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Published by AMAY BHATTACHARYA SOSH, 2020-12-06 02:48:33

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Junior wing @ SOS Hyderabad Mile stones Vol: 1 Junior wing

May- Our Summer Vacation tasks

We acorns of Silveroaks have done many tasks and activities in the month of April and May. We had many activities and had so much fun with our family. Here are a few activities:

“Magazine Art”

“Halloween Coloring Sheet”

“Best Out Of Waste” “India and it’s neighbouring countries”

“Lemonade Preparation”

We also had quizzes of few novels and we used to read the “Times Of India”newspaper,solved puzzles in it and answered a few questions on the newspaper given by our teachers.

June Virtual classes:the new normal

Online classes are enjoyable and a lot better than nothing in lockdown.Even though it is really interesting to study online, everyday we want to meet our friends.We are gaining a lot of knowledge. We are able to ask doubts just like in school. We are able to submit tasks, learn new things, do fun activities and collaborate with each other. Teachers are making everyday special for us even if we don't know how many problems they are facing, which makes us feel very joyful. Even though we don't understand what mam is saying as clearly as we used to understand in school, we try to keep up . We felt very happy to see our friends and mam at first but after that we felt a little sad because we are not in school.We are starting to like the online classes because of the Happy month activities and PYP exhibition. All this credit goes to our mighty Silver oaks. Overall, we think that it is something we need to adjust to because it is turning into a \"new normal\" and make new memories with friends.

The First Day of the Virtual Classroom This is the Month of the first few days of virtual classroom! It was very successful, mind blowing and hyperactive. We were bustling around trying to make good friends and have fun with them for a long time. Oh how noisy we were! I surely can say that it took us a long time to make friends but it was a great experience to unite as a class. We also found out that our teachers were very kind and cared about each and every one of the class. We had a lot of fun together.

The first day of the virtual class was very exciting, fun, amusing and interesting. We all were bouncing around the home for a perfect place to sit in and started chatting away with our friends about countless things. We were also a little nervous because it was the first day with friends we still have to know about but we took a very little time to start friendship with our classmates and our kind teacher. This month was the best month ever!

The Wellbeing session The first month of Online Classes was successful. Students were having fun and were enjoying themselves with their new friends. Though they could not adapt to the new environment so early, they tried their best to adapt to the situation. They followed all the essential agreements. They cooperated with their teacher and they had fun together.

Students feeling on 1st month of online classes Students have written their feelings and opinion on the 1st month of online classes.

My First Day of Online Classes My First Day of Online Classes was the day full of excitement and happiness. I sat in the best place I could find, perfect for my video, and kept all the necessary items at hand. As soon as work was assigned, I would start completing it. I attended classes on the pinpoint of time, making sure that I was never a moment late. When the last session of the day was finished, I kept wishing for more. The way I enjoyed the Google Meets was really a miracle. I loved to see my friends whom I seldom interacted with these days. I missed my classmates dearly, who always used to be at bay. But getting to see their happy faces was a chance not to be missed, so what if they weren’t present physically ; I knew that they were always there for me. Kashvi Aggarwal Teachers Teachers are happy because students are learning well and are following the essential agreements. Teachers are using innovative ideas to develop character and teach them.

July Project July

Project July… Central Idea: How different approaches to learning enable and empower acorns to organize their learning and gain knowledge of the world around them… We...acorns of SilverOaks...have done 4 projects in the month of July…

Week 1: Social 6th to 10th July How can maps and data help understand the world better... Week 2: Science 13th to 17th July How mysteries of science intrigue us and instil curiosity in us... Week 3: Math 20th to 24th July How can we use numbers, words and math theories to push the boundaries of our mind... Week 4: English 27th to 31st July Creative expression of words, semantics, thoughts, ideas and pictures...

Enlightening Social Project In Project July...we had Social project… These skills are the ones which helped us to interpret and apply our knowledge in real life. These are the skills that we had developed in social …

It was very interesting and informative...It was a good opportunity to showcase our skills...Thanks to the whole school team for giving this opportunity... A big thank you to our homeroom teachers for guiding, motivating and inspiring us…

Self assessment: After completing the project...we self-reflected based on the future work skills… Here’s an example:

Fascinating Science Project The second project...Science Project... These are the skills we developed in science…

This project was very fascinating...We all loved it...10 mysterious places was one topic that we enjoyed the most...We learnt about Rats behaving like humans, Tyreek Hill, Strandbeests, Stomach burst, Bird Poop that changed the world, The Bermuda Triangle, Devil’s kettle, Hessdalen lights, Lake Karachay, Sleeping city of Kalachi, Never ending lightning storm, The boiling river, Experiments with water, NASA international space station and many more.

Mind-blowing Math Another interesting project....Math Project… These are the skills developed under math project:

This project is full of different creative and fun activities...Creating a mathematical story was indeed fun...Tessellations were so easy...Two truths and a lie was interesting to do… Here a few of our works:

We self reflected on our performance after the project…

Creative English Project The last and final project...English Project… These are the skills we enhanced in this project:

This project is a creative one...We put a lot of hard work into it… These are a few creative works:

Project July was very creative, motivating, inspirational and enjoyable...Once again...Thanks to the whole school team for this opportunity...And this event was very great…From this...1 thing I learnt was that, \"The important thing is to never stop questioning\" and “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.”

August August Rising

In the month of August, we had many activities and sessions with our classmates. The month was called August Rising because we had activities which helped us rise and develop and to follow this, our main activity was called Socratic Dialogues. We had these Socratic Dialogues with our friends in breakout sessions. Breakout sessions are where we do our discussions. Socratic Dialogues are just questions related to different topics. We would see few videos and in a Google Site, there would be few questions given about the different topics. A person in the group would answer questions and others would either disagree and add points to the questions. Like this, we discuss the questions and come up with a common understanding. Other activities we did were Kahoot, which is a website where quizzes are held. A teacher creates the questions and a link is given and play the quiz.

We even had brain teasers everyday where our teacher would pull up a google slide and ask us questions and we would discuss and answer the questions. Some other memorable events were Independence Day, where we had many fun activities and enjoyed with our friends. We had Ganesh Chaturthi where we made a turmeric ganesha seeing a youtube tutorial. We even had the elections for the year 2020 and everyday we saw the election campaign videos of the candidates and we had a voting day, then a person was chosen for MLA, MP, PM and President. That was all the events for the August month.

September Synergized September (images)

September was a special month for us. Mainly because of the great teachers day. We had planned a special video for our teachers and surprised them on the day of teachers day. We also started learning about the amazing cities in which our magnificent schools were placed. Visakhapatnam,Hyderabad and Bengaluru. We watched videos which a historian from our school beautifully explained about the three cities. We had celebrated the beautiful festival of Onam by watching a live stream on the festival. This was one of the most fun month of the year.

October October Mantras (Rest of the pics)

Starting in 2010,Silver Oaks embarked on the mission of building character to the mantras of Mahatma. And also with 10 years of consistent efforts Silver Oaks is building a generation of children generating their own values. They are grooming us acorns to demonstrate good character and competence . On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, in this lockdown, the school took a step towards our cultural development by inviting Margaret Hepworth, who began the project “The Gandhi Experiment” to spread awareness about Peace Education, after that we and our families had a discussion on how to try to make peace in our lives.And also our School Gave us an Opportunity to meet Rajmohan Gandhi the grandson Of Mahatma Gandhi.

Mantras of Mahatma In the month of October, our HRTs made us aware of the Mantras of Mahatma, Satyagraha,Sarvodaya, Swaraj, Swadesh, and also Swadharma, more deeply through many activities. TIE by Teachers TIE by our homeroom teachers is spectacular. They made it in an interesting way for acorns to understand and relate to the Novels from grade 1 to grade 12. And this also made us exposed to drama and we also discovered our teachers, acting skills!

Dussehra This virtual Dussehra we burnt our bad habits in an unique way. Our teachers created documents in Google docs and we wrote our bad habits and submitted them and after that our teachers sent it to our grade heads and they took printouts/wrote them. While in our school they lit a bonfire where our heads burnt our bad habits. It was the coolest way of burning our bad habits that we have ever experienced.


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