pianist Jia Xin Wong Keyboardist - Accompaniment Joseph Fung Cajon Jonathan Liew Bible Reader Josephine Wong Multimedia Yew Fong Lim Live Stream/PA David Ha/Gerald Wong Ushers Elaine & Joanne Wong Floral - HC Prep - Ministry Roster 15/5/2022 Preacher Ps. Allan Quah Worship Leader Jimmy Kong Song Leader Diana Kong Backup Jennifer Yap Pianist Jason Ting Keyboardist Dennis Yong Accompaniment Steven Yek Cajon David Chieng Bible Reader Adam Tiong Multimedia Jocelyn Wong Live Stream/PA Bryan Law/Andrew Zhang Ushers Jacklyn & Jamilyn Wong Floral - HC Prep - 2

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 1. P ray for coming back to church to 3. P ray for Annual Conference continue worship to be faithful in leading all churches in Australia, that we may work together to 2.1 Pray for ongoing streaming work to bring the gospel to the those who are be effective, and glorifying God; lost, and discipled to be fisher of men and women. 2.2 Pray for wisdom to discern how to allow congregation to come back to 4.1 P ray for Jimmy Kong, Rev. Y C Liong, worship with limited seat capacity due Mrs Liong. Ken Hii, Clarence Yek, Uncle to social distancing; Hii, Aunty Su King Ting, Mdm. Lu (Mrs. Kong’s mum), Cerene Koo’s mum, Ps. 2.3 Pray for the small groups, and Allan’s dad, Christina (Boon Koh’s sister, fellowships continue to connect with Canada), Flora (Singapore) and Ben each other, and reach out to other; (USA). Thank you all for upholding them in prayer. 2.4 Pray for God’s break through in all that church is doing so that we 4.2 P ray for our brothers and sisters who may experience renewal in the life of contracted Covid and those in close community and ministry. contact. Let us continue to uphold them in prayer as well as showing our 2. P ray for LCEC 2022 and English Ministry care and support to them. Committee that they may work together to reach out to families, our 4.3 P ray for the situation between Russia young people, and our community. and Ukraine, may the war end and peace be restored. 4.4 P ray for the Australian Federal election on 21/5 that there will be godly leaders who seek after God’s own heart. 3

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 5. P ray for our church family continue to 6. P ray for spiritual awakening experience living God in each of these household at Camberwell Methodist 1.1 your plead with the Lord to be Church. We pray for deeper relationship merciful to us and graciously draw us among the family members, deeper back to Himself and His ways. Ask Him to relationship between husband and show us unfailing love and grant us His wife, and deeper relationship between salvation that we may rejoice in Him. parents and children. I cannot stress more than saying this is the time, God 1.2 restore us again, O God our is at work through and in our families. Saviour...Will you not revive us again, Let us not look else where but instead that your people may rejoice in you? look within our daily relationship and Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and our family. God is right there with us. grant us your salvation (Psalm 85:4,6-7); Seek Him first and His kingdom, all these things shall be added to you. 1.3 Thank God that He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Cry out to Him for an outpouring and mighty working of the Holy Spirit in our day. 1.4 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. (Luke 11:13) 4

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Parents’ Sunday Pastoral Needs Today is our Parents’ Sunday and may God’s blessings If you have any pastoral needs, please do not hesitate be upon all the parents. Our church has prepared gifts to seek Rev. James Kong(0413 953 238), Ps. Allan for those who are 60 years old and over, to express our Quah(0402 675 219) or local preachers: Lina Lim, Chris gratitude, and at the same time, we also have a small Ting, or Joo Soo Lim. If you need the pastor to pray for souvenir for all parents. you, do approach Rev. James Kong or Ps. Allan Quah Welcome after the service. We welcome everyone who join our worship service. Family Devotion May the peace of God be with you! If you are a new friend to the church, please introduce yourself and We encourage families to start a regular family devotion leave your contact details. each week. It is our main thing for our church because we will grow stronger, closer, and more love for God Gentle Reminder and one another. Let us not waste this time of being together…. explore every opportunity to play, to read, to The church strongly recommends facemask to be worn do something together, to pray and to sing together. indoor together with frequent washing of hands. If you have any symptom, please go for testing and isolate Use of church venue for followship until the test result returns negative. Please book through to avoid clash of Prayer Meeting use. Please make sure all lights, air-conditioners, and other equipment are switched off, all furniture to put Thursday (12/05/2022) 7.30PM via zoom and it will be back to the initial setting, and also making sure all doors led by Gerald Wong. We invite all brothers and sisters and windows are locked before leaving. Please love our to serve in prayer ministry. church and its facility. 5

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Friendship Evangelism Book Club a) Sunday’s Basketball If you like to join any of our book club for a deeper study, please contact the person coordinating for each Sunday’s Basketball session will be from 3-4pm at book club. (Refer Page 10-11) Boroondara Sports Complex, 271C Belmore Rd, Balwyn North VIC 3104 (Bring along a basketball) Survey on serving in ministry COVID safe protocols apply and children under 10 years old must have parental supervision. Please We invite brothers and sisters to serve in the church contact Joseph on 0411 539 082 for more information. according to their talents, gifts and willingness, and the church will arrange relevant training. Please fill out the b) Table Tennis Competition survey form, you can also use the QR Code. (See page 9) Practice, practice, practice and then Set-up a doubles team with a friend and register the team by the 31st May 2022 on the Church website to join in the fun. Conditions: 1) Players must be at least 16 years old by the 31/05/2022; 2) One player must be a non CMC member. Format: Preliminary ‘knock-out’ rounds will be played throughout the month of June (at your own convenience and location). Winners of the early rounds will then be organised to play the finals rounds in the Annexe of Camberwell Methodist Church. And the Grand Final will be played in the afternoon of 3rd July 2022. Offering detail Thank you once again for brothers and sisters who faithfully support the ministry of the church through finance, prayers, and participation. May God bless you. Here is the bank detail for your reference: Account name: Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Camberwell; BANK: ANZ; BSB: 013 225; Account Number: 4939 79025. We have prepared an Offering Box in the Lobby for envelope offering. Offering: Offering: Offering: $6,608.65 (24/04-29/04/2022) Description Abbreviations Bank reference Tithing TITHE C9/E11 C9 TITHE Paul WONG General GEN C9/E11 C9 GEN Paul WONG Thanksgiving TKS C9/E11 C9 TKS Paul WONG Mission MIS C9/E11 C9 MIS Paul WONG Theological student THE C9/E11 C9 THE Paul WONG Special SPE C9/E11 C9 SPE Paul WONG Others OTH C9/E11 C9 OTH Paul WONG Building fund C9/E11 C9 Camberwell mc Paul WONG, E11 Mercy mc Paul WONG…...... 6

Family Devotion 2022-05-8 What God Wants Psalm 50:7 – 15 ESV (Together Read- aloud) \"Offer to God thanksgiving, and pay your vows to the Most High. Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify Me\" (verses 14-15). People came to God's court and said, \"You can't judge us. We have been offering You sacrifices.\" And God replied, \"I will not rebuke you for your sacrifices or your burnt offerings, which are continually before Me. I will not take a bull from your house, nor goats out of your folds\" (verses 8-9). He also said, \"If I were hungry, I would not tell you; for the world is Mine, and all its fullness\" (v. 12). He was saying, \"When you bring Me these sacrifices, you are only giving to Me what I have already given to you.\" Think about that. When you put your offering on the plate, are you giving God something that isn't already His? Who gives you the strength to work? God. Who protects you to and from work? God. Who gives you the skills to work? God. Therefore, when we bring material offerings to Him (and He wants us to do this), we only bring what He already has given us. God wants us to provide him with what He has not given us: \"Offer to God thanksgiving, and pay your vows to the Most High\" (v. 14). The sacrifices God wants most from us originate in our hearts – calling upon Him, thanking Him, and obeying Him. Bring Him thanksgiving and praise. God does not give us thanksgiving and says, \"Give it back to Me.\" No, He waits for us to praise Him. Bring to Him obedience: \"Pay your vows to the Most High\" (v. 14). Bring to Him prayer: \"Call upon Me in the day of trouble\" (v.15). When we bring these sacrifices, we glorify the Lord. –– Warren Wiersbe's – A Daily Walk Through the Psalms, 2011, pg 133. Reflection: God wants your sacrifices to be from the heart. So often, we receive from Him without returning thanks and praise. Do you want to bring glory to God on this day? Thank Him for what He is doing for you. Obey His Word. Bring your problems to Him. These are all opportunities He can use to bring glory to Himself. God Himself is Judge. To Praise Him and Pray: Psalm 50 – Christian Song with Lyrics 7

谢恩堂崇拜侍奉意愿调查表 Camberwell Methodist church Serving Volunteering Form 羅馬書 12:1 記載著「所以弟兄們,我以神的慈悲勸你們, 將身體獻上, 當作活祭, 是聖潔的,是神所 喜悅的 ;你們如此 事奉乃是理所當然的。」神所喜悅的不僅限於我們金錢財物上的奉獻 ,祂更希 望我們做全人的奉獻。您願意用神賜給您的才能來服事祂嗎? 若您願意擺上一點時間精力歸主所用, 請您勾選下列事工( 可複選 ),當神的家需要您時 ,同工會再與你連絡,同时提供相关的训练。願 神賜福予您! “Therefore, I urge you, brothers and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God—this is your true and proper worship” Romans 12:1. What pleases God is not limited to our financial and material offerings, but He also wants us to give our whole beings. Are you willing to use the talents and gifts God has given you to serve Him? if you are willing to devote a little time and energy to serve the Lord, please tick the following ministries (you can tick more than ONE), and when God's family needs you, the co-workers will contact you again. Relevant training will be provided. May God bless you. 姓名(Name)___________________ Email:___________________________ Tel: ________________ 参与崇拜 (Sunday service attended): □9AM □11AM □Other 侍奉岗位 Serving Posts (请打勾 Please put a tick) □主日招待员 (usher) □主日献花 (Floral Offering) □多媒体 (Multimedia) □音响 (PA) □现场直播 (Livestream) □备圣餐者 (Preparing Holy Communion) □陪谈员(欢迎与接待)(职责:认识新朋友,介绍教会和团契,带领他们去多认识人,融入教会 和团契)(Counsellor (Welcoming): (duties: introduce new friends to the church & fellowship, bring them to know more people, helping them to integrate into the church & fellowship)) □诗班 (Choir) □领唱 (Song Leader) □助唱 (Backup singer) □司琴 (Pianist) □鼓手 (Drummer/ Cajun) □吉他手 (Guitarist) □低音吉他手 (Bass Guitarist) □其他乐器:请注明 (Other musical instrument:Please list down)_______________________________ □其他 (Others) 9

Christian Book Discussion Club 阅读小组 Christian book discussion club is a group of people who meet to discuss a book and grow together in truth and in knowledge in a practical way. Marriage: 6 Gospel Commitments Every Couple Needs to Make When you say “I do,” you begin the journey of a lifetime― and you have dreams of that journey being perfect. But it won’t take long for expectations of the perfect marriage to fade away in the struggles of everyday life. A long-term, vibrant marriage needs to be grounded in something sturdier than romance―it needs the life-changing power of the gospel. In this rebranded edition of What Did You Expect? Popular author and pastor Paul David Tripp encourages couples to make six biblical commitments to the Lord and to one another. These commitments, which include a lifestyle of confession and forgiveness, building trust, and appreciating differences, will equip couples to cultivate thriving, joy- filled marriages built on Christ. Contact: Daniel and Leong Ha Requirements: In English Suitable for couple Parenting with words of grace How you speak to your kids today will impact your relationship with them tomorrow. As a parent, your words are powerful. What you say and how you say it has the potential to either invite your children into deeper relationship with you or push them away. What's more, in a very real sense, your words represent--or misrepresent--God's words to his children-- meaning they have the power to shape how your children view their heavenly Father. Offering practical guidance for grace-filled communication in the midst of the craziness of everyday life, this accessible guide will help you speak in ways that reflect the grace God has shown to you in the gospel. Contact: Daniel and Leong Ha Requirements: In English Suitable for couple 10

Flourishing Your Garden - 'Fragrance of a Godly Woman' This is a 10-week discipleship course to help a woman recognize her worth in Christ and to explore her identity as a child of God, a disciple of Christ, a wife and a mother. The book presents 10 core beliefs based on Biblically based Truths and real-life testimonies of women whose lives were transformed. The course runs on a small group basis meeting via zoom once a week for 10 weeks. *Encourage you to join us to discover God's special purpose for your Life. + The Steps to Freedom in Christ This hands-on guide contains a spiritual inventory to help you identify and break free from condemning thoughts, compulsive behaviors, personal conflicts, spiritual struggle, and any type of personal or spiritual bondage. Experience daily victory over sin and doubt and reclaim the promise of freedom that Christ offers to all who call on him. Contact: Lina Lim, Jing Jing Ngu, Kim Sia Requirements: In English or Chinese Suitable for women Boyhood and Beyond Boys who are on the road to becoming men of honour, courage, and faith will greatly benefit from the heartfelt encouragement and sound advice offered in Boyhood and Beyond. Wisdom and common sense are gleaned from short chapters covering topics such as authority, inventiveness, and honesty as well as learning to overcome things like fear, laziness, and temptation. Boyhood and Beyond motivates boys to build their lives on a foundation of strong moral principles. Most importantly, these chapters will encourage boys to become the men God wants them to be as they develop a relationship with Him. This is a \"life\" book designed to be read and lived out in a boy's life, thus becoming one of his building blocks to godly character and, ultimately, manhood. There are discussion questions at the end of each chapter. Ages 10-18. Contact: Joo Soo Lim Requirements: In English Suitable for father and son together 11

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