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20211205 English Bulletin (1)

Published by vchairman.cmcacamberwell, 2021-12-05 05:58:32

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Vision: Building a Church after God's Own Heart SUNDAY 5TH DECEMBER WELCOME TO CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH We are a faith community that is growing in our love for Jesus, who died for our sins, and is raised from the death. We are called to follow Jesus, and to make disciple of all nations. If you would like to know more about God, Jesus, or our church or the bible, please use [email protected] / Minister-in-Charge Rev. James Kong 0413 953 238 / English Pastor (Part Time) Ps. Allan Quah 0402 675 219 to Get in Touch. 58 Cooloongatta Road, Camberwell, VIC 3124 • Tel: (03) 9889 0702 •

Silent Prayer ORDER OF WORSHIP Call to Worship SECOND SUNDAY of Advent (5 December 2021) Adoration & Praise <Be Still in the Presence of the Lord> Prayer Apostle Creed Light the First Advent Candle (purple). Welcome/Notices Read: Mark 1:4 Offering And so John came, baptizing in the desert region and preaching a baptism Intercessory Prayer of repentance for the forgiveness of sins. Sacrament of Then light the Second Advent Candle (purple), say, the Lord’s Supper We light this candle as a symbol of Christ the Way. Scripture Reading May the Word send from God through the prophets Proclamation lead us to the way of salvation. of the Word O come, O come, Emmanuel. Chorus of Response Benediction 406 Take My Life and Let It Be Revelation 5:1-14 Worthy is the Lamb Ministry Roster 5/12/2021 Preacher Rev James Kong Worship Leader Joo Soo Lim Song Leader Cheryl Chan Backup Zoe Ha Pianist Jason Ting Keyboardist - Accompaniment Faith & Kelly Cajon - Bible Reader Sammi Chua Multimedia Aaron Tiew Live Stream/PA Jonathan Liew & Gerald Wong Ushers Joyce & Joan Wong Floral - HC Prep Felicia Teng Preacher Ps Allan Quah Ministry Roster 12/12/2021 Song Leader Felicia Teng Worship Leader Michael Fung Pianist Adeline See Backup Gladys Chandra Accompaniment Simon Wong Keyboardist - Bible Reader En Sing Lim Cajon Bryan Law Live Stream/PA Jin Loong & Gerald Wong Multimedia Damian Seow Floral - Ushers Cassandra & Josiah Tan HC Prep - 2

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 1. P ray for coming back to church to 3. Pray for Annual Conference continue worship to be faithful in leading all churches in Australia, that we may work together to 2.1 Pray for ongoing streaming work to bring the gospel to the those who are be effective, and glorifying God; lost, and discipled to be fisher of men and women. 2.2 Pray for wisdom to discern how to allow congregation to come back to 4. P ray for Jimmy Kong (therapy worship with limited seat capacity due treatment), Ken Hii, Clarence Yek, Uncle to social distancing; Hii, Aunty Su King Ting, Mdm. Lu (Mrs. Kong’s mum), Christina (Boon Koh’s 2.3 Pray for the small groups, and sister, Canada), Flora (Singapore), fellowships continue to connect with Ben (USA) and LP Lina Lim (recovering each other, and reach out to other; from wrist surgery). Thank you all for upholding them in prayer. 2.4 Pray for God’s break through in all that church is doing so that we may experience renewal in the life of community and ministry. 2. P ray for LCEC 2022 and English working Committee that they may work together to reach out to families, our young people, and our community. 3

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 6. P ray for our church family continue to 7. P ray for spiritual awakening experience living God in each of these household at Camberwell Methodist 1.1 Your plead with the Lord to be Church. We pray for deeper relationship merciful to us and graciously draw us among the family members, deeper back to Himself and His ways. Ask Him to relationship between husband and show us unfailing love and grant us His wife, and deeper relationship between salvation that we may rejoice in Him. parents and children. I cannot stress more than saying this is the time, God 1.2 Restore us again, O God our is at work through and in our families. Saviour...Will you not revive us again, Let us not look else where but instead that your people may rejoice in you? look within our daily relationship and Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and our family. God is right there with us. grant us your salvation (Psalm 85:4,6-7); Seek Him first and His kingdom, all these things shall be added to you. 1.3 Thank God that He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Cry out to Him for an outpouring and mighty working of the Holy Spirit in our day. 1.4 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. (Luke 11:13) 4

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Welcome Prayer Meeting Thursday (09/12) 7:30PM We welcome everyone who join our worship Prayer Meeting to be led by Steven Yek through service. May the peace of God be with you! If you zoom. Let us serve one another through prayer. are a new friend to the church, please introduce yourself. Pastoral Needs Restrictions If you have any pastoral needs, please do not hesitate to seek Rev. James Kong (0413 953 238), Phase D of the National Plan: 90% of 12+ fully Ps. Allan Quah (0402 675 219) or local preachers: vaccinated from 11.59PM 18th November 2021 Lina Lim, Chris Ting, or Joo Soo Lim. If you need the pastor to pray for you, do approach Rev. James There will still be mask requirements, density limits Kong or Ps. Allan Quah after the service. and caps in place for weddings, funerals, places of worship and other settings if the vaccination Family Devotion status of attendees is not being checked. The usual exceptions will apply. We encourage families to start a regular family devotion each week. It is our main thing for our Masks in high-risk indoor settings or settings where church because we will grow stronger, closer, and there are low vaccination levels and where you more love for God and one another. Let us not cannot socially distance. waste this time of being together…. explore every opportunity to play, to read, to do something The church is open for in-person worship in the together, to pray and to sing together. church building. Attendees need to show Covid Vaccination Certificate, and we will continue with Personal Testimony online streaming. We encourage you to write your personal Note: We are one family in Christ, our Lord Jesus testimony and send it to [email protected] accepts everyone. We sincerely hope everyone can come back to gather in the church building One Day Seminar to worship and fellowship. But due to the fully vaccinated Restrictions from the Victorian State 2022 Church Camp has been changed to One Government, those who are yet to be fully Day Seminar “Transforming ourselves, Transforming vaccinated will need to remain patient for a little our Families” on 08/01/2022 (Sat) at the church while longer, in the meantime, please join our (from 9AM to 4:30PM). Speaker: Brett Ryan. Lunch services through live streaming on YouTube. is provided. Participants need to register online via link: SfXprXmK7lwvBMaYYRxWIl3HoRvLisRYC5Mxflz875K MHi0kg/viewform or scan the QR Code to register. No registration fee is required. Closing Date of Registration: 24/12/2021. (Please refer page 9) 5

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Christmas “Pageant” Support for the Iranian Church for Christ An outdoor celebration of the birth of Christ Jesus. CMCA support in 2021 for the Iranian Church Come with your own designed PPE (Masks, face for Christ (formerly Persian Ministry) is $44,000.00. shields, safety glasses etc.) with a Christmas theme. CMCA AC contributes 50%, and the ASD will RSVP by 5 December 2021 Date & Time: 11 Dec. contribute the remaining 50%. Every church in the Saturday, 5:00 pm Location: Church Car Park, 58 Australia South District is responsible for $2,200.00. Cooloongatta Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124. Salvation At the moment, the shortfall is $19,000.00. Army’s Band will be joining. Please RSVP by Camberwell MC has transferred $5,000.00 for this 05/12/2021 (today) for catering purpose. Select the ministry this year. We encourage brothers and ‘Events’ tab and then click on the RSVP button. sisters to contribute freely to support this cross- cultural ministry. Please specific PM when you Use of church venue for followship transfer online. Please book through to avoid clash CCLM Module: Introduction to Christian of use. Theology The purpose is to help participants to gain some basic and further understanding of the Christian faith and its theology. Dates: 1st January to 7th February 2022 (6 Monday evenings of 1.5 hours each) by Rev. Michael Ting. Registration fee: $40. Register by 2nd January 2022. (Refer to Page 8) Offering detail Thank you once again for brothers and sisters who faithfully support the ministry of the church through finance, prayers, and participation. May God bless you. Here is the bank detail for your reference: Account name: Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Camberwell; BANK: ANZ; BSB: 013 225; Account Number: 4939 79025. We have prepared an Offering Box in the Lobby for envelope offering. Offering: $11,825.30 (21/11-26/11/2021) Description Abbreviations Bank reference Tithing TITHE C9/E11 C9 TITHE Paul WONG General GEN C9/E11 C9 GEN Paul WONG Thanksgiving TKS C9/E11 C9 TKS Paul WONG Mission MIS C9/E11 C9 MIS Paul WONG Theological student THE C9/E11 C9 THE Paul WONG Special SPE C9/E11 C9 SPE Paul WONG Others OTH C9/E11 C9 OTH Paul WONG Building fund C9/E11 C9 Camberwell mc Paul WONG, E11 Mercy mc Paul WONG….. 6

Content for the Faith Family Devotion 2021-12-05 Always Be Ready to Stand Up for Your Faith Bo stomped into the garage, where his dad was working on the family car. \"What's wrong with you?\" Dad asked. \"It's Coach,\" Bo said, referring to the coach of his swim team. \"He knows I'm a Christian and keeps calling me things like 'Holy Bo' and 'God Squad.'\" Dad wiped his hands with a grease rag and leaned against the car. He nodded as Bo kept talking. \"And it's like he purposely tries to get me mad and make me do something wrong, you know? Like he wants me to mess up.\" Dad nodded again. \"It's like he's trying to test your faith.\" \"Yeah,\" Bo said as if surprised that his dad understood. \"Reminds me of your first summer playing in the Little League,\" Dad said. \"It does?\" Bo asked. \"How?\" Dad smiled. \"You stepped up to the plate, and your coach started lobbing balls at you. You swung and missed three times. Finally, the umpire called, \"Strike three! You're out!\" You turned around then and, without moving away from the plate, started crying and yelled to me, 'Daddy! He won't let me hit it!'\" Bo smiled for the first time since entering the garage. \"I did that?\" \"You sure did,\" Dad said, returning Bo's smile. \"Of course, I had to walk you off the field and explain to you that the pitcher wasn't supposed to let you hit it. 'His job is to pitch the ball,' I said, 'and your job is to hit it. That's baseball.'\" Bo rubbed his chin and leaned back against the car beside his father. \"Sometimes,\" Dad continued, \"we make the same mistake with our faith. We forget that the devil is going to attack our faith – and sometimes he's going to do it through people, even though people who are otherwise decent folks.\" \"So,\" Bo said, \"the devil's 'job' is to attack my faith.\" Dad nodded. \"You can count on that. He will do that every day of your life in one way or another.\" \"My job,\" Bo said slowly, \"is to stand up for my faith and to let Coach see what being a Christian is all about.\" Dad tab his son on the back. \"That's right! You may not hit a home run every time, but you just stand in there and take your swings, and you'll do it right.\" – Josh McDowell's Family Devotions – A daily devotional for passing biblical verses to the next generation, 1997, pg 229. To Discuss: Do people ever tease you for being a Christian or trying to make the right choices? How do you respond when people try to test your faith? Are there good ways and wrong ways to stand up for your faith? Can you give examples? To Pray: \"Father God, it's not always easy to stand up for our faith. Give us your courage when our faith is put to the test.\" 7

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Course: Introduction to Christian Theology Do you desire for you and your Teacher: Rev. Michael Ting church to stand on rock-solid theological doctrine? ASSIGNMENT … The Bible, theology, method, Write a book review of 2,000 words on Part 2 of Knowing God/Trinity, Jesus/Christ, God. ‘Behold Your God!’ (pages 83-198) Humanity, Sin, Salvation/Gospel, Holy Spirit, • 1,300 words on the highlight and importance of the The Church, The section of the book. Future/Eschatology, Mission/Evangelism … • 350 words on what impacted you as a Christian, from the section of the book. GOALS: To gain some basic and further understanding of the • Another 350 words on what you think you need to Christian faith and its theology. teach to your church/Christians around you today. CLASSES: 6 days of each 2.5 hrs REFLECTION Write a simple and straight forward reflection of your TIME: 2100 to 2330 learning in class for about 500 words. What you find it helpful and applicable to your life as a Christian. (AEDT) RECOMMENDED TEXTBOOK Knowing God: With Study Guide 1800 to 2030 (AWST) By J. I. Packer, Published by Hodder & Stoughton, 2005 (ebook version, 2011) DATES: Koorong $22.99 Koorong ebook $13.99 Mon 3 January 2022 REGISTRATION Mon 10 January 2022 Mon 17 January 2022 Mon 24 January 2022 Mon 31 January 2022 Mon 7 February 2022 ENQUIRY CONTACT: Rev. Alan Lau Phone: 0407515103 Email: [email protected] 8


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