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Women's View Magazine August 2022

Published by Up & Coming Weekly, 2022-08-03 09:42:11

Description: The Fayetteville magazine for women, about women and by women, is here with the August 2022 "Home Sweet Home" edition.

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HHSoowmmeetee More inside: Working from Home A Hurting Down Home Cooking Habitat for Humanity Tips for Telecommuting Homeland Creole Cuisine and One Woman’s Story Ukrainian Efforts Seasonings and Starting a with Ms. Mickey Home-Based Business

Close Letter from the Editor VOLUME 16 ISSUE 8 I t seems like centuries ago that like this month’s featured cover PUBLISHER women mostly worked from story on Kathleen Mickey of Hope Bill Bowman, F & B Publications home, but the cultural shift Mills, owner and operator of Ms. [email protected] that brought women to the Mickey’s Creole Seasonings. public workforce primarily came The August WVM also celebrates EDITOR during WWII, less than a hundred the Home Sweet Homes out Crissy Neville years ago. We all know the iconic there. The long-awaited abodes [email protected] character, “Rosie the Riveter,” a that Habitat for Humanity makes symbol inspired by a song about possible. The long-tenured ones of PRODUCTION MANAGER/ 19-year-old war worker Rosalind P. senior adults who desire to age in GRAPHIC DESIGNER Walter from Stratford, Connecticut. place. The homes that doubly serve Courtney Sapp-Scott The public consciousness of as offices and start-up locations, women working grew when giving wings to dreams. Sustainable [email protected] Norman Rockwell’s illustration homes, childhood homes and of Rosie graced the cover of the homefronts that face hurts and OPERATIONS DIRECTOR May 29, 1943 Saturday Evening struggles. The articles this month Paulette Naylor Post, followed by the “We Can Do remind us and acknowledge It” Westinghouse poster which that home can be sweet — or [email protected] circulated first on factory floors and bittersweet. Thank you for reading. then, most popularly, in a copy of MARKETING REPRESENTATIVE The Washington Post in 1982. These Linda McAlister dates are not that long ago at all. Fast forward to 2022, and women [email protected] are now represented in many career fields and make up over half DISTRIBUTION DIRECTOR/ the workforce in education and SALES ADMINISTRATOR health services, financial activities, Laurel Handforth leisure and hospitality and other domains. [email protected] My mother was a factory worker in the long-shuttered Erwin Mills, a AUGUST CONTRIBUTORS giant in the textiles industry that Kathleen Mickey made the little Harnett County town Danice Langdon the “Denim Capital of the World.” Lynne Smith She only worked outside the home Kalli Ziegler for a few years — a big contrast to Audrey Hasslocher me and most modern women who Alena Barosa spend much of their adult lives reporting to a job. However, the Jelia Coleman Hepner pandemic and changes in attitudes Amy L. Natt toward traditional office jobs have created an uptick in the number Jonelle Kimbrough of people working from home and Kim Hasty starting home-based businesses, Angela Berry-Lewis Are you interested in writing? Consider contributing an article or pitching a Taneshia Kerr story idea to WVM. We want to elevate your voice. For more information, email 2 | AU GwoUmSeTnsv2i0ew2@2 Be sure to like us and leave comments Cover photo credit: Courtney Cheatham on our Facebook page. WOMEN'S VIEW MAGAZINE 2 | AUGUST 2022 208 ROWAN ST. FAYETTEVILLE, NC, 28301 PHONE: 910-484-6200 FAX: 910-484-9218 Women’s View Magazine is for, by and about women in Cumberland County. Published by F&B Publications in conjunction with Media Marketing Management. ©2022 by F&B Publications, Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction or use of editorial or advertisement without permission is strictly prohibited. Various vector sources credited to © Freepik and © Vecteezy. Association of Community Publishers

Inside August 46 12 14 16 14 18 22 8 4 HELP FOR THE UKRAINE 9 26 Read about how a Russian-born local woman and her Ukrainian friends are making a difference overseas, and 16 TIPS FOR TELECOMMUTING how you can help, too. Taneshia Kerr identifies alternatives to the traditional in-the-office workplace and explains how to find success 6 LIFE IN CLAY using different platforms. If you ever wanted to learn to make pottery, a new downtown storefront with a full line of classes and the 18 A BIRTHDAY MEMORY owner/operator as the teacher can help you realize your Local real estate agent and celebrated businesswoman goals. Kalli Ziegler has turned her attention to writing the memoirs of her adventure-filled life. 8 MEET MS. MICKEY The founder and CEO of Ms. Mickey's Creole Seasonings, 22 SENIOR ADULTS AGING Hope Mills resident Kathleen Mickey is an outgoing IN PLACE entrepreneur, U.S. Army veteran and quite the cook. Interested in products and services to enhance the lives of older adults and allow them choices in how they age? 9 RED BEANS AND RICE This article is a good start. Ms. Mickey shares one of her most-requested recipes with WVM this month. Stay tuned for more from her kitchen in 26 THE WBC FAY @ CEED upcoming issues. Helping women in their business pursuits is as easy for the Women’s Business Center of Fayetteville at CEED, 12 RAISING A CHILD WITH ADHD a local nonprofit with a 30-year history of serving Educator and parent Brenda Moody explains her individuals and families, as A-B-C. (and her husband’s) take on how to raise a child with 2022 AUGUST | 3 ADHD and how she wrote a book about it. 14 OF HAMMERS AND HOMES The Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity serves members of Cumberland, Bladen and Sampson counties and has helped so many in the area.

Help for Ukraine A Hurting Homeland By Alena Barosa H ome is where your heart is, whether for a lifetime or just for a moment. A house is not automatically a home. A home does not always involve a structure of a house. It may not be a place but merely a feeling of comfort, belonging, safety and peace. Early Homes Homeland Crisis My story began in November 1986 in Krasnoyarsk In early 2022, my homeland of Russia initiated — a relatively large Siberian city. I remember a war against Ukraine. It was hard to believe many houses from my childhood. The first that something like that could happen between one was the apartment on a quiet street in two developing countries with modern values. Krasnoyarsk with much sadness within its Perhaps, the hardest thing during that time was walls. Next, I recall the communal living space explaining to my child that “my people” attacked where I shared a room with my parents, my my child’s best friend’s nation. We hugged, cried, younger brothers and an occasional visitor – reached out to our Russian family and Ukrainian my grandmother — followed by a shiny new friends and then jumped into action. We attended apartment with two rooms, allowing us children rallies against the war, made posters, designed and our parents separate spaces. And finally, my stickers and discussed the armed conflict with grandmother’s apartment was where I battled anyone willing to listen. A few days into the bedbugs and a black cat who persistently marked atrocities, our Ukrainian friends organized each corner. an operation entitled Ukrainian Efforts. The Current Home organization originally operated under The In 2005, I moved to the United States and lived Special Forces Foundation and joined ranks with an American host family in chilly New with the Central Jersey Donation Center from Hampshire. Each year of my life has brought East Brunswick, New Jersey. Together, we have happier and homier houses. supplied the Ukrainian people with food, first aid In 2020, amid the pandemic, I bought my first kits, baby food and formula, emergency supplies, house on a quiet street in the heart of Haymount; basic clothing items and blankets. it is small, cozy and the homiest of all. Today, it is Help for Women full of children’s laughter, foster cats, other pets, As a woman and a mother, I felt the outcomes of plants and funky decorations. A warm and inviting the war on a somewhat personal level since they place full of the friends my child and I have made were especially grim for the women and children. throughout the years, my home is frequented by individuals of different backgrounds identifying with various religions, regions and traditions. Everyone belongs here. Alena Barosa is in the second year of a Ph.D. program studying behavior analysis. She works at Autism Therapeutic Services and has an 8-year-old son. Together they have two cats, one small pup, five chickens and a few foster cats waiting for their forever home. 4 | AUGUST 2022

In April 2022, we received an but not limited to Dirtbag Ales especially earth-shattering request Brewery and Taproom, Manna from Ukrainian doctors and Church, Mercy Chefs, Military forensic nurses. The plea was a Luggage, Fayetteville Chapter desperate request for rape kits. of NOW, Rape Crisis Center We did not know who to turn to, so of Cumberland County, Cape we started small by reaching out Fear Indivisible, Fayetteville to local friends. As a result of the Woodpeckers, J.Co Salon, Walter J. tough conversations, Ukrainian Pikul CPA and others. Efforts received a large donation Ukrainian Efforts has received of Plan B medications, testing local donations of goods and supplies and personal hygiene financial contributions. The items from the Rape Crisis Center primary vehicle for processing of Cumberland County. monetary donations is the The organization also provided Ukrainian Efforts Humanitarian a reliable connection with Leda Fund. The UEHF was set up so Health, which provided our that other advocates and we can organization with 80 individual actively raise funds to aid in the rape survivor kits to be sent to expenses accrued when shipping Ukraine. These kits contained donated items to Ukraine. This is the items to help and comfort the an ongoing and rapidly changing survivors of the war atrocities. effort, so please check our website In May, we met the first refugees for updates from the team. whom Ukrainian Efforts affiliates We have established safe and greeted with open arms. Two dependable corridors in a few women and a young child arrived short months to deliver items by into our American lives because sea and planes from the United their homes were under attack. States to Ukraine. Furthermore, They had no comfort, peace we work together to reinvent the or safety associated with their feelings of home for the families childhood birthplaces. Those affected by the conflict. homes were ripped away. Help on the homefront How to help Today the Ukrainian Efforts To learn more about our work, organization continues to reach get involved or help, visit out to the community to help and rebuild Ukrainian lives. We have follow us on Facebook and successfully collaborated with Instagram @UkrainianEfforts or many of the greater community’s text GBHF to 41444 to donate. outstanding members, including 2022 AUGUST | 5

Find Your Niche at Fräulein Pottery By Audrey Hasslocher Photo Credits: Cesia Noemi Photography The timing was right to use her pottery skills. “Immigrating to the United States right when the L ocal businesswoman Philina “Lina” Steiner is pandemic hit made it nearly impossible for me to find the owner of Fräulein Pottery in Downtown a job while many Americans were losing theirs. This Fayetteville. At 127 Person Street, Fräulein Pottery began situation gave me the unique opportunity to explore my in Steiner’s garage as a start-up in 2021 but launched passion for pottery further and fulfill my dream.” in April in the new storefront location. Steiner, a A military move brought Steiner and her husband military spouse and Frankfurt, Germany native, took an Sean to Fayetteville in the summer of 2020. They chose entrepreneurial leap and found a way to merge her love Raeford for their home but Downtown Fayetteville for for art with an exciting business venture. her business due to the district’s historic charm and supportive community. Of her choice she said, “The “Working with clay has something grounding and community of local shop owners is incredible, and I calming to it that I would love for everyone to can’t think of a better spot to grow my business. New experience,” Steiner said. “Our focus lies on teaching shops and restaurants are opening around me, and I you how to make your own pottery, but you will also am happy to be part of the development downtown.” find handcrafted ceramics at our studio for purchase. While Steiner is the owner of Fraulein Pottery, she said North Carolina has a deeply rooted pottery tradition, her husband has been her biggest supporter “since and we are happy and proud to keep that tradition alive day one, helping where he can.” Orbit, their “pottery right here in the heart of Fayetteville.” dog and shopkeeper,” also assists by giving a friendly greeting to all customers and pottery students — when Steiner has worked with different mediums since not napping. childhod. As an adult, she decided to return to her roots and learn to make pottery. Her mom, who lives in Germany and has her own pottery studio where she makes and teaches the craft, was Steiner’s teacher. Audrey Hasslocher is a Coast Guard veteran, Army wife, girl mom of three, MBA graduate and entrepreneur. Her start-up, Freebird Communications,, is a local marketing and public relations agency that helps market and design brands to soar in the digital world. Connect with Audrey on social media @freebirdcommunications. 6 | AUGUST 2022

Upon entering the store, the first things in view are allows me to pay individual attention to each student. Steiner’s pottery wheels, which are often in use with a We strive to create a calming environment at our full calendar of classes and events. From the 4-week studio. A calm space where you walk in and leave your Pottery Workshop and Pottery for Two to the Pottery stress and worries at the door.” Wheel Classes and Wall Pocket Workshop, students have various choices. Other options include individual Steiner is happy to be in Fayetteville, though her sessions for handbuilding, the ceramics technique entire family still lives in and around Frankfurt. Her that allows you to create forms with clay and your background is in business, finance, marketing and hands without using a throwing wheel, and pottery management, though she never really enjoyed working wheel individual sessions for learning the method of in the corporate world. “What’s funny about my story,” throwing pottery on the wheel. she said, “is that before applying for business school, I applied to Frankfurt University to become an art and Fräulein Pottery offers pottery classes and workshops English teacher but got denied. It only took a move around the year. Seasonal workshops change across the Atlantic to fulfill my dream of teaching art.” depending on the time of year. During the holiday season, they have ornament workshops and other fun On her path to self-employment, she noted that “there activities where customers can make handmade gifts is truth to the saying ‘I quit my 9 to 5, and now I work for loved ones. Outside the class schedule, the store 24/7’. Opening your own business is a lot of work and offers private parties, birthday parties, team-building responsibility. You will put in many hours before events, bachelorette pottery parties and more. reaping the fruits of your labor. Taking care of your mental and physical health and maintaining a decent Steiner knows that while watching the throwing of work-life balance are important. Being my own boss pottery on the wheel looks relaxing, calming and and running my own business has been the most almost mesmerizing — the smooth motions of the clay fulfilling work I have ever done.” taking shape can look so easy, she said — learning how to make your own pottery can be a bit challenging. To Steiner gives a shout-out of thanks to the Women’s make things fun and beginner-friendly, she developed Business Center of Fayetteville and CEED for helping an easy-to-follow concept that breaks wheel throwing her navigate the transition from a home-based down into nine baby steps. She elaborated on business into a storefront and host a successful grand this process. opening. She is also thankful to have received a Small Business Development Grant Program from the city, “I realized that demonstrating a whole piece of pottery allowing her to hire her first employee this summer. can be overwhelming. Who can remember all those different movements and pressure points at once? Book slots for classes and workshops through the By demonstrating one step at a time and letting my store’s website,, and find students follow along step by step, they can accomplish highlights and insights on the company’s Instagram so much more and get to make a piece that they can account and Facebook page, @fraulein.pottery. use no matter the skill level. The small group size 2022 AUGUST | 7

Meet Ms. Mickey Spicing Up Life One Meal at a Time A Staff Report After a long and successful career in the military, S. Kathleen Mickey retired and decided to start her own business. She was determined to make it work, no matter what. WVM Is happy to introduce Kathleen, aka Ms. Mickey, a local woman and decorated veteran full of business savvy and culinary finesse. Stay tuned for more of Ms. Mickey’s recipes in upcoming issues. What are your name and profession? Can us tell readers about your specific role in your company and some information about it. My name is S. Kathleen Mickey, and I am the CEO Photo By: Courtney Cheatham and founder of Ms. Mickey’s Creole Seasonings, a seasoning and spices company that produces sister challenged me to start making seasoned true authentic creole products. As a registered blends, I had to take her on. and licensed brand, Ms. Mickey’s aims to gain the trust of the food supplier industry and become What is your educational and professional a household name. The business focuses on background? improving its product line with goals to exceed the customers’ expectations continuously. With I have an associate’s degree in business unique blends, the business can gather hard-to- administration and a bachelor’s in criminal find spices or any products that individuals may justice. I served 21 years in the military in the want for their personal or business needs. The career field of human resource management. new Southern favorite Creole Hot Sauce is our Today I am a retired veteran and small business top seller, along with the Super Creole Seasoning. owner doing what I love to do! The peppery taste of these products will fire up your taste buds with every bite! Ms. Mickey’s Creole Seasonings has one full- Please share information about your family, time employee, three part-timers and three background and interests. volunteers. We offer bulk spices, herbs and culinary ingredients directly to consumers online I am a Hope Mills resident with three adult and in the food manufacturing, food service, food children and an 8-month-old miniature golden retail, craft brewing and restaurant industries. doodle. The military brought me to Fayetteville; I arrived on orders to Fort Bragg in 2012 and after How did you get started? exiting the military, decided to stay. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, where I I discovered my love of cooking at an early age. learned to cook and appreciate Creole cuisine. What inspired me was being in the kitchen When not working, you can find me cooking for with my mom and grandmother. I started in my fun, gardening, traveling and spending precious career by cooking online, but when my youngest time with my kids, Courtney, Semaj and Rebeca. 8 | AUGUST 2022

What do you most enjoy about your work? Spotlight for Veteran Small Business Owners. Do you have any highlights you wish to share? See the broadcasts and interviews here: The interaction with the public and my customers is what brings me joy! I am a vendor at the Army Air Force Exchange on Fort Bragg, What are some words to live by you would NC, from Tuesday to Thursday, where the like to impart to the women out there? Such interaction with the soldiers and their families words can inspire others to reach heights makes me feel back home again and as similar to yours. though I am still serving. I am also a vendor at the Riverfront Farmer’s Market in Downtown Don’t let anyone define who you are and your Wilmington. capabilities! Time is not on anyone’s side; “Just Do It!” What are some challenges you face or have faced? Learn more at, #mickeyspices, or by calling Financing, inventory prices increasing and the 1-833-PEPPER5 (737-7375). current inflation are all challenges to running a small business. Due to inflation, we are experiencing a drop in revenue. The timing has also been a struggle — I launched the product line in the midst of the pandemic and also during a time of personal grief for a loved one. I needed to use my time to heal and get back into the grind; I thought it might be the perfect time to start my own business. It’s been tough but worth it! I have poured my heart and soul into this business, and I am grateful for the support of my family and friends. I hope to grow this business, my passion, for many more years to come. Have you been recognized professionally or personally for any work in which you are currently or previously engaged? The producers of the QVC and HSN television shopping networks selected my business for the 2022 AUGUST | 9

MS. MICKEY RECIPE NEW ORLEANS (HOME) STYLE RED BEANS AND RICE By S. Kathleen Mickey Serves: Up to 10 The “Home Sweet Home” edition of Women’s View Magazine leads me to New Orleans, where it is traditional to eat red beans and rice on Mondays. This tradition dates back to the days when laundry was done by hand and women spent all day Monday washing clothes. At the end of the day, they would put a pot of beans on to simmer so that they would be ready for Tuesday morning when the men would head off to work. Over time, this tradition evolved into eating red beans and rice every Monday. Today, many New Orleanians and some restaurants still observe this tradition. Whether you’re from New Orleans or not, eating red beans and rice on Monday is a great way to start the week. Andouille sausage is a key ingredient in this cooked in the flavorful mixture of water and dish and gives it its characteristic flavor. The chicken broth. Adding the \"holy trinity\" of Creole sausage is made from smoked pork and is cooking — celery, onions and bell peppers — is heavily seasoned with Ms. Mickey’s Super Creole key to giving the recipe flavor and depth. Red seasoning, extreme fiery blend, garlic and other beans and rice is a simple dish that is perfect for a spices. Andouille sausage can be found in most weeknight dinner or anytime you're in the mood grocery stores, but if you can't find it, you can for something hearty and satisfying. substitute another type of smoked sausage. This dish is traditionally made with long-grain rice, • In an air fryer, fry the sausage for 20 but you can use any type of rice that you prefer, minutes for charring until browned. • Add the onions, celery, bell peppers, garlic, INGREDIENTS: cayenne pepper, thyme, oregano and Ms. 1-pound red beans Mickey's Westbank Bay Leaf. Cook until 1 cup andouille sausage, diced softened. 1 onion, chopped • Add the soaked beans and chicken broth 1 celery stalk, chopped and bring to a boil. 1 bell pepper, chopped • Add the Super Creole Seasoning and 2 cloves garlic, minced Extreme Fiery Blend. 1 tablespoon Ms. Mickey's Hot Sauce • Reduce the heat to low and simmer for 2-3 1 teaspoon Ms. Mickey's Extreme Fiery hours. Blend • Add the water and rice and cook until the 1 teaspoon Ms. Mickey's Super Creole rice is tender. Seasoning • Remove from the heat and stir in the 1 teaspoon thyme parsley. 1 teaspoon oregano • Serve with Ms. Mickey's Hot Sauce and 1 Westbank Bay Leaf cornbread, and enjoy! 4 cups chicken broth 4 cups water EQUIPMENT SUGGESTION: 2 cups long-grain rice Ms. Mickey’s Special Edition Digital Electric 1/4 cup parsley, chopped Deep Air Fryer INSTRUCTIONS: • Soak the red beans in water overnight. 10 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

mLeossreacjohye.s, Since having bariatric surgery, Tameka has lost more than 100 pounds. Her body aches less and she’s enjoying life more. Bariatric surgery offers weight loss options to patients Your health, our specialty. who have struggled with conventional diet methods in the past. Just a year post-gastric sleeve surgery and the 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 11 benefits keep coming for Tameka Griffin. Weight keeps falling off, her feet and back no longer ache and her confidence has grown to new heights. For Tameka, there are no regrets in her choice to have bariatric surgery. Learn more about Tameka’s journey and see how bariatric surgery can change your life too at To speak with a member of our team, please call (910) 615-2274.

Raising Frankie A Mother’s Account of Her Son’s Life with ADHD By Jelia Coleman-Hepner F ollowing an early-age attention and their teachers, Moody shared how deficit hyperactivity disorder catching the signs early can significantly diagnosis for her son, former Fayetteville benefit a child's life. resident Brenda Moody made up her mind to help him with his education, \"Since his testing in elementary school, as well as all other areas of his life. With we have made sure we stayed ahead of the years of formal schooling behind it,” said Moody of her son’s diagnosis. them, Moody’s attention next turned to \"So, I did all my research and grabbed assisting parents and educators facing everything I could about ADHD so that the same thing. With this goal in mind, we could make sure he had the proper she authored her first book, Raising education.\" Frankie: One family's approach to ADHD. A current city of Dunn resident, Moody After her son's diagnosis, Moody, a now- is a retired Harnett County educator retired educator, and her husband, herself. In becoming an author, Moody Frankie L. Moody Sr., the book's co- describes the obstacles and successes author, did everything in their power to her son, Frankie Lee Moody Jr., faced learn everything they could about ADHD through his journey with ADHD from to assist Frankie’s education but also childhood to adulthood. She wrote it in make learning fun. hopes of providing some understanding \"I encourage parents to be good as to what a child with an ADHD listeners, be positive in their responses diagnosis can achieve with a determined and allow their child (or children) to mind and the support of a caring village. participate in choosing activities that are \"The three of us hope readers will share fun,\" said Moody. its content to assist anyone they know In some parts of the book, Moody who is dealing with or has dealt with discusses barriers Frankie encountered ADHD,\" said Moody, referring to the while attending schools, such project’s goals she shares with her son as unwarranted bullying and his and husband. conduct, including excessive talking, \"The strength of a child is based on a characteristic of ADHD. Also, Moody their village, which includes parents, wrote about how she and her husband had to allow Frankie space to make his teachers, family members and people in own decisions while stepping back and the community,\" said Moody. \"I wanted letting him spread his wings. to make sure that we were his main educators, that his teachers would be \"We were always available and ready assisting us and not we assisting them.\" to activate whatever actions were With her extensive educational necessary to help Frankie to be background and experiences working successful without encroaching on his with ADHD via students ‘I can do it on my own’ abilities,\" said Moody of her parenting years. A Fayetteville native, Jelia Coleman-Hepner is currently a graduate student living in Raleigh. With a degree in mass communications, she is a former reporter for The Fayetteville Observer and The Paraglide. Business, relationships, parenting, entrepreneurship, events and women’s issues are topics she enjoys covering. 12 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

Through her book, Moody wants to graduating with a degree in computer advise parents who have a child or science, he was offered a part-time job children with ADHD while also providing in the IT department. That job later encouragement. \"I want parents to became full-time. ensure they take care of their mental and physical health first, especially if you As a contributing co-author to Raising are a single parent,\" said Moody. “Single Frankie, he visited his parents twice parents need to know they still have a a week to proofread and suggest village to help them, including church any changes he felt were necessary. members, family, teachers and God, They wanted to make sure he was because you never have to be alone.” comfortable with every line before it went to publication. With the love, support and dedication of the people in Frankie's life, such as his To purchase Raising Frankie: One parents, teachers and family members, Family's Approach to ADHD, visit various he triumphed in his situation and is now platforms, such as Barnes and Noble, an assistant administrator at a college, doing excellent Amazon, Thriftbooks, service in his church Better World Books, and helping local Kindle, ABe Books, youth. Walmart website, eBook and at Frankie’s keen 2nd and Charles interest in BookStore. computers led him to his role that also According to the allowed him to Single Care website, help in the book’s an estimated 6.1 publishing. million children have ADHD; it is a As a college student, common childhood according to Moody, neurodevelopmental Frankie became a disorder, usually first student intern in diagnosed in the the information primary years and technology often lasting into department of his adulthood. Children school, where he with ADHD may have continued to increase his computer skills trouble paying attention, controlling as a part-time computer lab assistant impulsive behavior or being and a computer troubleshooter. These overly active. roles, she said, pushed his skills to a brand-new level. Those with concerns about ADHD should seek help from a specialist such as a \"After the internship was over, I followed child psychologist, child psychiatrist or my instructor everywhere he went developmental pediatrician. If you have so I could learn everything I could. I a child in public school, a referral to the even stayed after hours to glean from school services team is the starting point his knowledge,” Frankie Moody Jr., for classroom help, while a contact with explained. the North Carolina Early Intervention Section, a part of N.C. Division of Child His instructor told him that he had never and Family Well-Being is the primary met anyone like him before, someone contact for families and children, birth to who was hungry for knowledge. After age three, with special needs. 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 13

Here and right: Scenes from the FAHFH's Women Build. Habitat for Humanity: Providing a Safe Place to Live By Angela Berry-Lewis Potential applicants must applicant’s mortgage not to exceed complete a preliminary orientation 30% of their income. Although H abitat for Humanity aims to application to understand the applicants can’t choose exactly put God's love into action home buying process and discover where their homes will be, they by bringing people together to if they qualify for the program. can pick out decorative features build homes, communities and This application can be sent in the house as homes are built hope. Providing individuals and through email or picked up at the specifically for a particular family. families a safe, decent place to ReStore Warehouse in Fayetteville, In addition, all homes are energy live is the cornerstone of a strong a subsidiary program of Habitat. efficient and certified electric. community, the running theme After the applicants attend an Applications are received year- of the organization. Its vision is a orientation, they can start the round if the waiting list isn’t too world where everyone has a decent homeownership application long. Due to the mild climate in place to live. The Fayetteville process. North Carolina, construction Area Habitat for Humanity serves Qualifications projects are completed year- residents of Bladen, Cumberland Applications will qualify if they round as well, contingent on the and Sampson Counties. While demonstrate need because of their availability of adequate funding it runs programs that assist current living conditions, meet the and donations. veterans with home repairs and specified income requirements Volunteers help communities rebuild after and are willing to partner with the Habitat for Humanity offers natural disasters, FAHFH’s biggest program by completing volunteer many volunteer opportunities. program is its homeownership hours. In addition, applicants must Opportunities exist at the ReStore, program. have lived in the service area for on construction sites and at the The process the required time. While these are agency’s administrative office. Contrary to popular belief, FAHFH some criteria, the complete list is Individuals, organizations, doesn’t refurbish homes and give explained during the orientation. businesses and groups are them away to needy families. The Once the application is approved, welcome to volunteer. home buying process through construction on the home begins. One of FAHFH’s major annual FAHFH is like other traditional Since FAHFH is the builder, events is Women Build, where methods. Staff members work seller and lender, they can base women gather to do construction closely with potential homeowners mortgages on the applicant’s and home repairs on Habitat to help them through the debt-to-income ratio instead of Houses. In March 2022, FAHFH application process because, in their credit scores like traditional women from real estate agencies, most cases, they aren’t familiar lenders. The goal is for an with the home buying process and may not qualify for traditional mortgages. Angela Berry Lewis is a Department of the Army civilian. She loves to read and listen to music in her spare time. 14 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

A FAHFH home in Oakridge Estates. Grace Strong (left) and a happy homeowner. nonprofits, faith communities and sold for 50 to 80% below retail. through each step and makes sororities partnered with FAHFH Anyone can contribute to or shop herself available when they need to install trim carpentry and other at the Restore. help. Although Grace is so helpful tasks during Women Build. Many of A snapshot of success to others, she was a little hesitant these groups have participated for Habitat for Humanity has helped when she went through the process years, and sororities are some of many people over its tenure. because she wasn’t sure it could the most faithful volunteer groups According to, happen for her. Now in her home and donors. FAHFH believes that since its founding in 1976, it has two years, she says the change was every woman has the power to helped more than 39 million people the best thing to have happened for change the world. Other volunteer- build or improve the place they her kids well-being and especially focused times involve veterans call home. In fiscal year 2021 alone, her son’s behavioral issues. Her and youth. it helped more than 4.2 million children loved decorating their Additional resources people; an additional 8.5 million rooms, which they could not do in The Fayetteville Area Habitat gained the potential to improve the past rentals. They also love the ReStore is an independently owned their housing conditions through freedom of having a yard and being reuse store operated by training and advocacy. able to go outside on their own. the FAHFH. One woman's story Another benefit has been that A nonprofit home improvement Grace Strong of Fayetteville Grace figured out that she’s an store and donation center, ReStore is among those millions of excellent cook. She didn’t cook supports the mission of FAHFH beneficiaries. Owning a home much in her old place but now by providing affordable access to is only a dream for many single enjoys cooking for her children household goods. Here shoppers moms, but through hard work and — her home has even become a find reasonably priced new and perseverance, Grace made it gathering place for her extended gently used furniture, appliances, her reality. family. Currently, she is the cabinets, building materials She’s the first in her family to unofficial host of most holidays. and more. own a home and graduate from She has also inspired success in Established as a joint venture college. Originally from Bayboro, other family members. Some of her of Fayetteville Urban Ministry North Carolina, she has lived in the younger cousins have graduated and Fayetteville Area Habitat for Fayetteville area for over 16 years. from college, and one of her aunts Humanity in 1999, the primary A single mom of four children has purchased her first home mission of ReStore is to donate ages 7 to 13, Grace and her family after watching Grace go through 100% of all net profits to charities lived in apartments for most of the process. Grace is thinking whose purpose is to support the the children’s lives. She had been about getting her master's degree less fortunate of Cumberland working at FAHFH where she is in social work and maybe about County while promoting the currently the Director of Family buying another property and sustainability of our environment. Services, while on the waitlist for a returning her home to FAHFH so Protecting the environment from rehabbed home. that another family can realize items being sent to landfills is yet Grace encourages applicants their dream of home ownership. another goal of the Restore. All through the process. She stays But for now, she’s taking some time donated items are recycled and connected with them as they go to smell the roses. She went on her first girls’ trip earlier this year and is already planning the next one! 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 15

Telecommuting: Today, enterprise identity management The New Work- companies such as Okta, Centrify, Microsoft and from-Home Norm others have made the need to work from a single physical location almost obsolete across many By Taneshia Kerr industries. Here are a few alternative models to the traditional workplace to consider. O n the morning of September 20, 1994, 32,000 AT&T staffers stayed home. It Work From Home has become the new staple wasn’t a strike; the employees were testing of alternative workplace models. With a strong a radical new model for work known as Internet connection, a high-quality headset and telecommuting. The experiment, involving a good laptop, you can eliminate travel costs and some 100,000 people, explored the extent to enjoy the flexibility of working in a space in which which their vast organization could transform you are already comfortable. the workplace. Fast forward to 2020: the COVID-19 pandemic upended the global workplace. Overnight, telecommuting went from a status of work flexibility to one of a business necessity. According to one Gallup poll, between mid-March and early April 2020, in only three weeks, the percentage of Americans working from home jumped from 31% to 65% — the equivalent of 100 million employees. Two years later, the workforce is still grappling with figuring out what a new “norm” looks like. In 1998, General Dennis J. Reimer, the U.S. Army’s Workstation Popcorn is a variation of the chief of staff, spoke with the Harvard Business work from home model that aims at boosting Review to offer insight into what an executive productivity for those who need regular breaks can do from a remote location. General Reimer without at-home distractions. This method described being able to stay connected with a involves creating a to-do list and completing each network of 350 general officers and 150 garrison assigned task in a different location. Once you commanders around the world using a web-based reach that venue, such as a coffee shop, restaurant network, which also included intranet chat and or library, you can dive into your workload directly secure email over a private network. “The network because you already know what you’re scheduled allows me to be productive and to maintain a pulse to do there. Once the task is complete, you pack on what is happening whether I’m in Washington up and enjoy a complete brain break while you pop or overseas,” Reimer said. “It not only saves travel over to your next venue for the next task on your costs, but also enables collaborative teamwork list. across organizational and geographic boundaries around the globe. Gradually, this is changing the Hofficing is another variation of the work- culture from one in which ‘my information is from-home model. Hoffice, a Swedish company, power’ to one in which ‘sharing is power.’” operates like the Airbnb of home office space. The platform allows you to view and rent space in Taneshia Kerr is a marketing communicator, licensed counselor and member of the Forbes Business Council. With 18 years of experience in the direct selling industry, she has mentored more than 500 distributors. 16 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

someone else’s home. Instead of booking a bed, P20O23CCoKmmEuTnitGy DUireIcDtoEry you book a suitable workspace for whatever length of time suits you. FayWeetlctoemevtiolle Co-working spaces, while used primarily by 2022 Business & Community Directory start-up enterprises, are another option to working from home. If working a few hours Universities Television and from a coffeeshop is not ideal, maintaining & Colleges Radio Stations a desk at a coworking hub provides the flexibility of getting out while staying within an Local Annual Town of Hope environment that fosters optimal productivity. Events Mills & Hope Mills Chamber The Great Outdoors provide a great option as well. If the weather is conducive, immersing Frequently yourself in fresh air, gentle breezes and the Called Numbers relaxing sounds of nature while you work is appealing. This arrangement requires a good POCKET GUIDE Schools hotspot connection but could be a very relaxing Public & way to work if planned properly. The post- Private pandemic workplace is one that demands nontraditional work practices, locations and Area Health vol. hybrid models to supplement traditional Facilities 22 offices. Telecommuting io longer a fad. Millions of people in the United States are now either WWW.UPANDCOMINGWEEKLY.COM hybrid telecommuters or entirely home-based workers. The data supporting the potential County • City-Wide • County-Wide Museums benefits is bucking against ingrained corporate Libraries • on Ft. Bragg • and I-95 & Galleries behavior. The savviest companies are quickly adopting alternatives to stay competitive in a workforce as employees continue to negotiate for flexibility in their work-life balance. Local Festivals 18 Month Parks & Live Theatre Calendar Recreation nline 24/7 FREE to Residents, Businesses and Organizations throughout our Community Reserve your Full Page Ad NOW in the 2023 Pocket Guide. For More Information Call 910-484-6200 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 17

Kalli Ziegler was featured in the July WVM Spotlight article, where her plan to share regular short stories and excerpts from the book she is writing was revealed. The stories of struggle and success are hers to tell in the Fayetteville real estate agent turned-writer’s newest project. It's a memoir currently in progress entitled, Barrett to Barrett. We hope you enjoy this first selection. Birthday Memory from a Military Brat By Kalli Ziegler C onsidering how to approach my parents for a 16th birthday party was going to be difficult. Dad was easier about granting permission, so he was my first target. Instead, my father revealed plans to give me a special gift. Instructing me to be dressed up by a particular time completely confused me. Why did it require getting dressed up to receive my gift? Why did we have to go somewhere for a birthday present? All day the excitement built as I pondered the answers. My girlfriends were having elaborate parties to celebrate \"Sweet 16.” Dare I dream of a real party? My mother did not believe in parties where your friends would come for cake, ice cream, games and prizes. Neither my brothers nor I had that kind of party growing up. We attended many parties and took wrapped gifts for the honoree, but we only had a family celebration. A cake festooned with flaming candles and a robust rendition of \"Happy Birthday\" were the extent of our parties. Fully expecting a surprise party mandated wearing my favorite dress. An early shower, coiffing my hair, ap- plying makeup and wiggling into new panty hose would take time. My best pair of high heels with a match- ing purse completed the outfit. Mom had not said a word or even acted excited for me. Why wasn't she dressed up, too? Where were my brothers? Weren't they coming to my party? Fidgeting on the white sofa in our formal living room, I looked up to behold my father entering the room looking like Prince Charming. He was wearing his Navy dress uniform, decked out with all his medals, gleaming shoes and his white hat with shiny brim tucked under his arm. He presented me with a wrist cor- sage of red rose buds laying on white confetti paper. Daddy slipped the corsage onto my wrist. Offering his arm, he escorted me into the night for my special birthday. In gentlemanly fashion, he opened my door. Walking tall and handsome, the unwrapping of my gift had begun, and it was just the two of us! First, we drove across town to a newer theater featuring first-release movies. Feeling weird going to a movie in my best dress and heels on my Daddy's arm, I was blushing. He bought popcorn and beverages for both of us. Honestly, I could not remember going to a nice theater, much less, buying popcorn and drinks. Our family's movie experiences were going to the Navy base gymnasium where a large screen descended from With over 28 years in the real estate profession, Kalli Ziegler is the owner of Kalli Ziegler Property Management. She is an award-winning Fayetteville REALTOR and businesswoman, both professionally and personally. This story is from her currently-in-the-works memoir, Barrett to Barrett. 18 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

the ceiling. Mom would distribute paper bags of snacks; her stern look said we better be quiet. Daddy and I left the theater talking about the show. Figuring that was the extent of my birthday cele- bration, I searched my feelings about what was going on as we pulled into a downtown parking garage. Offering his arm, we strode to the elevator. Daddy had been grinning the entire night, but now he was beaming. When the elevator doors opened, we were on top of the skyscraper in a restaurant subtly lit as if by can- dlelight. The hostess smiled and said, \"Right this way. Please watch your step.\" She was not referring to a transition in height that in dim light could cause one to stumble. She was referring to the slowly moving floor! Floor to ceiling windows captured the night sky and the lights of the city as the carrousel rotated. Guests were absorbed in the ambiance of fine dining enhanced by the unique experience. Served a gourmet meal, we worked hard at conversation. My father was absent, aboard Naval carriers, for more than half of my life. How does a father talk with a 16-year-old, immature daughter? Attempt- ing to leave his world of commanding obedience and respect, his struggle at a normal conversation was awkward. Growing up with older brothers who demanded all the attention, I suddenly had my father to myself. Neither of us knew how to carry on any kind of meaningful dialogue. Driving home in silence, we were each processing the evening. Daddy was so proud of me. Being willowy and tall, I was his princess as he took my arm. He portrayed the perfect Prince Charming in his Navy uniform. A night not to be forgotten, he radiated satisfaction for having planned such a splendid evening with his only daughter. How did I feel about that night? Odd, awkward and uncomfortable. My expectation of a surprise party with my friends was not part of my father's plan. Confused because I was not reciprocating, his being incredibly happy and proud required processing. Was I supposed to be ecstatic? Is this how other 16-year- olds celebrated birthdays? Disappointed because my expectations were not met, I climbed into bed. Only as I matured did I realize what an incredible gift my father had given me. It was incredible because he gave of himself, his time and attention. It was meaningful because he invested money our family didn't have to make a memory that would last a lifetime. It was special because it brought him joy beyond measure to celebrate “me,” his tall, awkward, immature daughter who only knew how to focus on herself at that time. His gift is a life's trea- sure carefully wrapped in memories. 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 19

Girls of SummerFun and Faith at Beautiful Fort Caswell By Taylor Dunham and Carolina McLeod Destination Home By Lynne Smith It was back in 1994, before ready to get back home. experience a yearning that only Northwest Airlines merged Boarding a plane for one home can fill. with Delta, that the company day of travel to an unknown offered a never-before-heard- destination may be a risk that Through 38 years of marriage, of promotion. The airlines some are willing to take, but my husband and I have spent offered on a first-come, first- what about risking your final considerable time planning serve basis, $59 round-trip landing place, your eternal last our times of travel, albeit brief tickets titled “mystery tickets,” stop? vacations that always come to for one day of travel to various an end. We prepare in advance U. S. cities. For the 1,500 people Home. There really is no place by looking online and talking who purchased the tickets, the like it. The Oxford dictionary to others. Before our arrival, catch was you didn’t find out defines home as the place we contact resort concierges where you were going until you where one lives permanently, to arrange dinner reservations, arrived at the airport. especially as a member of a transportation and other family. Home is where you are activities. We work hard all This experience may have known and hopefully where year on the plans, leaving been a pleasant surprise for you are truly loved. And no nothing to chance and enjoy some passengers, but others matter how thrilling our travels the compensation of smooth were not very happy as they may be, one thing is for sure: and safe travels when a great boarded a plane to the Mall of we always long to get back to vacation comes to pass. If we, America in Minneapolis. These it. Because deep inside each of as travelers on this Earth, put disgruntled travelers were us, we’re a little homesick; we that much time and effort into Lynne Smith is a Fayetteville native who worships with her family at Snyder Memorial Baptist Church. She has a hard-working husband of 37 years, two sons who aim to be just like their dad, two God-given beautiful daughters and two very well-loved grandsons. She is in her seventh year serving as a Snyder MOPS mentor. 20 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

planning a trip that will only day get around to becoming ever take. For you see, there last a few days, why don’t we serious about a relationship is no righteous deed we can pursue with the same tenacity with God. We allow our Bibles do that will earn us a place in “the trip” that will last forever? to remain untouched, offer the heaven. God gives us grace and Lord superficial prayers and acceptance when we believe The Bible talks about eternal shallow worship and don’t get and put our faith in Jesus life, and some might say that around to talking to that loved Christ, His Son; this is a gift we means living forever. But for one or coworker about their cannot earn and the only way the child of God, eternal life eternity. Our service to God to take up residence in our is not something that begins becomes the easy things that future home. when we get to heaven. Rather, don’t cost us much, the things eternal life is something we we squeeze in around what No home on Earth is like the receive the moment we put we really want to do. We live home God is preparing for His our faith in Jesus. At that today like there's no tomorrow, children. It will not be a “Fixer moment, we start preparing believing the lie that our only Upper” by Chip and Joanna. for our future home, a place home is where we lay our It will be a return to paradise like none other. heads down each night. because God Himself is the original architect. It will be a We are told in Ecclesiastes In my life, I have been guilty home that no hands of man 3:11 that God has put eternity in of giving into the urgent and could ever build, truly Earth the hearts of men. Simply put, neglecting the eternal, only restored. In his book Heaven, in every human soul is a God- to realize that those wasted author Randy Alcorn states, given awareness that there years can never be reclaimed. “We are nostalgic for what is is something more than this But I have also learned that implanted in our hearts. It’s transient world, something it is never too late to turn built into us, perhaps even greater than what we can see toward home. On this earth, at a genetic level. We long for and experience here and now. our homes are temporary what the first man and woman This world is not our home or and replaceable, but at death, once enjoyed — a perfect and our permanent dwelling place. we open the door to our true beautiful place with free and Like all those who came before home. And the goal of getting untainted relationships with us, we are just passing through to our forever home is worthy God, each other, animals and on our way to our ultimate of greater advance planning our environment.” destination. Unlike those than any other journey we will Northwest passengers who left Wow, I can only imagine what their fate to a gimmick, we get that home will be like. We to determine the place we will will finally have what we have call “home”; the arrangements always longed for and what begin now. we have been made for. Think about it; God loves us enough So how do you prepare for a to make sure we get home. journey? As you move closer Our new home is being made to leaving, does your planning ready right now. Moving day is become more intense? In our coming. And one day, sooner busyness, we often put off or later, we believers in Christ until tomorrow the inevitable, will truly be home — for the believing that we will one very first time. 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 21

There’s No Place Like Home Healthcare options for senior adults who wish to remain in their homes as they age By Amy L. Natt, MS, CMC As a person begins to think about his or her Now a variety of companies will provide support golden years, thoughts rarely include the phrase, services and supply the necessary equipment “I want to live in a nursing home when I get older.” needed to remain safely in the home. Technology The majority of older adults would say that they continues to develop, providing everything wish to remain at home as they age. The term from supervision and fall alerts to medication “aging in place” has become common over the dispensing. Meal and grocery delivery services are past 15 years. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control readily available, prescriptions can be delivered, and Prevention defines aging in place as, “the telehealth is a growing option and transportation ability to live in one’s home and community safely, services exist in most areas. independently and comfortably, regardless of Cons to remaining at home age, income or ability level.” The truth is, while How can there be a downside to aging in place? aging at home is often preferred, it is not always Many things that you may not think about or realistic. This article will explore the pros and plan for become apparent when choosing to cons of remaining at home, as well as the age in the home. The layout of the home is a financial aspects. big one. Is the home wheelchair accessible and As an individual reaches their 70s, 80s, 90s and well equipped with safety features, particularly beyond, it is likely that some form of support or in the bathrooms? An entire industry is built care will be needed. The continuum of care refers upon universal design and home adaptions to to continuous care over time. As we consider accommodate disabilities and increase safety. the setting and type of care a person may need, Other considerations include the support that the continuum of care spans from independent will be needed. You may need to supplement to assisted, to skilled care, with many options care with family, friends or paid professionals and variations in between. The home is typically to address meals, household chores, medication considered an independent level of care; however, management, personal care, transportation needs support services, home adaptations and home and money management. While all of these things care providers make it possible for people to can be provided in the home, often a significant increase their level of care while remaining cost exists to obtaining them, especially if a paid at home. caregiver is needed on an ongoing basis. Aging in place benefits Considerations for staying in the home Well, “There’s no place like home” carries a lot If an individual prefers to remain at home, start of truth. Most of us prefer to be home because planning now. Do explore all of the options and it is comfortable and familiar to us. Our home services available in your area. Also, consider a provides a sense of belonging and stability. Mood home assessment to determine what adaptations and overall sense of well-being are often better would be needed to make the current home safe at home, and the person is in control and able to and accessible. Start building a team. This might choose where he or she will spend his or her time. Amy L. Natt, MS, CMC, is the owner and founder of Aging Outreach Services in Southern Pines, which was established in 1999. She has worked with older adults for 25-plus years and has a passion for helping people age with success since forming a close relationship with her great-grandmother as a young girl. 22 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

include family, friends, community, medical Assisted Living Facility professionals and other service providers in your - Monthly fee of $4500 to $7500, depending on unit area that might play a role if your needs increased. size Basically, identify your support circle, and if Intermediate/Skilled Nursing Facility you find that circle is small, begin researching - Typically a daily rate of $250 to $350, Medicare or professionals in your area who can help assess Medicaid may supplement/cover a portion of the needs and make recommendations. rate. Medicare would be a limited time based on Do not wait until you are in crisis to make a skilled need. decision and plan for care at home. This is how Private Duty Caregiver/ Home Health Care many people find themselves in an assisted living - An average of $18 - $24 an hour for a caregiver or nursing home; they simply do not have the - 24-hour care, 7 days a week can cost a consumer resources in place to be safely discharged at home. up to $180,000.00 per year Do not assume a spouse or adult child can provide Keep in mind that these are estimates, and all of the care you may need. It is likely that some different variables will change the equation. The type of outside service or home adaptation will be important thing to note is that if you need to hire needed. These resources are hard to pull together a private caregiver to help you remain safely at last minute, so planning ahead is key. home, this expense can add up quickly and should be planned for in advance. In-home finances However, sometimes staying home is not possible. One of the areas commonly underestimated is the It may be financially unrealistic, unsafe, too financial cost of care at home and what insurance isolating or burdensome to others who live in the will cover. A person will say, “But mom has same residence. In these circumstances, a move to Medicare.” Medicare (age-qualified) and Medicaid a care facility may be more practical or (income-qualified) are not intended to provide cost-effective. ongoing long-term care in the home. Who can help? There are some services on a limited basis, There are professional geriatric care managers or depending on need and diagnosis, that might Aging Life Care™ Managers, www.AgingLifeCare. come into play. For example, if someone is just org, who help older adults and their families home from a week in the hospital, they may be assess the situation, evaluate current and long- eligible for a home health care benefit, but this term needs, plan for the resources they will might be a bath aide three times a week for six need and connect to local services. Having a care weeks or a nurse or even hospice care. However, manager on your team can help you explore all of most people find that supplemental, private pay the options and often save time and money as they or family support is needed. Long-term care navigate care and resources for people daily. Care insurance does help to offset or cover the cost of Managers can develop a creative plan to help meet some in-home care, but it too may fall short if a your individualized and specific needs person lives for several years or requires out-of- and desires. pocket services. The cost of care will vary by area, facility and level of care, but here is a ballpark for planning purposes: Independent Living Continuing Care Retirement Create your plan now and be prepared with a plan Community A, B and C to accommodate changing needs. Age - Entrance fee of $100,000 and up to “purchase” a the way you choose, for yourself or for a loved one, unit in your preferred environment by taking control - Monthly fee of $2500 to $4500, depending on the of the care, planning ahead and consulting the unit professionals who can support and educate you through this journey. 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 23

Far left and below: Cathy Johnson is pictured on two of her thousands of site visits. Left: Cathy Johnson. A City Champion Retires to accomplish such longevity. Six months after she arrived, she took on the tasks of payroll and By Kim Hasty payroll taxes. “I found it quite interesting and stayed with it,” she said. “I just kept Cathy Johnson has a pair of steel-toed shoes in getting promoted.” the trunk of her car, a paperclip holder shaped During the years when the economic development like a tiny cinderblock on her desk and a litany organization was connected to the local chamber of Elvis Presley songs always on her mind. It’s of commerce, she had the chance to travel on an interesting collection, one that happens to chamber tours. “I took it as an opportunity to see go nicely with the freight container’s worth of the world,” she said. “The first tour was in China. I memories from her 30- year career in went to Budapest, Austria, the Czech Republic and economic development. twice to Prague. I learned so much about culture Johnson, who served as Vice President of and history.” Existing Industry for Fayetteville Cumberland She found her real niche when she was charged Economic Development Corporation, retired with serving as a liaison to the fledgling after an accomplished career as a fixture on the Cumberland County’s Plant Managers Association, Fayetteville and Cumberland County economic an organization that provides a forum for development scene and champion of the local local manufacturing leaders on subjects of manufacturing community. common interest such as education, community “Cathy has been an incredible resource to me and continues to share her knowledge with new team members,” said Robert Van Geons, president and CEO of FCEDC. “She made thousands of existing industry visits, assisted hundreds of companies and led our Plant Manager’s Association. We are all grateful for her service to Fayetteville and Cumberland County.” Johnson, 66, rose through the ranks in economic development over the years, starting out as an administrative assistant for the then-Fayetteville Area Economic Development Corporation in 1992. She had no idea at the time that she would go on Kim Hasty is the Director of Communications for Fayetteville Cumberland Economic Development Corporation. 24 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

involvement, economic development, utility costs, Looking back over her career, she can reflect on a healthcare and taxes. She eventually was awarded host of changes in the local landscape. membership in the organization, served as its “Downtown is a big change,” she said. “Now it’s secretary and treasurer and was never hesitant to nice down here. And look at the mall. Our retail don those steel-toed shoes or even a protective scene has exploded. Companies have come and hard hat when the situation called for such attire. gone, but we continue to bring in companies and “Cathy took the bull by the horns and ran with it,” jobs, which is a good thing for our community.” said Bob Petroski, who retired earlier this year Upon retirement, Johnson will have time for her as chief engineer at Hercules Steel. “We would hobbies like gardening, crafting and oil painting not have had the Plant Managers Association and for spending time with her family, including a without Cathy. She’s been the backbone of the son and 7-year-old granddaughter who live organization. “All the guys liked Cathy because in Kansas. they knew how much work she did,” he said. “She “After 30 years, I felt like it’s time, but I’ll miss this had a real desire to keep the organization going.” job,” she said. “And the plant managers have been Johnson grew up in a military family and attended like extended family.” five different high schools in four years before She’ll be missed, as well. FCEDC hosted a graduating in Anne Arundel, Maryland. After reception for her that Van Geons opted to term a moving to North Carolina and starting her career celebration of service rather than a retirement. in economic development, she earned an associate “There’ll never be another Cathy,” said Kelvin degree in business from Fayetteville Technical Farmer, chairman of FCEDC’s board of directors. Community College and certification from the Institute for Organizational Management at the University of Georgia. NOW OPEN Address: 2828 Raef d Rd. Experience Unique 910-988-7777 Visit us Owner Sherri Coultrup Shopfpinag Uexnpieqruieence. Hours: Mon-Sat 10-6 • Sun 12-5 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 25

There’s No Place Like Home for Business By Danice Langdon A ccording to an article from Small Business passions. To a large degree, success comes from Trends in 2019, approximately 69% of new the business owner’s passion for the product and entrepreneurs will start a business out of their the process involved in running the business. A homes. The SBA reports that 50% of all small home-based business may allow you the flexibility businesses begin at home, and 60% of businesses of time and how you earn money, whether the with no staff are home-based. That equates to company concept is an idea you create and bring around 19 million home-based businesses. to actualization or a direct selling enterprise where you sell another company's product. Success at Now, three years after the start of COVID, facts either requires a lot of hard work, long hours, show that more women actually have been pushed commitment and understanding not just of the into launching their own businesses. More than product, but of the entire business operation. 2.3 million women left the U.S. labor force between February 2020 and January 2021, according A business idea should be the solution to a problem to the National Women’s Law Center. Many of you see. Once you determine your creative, these women have gone on to launch their own successful idea, assess your skill set. Does your businesses. This circumstance could be due to the knowledge and expertise translate into a successful demands at home, such as childcare, that forced business? Conduct research and determine women to leave their jobs. Once they were home whether the local laws allow you to set up a home and experienced the constant uncertainty around office and most importantly, discover if people will openings and closing due to COVID, they realized pay for your idea. The bottom line to a successful that having a home-based business could provide business is the revenue it generates. the flexibility to work within the constant changes. As a result, the workforce has shifted goals of work Starting a company and life balance. Women were more than twice as Once you determine the idea’s profitability, write likely as men to start a small business since the a business plan. Beware: this is a very time- start of the pandemic in 2020, according to a study consuming process and where your creative idea by Next Insurance Inc. meets the rubber on the road. The plan should lay out the business objectives and the strategies While many different options exist for home to achieve them. You will then need to determine businesses, the most crucial factor in determining your business name and structure and then apply which platform is best is to be honest about your for any licensing and registrations required in Danice Langdon is the director of the Women's Business Center Fayetteville@CEED. Recently retired from a career with Truist Bank, Danice has lived in Fayetteville 30 years and has one son. With a Master of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, she tries to live by the mantra, \"To Those Much Is Given, Much Is Expected.” 26 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

your area. Once all the proper documentation conditions and compensation, the tasks before you is in order, separate your personal and business will require challenging work. Starting a business is accounts for good measure. With the paperwork a long-term commitment. and bookkeeping system in place, it’s time to open. Signing up with a direct seller The advantages of a home-based business include Direct selling is another option for a home flexible hours, no commuting, low overhead business. In this model, you work on your own costs, income tax breaks and family time. The but become affiliated with a company that already disadvantages include the lack of separation has name recognition and branding. You work by between work and home, isolation and a non- yourself and have the freedom to run your business, traditional work structure, which is not a good on the terms you decide, but with some company situation for everyone. Another downside can be support. Direct selling allows women and men with restrictions that come into play, so be sure to check an entrepreneurial mindset to work independently your local regulations and military base policies, if and build a business with low startup and overhead applicable. costs, flexibility and the ability to take the business with them when they or their family move or The Women’s Business Center of Fayetteville at receive military orders. CEED has counselors equipping entrepreneurs with Whichever road you take to business ownership, the tools needed to invest in the success of their here are some things to consider when becoming business through planning, one-on-one guidance an entrepreneur. and targeted support. The center provides classes Passion Are you passionate about the product? that will train business owners in marketing, Being enthusiastic makes it easy to talk about financial concepts and practices to impact their the product you offer so that people feel your business immediately. Financial counseling is also excitement and energy. Passion also helps you stay available so clients can gain the financial knowledge focused and committed to the process of owning needed to prepare their business for loan readiness the business. and access to capital. Our professional consultants Reputation If a direct sales company, does it can help new or potential business owners to have a good reputation? You want to work for a company that has a solid performance history both • Formulate ideas into profitable business concepts; financially as well as in their training and support • Create a business plan; to their consultants. • Identify start-up costs, resources and Grit Can you accept rejection? You will hear no opportunities; more than you will ever hear yes. You must know • Scale their business once they have established the answer isn’t a reflection of you; it reflects a revenue and balanced risk; and product that people are not interested in. • Expand and grow companies in an ever- Comfort level Are you comfortable being developing market. uncomfortable? You will have to step outside your comfort zone to be successful. For the business to 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 27 be sustainable, you will have to meet new people and increase your circle of contacts. Communication How do you feel about public speaking? You will have to get up in front of people and speak, which will get easier the more you do it. Commitment Are you prepared for the long haul? Even with the advantages of time flexibility, work

TURN YOUR HOUSE INTO A SUSTAINABLE HOME By Crissy Neville By Jonelle Kimbrough L ike Fiona Apple once said, your house is your refuge, energy use in your home? The United States Department of your haven, your place where habits have a habitat. Energy recommends setting your thermostat at 78 degrees in Shouldn’t your habitat be as safe, healthy and environmentally summer months, or to the highest comfortable temperature, sound as possible? and 68 degrees in winter months, or to the lowest comfortable temperature. By reducing the gap between the ambient air By incorporating some new habits into your daily routine, you temperature and the temperature inside your home, you can save can truly turn your house into a sustainable home, preserve our as much as 10% on your utility bill. Programmable thermostats natural resources, improve your quality of life and even are worthwhile investments. save money. You can choose more responsible electronics, too. Purchase BRIGHT IDEAS FOR ENERGY CONSERVATION products with the United States Environmental Protection Energy touches nearly every aspect of our lives, so mindful Agency’s Energy Star label. These products — televisions, energy use is important to ensure that our world is powered. dishwashers, dryers and computers — are certified to consume Simple steps to save energy can be very effective. For instance, less energy. Visit for a list of products. electronic devices such as phone chargers draw power even when not in use. Unplug them when you are not using them to EVERY DROP COUNTS reduce “phantom load” and reduce your utility bill by as much as Of all the water on Earth, only 1% of it is suitable for human use. $100 annually. And, all the water on Earth now is all the water that will ever be on Earth. Pollution is threatening our viable water supply in Change your light bulbs to LED — light-emitting diode — the Cape Fear River Basin, so conservation and efficiency are bulbs. They consume much less energy and last much longer crucial — especially during the summer when high temperatures than incandescent bulbs. And, unlike compact fluorescent lamps, and drought conditions can lead to water rationing. CFLs, the “curly” bulbs, LED bulbs do not contain mercury, so disposal is much easier. Conserve water with easy changes, such as shortening your shower and washing only full loads of dishes and laundry. Did you know that heating and cooling account for most Inspect your home for and repair water leaks as soon as they Jonelle Kimbrough is the executive director of Sustainable Sandhills, a non-profit organization strengthening communities by creating resilient environmental, economic and social resources for current and future generations. 28 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

occur. Structural issues such as peeling paint or cracking caulk, Sandhills counties. the presence of mold or mildew and the sound of “hissing” pipes indicate water leaks. DRIVE SUSTAINABILITY HOME Vehicles are a main source of carbon emissions that degrade When you have to replace a toilet, shower head or faucet, choose our air quality, so you can breathe easily by improving your fuel a “low-flow” device that uses less water. Look for the EPA’s economy. Ensure that your tires are inflated properly. WaterSense label on these products. You can learn more at Avoid aggressive driving habits such as hard brakes and starts, and consolidate your trips. You can also prevent air pollution by You can also save resources in the garden by irrigating fueling your vehicle during cooler hours. your lawn and plants in the early morning or early evening hours when temperatures are cooler and less water is lost to You could also consider an electric vehicle. Did you know that evaporation. Irrigate only when necessary. Or, try an odd-even North Carolina is on trend with the rest of the United States watering schedule. If your address is an odd number, irrigate on for EV adoption, according to Plug-In NC? EV ownership and Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If your address is an even infrastructure have increased dramatically in the past two years number, irrigate on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Also, in NC and nationwide, and EV technologies are constantly use a broom instead of a hose to clean hardscapes. advancing. Nearly every major automobile maker offers at least one fully electric model or is planning to introduce a fully WASTE NOT, WANT NOT electric model by 2026. EVs produce no emissions, so they Proper waste management is one of the easiest but most improve our air quality. As gasoline prices continue to rise, EVs impactful ways to build a cleaner, more environmentally can even save money for drivers. sound home. Reduce your waste as much as possible, and choose reusable products instead of disposable products. Or use alternative forms of transportation. Use mass transit, or cycle or walk to your destination. Reusable options exist for nearly all of the products we use daily — from water bottles to straws. Suppose reusable products are not available or practical. In that case, many bio-based goods — made from natural materials such as sugar cane and bamboo — and compostable goods are excellent alternatives to single-use plastics. You can also reduce and reuse by upcycling materials. You can prevent the pollution of our soil, water and air by PLANT THE SEEDS OF THE FUTURE discarding wastes properly and recycling. But you have to Your landscaping can enhance your home’s value, provide “recycle right.” Per the EPA, Americans generate nearly 300 habitat for wildlife and, if it is well-placed, save on utility costs. million tons of municipal solid waste every year, but only a By strategically planting trees around your home, you can reduce fraction of that waste is recycled. Why? Recycling bins are often ambient heat gain during summer months and create windbreaks contaminated with non-recyclable materials, so the entire load is during winter months. Plant deciduous trees on the south and bound for the landfill. west sides of your home, and plant evergreen trees on the north side of your home. To prevent bin contamination, learn and adhere to the recycling practices recommended by your waste hauler. Materials such as Also, choose native plants whenever possible. Native plants electronics and batteries cannot be recycled in curbside bins, but are more adapted to their unique environments, tend to be county-operated solid waste sites and landfills usually accept more drought-tolerant and insect-resistant and require less those materials. Plastic bags are the most common contaminant maintenance. The North Carolina Native Plant Society has a and should never be recycled in your curbside bin. Want to know comprehensive list at what to do instead? Place them in your household trash or a designated plastic film bin at your local grocer. Visit Be sure to reduce your use of pesticides to protect the pollinators for information on recycling in all that are vital to our food supply. Our planet doesn’t need one person to “do” sustainability perfectly. Our world needs everyone to “do” sustainability imperfectly. Adopt one sustainable habit today, and you will do your part to ensure a better tomorrow. 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 29

DISCLAIMER Beware of fraud. Please check and multiple colors available. CLASSIFIEDS Reader Advisory: with the Better Business Bureau Guaranteed to last a lifetime! The following classifeds or Consumer Protection Agency Limited Time Offer - $500 w/code CARE20 for $20 off have been purchased by the before sending money to any Discount + Additional 10% Mobile Companion. 1-855- National Trade Association company in these listings. off install (for military, health 341-5862 (ADS) we belong to. Determining workers & 1st responders.) the value of their service or EDUCATION/TRAINING Call Erie Metal Roofs: 1-855- TOP CA$H PAID FOR OLD product is advised by this 585-1815 GUITARS! 1920-1980 Gibson, publication. In order to avoid Become a published Martin, Fender, Gretsch, misunderstandings, some author. We want to read White-Glove Service from Epiphone, Guild, Mosrite, advertisers do not offer “em- your book! Dorrance America’s Top Movers. Fully Rickenbacker, Prairie State, ployment” but rather supply Publishing trusted since 1920. insured and bonded. Let us D’Angelico, Stromberg. And the readers with manuals, Consultation, production, take the stress out of your out Gibson Man-dolins / Banjos. directories and other materials promotion & distribution. of state move. FREE QUOTES! 833-649-2292 designed to help their clients Call for free author’s guide Call: 855-821-2782 establish mail order selling 1-877-729-4998 or visit STOP worrying! SilverBills and other businesses at home. (ADS) Looking for assisted living, eliminates the stress and Under NO circumstance memory care, or independent hassle of bill payments. All should you send any money BUSINESS SERVICES living? A Place for Mom household bills guaranteed in advance or give the client simplifies the process of to be paid on time, as long your checking, license ID, Eliminate gutter cleaning finding senior living at no cost as appropriate funds are or credit card numbers. Also forever! LeafFilter, the most to your family. Call 1-833-658- available. Computer not beware of ads that claim to advanced debris-blocking 8691 today! (ADS) necessary. Call for a FREE guarantee loans regardless gutter protection. Schedule trial or a custom quote today. of credit and note that if a a FREE LeafFilter estimate MISCELLANEOUS SilverBills 1-866-530-1374 credit repair company does today. 15% off Entire Purchase. business only over the phone 10% Senior & Military Dis- Aloe Care Health medical Protect your home from pests it’s illegal to request any counts. Call 1-877-649-1190 alert system. Most advanced safely and affordably. Pest, money before delivering its medical alert product on the rodent, termite and mosquito service. All funds are based Replace your roof with the market. Voice-activated! No con-trol. Call for a quote or in US dollars. 800 numbers best looking and longest wi-fi needed! Special offer inspection today 844-394- August or August not reach lasting material – steel from 9278 (ADS) Erie Metal Roofs! Three styles Canada. THE FOLLOWING ADS HAVE NOT BEEN SCREENED BY THE SOUTH- EASTERN ADVERTISING ASSOCIATION (SAPA); Therefore, any discrepan- cies thereof shall not be the responsibility of the aforementioned association. Your publisher has agreed to participate in this program and run these ads at no charge as a service to the Southeastern Advertising Publishers Association. Compiled by the following organizations: Association of Want to advertise in the Women’s View Magazine classified section? Community Email [email protected] Publishers or call 910-484-6200. 30 | AU G U S T 2 0 2 2

Look no further. ISATaTHifmU’tOSeeWGrfS3oUOr0UFStFmaBMTnYiknOOM1tuUoOStpREesTNsRM&wE2TUisStI0hThMCo2RrLutEEs2AsS!!!ILFRrB9oau2odys0dneH:ent9Bhtayaeke1rasovwDyvii0hgudiianelA-fShmlrslpu4yereLgst,RShr,Gaot8.atSiAsIuIeNlsniMbr0lNoIoNUnD.rraCNcuR-metnyrtGuYGltoY1oLitoidGh2Doenm0slLeOwnllo8tLuTgIc1ow,EigsnbVOfi30,EaOvAthpgesOh1nLewKgye4eeAODmoRdIearAyNctseDunloOCRioktDrildGtgoaVEEfiKusuotVslwolDAEao!nIorEFapNwrNvMnnInaOyNeetGiT.nhdnhtRTfrwhUeehgsablUtwewimfivRoioTSuzotkReihpaOHInyytriFaNbOWhnyroiAUntEOGedsofuS,ughGUDIodor,usSwIU,R’D,sevONLSmtrVmPhYeiielmEnOGlNEaoyealKlbRrLaoDeNWgoLoosobEmerOvFNOsaEEnkevTeuuheaEOtsiknOeiUnTyPhaorewnRDMiKoltu!dRwEdEWhtogcaEAIfCnoArsOisioCuNNyAanksLi,sRafteLkLtU.r-iDrGTohnsDuAlnIiuE,eMblEnoNSrVeIgrhFATIn5kuOtgmeDr’,EuGOhrm5,olsItfBoeNaNsOoIG5eeLRwmrftoTacrLcwtTAurNEy!hbSikaarOulaEUntDeohIeeieAhnSncNsnnuReYsageDmatdiBHgGrOnuoytsnenRhiLLogIytUmlaoldPkooid,EfEiauoEfwDSotfiwn.Auaed!trlaloAyfLigorrsMDrfuIyayoseO,Rsnmltpt.I.oLhshuuSIgVfOMGabwviaoNeSAenIarriOuewtrKNwImmUenilvDuGsoaLNotltDRdeiIathGYsuftOeYnNliwGyehlotCIonTacwrkLygoVOAobG.gniavLaGEgOosEtiuShOsnDeedwfhnK,EnuDIU’oevNFsaLRVDmdIacmynrYeNnOyAOGslEoeCoeRlkbiAoLatdotGNgRlDuLEoOsEhferiuOvDsrotaElwTDeVeeAKaiuo!OTtrFaVznlUhrEnonMIpIanHOKaEyNolRNvWtnhorid.htINnREheedOfGiohNiATwkeeInsrlasTkeUD,i-iDGUwmOTivhgzniUthnSepaVOHRhigNFIakWgRr’,iEOOWmEedsiEFfOnNoILrRUsOrD,grOUtTAu,!hSSh,ROUnDNSIeaNnRWYsEgiGOnuLgyUi,EfS It’s what I do. GET TO A BETTER STATE™. CALL ME TODAY. RED HOT SUMMER SLIMDOWN! CLASSES Monday - Thursday: State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, 5:30am/6:15am/8am/8:45/10:30am State Farm Indemnity Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, 4pm/4:45/5:30pm/6:15pm State Farm General Insurance Company, Bloomington, IL Friday: 1101201 5:30am/6:15am/8am/8:45/10:30am Saturday: ATTENTION LOCAL BUSINESSES... S8aasms/y8:S40enamiors: NEED CUSTOMERS? Advertise & promote your business all Tues/Thurs 10 am • Sat 9:30 am year long e ectively and a ordably! $30 REGISTRATION 2022 Best of Fayetteville $30 EACH WEEK FOR 6 WEEKS Special Edition • Coming September 28, 2022 Advertise, market and promote your business in the most popular, most read edition of the year! RESERVE YOUR SPACE TODAY! For more information, rates and deadlines call (910) 484-6200 CuCmNoCbemoewmruslnaputnanydip’tsyer 22ND ANNUAL FaAyaaennLtCddtDLoePECOSuivusuDnnPiYtbmltrllyIEeliiEbinTbas,eCAreuhFrIelOItteaaiR.eAnndBdNd!,tLrhaegg DINAH GOODMAN N Master Coach Personal Trainer SPECIAL EDITIO 3039 Boone Trail Ext. 910-889-1155 2 0 2 2 AU G U S T | 31

READY FOR ADVANCEMENT. Better Skills – Better Jobs – Better Pay PURSUE TRAINING IN SKILLED TRADES! Electrical Systems Air conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration Ford Maintenance & Light Repair Automotive Systems Building Construction Gunsmithing Carpentry Collision Repair & Refinishing Technology Horticulture Technology Computer-Integrated Machining Industrial Systems Plumbing Fall Classes Welding Begin Aug.15 Apply Today! [email protected] - – (910) 678-8400

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