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Hoke County and Cumberland County Kidsville News, July 2018

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2018-07-02 13:32:41

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Proudly sponsored by: UP & COMING WEEKLY My paperCumberland and Hoke cCoouunnttiieess’’FFuunnFFaammiillyyNNeewwssppaappeerr•• July 2018AAmmeerriiccaa’’ss ffoouunnddiinnggddooccuummeennttssF REE 1JULY 2018

2 JULY 2018

THE FUN FAMILY NEWSPAPER Hi, Kids!seCwatuusAconaoWtbsosmaoeAoijsIcenetosonrcfnDmmtahlcehfy“yunihuuJJsCtotAroouueiuaeteiiet.linoldp,marwullrrerclssTyygiol!nietenn,anyhtchpim,urog4tgsomeateeooyyhwnoyfon,’ydoorpeftswcdomohwsrt1uoutalewu”baehoe7netalnhiearbomosa7cr1tnostedeictrenau6br7heeieueahcnillWno,d0nesicdrtcneiktbeusato0orfhdvhmoimrestulyndereeselsraaAsat.w,a.leea.dfidi“tIsemktidctihrR’rtC”vemesyelewyoaeeaevurtwJbmbsrsaaearetuliaaehktrcoolddsn.luokiednymalurrslsiydmdgka’dtepaisfsanieolteovflsl!hhdebfrtroerreeeIiireetonsrmwnrosaatpeuBgodteolnstehiryltmywttnilyahs?ed.oeyaeiaIIefsnsnursRlnR.soupetcihevgbvelee,haoefwtftl“rcsoeuoC.eetrmioleooegnnnbwBenatrtrheaeritteyotcaintiFilngoeonausrr”nth of Cumberland and Hoke Counties Subscribe FREE online at PUBLISHER Bill Bowman [email protected] EDITOR Stephanie Crider [email protected] DIRECTOR/GRAPHIC ARTIST Elizabeth Long [email protected] SALES & MARKETING Linda McAlister [email protected] DISTRIBUTION MANAGER Laurel Handforth [email protected] ILLUSTRATOR Cover & Truman • Dan NelsonCopyright © 2017 by Merrigold Publishing, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this issue may be reproduced in whole or in part in anyform without permission of the publisher or copyright holder. Neitherparticipating advertisers nor the publishers will be responsible orliable for misinformation, misprints or typographical errors. Thepublishers reserve the right to edit any submitted material. MerrigoldPublishing, Inc. is not responsible for unsolicited manuscripts, artwork,or other material. Children’s submissions should include name, address,telephone number, and permission to publish signed by a parent orguardian.FTCC Children’s CENTER summer camps MO7CtoAehCnaneMadntrlaHedeCtyron-hlFi-lodesio6FdsaloFrialPrnioTpdyfgMwCeao&sCnysr. the summer camp is for rising first - seventh-graders! Coincides with summer vacation for Cumberland County schools Field trips and food included in the tuition! ON-CAMPUS ACTIVITIES, PLUS LHOOCTALLUFNIECLHDATNRDIPSA!FDTEARILNYONOUNTRSNITAIOCUKSS!MEALS INCLUDING BREAKFAST,THEME-BASED CURRICULUM | FEATURED CRAFTS & SCIENCE ACTIVITIES | USE OF FTCC CAMPUS FIELD TRIPS TO AREA RESTAURANTS, MUSEUMS, PARKS AND THE ZOO! (910) 678-8560Vfoisrirtewgwistwra.ftaiyotnecinhfcocr.medaut/iochnilodrrecanlsl-tcoednateyr! License ID 26001112 220E1dHuulcl Raotaido,nFayfoetrteLviillfee, NCJULY 2018 3

The Constitution outlines the rules that define our government. The American Constitution was written citizens. Many states would not ratify the passed and became known as the Bill ofin Philadelphia in 1787. The Constitution Constitution without these guaranteed rights. Rights. They focus on guaranteeing rightswas remarkable because it established an and freedoms for American citizens.American national government, but it was Congress can change the Constitution Many of these rights were inspired bynot perfect. One flaw was that it did not by passing amendments. James Madison things that the British did during theinclude some basic rights for American wrote 12 amendments in 1789 and Revolutionary War. presented them to the First Congress. Ten• The First Amendment protects freedom of religion, freedom of • The Sixth Amendment guarantees a speedy trial by a jury ofspeech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly and the right one’s peers and legal representation. People accused of crimesto protest. also have the right to know with what they are being charged.• The Second Amendment protects the citizens’ right to bear arms. • The Seventh Amendment says that civil cases must be tried• The Third Amendment says that soldiers cannot take over a by jury. • The Eighth Amendment protects citizens from cruel and unusualhome during war or peace without the owner’s permission.• The Fourth Amendment protects property. An American citizen’s cannot be searched or taken without reasonable cause. • The Ninth Amendment says that people have rights other than• The Fifth Amendment says that citizens don’t have to testify just the ones listed here. • The Tenth Amendment gives all the power not given to the U.S.against themselves if they think it will incriminate them. Italso says that private property can’t be seized without fair government by the Constitution to the states or to the people.compensation. JULY 2018

Days to remember in July 1. July 4, or Independence Day, 2. Our neighbors to the north 3. On July 14, the French celebrate WAroOunRd LthDe is a federal holiday in the U.S. celebrate on July 1. It’s to Bastille Day. It’s a celebration July 4 is the day the Continental commemorate the Constitution Congress declared the 13 Act. This is the legislation that of the beginning of the French American colonies free from consolidated three territories, Britain. Many people consider the creating the country we now Revolution in 1789. Fourth of July America’s birthday. know as Canada.When the colonists in America started fighting the British in April of 1775, theyweren’t looking to break free from Britain. Theywere fighting for their rights as British citizens. ByOctober, King George was furious at what he sawas their rebellion. He ordered more troops andmore ships to head to America to squelchthe uprising.By January 1776, the colonists had caught windof the king’s plan. They were furious with theking and many started thinking independencefrom Britain might be the answer. In Marchof 1776, North Carolina’s revolutionaryconvention voted in favor of independence,the first to do so. On July 4, 1776, Congressadopted the Declaration of Independence, butthe war dragged on for eight more years, finallyending in the fall of 1783. GEE THANKS!to our partners for sponsoring our Kidsville News! in literacy initiativeJULY 2018 To be a corporate educational sponsor, call: 910.484.6200 5

This page proudly sponsored by Kingdom: Animalia Order: Ostreoida Phylum: Mollusca Superfamily: Ostreoidea Class: Bivalvia Family: Ostreidae Oysters are a bivalve shell. The average oyster mollusk common all over the can filter up to 10 liters of world. As adults, they live their water an hour – that’s 50 entire lives in a shell rooted to gallons a day. one place underwater. They are filter feeders, meaning They are a very they suck in water over their important species gills. The gills have tiny hairs for keeping many called cilia and are covered saltwater and freshwater in mucus that catches plankton ecosystems healthy. They and other particles. The cilia help to keep the water then transport the nutrients to clean by filtering out the oyster’s mouth. They also things that could make catch sediments, nutrients and other animals sick. They algae that is in the water. live in large groups that The food that they catch gets form beds, or reefs. This digested in the stomach, and also provides a habitat the water is expelled from the for fish, sea anemones and barnacles.• Oysters are related to scallops, clams and • Each group contains many different species. • The oyster excretes a fluid called nacre that mussels. • There are 150 species of oyster. coats whatever is stuck in the shell. This is • Pollution and rising acidity in the ocean threaten• Oyster reefs protect the coast by blocking large supposed to make it less bothersome. waves that could cause erosion and flooding. many oyster beds. • Over time, the layers of nacre build up, creating • Oysters are not large animals They range in size• Oysters are carnivores. a pearl.• Their shells are made of calcium. from 1.2 inches to 6 inches. • Pearls are made of the same material as an• There are four main groups of oysters. Some • Humans, sea turtles, fish and marine mammals, oyster’s shell: calcium carbonate. are popular for food. Pearl oysters produce including otters, all eat oysters. • Most pearls today are created by freshwater • Pearls are created when an irritating piece of pearls. There are also thorny oysters and saddle mussels and pearl oysters. sand, rock or parasite gets stuck inside a pearl oysters. oyster’s shell. JULY 2018

History of Embroidery Samplers A sampler is a piece of embroidery that is created to show or test needle-working skill. They were especially popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. For many years, in England and America, needlework was an important part of a woman’s education. Women were expected to be able to take care of a home, and part of that included repairing clothes and linens. As they learned to stitch, either in schools or from their female family members, girls would make samplers to show off their needleworking skills. At first, the samplers might contain letters, numbers and different kinds of stitching. In a home, women often marked their linens with their initials and a number. These marking samplers proved that they mastered this skill. Those with more advanced skills could make decorative samplers. These could contain intricate and beautiful pictures or patterns. Families might frame and display these samplers in the home to show off their daughter’s skill to potential husbands. • Samplers could take hundreds of hours to complete. They represented patience, skill and obedience • Many decorative samplers were religious scenes. • Samplers were often on silk or linen. • Women would put new stitches that they learned in their sampler. They could look at it later to remember the stitch. • Wealthy families would send their daughters to schools run by other women. They would learn knitting, sewing and sampler-making. • Some of the most complicated samplers came from women who attended these schools. • Women would sign their samplers with their name, age and the date the sampler was completed. • Today, surviving samplers are displayed in museums. • Sampler comes from the French word essamplaire, which means a kind of work to be copied. • The earliest known sampler made in America is from 1645. It was created by Loara Standish, who lived in the Plymouth colony. 2018 7

Your Onli ne Weather Education ResourceOver the last 10 years, more more about weather and weather in the earth’s atmosphere. Another resource and hidden than 5,000 people have safety. Did you know that the National JetStream has lesson plans and gem on JetStream is the glossary, died in the U.S. because of Weather Service has an online weather which has meanings to manytornadoes, tropical storms, hurricanes, school called JetStream? For the past experiments that can be used in the weather terms. So if you everfloods, lightning strikes and extremes of 15 years, JetStream has served as classroom. They cover a variety of wondered what the true definitionheat or cold. During the same period, NOAA’s Online School for Weather, topics, such as the atmosphere, ocean, of cumulonimbus, lapse rate, or jethazardous weather events caused over an information source to help educators, clouds, thunderstorms and many more. max is, the JetStream glossary is the$150 billion in property damage. emergency managers, or anyone In addition to lesson plans, JetStream place to go! Severe weather can be a interested in learning about weather also provides instructions for hands-ondangerous and costly enemy. The and weather safety. JetStream is activities!.Students can create their own Whether you are a student,more we know about the weather and designed with a comprehensive, well- Cloud Spotter Wheel and 3-D Water educator, emergency manager,the better we understand it, the safer organized, and colorfully illustrated Cycle Model. Learn how at or just simply interested in weatherwe will be when it threatens us. curricula designed to help teach about and weather safety, JetStream is the It’s never too early to start to learn the wonders and dangers that abound place to go for all of your weather LL_headclouds and needs. So take some time and jetstream/LL_watercycle_craft. check out the website at weather. gov/jetstream and enjoy all it has8 to offer. JULY 2018

What is it like to be... This page proudly sponsored by Fayetteville AcademyPlease tell our readers a little bit about layers tell us about the people of Jamestown over What is the coolest thing you’ve unearthedyourself. time and what they were doing and where they were at Jamestown?My name is David Givens, and I’m an archaeologist doing things. I get that question every day! The highlight of mywith the Jamestown Rediscovery project, Jamestown, Why is this work important? career was digging in a well that dated to 1611.Virginia. I grew up on a farm, and when I was 14, I It’s hot and hard work at times, but as we dig, we Sixteen feet down in the earth I found children’sfound a quartz spear point in one of our fields. I took bring new understanding to how our nation began. shoes, a matchlock pistol and a ceremonial axe thatit to my history teacher and asked her where it came The English arrived into the world of the Powhatan belonged to the governor, Lord Delaware. All offrom, where the people went and why we haven’t Indians and within a few years were joined by the these things were in excellent condition. Wells arelearned about them in our books. She directed first Africans. Archaeology can show – through the anaerobic environments (lacking oxygen) so theme to a volunteer archaeology group and I was artifacts we find – how these three diverse cultures objects had very little decay even though they werehooked. I ended up going to college and studying lived out their lives together at Jamestown in the nearly 400 years old.archaeology and then did graduate work at Leicester beginning of our nation. I’m always reminding Do you have any advice for aspiringUniversity in England. I think I love archaeology visitors that the things we find in the dirt belonged archaeologists?because, like working on the farm, it’s outdoors and to colonists like John Smith, Pocahontas and John Archaeologist use math (surveying), reading andinvolves working with your hands. Rolfe. It’s too cool! writing, computer science (digital mapping), historyWhat does an archaeologist do? What is something you wish everyone knew and public speaking. It can seem like you mayOur day often starts before it gets hot. Much of the about Jamestown or archaeology? never use the skills that you are learning in schooltime, we are digging, using shovels or trowels. We When people come to visit me here at the now, but if you want to be an archaeologist, youuncover the site – we use plastic sheets to keep the archaeology site, they are surprised to find out how will want to pay attention in class (no, your teacherrain off – and then we get our equipment and notes complex and diverse the past was. In our history didn’t pay me to say that). I hire folks because theytogether. Archaeology requires quite a bit of note books, we learn about John Smith, Pocahontas and are smart, responsible and can talk to the publictaking so people in the future can understand what others. Through the archaeology, we have found and tell them what we are finding. A love for thewe dug up. We see the dirt like layers of cake – the thousands of artifacts representing women, children, outdoors is also good. If you find that you are thebottom of the cake is the oldest, and the top layers Virginia Indians and Africans. The process is also last kid in from the playground, then archaeologythe youngest. Our job is to keep those layers of exciting to them. We slowly peel the layers back and, may be for you!“history cake” in proper order so we can reconstruct right in front of them, find objects that tell us aboutwhat happened in the past. Artifacts we find in those those diverse people and how they interacted. FAYETTEVILLE ACADEMY Why choose us for your child’s education? 3200 Cliffdale Road • Voted Best Private School by Readers’ Choice and Fayetteville, NC 28303 Best of Fayetteville readers’ polls See our website for information on our 910.868.5131 Summer Odyssey summer camps program. • Chromebook and iPad pilot programsFayetteville Acoadmemy is an independent, college • Grades 4-7 LEGO® Robotics Team 9 • Middle/Upper School STEAM SmartLab® openingpreparatory school that offers Pre-K – 12th gradestudents a personalized education that prepares them in 2018for success in school and life. • 81% of AP exams taken resulted in a score of 3 orFayetteville Academy admits qualified students and does not discriminate on the basis of race, higher.color, national or ethnic origin, or religion in the administration of admissions, educational policies, • The 39 members of the Class of 2017 were offeredfinancial aid, athletic programs, or other activities. more than $3.6 million in college scholarships and grants. • More than $500,000 in need-based financial aid awarded annually to qualified applicants.JULY 2018

MATHTIME huIn’mgry! hunIg’mrier! I’m 15¢ 12¢ Cody! 33¢ Troy, Josh and Cody are arguing over who will be 33¢ 18¢ first, second and third in line for lunch. How many You spent exactly 33¢. Circle the two things that different ways can they line up? you bought! (6 different ways) Students may act out this problem or use manipulatives such as (blackberries and the kiwi) 15¢ + 18¢ =33¢ teddy bear counters (one red, one blue, one green) to represent the three students. They should keep a table or chart to record their results. Did You KNOW? Send it!*Hey, Kids! Developing domestic green power sources can helpMeet my new BFF the Duck from Duck Donuts! countries reduce theirWe want to remind you to send us your photos, dependence on foreign fueloriginal artwork, letters, poems and stories, sources. According to the U.S.We would really love hearing from you. We Environmental Protectionmay even print them in a later issue or include Agency, conventional powerthem on our cool website. consumed in the United is produced in part from imported fossil fuels, includingName: Age: petroleum and natural gas. Electricity produced from solar,Address: Grade: wind, geothermal, biogas, and low-impact hydroelectricCity: State: Zip: sources are some examples of green power that can bePhone: produced domestically. Such energy sources typicallyName of your School or location where you picked up a copy of Kidsville News!: produce zero emissions and can help consumers greatlyParent, Teacher, Guardian Signature (Permission): reduce their carbon footprints,Email: although the EPA notes that some renewable energy (Receive a “Free” online subscription of Kidsville News!) technologies, such as large hydroelectric resources, can*If your submission appears in Kidsville News! have a small impact on theyou will be entitled to a FREE Duck Donut just by environment. picking up your FREE Duck Donut Card at 208 Rowan Street, Fayetteville NC 28301. 910-484-6200. Each month, one lucky student chosen from ALL the submissions will win Duck Donuts for their entire class! Send to: 208 Rowan Street Fayetteville, NC 28301 • 910-484-620010 JULY 2018

Find us on Sponsored by:JULY 2018 For more information, call (910)433-1730 N! Sparky wants you to learn to stop, drop, and roll if your clothes catch fire. Can you find the objects below in the pictures? Circle them and then color the Developed by the NFPA. 1 Batterymarch Park, Quincy, MA 02169 The name and image of Sparky® are trademarks of the NFPA.11

Atticus Zane, age 8 1/2 Kathryn Brice12 JULY 2018

SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY1 2 3 4 5 6 7Fayetteville Register now! Air Field of Honor at Fort Bragg’s 4th of Hope Mills Food Garden Railway atSymphony Orchestra ASOM Parade July celebration. Truck Rodeo at HopeIndependence Concert Born Aerial Fitness Grounds through 3-10 p.m. Free and Mills Municipal Park. Cape Fear Botanicalat Festival Park. Circus Camp. July 6. Open daily. open to the public. 5-8 p.m.7:30 p.m. Free. July 9-20 for ages Free. 910-643-2778. 910-396-9126. 910-426-4103. Garden, daily910-433-4690. 6-17. www.airborn- through Aug. 31. 910-486-0221.8 9 10 Public Works 11 12 13 14 exhibit at Fayetteville After 5 in African World Peace 910-867-6032 Air Born Aerial Arts Council Murchison Road Fascinating Story Fitness Circus Camp of Fayetteville/ Community Farmers Time at Fascinate-U. Festival Park. 5 p.m. Festival in downtown July 9-20 for ages Cumberland County Market at Bronco 10 a.m. Free. 910- 6-17. www.airborn- through July 21. Free. Square. 829-9171. Free. www.faydog- Fayetteville. 910-323-1776. 10 a.m.-2 p.m. 845-216-1242. July 14-15. www.afri- events/211 canpeacefestival.org15 16 Fayetteville 17 18 Fayetteville 19 20 21 SwampDogs SwampDogs vs. Holly Nature Story Time at vs. Morehead Races at the Come See the Trains Springs J. Bayard Clark Park. City Marlins at J.P. Fayetteville Motor at Fascinate-U. Salamanders at J.P. 1 p.m. 910-433-1579. Riddle Stadium. Speedway. Event Noon to 4 p.m. Free. Riddle Stadium. 910-426-5900 times vary. 910-829-9171. 910-426-5900 910-223-7223.22 23 24 25 26 Fly-tying 27 July 27-29 28 forum at John 5th Annual LEGO freeplay at Fayetteville 910-867-6032 E. Pechman National East Regional Library. SwampDogs J.P. Fishing Education Day of the cowboy 2-4 p.m. Riddle Stadium. Center. 6:30 p.m. at 7 Branch Arena. 910-426-5900 Free. 910-868-5003. www.dayofthecow- boync.com29 30 315th Annual National 910-867-6032Day of the cowboyat 7 Branch

Character Bear says: LET’S HAVE FUN WITH SCIENCE! Hello Summer! Activity: Make a Fistful of Slime! a. What You Need: Bowl; Measuring cups; Water; Cornstarch; Food coloring (optional) and Resealable plastic bag b. What You Do: i. Pour 1/3 cup of water into the bowl. If you want to add food coloring, drip five drops into the water. ii. Measure ¾ cup of cornstarch and begin sprinkling it into the water, a little at a time, until the measuring cup is empty. iii. Let the concoction stand for three or four minutes. iv. Now reach a hand (or both!) into the concoction and press the slime into a hard ball. Open your hand and watch and feel the ball return to its liquid state! v. Store your slime in a resealable bag. (Never pour slime down the drain. If you need to discard it, put it in the trash.) c. Why it Works: Slime is a polymer (a natural or man-made compound made of long chains of identical molecules called monomers). It’s also a “non- Newtonian fluid.” That means it breaks the rules that scientist Isaac Newton wrote saying a liquid moves and acts the same whether you’re squeezing it, holding it, or just observing it. How does it do it? Cross-links of molecules and the right proportion of ingredients! Activity: Exploding Marshmallows! Does your child ask questions about the magical mystery microwave? Now you a. What You Need: can show her how and Marshmallows; Plate; Microwave oven and Bar of soap (optional) why it works, while demonstrating just how b. What You Do: strangely foods can behave while inside the crazy cooker. i. Make sure you supervise your child doing this experiment and explain that he always need permission if he wants to use appliances in unusual ways. ii. Have your child place a marshmallow on a plate in a microwave. Turn the microwave on for 30 seconds. Watch what happens. iii. Change the time you microwave the marshmallow and see what happens. Be careful: the marshmallow will be very hot when done. iv. Repeat this experiment with a bar of soap. The microwave will smell like soap after you finish. But not forever. c. What’s Going ON?: Microwaves have a unique property that makes them useful for cooking – the ability to excite water molecules. Microwaves cause water molecules in food to spin. As the molecules spin faster, they heat up. The hot water molecules then cause the food to heat up. When things heat up, they expand. As the marshmallow heats up, the tiny bubbles of moist air trapped inside grow, and the marshmallow gets big – very big. Now that your child knows this, ask him these questions: What did you see on the surface of the marshmallow after it was heated? Why do you think it only reached a certain size? Soon he’ll be guessing how all the appliances work! Character Education is supported by the Cumberland County Schools’ Counseling Department and the Safe and Drug Free Schools Grant. To link to the CCS Counseling Department, visit JULY 2018

JULY 2018 Coloring! 15 Celebrate National Grilling Month! Draw utenstils that a master griller would use.

The Snyder Music Academy Summer 2018 Camps Offering Quality Music Education for All in a Christian Setting !yadoT topS ruoY evreseR Reserve Your Spot Today! Kindermusik Playdates Birth - 5 years Tuition: $17 per class (Tuition includes class, Kindermusik May Session - 4 weeks AND music download card and instrument.) Birth - 5 yrs old Check website for times Tuition: $55 June 13 & 18, July 9 & 18, Aug. 8 Instructors: Kerri Hurley Instructors: Kerri Hurley May 9, 16, 23 & 30 Laura Thompson Musical Art Camps Theatre Camps for Kids! Ages: 6 - 13 $80 - $90.00 Tuition: $115.00 Dance Camps (Tuition includes materials.) $65.00 Check website for 2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. days, times, & ages Monday, July 23 - Friday, July 27 Monday, July 30 - Friday, August 3 Instructor: Caroline Merino REGISTER TODAY FOR CAMPS MAY - AUGUST! Private Lessons are available for instruments. For more information, please view our website and select the Registeration Information Page. or Call us at(910)484-104116 JULY 2018

JULY 2018 17

Truman's SSuummmmeerr CCaammpp DDiirreeccttoorryy 2018 Fascinate-U Museum Methodist University Camp weeks: July 16-20/Aug 13-17 116 Green Street MUSIC Summer JAM! 910-829-9171 910-630-7100 Camp Rockfish Methodist DAY & OVERNIGHT CAMPS University 910-425-3529 Forensic Science: CSI Camp Cumberland County 910-630-7000 Public Library 910-483-7727 [email protected] Snyder Music Academy SUMMER MUSIC & ART CAMPS 910-484-1041 JULY 2018

Kidsville KitchenFire up the grill for fresh veggiesVegetables are more versatile than many people may know. Steamingor sautéing vegetables might be among the most popular ways to cookveggies, but grillmasters know that it’s not just main dishes that taste greatwhen cooked over an open flame. As the following recipe for “CharredGreen Beans with Lemon Verbena Pesto” from Karen Adler and JudithFertig’s “The Gardener & The Grill” (Running Press) can attest, grilledvegetables make for simple yet satisfying side dishes.GREEN BEANS11⁄2 pounds slender green beans2 teaspoons olive oilLEMON VERBENA PESTO1 cup fresh lemon verbena leaves (substitute fresh lemon balm leaves)2 garlic cloves1⁄4 cup grated Parmesan cheese1⁄4 cup pine nuts or English walnuts1⁄2 cup olive oil Fine kosher or sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste1. Prepare a hot fire in your grill.2. Toss the beans with olive oil and place in a perforated grill basket or wok set on a baking sheet.3. For the Lemon Verbena Pesto, combine the lemon verbena, garlic, cheese and nuts in a food processor and pulse to puree. Slowly add the olive oil with the processor running until the mixture thickens and emulsifies, about 1 minute. Season to taste with salt and pepper. The pesto will keep in the refrigerator for seven to 10 days, or it may be frozen for up to three months.4. Place the grill wok or basket directly over the fire and stir- grill, tossing the beans with wooden paddles or grill spatulas until crisp-tender, about 5 to 8 minutes. Transfer the grilled beans to a large bowl and toss with about 1⁄4 cup of the Lemon Verbena Pesto or to taste.JULY 2018 19

See Something Say Something Together, we can help keep our schools and community safe. LOOK. LISTEN. BE AWARE. STAY SAFE. #KeepHokeSafe Report threats or suspicious behavior to: Hoke County Sheriff’s Department (910) 875-5111 Raeford Police Department (910) 875-4251 Hoke County Schools (910) 875-410620 JULY 2018

WHAT This image captured by the IS THE Dawn spacecraft is an enhancedASTEROID color view of Ceres, the largest BELT? object in the asteroid belt. By Linda Hermans-Killiam Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/ UCLA/MPS/DLR/IDA There are millions of pieces of rocky material left The asteroid belt is about as wide as the distance mission mapped the surface of Ceres. From Dawn, over from the formation of our solar system. These between Earth and the sun. It’s a big space, so the we learned that the outermost layer of Ceres — rocky chunks are called asteroids, and they can be objects in the asteroid belt aren’t very close together. called the crust — is made up of a mixture of rock found orbiting our sun. Most asteroids are found That means there is plenty of room for spacecraft to and ice. between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. They orbit safely pass through the belt. In fact, NASA has already the sun in a doughnut-shaped region of space sent several spacecraft through the asteroid belt! The Dawn spacecraft also visited the asteroid Vesta. called the asteroid belt. Vesta is the second largest object in the asteroid belt. The total mass of objects in the asteroid belt is only It is 329 miles across, and it is the brightest asteroid in Asteroids come in many different sizes — from tiny about four percent the mass of our moon. Half of this the sky. Vesta is covered with light and dark patches, rocks to giant boulders. Some can even be hundreds mass is from the four largest objects in the belt. These and lava once flowed on its surface. of miles across! Asteroids are mostly rocky, but some objects are named Ceres, Vesta, Pallas and Hygiea. also have metals inside, such as iron and nickel. The asteroid belt is filled with objects from the dawn Almost all asteroids have irregular shapes. However, The dwarf planet Ceres is the largest object in the of our solar system. Asteroids represent the building very large asteroids can have a rounder shape. asteroid belt. However, Ceres is still pretty small. It blocks of planets and moons, and studying them is only about 587 miles across — only a quarter the helps us learn about the early solar system.JULY 2018 diameter of Earth’s moon. In 2015, NASA’s Dawn For more information Visit to about asteroids, visit: explore space and Earth science! Source Image © 21

Even though these episode, even the ones that are not episodes are clearly for centered around her. I am aware younger kids, I can’t that My Little Pony has some deny that I like them. I pretty interesting stories. These don’t think I’ll actually episodes reference major events start watching the show, in past shows, and one episode but this DVD can be has two characters who appear to enjoyed by the whole family because it is so be recurring characters, so I really entertaining. wouldn’t recommend this DVD as a way to fully understand what This DVD is a collection takes place on the show. of five shorts from “My That being said, Applejack has a sweet Southern Little Pony: Friendship is accent and works on a farm. I like that My Little Pony Magic,” with most of the shows have a moral compass that teaches positive episodes centered around lessons. This show should make lots of parents happy. the character Applejack. My Little Pony has put a ton of effort and care put She is an important into each episode. I’m impressed with this show. character in every Oftentimes in shows, filler episodes are boring, and they make you wish you were watching a story-driven episode. This isn’t the case with this DVD. My Little Pony has some really interesting characters. The main cast consists of six characters, or “The Mane 6” as they’re often referred to outside the show. I like when shows have a large cast of recurring characters that really make their world feel real. It helps world-building and character dynamics. As I mentioned, these episodes focus mainly on one character, Applejack, but sometimes the other members of The Mane 6 share the spotlight. If you like Twilight Sparkle, Rainbow Dash and Rarity, then you will love this series because they are highly featured. My main issue is that, ironically, my favorite member of The Mane 6, Fluttershy, isn’t in any of these episodes. I know the episodes are about Applejack, but from what I’ve seen of recent My Little Pony episodes, Fluttershy is the most underdeveloped of the group. I give this DVD 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 12. The DVD is available now.22 JULY 2018

BEGINNER READS 1-2-3: A Child's First Counting A Couple of Boys Have the Best Week Book Ever By Alison Jay By Marla Frazee For ages 0-3 For ages 4-7 Each page represents a number and James and his friend Eamon spend a also offers delightful hidden surprises. week with Eamon's grandparents, Bill and Every page is a scavenger hunt with Pam. Each day Bill drives them to camp tons of little details tucked into the where they seem underwhelmed by the nooks and crannies of the illustrations activities. Bill, an Antarctica buff, wants that reinforce that page's number. to take the boys to the penguin exhibit at Children (and their parents) will enjoy the Natural History Museum, but they'd recognizing characters they know well. rather stay home and watch TV.PAGETURNERS Hero By Mike Lupica Kate and the Beanstalk For ages 8-12 By Mary Pope Osborne For ages 5-9 Fourteen-year-old Zach Harriman knows he has a pretty amazing dad. He Like Jack of old, Kate sets out to sell accepts that his dad’s job as a govern- the cow and ends up trading it for a ment agent with a high security clear- handful of magic beans. She tosses the ance means that Zachary must be kept beans out the window, and overnight, a in the dark about much of what he beanstalk grows. Here's where the does. When Zach’s father dies, Zach story takes a turn. Climbing up the learns just how many secrets his dad beanstalk, Kate meets an old woman had, including his super-hero powers. who tells her how the fine castle above What is more surprising to Zach is that the clouds once belonged to a noble these powers are hereditary! knight until a monstrous giant killed him and took it over. Chomp By Carl HiaasenADVANCED READS For ages 10-12 Gilda Joyce, Psychic Investigator Meet the Cray family of Florida: Wahoo By Jennifer Allison Cray’s dad, Mickey, is a professional animal For ages 10 & Up wrangler, and the family’s backyard is a pretty wild place; it’s a real zoo! However, Thirteen-year-old Gilda Joyce has been over the years, his dad’s unpredictable be- interested in surveillance ever since havior and terrible business sense have led reading Harriet the Spy. Her favorite to a steady decline in income, and when possession is the old manual typewriter Wahoo’s mom is forced to take a longterm her father gave her before he died. She job in China in order to pay the bills, likes to imagine that her father's spirit Wahoo is left to help manage the animals is inside, encouraging her to write. After AND his temperamental dad. announcing to her class that she will be going to San Francisco for the summer and writing a novel, Gilda must figure out a way to make that happen.JULY 2018 23

24 JULY 2018

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