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20220717 English Bulletin

Published by vchairman.cmcacamberwell, 2022-07-15 12:30:58

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WELCOME TO CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH We are a faith community that is growing in our love for Jesus, who died for our sins, and is raised from the death. We are called to follow Jesus, and to make disciples of all nations. If you would like to know more about God, Jesus, or our church or the Bible, please use [email protected] / Minister-in-Charge Rev. James Kong 0413 953 238 / Assistant Pastor (English) Ps. Allan Quah 0402 675 219 to Get in Touch. 58 Cooloongatta Road, Camberwell, VIC 3124 • Tel: (03) 9889 0702 •

Silent Prayer ORDER OF WORSHIP Call to Worship 6th Sunday after Pentecost Sunday Service Adoration & Praise (17 July 2022) Prayer <B e Still in the Presence of the Lord> Responsive Reading The Lord’s Prayer Psalm 66:1-9 Welcome/Notices Offering 406 <Take My Life and Let It Be> Intercessory Prayer 2 Thess. 1:1-4 Scripture Reading Proclamation Encouragement for Persecuted Christians of the Word Chorus of Response Benediction Ministry Roster 17/7/2022 Preacher Ps. Allan Quah Worship Leader Jimmy Kong Song Leader Diana Kong Backup Jennifer Yap Pianist Jason Ting Keyboardist Dennis Yong Accompaniment Steven Yek Cajon David Chieng Bible Reader Maddie Tiong Multimedia Jocelyn Wong Live Stream/PA Jonathan Liew/Jin Loong Wong Ushers Cassandra & Josiah Tan Floral - HC Prep - Ministry Roster 24/7/2022 Preacher LP Chris Ting Worship Leader Michael Fung Song Leader Jin Loong Wong Backup Albert Wong Pianist Jia Xin Wong Keyboardist - Accompaniment Joseph Fung Cajon Jonathan Liew Bible Reader Josephine Wong Multimedia Adrian See Live Stream/PA Bryan Law/Andrew Zhang Ushers Joyce & Jaden Wong Floral - HC Prep - 2

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 1. P ray for coming back to church to 3. P ray for Annual Conference continue worship to be faithful in leading all churches in Australia, that we may work together to 2.1 Pray for ongoing streaming work to bring the gospel to the those who are be effective, and glorifying God; lost, and discipled to be fisher of men and women. 2.2 Pray for wisdom to discern how to allow congregation to come back to 4.1 P ray for Jimmy Kong, Ken Hii, Clarence worship with limited seat capacity due Yek, Aunty Su King Ting, Mdm. Lu (Mrs. to social distancing; Kong’s mum), Christina (Boon Koh’s sister, Canada), Flora (Singapore) and 2.3 Pray for the small groups, and Ben (USA). Thank you all for upholding fellowships continue to connect with them in prayer. each other, and reach out to other; 4.2 P ray for our brothers and sisters who 2.4 Pray for God’s break through in contracted Covid and those in close all that church is doing so that we contact. Let us continue to uphold may experience renewal in the life of them in prayer as well as showing our community and ministry. care and support to them. 2. P ray for LCEC 2022 and English Ministry 4.3 P ray for the situation between Russia Committee that they may work and Ukraine, may the war end and together to reach out to families, our peace be restored. young people, and our community. 4.4 P ray for the Federal Government in Australia, to govern with integrity and bring benefits to the people. 3

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 5. P ray for our church family continue to 6. P ray for spiritual awakening experience living God in each of these household at Camberwell Methodist 1.1 your plead with the Lord to be Church. We pray for deeper relationship merciful to us and graciously draw us among the family members, deeper back to Himself and His ways. Ask Him to relationship between husband and show us unfailing love and grant us His wife, and deeper relationship between salvation that we may rejoice in Him. parents and children. I cannot stress more than saying this is the time, God 1.2 restore us again, O God our is at work through and in our families. Saviour...Will you not revive us again, Let us not look else where but instead that your people may rejoice in you? look within our daily relationship and Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and our family. God is right there with us. grant us your salvation (Psalm 85:4,6-7); Seek Him first and His kingdom, all these things shall be added to you. 1.3 Thank God that He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Cry out to Him for an outpouring and mighty working of the Holy Spirit in our day. 1.4 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. (Luke 11:13) 4

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church Church Announcements Welcome Use of church venue for followship We welcome everyone who join our worship service. Please book through to avoid clash of May the peace of God be with you! If you are a new use. Please make sure all lights, air-conditioners, and friend to the church, please introduce yourself and other equipment are switched off, all furniture to put leave your contact details. back to the initial setting, and also making sure all doors and windows are locked before leaving. Please love our Gentle Reminder church and its facility. The church strongly recommends facemask to be worn Friendship Evangelism indoor together with frequent washing of hands. If you have any symptom, please go for testing and isolate Sunday’s Basketball session will be from 3-4pm at until the test result returns negative. Boroondara Sports Complex, 271C Belmore Rd, Balwyn North VIC 3104 (Bring along a basketball) Prayer Meeting COVID safe protocols apply and children under 10 years old must have parental supervision. Please Thursday (21/7/2022) 7.30PM via ZOOM and it will be contact Joseph on 0411 539 082 for more information. led by LP Lina Lim. We invite all brothers and sisters to serve in prayer ministry. Memorial Tree Baptism & Membership Laity Committee invites everyone to go to the Annexe to take photo after worship, write down the date of joining We invite those who wish to get baptised or accepted the church, and then the committee will paste the photo as members to register so we can arrange the on the memorial tree to represent us as one family in necessary classes. Christ and passing on the faith legacy. You can also send in the photo to email: [email protected] Pastoral Needs Safe Church Announcement If you have any pastoral needs, please do not hesitate to seek Rev. James Kong(0413 953 238), Ps. Allan As we gradually return to more physical gatherings Quah(0402 675 219) or local preachers: Lina Lim, Chris for church activities, we encourage everyone to join Ting, or Joo Soo Lim. If you need the pastor to pray for a church fellowship / small group that suits their age you, do approach Rev. James Kong or Ps. Allan Quah range, in-person or online. after the service. Our church strives to maintain a safe and healthy Family Devotion learning environment for children under 18. To safeguard our children under 18, please adhere to the We encourage families to start a regular family devotion following. We request that the adult not participate in each week. It is our main thing for our church because fellowships / small groups under 18 years of age unless we will grow stronger, closer, and more love for God the Minister-in-charge permits. and one another. Let us not waste this time of being together…. explore every opportunity to play, to read, to And also, fellowship / small group, age 18 under, will do something together, to pray and to sing together. implement a “sign in & sign out” process during their programs/ activities. All participants are required to sign in and sign out. Should you have any questions or require assistance, please forward them to Safe church officer, Amos Wong 0413280139 or the Minister-in-charge, Rev James Kong. 5

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church Church Announcements District Ministry Annual Conference Ministry Melbourne Methodist Leaders Forum CMCA Online Sunday school June-July 2022 Organised by Australia South District. Date: 23/7/2022 (Sat) 9:30AM – 4:00PM Venue: Camberwell Methodist Topic: Explore the Call, Christian Vocation and Mission. Church. Speakers: Bishop, Conference Lay Leader, Teacher: Rev Elijah Chew. Dates: 18/7. (Refer page 8) District Superintendent. Members of the local conference (pastors, stewards, local preachers, retired English Family Discipleship Talk via zoom pastors etc), fellowship committee members, and others as recommended by the MIC and existing leaders are Date: 16-18/9/2022. Speakers: Robin & Ruth Lim. required to attend. Please reserve the time to attend. Talk 1: Restoring Our Understanding of Discipleship, Let Rev. James Kong know if you need lunch before Talk 2: Discipling One Another in Marriage, Talk 3: 19/7. Discipling Our Children, Talk 4: Healing and Equipping for Discipleship. We strongly encourage you to attend. Please register at or scan the QR Code. (Refer page 9) Offering detail Thank you once again for brothers and sisters who faithfully support the ministry of the church through finance, prayers, and participation. May God bless you. Here is the bank detail for your reference: Account name: Chinese Methodist Church in Australia Camberwell; BANK: ANZ; BSB: 013 225; Account Number: 4939 79025. We have prepared an Offering Box in the Lobby for envelope offering. Offering: $5,385.50 (03/07-08/07/2022) Description Abbreviations Bank reference Tithing TITHE C9/E11 C9 TITHE Paul WONG General GEN C9/E11 C9 GEN Paul WONG Thanksgiving TKS C9/E11 C9 TKS Paul WONG Mission MIS C9/E11 C9 MIS Paul WONG Theological student THE C9/E11 C9 THE Paul WONG Special SPE C9/E11 C9 SPE Paul WONG Others OTH C9/E11 C9 OTH Paul WONG Building fund C9/E11 C9 Camberwell mc Paul WONG, E11 Mercy mc Paul WONG…...... 6

Devotion Week 17th July 2022 Questions Scriptures: 1 Peter 3:15 Far too many sheep in the fold have turned a deaf ear to the questions of goats outside the gate. We are busily engaged in a mutual-admiration campaign, complimenting one another's wool . . . or gloating over our position in the pen. The fence that separates us from the goats is all too often more like a sound-resistant one-way glass. This \"glass fence\" produces two serious and sad results: 1. It absorbs and muffles the outside sounds so that what we hear are not the actual questions goats are asking. 2. It reflects to the goats not only their own hopeless appearance but a distinct silence that says, in effect, \"Sorry, we have no answer,\" or \"We'll just ignore that, since you're not teachable and only want to argue.\" Oh sure, there are exceptions . . . but you've got to agree with me that most sheep have stopped considering the questions and have started analysing the answers. Christianity is completely credible. Objective, honest, historically documented evidence in favour of the basics of our faith is massive in fact and impressive in volume. But there is many a goat who is hung up on some question(s) that tethers him outside the fold. His search is often genuine, his thinking is usually logical . . . and he is looking for evidence that makes sense, facts that hold up under intelligent investigation. These questions are like ropes tossed over the fence. They are not necessarily designed to create an argument or slam our faith to the mat. They are often intellectual inquiries—occasionally theoretical—that force us to think (which many sheep stopped doing when they walked through the gate). If we view these ropes as lifelines, we'll grab hold and not let go. If we consider them as foolish arguments or an unimportant waste of time, we may miss choice, irreplaceable opportunities. The apostle Peter put it this way: always being ready to make a defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you, yet with gentleness and reverence. (1 Peter 3:15) He precedes this command with a reminder that we should feel neither troubled nor intimidated. The slightest noise gives woollies the willies. No need! Especially if we are \"ready to make a defense.\" 7a

Sheep on the front lines today are those who have come to know and love the Answer . . . but are able to handle the questions with wisdom and gentleness. This means that we must stay inquisitive and alert. Maybe the reason we've stopped answering questions is because we've stopped asking them. Reflection: Do we see questions as lifelines? Do we see them as irreplaceable opportunities? Prayer Excerpt taken from Come before Winter and Share My Hope by Charles R. Swindoll. Copyright © 1985, 1988, 1994 7b

CMCA Online Sunday school Topic: Explore the Call, Christian Vocation and Mission Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm (Melbourne, Tasmania, Sydney, and Brisbane Time); 5:00-7:00pm (WA); 6:30pm-8:30pm (Adelaide) Dates: 19/6, 26/6, 3/7 and 18/7 Registration detail: Sessions1 are: 19/6 Session #1 Does it really matter what I do? Explore the nature of Work .. Session #2 Explore the History of Christian Vocation Discussion and Prayer 26/6 Session #3 Biblical Exploration of The Call and Vocation Part 1 Session #4 Biblical Exploration of The Call and Vocation Part 2 Discussion and Prayer 03/7 Session #5 Biblical Exploration of the Call and Vocation Part 3 Session #6 Christian Vocation and The Gospel mission Discussion and Prayer 18/7 Session #7 Integration: Christian Calling, Vocation and God’s Kingdom Session #8 Vocation, Spirituality, and Rest Discussion and Prayer Bibliography Graves, Stephen R. and Addington Thomas G. The Fourth Frontier. Nashville: Word, 2000. Schuurman, Douglas J. Vocation. Eerdmans: Grand Rapids, 2004. Sherman, Doug and Hendricks Williams. Your Work Matters to God. Navpress: Colorado Springs 1987. Wallace, Catherine M. Selling Ourselves Short. Grand Rapids: Brazos Press, 2003. Journal Gene Edward Veith. “Vocation: The Theology of the Christian Life”. Journal of Markets and Morality, Volume 14, Number 1 (Spring 2011): 119-131. Kleinhans, Kathryn. “The Work of a Christian: Vocation in Lutheran Perspective.” Word and World, Volume 25, Number 4 (Fall 2005): 394-402. 1 The sessions may be subjected to change. 8


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