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Women's View Magazine February 2021

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2021-02-03 21:02:55

Description: The February Women's View Magazine of Fayetteville embraces the "Power of Love" in stories about adoption, heart health, charitable giving, girlfriend getaways, pet therapy, healthy relationships, good-for-you food and more.

Keywords: February,Women's View Magazine,February 2021,The Power of Love,adoption,Love on a Leash,The Women's Giving Circle of Cumberland County,American Heart Association Heart Month,signs of heart attacks in women,caring for senior adults,girlfriend getaways,blood cancer prevention,heart healthy recipes,healthy relationships,Dr. Brenda May-DePaola,The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults,Gray's Creek,Black History Month,DIY greenhouse,hobbies,sustainability,Sustainable Sandhills


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VOLUME 15 | ISSUE 2 FEBRUARY | 2021 Inspiring, educating, empowering and celebrating women in our community MAGAZINE More The Power inside: of Love Love in Sickness and in Health The Heart of the Matter Therapy Pets Give Fur-Ever Love A Passion for the Planet

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 15 ISSUE 2 F or Huey Lewis PUBLISHER and the News, Bill Bowman, F & B Publications “The Power of [email protected] Love” reigned as MANAGING EDITOR a blockbuster hit on the 1985 April Olsen record charts. The “Back to the [email protected] Future” soundtrack tune called EDITOR Crissy Neville the emotion “a curious thing ― [email protected] enough to make one man weep, GRAPHIC DESIGNER Dylan Hooker (and) another man sing.” Well, [email protected] men don’t hold the corner on OPERATIONS DIRECTOR a good cry or beautiful chorus. Paulette Naylor Women know too well that [email protected] it’s “more than a feeling, (this) MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE Linda McAlister power of love.” [email protected] Love can lead you down many roads ― not easy streets, mind you, but ones well worth walking. When you love a sick family member and friend battling blood DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ cancer, you do things like Sharon Stevens did. Stevens went the extra mile with her SALES ADMINISTRATOR loved ones down a scary path ― an ongoing journey. She and friends held “swab Laurel Handforth parties” and test-result vigils. They prayed, hoped and rolled up their sleeves. [email protected] The power of love led the Newkirks to adopt a young girl ― their daughter ― into their family of boys. It takes Love on a Leash® trainers and their certified dogs to FEBRUARY libraries, nursing homes and hospitals to share fur-ever love with people who need CONTRIBUTORS it most. Mary Bunnells’ passion for pals results in girlfriend getaways to shore up fun Tanya Anderson and friendship. Love bolsters charity. Relationships. Health. Home. Martha Lerario Women’s View Magazine February 2021 flexes its heart muscles to demonstrate the Jan Carnahan power of love. We hope you love what you read. Keyuri Parab Jimmy and Laura Newkirk Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or pitching a Sharon Stevens story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more information, email Lisa Walker Hughes 2 | F E [email protected]. Be sure to like us and leave comments Mary Bunnells on our Facebook page! Kalin Williams Jeanne Lythgoe 2 | FEBRUARY 2021 Julie Lee-Jacobs Leslie Pearson Kia Jones PHOTO CREDIT Kristin Guynn Photography An Abundance of Flavor blog WOMEN'S VIEW MAGAZINE 208 ROWAN ST. FAYETTEVILLE, NC, 28301 PHONE: 910-484-6200 FAX: 910-484-9218 Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2021 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy. Association of Community Publishers

4 WOMAN'S SPOTLIGHT 12 HEART HEALTHY RECIPES Cape Fear Valley cardiologist Dr. Brenda May-DePaola Abundance of Flavor food blogger Kalin Williams creates is the featured woman this month. nutritional recipes that will have you heading to the kitchen — in a heartbeat. 5 HEED THE SIGNS OF A HEART ATTACK 14 SWAB FOR A CAUSE This information can save your life. Learn the signs of a Five minutes and a swab of the cheek can help someone heart attack and what to do if you have one. battling blood cancer. Find out how with this inspiring story from neighboring Harnett County. 6 THE CIRCLE IS UNBROKEN 16 GO GRAY The Women's Giving Circle of Cumberland County shares its Everyone should want to visit the Gray's Creek area of love of community and philanthropy year-round. southern Cumberland County after reading this article. 8 SHARING LOVE WITH 20 THE POWER OF ADOPTION SENIOR ADULTS The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults makes a The power of love may be best exemplified through the difference in senior adults' lives. You can, too. action of adoption. One couple shares their adoption journey and resources to get others started. 10 GIRLS DAY OUT 22 LOVE ON A LEASH Girls just want to have fun, and how better than on With a wag, a lick and stay-by-your-side steadfastness, a road trip with your gal pals? Learn about a few dogs show devotion not only to their \"people,\" but also to drivable destinations in this new seasonal feature. plenty of others in need of affection and attention. 2021 FEBRUARY | 3

SWpoomtliagnh'st Dr. Brenda May-DePaola By Keyuri Parab Fayetteville physician Dr. Brenda Originally from Pittsburgh, easier when I have to miss something May-DePaola, D.O., F.A.C.C., may Pennsylvania, she earned two academic important,” she reflected. essentially be someone who does it degrees in the state: a bachelor’s of all, a superwoman perhaps. science from Westminster College and A busy schedule juggling work and a doctorate of osteopathic medicine family doesn’t leave her much time When she’s not saving lives as an from the Philadelphia College of for hobbies. When she can, she invasive, noninterventional and nuclear Osteopathic Medicine. enjoys spending time listening to cardiologist at the Cape Fear Cardiology performances by her older daughter Association, she volunteers her time on She noted her enjoyment of making a ― a pianist attending the University of the boards of the Fayetteville Symphony difference in people’s lives and helping North Carolina School of the Arts ― and Orchestra and the Fayetteville Christian take care of their cardiology needs. watching her youngest daughter, an School athletic boosters. FCA student-athlete and avid softball “My most memorable moment was player, play ball. May-DePaola said she starts her day at 7 when one of a.m. at the hospital, conducting patient my heart failure “It is especially rounds and performing procedures as patients finally important to empower early as possible, before heading to her received a heart and represent female office to see more patients. transplant, and athletes,” I received a call she said of her On average, she sees about 25 patients from his mother volunteerism on a day in addition to performing on Mother’s Day the school’s athletic and reading stress studies and many years ago booster club. echocardiogram tests ―ECHOs ― telling me that checking for new patients and ensuring they got the call,” The one superpower their work-ups are arranged before May-DePaola she wishes she heading home. said. “It was the had would be for best Mother’s the laundry to get May-DePaola moved to Fayetteville in Day gift she magically done. 2008 for her current job, before which could have she served as a general medical officer ever received.” When asked the secret to her success, on the U.S.S. Dwight D. Eisenhower for 11 she said it was surrounding herself with years in the United States Navy. Her biggest challenge is finding people who understand what she does a happy balance between her each day and who help get things done. “That was an amazing opportunity that patients and her family with all her only a few get to enjoy,” May-DePaola responsibilities and duties. Encouraging others to reach for their said. “My last duty station before my dreams, too, May-DePaola said, “Every separation was at Bethesda Naval “Fortunately, my husband and kids little girl (or woman) out there has the Hospital as the director of the heart understand the importance of my potential to be whatever they want failure and heart transplant clinic.” job, but it still doesn’t make it any to be, but it takes a lot of hard work and determination. Keyuri Parab is the editorial assistant for Up & Coming Weekly. She loves writing, news and cooking. Keyuri graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington and moved to the Fort Bragg/Fayetteville area in 2020. Originally from Mumbai, India, she speaks four languages: English, Hindi, Marathi and French. 4 | FEBRUARY 2021

Recognize Signs of Heart Attack in Women A Staff Report M any people are familiar with the image of a heart attack sufferer clutching his or her chest or feeling surprising, tingling sensations in his or her left arm. While those symptoms are common, heart attacks can produce a wide array of symptoms, and some of them may be much less apparent than chest pain or tingling in the left arm –– especially so for women. The organization and campaign Symptoms of heart attack Women also can have symptoms Go Red for Women highlights while resting or even when asleep, women’s heart health during Symptoms of heart attack in women and emotional stress can trigger heart February and advises that many are generally subtler than those in men attack symptoms in women. symptoms women can experience and can include but are not limited to when suffering from heart disease A woman’s risk for heart disease may be overlooked or misunderstood • Shortness of breath as though you increases if she has diabetes, has as signs of less-threatening conditions. just ran a marathon. experienced mental stress or However, jaw pain, nausea, pressure and depression, smokes, has gone through sweating may indicate a heart attack. • A feeling of a squeezing rope tied menopause, has had complications A failure to recognize any of these around the upper back. during pregnancy, has an inflammatory symptoms and act quickly could disease and is physically inactive. prove fatal. • Dizziness. • Lightheadedness or actual fainting. Women of all ages should take heart The American Heart Association reports • Unusual fatigue. disease seriously and schedule a that heart disease is the foremost • Neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or checkup with a doctor to discuss risk killer of women in the United States. and heart health. Women who suspect Despite those figures, many women are abdominal discomfort. or notice any symptoms of heart attack unaware of the threat of heart disease • Indigestion. should not hesitate to call for help. If you and its symptoms. • Perspiration. suspect you have a heart attack, call 9-1-1 immediately; do not drive yourself. Heart attack occurs when blood flow How heart attacks are different to the heart is blocked by a buildup of a for women Women can learn more about heart substance called plaque in the coronary disease at arteries. Heart attack can strike any Women tend to have blockages not woman, though women who deal with only in their main arteries but in the high stress, are overweight or are heavy smaller ones that supply blood to the smokers are at the most significant risk. heart. This condition is called coronary microvascular disease, notes the Mayo Clinic, which may be vaguer and not as apparent in women as they are in men. 2021 FEBRUARY | 5

Love for Community and Philanthropy Comes Full Circle By Jan Carnahan and Martha Lerario H ow can you learn about the critical needs of and their children who struggle to obtain basic needs. Since women and children in Cumberland County and its founding, the WGCCC has granted a little over $537,000 to have an impact on those issues? For the last 12 local agencies that focus on needs identified by the Women’s Giving Circle as most pressing in Cumberland County. The years, Women’s Giving Circle of Cumberland County, a local Circle was also instrumental in establishing Connections of Cumberland County, a day resource center for homeless philanthropic group, has been researching and providing women and children. grants to address these issues. The purpose of the research As a result of its successful efforts, the WGCCC received one of three national Spotlight Awards in 2015 at a national is to empower women to make a positive difference in conference for women’s organizations that provide grants in their local communities. This past year the WGCCC provided Cumberland County. its biennial Scorecard on the Status of Women and Children in Cumberland County, highlighting its analysis of four focus The research has shown that Cumberland County had the areas selected by the members: Foster Care; Literacy (for highest number of foster children in North Carolina from 2015- adults and children); Life Skills (employment, finances, health 2019, and that the county had a lower reading proficiency and housing); and Child Abuse. A total of $54,570 was granted score for grades 1-3 than the state score in 2019. The county to local agencies addressing these focus areas in the 2019- had a higher percentage of children living in poverty than 2020 grant cycle. the state rate, evidenced by the increase in the number of homeless children in Cumberland County, from 775 to 830 Grants are made from the membership dues and monies in 2019. Finally, the research also found that the county had from the Giving Circle’s endowment fund. Membership is a higher rate of investigated child abuse and neglect reports based on an annual contribution to the WGCCC. Members than the state. Having done the research, the WGCCC then commit to making a contribution of $550 per year for three addressed these needs through grant awards ― a pattern years, of which $400 goes toward the yearly grants, $100 that continues today. The WGCCC is a fund of the Cumberland Community Foundation, established in 2008 to provide women the opportunity to pool their resources to assist other women Jan Carnahan moved to Fayetteville in Martha Lerario traveled the world with her husband 1969 and joined the Women's Giving Circle and children as a military family until settling here. of Cumberland County in 2015, serving as She now divides her time between family, friends, co-chair of marketing for two years. community boards and the tennis courts. 6 | FEBRUARY 2021

toward the endowment fund and $50 for administrative costs. When her changing Members meet in a Full Circle event three times a year, where needs are always met, a presentation is made by a guest speaker knowledgeable in it’s Harmony. one of the focus areas. Members receive reports on research done in the local community and vote on new focus areas and which agencies will receive grants. Socializing and just plain fun happen, too, generally in person but amended during the pandemic to virtual meets. The Fall Full Circle event was a Zoom meeting that featured a local chef demonstrating how to cook a delicious meal. Over the past 12 years, women have shown they can pool their resources and make a significant difference in the lives of other women and their children in Cumberland County. Women from all areas within the county are invited to join this diverse and welcoming group. Find information on the website,, or send an email to [email protected] for a quick and personal response. Local children enjoy the library StoryWalk. The StoryWalk is a community project led by the Cumberland ASSISTED LIVING | MEMORY CARE County Public Library and funded by a grant from the 910.849.2306 · Women’s Giving Circle of Cumberland County, a fund of the Cumberland Community Foundation. This literacy-focused Look no further.RBrF9oau2odys0dneH:ent9Bhtayaeke1rasovwDyvii0hgudiianelA-fShmlrslpu4yereLgst,RShr,Gaot8.atSiAsIuIeNlsniMbr0lNoIoNUnD.rraCNcuR-metnyrtGuYGltoY1oLitoidGh2Doenm0slLeOwnllo8tLuTgIc1ow,EigsnbVOfi30,EaOvAthpgesOh1nLewKgye4eeAODmoRdIearAyNctseDunloOCRioktDrildGtgoaVEEfiKusuotVslwolDAEao!nIorEFapNwrNvMnnInaOyNeetGiT.nhdnhtRTfrwhUeehgsablUtwewimfivRoioTSuzotkReihpaOHInyytriFaNbOWhnyroiAUntEOGedsofuS,ughGUDIodor,usSwIU,R’D,sevONLSmtrVmPhYeiielmEnOGlNEaoyealKlbRrLaoDeNWgoLoosobEmerOvFNOsaEEnkevTeuuheaEOtsiknOeiUnTyPhaorewnRDMiKoltu!dRwEdEWhtogcaEAIfCnoArsOisioCuNNyAanksLi,sRafteLkLtU.r-iDrGTohnsDuAlnIiuE,eMblEnoNSrVeIgrhFATIn5kuOtgmeDr’,EuGOhrm5,olsItfBoeNaNsOoIG5eeLRwmrftoTacrLcwtTAurNEy!hbSikaarOulaEUntDeohIeeieAhnSncNsnnuReYsageDmatdiBHgGrOnuoytsnenRhiLLogIytUmlaoldPkooid,EfEiauoEfwDSotfiwn.Auaed!trlaloAyfLigorrsMDrfuIyayoseO,Rsnmltpt.I.oLhshuuSIgVfOMGabwviaoNeSAenIarriOuewtrKNwImmUenilvDuGsoaLNotltDRdeiIathGYsuftOeYnNliwGyehlotCIonTacwrkLygoVOAobG.gniavLaGEgOosEtiuShOsnDeedwfhnK,EnuDIU’oevNFsaLRVDmdIacmynrYeNnOyAOGslEoeCoeRlkbiAoLatdotGNgRlDuLEoOsEhferiuOvDsrotaElwTDeVeeAKaiuo!OTtrFaVznlUhrEnonMIpIanHOKaEyNolRNvWtnhorid.htINnREheedOfGiohNiATwkeeInsrlasTkeUD,i-iDGUwmOTivhgzniUthnSepaVOHRhigNFIakWgRr’,iEOOWmEedsiEFfOnNoILrRUsOrD,grOUtTAu,!hSSh,ROUnDNSIeaNnRWYsEgiGOnu amenity encourages children, caregivers and their teachers to It’s what I do. experience reading, participate in physical activity and explore GET TO A BETTER STATE™. nature together. CALL ME TODAY. State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL 1101201 2021 FEBRUARY | 7

Showing Love to Senior Adults The Cumberland County Council on Older Adults By Lisa Walker Hughes “As human beings we value the experience that comes with age. We are reminded over and over again with statements like ‘older and wiser’ and ‘respect your elders,’ promoting age as something to be cherished and respected.” Jenna Morasca I f you are like me, a mature woman maintain independent living at home cancers. Changes that occur with age, with aging parents, this quote may with dignity. such as living alone, losing the sense of resonate as you look for resources taste and smell or the inability to cook to help you with their care. While The organization offers a variety of in- independently, often make healthy February may conjure thoughts of home and community-based services mealtimes difficult. The council offers romantic love for many, the month at no cost to eligible recipients and the Meals on Wheels and Congregate is also the perfect time to show the caregivers. Under the umbrella of the Meals programs to provide nutritious senior adults in our circles of influence volunteer-and-staff run Community meals for senior adults. One meal a — family and friends alike — some Care Giving Circle, the council day prepared by a nutritionist can be love, too. provides social, home management, scheduled for delivery to participants. transportation and caregiver support The Congregate Meal program The passing of the Older Americans services for adults 65 years and older provides meals at noon at nutritional Care Act in 1965 established senior and their primary caregivers. sites countywide. Americans as a group of people worthy of care and protection. On the coattails Nutrition Resources Personal to Person Resources of this act in 1968 was the opening Following a good nutrition program In-home aide services to elderly clients of the Cumberland County Council is essential, no matter what age you are also available. Caring staff members on Older Adults, a nonprofit are. A healthy diet can help prevent help clients with everyday activities organization charged with helping heart disease, diabetes, high blood such as eating, cooking, bathing, Cumberland County’s older adults pressure, osteoporosis and some dressing, shopping and managing Lisa Walker Hughes is a North Carolina native. A wife and mother, she is also a proud educator with more than 30 years of experience. She and her siblings currently share in caring for their aging parents. 8 | FEBRUARY 2021

medications. This program, which is and/or vulnerabilities associated with recipients unbiased information and led by registered nurses and certified physical limitations. Knowledgeable, counseling from trained volunteer nursing assistants, is performed at no caring volunteers make phone calls to counselors certified by the North cost for those 60 years of age or older provide safety checks, give medication Carolina Department of Insurance who are ineligible for Medicaid and reminders, have conversations and about Medicare, Medicare supplements, Veteran Affairs services and who are provide valuable information. Medicare Advantage, Medicare Part D partially dependent with at least one and long-term care insurance. activity of daily living. Registered nurses Home Help assess and develop care plans, identify Often, as people age, making needed Caregiver Support needed community resources and home repairs or improvements According to the council website, services and make appropriate referrals becomes more and more difficult. The volunteers may provide occasional on their clients’ behalf. council also offers a Home Improvement breaks for primary caregivers of Senior program that can make small Companion Program participants. Additionally, The Senior Companion modifications to help keep a senior’s Council staff provides caregiver training Program, headed by a registered home safe. Program volunteers can do sessions and workshops and sponsors nurse, pairs community volunteers such things as fixing a leaky faucet or caregiver support groups, too. with senior adults who may need help installing a ramp for accessibility. with yard work, light housekeeping or Cumberland County is fortunate to have minor home repairs. The volunteers Insurance Assurance the Council on Older Adults supporting may also provide transportation to The Seniors Health Insurance senior adults and their caregivers. medical appointments or essential Information Program provides medicare The Cumberland County Council for shopping trips. They may also offer Older Adults is located at 339 Devers companionship to senior adults by St. in downtown Fayetteville. For more visiting or calling when seniors have information or to volunteer, you can visit little social support. their website at or call them at 910-484-0001. Sometimes assistance is just a phone call away, so the council also sponsors a As the circle of life continues, we can Telephone Reassurance Program, which all find inspiration in David Bowie’s pairs clients, home bound older adults, wise words: “Aging is an extraordinary with volunteers. These participants process where you become the person need contact due to social isolation you always should have been.” 2021 FEBRUARY | 9

W ith Valentine's Day coming this By Mary Bunnells month, what better time to show yourself ― and a friend or two spring, summer and fall to Christmastime family-fun events ― some extra love. As a fitness and more. instructor, I often speak on self-care, Fifteen minutes west of Ramseur is Asheboro, where a stop at Carriage House Tea takes teatime to another level. and while this concept has many forms, one of my personal The tearoom patron, Lady Mary, aka “ tea barnoness of the Old Country,” invites all to join her for tea. Carriage House favorites is travel. Many times, with work and family life, Tea is located in a beautiful circa 1917 mansion, offering Old World charm and a welcoming community space. getaways take the back burner and seem nearly impossible Besides a comprehensive tea selection in the showroom, an expansive tea bar, two sit-and-sip rooms and a grand wrap- to fit in. What if I told you some great mini adventures around porch await your visit. If dropping in on a Saturday afternoon, live music is provided by the Original Formula— await, all within an hour or two drive of home? That's right, Al and Rob duo. so, grab your gal pals for some fun and relaxation and don't If tea sipping isn't your thrill, maybe antiquing is your thing. To that end, everyone can find something at Asheboro's forget your coat! Collector Antique Mall, featuring more than 95 dealers in over 35,000 square feet of antiquing space. You may never The town of Seagrove, aka “Jugtown,” is a short hour-and- make it home. a-half drive northwest of Cumberland County along scenic winding roads. The ride alone provides feelings of serenity For a beach break, even in the winter, Wilmington is a and freedom from the rat race of life. Once there, flex your crowd-pleaser. The town is a hop, skip and a jump from the creative side with your friends at a clay party with Thomas Pleasure Island shores of Carolina and Kure beaches and Pottery, creating a custom ceramic. These gatherings are historic Fort Fisher, along with adjacent Wrightsville beach. hosted on the first Saturday of each month. Another cool In Wilmington proper, bird watching on the Greenfield way to enjoy Seagrove is to attend a tea crawl. Hosted by Lake Park Trail is a 4.1-mile excursion on a lake setting ― a five different potters, the event enables participants to sure bet to give you and your friends an escape from the drink locally-brewed tea in handmade mugs. Tea time, mundane and a good dose of nature. History buffs love the anyone? Bellamy Mansion of History and Design, feasting on North Venture out 20 more minutes from Seagrove, driving northeast, and you stumble upon the town of Ramseur, home to Millstone Creek Orchards. With over 86 acres of rich farmland, the orchard offers year-round attractions, from the fresh peaches, blackberries and apples of the Mary Bunnells is a single mother and a multipassionate entrepreneur who understands the importance of taking time for yourself and having balance in your life. She is a North Carolina real estate broker with Century 21 Liberty and owner of MJ Fitness, offering classes especially catered to women. 10 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

Carolina's most spectacular Victorian architecture example. If you or your friends are not the “beer kind of girls,” don't Another nearby Victorian-era home, the Latimer House worry; wine and cider by the glass are served, too. In the Museum, features over 600 historical objects, including evening hours, pop in at the Sunrise Theater, which hosts a jewelry and furniture. line-up of nonmainstream indie films. After a day of touring, toast the town with Wilmington's Girlfriend getaways don't always have to be shop-till- craft beer scene. A self-guided beer tasting tour or you-drop outings or nights out on the town. Sometimes scheduled trek on the Ale Trail will make for a fun day we need to drop it down a gear and stop to be in the or evening out, or choose to hit Downtown Alive for the moment. Who doesn't love a little-known gem? A quaint nightlife and excellent outdoor dining options. If you stay place tucked off the highway with a hometown feel? the night, make sure to grab a cup of joe before you go With several bed-and-breakfast accommodation options at Bitty and Beaus, one of my favorite stops in the Port and an assortment of unique shops, eateries and events, City. This coffee shop employs individuals with intellectual Fuquay-Varina, just 45 minutes north of Fayetteville, delivers and developmental disabilities, handing you the most Southern charm in a small-town way. Book your stay at the heartwarming cup of coffee you'll ever experience. Fuquay Mineral Spring Inn & Garden, located directly across the street from the inn's namesake Mineral Spring Park, The drive to Southern Pines is another winding road scenic to experience a historic Colonial Revival. Relax and read a view and a favorite for my friend group. So much is packed book on the porch or attend an event such as a garden tour; in the small spaces from Southern Pines to Pinehurst ― cooking class; or a beer, wine or chocolate tasting and more. more than just golf. Elliot's on Linden is a farm-to-table Add a trip to Centennial Square for the Growers Market masterpiece of a dining experience any foodie would of Fuquay-Varina or to nearby Raven Rock State Park for appreciate. The Village Shops at Pinehurst will take you out a friendly check-in with nature, and you have defined my of the typical shopping hustle and bustle into a calming kind of Saturday. commercial experience. Who doesn't love a little retail therapy? From boutiques and book stores to wine shops So, which destination will you choose? The job, the project and art galleries, Moore County can help you make the and especially the laundry will all be there when you get most of your day with friends. Don't leave without a stop at home. Make a beeline for the door with your besties to Southern Pines Brewery for a craft beer tour and tasting. chase the winter doldrums away. 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 11

Heart-friendly Foods February is Heart Month across the U.S.A. By Kalin Williams February is American Heart Month, a federally designated event that encourages Americans to focus on their heart health and involve their families, friends and communities. Maintaining a heart-healthy diet is vital for optimal health Simply start by incorporating small changes in your daily and well-being. While processed foods can be convenient, life, such as a portion of fruit instead of sweets or an extra naturally occurring whole foods ― fruits, vegetables, grains helping of vegetables with dinner instead of a whole second and more ― are rich in the nutrients that our bodies crave plate. The recipes prove that good for you can also be good for fuel. The challenge of changing your eating habits can to taste. Try these to be your way to a happier life and be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. improved heart health. PERSIMMON AND APPLE WALNUT SALAD Serves: 3-4 3 cups of arugula 3 cups of baby spinach 1 cup of walnuts, coarsely chopped ½ cup dried cranberries 2 Granny Smith apples, thinly sliced 2 persimmons, thinly sliced Mix arugula and spinach in a large bowl. Toss with walnuts PORK TENDERLOIN WITH BAKED APPLES and cranberries. Top with slices of apples and persimmons. Serves: 4-6 Drizzle with a classic dressing, like a balsamic vinaigrette, 1 fat-trimmed pork tenderloin for extra flavor. 1 Granny Smith apple, thinly sliced 1 onion, chopped 2 tablespoons olive oil, as needed 1 tablespoon dried rosemary Black pepper to taste Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Spray a baking sheet with olive oil. Make small, 2-inch cuts down the length of the tenderloin. Tuck an apple slice in each of the cuts and set the tenderloin on the baking sheet. Toss onions and the remaining apple slices in olive oil. Spread out on a baking sheet around the tenderloin. Sprinkle with rosemary and black pepper. Bake 20 minutes per pound or until the internal temperature reaches 145 degrees. Through her food blog, Kalin Williams loves encouraging others in the kitchen to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. A Fayetteville native, she now lives in Chapel Hill where she loves trying new local restaurants and exploring different cuisines. Connect with her at her blog site, 12 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

ROASTED BUTTERNUT SQUASH AND BRUSSELS SPROUTS Serves: 4 1 butternut squash, cubed 12 oz. Brussels sprouts, halved 2-3 tablespoons olive oil, as needed 1-2 teaspoon black pepper, to taste 1 tablespoon cinnamon ½ cup of walnuts, roughly chopped Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss butternut squash and Brussels sprouts in olive oil until coated. Place on a greased sheet pan and sprinkle with pepper and cinnamon. Using a separate greased pan, toast the walnuts for 5 HEALTHY BANANA OAT BREAD minutes or until slightly darker in color. Be careful not to Serves: 8-10 overcook them as they easily burn. Set aside. Bake the Brussels sprouts and butternut squash for 25-30 minutes or until golden brown, flipping halfway through. Add walnuts to the pan and toss to combine. Optional: 1 cup whole wheat flour Sprinkle more cinnamon to taste. 1/2 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon baking powder Notes: 1 1/2 cups old-fashioned oats You can substitute the walnuts with pecans, almonds 1 tablespoon cinnamon or toasted pumpkin seeds. Add dried cranberries for 3 ripe bananas extra sweetness. 2/3 cup honey 1/3 cup coconut oil, melted 1/2 cup milk 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs 1/2 cup raisins, optional Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. In a mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients: wheat flour, baking soda, baking powder, oats and cinnamon. In a large mixing bowl, mash the bananas well. Whisk in wet ingredients: honey, coconut oil, milk and vanilla. Whisk in the eggs one at a time. Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients and stir to combine. If using raisins, add at this time. Pour into a well- sprayed or lined loaf pan. Sprinkle any leftover oats on top and cover with foil. Bake covered for 45 minutes. Remove the foil and continue cooking for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Let cool before serving. Note: If desired, substitute melted unsalted butter for the coconut oil. 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 13

Love, Peace and A Swab of the Cheek For the Fight Against Blood Cancer By Sharon Stevens W ho knew a cotton swab cancer, age, how fast the cancer is members find a stem cell donor to and five minutes could progressing, where cancer has spread match? All we could do was try, and save someone's life? and other factors. Some common that's precisely what we did. Indeed, I didn't until a blood cancer treatments include stem friend of mine's husband needed a cell transplantation, chemotherapy The first step Several bone marrow bone marrow transplant. You know and radiation therapy. donor companies were contacted. you always say, \"I'm here for you. After much research and discussion, What do you need me to do?\" Well, For the first option ― stem cell we settled on the DKMS company, an this instance was that time, and the transplantation ― a stem cell donor international nonprofit bone marrow assistance was needed quickly. The is needed. Statistics show that 30% of donor center based in Tübingen, reason for the transplant was an all too the patients can find a family member Germany, with entities in the U.S. and common one: cancer. for the donor process. That leaves the other countries. They supplied us with other 70%, nearly 15,000 patients, to everything we needed to conduct a In the United States alone, every three rely on a stranger. A stranger they bone marrow donor drive, aka \"swab minutes, someone is diagnosed with might never meet. party,\" and sent staff to the first event blood cancer. According to Cancer to train us. A standard drive needs to Center Treatments of America at As my friends and I were learning have anywhere from five to 20 people, most blood about the process and in the throes to be counted as a success. Our first cancers, also called hematologic of finding a donor, I received another drive saw us set up in the parking cancers, start in the bone marrow, whammy. My brother-in-law was lot of my friend's dental office. With where blood is produced. Blood diagnosed with cancer and in need the rain on and off that day, people cancers occur when abnormal blood of a bone marrow transplant, too, kept coming and taking seats at the cells start growing out of control, although for a different blood cancer table under a big tent. At close to 100 interrupting two normal blood cells' with the same procedural cure. What donors, the turnout overwhelmed us. functions ― fighting off infection were the odds that two men ― both and producing new blood cells. The important persons whom I love ― Procedure A person has to be three main types of blood cancer are would look for the same way to survive between 18 and 55 years of age and leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. this dreaded disease at the same in good health to be tested. Once time? Both men were taking chemo this information is confirmed, and Treatment for blood cancer depends treatments, a temporary solution at all the necessary paperwork signed, on the type of best. Could my friends and family the testing pack is opened up. Three Sharon Stevens is a resident of the northern Harnett County town of Coats and the director of the Dunn Tourism Authority where she tirelessly promotes her county and community. 14 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

swabs ― the long variety ― are male in Wales, England. How cool to help others battling cancer. If you offered to the potential donor. At no that the donor bank is not inhibited ever have the opportunity and fit the by boundaries but is worldwide. criteria, I promise it will be the best About ustime do any volunteers touch these swabs so as not to contaminate them. My brother-in-law Tim was able to five minutes you can ever donate. For Participants swab the right inside recycle his bone marrow. Both men matches, the procedure is a painless of the cheek while singing the ABC had transplants within a month of half a day out of one's life ― the same song to themselves three times ― a each other, confined to the hospital length as watching a favorite movie. procedure equal to nearly one to one- with limited visits from only close The donor is hooked up to a machine that directly filters the stem cells out and-a-haMOlfuemcr hsttioinldruyHtbeaersgf aownfaswswtitohaldobtnbheainftatgmh.eilTyohnfiilgsyhttrienagtmtfoaesmnatvifeloyrsomhmereelomenuebketemhresiay. Swloeavsevdea.rbWaolhnmeenonths of of the bloodstream. The blood is pulled procedurmeairsrodwotnraenstpwlaincte, ,shbeuhtawd nitohmtwatcohing facmoinlyfimneemmbeerns.tAht ethlpe etidmep, rtheeprearweetrehem for out, purified and then put back into the donating person's system. The differenttosrnawlnysa3pb,l0as0ntt0.hCpaootntenfrneotnviatelesrdttebomyutcchehell kdanononwdolresdognettwhheahtGahetirsm2w0ainf2e0refaghcisaetddryditino scpturooltvroeidd.edas in aftermath? A donor will feel tired for in the twfiondoipngpoa smitaetcchhinegedkosn.oTr,hheerthhuisrbdand Peter decided to apply his prolific a few days, but a healthy body can and finalbbsuewsstinacebhsasinssckueillsasettdsoutrohvneivqatluh. eTeshtieinoansniodsfweheoorwsfeteomgeivdechleisarw: mifeoarendunpraetliaetnetds like her the donors meant a participbaenttet'rsclhoawnceers lfiopr. aTllhpeatdieonntsoinr nneoewd. places these swabs into an opened replace the blood stem cells on its own within a few days, so fatigue is Peter founded DKMS with his wife’s transplant physician, Gerhard Ehninger, on temporary. Don't you agree this is a seemingly easy thing to do when envelopet,hwe 2h8itchhoifsMsauyb19s9e1qaundenintolyur first year of operations we managed to expand the results are so worth trying? The sealed anthde 3,000 donors to 68,000. Despite the Harf family’s best e orts, donor company will try to set up a meeting for the two persons to meet Mechtild ultimately did not survive. However, before she passed away she made ― for those who match ― upon the Peter promise her that he would not stop fighting until every patient had a recipient's full recovery. Final StempatPchrianyg adnondorwaanidt.aWpoetehnetialdl second chance at life. Since then Peter and his daughter Katharina Harf, the Vice Chairwoman of the DKMS Foundation Board, these bohnaevemkeaprtrothwatdprroivmeisset.hMrootuivgathedoubyt the fate of their wife and mother, by 1995 April andKMathaayri2na0a19ndaProetuenr hdadHhaerlnpeedttbuild DKMS into the world’s largest stem cell donor register and ever since we have worked tirelessly to fulfill our mission – to County. Iperovveidnehaas dmaanfyebwlooddocnaonrcsercpoamtieents as possible with a second chance at life. by my office, where I kept the swab packs on hand. In all, we provided over 200 swabs to the international Bone Forget glamorous galas or fancy balls Marrow DDKoMnSorisBdaednickavteiad ttohteheDfiKgMhtSagainst blood cancer Today, DKMS has o ces―in aGnerimnavnitya, tthioe nUntiotemd Setaettesa(popaetnieend t my companya.nWd belokondedwisotrhdeersdboyn: ations One year later, the fight20is0o4)n, gPoolianngd (f2o0r09), tbheloUoKd(2s0te13m), Ccheillels(2h0e18lp),eadndwInoduiald be the (2019) and has registered over 10 million potential donors and might not mcreaattcinhg taowaDreanveisds or Tim, but both David and Tim, in mdiafdfeeroevnert 8w4a,0y0s0. collebcteiosntsIwcooruldlwdideev.eDrKrMeScehaivseo.vWer h85a0t about we were enrcecoruuirtainggesdtemthceelsl admonoprlsintogpsrovide aDseacvoidnd'scmhaancrerow transplastnat tmoeomkbfeorsr from 7 coyuonutr?ieDs doedyiocuatehdatvoehfeilvpegimveienvuetryes? Join at life blood cancer patient a second chance at life. might helprasiosimngefuonndes tino ctohveerwcoosrtlsd have a little while but was then internally us in the fight against blood cancer a second chsuapnpcoertiantgltihfee.improvement of therapireesjtehcrotuegdh. He is now undDeKrgMoSiins gdriven by innovaantiodnbalnodoindvedsitssoinrdoeurrsp.eFoipnled’soiduetams ore at research tryciinnanogcrdeterorpftaiotnibednettshtehrporuegmhiheoruttptprtohsve:/id/wweorwroldfw.a.sdskismtansc.oe rtgo /belnoo/gdet-involved. supporting patients from day one of thetriredaitamgneosnets while still the right next step of action. Tim is in remission but still has a chemo Author's note: Harnett County treatment once a month to battle the residents Dr. David Price and Tim hot spots that pop up from time Peede are the patients in this to time. article. We, their family, friends and community supporters, welcome Three cotton swabs and five minutes your prayers as these beloved men ― life-saving and life-changing ways continue the fight of their lives. Our prayers were heard as David's why Diversity on the registrymatch came from a 23-year-old matters 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 15

GItr'saayW'soCmreaenk's World: By Tonya Anderson N amed for a creek that offices for corporations such as Coca- No one will ever go hungry in the winds through the heart Cola, Piedmont Natural Gas, Mann Creek as restaurants are abundant. of the region, Gray's & Hummel, Systel Distribution and Several fast food and pizza restaurants Creek is located in the Service Center and many others are exist here, and for lovers of Chinese southeastern part of Cumberland open. The area's largest employer cuisine, the Great Wall Chinese County, encompassing 48.7 sq. miles is the Walmart Distribution Center, Restaurant beckons. People from in Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Parkton located on Sandhill Road. Smaller all over Cumberland County and and St. Paul's ZIP codes. Once a small businesses where residents can shop surrounding areas come to Paradise rural community consisting mainly for necessities and goods include Acres for some of the best downhome of family farms, it has expanded Dollar General at two locations, Family country cooking around. Owned to numerous neighborhoods and Dollar, Tractor Supply Company, Food and operated by the Taylor family a population of just under 11,000 Lion and several service stations since 1985, Paradise Acres serves up residents. People flock to \"the Creek\" around the area. plates for takeout or dine-in of their to get away from the hustle and bustle famous barbecue, fried chicken, of nearby Hope Mills and Fayetteville. You won't have to drive far to take care seafood and homemade sides, as Industry, businesses and subdivisions of medical care needs for yourself or well as some select sandwiches and are popping up all over. The positive your furry friends, either. Southeastern rotating menu items. The venue is also side of this growth is that residents Regional Medical Clinic-Gray's Creek one of the most well-known places no longer have to drive into the city is a comprehensive primary care in Cumberland County for catering for food, necessities or entertainment and rehabilitation clinic that offers corporate events, holiday parties and because pretty much anything you all family members medical services. family reunions. would want or need is right here. Dr. Riddell or Dr. Wheeler at Cypress Lakes Animal Hospital can also provide You don't want to miss the annual Businesses and industry have made your pet with lots of love and care Gray's Creek Women's Club bazaar their way out to the Creek, providing services ranging from wellness care and buffet, usually held at the jobs to residents. At the Cumberland and radiology to surgical procedures community center on the third Industrial Center on Corporation Drive, and even general dentistry. Thursday of October. At this A resident of the Gray's Creek community for 19 years, Tonya Anderson currently serves as a gifted- education teacher at both Alderman Road and Gray's Creek elementary schools. Married to her husband Denis for 26 years, she is the proud mom of two sons, Chandler and Christian. 16 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

community favorite, you can sample attracting golfers from all over. As a brewery, also brings live music, food homemade chicken and pastry, bonus, some of the most beautiful trucks and a family- and pet-friendly collards, ham and fried chicken, homes around border the fairway. farmers market to the Creek. Visit along with all the fixings. Proceeds them on Facebook to stay apprised from the turnout go right back into Hall Park opened in 1978 and has been of events. Of interest to women are the community to help local youth bringing the community together Saturdays, aka \"Yoga and Beer Day” continue their education, assist first ever since. Gray's Creek residents with Hayat Yoga Shuka. Participants responders in the area and aid clubs love their baseball, making Opening stretch their way to better health and and organizations. Day a big affair. The park includes a more relaxed lifestyle. \"Ladies Night three fields, a playground, three Out with a Cause\" is another event at If you enjoy fresh produce, come to pavilions, a concession stand and Dirtbag Ales that helps women in the the Creek hungry. April is always a restrooms. Lifelong residents who community. Each quarter, Dirtbag highly anticipated month, when we grew up playing ball here themselves Ales embraces girl power and hosts a can finally bite into those red, juicy experience déjà vu as they delight night where ladies are the main event. strawberries from McNeill or Canady in watching their children and Local vendors who cater to women's Farm. August brings an opportunity grandchildren play in the park. health and well-being are on-site, and to pick locally grown Muscadine donations are taken at the door for and Scuppernong grapes, and The J.D. Pone Recreational Center local women’s charities. outcroppings of small produce stands located adjacent to Gray's Creek can be found here, too. Elementary offers various recreational The Creek Bar and Grill is also a activities appealing to all ages. Youth place where the community gathers Gray's Creek is not short on recreational basketball and indoor for food, fellowship, spirits and an recreational opportunities. One of the soccer are held here as well as a variety occasional corn hole game, not to most well-known is the Cypress Lakes of other activities. mention Karaoke on Friday and Golf Course. This beautiful 18-hole Saturday nights. By far, the most championship-style course is balanced Dirtbag Ales Brewery and Taproom popular day of the week is Wednesday, with wide-open spaces, wetlands, is a newer-to-town community hub when the grill offers traditional and serene woods and horse pastures, that, in addition to a restaurant and boneless wings for a mere 50-60 cents. 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 17

Worship is an integral part of life in these heroines is Helen Brockett, 66, years in many leadership roles, earning the Gray's Creek community. Over a pillar of the community who has numerous awards and recognitions. 20 different churches in varying served the Gray's Creek area in various The current president of the Gray's denominations are represented here. capacities for 34 years. Married to Dave Creek Ruritan Club and corresponding The oldest church in the community Brockett, she is the proud mother of secretary for the Gray's Creek Women's is the circa- 1700s Cape Fear Baptist three daughters. Club, Brockett formerly served 10-plus Church on Butler Nursery Road, listed years at Hall Park as chairperson of the in the U.S. Registry of Historic Places. After moving here from Chattanooga, Hall Park Committee, too. The current building was built in 1839. Tennessee, the Brocketts fell in love with the area and bought a Helen explains why she has dedicated Schools have also been an essential house in the Point East subdivision. so much time and service to her part of the community since the Unfortunately, their original house community. \"After 34 years in Gray's original Gray's Creek K-12 school was burned down in 1989 due to an Creek, it is our home. We have roots built in 1923. The school closed in 1972 electrical fire, but they later rebuilt in here after raising three beautiful and and was consolidated along with Hope the same neighborhood. successful daughters who are now Mills and Massey Hill high schools to wives and mothers. They attended form South View High School. In 2003, Of this tragedy, she said, \"The the schools, participated in sports the newly built Gray's Creek High outpouring of concern for our loss by and band, attended church and were school opened. The community is also this community made a huge impact Girl Scouts here. Our entire family home to three elementary schools ― on our lives and commitment to give has military roots that go back to the Alderman Road, Gallberry Farm and back to this community.\" American Revolution. This community Gray's Creek Elementary ― and has a rich history, and the residents Gray's Creek Middle. Indeed, Brockett has certainly given have welcomed and nurtured us for 34 back to her community. Earning years. I will continue to offer my time There is no denying that the people the title \"Volunteer that Wouldn't and talents to any opportunities which are what make this township a special Go Away\" by Dr. Bill Harrison, former serve the Gray's Creek Community. I place to live. So many volunteers give Superintendent of Cumberland can't imagine living anywhere else.\" their time and talents to make the County Schools, she's also worked community what it is today. One of with Girl Scouts of America for over 40 18 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

Women to Celebrate in Black History Month A Staff Report E very February, people across Here in Fayetteville, strong African American women sit on the United States pay homage both on the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners to prominent African American and Fayetteville City Council. Commissioners Dr. Jeanette and Black figures that have Council and Dr. Toni Stewart serve Districts 1 and 2, impacted the world in various ways. respectively. City Council members Tisha Waddell, Shakeyla Each year, athletes, doctors, film stars, writers, directors Ingram, Courtney Banks-McLaughlin and Yvonne Y. Kinston and politicians are just some of the people highlighted as represent city districts 3, 2, 8 and 9, respectively. individuals of merit. The official observance of Black History Month, also known as African American History Month in On the sports scene, Serena Williams is arguably the certain areas, is relatively recent, though the contributions greatest female tennis player of all time. Williams has more of Black people have been celebrated for centuries. than 20 Grand Slam titles to her name and is a face and advocate for working women. One of her more notable Black History Month evolved from Negro History Week, recent accomplishments is her successful return to the which was created in 1926 in the United States by historian court just one year after nearly dying from complications Carter G. Woodson. He chose the second week in February that arose during the birth of her daughter ― once again because it coincided with both the birthdays of Abraham proving her mettle. Lincoln ― Feb. 12 ―and Frederick Douglass ― Feb. 14. The prominent civil rights group the National Association for Another prominent Black woman nationally and historically the Advancement of Colored People was also founded Feb. was Mary McLeod Bethune ―educator, civil rights leader 12 on the centennial anniversary of the birth of Lincoln. and adviser to five United States presidents. She turned Each of these things makes February an ideal time to to her faith and used her voice to be a pioneer for racial celebrate Black history. progress. Education long had been at the core of Bethune’s mission, and she founded two schools and later became Negro History Week continued through the 1960s and one of few female college presidents. ultimately evolved into an entire month of celebrating on some college campuses. However, Black History Month In the entertainment world, the Queen of Soul, Aretha would not receive national recognition in the United States Franklin, died in 2018, but her influence and resounding until 1976, when President Gerald Ford officially recognized voice live on. Her gospel-infused singing was born out of it as an opportunity to honor the accomplishments of church choirs, and her famous No. 1 hit “Respect” helped Black Americans throughout history. Here are some become a soundtrack not only for women, but also the women to celebrate during the observance. civil rights movement. Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1987, Franklin’s influence could be heard through Kamala Harris made history in 2020 for the winning singers like Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and more. Biden-Harris election ticket. Not only the first woman to reach the executive branch of the U.S. as the nation’s new 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 19 vice president, the 56-year-old Democrat-party senator from California is also the first said officeholder of African American, Black and Asian American descent.

I Wish It Was Friday By Jimmy and Laura Newkirk \"I wish it was Friday.\" Not uncommon for any 8-year-old kid to say, but this one took us off guard. It was a Sunday afternoon, and we were on the Interstate, taking this usually upbeat girl back to her foster mom's house after a weekend visit to our home. Our soon-to-be daughter's comment was a sudden change in the conversation, so we asked what she meant. \"If it were Friday, I'd be coming instead of going. I wish it was my Forever Friday.\" Forever Friday was her term. For her, it meant family. Stability. Love. We had not used the term before to avoid any pressure, and the placement schedule was still pending, but now we could not wait. Or see the road through the tears, for that matter. Many reasons exist to adopt, and they all have the face of a child in need. Today, thousands of children and youth need adoptive families across the county, state and nation. These youth all have names. They all have stories. They all need to be loved. Adoption was not something we had previously considered. We were almost 50 years old and had two sons, both serving in the military. We had enjoyed an empty nest for nine years. Our decision to adopt was quite simply God-inspired. We were not looking to adopt or talking about it or trying to fill a void; we simply felt led. God gave us an unmistakable burden to share the love in our hearts with our special little girl. We talked with our boys and spent a lot of time in prayer, but there was no doubt: the answer was yes. It should not have surprised us; adoption is an essential doctrine in the Bible. We are instructed to care for the orphans in the Old and New Testaments (e.g., Deuteronomy 10:18; Psalms 10:14; 68:5-6; Matthew 25:40; James 1:27). God even talks about adopting us through our faith in His Son, Jesus Christ (Galatians 4:5-7; Romans 8:1-17). 20 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

For some, the adoption process can be long and tedious, siblings and a family unit. Children also need behavioral taking 12-24 months. Somehow, our story was different, expectations and boundaries. They need to know where with God kicking in the administrative doors. Home to go when they need help ― not if, but when. Adopted inspections, background checks, financial stability reviews children have these same needs. Not choosing to be in their ― all necessary and appropriate precautions ― just fell into situation, they desperately need to be loved and accepted, place. We went from no concept of adoption in December even when they do not know what that means. to meeting our daughter and having home visits in February. She was permanently placed with us in April, with We struggled for a while. Regardless of history, no child is legal finalization in June. Conception, mentally, that is, to perfect, and adoption admittedly requires an extra dose completion in six months. Bringing her home was the of patience. Discipline, for example, was tough for us. By easy part. her testimony, our daughter was not told \"no\" until she was six. She wanted to please us, but impulse control was But adoption is not easy. But, oh, is it worth it! Like our a challenge, and some habits needed correcting. We had daughter, many children who need a forever family to walk the line of demonstrating our love while instituting have had a problematic past. They need a new start. discipline to a child who did not know either. In many Children adopted at a young age may not remember ways, we felt we had to catch up for the lost time. Yet love their background, generating greater demand for this overcomes. Families help each other through challenges option, but the need for adoption is the same regardless and that is what we were: family. of age. Older children may have detailed memories and challenging questions. All families will need to decide when, At our second meeting with our soon-to-be daughter, how and how much to share as the child matures. Ignoring she ran to greet us and squealed, \"Mom, Dad!\" The three the past will not change it; the adoptive child's history must of us just grinned. We were still learning our places with be worked through. each other, so no hugs yet. We just stood there, grinning at one another. We probably looked like contestants in the We have to be real. Challenges needing address arise, \"biggest goober\" contest. We all won. In the end, we got to each unique to the child and his or her circumstances. Of take each other home. course, that can also be said for children raised in healthy, biologically related families. Today, I still smile when she enters the room. Her brothers treat her like the princess she is, unless, of course, they are Questions will abound before, during and after adoption. picking on her as brothers do with sisters. She is driving How will adoption impact our existing family? Should now, has a list of unique talents and the most beautiful we adopt an infant or older child? What about the child's smile of her own. No matter where we go, she wants to sit biological family? What \"issues\" will the child have? How do between my wife and me, holding our hands or putting her we introduce them? Can we handle the uncertainties? head on our shoulders. In an unspoken way, she merely is reaffirming her place of belonging. Adoptive children have questions, too. Who will care for me? Who will love me? Who can I trust? What do I call you? We still ask lots of questions. The most common, \"Do you What can you tell me about my biological family? Just who know how much I love you?\" When she walks up and puts am I? Can I have hope for tomorrow? Rest assured; your her arms around us, no words are needed. We just know. adoptive child will be more than willing to work through You see, we don't think of her as our adopted daughter. your questions if you help answer theirs. She is simply our daughter. We are just an ordinary family, sharing an extraordinary love that God first gave us. We Children need to know they are loved and unconditionally can't imagine life without her. Fortunately, we don't have to. accepted ― that they fit in and have support from parents, We celebrate Forever Friday every day. Suggested Resources A New Life Christian Adoptions www.falconchildrenshome. com/a-new-life-christian-adoptions AdoptUSKids All God's Children International Cumberland County Dept of Social Services Orphanology by Tony Merida Handbook on Thriving as an Adoptive Family by Focus on the Family and David Sanford Adopted for Life by Russell Moore The Connected Child by Karyn Purvis 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 21

oThf eLPoovweer are canine and handler, although dogs are simply our beloved pets. cats and rabbits can also become Clear emotional and physiologic Love on a Leash® LOAL therapy pets. Fayetteville LOAL benefits exist for working with therapy has approximately 15 therapy teams pets, including positive effects on M ost people know that love that were active before the COVID-19 pain, blood pressure and cognition. is patient and also kind. pandemic hit. Pet therapy has also been shown However, sometimes to improve depressive symptoms, love is furry, hairy, four-legged and I am honored to be involved with facilitate communication, increase prone to slobber now and then, but LOAL and serve as the leader for patient participation in therapy or nonetheless, unconditional. Pet the Fayetteville Chapter. One of the other activities and promote positive owners enjoy this kind of love and first questions I ask when someone emotional responses. All benefits not only reciprocate the feelings, but tells me they want their dog to be derive from a simple, brief visit with a sometimes share it with others. Pet a therapy dog is, why? pet-therapy team. therapy offers animal handlers and Sometimes confusion their certified canines the opportunity exists about what Pre-pandemic, Fayetteville LOAL to show compassion, support and love a therapy pet is teams could be found visiting one of to people throughout Cumberland or does. Our and surrounding counties. organization many local nursing homes, assisted does not certify living facilities, hospitals, schools and Love on a Leash® is a national all- animals to libraries. Unfortunately, most of these volunteer, nonprofit organization provide therapy visits have been suspended by the that provides certification procedures to their owner for therapy pets and their owners or serve as an facilities, and Fayetteville LOAL to promote pet-provided therapy emotional support teams have been anxiously throughout the nation. Locally, the animal. Our mission is to waiting to return to work Fayetteville Chapter of LOAL has been brighten someone else's spreading smiles and spreading joy and \"puppy love\" for over day by showing love and brightening people's kindness through our pets. days throughout the 10 years. All local teams And after our visits, we county. go home, and our \"Kasa, Buddy and I volunteer at the 22 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

Ramsey Street Veterans Affairs hospital he saw Gracie, he gave us a little smile. inspires me to have a grateful heart. to bring smiles and love to our military The nursing home staff commented She inspires me to share hope, love veterans,\" said Susan Flynn, a LOAL to me that he never smiled but noted and faith. All of this from four legs member since 2016. \"We miss our visits his response to Gracie. And so, we and a waggly tail. She encourages inside with staff and patients, but for continued to visit him anytime we me to live my life like a dog does, with now, we keep going with outside visits could. He would try to pet Gracie, and unconditional love. And that every day for those that can come outside.\" I would help guide his hand to feel the is a new day and a new beginning to soft fur on top of her head. be thankful for.\" Chrissy Faircloth also frequents the Veterans Affairs hospital and other Children are also positively affected Honesty, I could not ask for a better facilities with her dog, Ross. \"I love by pet-therapy visits. For several group of people to work with. seeing the patients' faces light up years, Mardy Shirey has been visiting Despite jobs, children, student life, with they first catch a glimpse of Ross Cumberland county libraries and deployments and other obligations, coming through to make the rounds,\" Gordon Elementary School of the Fort this group of dedicated people make she said. \"The whole place seems to Bragg school system to participate in time for others. They make time to brighten up. It's like therapy for the children's reading programs. \"Sadie ensure that the older woman at the patients and me.\" and I participate for that shy boy or end of the hall gets at least one visit girl who doesn't have the confidence from someone this month. They make Team member Jennifer Dibb said, \"I in themselves about their reading the time to help the shy little boy who love serving others in our community. first time they participate,\" Shirey said. is scared to read out loud gain the Volunteering with my dog through \"Watching them come out of their confidence to read to his whole class. Love on a Leash® allows me to meet shell and gain confidence –– each They make time to honor our veterans people I would have never met visit is an amazing thing to watch. for their service and sacrifice and otherwise. Brightening someone's day Watching the children interact with ensure they know they are loved and and making them feel valued through Sadie is a bonus.\" not forgotten. They make time to share our brief shared interaction with my love through the unconditional love of dog provides me an opportunity to While the mission of LOAL is to a dog. show love to people in an unexpected brighten the day for others, sometimes way.” A volunteer with her pug, Pickles, the therapeutic effects flow both If you are interested in sharing since 2015, Dibb's daughter also joined ways. \"Lexi and I do this for Lexi,\" said smiles and spreading love through the group as the first junior handler to Deborah Long about her dog Galaxy, volunteering with LOAL, visit participate in visits. nicknamed Lexi. \"Yes, the elderly to find a list and children, as well as me, benefit of chapters in the area. You can also As for me, I recall visiting a middle- from this, but I do it for Lexi. She is a contact the Fayetteville Chapter of aged man with Down syndrome who rescue that was abused and neglected LOAL at [email protected] or was a long-term resident of a nursing She loves people despite what she's 910-635-DOGS (3647) or visit our group home. He was nonverbal and had a been through. She reminds me every page on Facebook. very flat affect. My dog, Gracie, and I day to forgive and forget and live for stopped by his room to visit, and when today. Not to dwell in the past. She 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 23

Hidden Ways You Can Benefit from Having Hobbies A Staff Report F inding time for hobbies can be difficult. attributed to the stress-reducing properties of knitting Commitments to work and family take up the and crocheting. Men and women coping with stress need bulk of many people’s free time, making it hard not learn how to wield a sewing needle to alleviate their to squeeze in a favorite hobby. But hobbies can anxiety. Activities that promote slowing down and induce a benefit people in some interesting ways. Understanding relaxation response similar to knitting and crocheting can those hidden benefits may compel some people to make be equally beneficial. more time for their favorite downtime activities. Hobbies can increase quality time with your children. Hobbies can improve your efficiency. Penciling more Parents with hobbies can double dip, using the time they activities into your day planner may not seem like would ordinarily spend with their children to teach them something that will help you create more time for hobbies, some of their favorite hobbies. Take children along when but it just might. For example, if you know you have a you go fishing or teach them how to plant flowers and tend softball game or choir practice at night, then you might a garden. This is a great way to increase quality time with waste less time surfing the internet or talking around the your children while also affording you a chance to continue water cooler during the workday. In a 2017 study conducted engaging in your favorite hobbies. for the staffing firm OfficeTeam, researchers found that the average office employee spends about five hours per week In our city, the Fayetteville Technical Community College’s on his or her mobile phone doing things that have nothing Department of Continuing Education is the local hobby to do with the job. That’s five hours you could be working, hub. Personal interest classes offered include sewing, opening up more time for hobbies before or after work. quilting, gardening, painting, photography, cooking, flower Hobbies can foster social connections. In his 2000 book, arranging and so much more. Participants learn everything Bowling Alone, political scientist Robert Putnam described from basket weaving and cake decorating to self-defense a reduction in personal social intercourse that enriched and financial planning. See the spring line up of classes Americans’ social lives. By making more time for hobbies, at particularly those that promote interaction with other CCED2021SpringTabloid.pdf. Noncredit classes and for- adults, men and women can foster social connections that credit courses, transferrable to related FTCC curriculum otherwise might never blossom. programs, are available and are offered days, nights, weekends and online. Hobbies can provide health benefits. The American Institute of Stress notes that some hobbies can help people Hobbies can benefit people in ways they never imagined, reduce their stress. The AIS notes that some 56 million making them worthwhile pursuits no matter how much or women in the United States now knit or crochet. That how little time you may have. marks a 51% increase over the last decade. That revival is 24 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

L ike many people these days, a special light and ventilation, starting Best of all, the instructions claimed I, too, have been slowly with basic seeds. To my amazement, that the project could be completed in accumulating a stockpile things actually started to grow. To me, a single day. of food and dry goods the next obvious step was to build just in case the pandemic a greenhouse and continue After several cups of coffee, we looked continues longer than anticipated. It’s cultivating my plants throughout over the directions from start to finish, better to be prepared, especially since the winter months. gathered the tools we would need I never expected that we would have a and laid out all of the individual pieces. national toilet paper shortage or that Many options exist to build or buy a Luckily the instructions were in picture the price of food would skyrocket. And greenhouse. The choices can be a form, perfect for two visual learners. then – the lockdown. With the extra little overwhelming, but if you plan to We took each step one at a time, and time I suddenly had on my hands, I do it yourself, consider your budget before long, a structure began to form. decided to try some new things. and available space, the direction of Jen’s husband made an appearance the sun in relation to the building site about halfway into the project to offer Last summer, I spent time making jam and skill level for the project. When moral support and stand around and canning vegetables I bought from my friend Jennifer Reis, another self- looking pretty. local farmers ― everything justifiably proclaimed feral domestic, asked me filling my makeshift pandemic bunker. to help her construct a greenhouse, I One of the reviews we read online was I also started experimenting with jumped at the opportunity, knowing from a 70-year-old man who boasted various herbal remedies and natural that any problems we encountered that he was able to do it by himself medicines. I became enthralled would be on her dime ― a plus! in a single day. Obviously, we were with the notion that many common not going to let him get the best of weeds could be made into tinctures, Having always wanted a greenhouse, us. When we came to any frustrating tonics and syrups that help boost she opted for a 6 ft x 8 ft Palram hobby spots, we would look at each other and the immune system and heal upper gardener kit that she ordered online. think that if a 70-year-old man could respiratory infections. This knowledge The kit included everything needed: do this by himself, we can, too! Bar a then spurred my interest in gardening rust-resistant aluminum framework, few backwardly installed pieces that and growing my plants. light-diffusing polycarbonate side we rallied to correct, we did complete panels and a roof vent to help the greenhouse in one day ― our I created a little grow room in my moderate air flow and temperature. friendship still intact. guest bathroom using Leslie Stucker Pearson, a local artist and an Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County board member, is the owner of Fayetteville Pie Company in Westwood Shopping Center and Curate Essentials, an herbal apothecary and boutique of vintage and handmade goods found at 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 25

Love the Earth IannFdeFborrueavreyr By Kia Jones T Our environment provides us with so many this office has experienced some hurdles in maintaining beautiful and useful things. From the air we community engagement amid the global pandemic. breathe and foods we eat to beautiful mountains Nonetheless, these challenges promote resourcefulness, and oceans, nature delivers the delicate balance resiliency and creative thinking, directing my programming necessary to preserve life on this planet. And as the focus to these key areas: electric vehicles, carbon banks, human footprint grows, conscious efforts to lessen it urban homesteading and air quality ambassadors. is what will help nature thrive. Want to show the Earth some love? Watch your steps and cover your tracks; in Electric Vehicles Sustainable Sandhills' second annual other words, take care of the environment. In this way, electric car show, Sandhills Drive Electric, was held in we can leave the Earth a place better than we found it for October at the Fayetteville Area Transportation and Local future generations. History Museum. Participants viewed privately owned electric cars, learned the benefits of electric-powered Herein lies the goal of Sustainable Sandhills, a 501(c)(3) motoring and as a bonus, test drove one of America's best- nonprofit organization based in Fayetteville that serves nine known EVs ― a Tesla. Reducing and potentially eliminating counties: Cumberland, Harnett, Hoke, Lee, Montgomery, fuel costs and car emissions help both the environment Moore, Richmond, Robeson and Scotland. Through and the economy. Although some EVs can be expensive, education, demonstration and collaboration, Sustainable affordable options and resources exist. Try Plug-in NC, a Sandhills creates resilient environmental, economic and statewide program that promotes driving electric vehicles social resources for current and future generations in the through education, outreach, consulting and resource Sandhills of North Carolina. Our future is our mission. development; visit In my role as air quality and sustainability programs Community Garden + Urban Homesteading Program manager at Sustainable Sandhills, I have the privilege Buying locally grown food is a great way to minimize your of educating the community on how to maintain good environmental impact, and growing your food takes that air quality in both indoor and outdoor environments. idea one step further. You might be surprised by the effect When asked how to make an impact, I advise people even a small vegetable garden can have on your carbon to incorporate small changes in their daily routines. footprint. Sustainable Sandhills recently received a donation Something as simple as swapping scented candles for of land to start a community garden, with the mission of natural essential oils can make a world of difference in establishing a source for fresh, affordable and accessible improving the air inside of our homes and office spaces. food for low-income/low-access communities. More than Choosing alternative modes of transportation can enhance a place to grow food, the garden will become a gathering outdoor air quality dramatically. For instance, unlike driving, place where the community can come together through cycling does not release harmful vehicle emissions into the events and venues such as Yoga in the Garden, pay-what- air. Small steps lead to big improvements. you-can produce stands and farmers markets. Community partners will help make these plans a reality. We also aspire Community outreach is a pivotal part of my role at for the garden to become a living-learning lab so local Sustainable Sandhills. Like many nonprofit organizations, school children can learn about plants and gardening and even use their yield in culinary arts classes. The Urban Homesteading Program is an additional community-based project in the works. In need of donations and volunteers, this project has the purpose of empowering and educating participants, especially those North Carolina native Kia Jones oversees the air quality programming for Sustainable Sandhills where she educates residents on simple and effective ways to improve the quality of air in the community. She has a bachelor’s degree in interior architecture and design from Queens University of Charlotte. 26 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

S o At Join Us 2021 Gallery Events in at-risk and low-income/low-access communities, with February 2nd urban homesteading skills ― sewing, knitting and other May 4th domestic traditions. Such handicrafts can translate into small business opportunities and new trades. August 10th November 9th Carbon Banks In partnership with Cumberland County Schools, Sustainable Sandhills is committed to improving 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 27 air quality, conserving urban forests and investing in carbon banks. We currently have CCS carbon bank projects at the Educational Resource Center and Sunny Side and Gallberry elementary schools. The 4.7 acres at these three sites provide community carbon credits to colleges and universities to reach carbon emission goals. The project is meant to establish a stand of loblolly pine or mixed hardwood, without herbicides, for carbon sequestration. Air Quality Stakeholders and Ambassadors Serving the Fayetteville metropolitan area for over a decade, the Air Quality Stakeholders program proposes to improve and maintain air quality in the Sandhills. Civic leaders, business leaders and concerned citizens with expertise in air quality issues come together with a joint mission: to enhance the Sandhills' quality of life through better air and better health. The Air Quality Ambassador program is an extension of this. Ambassadors are individuals trained by Sustainable Sandhills who have a passion for improving air quality and connecting to the community. Such individuals play a supporting role and have a helpful presence at Sustainable Sandhills and in greater Fayetteville. Are you passionate about taking care of our environment? Do you seek ways to make an impact in your community? If so, email me at Sustainable Sandhills via kia@ for information about volunteer opportunities or connect with the agency on Facebook.

Against All Odds: Nuturing Healthy Attachments By Julie Lee-Jacobs “What makes me happy is what makes most people happy ― a shared memory bank and people whose eyes light up when they see my face. Those people can be friends or family members. What’s critical is the shelterbelt of loving relationships that are there for us when we need and want them.” Psychologist, expert in family health and author Mary Pipher, from Women Rowing North C an you recall a time when someone responded to what happens. Practicing presence can transform seeing you with delight? I certainly hope you can, relationships. Practicing presence doesn’t just involve as this powerful experience reminds us that we listening. We can be truly present with someone while matter to someone. During a time in humanity’s story we enjoy activities together. Joint attending to an activity when physical distancing has been critical to caring for helps build closeness and intimacy. Dance together, play one another, emotional closeness is more important together, help together, learn something new together. than ever. Practice being present in a meaningful activity together. Relationships are painted at different times in their life Practice empathy. Expression of empathy in cycles by growth, stability, loss, uncertainty, delight, pain, relationships is a gift that fosters further connection. irony and humor, culture and inevitably, change. We feel Heller refers to “empathic concern” as the gift of working and behave in relation to others; ultimately, according to understand another’s experience, resonating with to modern neuroanatomy, we are physically wired for their feelings, and communicating that someone is relationships. Our experiences from very early on in life not alone in their experience. Take note that empathy impact our styles in relationships ― excellent news for does not require complete agreement, but rather the many, but not all ― yet, our early experiences do not willingness to care about another’s experience and entirely bound us. Contemporary experts in the field of viewpoint. Offering compassion freely, without advice, attachment and family health offer helpful insights for communicates that a relationship is essential and worth nurturing healthy attachments. Consider these tips for the investment of time and emotional energy. taking care of meaningful relationships in your life. Practice Gratitude. We’re learning a great deal about the Practice presence. Diane Poole Heller, Ph.D., therapist emotional and the physical benefits of gratitude. Taking and expert in attachment theory, writes that “listening the time to feel and express gratitude nurtures both our is one of the ways we can show presence, which is one mental and physical health, as well as the relationships of the most important gifts we can give ourself and for which we are grateful. Pipher notes that our gratitude others in relationship.” She adds that being present is a skills improve with practice. In Women Rowing North, “way of being” and means “we do our best to put aside she writes that “even during the toughest trials, we can our worries and concerns and be with someone in an learn to find things to enjoy and appreciate.” She adds undistracted way.” Your friend can tell if you’re present that “feeling grateful is not a moral injunction, but rather, or not because truly being in someone’s undistracted a healthy habit that we can learn to employ with greater presence feels different. Try it! frequency.” Expressing gratitude for someone through words and loving behaviors helps nurture important Practice putting your phone aside, giving your partner/ relationships. Examples include expressing your child/friend your undistracted presence, and notice appreciation verbally, in writing or with actions or tokens. Julie Lee-Jacobs is a licensed clinical psychologist serving military families on Ft. Bragg. She volunteers with the Child Advocacy Center and serves currently on the board of directors. 28 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

The UPS Store Print/Sign Shop Practice intention and flexibility. Pipher writes that “we Who's Your can all choose lives that allow us to grow, to love and to Valentine? flourish. We can act in ways that we will remember with pride and happiness on our deathbeds. And, almost We Specialize in: every morning, we can build a good day for ourselves.” We are not bound to repeat the same experiences in • Acrylic Photos relationships. Those we love are inevitably growing and • Photo Stickers • Magnets changing. Choosing new ways of spending time together • Custom Puzzles honors the fact that we all evolve. AND MUCH MORE! Heller suggests that finding new things to do together in relationships helps us “stay interested and connected ANYTHING!We Print, to different aspects of those we’re close to.” In partner relationships, she writes that “it’s important to keep Pack & Ship! yourself open to all the different possibilities of what your partner could be and who they are and not assume that Signs • Banners • Business Cards you already know them, and it’s all done.” Similarly, being • Digital & Wide Format Printing mindful of how friends, children and family members • Notary Services are changing allows us to have new experiences with • Mailbox Solutions them, too. • UPS/USPS Shipping • Packaging Material/Supplies Practice repair. Since we are far from perfection, all • Special Teacher Discounts relationships need repair at some time or another • Military, AAA, AARP Discounts and maybe often. Learning and practicing repair skills is perhaps most essential to maintaining healthy Westwood Shopping Center & Fort Bragg attachments with those we love. It matters that someone cares enough to do the hard work of repairing a hurt. We love our Customers Heller notes that repair is potent when it happens in a Westwood: 439 Westwood Shopping Center timely manner. She emphasizes that it may not come 910.860.1220 | naturally to initiate repair or recognize when a loved one is trying to repair a relational wound. As with most other Fort Bragg: Fort Bragg Mini-Mall skills, repair takes practice and is a skill that requires 910.436.7877 | intention, empathic listening and vulnerability. Practicing repair is well worth the investment as relationships LOCAL VETERAN OWNED BUSINESS ultimately become more resilient through this hard work. 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 29 While practice doesn’t usually make perfect in relationships, practicing the skills outlined above can enrich our relationships and add to the joy we experience with those we love. Against the odds of change and adversity we’ve experienced over the past year, perhaps we can be sustained by the security and closeness we share with others we choose to hold dear.

DISCLAIMER Beware of fraud. Please check other oil and gas interests. Send CLASSIFIEDS Reader Advisory: with the Better Business Bureau details to P.O. Box 13557 Denver, The following classifeds or Consumer Protection Agency Co. 80201 (N) An Equal have been purchased by the before sending money to any Opportunity Employer. National Trade Association company in these listings. BATHROOM RENOVATIONS. we belong to. Determining EASY, ONE DAY updates! We Become a Published Author. the value of their service or EDUCATION/TRAINING specialize in safe bathing. Grab We want to Read Your Book! product is advised by this bars, no slip flooring & seated Dorrance Publishing-Trusted publication. In order to avoid Attention Active Duty & Military showers. Call for a free in-home by Authors Since 1920. Book misunderstandings, some Veterans! Begin a new career and consultation: 877-898-3840 manuscript submissions currently advertisers do not offer “em- earn your Degree at CTI! Online being reviewed. Comprehensive ployment” but rather supply Computer & Medical training ATTENTION MERCHANTS: Services: Consultation, Production, the readers with manuals, available for Veterans & Families! Pay Zero Percent Processing Fees! Promotion and Distribution. Call directories and other materials To learn more, call Eliminate Monthly Merchant for Your Free Author`s Guide designed to help their clients 833-970-3466 (SAPA) Processing Fees With Cash 1-888-575-3018 or visit http:// establish mail order selling Discount! Boost Your Revenue! and other businesses at home. COMPUTER & IT TRAINING Find Out How! Call 866-422-7434 Under NO circumstance PROGRAM! Train ONLINE to get (N) New authors wanted! Page should you send any money the skills to become a Computer Publishing will help self-publish in advance or give the client & Help Desk Professional now! Online Auction, Huge guns & your book. Free author submission your checking, license ID, Grants and Scholarships available ammo auction. Private collection, kit! Limited offer! or credit card numbers. Also for certain programs for qualified Davie County, NC. Register at 866-951-7214 (C) beware of ads that claim to applicants. Call CTI for details! Ending soon. The guarantee loans regardless Call 833-990-0354. Swicegood Group, Inc. NCAFL OXYGEN - Anytime. Anywhere. No of credit and note that if a (M-F 8am-6pm ET) 8790 866-4bidnow tanks to refill. No deliveries. The credit repair company does All-New Inogen One G4 is only 2.8 business only over the phone Train online to do medical MISCELLANEOUS pounds! FAA approved! FREE info it’s illegal to request any billing! Become a Medical Office money before delivering its Professional at CTI! Get trained & FTCC. Fayetteville Technical kit: 888-912-3728 service. All funds are based certified to work in months! 888- Community College is now in US dollars. 800 numbers 572-6790. (M-F 8-6 ET) (N) accepting applications for the !!OLD GUITARS WANTED!! December or December not following positions: Grounds GIBSON, FENDER, MARTIN, Etc. reach Canada. BUSINESS SERVICES Technician. Computer Support 1930’s to 1980’s. TOP DOLLAR THE FOLLOWING Technician II. Please visit our PAID. CALL TOLL FREE ADS HAVE NOT BEEN Get cash for your used or junk car employment portal at: https:// 1-866-433-8277 (N) SCREENED BY THE SOUTH- today. We buy all cars, trucks, and SUVs. Free pick up. Human Resources Office Phone: HOT DEALS EASTERN Call. 1-888-985-1806 (N) (910) 678-7342 Internet: http:// ADVERTISING Venue Rental -120 Capacity. ASSOCIATION (SAPA); Wants to purchase minerals and LIMO Service - 24/7. Therefore, any discrepan- Wedding Package $395. cies thereof shall not be 2739 Bragg Blvd. 910-922-8585 the responsibility of the aforementioned association. Your publisher has agreed to participate in this program and run these ads at no charge as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association. Compiled by the following organizations: Association of Want to advertise in the Women’s View Magazine classified section? Community Email [email protected] Publishers or call 910-484-6200. 30 | F E B R UA RY 2 0 2 1

BOONE TRAIL We know a serious illness can be HOME OF THE 30-MINUTE WORKOUT overwhelming for the entire family, but that is where Hospice can help. February 1st Sign up for the New Year, New You Challenge Let us walk beside you through this phase in your life. CLASSES Monday - Thursday: 5:30am/6:15am/8am/ 10:30am 4:30pm/5:30pm/6:15pm Friday: 5:30am/6:15am/8am/10:30am Saturday: Sa8asmsy/8S:4e0naiomrs: Tues/Thurs 10 am • Sat 9:30 am Valentine Special *Buy one 6-month, 12-month or 18-month VIP membership *Paid in FULL - get one F REE At Cape Fear Valley Hospice and Palliative Care DINAH GOODMAN it is “All About Helping People.” Master Coach Personal Trainer Please call us for more information. 910-609-6710 3039 Boone Trail Ext. • 910-889-1155 2 0 2 1 F E B R UA RY | 31

Medical Laboratory Technology New Associate Degree Program! The SMART choice for education! Students will learn how to perform clinical laboratory procedures in the following areas that may be used in the maintenance of health and diagnosis/treatment of disease: • Chemistry • Hematology • Microbiology • Immunohematology Course work emphasizes mathematical and scientific concepts related to: • Specimen collection • Laboratory testing and procedures • Quality assurance • Reporting/recording and interpreting ndings involving tissues, blood, and body uids Graduates may be eligible to take the examination given by the Board of Certi cation of the American Society for Clinical Pathology. Employment opportunities include laboratories in hospitals, medical o ces, industry, and research facilities. Questions? Contact Department Chair Candice Freeman at [email protected] – (910) 678-8400

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