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Women's View Magazine December 2020

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2020-12-03 18:49:33

Description: The December 2020 Women's View Magazine celebrates the season with articles on local holiday events, creative foods, crafts and gift ideas and the inspiring women who make it all happen in the Fayetteville area.

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VOLUME 14 | ISSUE 12 DECEMBER | 2020 Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community MAGAZINE CtheeSleberasaotne More Holiday A Candy-Filled Help for the inside: Hot Picks Christmas Seasonal Blues The Bicycle Man Program

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 14 ISSUE 12 A s if the twinkling lights and decked-out halls of the holidays weren’t PUBLISHER enough to cultivate a celebratory mood in the curmudgeons among Bill Bowman, F & B Publications us, the near end of 2020 is the icing on the cake. The Champagne in the [email protected] glass. The confetti in the air. A year numbered 2020 can’t help but create vision, but, one — now we know — is best viewed in the proverbial rearview mirror. MANAGING EDITOR Hails and hoorays for the new year now fill the air because, according to some, April Olsen there’s little else to cheer about. While the election and pandemic knocked the celebration out of many of us, some found silver linings in the seemingly gray [email protected] clouds. Can’t see any yet? Maybe 2021 will turn out to be that year of vision, instead. But don’t skip over the wonderful winter holidays to kiss sweet Baby New Year. EDITOR Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hannukah, like cards or candy, seek chances Crissy Neville to volunteer, shop or enjoy Fayetteville festivities, need help with winter gardening [email protected] or are going back to school, Women’s View Magazine December 2020 covers it all for you and more. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, from our home here at F&B GRAPHIC DESIGNER Publications to yours. And of course, Happy New Year, too! Dylan Hooker Crissy Neville [email protected] Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or OPERATIONS DIRECTOR Epdiittocr hing a story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more Paulette Naylor 2 | D E C E M B E R in2fo0r2m0ation, email [email protected]. Be sure to AlisksiestanutsEdiatonr d leave comments on our Facebook page!Inspiring,educating,empoweringand [email protected] celebrating women in our community MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE Linda McAlister Cumberland & Hoke County [email protected] 2 | D E C E M B E R [email protected] DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ SALES ADMINISTRATOR Laurel Handforth [email protected] DECEMBER CONTRIBUTORS Jonelle Kimbrough Namera Graybeal Katie Crenshaw Alena Barosa Cheryl Garrett Mindy Love Sandy Merrell Prudence Mainor Dr. Rebecca Crain Kelly Hathaway PHOTO CREDIT Cover Photo by: Oleg Zaicev Metro Communications A Fork’s Life blog by Katie Crenshaw Kristin Guynn Photography Mindy Love WOMEN'S VIEW MAGAZINE 208 ROWAN ST. FAYETTEVILLE, NC, 28301 PHONE: 910-484-6200 FAX: 910-484-9218 Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2020 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy.

WOMAN'S SPOTLIGHT ON 4 DELORES SCHIEBE The director of the Alms House of Hope Mills, leads the charitable organization's programs that serve others facing unfortunate situations and experiences. 6 WHEELS FOR CHRISTMAS Ann Mathis heads up The Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects of Fayetteville, carrying on the good work begun by her late husband, Moses, the original Bicycle Man. 8 BALANCING WORK AND SCHOOL Contributing writer Alena Barosa describes the back-to-school journey she is on while raising her son and working full-time as a therapist. 10 CREATIVE CARDS Fayetteville educator Melvetta Wright creates hand- crafted paper art, including cards for the holidays and all occasions. 12 A BLUE CHRISTMAS If the holidays or old man winter has you feeling down, you might have a case of Seasonal Affective Disorder, known as SAD. Read about symptoms and guidance in this article. 14 OUTDOOR ALMANAC Local gardening guru Cheryl Garrett begins the first WVM's new quarterly guide to all-things-outdoors by the season. 16 WE WANT CANDY Who doesn't like candy? And, candy for Christmas is a no-brainer. Find great recipes from local food blogger Katie Crenshaw here for make-it-yourself holiday treats. 18 SHOP LOCAL Inside Buy locally sourced and made gifts this season December to celebrate Fayetteville and North Carolina. Contributor Mindy Love takes us on a shopping 2020 DECEMBER | 3 tour of what's hot this holiday. 24 POTTERY PALS COVID-19 may have put an end to Fayetteville icon Greg Hathaway's decades-long pottery classes. Still, neither time nor illness will erase the precious memories preserved in clay and friendships. 28 HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS Not everything is shut down this holiday; check out where to enjoy the season's sights and sounds in this event roundup.

SWpoomtliagnh'ts Delores Schiebe By Prudence Mainor “Even if I knew tomorrow would fall to pieces, I would still donations and make sure things run smoothly for volunteers plant my apple tree.” That quote by Martin Luther could be in the food pantry and clothing closet. On most days, she also taken to heart by all of us in these turbulent times, but the attends meetings, albeit virtually during the pandemic. Of her saying also happens to be Delores Schiebe’s favorite ― one busy schedule, Schiebe said, “It is a joy to be helping so many she lives by every day. people ― young families, homeless and the elderly ― and to be able to give them a little hope in a world that at times can Born on a farm in North Dakota, Schiebe married and moved be so overwhelming.” to North Carolina, where she and her husband of 56 years, Larry, raised a family. Starting as a volunteer at the Alms Sadly, like everyone else, Schiebe and Alms House had to House in Hope Mills almost from its inception, Schiebe was adjust operations due to COVID-19. “In the past, our doors named director in 2005. “Having been involved as a volunteer were open for drop-in assistance,” said Schiebe. “Since the at the Alms House,” said Schiebe, ”knowing the goals of pandemic, we serve by appointment only to control spacing the operation and having a heart for service, it was an easy and the numbers of people in the building. We currently transition from church secretary to the position of director.” are not allowing children in any of the buildings. Everyone is wearing a mask. Our love lunch meals are served by carry-out Alms House operates a food and clothing pantry, and before only. Due to the school regulations, we are sad to say that we COVID-19, a lunch cafeteria for Hope Mills residents facing cannot get the weekend bags to the children in the schools as hard times. The entity name ― Alms House ― is an acronym our contact with the children is by the school social worker.” for its mission: Associated Local Ministries in Service Helping Others in Unfortunate Situations and Experiences. According Schiebe and the Alms House volunteers still plan to serve to, the orgainization's their annual feast on Christmas Day at noon. This year, the mission is “to help families reach their sufficiency goals to meals will be carry-out only. “We have been very blessed in make the community a better place one individual at a time past years,” said Schiebe, “to have volunteers prepare a variety (by) feeding the hungry, clothing the needy and providing of special dishes, including hams and turkeys. Due to an counseling and financial assistance.” overwhelming response and space limitations, volunteers wanting to help serve must sign up in advance. We also “The Alms House began as a brainchild of five local pastors welcome financial gifts to purchase food items needed, in and around Hope Mills,” explained Schiebe, “and was especially the meats, as well as personal hygiene items that established as a nonprofit agency in February 1984 by 12 local will be given out.” churches of various denominations.” For the current love lunch schedule, to request assistance, A typical day for Schiebe begins with phone calls and drop-off food items or make a financial contribution, please email requests for assistance. She works closely with her contact Alms House of Hope Mills at 910-988-1495 or visit all-volunteer staff, especially her assistant and love lunch program coordinator, Grilley Mitchell, to plan meals, catalog Prudence Mainor is a longtime advocate of the environment and sustainable communities. She lives in, works in, shops in and tirelessly promotes Fayetteville and Cumberland County. 4 | DECEMBER 2020

How to Make Holiday Wreaths the Easy Way AStaffReport P eople find many different ways to decorate homes evergreen sprigs ― real or artificial ― ribbon, floral wire, bows and businesses for the holidays. Tall evergreen trees and artificial berries. Working around the foam form, arrange are among the most visible symbols of the holiday the boughs of evergreen, using the floral wire to wrap or pin season. However, wreaths hung on doors, windows or fences into the foam itself. Keep the layers coming until you acquire also are ubiquitous this time of year. the desired coverage. Embellish with a ribbon or place a bow. Wreaths adorn homes primarily during the The blog A Piece of Rainbow says that creating a holidays of Easter and Christmas. wreath jig is an easy way to make a wreath. Wreaths have also been worn Cut a dollar-store laundry basket bottom around the head or neck in from the top ring to make a template ceremonial events around the on which you can place wreath- globe for centuries. The first making materials so they keep wreaths may date back to their circular form. Use floral wire ancient Greece and Rome. or natural jute string to tie the Members of the Greco- materials together. Experiment Roman society were known with fresh evergreen, twigs, holly to hand-make ring-shaped branches or whatever materials items using fresh tree leaves, you choose. small fruits, flowers and twigs. Often these headdresses symbolized a Thick card stock also can serve as the wreath person’s social status. Others suggest wreaths template. Attach artificial flowers or leaves, spray evolved to become a Christian symbol of immortality. snow, ornaments or other items to the card stock ring with a strong adhesive. Regardless of how wreaths are viewed, many people like to display wreaths for the holidays. Wreaths can be purchased Many craft stores sell wreath forms made of natural vines that premade, but making a wreath on your own can make the have been strung in a ring. Decorate them in their entirety, or holidays even more fun. leave a little space to let the natural vine show through. One of the easiest ways to make a wreath is to design it Wreaths may seem like complicated creations. But a little around a circular floral foam form. Gather supplies to make the wreath. For traditional wreaths, supplies will include imagination and the right materials are all it takes to create a homemade wreath. 2020 DECEMBER | 5

A LEGACY RIDES ON Ann Mathis continues The Bicycle Man’s mission by Jonelle Kimbrough W hen a beloved husband passes away, his However, the Mathis family’s real joy was their effort to serve wife often inherits his earthly possessions. as mentors to the neighborhood youth. Through their Tiffany She may inherit money, real estate or Pines Community Outreach Organization, they were role sentimental treasures that hold his models and parental figures for many children, spending memory close to her heart. personal time with them and instilling them with self-esteem and pride. Ann was the driving force behind their “Building Up Ann Mathis inherited a mission. Grades” educational program and “Give a Kid a Break” youth job service program. Ann’s late spouse, Moses, was known fondly in the Fayetteville area as “The Bicycle Man” and was the founder of The Bicycle According to Ann, Moses ― despite his love for championing Man Community Outreach Projects. The Mathis family and children ― never set out to be “The Bicycle Man.” The mission their team of dedicated volunteers have famously distributed that would launch his legacy started at their home with a bicycles to at-risk children in and around Cumberland County single bicycle and a single young man in need. since 1989. Moses died in 2013, and since then, Ann has expertly guided the organization and ensures that The Ann said that she would never forget the recipient of their Bicycle Man’s mission will live on for future generations of first bicycle. people in need. “My husband asked a young boy, ‘What did you get for Moses and Ann’s incredible journey began in Washington, Christmas?’ The boy replied, ‘Nothing.’” That poignant D.C. A native of Faison, North Carolina, Moses, and Ann, response led Moses to restore an old bicycle for the child, and who hails from a small town in South Carolina, married in from that moment on, a purpose was born. the nation’s capital in 1967. In 1978, the couple moved to Fayetteville to be closer to their respective hometowns and Year after year, the Mathis family’s friends and neighbors settled in Tiffany Pines on the city's north side. provided more and more bicycles to Moses. He, in turn, restored them and donated them to disadvantaged children. A leader in his church and community, Moses worked at Black Ann assisted him in every way. They eventually turned what and Decker while he held several civic offices in Cumberland Ann described as “just a mom and pop operation in our yard” County and even hosted radio programs on WIDU. Ann’s into an organization with a cavernous warehouse and a vision career as a dental assistant led her to the Cumberland County “to make a positive impact on the community by leading Health Department and the Veteran’s Administration through example and demonstrating the Christian principles Medical Center. of charity and thrift.” Jonelle Kimbrough is the executive director of Sustainable Sandhills, a nonprofit organization creating resilient environmental, economic and social resources for current and future generations in the Sandhills of North Carolina. She worked in the Department of Defense sustainability programs for 10 years before joining Sustainable Sandhills in 2019. 6 | DECEMBER 2020

The Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects has now allocated over 41,000 bicycles to eligible children, selected by their school systems throughout Cumberland County and six surrounding counties in central and southeastern North Carolina. Moses and Ann shared the same philosophy about their charity: “It’s all about the kids.” “If I can put a smile on a child’s face, I’ve done my job,” Ann said. She reminisced about one particular family who received a bicycle one year. A Robeson County mother, whose child was not on the official distribution list, waited in bitterly cold weather for hours in the hope of procuring a bicycle for her son. “That mother’s willingness to stand and wait for a bicycle ― not knowing if she would receive one or not ― really brought tears to my eyes,” Ann remembered. “She said that the bicycle would be the only Christmas present that her son had that year. When her son chose his bicycle, the woman handed me a $20 bill. Usually, we ask for only $5 donations, but she insisted. She was so overcome, so grateful.” Before Moses’ death, Ann promised him that she would carry on his work. For her, there was never a question about the future of the charity. “It was something he started,” she explained, referring lovingly to her late husband. “He had a passion for it, and I just inherited that passion. It was important for me to continue his legacy.” Ann is now chief executive officer of The Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects. She is also a leader in her church and is actively involved in several other civic causes. Ann is pleased with her family’s endeavors to improve the quality of life in the Sandhills. Still, when one asks about their charity’s lasting impacts on the community and hers on the charity, she remains humble, especially regarding the renown surrounding the organization’s work. She noted that Clark Park Nature Center dedicated its trailhead on the Cape Fear River Trail in Fayetteville to Moses, who once received the President’s Call to Service award for individuals who volunteer more than 4,000 hours of service in their lifetimes. Though such acclaim has always paled for the founders compared to what they considered a calling. “I’m just glad to be a part of it,” she said. “I just want to help people whenever and wherever I can.” Ann brimmed with gratitude when she recalled that a few bicycle recipients had returned years later, to the same warehouse where they chose their gifts, to donate bicycles of their own for a new generation. “Grown men have come to me to thank us,” she said. “They return to say, ‘Moses changed my life.” And Ann is still changing lives ― one bicycle at a time. The public can donate used bicycles to The Bicycle Man Community Outreach Projects at 1800 Wynfare Drive in Fayetteville on Wednesdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Monetary donations are also accepted by mail at The Bicycle Man, 624 Platinum Street, Fayetteville, NC 28311. 2020 DECEMBER | 7

From the Head of My Household to the Head of the Class A Back-to-School Journey By Alena Sergeevna Barosa I f you do not fit into the fresh-out-of-high-school and essays, filled out scholarship applications left and right freshman-class demographic but are going back to and sought graduate assistantship opportunities. My son's school, you're not alone. According to the National birth, midway into the master's degree, was followed by Center for Education Statistics, 7.5 million students a sudden divorce a year later. That year was probably the age 25 years old and over are on the college roll most challenging. I learned to co-parent a toddler across books this year. And, nearly one-quarter of those are raising state lines, work part-time, fulfill graduate assistantship children, to boot. More than likely, millions of more adults requirements, attend evening classes and snag just out there are also looking to start college for the first time enough time to study. Sleep was nonexistent and, or go back after years away. seemingly, not required. Many adults face an eventual decision to return to school, In 2015, I walked across the FSU stage, looked at my expand career opportunities, gain particular knowledge audience of two close friends and cried happy tears. I did it! or switch life directions altogether. Such a decision can We ― my son and I ― made it. This victory was followed by come at a price of sacrifice and the need for complete a quick career change, putting me on the path of applied dedication. Mothers are typically caretakers, educators and behavior analysis and allowing for the humbling experience home managers. When a mother decides to go back to of working with the youth diagnosed with autism. Without school, much must be taken into consideration. I face this college demands, life became more manageable; I journey as a single mother and student and know well the rediscovered friendships, started an obligatory tradition of challenge of stepping out to further my education. weekend adventuring and spent a lot more time with my wonderful and maturing child. I serve as a board-certified behavior analyst ― an autism therapist ― at a local autism clinic. My earlier journey The more I learned about the ABA field, the more I began as an au pair with the move from Siberia to New realized the need for further education. A mere six extra Hampshire. I applied to college two years into the American courses would guarantee significant career growth and experience in a small nearby town in the state. Fast-forward an impressive bump in pay of almost 40%. Weighing another two years; the North Carolina journey began the pros and cons, I single-handedly voted to become a and eventually concluded with a bachelor's degree in student again. The next year was demanding and rough. Psychology from Campbell University. My first job in this This time, the juggling act included an older child, a dog, a state was an entry-level one at a day care facility. Needless hedgehog, a full-time job, a practicum at my job, nighttime to say, I wanted more. classes and excessive guilt for not spending more time A year later, I decided to continue my education and was accepted to Fayetteville State University to pursue a master's degree in psychology. Money was tight, so I wrote Alena Sergeevna Barosa is a 33-year-old Fayetteville resident originally from Siberia, Russia. Employed as a board-certified behavior analyst at Autism Therapeutic Services, the single mother has a first-grade son and is an active member of the community. 8 | DECEMBER 2020

with my son. The experience did not include any more When they’re sleep than my earlier school days nor any meaningful already home personal life encounters. However, the Florida Institute of for the holidays, Technology online program became the steppingstone it’s Harmony. for eventual certification as a behavior analyst. The good far outweighed the bad. My life eventually got back to normal ― my normal, anyway. I bought my first house in Haymount; expanded our petting zoo to include the dog, two cats, two lizards The holidays are a special time, when we celebrate our most cherished moments and traditions. Which is why at Harmony, your loved ones can still host holiday gatherings, from the comfort of their new home. Learn more about independent living in Harmony. and five chickens; traveled to several countries, including ASSISTED LIVING | SECURED ASSISTED LIVING Cuba, Peru and Russia; and spent more time with chosen family. Call 910.635.0555 to schedule a tour Less than a year ago, I felt uninspired knowledge-wise. My Look no further.HarmonyatHopeMills.comFRrB9oau2odys0dneH:ent9Bhtayaeke1rasovwDyvii0hgudiianelA-fShmlrslpu4yereLgst,RShr,Gaot8.atSiAsIuIeNlsniMbr0lNoIoNUnD.rraCNcuR-metnyrtGuYGltoY1oLitoidGh2Doenm0slLeOwnllo8tLuTgIc1ow,EigsnbVOfi30,EaOvAthpgesOh1nLewKgye4eeAODmoRdIearAyNctseDunloOCRioktDrildGtgoaVEEfiKusuotVslwolDAEao!nIorEFapNwrNvMnnInaOyNeetGiT.nhdnhtRTfrwhUeehgsablUtwewimfivRoioTSuzotkReihpaOHInyytriFaNbOWhnyroiAUntEOGedsofuS,ughGUDIodor,usSwIU,R’D,sevONLSmtrVmPhYeiielmEnOGlNEaoyealKlbRrLaoDeNWgoLoosobEmerOvFNOsaEEnkevTeuuheaEOtsiknOeiUnTyPhaorewnRDMiKoltu!dRwEdEWhtogcaEAIfCnoArsOisioCuNNyAanksLi,sRafteLkLtU.r-iDrGTohnsDuAlnIiuE,eMblEnoNSrVeIgrhFATIn5kuOtgmeDr’,EuGOhrm5,olsItfBoeNaNsOoIG5eeLRwmrftoTacrLcwtTAurNEy!hbSikaarOulaEUntDeohIeeieAhnSncNsnnuReYsageDmatdiBHgGrOnuoytsnenRhiLLogIytUmlaoldPkooid,EfEiauoEfwDSotfiwn.Auaed!trlaloAyfLigorrsMDrfuIyayoseO,Rsnmltpt.I.oLhshuuSIgVfOMGabwviaoNeSAenIarriOuewtrKNwImmUenilvDuGsoaLNotltDRdeiIathGYsuftOeYnNliwGyehlotCIonTacwrkLygoVOAobG.gniavLaGEgOosEtiuShOsnDeedwfhnK,EnuDIU’oevNFsaLRVDmdIacmynrYeNnOyAOGslEoeCoeRlkbiAoLatdotGNgRlDuLEoOsEhferiuOvDsrotaElwTDeVeeAKaiuo!OTtrFaVznlUhrEnonMIpIanHOKaEyNolRNvWtnhorid.htINnREheedOfGiohNiATwkeeInsrlasTkeUD,i-iDGUwmOTivhgzniUthnSepaVOHRhigNFIakWgRr’,iEOOWmEedsiEFfOnNoILrRUsOrD,grOUtTAu,!hSSh,ROUnDNSIeaNnRWYsEgiGOnu job was still my favorite, but the autism interventions were It’s what I do. developing, and I was not. I asked my friend if I were crazy GET TO A BETTER STATE™. about applying to go back to school. To that query, she CALL ME TODAY. replied, \"I think you are crazy not to.\" State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, Free of student-loans, I searched for the best school to State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, fit my current lifestyle but not put my family in debt. Somehow, everything worked out. My employer awarded State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL me with a substantial scholarship, and my chosen school promised another after completing the first semester. 1101201 Today, I am a mom, a Ph.D. student at Capella University and a BCBA training supervisor. 2020 DECEMBER | 9 Do my desires mirror yours? If so, a solid plan is most needed. Look outside the box, ask for help, pause for friendships, live on less and always remember your \"why.\" The world may try to make you feel bad about putting yourself first, but look away and \"do you,\" or be true to yourself, regardless. Do not let age or life circumstances keep you from going back to school or chasing your dreams. I didn't, and you shouldn't have to, either.

Sharainndg CCaarrdes MWelvriegthtat By Namera Graybeal M elvetta Wright, the principal of Sherwood Park Elementary School, mother and creative, doesn’t consider herself an artist. Regarding her hobby, she said, “I consider myself a paper crafter.” Wright enjoys making decorative boxes, artistically designed notebooks, and, just in time for Christmas, holiday and greeting cards of all sorts. Ten years ago, her love for card making began when she process using skill and talent, not just making do, but doing realized that she could spend a little extra money on the best you can to express your sentiment.” Her personal supplies to make more meaningful cards herself instead touch and early success at card making led to new paper of buying manufactured ones. She purchased a Cricut™ mediums ― containers, writing supplies and even wall art. paper-cutting machine and began a journey-turned-need to be calm in a stressful world. “I am creative, and my paper Deriving inspiration from other artists that she finds on crafting is my happy place,” she explained. YouTube and other social media outlets, Wright does not sell her cards, choosing to gift them instead. Selling the Wright still remembers the first card that she made cards, or even making YouTube tutorial videos, may come, one Easter. After receiving a positive reaction from that she said, in retirement, but if not, the pastime will always first creation and more following, she knew handmade be an outlet. Her crafting space is also an escape, she said. gifts meant more to the recipients than store-bought or A large backyard woodshop built by her late husband homemade. Describing the distinctions, she stated, “I now serves as a she-shed of sorts. One side is devoted to don’t consider homemade to be good quality or requiring her paper crafting, and her mother uses the other side for a lot of thought or talent. Handmade demands a creative jewelry making. “Many days,” she said, “I go straight from school to my craft room.” Namera Graybeal is a professional artist and high school art teacher for Cumberland County Schools. She specializes in drawing, painting and pottery. 10 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

Another future interest is to attend or host craft fairs for When asked if the quarantine had allowed more time for paper-crafting enthusiasts like herself. She planned to crafts, Wright stated that the circumstance had, in the participate in several this year, put COVID-19 but a halt beginning, and helped relieve anxiety resulting from the to that. worldwide issue. “Paper crafting helped me to get out of my head. I would spend two days a week in my crafting room.” Wright’s favorite holiday is Christmas ― not because of Now, she has less time for her craft but continues to juggle gifts ― she said, but because it is the one time of the year both work and her love of creating. that her entire family gets together to enjoy each other and make the fondest of memories. For this reason, she Wright went to college for communications because she particularly enjoys making Christmas-themed cards that always wanted to write, something she saw as a creative focus on the peace and joy of the season. pursuit, but ended up being an elementary school teacher and principal. Believing that educators are by nature both However, she makes cards year-round, including ones for giving and artistic, she feels she uses her knack for creativity birthdays, weddings and other events, gifting her family, in transferring knowledge to students and teachers. friends and the entire staff of 65 at the school where she “Educators educate because they have a love for molding is principal. Admitting that all of the card making can get and guiding students and causing a change in others,” away from her at times, she does her best to reach those she stated. In comparing pasttime to profession, you might she cares about. say Wright's craft and career yield similar results. Examples of Wright's holiday cards. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 11

What’s a Blue Christmas? Recognizing and Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder By Dr. Rebecca Crain The holidays are a joyful, yet stressful time of year. End-of- year celebrations bring family and friends together and give us time to reflect, and with this togetherness comes the highs of socially connecting and potential lows of reflecting on the year's challenges. The roller coaster of activity commonly results in most people experiencing a range of emotions during this time. Seasonal Affective Disorder, commonly referred to as “winter blues,” emerges when the temperatures begin to cool down, days shorten in the fall and winter brings its full weight to bear. As many as six out of every 100 people in the U.S. experience SAD; however, per the American Psychological Association, as of 2013, this health effect is no longer listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) as a separate condition. Instead, SAD is listed as a modifier as \"with seasonal pattern\" to Major Depressive Disorder (recurrent) and Bipolar Disorder. Depression differs from SAD in several ways. The DSM-5 recognizes depression as a mood disorder that affects both children and adults, with onset likely throughout the entire year. SAD becomes more prominent in the winter and tends to resolve in the spring. Symptoms of depression include sleep impairment, loss of interest in activities, feelings of guilt, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating, change in appetite, psychomotor agitation and sadness. For a depression diagnosis, a person must experience five seeking advanced therapies and professional guidance or more of these symptoms present for at least two weeks may be necessary. and face dysfunction in social, interpersonal or occupational areas of life. At least one of the symptoms must be a sad Moore County resident and OutreachNC magazine editor mood and decreased interest or pleasure in activities. SAD Amy Phariss knows too well about the seasonal blues, is characterized by less common depression symptoms, having experienced the symptoms of SAD in past winters such as hypersomnia, increased appetite and the craving herself. She reflected on the condition and how she for carbohydrates. The “winter blues” or SAD can mimic handled it. signs and symptoms of depression. Knowing the difference is essential for treatment. \"I definitely felt a decreased interest in activities I once found enjoyable, like working out, getting together with Some things to do on your own to help improve SAD friends and volunteering. I can't describe it exactly except to include spending time outdoors to enjoy as much natural light as possible, exercising regularly, reaching out to family and friends, eating right and taking measures to deal with stress. If self-help does not improve the symptoms, Rebecca Crain is a licensed psychologist in Fayetteville with 10 years of experience. Before forming a private practice, she worked in a variety of mental health settings including university, community, corrections, public school and integrated primary and behavioral health. Contact her at [email protected] or 12 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

say I felt as though I didn't have the energy anymore to do there was something weak about me for not being able those things, and, eventually, I didn't even have the interest. to 'buck up' or 'get over it.' When I let go of those feelings It all felt like a huge effort just to think about getting and put that energy toward helping myself, everything got together with friends for coffee, let alone brave the gray better. The stigma of not being 100% happy all the time is skies and cold weather to go out and do it.\" part of our actual feelings of depression, anxiety and guilt.\" Pharis wants people to know this truth that helped her. Phariss, who did not see a doctor or psychologist but sought help on her own, did several things to address It's OK to not be OK. her SAD and beat the condition, including using the commonly prescribed treatment of phototherapy, also Depression and SAD are prevalent in current times. As known as light therapy. the battle against the global pandemic continues, many Americans are feeling the burden. According to a recent study by researchers at the Boston University School of Public Health, nearly 25% of people in the United States are experiencing depression (Ettman et al., 2020). A threefold increase in depressive symptoms during 2020 has been noted as compared to years before. In the study, researchers found that those who experience greater exposure to stressors like having a lower income and having less than $5000 in savings are at greater risk of depressive symptoms. \"I got a blue light and sat in front of it every morning,\" With the uncertainty surrounding the current pandemic, she said. \"It wasn't a magic bullet, but it felt like doing many people are continually feeling stressed. The best something proactive, and it did help. I also forced myself predictor of resilience is social connection, or better yet, the to get out of the house each day, going to Starbucks feeling of being supported. What is most important is to and writing. I promised myself I could get back in bed if I recognize the signs that something might be wrong and to wanted to when I got home, but I had to go and make the be proactive about your health. effort. I never actually went back to bed. And I signed up for indoor tennis lessons to get physical exercise with the References accountability of having a coach and paying cold, hard cash. Ettman, E.T., Abdalla, S.M., Cohen, G.H., Sampson, L., Vivier, It all worked. Within about six weeks, I was feeling better, P.M., & Galea, S. (2020). Prevalence of depression symptoms volunteering and hosting small gatherings with friends.\" in US adults before and during the COVID-19 pandemic. Journal of the American Medical Association, 3(9), Phariss talked about the stigma associated with mental doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.19686. health. \"I felt ashamed and weak for feeling blue. I felt like American Psychiatric Association. (2013). Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 13

Outdoor Almanac Getting Your Yard and Garden Winter-Ready By Cheryl Mitchell Garrett R eady or not, Old Man Winter meal, a source of phosphorus that and crape myrtles. Add to this list any arrives this month. If fall found encourages winter root growth, for unsightly dead growth. you busy, the time is now to a head start. The most important prepare your yards and gardens for thing is to plant each bulb type at the Take continuing education what's ahead. Here are some tips to correct and recommended depth. courses. Enroll at Fayetteville get you started outside. Technical Community College and Peruse gardening resources. take a horticultural course such Horticulture Help — Flora Download online various horticulture as Composting, Gardening 101 or catalogs or submit a request for one. Introduction to Succulents. Classes are Planting tips Many companies discount your order's plentiful, with all COVID-19 safeguards Plant bulbs now. In eastern North cost, and the publications make great in place. I am sure you will find a class Carolina, November to early December reading and planning resources for a just for you. is the best time to plant spring- cold winter's day. I challenge you to flowering bulbs. Planting this time choose at least two new vegetables Visit the Public Library. Call a branch of year allows the bulbs to form and flowers every growing season. near you for hours, which differ robust root systems and satisfy cold Look for different colors while not from branch to branch. Check out requirements. For details on how to forgetting the old favorites, too. some books on herbs, succulents, plant and care for bulbs, as well as a dehydration and other horticultural flowering timeline, see Clean and Prep. If you have not topics of interest. Did you know that cleaned your seed stash, now is a you can dehydrate flowers and make summer-and-fall-flowering-bulbs- perfect time. Have extra? Seeds your cards or wall hangings? for-the-landscape. are a wonderful gift to share for the holidays. Another dollar store Start a Journal. Winter is a great time Most people think of tulips, daffodils deal is small mailing envelopes for to start a journal and should include and hyacinths when planting spring- seed storage. Be sure to name and a want list. Start with a three-ring flowering bulbs. Daffodils are a choice date them. binder and develop a wish list section, bulb to avoid critter problems or head making a page for every plant that off squirrels, voles, rabbits and deer. Winter is cold, but it can be an comes home with you. Record if it was Surround the bulbs with crushed excellent time to go outside, clean given by a friend or purchased, and oyster shells, available at most feed what you can and evaluate your beds. include a date, any printed materials and seed stores; PermaTill; small black Clean or maintain flower pots and accompanying the plant and other wire trash baskets; or black plastic tools, and don't forget the lawnmower. notations. As it grows, further write pots with many drainage holes, which For late winter or early spring pruning, down the plant's needs, maturation you can find at most discount stores. check out the growth on your size from the research you have done Bury the bulbs in your prepared bed. butterfly bush, chaste tree, hydrangea and growing habits. Are you an artist? Enhance the soil by adding bone Cheryl Mitchell Garrett is retired with 34 years in the banking industry. She has now been a Cumberland County Master Gardener Volunteer for 12 years this January. She is also an instructor for Fayetteville Technical Community College's horticulture department on a variety of subjects. She finds it extremely rewarding to help the community that she has lived in for the past 40 years. 14 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

You can try your hand at sketching flat stones in various colors displayed hazardous to your health. Call the local your floral babies or photographing standing on edge and incorporate agricultural extension office to report and scrapbooking the images. smaller stones around them for seeing one at 910-321-6860. support. Think of an Alpine mountain Winter can offer gray, depressing range in miniature. Another pest alert is for the spotted days, but keeping busy outside and lanternfly. This insect has not been breathing fresh air is healthy for the Need a visual to help find a solution seen in North Carolina, but citizens are brain, body and soul. Completing to your problem landscape? Visit asked to look out for this new invasive outdoor chores in winter will give you Guilford County Extension Center's pest. Found in the mid-Atlantic states success in the spring and help beat Demonstration Garden for inspiration over the past few years, the spotted the winter doldrums. Being in the for smaller, irregular shaped areas or lanternfly, a destructive feeder and garden is all about feeding our souls. the JC Raulston Arboretum in Raleigh a prolific breeder, is described as a for large-scale garden ideas germane planthopper native to China. A known Garden Trends and Solutions to the Southeast. pest to over 70 species, including grapes, stone fruits, apples, maple, Crevice Gardening, also known as Wildlife Watch — Fauna Xeriscaping, is an attractive way to willow, oak and tree-of-heaven, make a statement in those small Have you heard about the the later is the preferred host or unusual shaped areas, perhaps murder hornets? Authorities in the adult stage. The pest where there is a more extensive water ask us to be has established itself in drainage problem in your landscape on the lookout for the Asian Pennsylvania, Delaware, or dry, sandy or clay-filled places you Giant Hornet, for fear of New Jersey and close to us have to fight constantly. This not quite their establishment in the in Northern Virginia. old, but now becoming a popular U.S. The murder hornet garden trend, may be your answer. nickname refers to their For more information, well-deserved reputation see https://gardening. First, amend the soil to a mix to allow as a pest able to attack good drainage for areas that either and destroy an entire and search retain water or limit water intake. Such bee colony. for spotted lanternfly. sites need a soil mix of topsoil, grit ― They have not been If you think you have such as perlite or gravel ― compost found in North Carolina seen this insect, take and sand. but are present on the a photo that includes West Coast a size reference such Plant selections range from herbs, in Washington. as a quarter or pen in succulents or hardy cacti, to plants the scene and send to badbug@ that can withstand cold or heat and Read more at https://entomology. When submitting an are miniature in size. Gardening of this image, include the sighting location, type is also known as Xeriscaping, an hornets/. Do not try to handle date and contact information. attractive alternative for problem-area these dangerous hornets. The home landscapes. For accent, use sting is reportedly excruciating and Enjoy your time outdoors and look for the next Outdoor Almanac this spring. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 15

A Candy-filled Christmas By Katie Crenshaw Hi, I am Katie ― the voice behind For this reason, I any excess chocolate to drip off. A Fork’s Tale, a food blog featuring changed her recipe 7. Place chocolate covered balls back simple, easy recipes for the busy up a bit and use modern-day cook. melted chocolate on waxed paper. in place of the 8. Chill in the refrigerator at least 30 With the holidays around the corner, I chocolate frosting. thought I would share a few no-bake, minutes to set. uncomplicated candy recipes that Ingredients are perfect for giving at Christmas. 1 cup of creamy Store in an airtight container in the Homemade gifts are the best kind, peanut butter refrigerator for up to one month. especially when edible. Make them for 1 can of Pillsbury™ Or freeze in an airtight container your friends and family, and they will Ready to Spread or freezer zip-close bag for up to be sure to enjoy them and appreciate Vanilla Frosting three months. the thoughtfulness of something ¼ cup butter, softened made in the kitchen with love. Enjoy! 2 cups of finely crushed graham Note: Adding the vegetable oil or crackers (8 whole graham crackers) shortening thins out the chocolate PEANUT BUTTER BON 2 cups of semisweet chocolate chips keeping it from clumping BONS 1 tbsp vegetable oil or shortening when melted. Makes 30-36 units. Directions Note: Do not use all natural or chunky 1. In a large bowl, combine vanilla peanut butter for this recipe. This recipe of my grandmother’s is also known as Buckeyes. The bon frosting, peanut butter and PEPPERMINT OREO bons are made with a creamy peanut softened butter until TRUFFLES butter filling covered in chocolate. She completely blended. dipped her bon bons in melted ready- 2. Stir in finely crushed graham Makes 20-24 units to-spread chocolate frosting. Melting cracker crumbs and mix well. the ready-spread chocolate frosting 3. Form 1-inch balls and add to a My husband loves, loves, loves can be tricky, as it can easily burn or baking sheet lined with wax paper. chocolate and peppermint! The overcook. 4. Freeze peanut butter balls for combination of the two is particularly 1 hour. wonderful at Christmas. Therefore, 5. In a heatproof medium glass or in honor of the holidays, I altered the metal bowl, combine chocolate traditional OREO Truffles to create chips and vegetable oil or Peppermint OREO Truffles. This shortening. Place bowl over a small recipe features a rich, creamy, minty saucepan with 1 inch of water. Cook chocolate filling covered in a white on low heat, stirring occasionally chocolate hard coating topped with until the chocolate is completely little bits of crunchy peppermint. Talk melted. You do not want the water about YUM. to touch the bowl because it can overheat the chocolate. Ingredients 6. Using a toothpick, dip peanut 16 oz package regular OREO cookies butter balls into chocolate. Allow 8 oz cream cheese 1 tsp peppermint extract Katie Crenshaw was born and raised in Fayetteville. She is married with two children and a cute little fur baby. Her passion is eating, cooking and traveling. Check out her blog at for recipes and restaurant reviews. 16 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

8 oz melting white chocolate candy the appearance, 6. Add in powdered sugar a little at a coat or almond bark you can melt the time, mixing withhand-held mixer ¼ cup crushed peppermint starlight white chocolate each time until smooth. mints or peppermint candy canes in smaller batches and coat the balls 7. Add in chopped toasted pecans. Directions a little at a time Mix until combined. 1. Crush OREO cookies into to prevent this from happening. 8. Pour into 8x8 inch square pan. Chill fine crumbs. in the refrigerator for 30 minutes or 2. Mix in cream cheese and BOURBON until firm. BROWN peppermint extract until SUGAR 9. Slice with a sharp knife and completely blended. FUDGE serve. Store leftover fudge in an 3. Refrigerate until firm, 1 hour airtight container. or more. The most popular homemade candy 4. Roll OREO mixture into 1-inch at Christmastime is fudge. Most Fudge will keep for 2 weeks in an round balls. families make the traditional decadent airtight container in a cool place or 3-4 5. In a heatproof medium glass or chocolate fudge. While chocolate weeks in the refrigerator. Fudge can metal bowl, add white chocolate fudge is quite delicious, it is fun to also be frozen in airtight containers for candy coat. Place bowl over a small create something a little more unique. up to 3 months. saucepan with 1 inch of water. Cook This Bourbon Brown Sugar Fudge is on low heat, stirring occasionally one of my most favorites of fudge. It is Tips: until the white chocolate is sweet, creamy, rich and buttery. Lining the pan with parchment paper completely melted. Brown sugar fudge is made differently makes it easy to remove the fudge and 6. Dip OREO balls into melted white from traditional fudge because makes clean up a breeze. Do not skip chocolate. Place on wax paper. it is made with brown sugar and on the candy thermometer. Reaching 7. Sprinkle tiny bits of crushed powdered sugar instead of white the right temperature ensures your peppermints, starlight mints or granulated sugar. The combination fudge will set properly. crushed candy canes. creates a smooth, creamy praline 8. Refrigerate until white chocolate flavor. The bourbon balances the For the final touches, package your coating is hard, about 1 hour. sweetness and adds an extra homemade candies in decorative complexity in flavor. containers such as local handmade Store in an airtight container in pottery, metal tins and printed boxes. the refrigerator for up to two weeks. Ingredients Or display them in a cellophane bag Or freeze in an airtight container 5 oz evaporated milk or glass jar with a pretty ribbon and or freezer zip-close bag for up to ¾ cup salted butter handcrafted tag for a decorative touch. three months. 2 cups brown sugar 2 cups powdered sugar I hope you enjoy the candy. Merry Note: After several OREO balls are ¼ cup bourbon ― I use BSB-Brown Christmas, and Happy Holidays! rolled into the melted white chocolate, Sugar Bourbon little bits of OREO chocolate will mix ¼ cup pecans chopped and toasted Pages 16-17 photo credit: Katie Crenshaw in the white chocolate. Therefore, you might see a little bit of the chocolate Directions 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 17 specks in the coating when it hardens. 1. Combine brown sugar, evaporated This does not personally bother me. However, if you are worried about milk and butter in a heavy- bottomed medium sized sauce pan. 2. Cook over medium heat, stirring until smooth. 3. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium low. Stir constantly until candy thermometer reaches about 238 degrees. 4. Remove brown sugar fudge from heat and pour into a heat bowl. 5. Add bourbon to fudge. Using a hand-held mixer, mix bourbon until fudge is completely smooth.

Gift Ideas Galore By Mindy Love Get a jump on the holidays and start gifting. In Fayetteville, we love our small-business owners. To help you tackle your gift shopping list, we’ve found gifts made by local North Carolina or Fayetteville artists and craftsmen. With one look at the host of items made with hometown pride at locally owned shops around downtown Fayetteville, you’ll have your holiday shopping list checked off in no time. A Bit of Carolina If you’re looking for that special North Carolina gift for a loved one or friend, A Bit of Carolina has a bit of everything Carolina, from baseball caps, T-shirts and sweatshirts to artwork and a bevy of North Carolina handmade goods. A Bit of Carolina delivers on all things Old North State, including the customer favorite “Toe Jam” berry spread, toffee from Chapel Hill, Parker-house Soy Candles or a mug touting Fayetteville’s Woodpeckers Baseball team or Fort Bragg. Turner Lane Who doesn’t love a good gift basket? And when the baskets are filled with locally made soaps, sauces and ornaments –– with a North Carolina dish towel tucked in –– even better. Try some artisan- made soaps in flavors such as Bay Rum, Cedarwood Sage or Fresh Clover for mom, or any one of the hot sauces or barbecue sauces for that man in your life who loves to cook. Another great idea is a frame cutout of the Old North State, perfect for a mantle or bookshelf. These items are so delightful, you’ll want to savor some for yourself. 18 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

PAreCsrseeadt-ive Space Pressed is a local veteran-owned shop in Fayetteville known for its funny, quirky T-shirt designs created in-house. The shop sells a mix of national brands and local brands and has a selection of stickers, koozies and T-shirts promoting the city. Don’t forget Pressed’s candles, which make great stocking stuffers or gifts. Help friends display their Fayetteville pride with a T-shirt that lets all on your gift list show where they live. City Center Gallery & Books Bibliophiles and artists alike will love a gift from City Center Gallery & Books. The shop first opened in 1999 as an art gallery. When the owners moved to Hay Street in 2003, they added books to their repertoire. Today, City Center sells original art and limited editions by late artist Bob Rector, known for his paintings depicting Fayetteville. They also sell art and jewelry by other local artists and books on local North Carolina and Fayetteville history. For those who love downtown Fayetteville, a photo or painting of the Market House or antique map replica is just the thing. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 19

TofhFeaDyeotwtenvtiollwe n Market The Downtown Market is a specialty grocery store chock-full of food, flowers and handmade goods from across North Carolina. The store carries various foodstuffs from vendors such as Cumberland Coffee Roasters Coffee, Beehive Yourself Honey, Cheshire Farms products, Ashe County Cheese, Lattes and Lavender skincare products, Southern Style Farms canned goods and Paws Anatomy dog treats. Whether you’re looking for your holiday party fare, handmade candles and soaps or a colorful flower arrangement for the holiday table, the Downtown Mar- ket is the place to shop! Hummingbird Candle Company & Cornerstone Design Owners Mike and Tianna Dean started with Cornerstone Design, a sustainable furniture company in Fayetteville. Later, Tianna Dean created quite the flutter with the Hummingbird Candle Company. Today, Cornerstone Design is online at and features custom farmhouse tables made from reclaimed wood and carefully curated home decor, kitchen and lifestyle goods. The women-for-women company sells coconut oil-based candles and holds candle-making workshops in its downtown Fayetteville shop. 20 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

Leclair’s General Store This step-back-in-time with a nod-to-the-mod general store has a small selection of handmade in North Carolina goods perfect for those on your list. Stop by and grab a coffee or a blondie while you peruse its inventory of handmade journals, jewelry and artwork to start checking off your gift list. Maybe you know someone who would love a gorgeous wooden bead necklace or a set of gift cards painted with whimsical bunnies or mice? The coffee lover in your life will enjoy thinking of you while they sip on a hot mug of freshly ground Hatchet Coffee in their very own Leclair’s mug. Kitty’s Paws Watercolor For a truly unique gift idea, a portrait of a favorite pet or a home is something to be cherished. Kitty Williamson, a local watercolor artist, began painting pet portraits several years ago. She now paints all things, from whimsical fairy tales and first-home portraits to nature scenes. Some of her watercolors take on an ethereal quality, while others are so realistic you feel you could reach out and touch them. No matter what you choose, the recipient will cherish her paintings for years to come. In Fayetteville, residents like to support small- business owners and promote all things North Carolina and Fayetteville. Other notable shops for items made by local craftsmen or artists include Greg’s Pottery, Cape Fear Studios, R. Riveter and Ballash Woodworks. Jump on the bandwagon and shop local this holiday season for all your home and personal needs. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 21

Celebrating Holidays Around the World By Sandy Merrell T his year my family is excited about the Christmas St. Lucia Day holidays. Being socially distant to most of our relatives has left my family eager for some small resemblance of St. Lucia Day, Dec. 13, is a Scandinavian and Italian celebration welcoming winter. Traditional processions of normalcy. My grandchildren are busy discussing Santa's young people in white robes, adorned with red belts and wreaths of holly and candles, bring forth the long winter journey traveling worldwide on Christmas Eve and whether months and represent \"the Light of Christ\" through the darkness. This holiday continues with serving traditional his reindeer will have to wear masks. foods like gingersnaps, saffron-flavored bread and \"glogg,\" an old-fashioned warm mulled wine. Outdoor bonfires My grandchildren's excitement in carrying on family and fireworks are famous for making this winter solstice traditions brings me great joy. In a culturally diverse city like observance special. Fayetteville, my hometown, celebrations of many different winter holidays occur. People from around the world living Las Posadas here carry out their unique traditions this time of year. Here's a look at what some of these holiday celebrations Latin American families in the United States celebrate look like in households both around the corner and across Las Posadas from Dec. 16-24 each year. The holiday the world. commemorates the important passage from Joseph and Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem before the birth of Jesus, Hannukah who in the Christian faith, is the proclaimed son of God and messiah. Observances include reading an interactive The Jewish celebration of Hannukah is an eight-day story, singing holiday carols, breaking pinatas and eating remembrance that commemorates the Second Temple's rededication in Jerusalem. This ancient event's Witnesses traditional foods, including believe they saw a miracle when there was enough holy tamales and café de olla. oil to keep the menorah's candles Bodhi Day burning all eight nights. The Jewish people The Buddhist holiday celebrate this holiday of Bodhi Day, also with nightly prayers, known as the \"Day of menorah lighting Enlightenment,\" is Dec. 8. and special foods that This observance celebrates celebrate this 160s the philosopher and B.C. occurrence. spiritual teacher Buddha, who lived in ancient India Kwanzaa and founded the world religion of Buddhism. Some 5 million people Bodhi Day marks Buddha's in the United States coming into enlightenment as he sat underneath a Bodhi observe the seven-day tree and meditated. To celebrate, Buddhists decorate their cultural holiday celebrating African American heritage: homes with a ficus tree and place a statue of Buddha Kwanzaa. Beginning Dec. 26, celebrants light the Kinara underneath. The holiday focuses on a person committing and acknowledge the seven principles of the African to a life path, meditating and sharing love and kindness culture. Festivities embrace songs, dances, poetry readings throughout the world. and a holiday and decorate in the traditional Kwanzaa holiday colors of black, red and green. Sandy Merrell is a contributing writer for WVM. A Fayetteville native, she is married with four children and two grandchildren and works as an emergency services registered nurse with Southeastern Regional Medical Center in Lumberton 22 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

Boxing Day year ahead. The custom of cleaning on New Year's Eve to welcome the New Year and represent a \"clean slate\" The origin of Boxing Day began in the United Kingdom for the upcoming year is popular in personal homes and during the Middle Ages. At this time, money was collected businesses. New Year's Day is welcomed by eating \"soba,\" and donated to the poor. In Victorian times, Boxing Day Japanese buckwheat noodles, to bring good luck. was the day that servants could go home and spend the holidays with their families after working during Christmas Chinese New Year for their employers. The modern celebration remains Dec. 26 and reminds people to enjoy the fellowship of family and This Chinese festival celebrates the beginning of the friends. Recreational sports of horse racing and football are traditional Chinese calendar. The most important festival for popular sports watched on this day. the Chinese culture, the Chinese New Year, is a seven-day event Omisoka that starts in 2021 on Feb. 12. The animal celebrated for 2021 is the The last day of the year, ox. Children born during the Dec. 31, is celebrated in \"Year of the Ox\" are meticulous, the Japanese culture hardworking and trustworthy. with the Ōmisoka holiday. Celebrations include decorating The special day is a reflective time for observers to prepare with red lanterns, kumquat trees and pray for the Shinto god to bring a rich harvest for the and blooming flowers; hosting a special dinner; setting off fireworks; and giving gifts in red envelopes for good luck. Keep Safe This Holiday Season and Avoid Medical Mishaps A Staff Report T he holiday season who celebrate a bit too and avoiding talking while tends to increase during might not be the much can pose a threat, chewing can help. Children the holidays. Implementing most hazardous such as road-weary travelers should be kept away from strict designated-driver time of the year, but an or overnight guests who small decorations, as even rules and making contact uptick in safety concerns unknowingly put loved pine needles can be a information for taxi or does occur during this ones in harm’s way during choking hazard. ridesharing services readily season of festivity and fun. their stays. Thankfully, available to holiday guests many accidents that occur Toxic plants Some plants, can prevent tragedies. Components of the holiday during the holiday season including mistletoe and season, such as decorating, are avoidable if holiday holly, can be harmful to Medicine mishaps Relatives shopping, celebrating and celebrants focus on safe pets and young children visiting for Christmas may traveling, carry some risk. ways to celebrate. whose smaller bodies may bring their prescription The National Fire Protection be more vulnerable than medications along when Association says 30% of all Choking All of that adults. When decorating, staying overnight. Curious home fires occur during entertaining and partying consider decorating with children may encounter December, January and means more food is artificial plants instead of the drugs and think they’re February. Christmas trees consumed. To keep up with live, potentially poisonous candy, so encourage guests and decorative holiday the hustle and bustle of the plants. to place their medications lighting displays contribute season, many people must in childproof bottles or to the increase in fires and eat on the go. The National Alcohol-related incidents containers. other accidents between Safety Council says nearly Holiday fun frequently Thanksgiving and New 3,000 people in the United involves alcoholic beverages. Staying safe during the Year’s Day. But fire is not States die each year from Law enforcement officials holidays involves diligence the only concern during choking. Taking small bites point out that the rate of and keeping an eye out for the holiday season. Revelers and chewing thoroughly driving while intoxicated potential dangers. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 23

Molding Clay and Creating Bonds Something to Celebrate By Kelly Hathaway T he saying, \"All good things must come to an end,\" unfortunately applies even to community institutions such as the decades-old pottery class Fayetteville artist Greg Hathway taught in downtown Fayetteville. The decision and change were brought on by — what else — the COVID-19 pandemic, as 72-year-old Hathaway, my father, is at high-risk for the virus. While intimate and inviting, his pottery studio in historic pottery class at the community college to gain downtown does not allow for social distancing. And so, after more knowledge. teaching women for almost 20 years how to throw wet clay on a potter's wheel, hand build projects, use glazes and As the owner of 122 Maxwell Street, Greg originally had tap into their creative side, my dad and his students have a graphic design studio upfront where my shop, Greg's parted ways. After much deliberation and heartache, an Pottery, a paint-your-own pottery venue, is now located. He era ended as final projects were completed, weekly classes created a small pottery studio for himself in the back of the halted and goodbyes said. building. He bought a wheel, a kiln and some clay; the rest is history. Reminiscing, I sat down with my father and asked how he became interested in pottery and teaching others the craft. His path to pottery instruction began with teaching a I also sought out many of his long-term students to collect teacher. Desiring more experience with the ceramic arts, their thoughts on what the class meant to them. What I Soni Martin, an art professor at Fayetteville State University, found was a treasure trove of memories preserved through asked Greg to teach her to work with clay. She became his clay and cherished friendships. first student, and soon others started coming to the weekly class. The Teacher Greg Hathaway dabbled with clay in high school art classes Once Greg realized teaching pottery was, in his words, and was always intrigued by and attracted to pottery. \"pretty painless,\" and a fun way to make extra money, Despite being a lover of all-things-art, his penchant for he applied for and received a grant from The Arts Council pottery led him to purchase coffee mugs from street of Fayetteville/Cumberland County to purchase another festivals for his collection at home. Somewhere along the potter's wheel. This good fortune catapulted his line, Greg attended a workshop at Cape Fear Studios for fledgling career. four weeks and then enrolled in a continuing education Kelly Hathaway is the daughter of potter and artist Greg Hathaway and the owner of Greg’s Pottery, a paint-your-own pottery shop, in downtown Fayetteville. 24 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

One nighttime class, two pottery to discover my unique style of creativity with clay, wheels, four students, and I realize I would never have taken the step of this artistic endless fun were on tap in style if it wasn't for my mentor, Greg Hathaway. He was my the beginning. teacher, my inspiration, my supporter and encourager, but even more, he has become one of my dearest friends and Around this time, Greg the women I was in class with. Because I no longer live in decided he wanted to make Fayetteville, I do not see Greg often but look back fondly a career change, seeing on my time in his class. I am grateful for the friendships that teaching could pay for and memories.\" his hobby and allow him to make things to sell. Without official advertising, word-of-mouth helped expand the Jessica T. commented, courses from one night to three nights, from four students \"Meeting Greg and taking a night to 10. Thirty women — and one male student pottery classes from him — came together each week to hang out together and changed the trajectory craft clay, with a waiting list to get in. Once people started of my life. I first moved to coming, they stayed. Greg estimates over a hundred people Fayetteville in 2006 as a new attended his classes, ranging from one-month tenures to military spouse in a whole 12 years. For more than half of his student load, the average new world. After befriending stay was five or more years — a season ripe with growing Kelly, Greg's daughter, she friendships and making memories. mentioned there was an opening in the pottery class. The Students I was not interested in doing pottery, but I was lonely and Several long-term, lasting friendships developed among wanted friends, so I went for it. Little did I know Greg and all the women, who were grouped by class time. Albeit the the women in my class would become my family over time. potter's daughter, I was also a \"Thursday night\" student, They were there for me through eight deployments, when making many amazing friends in my class to whom I my babies were born and when I couldn't be with my own am still connected. My pottery-class season contained family during holidays. Greg ignited an interest in art I didn't the major life events of pregnancy and divorce, and I was know was there, and for that, I am grateful.\" thankful to laugh, cry, create and vent with my pottery pals. Krsytle D. said, \"I started pottery A common saying among us was, \"What happens at with Greg in 2007, and in the pottery class, stays at pottery class.\" Each week, class beginning, it was something members would come into this no-phone zone and close new and fun to do. What I didn't off the outside world. Some in the class called it therapy, realize was that Greg was going at times only drinking a glass of wine and chatting instead to change my life for the better of making anything out of clay. No rules or lesson plans single-handedly. Fayetteville ordered our time, just good company fueled by creativity. was a new home for me and not one I was excited about. Seeing Anne M. reflected, \"What Greg and the other women in I enjoyed most was the class every week helped me feel grounded, got me out of actual working on and my comfort zone and introduced me to wonderful people, creating art pieces, but what I wouldn't have met otherwise. As long as I live, I will never enhanced that was being forget the home Greg gave us and the happiness we all with others doing the same experienced there.\" thing. Taking a chance to make something, whether Nanette W. expressed, beautiful or a dud, made \"While going through the Greg's pottery class a special most difficult time in my life, place in a peaceful time, with a dear friend recommended others and oneself. Many my taking a pottery class silly, funny and hilarious conversations occurred over the with Greg. The session clay, but, as life is, much serious and sad sharing happened, became a form of therapy too. I lost both of my parents for me as I bonded with during the 11 years I attended new friends and found the class, as did others. it provided me a great Despite the varying ages of sense of accomplishment, class members, we were all achievement and support. I greatly miss the class and the kindred spirits, no matter friendships made.\" our differences.” Almost 20 years ago my father began teaching these Linda B. shared, \"As I think students and many others how to mold clay and create art. back over the last 15 years Little did he know then the lives and livelihoods he would of learning the basics of also shape. 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 25

PLorsesvoevnetrLWearinntienrgBreak AStaffReport A n eagerly anticipated component of winter is Visit a science center. the break from school that typically coincides Plan a visit to a museum geared toward science. Try Fayetteville's Fascinate-U Children's Museum and the The with late-December holidays. In the past, public and private Fayetteville State University Planetarium, Raleigh's Museum school children have had a two-week vacation from school of Natural Sciences, the Greensboro Science Center or the during the holidays. This pandemic year, however, winter Robeson Planterium and Science Center. break will look different and last longer than the past. Build learning into holiday fun. Even though the bulk of learning loss occurs over summer Ask youngsters to count Christmas cards or multiply vacation, it can still be measurable during other school ingredients in cookie recipes. Discuss the history of breaks. Here are some enjoyable ways to ensure learning holiday traditions and customs. Have children read stories continues over winter break. synonymous with the holidays so they learn some new words as they celebrate. Connect with the teachers. Parents can ask their children’s teachers if there are any Fill stockings with books. specific deficits their child is experiencing and whether Give kids a few age-and-level appropriate books for the they can recommend worksheets or online learning apps to holidays. Encourage time away from toys and devices for an help close any gaps. hour a day. Take an educational trip. With some focus on fun educational activities, children can Use the break to visit a museum, see historical landmarks, prevent learning loss during winter recess and return to attend concerts or go on nature walks. school ready for to learn. 26 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

TSWkipiinnstceAastarffrrepeort A s fall transitions to winter, many changes take place, from evolving landscapes to temperature and atmosphere shifts. Women may need to adapt their health and wellness habits to ensure that they stay healthy and happy. Part of that daily regimen includes caring for the skin as the seasons change. Just as skin requires specific protection from the sun and the skin by depleting its natural oils stores, says Glacier heat in the summer, the skin has unique needs in the Med Spa. Take warm showers instead, and don’t stay in fall and winter. These late-in-the-year seasons are often for longer than 15 minutes. characterized by cold, dry weather, making these times of year particularly challenging for people with dry or Limit exfoliation. While exfoliation can remove dead sensitive skin. These tips can help people maintain their skin, overdoing it can make already sensitive skin rawer. skin’s appearance and health. Increase the time between exfoliation treatments. Consult with a dermatologist for more advice about Don’t skip the sunscreen. Sunscreen is not a summer- dealing with flaky skin. only requirement. UV rays can damage the skin any time of year, even if the rays are not as strong as during the summer. UV radiation accelerates and increases the risk of skin cancer. It also can lead to premature aging. Utilize a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher every day. Invest in a humidifier. Dry, cold temperatures can Don’t forget your lips. Using a thicker moisturizer on rob the skin of essential moisture, even indoors. the body and face can help add and retain moisture. But Dermatologists suggest using a humidifier at home to pay attention to your lips and eyes as well. Something boost the amount of moisture in the air. This usage can as simple as petroleum jelly on the lips can help prevent make the skin more comfortable and can have other chapping. Invest in a quality eye cream to help the health benefits as well. delicate skin around the eyes as well. Skip hot showers. It can be tempting to sit under a hot Modifications must be made to skincare routines in stream of water to warm up. However, hot water dries out anticipation of seasonal weather changes 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 27

HolidAayroHuanpdpeTnoiwngns By Mindy Love T hanksgiving has come and gone, and now the and learn about plants and animals while spending a day holiday season is officially here. Christmas trees, together in nature. Find out more details at holiday lights and decorations abound around every corner. But what is there to do? Lots, if one knows where to look. So, grab the keys, get in the car and see the sights. Another traditional drive-thru favorite is the Lu-Mil Winery Festival of Lights at 438 Suggs-Taylor Rd. in Elizabethtown, Ready to see some lights? Fayetteville-Cumberland Parks just south of Fayetteville. For $10 per vehicle, you can see and Recreation is proud to announce a COVID-19-safe miles of beautiful lights amid outdoor scenery Dec. 3-28, Christmas in the Park event this season. The holiday lights Thursday-Sunday nights. See extravaganza is coming to Arnette Park, 2165 Wilmington Highway in Fayetteville, Dec. 6-10, 13-17 and 20-22, 6-9 p.m. For onstage holiday entertainment, the Gilbert Theater nightly excluding Fridays and Saturdays. Participants presents \"The Carols,\" a witty musical telling the Carol are asked to remain safely in their vehicles to drive-thru sisters' story as they struggle to get the town's annual the park to enjoy the sights and sounds of Christmas. performance of \"A Christmas Carol\" off the ground. The Admission is free for the 2020 event. Visit men are off fighting in the war, but the show must go on! Performances are Nov. 27-29 and Dec. 4-6. Go to Each year, the Cape Fear Botanical Garden features Holiday to get the scoop. Lights in the Garden, a self-paced evening holiday lights garden tour through a beautiful natural setting. The lights The Cape Fear Regional Theatre's famous \"Best Christmas are featured on weekends Dec. 3-23 from 6-9 p.m. nightly. Pageant Ever” will not be produced this year, but be sure to The whole garden will be lit with lights and transformed check out the theater’s new winter camp for ages 8-14, “A into a winter wonderland, featuring Santa Claus, s’mores, Charlie Brown Christmas.” Go to for entertainment and more. Additionally, CFBG keeps a more information. full calendar of daytime offerings for kids –– one of the few places in town to do so during the pandemic –– so The Rotary Club Annual Christmas Parade scheduled for parents can bring their children for outdoor activities and Dec.12 has been canceled. Not to dampen the holiday education. Be sure to check out the new children's garden season, the Rotary Clubs of Fayetteville are organizing 28 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

another thrilling event to replace the parade. The members and caring. The classic tale weaves a story showing viewers have decided to take Santa on a tour throughout select the importance of kindness and generosity in the true spirit neighborhoods because, “if the kids can’t see Santa in the of Christmas. See Lace-up those parade, why not take Santa to them?” This will hopefully running shoes, grab some antlers and get ready for Moore soften the disappointment from the canceled parade. County's 14th Annual Reindeer Fun Run Dec. 1-14 ― this year a virtual event. Register and complete your race at any Following a melted snowman cocoa from The Coffee Cup time during this period. Go to downtown, make your way to the 1897 Poe House for a for a few pedestrian-friendly course suggestions. historical take on the holidays. The 1897 Poe House will be decorated for Christmas from Nov. 28 through Jan. 9, 2021. No matter the day, Fayetteville and the surrounding area Celebrate the Christmas season with Victorian flair at the have many holiday activities for families and singles. annual Holiday Jubilee at the home Sunday, Dec. 6, from Now is the time to start planning the festivities. 1-4 p.m. The Museum of the Cape Fear Historical Complex invites you to attend this holiday event where visitors may NOTE: Due to COVID-19, some featured activities may view the first floor including the parlor, sitting room and change or be canceled. Please check ahead of time to dining room, for a small donation of $2 per adult and $1 per ensure the event will be held as scheduled. child age 5-12 yrs. Occupancy will be limited to 15 people in the house at one time, masks are required and social distancing guidelines will be enforced. The festivities also feature a concert by Fayetteville’s own Coventry Carolers. The Coventry Carolers perform seasonal Victorian Christmas songs in realistic period costumes. The members have over 150 years combined choral experience in the U.S. and abroad. The Coventry Carolers will perform at 1:30, 2:30 and 3:30. The Christmas concert takes place on the front porch of the Poe House and each set lasts approximately 30 minutes. Visitors are asked to bring their own chair, as seating will not be provided. Admission to the concert is free. Learn more at For out-of-town fun, enjoy holiday events a short sleigh ride away over in Lee or Moore counties. The Temple Theater in Sanford is performing the holiday classic, \"A Christmas Carol\" Dec. 3-20. The ghostly visits of Christmas Past, Present and Yet to Come transform the curmudgeon Ebenezer Scrooge from greedy and selfish to sympathetic 2 0 2 0 D E C E M B E R | 29

CLASSIFIEDS DISCLAIMER Beware of fraud. Please check 252- Channels! Blazing Fast Internet, Reader Advisory: with the Better Business Bureau 729-1162 NCAL#7435&7889 $19.99/mo. (where available.) The following classifeds or Consumer Protection Agency Switch & Get a FREE $100 Visa have been purchased by the before sending money to any Eliminate gutter cleaning forever! Gift Card. FREE Voice Remote. National Trade Association company in these listings. LeafFilter, the most advanced FREE HD DVR. FREE Streaming we belong to. Determining debris-blocking gutter protection. on ALL Devices. Call today! 1-855- the value of their service or EMPLOYMENT/TRAINING Schedule a FREE LeafFilter 419-7188 (SAPA) product is advised by this estimate today. 15% off Entire publication. In order to avoid Train ONLINE to get the skills to Purchase. 10% Senior & Military Donate your car, truck or van. misunderstandings, some become a Computer & Help Desk Discounts. Call 1-877-649-1190 Help veterans find jobs or start advertisers do not offer “em- Professional now! Grants and a business. Call Patriotic Hearts ployment” but rather supply Scholarships available for certain COMPUTER ISSUES? GEEKS Foundation. Fast, FREE pick-up. the readers with manuals, programs for qualified applicants. ON SITE provides FREE diagnosis Max tax-deduction. Operators are directories and other materials Call CTI for details! Call 833-990- REMOTELY 24/7 SERVICE standing by! Call 1-844-982-2392 designed to help their clients 0354. (M-F 8am-6pm ET) DURING COVID19. No home (SAPA) establish mail order selling visit necessary. $40 OFF with and other businesses at home. Computer & IT training program! coupon 86407! Restrictions apply. Become a published author! Under NO circumstance Train to become Computer & 844-401-1673 Publications sold at all major should you send any money Help Desk Professional! Grants & secular & specialty Christian in advance or give the client scholarships for qualified applicants Stay in your home longer with bookstores. CALL Christian Faith your checking, license ID, on certain programs. 888-449-1713 an American Standard Walk-In Publishing for your FREE author or credit card numbers. Also (M-F 8-6 ET) (N) Bathtub. Receive up to $1,500 submission kit. 1-877-484-4025 beware of ads that claim to off, including a free toilet, and a (SAPA) guarantee loans regardless Become a Published Author. lifetime warranty on the tub and of credit and note that if a We want to Read Your Book! installation! Call us at 1-855-393- !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! credit repair company does Dorrance Publishing-Trusted 3307 or visit www.walkintubquote. GIBSON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. business only over the phone by Authors Since 1920. Book com/nc 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR it’s illegal to request any manuscript submissions currently PAID. CALL TOLL FREE 1-866- money before delivering its being reviewed. Comprehensive MISCELLANEOUS 433-8277 (C) service. All funds are based Services: Consultation, Production, in US dollars. 800 numbers Promotion and Distribution. Call Recently diagnosed with LUNG Need IRS Relief $10K - $125K+ December or December not for Your Free Author`s Guide CANCER and 60+ years old? Call Get Fresh Start or Forgiveness Call reach Canada. 1-888-575-3018 or visit http:// now! You and your family may be 1-877-378-1182 Monday through THE FOLLOWING entitled to a SIGNIFICANT CASH Friday 7AM-5PM PST (C) ADS HAVE NOT BEEN AWARD. Call 844-791-6012 today. SCREENED BY THE SOUTH- BUSINESS SERVICES Free Consultation. No Risk. (SAPA) HOT DEALS EASTERN TOOL-&-EQUIPMENT SAVE BIG on HOME Venue Rental -120 Capacity. ADVERTISING AUCTION, Over-700-Lots, INSURANCE! Compare 20 LIMO Service - 24/7. ASSOCIATION (SAPA); Vintage & Quality Hand-Tools, A-rated insurances companies. Get Wedding Package $395. Therefore, any discrepan- Shop Equipment, Antiques, a quote within minutes. Average 2739 Bragg Blvd. 910-922-8585 cies thereof shall not be Attention Woodworkers, savings of $444/year! Call 855-993- the responsibility of the Rare 33-Albums, Morehead 0514! (M-F 8am-8pm Central) aforementioned association. City,NC OnLine Bidding - (SAPA) Your publisher has agreed NOVEMBER 5-thru-17 www. to participate in this program DISH Network. $59.99 for 190 and run these ads at no charge as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association. Compiled by the following organizations: Want to advertise in the Women’s View Magazine classified section? Email [email protected] or call 910-484-6200. 30 | D E C E M B E R 2 0 2 0

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