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Published by Aphisit Tepin, 2022-11-08 07:54:33

Description: ข้อสอบวิชาTGAT1


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TGAT 1 The Battle Royale Question-Response SECTION I: LISTEN & SPEAKING (9 SUB 55) Directions: Fill in the blanks with appropriate questions, comments or responses. Dialogues 1 Student: What do I have to do if I want to withdraw from the course? Teacher: If you want to___1___ the course, you have to go to the College Office. 1. 1) do 2) drop 3) take 4) attend 5) complete Dialogue 2 Tom: Are you going to phone Patricia again? Peter: ___2___ I've left five messages for her, and she's never replied. 2. 1) I haven't. 2) I'd bothered. 3) She doesn't want to. 4) It's really no bother. 5) I can't be bothered. Dialogue 3 William: Can you come round for a meal tonight? Pat: Thanks very much. ___3___ I haven't met you for a long time. 3. 1) I doubt it. 2) I'd love to. 3) I wish I were. 4) That looks good. 5) I'm really apologetic. Dialogue 4 James: What did you think of your brother's new girlfriend? Jane: ___4___I got on with her very well. 4. 1) She's fantastic. 2) She looks awful. 3) She's lost weight. 4) She's in her thirties. 5) She has beautiful red hair.

Short Conversation INFECTED TGAT INSIDE Choose the best answer. (GAT Oct 54) Paul: Are you giving up anything for New Year's? John: No, not really. ___5___? Paul: Not this year, but last year I gave up smoking. John: ___6___I've heard it's hard to do. Paul: I just forced myself not to smoke. It was hard for the first week. John: ___7___. I want to quit, too. Paul: Give it a try. ___8___. 5. 1. What do you think TGAT 1 2. How did you do that !!!!!! 3. What's the matter 4. How about you 7. 1. You're kidding 2. You said so 6. 1. How would you like that? 3. You're amazing 2. I'm afraid you can’t. 4. You've done it 3. How did you manage that? 4. I don't think you should. 8. 1. I'm reliable 2.I'll check with you 3. I'm aware of that 4. I'll support you Mary: Your new friend has a type-T personality, I think. Rose: ___9___? Mary: A person with a type T personality loves risk taking, scary movies, and all forms of excitement. Rose: Oh, yes. ___10___. 9. 1. Who is it 2. How is he 3. What do you mean 4. Which one do you mean 10. 1. He likes watching T.V. until midnight 2. He loves hang gliding 3. He enjoys playing chess 4. He is pleased with everything

Long Conversation Choose the best answer. (9 Sub 57) Sunisa: Hey, Wei Jin, what's wrong? Wei Jin: ___11___ with Chanpa. I can't believe that she told everyone that my brother got into trouble with the police. The rumor Siriruk: going around is that he was caught vandalizing his school, Wei Jin: but it is not true. This is so embarrassing. Now everyone Sunisa: is talking about it. Wei Jin: ___12___, you look really angry right now. Relax. Siriruk: Chanpa shouldn't have said those things to people. ___13___. Wei Jin: Everyone knows Chanpa loves to gossip. Sunisa: I have to admit, we used to gossip together. But I trusted Wei Jin: her so I didn't think she would tell my secrets. Sunisa: You know the old saying \"Who gossips with you will gossip of you\". Wei Jin: ___14___? Sunisa: It means that anyone you gossip with, will later on gossip about you. You can't trust people who like to gossip. ___15___? First is to try not to gossip which is harder than you might think, considering people do it a lot. But in the end, it just isn't good for anyone, especially if the rumor being spread is not quite true. But what do I do about Chanpa and the things she has said. Dealing with gossip isn't too tough ___16___. Talk to Chanpa and tell her what you've been told and what has been said. Then see if she will explain herself. 11. 1. I just have this feeling 2. I've been working very late 3. I'm quite annoyed 4. I'm excited 5. I'm happy

12. 1. Don't hold your breath 2. Don't give it another thought 3. Don't sweat the small stuff 4. Don't ever think about it 5. Don't blow your top 13. 1. It really hurts !!!!!!!!!! 2. It couldn't be better 3. It makes me no difference 4. It works for me 5. It won't bother me any 14. 1. What more can I do. 2. What does that mean. 3. What will it be. 4. What's it to you. 5. What's in it for me. 15. 1. What's up 2. What are you getting at 3. What else is new 4. What do I do 5. What can go wrong 16. 1. Be calm and confront it 2. Take a shortgun approach 3. Keep the wheel turning 4. Roll and punch it 5. Stop stirring things up

Text Completion Choose the best answer. (GAT 63) Since entering a new era with technology and social media dominating our lives, new professions ___17___. For some people, the word \"YouTuber\" might sound unfamiliar.___18___, this profession has become a huge trend among the young generation who has grown up surrounded by smartphones and computers. ___19___ a report published by the Digital Mobile Radio Association, there are 1.5 billion logged-in monthly users on YouTube. In addition, about 576,000 hours’ worth of videos ___20___ every day. Most importantly, 1,500 YouTube channels have more than 1 million subscribers. From these statistics, we can understand that YouTube has become a channel ___21___ almost every day and it might be treated as a replacement for television for the Millennials and Gen X. 17. 1.appear TGAT 1 2. are appearing !!!!!! 3. appeared 4. have appeared 5. will appear 18. 1. However 2. For this reason 3. In addition 4. Similarly 5. After that 19. 1. In case of 2. Apart from 3. Thanks to 4. With respect to 5. According to 20. 1 upload 2. are uploaded 3. have uploaded 4. had been uploading 5. will be uploading 21. 1. people to visit 2. where to visit 3. that people visit 4. where do people visit 5. that people visiting

RReeaaddiinngg Reading : Choose the best answer. (GAT 65) Passage 1 Given the plight of present-day coffee farmers, one might assume the coffee business ___22___, perhaps plagued by razor thin margins and floundering demand. Nothing could be further from the truth. Globally, the industry is valued at more than $ 200 billion. However, less than 10% of that aggregate wealth stays in producing countries, and only 5 to 7% makes it to the farmers themselves. Much of the rest goes to wealthy companies and their executives, who are almost exclusively based in North America and Europe. As prices paid to farmers have steadily declined, what consumers pay for coffee ___23___. Between 1996 and 2018, the average retail cost of a 16-oz. bag jumped from $ 4.04 to $ 9.67 and cost of a cup from $ 1.25 to $ 1.94. That would be fine if it followed a trend of larger returns passed to deserving producers, but that's not the case. If you bought a Grande Latte later today, you would probably pay around $ 3.65. The farmer responsible for those beans would receive $ 0.02 or $ 0.03 of that. Considering that the sleeve around that cup costs 50.05, the takeaway is that a small piece of cardboard is more valuable than the farmer's work. 22. The best phrase to complete the blank is _____. 1. fill the lucrative role 2. gain more profit from what they produce 3. is largely unprofitable 4. adheres strictly to ecological farming practicing 5. relies on cheap labor to thrive 23. The word \"aggregate\" can be replaced by _____. 1. gross 2. costly 3. subsidiary 4. comparable 5. inconsiderable 24. The best phrase to complete the blank is _____. 1. has diversified 2. has plunged 3. has tripled 4. has soared 5. has expanded

25. Which of the following statements is TRUE, based on the passage? 1. Socio-economic marginalization does not exist in the coffee industry. 2. The financial disparity between producers and coffee companies is unethical. 3. The more consumers pay for coffee, the higher prices are paid to farmers. 4. Big companics experience systemic poverty traps and intense marginalization. 5. Coffee producing countries are mostly in North America and Europe. 26. It can be inferred from the passage that the author _____. 1. opposes negotiating power farmers have in the sale price 2. believes that coffee business is not making enough profit 3. does not support social justice 4. discourages coffee companies from sufficiently compensating farmers 5. urges coffee companies to pay fair, livable prices to farmers

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