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Template - Supply Chain

Published by zanaba.p, 2021-11-30 15:48:59

Description: Template - Supply Chain


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Company Name Contact Name Address Street Name, [email protected] City Name, Country EXECUTIVE SEARCH PROPOSAL PROJECT NAME Date Presented Tel: +44(0) 1442 878 138

CONTENTS A note from our Director 03 About Gillespie Manners 05 Team Profile 06 Our Clients 09 Testimonials 10 Our Methodology 11 Statement of Work 12 Timeline for Search 13 Fee Structure 14 Contract 15 © 2021 Gillespie Manners PAGE2 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

A NOTE FROM OUR DIRECTOR Dear [Name], Thank you for the opportunity to provide an Executive Search proposal for [Company Name]. I’ve spent over two decades providing resourcing and Executive Search solutions for global supply chain and logistics companies, and in that time, my partner Andrew Manners and I have developed a tried and tested methodology to deliver best in market industry talent. I’m extremely proud of the standard of work the teams at Gillespie Manners routinely deliver. Following a thorough review of your requirements, this document contains the details of our recommended project approach. I trust that you will find our proposal in keeping with your businesses needs and look forward to working with you. Yours sincerely Alex Gillespie Director 3PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

Gillespie Manners Mission: To provide our market sectors with the best Executive Search service, ensuring successful outcomes for people’s career goals and business aspirations.

ABOUT GILLESPIE MANNERS Gillespie Manners is the evolution of Executive Search and Selection. Transparency, trust and high performance are key to our approach, acting as a trusted advisor and business partner in mission critical staffing projects. We identify, engage and assist the leaders of some of the world’s most innovative and progressive companies, focused in global technology markets. EXPERIENCE VALUE PERFORMANCE We bring a wealth of We routinely You can count on hands-on industry deliver high-quality Gillespie Manners to expertise to projects. placements. deliver. KEY FIGURES 150+ 99% 17+ Annual Projects Fulfillment Rate Years in market 5PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

GLOBAL OPERATIONS UK EMEA • 35+ annual Executive Search • 40+ annual Executive search projects projects America APAC • 70+ annual Executive Search • 35+ annual Executive Search projects projects PAGE6 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

OUR METHODOLOGY Our formalised Search Methodology is based upon Prince2; a process-based method for effective project management. Applied to all our search projects our methodology ensures we deliver a high-quality, consistent service, in a timely manner. 1 Research 2 Head-hunt We establish a source of sites and produce a We identify high- list of qualified job titles potential non-active most likely to contain a candidates, develop a suitable candidate. shortlist and exclude non-suitable individuals. 3 Screen 4 Interview Following internal We support both our interview screenings, we produce an accepted client and candidate shortlist and arrange client interviews. stakeholders through the external interview process. 5 Offer Process 6 Resignation Once an offer has We’ll manage the been made, we’ll liaise candidate through their between client and resignation and liaise candidate contacts. between stakeholders to agree a start date. 7PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

ABOUT GILLESPIE MANNERS OUR INDUSTRY EXPERTISE The Supply Chain and Logistics Team The global supply chain and logistics network is a complex and dynamic landscape. Constant work is required to seek improvements and efficiencies in supply chains in order to gain a competitive advantage by cutting costs, increasing margins and optimising assets. We attend leading global supply chain events and keep up to date with the latest news and trends. Lizzy Kurtzer - Supply Chain & Logistics Manager Since joining Gillespie Manners in 2016, Lizzy has fulfilled many mid to senior and C-level assignments across EMEA, USA and APAC. In addition to co-managing the Supply Chain and Logistics team, Lizzy oversees employee engagement, training and development across the company, utilising her Prince2 and AoEC coaching skills qualifications. Lizzy has attended many Supply Chain & Logistics industry events and keeps up-to-date with Supply Chain and Logistics trends. Daria Oborina - Supply Chain, Logistics and RFID Manager With strong project management and consultancy experience, Daria has managed multiple EU and UNIDO funded projects prior to entering the sales environment. She has over 10 years of Executive Search experience across a broad range of mid to senior level positions for leading digital agencies, investment banks, multinational consultancies, consumer goods and electronics companies and various niche RFID/IoT technology players. Daria is Prince2 certified and regularly attends industry events like NRF, EuroCIS, LogiMAT, RAIN RFID Alliance Meetings and many others . Elizabeth and Daria head a team of 7 Senior Consultants, Consultants and Researchers. Their team places over 60 candidates annually across the UK, US, EMEA and APAC. 8PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

Zak Silverstein - Supply Chain & Logistics Sr. Consultant With 6 years’ hands on industry experience, Zak joined Gillespie Manners after having led his own successful recruitment firm. He now manages the Warehousing & Planning specialism within the Supply Chain and Manufacturing team at Gillespie Manners. Outside of the office, Zak is a certified pilot. Zak has delivered a broad range of mid to senior and C-level Executive Searches across the UK, US, EMEA and APAC. Becky Ellis - Supply Chain & Logistics Sr. Consultant With 3 years’ hands on industry experience, Becky is responsible for the Sourcing, Transportation & Procurement specialism within the Supply Chain and Manufacturing team at Gillespie Manners. Becky has delivered over 25 roles, with a range of mid to senior and C-level Executive Searches across the UK, US, EMEA and APAC. Shaqeeb Hussain - Supply Chain & Logistics Consultant Shaqeeb has worked in Executive Search for over 3 years, with a client facing background in the technology sector. In his time at Gillespie Manners, he’s made over 20 senior and C-level placements in the RFID and retail software market across the UK, EMEA, US and APAC regions. He now heads the Manufacturing & Digital Twin specialism in his team. Jade Turner - Supply Chain & Logistics Consultant With over 4 years’ hands on industry experience, Jade oversees the Telematics & Fleet Transportation function within the Supply Chain and Manufacturing team at Gillespie Manners. Jade has worked a broad range of mid to senior and C-level Executive Searches, with over 20 roles successfully closed across the UK, US, EMEA and APAC. Kate Drajeanu - Supply Chain & Logistics Consultant With over 5 years’ hands on industry experience, Kate leads the RFID, Barcode & Labelling specialism within the Supply Chain and Manufacturing team at Gillespie Manners. Kate has worked a broad range of mid to senior and C-level Executive Searches across the UK, US, EMEA and APAC. 9PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

TESTIMONIALS Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our valued clients have to say about the Gillespie Manners Search & Selection experience: I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daria on several placements in recent years, and found her commitment to customer and high energy passion to deliver results unmatched amongst peers. If you are searching for the “impossible” to find candidate or a new challenge, I would highly recommend Daria. JAMES BRODZIK - BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT LEAD AT SERAI Kate recently supported me with a multiple-hire project in N. America. She and the Gillespie Manners team demonstrated an excellent understanding of my requirements and company culture...going the extra mile to ensure candidates were the right fit for our business and aligned to our values. ANIS HADJ TAIEB - SVP GLOBAL SALES AT DEMANDTEC Shaqeeb’s attention to detail and tireless efforts were a breath of fresh air to in my experience. He was able to find a near perfect match for my skill set and professional goals. It was a pleasure to work with him through my placement. I highly recommend Shaqeeb. JOHNNY POTSTON - SOLUTION ARCHITECT AT EVRYTHING PAGE 10 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

OUR CLIENTS We’re proud to support established industry leaders, emerging challengers and disruptors in their business growth and optimisation goals. Here are a few of the businesses we work with: 11PAGE Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

TIMELINE FOR SEARCH Start date for the search assignment: XX/XX/XX Estimated expected completion date of assignment: w/c XX/XX/XX Project Timeline Week 1 Agree Target List Research & Headhunting Weeks 1-3 Weeks 2 -3 Candidate Screening End of week 3 Weeks 4 - 8 Shortlist Presented Client Interviews Week 8 onwards G&M Mange candidate through offer, resignation & notice process The timescale above is the normal timescale for a retained assignment. This can be amended to suit client needs as required; for instance, if the shortlist is ready prior to week 3 we will present it early. Alternatively, if it would be preferable to review shortlists on a staggered basis then we can accommodate this. GMS&S shall use reasonable endeavours to meet the above timescale but any such dates shall be estimates only and time for performance by Gillespie Manners shall not be of the essence of this agreement. PAGE12 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

STATEMENT OF WORK Client Name:PAGE Presented to: For the role(s): Date: Our understanding of the role Role Title: Understanding of [Company Name]’s requirements Job description to follow. Some of the positions are confidential and therefore a targeted and professional approach to the marketplace is required. Gillespie Manners do not advertise roles and we take a targeted approach to the market, ensuring confidentiality is maintained. Services • Broad confirmation of target companies through initial research • Candidate generation will commence through various research methods; headhunting, and networking • We will receive all of the responses from the various forms of candidate generation and will assess all of the CVs received • The relevant and qualified candidates are interviewed against the initial specification set out by [Company Name] at the start of the project, focusing on their skills, knowledge, experience, competencies and overall cultural fit • A shortlist of 4-5 of the most relevant candidates will be presented to [Company Name]. This will include candidate profiles and experience, detailed information on current salary and notice period, career summary and interview notes • We will assist and advise [Company Name] through the interview and the offer process of the selected candidates and will guide and manage candidates through the process. 13 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

FEE STRUCTURE For this role, the fee will be a total of 27% of basic salary, the fee will be split into three payments; 1. An initial investment fee of £8,000 will be charged at the start of the assignment 2. The second investment of £8,000 will be charge upon delivery of the full shortlist of candidates 3. The remainder to be invoiced on the start date of the successful candidate. The final invoice will be adjusted to reflect the actual starting basic salary of the successful candidate. Payable upon Payable upon Payable upon TOTAL FEE commencement delivery of shortlist position start date $24,000 $8,000 $8,000 $8,000 Beginning of week 1. End of week 3. The lesser of £8,000 or The lesser of (a) the remainder of 27% of $24,000 or (b) 27% the basic salary of the of the basic salary appointed candidate. of the appointed candidate. The full fee is payable for any candidate introduced to [Company Name] by Gillespie Manners Limited, either during the course of the assignment, or by way of speculative introduction, and subsequently hired within a twelve-month period of the last interview conducted with that candidate. If the project is cancelled by [Company Name] at any time the initial investment fee of £8,000 would be liable to be paid by [Company Name] plus a further cancellation fee of 50% of the remaining fee. This is applicable when [Company Name] decide to no longer recruit this position, significantly change the position compared Section 3 ‘Our Understanding of the Role’, or put the position on hold for a period of over 3 months. If following cancellation of the search, any candidate becomes an appointed candidate the fee payable will be calculated in accordance with the terms above. If the candidate is terminated by [Company Name] within the first 3 months’ probation period then Gillespie Manners will provide a free replacement, providing that the replacement search is started within 3 months of termination. Invoices will be paid by [Company Name] at 30 days from Invoice date. Interest may be charged on late payments. All sums payable to Gillespie Manners are net of VAT, which will be charged where applicable. GMS&S will use reasonable effort to, if requested, provide the Client with a confidential assessment and career history of each candidate. Whilst GMS&S cannot itself provide a character reference on a candidate, it will use reasonable endeavours to assist in obtaining such a reference if reasonably required. While each reference will be compiled in good faith, GMS&S will not accept any liability nor responsibility for any errors or omissions in the reference or for any loss or damage arising out of any reliance on the reference. GMS&S will not accept any liability for the actions of appointed candidates once they have commenced employment. PAGE 14 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

TERMS AND CONDITIONS You can view our full Terms & Conditions of Service by clicking here or visting: Agreement to these Terms and Conditions is dated: DD/MM/YY Parties (1) Gillespie Manners Limited incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number 07139334 whose registered office is at 3rd Floor Chiltern House, 184 High Street, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, HP4 3AP (GMS&S) (2) [Company Name] incorporated and registered in England and Wales with company number [NUMBER] whose registered office is at [REGISTERED OFFICE ADDRESS] (Client) Signature on behalf of [Company Name]: Printed Name: Date: PAGE 15 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

CONTRACT This contract is between: Gillespie Manners LTD Whose registered office is: 3rd Floor, Chiltern House, 184 High Street, Berkhamsted, HP4 3AP. And: [Company Name], Whose registered office is: CONTRACT SIGNATION I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions contained herein. Signed for and on behalf of [Company Name]: Signature on behalf of Signature on behalf of [Company Name]: Gillespie Manners: Printed Name: Printed Name: Date: Date: PAGE 16 Gillespie Manners Project Proposal

Project Lead Name (+00) 1442 878 138 Gillespie Manners [email protected] 3rd Floor Chiltern House 184 High St, Berkhamsted HP4 3AP Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions. Thank you.

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