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20210314 English Bulletin

Published by vchairman.cmcacamberwell, 2021-03-12 07:38:16

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Vision: Building a Church after God's Own Heart SUNDAY 14th March WELCOME TO CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH We are faith community that growing in our love for Jesus, who died for our sins, and raised from the death. We are called to follow Jesus, and to make disciple of all nations. If you would like to know more about God, Jesus, or our church or the bible, please use [email protected] / Minister in Charge Rev James Kong 0413 953 238 to Get in Touch.

Silent Prayer ORDER OF WORSHIP Call to Worship Adoration & Praise (14 March 2021) Prayer Responsive Reading <B e Still in the Presence of the Lord> The Lord’s Prayer Welcome/Notices Proverbs 4:1-13 Offering Intercessory Prayer 409 <Have Thine Own Way, Lord> Scripture Reading Gal. 2:1-21 Proclamation of the Word Galatians #3 The Office of Apostle Chorus of Response Benediction Ministry Roster 14/3/2021 Preacher LP Lina Lim Worship Leader Daniel Ha Song Leader Jin Loong Wong Backup Albert Wong Pianist Jiaxin Wong / Adeline See Accompaniment Oscar Ling Multimedia Damian Seow Livestream Bryan Law & Jonathan Liew Ushers Cassandra & Josiah Tan HC Prep - Floral - Ministry Roster 21/3/2021 Preacher Rev. James Kong Worship Leader Jimmy Kong Song Leader Diana Kong Backup Jennifer Yap Pianist Sarah Ha / Dennis Yong Accompaniment Steven Yek Multimedia Yew Fong Lim Livestream Gerald Wong & Jin Loong Ushers Stephen & Florence Siew HC Prep - Floral - 2

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 1. Pray for coming back to church to 2. Pray for new LCEC 2021 and English worship working Committee that they may work together to reach out to families, our 2.1 Pray for ongoing streaming work to young people, and our community. be effective, and glorifying God; Please pray for the search of suirtable new pastor for English Congregation. 2.2 Pray for wisdom to discern how to allow congregation to come back to 3. P ray for Annual Conference continue worship with limited seat capacity due to be faithful in leading all churches in to social distancing; Australia, that we may work together to bring the gospel to the those who are 2.3 Pray for the small groups, and lost, and discipled to be fisher of men fellowships continue to connect with and women. each other, and reach out to other; 4. P ray for Boon Koh, his sister, Christina, 2.4 Pray for God’s break through in and her family in Canada: Samuel and all that church is doing so that we Ruth. may experience renewal in the life of community and ministry. 3

“God looks for those whose hearts are prepared to be intercessors before Him ...Intercessors can be the only ones standing between an individual or a nation and God’s wrath.” Henry Blackaby Weekly Praying for the Church 5. P ray for our church family continue to 6. P ray for spiritual awakening experience living God in each of these household at Camberwell Methodist 1.1 your plead with the Lord to be Church. We pray for deeper relationship merciful to us and graciously draw us among the family members, deeper back to Himself and His ways. Ask Him to relationship between husband and show us unfailing love and grant us His wife, and deeper relationship between salvation that we may rejoice in Him. parents and children. I cannot stress more than saying this is the time, God 1.2 restore us again, O God our is at work through and in our families. Saviour...Will you not revive us again, Let us not look else where but instead that your people may rejoice in you? look within our daily relationship and Show us your unfailing love, O Lord, and our family. God is right there with us. grant us your salvation (Psalm 85:4,6-7); Seek Him first and His kingdom, all these things shall be added to you. 1.3 Thank God that He is willing to give the Holy Spirit to those who ask. Cry out to Him for an outpouring and mighty working of the Holy Spirit in our day. 1.4 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him. (Luke 11:13) 4

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Welcome “111” Training in Evangelism As 4PM COTC Service had ceased after The 3 mins Personal Evangelism Training 28/02/2021. a warm welcome to our video is now available for church brothers and sisters to join the 11AM members to view. Service. Please go to the church website to Login Mission Fund $1 A Day as a member in order to access the training video - Chinese or English. We invite all brothers and sisters to participate, as well as for all fellowships ; www. and small groups to promote and ;” encourage, so that we can offer what we have to expand the Kingdom of God. (For Pastoral Needs details, please see P.9) If you have any pastoral needs, please Lent Devotion do not hesitate to seek Rev. James Kong (0413 953 238) or local preacher Lina Lim, Our church is sending out Lent Devotional Chris Ting, or Joo Soo Lim. for our congregation, do use the material for devotion during Lent and at the same Need for Prayer time, practice fasting and prayer. If you need the pastor to pray for you, Holy Saturday Easter Film: ‘Jesus’ do approach Rev. James Kong after the service. This film will be streamed on April 03 from 0900 - 2100 EST. Please go to the church website for the movie link details. Do plan to watch this Easter film together with family and friends - in your homes. 5

All that’s going on around Camberwell Methodist Church COMMUNITY WATCH Prayer Meeting Sunday Services Livestream Thursday (18/03) 7:30PM Church Prayer We continue to stream both 9am Chinese Meeting: CSC #1- Pray for Gospel and and 11am English service online until Evangelisation through the presence of further notice. Online worship is one of the God’s love in the community (to be led many things we do to worship God. by Steven Yek via zoom). Let us serve one another through prayer. Offering detail Family Devotion Thank you once again for brothers and sisters who faithfully support the ministry of We hope to see that there are at least 25 the church through finance, prayers, and families this year to start a regular family participation. May God bless you. Here is devotion. It is our main thing for our church the bank detail for your reference: because we will grow stronger, closer, and Account name: Chinese Methodist more love for God and one another. Let Church in Australia Camberwell; BANK: us not waste this time of being together…. ANZ; BSB: 013 225; A.N: 4939 79025 exploit every opportunity to play, to read, to do something together, to pray and to Offering sing together. 28/2/2021 $7,098.13 CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH 58 Cooloongatta Road, Camberwell, VIC 3124 • Tel: (03) 9889 0702 • Minister-in-charge: Rev. James Kong 0413 953 238 6

CAMBERWELL METHODIST CHURCH The Proverbs Challenge The Book of Proverbs is a READ & STUDY very visual book. This is a challenge for the Read through Proverbs individual or the family until you find a verse (Chinese or English). No that really stands out to matter how young or old you. Then study the verse you are, we would love to until you know what it see your creativity. means. Once completed, the best three submissions will be EXPRESS  framed and displayed in church. Find a way to express All entries will be your verse: photography, compiled into a memory graphics nature, book for our church for calligraphy, drawings, the 35th anniversary. paintings, ect. SEND IT IN! Send your verse to camberwell_methodist_c [email protected] by the 30th of April. And we will compile it into our very own Xia-En-Gia COVID-19 memory book. Each family or individual who contributed will receive a copy. 7

家庭灵修 2021-03-14 经D文ev:ot撒io母n W耳e记ek上6: 214:1th8M-2a1rch 2021 Theme: Tough Minded Faith for Tender H以ear神te为d P中eo心ple的家庭 这是一个以神为中心的家庭的画面,神在当中按照祂自己的旨意而行。在这个家族的故事中,神的 旨H意ym以n痛: S苦ea的rch形m式e,作O开Go始d,“耶和华不使哈拿生育”(撒上 1:5,6)。这使哈拿为得儿子向神祈求, 并h愿tt意ps:将//儿yo子utu献.b给e/神QN-—qC撒vx母_T4耳6c。如今,撒母耳“还是孩子... ...侍立在耶和华面前”(18 节)。他“穿 着细麻布的以弗得”(18 节),只有祭司才穿这衣服。像这样年纪的男孩当学徒祭司是很不寻常的。 神B在ib撒le 母Ve耳rse生s:命中的旨意和引领也是不寻常的。以利每年为以利加拿和哈拿祝福, 作为哈拿放弃撒母 耳M的a补tth偿ew,2因2:此32“E耶SV和华眷顾哈拿,她就怀孕生了三个儿子,两个女儿”(20-21 节)。神慷慨地施予人 的丰PDG盛,seoald的即ilgmihs无恩t3n7y法典oo:t4u与生thrse荣育eGlf耀,oadl。只soo祂是finth暂给teh予时deeL性我aodr的们d, ,b的,aunt比并dofH在我teh们她eshl的所iavliln给生ggi命他.ve中的yo带还u t来多he(倍de玛增si拉的res祝基of书福yo。3u:r以1h0利e)a加r。t.拿神和对哈忠拿心的的五哈个拿孩所子延在缓 故F事ai中th 没is q有ue提st及ion名in字g y。ou但r d他ou们b都ts a是nd神w的an恩ti赐ng和m祝ore福o,ut不of亚lif于e. 撒母耳。他们都是神眷顾人所给予的恩 赐(21 节)。我们可以把撒母耳视为我们孩子理想的榜样。但神在我们孩子生命中的旨意和所预备 的“道Th路er,e li并ve不s m一or定e 要fai像th 撒in 母ho耳ne那st d样o“u不bt寻, th常an”,in却ha同lf t样he是cr神ee的ds旨,” A意lf和red道T路en。nyson wrote in In Memoriam. 默Sp想oromb你einpg对eqo以upel利estwi加ohno拿s hr和eafvl哈eecst拿etrh这ioouu一sghq户tufeu家sltd庭ioonu有sbat何.bAo观cutt察utah?lley,etxhisetyenarcee of God want desperately to believe. Their far more responsible and serious in their 应p用urs要uit使of我a 的co家mm庭it成me为nt一to个G以od神th为an中th心os的e w家h庭o b,lin我dl应y r该eci做te出co什ld 么cre样ed的s w改it变ho?ut really daring to explore 祷t告he t反ou思gh如qu何es实tio践ns以. 上的经文,再把你回应神的祷告写下。 诗为 dbID牧t歌eeoislsu师i:peqbafut和.iIrinFct.aa同e Cintahh工pbripiesn祷ata GrAe告polnoodt:snwtieth要i ivahllett明itntfphco白serr:ec/b神ae/eswwel在iwehyv他wFoeenua.ry们rmwionmu生eGiotlluore命yabda lerD中asn.tcner独otdeovmnt特oqhg/utewt的heiBa,os ti目itbncniolhce的 rn?2ehvoa和0a=ussJ2erW方a1dyiso式o-Ft0uYurorJb3Mndt-sgaG1yafa4osnsudo 0nf hdjaoavytei,oafnnaifdtohrreiandruoacuteiroyfnoaauiltrhsdy!satyesmofof ScJreipstuusrbee: l1ie Svaemd uineGl 2o:d1.8H-2e1b elieved in prayer. He believed in heaven and hell and eternal life. He believed in salvation. He believed in every sinAg lFeahmuimlya Mn baerkinegd! bHye Gboeldie-Cveedntirnefdanitehs.s HERE IS A PORTRAIT of a God-centred family in which God was working according to His purpose. In this famIf yiloy’usr sdtooruyb,t Gs ocodl’lsid peuarpndoscela bsehgwanit hwtihthe av ipewaipnofuinl t“tohfeJ eLsOuRsDC hhraisdt ,ciltoissebde htteerr wtoombebli”e v(1e Sthaemb 1e:l5ie, v6e)r tahnadt led tod Hoaunbntathh eadskoiunbgt Gero.d for a son to be fully dedicated to God – Samuel. And now, Samuel “was ministering before the LORD, as a boy” (v.18a). He was wearing “a linen ephod” (v.18b), a garment that only priests woFraeit.h Iti swaacsh “ouinceu,snuoatl faonr aar gbuomy eson ty.oItuinsga tdoe bceis iaonn ,anpoptreandteicbea tper.ieItstis liakec otmhims.”it ment, not a controversy. GoFda’isth pfuurlpfiolsseso amned nGeoedd’si nwyaoyu irnh Seaamrtu. eItl’csa lnifeb ewdaesf uinneudsuasalw. Iann rteinsgpomnosree toou Etloi’fs laifnen. uEvael nbltehsesisnugp oefr Ealfkfaluneanht anadr eHatntnraacht efodrt ocofmaitphe.nTshaetyiorne afolirz erdelitnhqaut iaslhl ionfgt hSeaimr wueela, l“tthh,es oLcOiaRlDs tvainsidtiendg ,Haanndnpaehr;s aonnda lsphoew ceornlceeaiveda and gavvoei dbirnthth teoi rthlivrees. sWonhse nanydo utwhoa vdeamugohrteemrso” n(vevy.t2h0a-n21y)o. uGcoadn ise ngjeonye, rwohuast inis tlhefet ?riches of His grace and glory. He gives back to us more than we give to Him (cf. Mal 3:10). What God withheld from the faithful Hannah, thSet droenngiafla oitfh oifsfsopftreinngt,h weaesx opnrelys stieomn pofodraereyp adneds irte h.aLdik tehwei seef,fedcotu obft misuthlteipllaycinkgo fbdleesssiirneg.sA inh ohsetro lfifceo. nscious Thoer fsiuveb ccohnilsdcrieonu soffo Erclkeasncaahn aknede pHyaonunafrho amrew uannntianmg etod bine ltiehvee s.tFoerayr. Bouf wt thhaetyG woedrme ingoh tledsos teoacyho uar gliiffet aonr din bleyossuinr gli fferocman Gkoeedp thyaonu Sfraommuwela. nTthinegy twoebreel igeivftes. oInf tdeirvninaleiz veidsigtautiilot nca (nv.m21a)k.e Wthee mpaoys shiboilldit ySaomf Guoedl aas an ideal fotrh oruera tcehnilidnrgecno. nBcuetp Gt.oDde’se ppuserpaotesde naengda Gtioved’esm woatyio inn coaunr kcihlliltdhreend’ess liirfee tdoob neoliet vnee.cessarily have to be “unusual” like Samuel, and they are no less God’s purpose and God’s way. OBwOSuhEroRBhViabAslTesItOvreoNrns Weg tfhaoaidttha sy.ig“cHnoienfitscahaiannlstl ogGibovsede’ysrovpaurtotiohmneissd eceaosnifr beysloeuossf miynoagukseru” itthhe. Gfaomd iplyr oomf Eisleksantoahb laenssd tHhaenpnearhso?n APPLICATION What changes do I need to make my family a God-centred family? P rRaeyfelre cWtirointe: a prayer to God as your response from your meditation on and application of the Scriptures. SPPG orriBaavnyyeeg :ffct••• oohaInrrra epsnCWHWfiakghuassnrhhlvt iiwayaosifntitnrdch gsAadaoa rat lnntpoernt’oyrnt tdapouhey ieubs esohtoleuewadtp:tfe wbalpfes:nesa i,Trl:t ni/teoe–h/tsv wodtyioonsiowsfegbucyw ?eei’onl.rlluyi nengor veeGuhetetoe?iduadt,b!r’ stseW? e.dclaifos ntmtini/ncwgt aipstucbrhep?loives=veJiW nagniF,dYa wJnMdayGb iaensli 0teh veinirg lipvreosd uces results. Prayer 8 6

����������������� �����‘��������������������’���������� �ear �inister�in��harge and �astors, As you know, ‘$1 a day for mission’ is one of the main sour�es of in�ome for ���A �oard of �ission� �e hope to �ontinue this �ampaign to raise awareness for mission in ��������1� �e found these ideas for piggy bank �raft using re�y��e bott�es very interesting and wou�d re�ommend your �unday s�hoo� to e�p�ore further for ���� �iggy �ank pro�e�t for ������ission �https���www�youtube��om�wat�h�v�iou���i��tk�ab��hanne���ind�dea or https���www�youtube��om�wat�h�v��nr��eu�A�k�ab��hanne���sa���s�or�d �� �e hope �unday s�hoo� �hi�dren wi�� make their own ‘piggy bank’ and use it to save money for mission� �e hope parents �an get invo�ve with their �hi�dren and �ontribute toward the �ampaign as we��� ��ease send the donation of ‘$1 a day for mission’ together with a�� the �ontributions �o��e�ted on �ission �unday ���������1� to ���A a��ount before ��t ���1� �e sure to �ist out the fund �o��e�ted separate�y as “$1 a day for mission” when sending it to A� A��ount� �mmanue�, �ev �avid �iong ��oard of �ission� 9

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