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Published by Meghana Naik, 2021-10-03 14:38:51

Description: ESNC September Newsletter 2021


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Spark Rekindled Newsletter September Edition EuroSchool North Campus

01 Editorial 02 Achievements 03 Events and Celebrations 04 Classroom Buzz 05 Creative Expressions 06 Club Activities Table of Contents 07 Student Corner

EDITORIAL At EuroSchool North Campus we have always endeavoured to give a holistic learning environment to our students. With strong focus on “Success is not an activity, but a process.” fundamentals and amalgamation of scholastic and non-scholastic activities, the students have blossomed into competent and independent learners fully equipped with 21st century skills. The different awards and recognitions received by the school and the students are a proof that a strong foundation helps to build a confident new generation. The multifarious classroom and club activities give an approach to learning that incorporates inquiry, research, analytical thinking and ethical approach that becomes a lifetime habit. The students are helped to focus on confidence building, while nurturing a strong sense of social and environmental responsibility. Dear readers, have a look on our newly introduced section by the student editorial team – ‘Insight of young minds’, which is surely going to bring a sweet smile to your faces. A melange of diverse articles like book reviews, comic strip, and much more will give you moments of fun and inspiration. The creativity of students will fill your hearts with amazement and love. ‘Spark Rekindled’, our monthly newsletter is a mirror to our pursuits in creating a dynamic education environment empowering the students in a global perspective. With each newsletter we hope to give an overview into our rich learning environment.


National Education Excellence Awards 2021 We are extremely elated to share that EuroSchool North Campus received the National Educational Excellence Award 2021 as the “Leading & Outstanding CBSE School of the Year 2021” in Karnataka under “Quality Academics & Outstanding Learning Environment” Category for the year 2021. We have also received another award under the Special category “Outstanding Performance in Virtual Knowledge Delivery & Online Education”. Dr. Vandana Gupta our Principal, received the awards at The Taj West End, Bangalore. Dr. Gupta was also one of the panelists... In a Panel Discussion representing the EuroSchool journey of Virtual Schooling! Hearty congratulations to the entire team of ESNC on this amazing achievement.

BHISMUN Event BHIS Malad hosted the third edition of BHISMUN, in which each of the 8 Committees discussed contemporary issues; from Right to Privacy within the Digital Space in ITU to Agricultural Reform in Rajya Sabha. We are glad to announce that the students of EuroSchool North Campus put their best foot forward and made meaningful contributions to the discussions. The winners in the various categories are: • Avani Bhat, Grade 9 in the UNFCCC committee was declared the Best Delegate: Belgium • Anika Sinha, Grade 8 in the ITU committee was given High Commendation Denmark We feel proud and elated that our students have showcased social confidence and public speaking skills which will ensure them success and make them World Ready.

PANACHE 2021 EuroSchool Airoli hosted PANACHE 2021 with various events under the categories – Sports, Literary and Cultural. We are glad to announce that students of EuroSchool North Campus won many laurels at the event and made us proud. The winners in the various competitions were: • Shresth Tiwari, Grade 10 • Madhumita Unnikrishnan, Grade 10 • Harshitha Ravishankar, Grade 10 • Abhinandan Nagabhushan, Grade 10 • Kuriakose Kurien, Grade 9 These accolades are a testimony of the talent and hard work put in by our students and hold up the ideals of balanced schooling at EuroSchool North Campus. We wish our students the very best for their future.

State Cycling Event Savion Sabu, a student of Grade 8C, EuroSchool North Campus, won laurels at the 16th State MTB Cycling Championship held at Bilagi, Dist. Bagalkote. He has grabbed the First Place in two events, ITT (individual time trial) and Mass start event in U14 boys category. Bangalore district has won the championship trophy as well. The price distribution was done by Karnataka State Minister, Shri. Murugesh Nirani. Savion will represent Karnataka State at the upcoming National championship, which will be held at Pune on October 30th and 31st. Savion’s achievements reaffirm the ideology of Balanced Schooling at EuroSchool. We are extremely proud of him. Many congratulations to Savion and we wish him the best for the National Championship. We are sure that he will scale greater heights in the future.

STEM Club Recognition Dr. Gupta with more than 21 years of experience in the education fraternity has initiated and integrated STEM education seamlessly within the pedagogies to create a fruitful learning atmosphere in the school. We are elated to share that, Dr. Vandana Gupta, has received the Certificate for “INDIA’S TOP EDUCATOR 2021” from STEM Club India for her contribution to the education fraternity. She has been lauded for her unstinted efforts towards effectively integrating STEM education in the school curriculum. Under Dr. Gupta’s able leadership and guidance, EuroSchool North Campus is bound to go places and soar to new heights.


Teachers Day Celebration The Influence of Teachers extends beyond the classroom well into the Future. Teacher’s Day is A Day to honour, celebrate and recognize the educators. It was a great surprise for all the teachers of EuroSchool North Campus when the students organized a wonderful program for their teachers. The students showered their love, affection, and gratitude in their beautiful expressions like speech, poetry, etc.

Teachers Day Celebration The most fun and amusing part of the celebration was the different games. The quiz on Quizizz, draw and guess game, guess the movie and the song, added the fun factor to the event. Teachers enthusiastically participated in all the games, sang their favourite songs and had a wonderful time. Our respected Principal, Dr. Vandana Gupta, thoroughly enjoyed the program and appreciated the students wholeheartedly for their professional and meticulous execution.

Special Assembly A special virtual assembly to celebrate ‘World Literacy Day’ and ‘International Charity Day’ was conducted in EuroSchool North Campus. World Literacy Day is celebrated each year on 8th September. The day is marked to advance the literacy agenda that enables human beings to march towards a more cultured, literate and sustainable society. The students were shown a video to raise awareness about why basic literacy is essential for the development of any society. The International Day of Charity was first introduced by the United Nations. The students were made aware about the importance of charity and how charity can help eradicate poverty from the world. The students were explained the importance of social responsibility and public support for charitable causes.

Hindi Diwas Celebration Hindi Diwas is the day to remember and honour the adoption of the Hindi language, written in the Devanagari script, as one of the official languages in the country. Hindi was adopted as the official language of India by the Constituent Assembly on 14 September 1949. The first Hindi Day or Hindi Diwas was observed on 14 September 1953.

ह दंि ी हदवस समारो To celebrate this special day, every year EuroSchool North Campus organizes various literary and cultural events across the classes. This year was characterized by a variety of programs and competitions including poem recitation, show and tell, poster making with slogan. The enthusiasm of our students was palpable as they showcased their talent as well as love for the language. The celebration is aimed at creating awareness and pride about the Hindi language.

Classroom BUZZ

EVS Activity – Dress As You Like ‘Children have special ways of expressing their joy!’ It was three days of fun and joy for Grade 1 students, when their teacher asked them to dress up for the event, ‘DRESS AS YOU LIKE.’ Children came up with many characters they wanted to portray as their best liked dress-up. Some of them represented the helpers of our society and some dressed up representing the profession they want to take up in their future. It was a very colourful event. Teachers, parents and the students participated enthusiastically, which made it a memorable time for all.

EVS Activity – Community Helpers ‘Not all super heroes wear a cape…’ The pandemic is still lurking in all corners of our society. During this time when we all are advised to stay at home and be safe, a section of our society are out there in the open, working round the clock to make sure all of us are safe and being healthy in our houses. As a mark of respect, the students of grade – 2, had dressed as those super heroes who are helping us to be safe. They are none other than our, ‘COMMUNITY HELPERS’. The children were dressed as various helpers, for example – doctors, policemen, nurses, fire-fighters, farmers, postman, teachers and last but not the least our para military forces.

English Activity – Role Play Role Play, act brings children’s ideas to the group. It gives a compelling reason for children’s storytelling, provides an opportunity for the class to create meaning around a text of great interest. An act based on the chapter “Akbar and Birbal --- A Dispute well resolved” was presented by the students of Grade 4. The act was flawlessly performed though being the virtual scenario. They synchronized it very well with proper co-ordination. It was a perfect example of physical act performed virtually. Students relished the act to the fullest.

English Activity – Food and Grammar For the students of grade 7 the activity on active passive voice turned out to be delicious and yummy. The groups of the students chose a particular dish and presented its recipe in a presentation. They wrote the steps of the recipe, first in the active voice and then the same step was written in the passive voice. Thus they learned how to change the sentences from active to passive voice. After showing the recipe they presented their dishes and relished them in the class. It was class full of enthusiastic learners and they all also felt thankful for their parents for taking out time and preparing the delicious dishes for them.

Science Activity - Live better with clean water! “For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.” ― Aristotle Students of Grade 7 first embarked on a virtual tour on a waste water treatment plant. The virtual tour discussed how these facilities recycle the water and waste we flush down the drain. To assess their learning, a crossword puzzle was taken on the topic. It is an interesting way to keep the students occupied and to assess their knowledge. The learning came to fruition when the students made static model on waste water treatment plant using straws, plastic containers etc.

Hindi Activity – Diary Writing शशक्षि हदवस पर आभार धन्यवाद ब ुत छोटा सा शब्द ै पर इसे किस प्रिार व्यक्त किया जाता ै य किसी िला से िम न ींि ै। िक्षा आठवीिं िे ववद्यार्थयि ों ने शशक्षि हदवस पर डायरी लेखन गततववर्ध िे माध्यम से शशक्षिों िे प्रतत अपना आभार व्यक्त किया। डायरी लेखन एि ऐसी लेखन िला ै जजसमंे व्यजक्त अपने मन िे भावों िो अपनी डायरी में उतारने िा प्रयास िरता ै। उसिे मन िे अच्छे - बुरे भावों िो शलखिर व्यक्त िरता ै। डायरी लेखन द्वारा बच्चों ने अपने मन िे ववचारों िो उिे रने िी िोशशश िी।

Social Science Activity –Art & Craft During the study of Crafts and Industries during British Rule, children saw how India became a supplier of the best raw material to the west and the market for all finished goods produced in the mills of Manchester and Liverpool. As an enrichment activity, children of Grade 8 showcased how different kinds of Art and Crafts can be created and turned into a vibrant and thriving industry in the current times. The creativity and interest of the children was palpable in their work which was amazing to say the least.


Articles/PoScehomolsDays Smell of the pages in a new book, Gleaming with new bag and stationery, they took, The crisp and neat uniform which gave them the second look, They hurried with their new and heavy bag, Standing near the stairs or fixing that sock with a sag, EPxreasmepnlteatTioenxtth: GaGteriset abeemtainoudgtiefuralnlynPddoewsgeigirgnPgeodilni.ntI gho, pweiathndsIo much to share and brag. believe that this Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. EasKyetopcthianngoerdcoelorrws, ephreototshaendtaTbexlet.s and chairs, bGeeatuatimfuollydedrensiPgTonhweede.rPnI oheionwptePcarlneadsseIsnbrteaoltiioeovnmethtwhaatatistshics leaned and painted with a flare, Template will yoBuer Tinimge,thMeorneeyfaenltd cRoepsuytaationnd. warm, just like home to compare, Easy to changeAcsolothrse, pyhwotoesreannd oTetxwt. eYolcuocmaned with a stare, asinmdpalyppimeparletossyIoynuosrutrPeareausddeie,nntwacteiitohannsad. abdrdigahutnisqumeizleingand care, Which gave them the confidence not to be elsewhere. Example Text : You can simply impress your Pauredsieennctaetiaonnds.aWGddeetaaluomnoioqdkueebrnzainPcgokwaneadrtPatohpinpotesael tofuyonu-rfilled days, Presentation thWat ihs ibcehauatirfuellyredepsliagnceedd. IihnopseoamndaIny ways, believe that thisNToemwpaladteawysill,yiotu’sr Toimnely, Minotnoeyaanmdachine the child says, Reputation. EasWy tiothcohauntgaencoylofrrsie, pnhdoltoystaonudcThexot.r the mischievous plays, Get a modern PIto’wsearProoinut tPinreesednataytioanftheart disay which is like a vicious maze, beautifully desigLneead.vIinhogpethaendmI beemlieoverythoatfthsics hool days, just as a faze. Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully -Shalini J designed. English Teacher, EuroSchool North Campus

World Record Egg Example Text : Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. I hope and I believe that this Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. Easy to change colors, photos and Text. Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. I hope and I believe that this Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. Easy to change colors, photos and Text. You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations. Example Text : You can simply impress your audience and add a unique zing and appeal to your Presentations. Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. I hope and I believe that this Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. Easy to change colors, photos and Text. Get a modern PowerPoint Presentation that is beautifully designed. I hope and I believe that this Template will your Time, Money and Reputation. Get a modern Po-wMerPaoindt hPreusemntaititoan t,haPt isrbeaauntifjuallyli, Vaishnavi, Jahnavi and Sashwita designed. Grade 10A


QUIZ CLUB The greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals. Festivals are meant to bring all of us together and to tell the true happiness of unity. Quizzes help an individual to gain enriching knowledge about the festivals of India. On 8th September 2021, Grade1 & 2 took part in the quiz club. The quiz club started with a ‘Brain Teaser’ activity where the children had to answer the questions based on the picture showed by the teacher. The children were expected to memorize the position of the picture and later answer the questions that followed. After that the children had a quiz round based on ‘The Festivals of India’. The quiz ended with a ‘Hands-On Activity’ where the children are supposed to draw a picture of their liking and fill it up with pulses. It helped the children to identify the different types of pulses and enjoyed playing with them.

STREAM CLUB On 8th September 2021, in the STREAM club activity, the topic on natural calamities was introduced and explained with the help of PPT and video. There was a discussion on earthquakes, reasons for the occurrence of earth quakes and its consequences. The children were also explained the different intensities of earthquakes which can lead to serious destruction of objects and loss of life of people. The activity was based on the measurement of intensity of earthquakes – Making the model of Seismograph. The children were asked to carry different materials available at home to carry out the activity.

Model United Nations (MUN) CLUB MUN club conducted a session on 8th September 2021. The session focused on the discussion of Case studies: • Floods • Poverty – Bangladesh and Nepal Students presented the case study of the above topics which was followed by a discussion on the same. Projects were assigned to the students. With each session on MUN, the participants have shown keen interest and curiosity to learn and understand about the various global issues. They are more forthcoming with ideas and opinions on how these issues can be addressed. With the growing awareness, we see future leaders and global citizens being created.

HOME ECONOMICS CLUB As rightly said – Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity. The session on communication skills was conducted on 1st September 2021 for the students in the Home Economics club. To be better prepared for the future the students should know the importance of effective communication and how to be good communicators. The session turned out to be very useful and engaging one for the students. The students were taught different types of communication and they were also give some tips on the effective communication skills. Few games were played based on the topic which made the session really interesting. The most loved game was where the students were given some instructions to draw and they had to guess what they had drawn . Many students could clearly understand the instructions and drew the image very similar to the real image. It was a very engaging session.

HOME ECONOMICS CLUB As the students were gearing up to appear for their mid-session exams, a session on time management was conducted on 15th September 2021 in the Home Economics club. In the session the students learnt about how to plan and manage their time. They were also told about time wasters which do not help them to do their work on time. A story was shown to them to make them understand the importance of planning and studying on time. They were given an activity to make their own calendar and plan their days of a week. They were asked to divide their time equally, between studies, play and relaxation. It was also emphasized that they help their family members with the chores around the house. The students made colourful calendars and planners to put it up in their rooms, which would help them to follow a routine everyday and plan their time effectively.

GUITAR CLUB The activity which was conducted on 1st September 2021 during Guitar club Session started with a recap of the previous session was done. Using screen sharing the music teachers spoke about guitar tablature with definition and explained the differences of naming guitar strings and about tabs. Overall it was another great session for the music enthusiasts.

GUITAR CLUB The enthusiastic students always wait eagerly for the guitar sessions in the non-academic club. The session on 15th September 2021 was an engaging and fun filled one. Recap of the previous session is very essential to make the students learn. To make the students perfect, recap of the previous session was done. As the session progressed, the students were taught about tabs in the guitar. Next in the session the students were made to do some finger exercises to strengthen their fingers. Furthermore, they were also given scale practice with tabs. It was a constructive session with great learning.

LITTLE CHEF CLUB “Food safety involves everybody in the food chain” - Mike Johanna The Little Chef’s club conducted on 1st September 2021 was mainly to illustrate the importance of kitchen safety. It is explained to children that kitchen safety is as important as we cook food and serve the dishes. The common kitchen hazards were discussed through a power point presentation. Young children were excited to guess the consequences of negligence. At the end of the session a quiz was conducted to check their understanding of kitchen safety rules.

LITTLE CHEF CLUB “Desserts are the fairy tales of the kitchen- a happily-ever-after to supper.”- Terri Guillements The Little Chef’s club conducted on 15th September 2021 was the demonstration of making coconut ladoos. With limited ingredients coconut ladoo was made by the teacher. Children observed the process and were excited to see the result. The advantage and disadvantage of consuming sweets were shared with the students. It is also shared with them how children are tempted to gobble more sweets. Children were also showed the names, size and shape of different desi sweets. Overall it was a sweet session.

tudent CORNER

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Insight of Young Minds from The Student Editorial Team

Our Student Editorial Team Jia Srivastav Avani Bhat Grade X Grade IX Lavanya Panwar Abigail Anthony Grade X Grade IX Pratyush Vishal Ishika Srivastava Hamsa Mahesh Dhruva N Grade XI Grade XI Grade IX Grade IX

BITS AND Bobs Doctor: Hi what’s your concern? Patient: “I feel like eating junk every day, I feel like I want to run away Teacher: “A human is someone who comes to help people and I feel I should do everything I shouldn’t. What do I do?” in need, that’s humanity” Doctor: “OH, It’s just that you make some wrong decisions, you will have Cindle: \"oh ma'am then you don't show humanity to us to think twice before everything” during exams!\" Patient: “OH, maybe that’s the reason I came here” Doctor: ---------------- Dom: Ha-ha, but also doctors are sacrificing their all. Sofie: Indeed, they have become the synonyms for legends. Dom: That teacher for sure would regret saying that. THE SCOOPY BIT Sofie: ha-ha, yeah. 1) The app for the month goes to “DUOLINGO”. Dom: Sofie, I am so bored. Can This wonderful app lets us learn amazing languages you do something?? at zero cost. Sofie: Oh, ok then I will offer you some bites of humour and 2) The birthday artists are information. Dom: What are we waiting for?? Sofie: Here we go !! MONTHLY DOSE OF GYAAN Zendaya (1st of Sep) Jungkook from BTS (1st of Sep) “Someone dieting needs 70% water to get the best results -Hamsa Mahesh, Grade 9D and just 30% food, but someone sad needs 100% of Student Editorial Team laughter and 0% sadness”

PRODUCTIVITY MANTRAS -Dhruva N, Grade 9B Student Editorial Team

Book Reviews Genre: Historical fiction Genre: Autobiography My name is Red Diary of a Young Girl Author- Orhan Pamuk Author Anne frank Using the weapons of perspective and outstanding Exploring what war feels like for a teenage girl, this language, Orhan Pamuk brings to life the vivid book is heart- wrenchingly moving. Anne Frank is a history of Istanbul, its culture, tensions and most remarkably clever and thoughtful narrator and her important of all, the wonderful art. This novel is a diary is as entertaining as it is a significant historical tribute to the art of painting as well as a fascinating document. It is a failure of humanity as a whole to murder mystery that will keep you hooked till the lose a talent like her. end. -Ishika Srivastava, Grade 11 Student Editorial Team

SPORTS DIARIES INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE Being in a cricket loving country, and I myself being a huge follower of cricket particularly Virat Kohli, this is the most awaited cricket league of the year. The hustle-bustle of the crowd, fierce chanting of names of their favourite teams, the existing rivalry among different teams and it’s astonishing that a lot of people stake their savings for the matches and gamble. The feeling is just animated. The Indian Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket league, contested by eight teams based out of eight different Indian cities and they are-Royal Challengers Bangalore, Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians, Delhi Capitals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Rajasthan Royals, Punjab Kings. The BCCI also announced that 2 new teams will be added in the 2022 edition of the IPL adding more spice and colour to this league, let’s focus on this edition now. This year’s IPL had a very shaky start, all the players arrived and the COVID 19 protocol was being followed but yet I find it very shocking that how did the corona virus manage to enter the bio bubble, well that’s what makes it the most feared virus on the planet. Few members and staff tested positive for the virus, the tournament was postponed to September. Fans were heartbroken, many thought that it was too long to wait but then it’s funny how time flies; we’re already in September now. Let’s look at the facts now the highest run scorer in the tournament is Virat Kohli, for the current season its Shikhar Dhawan; highest wicket taker in the tournament is Lasith Malinga and in the current tournament is Harshal Patel. Leading the points table for the current half of the season is Delhi Capitals, all the teams are performing exceptionally and anyone can outwit the other. My personal favourite is Royal Challengers Bangalore (Namma Bengaluru!!!); there’s a saying you cannot make a rcbian happy, they’ve been hiding the pain for 13 years. All the teams are mighty consisting of bold, intense and talented players and are equally capable of winning the trophy, it’s our duty is to support them at every turn. -Lavanya Panwar, Grade 10 A Student Editorial Team

POETIC VERSES Growing Up Today I turned 16 Today I turned 16 I blew out my candles and wished for something I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to that wouldn't come true run far away I sat in my bedroom and stared out my window to I thought about how lovely it would be to have a look at the stars little more freedom I wrapped myself in my warm blanket, hoping that I thought about how I would go on my own path it would keep me safe I thought about how I was closer to being an adult I curled up my toes to ease my worries Today I turned 16 and I wished for time to move Today I turned 16 a little slower Maybe I would look at things differently now Maybe people would think differently of me, now -Abigail Anthony, Grade 9D that I am older Student Editorial Team Maybe the world would seem much more scary Maybe I was one step closer to the life I wanted

LAUGHATHON -Avani Bhat, Grade 9D Student Editorial Team

Newsletter Team •Ms. Archana SK •Ms. Meghana Naik •Ms. Bhawna Sanwal •Ms. Neha Arora •Mr. Deepak S •Ms. Nilima Manjhi • Ms. Deepika H •Ms. Ranjita Rao •Ms. Deleeshiea CA •Ms. Rubini K •Ms. Divya Prakash •Ms. Shalini J •Ms. Everica Kasale •Ms. Shyja Sajan •Ms. Jessica Edwin •Ms. Sowmya Nair •Ms. Jaya Tangri •Ms. Supriya Mitra •Mr. Manjunath N

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