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Women's View Magazine, May 2020

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2020-05-08 15:03:14

Description: Women's View Magazine, May 2020

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VOLUME 14 | ISSUE 5 MAY | 2020 Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community MAGAZINE cCraovinmg •mu•ni•ca•tion Book Talk with Memes, Podcasts Write On More Book Clubs In and Modern to Express inside: town and online Communication Yourself

RTeogdiasyte! r & Inspiring • Educating • Empowering & Celebrating Local Women since 2008 Mary Kate BurkeKeynote Speaker New Location Artistic Director | Cape Fear Regional Theatre SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: For the safety of our community, this event has been10:00 am–12:00 noon..............Shopportunity Expo & Wine Tasting open 12:00 noon–2:00 pm................Luncheon, Keynote Speaker, Prizes and More 2:00–2:30 pm...............................Shopportunity Expo & Wine Tasting continues Catering Provided by Two Brothers, of The Vine CANCELLEDTMhJoWuairnyesdu1lsoa4yToIkCVfKEoErNTwDSEaSO:xhro$cEdRpp4lxfooSrut5rpttoh:ous0en0$iisvt(8yieen0ec0i0ln-u$gdW9ee0Tisnv0a0teshwtri•BteihynaoSSrgnhp!&eoopngpseootrrosPFtLhuuorito9irtnepcm1riaeastane0yoncAydryC-dEevs4qaaxasijul8npnlouiewld4fpoiasoni-tpEbtria6dhoomulne2urnsatdcs0-ta:taiC0h1totieanoLolK:nulW9ui9FndW1ro1Wsc0vu.0nFh.Ain4.lYee4lE8deTxo84TaEtNn.4tV6IiLee.oL2t6EwvinL02cAe.s0Dk0InEe0SPttO)WiEnRLUANCuH.CgOMu•s#FtL.PL NUWBNS PICTURE OF HEALTH Rodney Sherrill Stephanie K. Frink, bPyoesSghahnDatwelysniegnse & Thermography, LLC Realtor Natural Haircare Chi Chi Okoroafor DREAM BOONE TRAIL VACATIONS at Hope Mills VENDORS Paparazzi Jewelry Mary Kay Cosmetics INCLUDE: REGISTER TODAY ONLINE! MAGAZINE For more details on our WWW.FAYETTEVILLELADIESPOWERLUNCH.COM • #FLPL 2020 events, check out 2 | MAY 2020

Inside May 6 ARE YOU SAYING WHAT YOU 16 WRITE IT OUT THINK YOU’RE SAYING? Whether you’ve been writing your whole life or you’re just With new acronyms, memes and other technological starting, Robin Deffendall offers some helpful advice. vernacular popping up regularly, you can always learn something new. 20 SPOTLIGHT ON DIANE PARFITT 8 A NOVEL IDEA Meet Diane Parfitt, the 2020 Greater Fayetteville Chamber’s ATHENA Leadership Award® winner. The wealth of knowledge and entertainment found in books makes reading a wonderful past-time. It can be even more 21 A WHOLE NEW WORLD fun with friends. Emily Neville shares her journey of learning French and how 10 DEAF AND HARD OF that knowledge has helped her connect to other people who HEARING COMMUNITY know the language. Pattie J. Griffin, a teacher for the deaf community, explains different aspects of the hearing-impaired culture. 14 RECORD AND PRESS PLAY 26 HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY The range of podcast genres is vast. Learn about podcasts Say “thank you” to Mom with this delicious and refreshing recipe and how you can start one of your own in this article by for a cold mango souffle topped with toasted coconut. Caroline Schafer. 28 THE BIG 15 15 THINK BEFORE YOU POST The Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County hosts the It’s easy to post without a second thought. Proceeding with 15th Annual “Public Works” exhibition, along with reoccurring caution, however, could save you from legal trouble. monthly block parties held on Fayetteville’s Fourth Fridays. 2020 MAY | 3

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 14 ISSUE 5 As I pen this letter in late process is accurate sources of data, lest PUBLISHER April, COVID-19 is wreaking information become askew. What can Bill Bowman, F & B Publications havoc across North Carolina happen reminds me of The Telephone [email protected] and Cumberland County, the ill Game. You may recall how it goes. effects reaching bodies, minds and One person whispers a word or phrase ASSOCIATE PUBLISHER livelihoods. On national and global levels, into the ear of the person sitting next Stephanie Crider the statistics impacted are high and to him or her. The second person, in alarming. I know the numbers and news turn, does the same until the message [email protected] will change by the time of this issue’s reaches the last player in the group. publication, and while I pray both are The last player says the word or phrase EDITOR for the better, such is hard to predict. out loud so everyone can hear how Crissy Neville As we face this pandemic together and much it has changed from the first [email protected] try to adapt to the new norm of stay- whisper at the beginning. While for in-place rules and sanitary safeguards, amusement, the game clearly shows ASSISTANT EDITOR communication is vital. You can count how small misconceptions can end Jenna Shackelford on the F&B family of publications to help up making a huge difference and can you stay informed on what’s going on, as serve as a springboard for discussing [email protected] well as provide encouragement as we all the importance of active listening. struggle. We are stronger together. ART DIRECTOR Journalism and the communication The Women’s View Magazine May Elizabeth Baker of news are essential functions. While issue is all about communication, [email protected] arguably not as vital in a health crisis everything from the modern- as health care workers, scientists day messaging of ideas to how to OPERATIONS DIRECTOR and emergency personnel, factual communicate better. Thank you for Paulette Naylor reporting and news dissemination choosing WVM as a communication nonetheless create public awareness source of education, inspiration and [email protected] and knowledge. Also essential to the more. Stay safe and healthy, dear readers. MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE Crissy Neville Linda McAlister Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or [email protected] Edpitoitrching a story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more MARKETING COORDINATOR FOR information, email [email protected] Be sure to WOMEN'S VIEW AND FAYETTEVILLE LADIES POWER LUNCH Caroline Schafer [email protected] DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ SALES ADMINISTRATOR Laurel Handforth [email protected] MAY CONTRIBUTORS Alison Hurley Amber Williams Carolina Schafer Diane Parfitt Emily Neville Lindsey Rathburn Pattie Griffin Prudence Mainor Robin Deffendale Dr. Shanessa Fenner Jennifer Fincher Avery Powers Jenna Shackelford Crissy Neville Metro Creative Communication Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2020 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy. AslsiiksteantuEdsitoar nd leave comments on our Facebook page!Inspiring,educating,empoweringand celebrating women in our community Cumberland & Hoke County 4 | MAY 2020 910-484-6200 ext. 109 [email protected]

“Good communication is just as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.” - Anne Morrow Lindbergh 2020 MAY | 5

By Lindsey Rathburn Inspired by With a double-tap here, a a diary and allow strangers to access LOLCats Meme like or share there, pinning, every nook and cranny of our lives. tweeting, texting and Inspired by commenting make it possible for Advanced technology for virtual Scumbag Steve Meme us to communicate with people communication, although seemingly all over the world, now more than the reason for so much disconnect, ever, via many mobile devices, is truly an incredible thing. For apps and websites. We connect instance, my husband is in the virtually to friends, family, celebrities Army, and his job stations us 3,000 and strangers in an instant. While miles away from our nearest family scrolling any social media app of member. He is often gone at training your choice, you will see numerous or overseas for a deployment, so users who share not only the most without the internet and virtual exciting moments in their lives, apps, my children would not hear but also the most devastating. from their father or relatives back We rely on memes, emojis and in Oregon as much. Facetime Gifs to express how we feel about and Skype allow us to feel like something versus typing out an we are with our loved ones, while actual response, typically because it social media platforms such as is more convenient than putting in Facebook and Instagram make the effort of typing something out. staying in touch easier. With apps Instead of visiting our family and like Shutterfly, we can save a little friends for special occasions, events, money and send virtual Christmas times of sorrow, etc., which as of cards, wedding invites and birth late have not been option anyway, announcements. E-cards will never we often send an email, text or post replace the special sentiment of a instead of even calling. I often joke cute card hanging on the fridge, but about how I wish texting preceded the pros of convenience and cost- phone calling so we might better effectiveness of virtual greetings appreciate live talk. mean sharing joy and love just got easier — which means we can reach I recently read a passage from a out to more of the people in our lives book that used the acronym IRL, and expand communication. meaning in real life, to describe a type of friendship. The author felt a I, like so many other people, need to differentiate between IRL am guilty of walking this fine line friends and virtual friends because between social disconnect. As we so many of us live online lives and transition out of the current social have no idea who some of these distancing, I have high hopes and friends are. Why are we so invested even higher standards for myself. I in people we genuinely know want more dinner parties and fewer nothing about and vice versa? I think seven-second stories on Snapchat this concept is so important because of my perfectly plated meal that I we need to show up and be present am probably eating alone. I want to in the lives of those who matter, make time for coffee shop dates or including our own. We turn to social for sitting still to enjoy a moment media for validation and reassurance alone instead of waiting in the 10-car instead of seeking out close friends pileup in the Starbucks drive-thru or relatives or mental health ― another time killer but recent providers. We treat the internet like necessity. Let’s make time and communication count. Lindsey Rathburn is a work-from-home mom of two sweet boys and owner/super host of two local AirBnbs. With degrees in political science and sociology, her passions lie in real estate development and travel. 6 | MAY 2020

ONROJTUSSUTRLAE MIFEDLEASYIOGUNTROFL means rolling on floor laughing.hakaowDiudaAfrsuys,Rt.suIMboNrumeuGtsewtTcwbiaOthehneDmryseRiotloEfiuotwRFBr9Aa!roarMu2Iodayyts0.dhnhefh:waeeekntaa9owBDwtmyiiveudet1reashAfmyrvsi0puyhLgs,RSiGat.ela-SASshIuIliM4brreNIoNUnDtrahNru,om8ettGuYGiltYoLietNloGhnDn0lsLeOw.nrlotCLcTgIcoRwEi-rgnbVOfi,EoaO1vtidh2esOhnmLe0wlKyel8AODmoRdIa1,rAyNseDu3l0oOCRAioktDrlGgoV1EEfiKusugotVslw4DAEao!nIoreEFaNrNvMnnInaOyNnmetpGiTL.hdnShttRTfGaawhUSAeeIhgabliUrwNIUewimnfDivRiTaSuNzotkRetiGYhtpaOHIYyytriiFGahNOWnhnyroiLAUntEOGedsooLuS,gghGUEiDIodr,unsSwfIU,,RE’D,evONLSmtVsmLPhYeieylmEOGlNEaoAOeallKRobrLaoDANWgLoosobEDmuerOOvONFDaEEenvTrkeuheVEaOtKuTOiknPneUiyhValoeRwDMnEoniIKEtEoWlu!dREdNhtoENvganAICfCnoNArssONiiouNeyALGnkis,TLsRaTefLnkDtU.rT-iDAGnosEulUnIieIuEhgMblnAoNSUOTVergDrFkIRni5ugmer’,kIEBuRGNOrm5s,GlOOtfioFeNasoOI5LeLnRwErcftUNoaOaTrcwtTEAugUry!hbSuAik,nalOSSa,RUntDohIeieSashndBcNnnHuRehYtnageDmkigLGrOoIaonluwyDdsePioREmhiuLodgytUala.nkAoif,EfEiauorsfwuDySotiewsg,RAuad!ttr.laoArfLsuorIrsMDMubIysoNaysO,Rnrmltput.I.omeLhshuuGSIgVfOMGabtwvaoNeSAeIasreiOwuewrKNwImmUetnivDTuGcwaNttRbdeIiathGaYOsteYtNihwGhelotChnnTcwkLeobGgiLaDmEgOsEtirhsneyfhn,EsDeRoeiotFsaLDmloynrEfiunOyAOsoteowRInspired by Squinting Fry Meme BRB means be right back. LMK means let me know. All meme images were created by the Art Director and are inspirations of the real memes, ILY means I love you. with help from her cat and her husband, Andrew. YOLO means you only live once. SMH means shaking my head. NIMBY means not In my back yard. NVM means never mind. Look no further.OFC means of course. IKR means I know, right. Inspired by Having one special person Evil Kermit Meme for your car, home and life insurance lets you get down to TooLegit @KikiAngelina • April 15, 2020 business with the rest of your life. me: i finally got paid again It’s what I do. me to me: now spend it all on games GET TO A BETTER STATE™. CALL ME TODAY. Recognize these funny meme titles? The Ten Most Popular Memes of All Time: • LOLCats • Trump • Scumbag Steve • Harambe the State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, • Squinting Fry Signs an • Evil Kermit gorilla State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, • Success Kid Executive • Grumpy Cat • Condescending State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL Order. Wonka 1101201 2020 MAY | 7

By Diane Parfitt from the comfort of your home. Learn about a number of online choices at I love reading so much that when I moved to Fayetteville online-book-clubs-2020/. in 1982, the first thing I did was join a book club. Well, one book club led to another book club, which led to However, one of the best things about a book club is the another book club and so on until I am now in four book fellowship it affords with others. In my case, many of the clubs. Suffice it to say, I read lots of books and enjoy talking members were friends or people who became friends. Talk about them. to your friends about joining their book club or consider starting one of your own. But don’t panic; it’s easy. Book clubs, discussion groups and literary societies have been around for centuries. They have become popular over Here are a few suggestions to help you get started: the last 20 years, especially after getting a boost from Oprah Winfrey’s TV book club. Today it is estimated that over 5 Ask a few of your friends if they would like to join you in million people are in organized book clubs, and 70-80% of starting a book club. They can each invite another friend, clubs are all female. and once you find six to eight people, you have enough to get started. Local libraries offer several book clubs, and all you need to do is get the schedule and book list, and you can jump right Plan a date to get together and sketch out some guidelines in. Go to for the book club. Because we have already talked about why book-clubs and check out the variety of Cumberland County you would want to start a book club, you can use the who, Public Library & Information Center sponsored book clubs what, where, when and how method to make it happen. open to the public and peruse the calendar of events and description for each club. In today’s times of social distancing due to health concerns. Who will be members? Mostly younger or mostly older or a an online book club may fit the bill. A web-based book mix? All women or some men, too? I am in one book club club can also work well if you are limited by local club that has several men, and the discussions are lively because availability, an inflexibile schedule or like discussing books of the different perspectives. Diane Parfitt owns City Center Gallery & Books in Downtown Fayetteville. She is a retired pediatric nurse and former representative in the North Carolina General Assembly. 8 | MAY 2020

What are you going to read, and how are you going to pick your books? People can suggest books and have the group members vote or have the hostess pick. Most book clubs like to have a list of books for several months ahead of time. Where are you going to meet? In my case, some meet in members’ homes, and others meet at my bookstore, City Center Gallery & Books. When are you going to meet? I describe two of my book clubs this way: One meets in the morning, drinks coffee, eats pastries and reads good books, while another meets in the evening, drinks wine, reads good books and has dessert and coffee. Whatever works for your group is perfect. How will the discussion be conducted? One way is to have the person who suggested the book lead the discussion. Avoid a mere book report. An open forum that is encouraged by provocative questions by the discussion leader is always more fun for everyone. Details about the author’s life and how the critics received the book can also be a guide to the direction of the discussion. Numerous sites on the Internet provide book reviews and discussion guides. Check them out. These suggestions are just some simple, helpful hints for starting a book club. If this seems daunting, never fear! I would love to help you get started. I can even provide a place for you to host your first meeting. Then, we can talk about books. 2020 MAY | 9

By Pattie Griffin Please Tell Rub the palm of the right Beginning with the extended open hand in right index finger a large circle near the chin, on the chest palm facing in and finger pointing up, move the finger forward in an arc by bending the wrist, ending with the finger angled forward M ay is Better Hearing and education in vocabulary and language access to what is being said. So, if the Speech Month, a national development to reach chosen life deaf person uses ASL, even if you are campaign to raise awareness goals. In any given classroom or not talking to that deaf person, you about communication disorders. The situation, one or all these types of sign to the person you are talking to so 2020 theme is \"Communication at hearing devices may be in use, yet that if the deaf person chooses to look, Work.\" Do you work with anyone or some D/HH folks and families choose they have access to the conversation. know anyone with a speech, language not to use any technology to assist Typically, the deaf person is left out of or hearing disorder, specifically in the in hearing. So, what is wrong in the what is happening for so many events deaf and hard of hearing population? videos of babies getting their hearing and situations. It would be hard not to, as over 5% aids or cochlear implants turned on? of the world's population — or 466 These visuals are like an iceberg; the Babies of deaf or hearing parents million people — has disabling hearing families usually have no clue as to using ASL or some form of sign loss. According to the World Health what lies beneath. language can begin signing back and Organization, that's 432 million adults responding to family members as and 34 million children. The Deaf community represents a rich early as eight months of age. Getting culture, language and history, hence a cochlear implant was and is a This sector includes the person who the capital D in Deaf. It represents controversial surgery among the Deaf is deaf in one ear, deaf in both ears, that this group of people is more community. Cochlear implants can hard of hearing or profoundly deaf, than the audiogram or hearing test be successful for many children, and and all may have a variety of ways that describes what type of hearing for others, it may increase response to communicate. Some talk while loss they have. Deaf educators and to sounds, but not comprehension others use American Sign Language leaders are speaking out as to what or production of speech. Still, others or other forms of sign language such is happening in education and in the may end up with no benefits as cued speech, signed English and development of language for deaf whatsoever. Some families have found various degrees of lip reading. The children. The history in the country has sign language to be the bridge and a use of hearing aids, Baha ― a bone been that most hearing people have lifeline, as the children are hungry to conduction hearing device ― or made decisions from a form of manual express themselves and be understood cochlear implants may assist in sign language to a spoken-only by others. hearing and the production of speech, approach. Children were punished and but sometimes this equipment does spanked for using sign language. The The number of D/HH students is a not help. Typically, the deaf and hard communication rule is this:  If a deaf small population. North Carolina has of hearing person needs ongoing person is in the room, one provides a shortage of teachers certified in Pattie J. Griffin, a teacher of the Deaf, retired in June 2019 after 39 years in the field. She worked in Brunswick County as an itinerant traveling teacher, at the Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and in Cumberland County, serving primarily at Mary McArthur Elementary. 10 | M AY 2 0 2 0

Birth-K and K-12 Deaf Education. administrators. The educational sign More of the iceberg ― in any given Best practices have taught us that language interpreters are a vital link classroom for D/HH students, the the deaf community needs a focused for D/HH students. Interpreters serve student load may include deaf kids, and sustained targeted educational the full gamut of students utilizing kids hard of hearing, children with plan. A preschool class serving deaf, sign language, a signed English hearing aids or cochlear implants and hard of hearing, autistic and speech- approach and ASL. students who solely communicate and-language-delayed children, as using sign language or speech but well as those with developmental North Carolina passed HB-317 in not both. That's all in the same class. and behavioral delays, is the class 2013, that requires all teachers that will struggle all year to meet for the deaf to administer yearly The bottom of the iceberg ― the the sustained, targeted and rich- assessments to assess vocabulary Deaf community and many in the language program needed. and language development. The hearing community know that the goal is that the targeted curriculum ability to progress in the life of the The instructional staff is will develop vocabulary, language deaf child is so much more than part of the iceberg. In the and effective communication to turning on the hearing aid or implant. educational setting, it takes a make the annual academic growth Just beginning the journey, they don't village to educate the D/HH child, required to be successful and close even know what they don't know. And including D/HH teachers, regular gaps. When the teacher prepares that goes for you, too. Take the time to classroom teachers, itinerant the Individual Education Plan, he or learn about the D/HH persons around teachers, speech and language she also writes specific details as to you. And perhaps you now know a bit therapists, instructional assistants, how this child communicates, i.e., a more than you did before. interpreters and supportive Communication Plan. Resources for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Cumberland County include: Cumberland County Schools Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services Telephone: (910) 484.3391 Website: BEGINNINGS for Parents of Children Who Are Deaf or Hard of Hearing, Inc. Phone: 919-715-4092 (V/TTY) Website: Fayetteville District Office – North Carolina Division of Services for the Blind (and hearing services) Phone: 910-486-1582 Website: Hearing/Speech/Language Screenings of Southeastern Regional Rehabilitation Center Cape Fear Valley Health System Phone: 910-615-6079 Website: audiology.html Eastern North Carolina School for the Deaf Phone: 252-237-2450 Website: The Division of Services for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services Phone: 1-800-662-7030 Website: 2 0 2 0 M AY | 11

10 The ability to communicate is an essential life skill that is important to learn. Research studies indicate people spend between 70-80% of Communication their day engaged in some form of communication, and over half of that Techniques time is devoted to listening. Still, there are many ways to improve upon one's By Dr. Shanessa Fenner interpersonal communication. Practice active listening. Be present in the moment and focus on the person who is speaking. Put your cellphone away and on vibrate mode so that you can commit your undivided attention. If you are constantly texting and answering your phone, you are showing the person that don’t care about his or her valuable time. Show interest in the speaker. When a person is speaking, keep the right amount of eye contact, listen intently to what the person has to say, nod, give a genuine smile and ask meaningful, open-ended questions to gain further insight, clarity and understanding. Asking questions is crucial because it allows the person to explain the situation honestly and thoughtfully. Set aside judgment. We all have different biases, opinions and preconceived notions, so it is essential to set aside these experiences to understand fully the message the person is trying to convey to you. You may not agree with his or her values or views, but listen with an open mind. Have open, honest and transparent conversations. Being transparent builds trust, and it allows the person with whom you are conversing to see the real, authentic you. Face-to-face discussions are powerful because they build credibility and trust between the participants. Be cognizant of body language. Do not fold your arms, look in another direction, roll your eyes, sigh or display a disinterested look on your face. These actions show that you do not want to be bothered or don’t care about what the person is saying and may cause the person to shut down. Always be aware of the nonverbal cues you are displaying for all to notice. Keep your stress level in check. It is imperative to learn how to manage your emotions so that you can Dr. Shanessa Fenner is the principal of W.T. Brown Elementary School in Spring Lake and a regular contributor to Up & Coming Weekly and Women's View Magazine. 12 | M AY 2 0 2 0

Two Brothers Catering communicate effectively. The tone of your voice can set Join Us the whole mood of the conversation. If you find yourself getting agitated or upset, take a moment to step away 2020 from the situation. Relax, breathe and compose yourself. Gallery Events Do what you say you are going to do. Integrity is June 9 earned one deed at a time, and your word is your October 6 bond. Some people are lackadaisical when it comes to keeping promises. The main thing that destroys trust and integrity is telling someone you are going to do something and then not do it. Give feedback. Rephrase what the person said so that you have a better understanding. After listening to someone, use “I” messages when communicating, such as “I hear your complaint” or “I hear your concern.” Listen to and care about what the speaker is saying, which shows you value both the speaker and the message. Show empathy and compassion. Having discernment is a gift, a blessing. If you can discern a person’s emotions during a conversation, you can better understand the person’s feelings or perspective. Try to think about what it would be like to walk a mile in the other person’s shoes, if you can. Respect everyone. You should respect a person’s right to an opinion and want that person to feel comfortable enough to express him or herself. Learn to agree to disagree, and leave it at that. A resource that assists people in effective communicating is Cape Fear Toastmasters. It is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills. Chapters in Cumberland County include the Bronco Toastmasters, All-American Toastmasters and the Cape Fear Toastmasters. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 13

By Caroline Schafer don’t necessarily have a degree To help you SPOOKY in marketing, broadcasting or narrow the BEDTIME Storytelling has always been audio engineering. Here’s the field, here’s a STORIES a part of communication. thing ― you don’t have to. list of some of It’s a creative and crucial the podcast HOBBIES part of how we interact with one MOBILE You can listen topics currently AND another. We communicate with anywhere. You can tune in on on the airwaves: SKILLS stories that are life lessons, helpful your ride home and escape recommendations and records of after a long day at work. You can PARENTING HEALTH family heritage. Stories are a part listen to Brene Brown talk about AND of who we are, what we do and courage while you’re running MOVIES LIFESTYLE what we have done, helping us on the treadmill or tap into communicate through difficult parenting tips while waiting in SPORTS issues. Today, in our technology- the school carpool line. laden world, storytelling and INTERVIEWS storytellers have adapted to ACCESSORY MINIMAL You a widely accessible form of just need internet access MOTIVATION communicating the stories of our on the device of your choice lives. Welcome to the world accompanied by earphones, CRIME of podcasts. Bluetooth or a smart speaker. You can also go old-school and ADVENTURE Since its advent in the early 2000s, just play the podcast out loud the podcasting arena has grown using your device’s internal POLITICS exponentially. Previously known as speakers. The choice is yours. audio blogging, podcasting grew TRAVEL with the expansion of broadband Where can you tune into internet access and portable podcasts? Some of the popular INFORMATION digital audio playback devices podcasts come from names you such as the iPod. Podcasts offer a know well. These include Apple With the current health situation plethora of options compared to Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, in our nation, we are all home other forms of communication, Pandora, RadioPublic, Pocket more than ever before. To stay especially when compared to Casts, Stitcher, Laughable and informed, try tuning into one of audiobooks or radio. TuneIn Radio –– many great these informational podcasts. platforms from which to choose. SUBJECT ORIENTED Podcasts cover just about everything, Maybe you think you would podcasts-webinars from murder mystery drama and like to start your own podcast, marketing techniques to how to but don’t know where to start. content/mayo-clinic-talks-podcast-online survive as a sports parent. The list Well, there’s a podcast for that, could go on forever. too. Check out https://www. infectious-disease/COVID-19/podcast for AGE INCLUSIVE Podcasts are recommendations of platforms available for all ages and and supplies to use, teaching If you haven’t jumped on the genders, so all can tune in. podcasts to tune into and podcast train yet, this is a great tutorials for self-help. It helps to time to start. It’s easy to get on LENGTH VARIANT You can have a team or partner to help board with podcasting’s simple find podcasts short and sweet you get started and with whom platform for learning and listening. or lengthy enough for a long to brainstorm ideas. That’s commute. And if you can’t finish a communication, too. Begin with podcast, just pause it and pick up your topic ― what you want to where you left off later, which is say to the world ― and grow very helpful. from there. GENUINE Podcasts come from real people with real stories who Caroline Schafer is the producer of the Army Wife Talk Radio podcast. Originally from Oklahoma, she credits the military for calling the Fayetteville area her current home. 14 | M AY 2 0 2 0

When Facebook hit the scene By Jennifer K. Fincher publicize violent crimes, have posted in 2004, only a few thousand information about and streamed students at Harvard, alma amenities. The same homeowner live video of beatings, assaults and mater of founders Mark Zuckerberg, posted photos and videos to murders. A livestream of an attack Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Facebook of themselves and friends on a teenager with special needs Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes, enjoying the exact areas about which made national news when it led to could register for an account. they had complained.” Flowers went the arrests of four people involved Worldwide users began to create on to say he presented those in court, in Chicago, Illinois, in 2017. In 2018, a profiles in 2006, and today, Facebook resulting in the plaintiff received a North Carolina man was convicted boasts almost 2.5 billion active fraction of the damages claimed. of first-degree murder of his wife monthly users. I jumped into the and second-degree murder of his fray in 2011, finding friends from as “People will deny violation of daughter after posting photos of far back as elementary school. To this restrictive covenants and then boast their bodies on Facebook, which was day, I enjoy keeping up with friends on social media about the same reported to police by his niece. and family I otherwise wouldn’t “see.” violation. There are few cases that I Facebook, and other social media handle where I don’t use evidence The admissibility of such evidence sites like it, encourages us all to from social media in some way,” from social media sites is not explicitly live our lives publicly, in a stream of Flowers continued. addressed in the North Carolina announcements, photos and memes. Rules of Civil Procedure. Still, some The application in criminal cases is rules deal with electronically stored Folks seem to forget that “public” perhaps even broader. Cumberland information or ESI. Rule 26 states that part occasionally, posting things that County District Attorney Billy West such information is “discoverable” if might cause a bit of remorse in 10 said, “The record of activities that can it is “relevant to the subject matter years with perhaps a little maturity be obtained from someone’s page involved in the pending action.” and “outside the bubble” awareness. can be invaluable to an investigation. Importantly, it is then admissible in This fact has not escaped notice by We can learn a lot about a victim, a court proceeding so long as the both litigators and prosecutors. such as where they have been, who common standards of admissibility of their friends are and more. And evidence are within compliance. J. Scott Flowers, the supervising once investigators have identified partner for litigation with Hutchens a suspect, we can again use social Hopefully, few of us will find Law Firm, commented on these media to learn about a potential ourselves involved in a court trends. “I’m often surprised by what defendant’s activities and associates proceeding, but the lesson is a good people will post. I had a case in which and seek justice for a victim and their one ― you shouldn’t post anything a homeowner sued a builder for lack family members.\" you wouldn’t want your mother to of workmanship regarding specific read out loud. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. Some, whether driven by a need for the limelight or by a darker desire to Jennifer Fincher is the sole practitioner of Jennifer Kirby Fincher, PLLC, in Fayetteville. She specializes in residential and commercial real estate and also has years of experience in contracts, business law, estate planning and administration. 22 00 22 00 MM AAYY || 1155

By Robin Deffendall American novelist Toni Morrison, a very wise woman, said, \"If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it.\" But this famous quote doesn't help much when you try to write your story. Another famous author, Ernest Hemingway, gave a bit more information about the process: \"There's nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and open a vein.\" Novelist Alice McDermott advised, \"Read everything. Write all the time. And if you can do anything else that gives you equal pleasure and allows you to sleep soundly at night, do that instead. The writing life is an odd one, to say the least.\" And if you are still reading by this point, nodding in agreement while silently gnashing your teeth in despair, then you may be one of those lonely few who is destined to become a writer. So how to begin? If you're lucky, you can grab a pen or a keyboard, and the words will flow. Otherwise, you'll need to build an idea. I say \"build\" because these things rarely emerge fully formed. You can't just plop one down like a hotel on Boardwalk. They require some planning, a little propping up here, some judicious cutting and an occasional pounding into submission. First, decide what you want to write. Do you want to explain something to your reader? Perhaps you want to write nonfiction or memoir. Do you want your reader to meet a character you have running around in your head? Or maybe you have a ripping good action plot to excite your audience. Robin Deffendall is a local author, self-publishing mentor and librarian. As a librarian, she runs Write On, Right Now for Cumberland County Public Libraries in Fayetteville. She also runs a private writers' group and is a member of a third in Pinehurst. 16 | M AY 2 0 2 0

If so, fiction is your game. Or perhaps it is famous universities or writing work and receive your justly imagery and the sound on the page that retreats, which will give you deserved accolades. evokes strong feelings you need to express. a spectacular education and Then you, my friend, are a poet. Experiment a pile of debt to match it. And throughout this journey, you until you find your niche. The rest of us can consider need to do the work. Butt in chair. formal classes at Fayetteville Fingers on keyboard. Continue Whichever framework, or genre, draws you, Technical Community College until \"The End.\" Then stop. Or there are conventions and structures and, or the even more affordable rather, don't stop, because now yes, rules you should understand — at least continuing education versions. you begin to the most critical before you choose to flaunt them. Libraries Sign up for local workshops phase of your writing. You revise. are full of writing advice to help you learn through groups like North And revise and seek feedback and these. Stephen King's On Writing is the Carolina Writers Network, Heart revise some more until it's perfect. foremost among these. Part memoir, part of Carolina Romance Writers, And then — and only then — can craft manual, it will inspire you as it gives Sisters in Crime or other writing you take it into publication. you tools to build your story. organizations. Support other authors and attend readings at And that requires a whole For fiction writers or any sort of linear your library or bookstore. additional set of plans and storytelling, Larry Brooks' Story Engineering structure and education to and its companion Story Physics explain Find mentorship and support at consider. Traditional publication story structure as a clear framework that a local critique group or writer's with the lengthy process that it works for nearly all commercial plots. The club, which provides a chance entails? Or go it alone and self- books are a little dense, so I recommend to hang out with others who publish, where all work and all using the author's Storyfix 2.0 website, struggle with the same issues the mistakes are entirely your where you can find you do as a lonely novice author. own? Or start a blog, like so his blog and some truly great scene-by- Those who prefer the anonymity many others have, that seems so scene walk-throughs of current and classic of, say a Dickinson or a Salinger, deceptively easy — until it's not. movies that illustrate his concepts. Once can join online communities you understand it, you'll see it at work under a well-disguised avatar. The choices are endless. You in everything you watch and read. I was Most of these offer education might just weigh the options honored to arrange for Brooks to speak and online social activities with your writers' group. They'll twice at the Cumberland County Public as well as places to post your have some good advice, I'll bet. Library, and his teaching solved several major plot problems in my work in progress. But you don't want to sit alone by the blue light of your computer monitor or scratching at coffee-stained loose-leaf with your favorite, slightly chewed Bic. You need to build your community, your people. One way to do this is through learning opportunities. Sure, you can study at About More about contributing writer Robin Deffendall from Self-proclaimed \"SuperLibrarian by Several members of the group have I am the author of a novella, day, author by night.\" worked together on the bestselling Offering, and How to Have a Merry anthology Dragons in the Attic. Little Christmas: Family Recipes I am a full-time information services and Traditions. My stories are librarian, which allows me to spend Since 2013 I have run a wonderful collected in Dragons in the Attic: my days looking up weird facts and and quite well-received Writers' 13 Wonders and The Mayor's Tales: unusual stories for people. These Workshop for emerging authors, Stories from the Kyleighburn then become fuel for my storytelling. Writers' Workshop @ Your Library. Archives. Watch for my next work I'm quite proud of it. I have also in progress, Rex Appeal, a shape- My job allows me to run a taught classes on CreateSpace and shifter thriller with a decidedly successful writers' support group. Kindle Direct Publishing as well. humorous bite. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 17

Select Among Clever Graduation Gifts Graduation celebrations themselves. Here are on campus with things capture memories with typically involve some not-so-typical that look very similar to a macro lens to fit their commencement gift ideas for shoppers their new classmates’ phones. After the season ceremonies, family who want to give the belongings. Set your of social distancing, grads dinners and parties and new grads in their lives favorite grad’s gifts apart will ready to get together plenty of gifts for newly something unique. with monogrammed and create memories. minted grads. The class pieces that are unique of 2020 may miss or TIME CAPSULE: Research and easy to recognize. SURVIVAL KIT: Whether have postponed these and pull together a the graduate is going traditional ceremonies series of items, including INDIVIDUAL COFFEE to college, work or the and festivities, but current news clippings, MACHINE: If it’s allowed in military, or leaving college, nonetheless, will that exemplify some of the dorm, a single-serve a customized basket full of graduate. Many recognize the events of his or her coffee machine can help items he or she may need and celebrate this life over the past 13 years. students make it through can make the transition achievement with gifts. This time capsule can be finals week. A coffee easier. Food can always opened years later. machine also helps save serve as the centerpiece Graduation gifts can be as money on takeout coffee. but don’t hesitate to varied as the personalities MONOGRAMMED ITEMS: include decorative of the graduates If college-bound, your MACRO PHONE CAMERA items to outfit that first graduate may arrive LENS: Graduates can apartment or dorm room. 18 | M AY 2 0 2 0

COMMEMORATIVE COINS: Purchase coins minted in the year the graduate was born or the year he or she is graduating. These coins can be saved or later turned into useable currency. TAILGATING KIT: Set up your graduate with a portable grill and the grilling accoutrements needed to throw a great tailgating party with friends during fall football time. RESTAURANT GIFT CARDS: Grads need to eat but are often short on money — research local eateries around where he or she is moving and buy gift cards. FAMILY VACATION: For college graduates, a voucher for a fun, old-fashioned vacation can bring the family together one last time before jobs and mismatched schedules get in the way. Graduations, ceremonies or not, offer a chance to celebrate students before they move on to new chapters in their lives. Fun and thoughtful gifts can make this transition period easier. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 19

WOMAN’S SPOTLIGHT Diane Parfitt receives by Prudence Mainor the ATHENA Award from Christine It was the most significant job I ever Michaels, President had. I loved every minute of it.” & CEO of the Greater Fayetteville Chamber In 1999, Parfitt and her husband bought and of Commerce. renovated a downtown building, becoming major participants in downtown revitalization in the process. Portions of the newly renovated building became City Center Gallery & Books, which provides revitalization of another sort for its loyal patrons. The ATHENA is an internationally recognized Diane and Hal Parfitt receive award presented annually to individuals who the Small Business of the provide valuable service to their community Year Award from Christine and who assist women in attaining professional Michaels, President & CEO excellence and realizing their full leadership potential. This of the Greater Fayetteville year’s Greater Fayetteville Chamber’s ATHENA Leadership Chamber of Commerce. Award® winner is Diane Parfitt, who embodies all the above in abundance. “While I believe every downtown needs a bookstore,” Parfitt graduated from the University of Virginia with a Parfitt said, “I also believe art is good for the soul. Books Bachelor of Science in nursing, worked in pediatrics and and art ― two great things for the soul.” then went on to earn a master’s degree in Maternal Child Health Nursing. She taught Pediatric Nursing at UVA, CCGB keeps a wide variety of books in stock and Johns Hopkins University, the University of North Carolina will special order titles. They host book events and at Chapel Hill and the University of Utah. art openings focusing primarily on local and regional authors and artists, many of whom are women. CCGB “I always tried to teach by example, has also provided art to hang at the airport, hospitals, banks and offices. lead by example and step up to the In 2010, Parfitt was appointed to the North Carolina plate when necessary to get the job General Assembly, where she served for three years, advocating for women’s rights, health care and mental done,” Parfitt said. health services. She worked to end unscrupulous lending practices and support public education, among When she moved to Fayetteville in 1982, Parfitt took other issues affecting her constituency. a hiatus from nursing but used those skills to pursue volunteer work in her new community. “During my campaign for election and during my time in office,” Parfitt said, “I felt my nursing background “Nursing is a great background for volunteer work,” and volunteer work served me very well as I worked to Parfitt said, “because we learned problem-solving and identify the needs in my district.”   teamwork and were instilled with a passion for helping others.”  She served on various boards where she became Back in private life again, Parfitt continues her quite adept at fundraising. “When you have a passion for advocacy. “Much of what I do is what I have always what you do,” Parfitt explained, “it’s easy to ask for money.”   done ― working and caring for children, advocating for women and health care issues, bringing books and Parfitt reentered the workforce once her children went art to people. These are the things I love, and I see so off to college and became executive director of Friends many other women out there who are doing many of of Children at Cape Fear Valley Health System, where she the same things. I’m just so glad women are getting the was instrumental in raising funds for various programs opportunity to be recognized for our role in making our and projects to enhance the pediatric units. community a better place.” “I worked with the nursing staff as well as the physicians to determine the needs and to plan the projects,” Parfitt said. “We also recruited volunteers to implement these programs (and I) sought out women for leadership positions.  Prudence Mainor is a longtime advocate of the environment and sustainable communities. She lives in, works in, shops in and tirelessly promotes Fayetteville and Cumberland County. 20 | M AY 2 0 2 0

¡Hola! Salut! Ciao! Hello! Language is the crux of By Emily Neville Learning another language gives communication. The words a new meaning to communication. we choose, sometimes shopping, but I could not find the It is not merely a new vocabulary, carefully, but most often words to describe how different the but an entirely different way of going with whatever rolls off the scene was from the grocery store going through the world. I know tongue, have an effect. Language aisles back home. The Louvre was that over the years, not speaking it creates lifelong friendships, one room after another of history, as regularly as I did in college, I may communicates emotions with beauty and art that I also could not lose some of the vocabulary, but I people we’ve only just met and express aloud. will forever treasure the connections enables us to laugh and cry with I gained with people not that actors thousands of miles away. Completing a French minor at different from me, worlds away. While we may understand people NCSU was grueling, especially One of my favorite things continues without it, language creates links, since I started a company in my to be watching French cinema or empathy and shared cultural sophomore year. The curriculum reading about the country’s politics. meaning and connections. required tedious homework and A surprising number of French rigorous commitment. Still, my meetups and conversation groups are I decided to take a French class skills grew ― from meeting with available all over the state, and if you in my first semester at North classmates for hours in coffee shops don’t know of any ― start your own –– Carolina State University after an to struggle through a basic French for whatever language you love. eye-opening vacation to Paris. In conversation to completing all high school, I took Latin, which coursework eventually, from oral Four years later, after taking a gave language context and history presentations to written exams and different French class each semester, previously unknown to me, but as essays all in French. It never came from French business to French a dead language fell short of my quickly to me, but it was still my literature during the medieval times, communication goals. Walking favorite part of my undergraduate I am preparing for a trip back to the streets of Paris, surrounded career. It would have been easy to Paris. I have not been there since the by foreign speakers, conversing in have given up after the required summer before my freshman year, a different language, I yearned to number of semesters. It certainly and I am excited to immerse myself truly relate with these people by did nothing to boost my GPA, and in a new world of communication. I being able to converse with them. I would have liked taking a class know that no matter whether I am I felt as though I were missing out with laxer attendance policies than in Paris or Fayetteville, I always have on an entire cultural experience. I my foreign language ones. Yet, I a piece of the French world with tasted a buttery croissant but could continued to sign up and never me. That is the beauty of language. tell no one of its flavor. The open-air gave a thought to quitting. I relished It connects us more deeply to the markets amazed me, with Parisians each class, loving the opportunity people around us, no matter bustling around for their weekly to make my brain think in a novel our differences. way and appreciating the newfound knowledge of the French tongue. ACCORDING TO WWW.LIFEHACK.ORG, THESE ARE THE 7 BEST LANGUAGE LEARNING APPS AND WEBSITES FOR LEARNING A FOREIGN LANGUAGE. LANGUAGES Emily Neville is the founder and CEO of Reborn Clothing Co. in Raleigh. A Linden native, she is a 2019 graduate of North Carolina State University and Park Scholar. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 21

22 | M AY 2 0 2 0 As more and more such as coffee mugs, instead of people, businesses and buying new things each day, can governments have add up to sizable savings over time. embraced eco-friendly Repurposing clothing, such as using lifestyles and practices, it’s never once-fashionable T-shirts as workout been easier for men and women gear, can be another great way to to make a positive impact on the save money. planet with everyday choices. HOW TO REDUCE AND REUSE One of the simplest yet most Just as numerous as the benefits effective ways to make such an are the many ways for consumers to impact is to look for ways to reduce reduce waste and reuse items. waste, which often involves reusing materials and products instead SHOP FOR PREVIOUSLY USED of discarding them. According to ITEMS. Whether consumers the United States Environmental are shopping for items for their Protection Agency, producing new homes or new wardrobes, their items requires substantial amounts options abound regarding already of materials and energy. Such used items. Homeowners can products may require the extraction work with contractors who have of raw materials from the earth experience in working with before they can be fabricated and reclaimed materials, as well as visit transported to merchants or stores. antique shops or used furniture By resolving to reuse products, stores when furnishing their consumers can reduce the impact homes. When clothes shopping, their purchases have on the planet. consumers can patronize consignment shops that sell like- WHY REDUCE AND REUSE? new items at reduced prices. A reduce and reuse lifestyle preserves natural resources and PAY ATTENTION TO PACKAGING. reduces waste, but such a lifestyle One of the most significant offers additional benefits. contributors to unnecessary consumer waste is packaging. REDUCES POLLUTION. Harvesting Packaging often comes from raw new raw materials often contributes materials, and heavily packaged to the pollution of our airways items require the use of more and waterways. By reusing items, natural materials than items with consumers can decrease the less packaging. Packaging typically demand for new products, thereby finds its way into landfills, so reducing the pollution created when consumers looking to reduce can harvesting the resources necessary favor items with less packaging to produce those items. when making their purchases and look for items packaged with EMPACTS EMISSIONS. Once reused or recycled materials. harvested, raw materials produce products. The process of MAINTAIN EXISTING PRODUCTS. transforming these materials into Reusing items does not always products can produce greenhouse require repurposing them. By taking gas emissions. According to proper care of existing products findings at and possessions, consumers can greenhouse gases like carbon get more mileage out of them, dioxide trap heat and warm the reusing them for far longer than globe, creating a host of potentially if the products were not better harmful consequences for the planet maintained. That makes sense. and its inhabitants. Reducing waste and reusing items EFFECTS FINANCES. Reducing go hand in hand. Embracing a and reusing has financial perks, lifestyle that emphasizes reducing namely the lower prices of recycled and reusing can have a significant, items as compared to brand-new long-lasting and positive impact on items. Also, reusing everyday items, the planet.

The Benefits of Communing with Nature By Amber Williams \"Just find something you enjoy, whether it is kayaking, gardening or meditating; it is all beneficial.” Don't worry ― you can stay decrease the risk of developing stranger danger and lawsuits, fully dressed; no literal bath other health conditions and more and more of us suffer from is involved. Forest bathing improve mental health. Nature Nature-Deficit Disorder. The is a term coined by the Japanese exposure can even improve phrase NDD was introduced by for the practice of being in or productivity, focus and creativity, Richard Louv in his book Last communing with nature. You therefore benefiting work and Child in the Woods to describe the use your senses to bathe in the academic performances, too.  adverse effects of too much time forest's atmosphere. Also known spent indoors and the disconnect as forest or nature therapy, the Adults are not the only ones who with nature it causes. The good method, along with other back-to- benefit, as access to nature is news is that as little as 10 minutes nature movements such as Walk essential to the well-being and of nature exposure a day can with a Doc and Park Rx America, proper development of children. prove beneficial. It can be as easy is becoming more and more Literature from the Children & as having dinner outside, walking popular. A study sponsored by the Nature Network promotes the around your neighborhood or Environmental Protection Agency fact that natural areas and time taking care of a garden. To receive provides evidence for the need for outside allow for child-directed even more benefits, strive to these movements, finding that, on free play that is creative, spend a few consecutive hours average, respondents spent 93% of constructive, sensory-rich and outdoors at least once a week their time indoors. collaborative. Children who play in physical or passive activity. in nature have better social skills, Just find something you enjoy, And currently, with the increase increased self-esteem, improved whether it is kayaking, gardening and need for home-schooling grades and stronger emotional or meditating; it is all beneficial. and public closings galore due to connections to people and For the most benefit, you need to the COVID-19 crisis, more people nature. The C&NN has amassed immerse yourself fully in nature for are getting both outside and a research library of over 1,000 a couple of days each year. Don't away from others. peer-reviewed scientific studies worry if you still need your creature to help support the children and comforts like a soft bed and So, what is the big deal about nature movement. All of these are hot shower. Just make sure you nature? A growing body of available at unplug from technology during research shows that spending this time. No sharing on social time immersed in the outdoors media or checking work emails. can help reduce stress, boost Unfortunately, in this time of mood and lower blood pressure. increasing urbanization, digital So, what are you waiting for? Go These positive effects, in turn, help distractions, less free time, take your bath! Amber Williams has worked for the Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks and Recreation Department for 14 years and is currently the park ranger supervisor at Lake Rim Park. She enjoys all things nature-related and likes to help people form connections with the natural world. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 23

By Alison Hurley Another benefit technology brings to today’s learners is interactivity. One application that capitalizes on interaction is green screen technology, a key component in a film and television production process known as chroma keying. Here, live-action combines with separately constructed background imagery. The process works by filming actors or students in front of large, bright-green backdrops, then isolating and removing that green color range, and replacing it with a different background virtually. Students use green screens as the setting in which to discuss, evaluate or reflect on their learning. From acting out word problems, recreating a scene from a novel or demonstrating their foreign language skills, green screen technology allows students to directly interact with the content while also using digital skills like video production and communication skills through speech and dialogue. Creativity helps, too! Anyone who has been through 12 years of Digital portfolios, such as Seesaw, are popular ways for education may think back to a classroom of desks students and teachers to collect and share evidence of in rows and endless worksheets. However, today’s learning and growth. These types of collections often have classrooms are dramatically different from what built-in audio and video recording options so students they were even a few years ago. The schools can comment and reflect on their learning. These are of yesteryear are nearly unrecognizable. In increasingly replacing paper collections. homeschooling or distance learning, especially of late, everything ― from living rooms to Augmented and virtual reality learning experiences bedrooms― has morphed into modern-day study halls. are trends that allow students to become completely Technology’s impact on education has forever changed immersed in a topic. Augmented reality provides an the face of teaching and learning. enhanced view of a real image, and virtual reality will enable students to “step into” a computer-generated No longer confined just inside four walls, learning 3D world. Google Expeditions has over 900 virtual reality via mobile devices makes it possible for students to and 100 augmented reality experiences that are free but work anywhere at any time. Platforms like Google require a mobile device. Students can virtually visit any Classroom and Blackboard allow students to work both place in the world, from the solar system to the North independently and at their own pace, through coursework Pole. They can explore careers from airline pilots to and have made collaboration the norm. Working together restaurant owners. They can take virtual college tours and in this manner, which provides for automatic feedback, trips back in time to learn about dinosaurs. improves students’ engagement and understanding. Another trend that is extremely popular with students is “gamification.” Digital gaming platforms like Kahoot and Alison Hurley has been an educator for over 18 years, serving as an information specialist, media coordinator, gifted education consultant and regular classroom teacher. She resides in Fayetteville with her husband and two teenage children. 24 | M AY 2 0 2 0

Quizlet are free to teachers. These sites allow teachers While digital learning is one solution, schools must to create multiple-choice questions that students can consider those students without access to the internet answer on their own devices or choose questions from or a computer. In early spring, more than 6,000 families thousands already created on those sites. Breakout had requested computers from the local school system. EDU has digital puzzles that promote creative and Moving forward, while digital learning is present in the critical thinking. Classcraft is another designed-learning school building, many changes must occur for it to be experience that mimics a video game, heightening effective long-term option at home. student engagement and interest. Finally, robotics and coding are gaining momentum in education. Robots exist for children as young as age three, such as Roybi Robot, an artificial intelligence companion robot specifically designed for early childhood and language development. Many elementary students learn necessary coding through robots like Beebot, Dash and Dot and Sphero. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching computer science and coding through its free website and popular Hour of Code, observed in schools all over. As technology continues to evolve and change, so will communication applications. Students learn to communicate more effectively through innovative practices and technology tools, wherever their learning takes place. During the recent time of social distancing with school closures, digital learning has risen to the occasion. Teachers are using Google Classroom to instruct, assign work and give feedback to students. Students and teachers are meeting together through platforms like Zoom and Google Meet. However, this also brings into question what some have called the “digital divide.” Robert, James, The staff are all very nice. I love Harmony Executive my apartment, it is comfortable Resident Director and spacious. This is a really Eva, good place to be. Harmony -Eva Resident Start your Harmony Lifestyle! Call 910.849.2306 ASSISTED LIVING | SECURED ASSISTED LIVING 7051 Rockfish Road | Fayetteville | www. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 25

Mothers selflessly devote Serves 4 themselves to their children from infancy into adulthood. A 4 1 11/4 1/2 2 2 1/2 mother’s love never wanes, and tablespoon cups cup tablespoons egg she’s always ready and willing to small cup step in and put her children first. mangos, powdered heavy superfine water yolks milk Mother’s Day is a great chance peeled, for men, women and children pitted and gelatin cream sugar to honor the special women in chopped their lives. Delicious homemade treats can show mothers just Grated rind of Toasted flaked or coarsely how much they’re appreciated and adored. Try this tasty one orange shredded coconut, recipe for Cold Mango Soufflés Topped with Toasted Coconut to decorate from The Complete Mexican, South American & Caribbean Place a few pieces of mango in mixture cools. Whisk in the liquid Cookbook (Metro Books) by the base of each of four 2/3-cup prepared gelatin. Jane Milton, Jenni Fleetwood and ramekins. Wrap a creased collar Marina Filippelli. of nonstick parchment paper Puree the remaining mango around the outside of each dish, pieces in a food processor or 26 | M AY 2 0 2 0 extending well above the rim. blender, and then fold the puree Secure with adhesive tape, and into the egg yolk mixture with then tie tightly with string. the orange rind. Set the mixture aside until it starts to thicken. Pour the water into a small heatproof bowl and sprinkle the Whip the heavy cream to soft gelatin over the surface. Leave peaks. Reserve 4 tablespoons for five minutes or until spongy. and fold the rest into the mango Place the bowl in a pan of hot mixture. Spoon mixture into the water, occasionally stirring until ramekins until the mixture is 1 the gelatin has dissolved. inch above the rim of each dish. Chill for three to four hours or Meanwhile, whisk the egg until set. yolks with the superfine sugar and milk in another heatproof Carefully remove the paper bowl. Place the bowl over a pan collars from each soufflé. Spoon of simmering water and continue a little of the reserved cream on to whisk until thick and frothy. top of each one and decorate with some toasted flaked or Remove from the heat and coarsely shredded coconut. continue whisking until the Happy Mother's Day!

Over the last several years, firm introduced its new step-counter found that an increase in walking many people have embraced in 1965, naming it Manpo-Kei, which correlated to lower mortality rates the notion that completing translated into 10,000 steps meter. among more than 16,000 elderly 10,000 daily steps is the way They marketed the meter using American women. However, when to being physically fit. Health experts the Japanese character for 10,000, these women reached about 7,500 espouse that notion, and trainers which resembles a man walking. The steps, the mortality rates leveled out, endorse it, but does scientific proof symbol and round number proved suggesting that those extra 2,500 support the recommendation? memorable, and the slogan, \"Let's steps might not be necessary. walk 10,000 steps a day,\" was catchy. The 10,000-step standard, which As a result, many people adopted the Even the manufacturer of one of equates to roughly 5 miles, 10,000-step approach, even though the most popular fitness trackers, depending on a person's stride its medical benefits were not defined. Fitbit, says that users' step goals length and speed, has some can vary depending on need, and surprising origins that are not But this history behind the number those goals may also shift over time. necessarily rooted in medical isn't to suggest that taking 10,000 People who are looking to lose science. I-Min Lee, a professor steps per day cannot be part of weight and maintain their existing of epidemiology at the Harvard a healthy living plan. Such a goal health will need to modify their step University T. H Chan School of Public promotes physical activity, which is a count accordingly. Working with a Health and the lead author of a key component of a healthy lifestyle. qualified trainer or using a medically new study published in May 2019 However, merely taking 10,000 steps sanctioned training program can help in The Journal of the American per day might not be enough to people exercise safely and effectively. Medical Association, wanted to achieve long-term health. explore the origins of the 10,000-step Taking 10,000 steps per day may recommendation. She discovered the Lee conducted her research to help people achieve their health- guideline evolved from a marketing test if the Japanese were on to related goals. But 10,000 steps alone strategy devised by a Japanese something by inadvertently setting likely won't be enough to achieve company called Yamasa Toki. That the 10,000-step standard. She optimal health. 2 0 2 0 M AY | 27

BAlrotcOkff the Old By Avery Powers By Avery Powers Festival goers view art from last year's Public Work's Exhibition at the Arts Council building. he artist community, Council is also open on the occasions. further artist exposure and one of Fayetteville’s “We have an immensely talented opportunities for artists,” according best-kept and fastest city,” said Metoya Scott, public to Scott. “We have authors who sell growing secrets, has relations manager at the Arts their books, jewelry makers who no greater advocates Council, “(including) active sell their wares, fine artists with than the Fayetteville galleries that display the talent paintings and, on occasion, live Public Works Commission and of our neighbors.” She listed artists who perform.” the Arts Council of Fayetteville/ local businesses and studios like Cumberland County. Here’s your Greg’s Pottery, Cape Fear Studios, Local artists can also get exposure chance to celebrate local artisans; Winterbloom Tea, The Sweet by participating in the 15th Annual visit the Arts Council’s Block Palette and City Center Gallery & “Public Works” Exhibition. Usually Party held every Fourth Friday Books, all of which stay open for beginning on Fourth Friday in throughout the calendar year. Fourth Friday night events. May, this year’s event has been pushed back to June due to the The event consists of live music by “A lot of people don’t know that COVID outbreak. The Arts Council local bands, a variety of vendors in it’s an active gallery,” Scott said, will display a communitywide art front of the Arts Council downtown referring to the Arts Council. exhibit, “Public Works,” sponsored and more. The gallery inside the Arts Fourth Friday’s Block Party should by the Fayetteville PWC. Avery Powers is a second-year English major at Liberty University. Born and raised in Fayetteville, she has enjoyed interning at the Fayetteville Dream Center, volunteering at Manna Church and reading “Harry Potter.” She aspires to become a professional writer and editor. 28 | M AY 2 0 2 0

This year’s exhibit has the theme To celebrate, PWC will rehash some things featured over the last 15 years, said PWC Community Relations Associate Lamont Hinson. Changes include some exciting large-scale balloon displays, like a balloon faucet dispensing real water, with the incorporation of some new digital aspects. Each attending community member can vote for his or her favorite piece — or shop, as some submissions will be for sale, said Hinson. “People can publish their public vote online, and that will be another way we can hear how the word is traveling.” Every submission has a chance to win. During the “Public Works” exhibit opening June 26, visitors are invited to submit votes on their favorite works of art for a \"People's Choice.\" There will also be an online app for virtual voting. A variety of mediums is accepted. “It can be any kind of artistic expression that you want to exhibit, including photographs, paintings, drawings and more,” said Hinson. “One lady even had a wedding dress made from toilet paper.” The exhibit is an event for the whole family to enjoy. Kids will enjoy the plastic hardhats PWC gives away and the robotic sewer trucks and electric bucket trucks the utility plans to feature. The Parsons, a local Americana and folk music band, will play just inside the exhibit. The recurring Block Party will be held every Fourth Friday, from 6-9 p.m., in front of the Arts Council. To be a vendor, email [email protected] or visit The summer “Public Works” exhibit will be on display inside the Arts Council, with a kickoff event preceding the opening. Art will be exhibited from June 26 through July 18. Residents from Bladen, Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, Moore, Richmond, Robeson, Sampson and Scotland counties, as well as Fort Bragg or Pope Field can submit art. Bring artwork submissions to The Arts Council at 301 Hay St. between 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Friday, June 19,  or Saturday, June 20, between noon and 4 p.m. To find out how and when to enter, visit For updated information regarding the Arts Council’s exhibitions, visit Facebook at 2020 MAY | 29

CLASSIFIEDS DISCLAIMER Beware of fraud. Please Institute of Maintenance 866- quote on your Long distance Reader Advisory: check with the Better Business 453-6204 (C) move. 1-844-452-1706 (C) The following classifeds Bureau or Consumer have been purchased by the Protection Agency before TRAIN ONLINE TO DO Call Empire Today® to National Trade Association sending money to any MEDICAL BILLING! Become schedule a FREE in-home we belong to. Determining company in these listings. a Medical Office Professional estimate on Carpeting & the value of their service or online at CTI! Get Trained, Flooring. Call Today! 1-855- product is advised by this EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING Certified & ready to work 404-2366 (C) publication. In order to avoid in months! Call 833-990- misunderstandings, some AIRLINES ARE HIRING - Get 0354. (M-F 8am-6pm ET) SAVE YOUR HOME! Are advertisers do not offer “em- FAA approved hands on you behind paying your ployment” but rather supply Aviation mechanic training. HOME IMPROVEMENT MORTGAGE? Denied a Loan the readers with manuals, Financial Aid for qualified Modification? Is the bank directories and other materials students - Career placement Eliminate gutter cleaning threatening foreclosure? CALL designed to help their clients assistance. CALL Aviation forever! LeafFilter, the most Homeowner’s Relief Line establish mail order selling Institute of Maintenance 888- advanced debris-blocking now! FREE CONSULTATION and other businesses at home. 686-1704 (N) gutter protection. Schedule 844-359-4330 SAPA Under NO circumstance a FREE LeafFilter estimate should you send any money TRAIN ONLINE TO DO today. 15% off Entire MISCELLANEOUS in advance or give the client MEDICAL BILLING! Become Purchase. 10% Senior & your checking, license ID, a Medical Office Professional Military Discounts. Call AUCTION auto parts or credit card numbers. Also online at CTI! Get Trained, 1-855-995-2490 (N) inventory. BID online now at beware of ads that claim to Certified & ready to work in The Swicegood guarantee loans regardless months! Call 888-572-6790. Stay in your home longer Group Inc. NCFL 8790.1- of credit and note that if a (M-F 8am-6pm ET) (N) with an American Standard 833-427-4866 credit repair company does Walk-In Bathtub. Receive business only over the phone COMPUTER & IT TRAINING up to $1,500 off, including COMPUTER ISSUES? GEEKS it’s illegal to request any PROGRAM! Train ONLINE a free toilet, and a lifetime ON SITE provides FREE money before delivering its to get the skills to become warranty on the tub and diagnosis REMOTELY 24/7 service. All funds are based in a Computer & Help Desk installation! Call us at 1-855- SERVICE DURING COVID19. US dollars. 800 numbers may Professional now! Now 534-6198 (N) No home visit necessary. $40 or may not reach Canada. offering a $10,000 OFF with coupon 86407! THE FOLLOWING scholarship qualified **STOP STRUGGLING ON Restrictions apply. 866-969- ADS HAVE NOT BEEN applicants. Call CTI for THE STAIRS** Give your 2936 (N) SCREENED BY THE SOUTH- details! 888-449-1713 (M-F life a lift with an ACORN 8am-6pm ET) (N) STAIRLIFT! Call now for BECOME A PUBLISHED EASTERN $250 OFF your stairlift AUTHOR! We edit, print ADVERTISING AIRLINE MECHANIC purchase and FREE DVD & and distribute your work ASSOCIATION (SAPA); TRAINING – Get FAA brochure! 1-866-471-1334 internationally. We do Therefore, any discrepan- Technician certification. (C) the work… You reap the cies thereof shall not be Approved for military Rewards! Call for a FREE the responsibility of the benefits. Financial Aid if Cross country Moving, Long Author’s Submission Kit: 866- aforementioned association. qualified. Job placement distance Moving Company, 951-7214 (N) Your publisher has agreed assistance. Call Aviation out of state move $799 Long to participate in this program Distance Movers. Get Free and run these ads at no charge as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association. Compiled by the following organizations: Want to advertise in the Women’s View Magazine classified section? Email [email protected] or call 910-484-6200. 30 | M AY 2 0 2 0

provides your HIRE education! With over 280 academic programs of study to choose from, Fayetteville Tech can help you pursue a rewarding career in the fields of • Arts & Humanities • Business • Computer Technology • Engineering/Applied Technology • Health • Public Service • Math & Sciences Admissions counselors available to provide counseling & enrollment services! Program Spotlight: Speech Language Pathology Assistant Participate in a rewarding profession by assisting the Licensed Speech Language Pathologist with evaluating, diagnosing, and treating individuals with various communication disorders. Learn more! Enter “Speech Language Pathology Assistant” as a search at Or call (910) 678-8400 to speak with a Health Programs Admissions Professional. Register now for Summer and Fall classes! Make the SMART choice for your education! • (910) 678-8400 2 0 2 0 M AY | 31

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