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SPERANZA- HR News letter

Published by CHRIST (Deemed to be University), 2019-11-29 08:15:52

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“ “ CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus GREAT VISION WITHOUT GREAT PEOPLE IS IRRELEVANT - JIM COLLINS Welcome from the Team in sharpening student's knowledge, attitude and skills with a view to manage the emerging challenges and Speranza, the HR club, aims at making the students not issues in the area of human resource management. only be prepared for the managerial position in the The Management, students and staff of Lavasa Christ corporate world, but 'PROFESSIONALS' in the sail together to excellence as a team. HR club always Corporate world. Speranza is an Italian word and plays a pivotal role in Guiding, Motivating and Polishing when translated in English refers to “HOPE” as it helps the Skills and Knowledge of its students', preparing in believing in a better future for both the organization them to face challenges of today's & tomorrows. The and the employees. With this HOPE, we would like all of very Motto of HR Club is to jive up our student's our HR aspirers to have a bright image on how their competencies with vibrance and future oriented future holds for them. The team Speranza dedicates development. time in conducting team building exercises, business games, motivational sessions, quizzes, role-plays, case discussions, etc. in and off campus. The club also aims SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Director’s Message We tend to get what we expect At Christ Institute of Management, Lavasa, we focus on the holistic development of students with different academic engagement practices. These activities and programs emphasize on their individual growth to enable them to face the corporate world and its challenges. The highlight is on the campus location nestled amidst the Western Ghats with a serene atmosphere supports to indulge in scholarly activities to be creative for the professional development. The Institute takes pride in orienting students to inculcate strong ethical values with emphasis on the overall personality improvement and to urge them to indulge in socially committed activities. We are striving to build eminent professionals in this journey of Business Management education. Dr Fr Jossy P George Dean & Director CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Lavasa SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Corporate Talk by Mr Clifford Mohan Pai Vice President HR, Business Leader and Head Employee Relations at Infosys, Pune Learning and Development at Infosys, BPM Mr Clifford Mohan Pai - GPHR, ACC, Vice President lookout for the world's best talents and greatest HR, Business Leader and Head Employee Relations ideas in the corporate sector. The use of at Infosys, Pune addressed the students of HR and technology is rampant in all spheres and the Marketing on 9th October 2019 in the Smart Room, current changing world is quite upfront about it. CIML. He further added that large companies have to He spoke at length about global issues that are reinvent themselves and gave real time examples affecting the corporate sector. He began with a to drive across his point. He asserted that human brief introduction about learning and beings are being replaced by computers which has development at Infosys, BPM. He elaborated on the potential to work flawlessly. the future growth prospects of a company in accordance with the most recent trend. He He added that technology has a positive role to explained it by giving suitable examples of evolving play as it is highly effective in nature. He rightly said business environment and workforce of tomorrow that within a balanced and monitored time-frame with reference to PWC paper. Mr Pai gave some management options can be made functional. The information about ATD (American training systematized and synchronized policy will be Development) state of industrial report. compatible with the latest trend and prove beneficial for a company. He added that an It was enlightening to hear Mr Pai speak how work organization has an integrated and reciprocal is going to change tremendously in due course of concept which can benefit a company in an optimal time. At this juncture he referred to the changes way. Mr Pai ended his insightful talk with an that are taking place globally with reference to interactive session on how technology can affect micro learning. Mr Pai gave a lot of emphasis on the evolving business environment and change an the use of technology in the current scenario. individual person's career or perception. And how it can motivate a person to read and learn more Mr Pai rightly pointed out that globally the world and be well-informed about the latest trends. has changed drastically and a company is on the SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Corporate Talk by Mr Rai Varghese Director, HRD at Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune, Inspiring Generations The students of the HRM specialization had the He spoke at length about how to be well prepared for privilege to witness a guest lecture by Mr. Rai the corporate world where there is a high level of Varghese, Director, HRD at Center for Development expectations from the organisation. The need of the of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune, hour is to provide solutions to existing problems. He highlighted the importance of efforts which the Mr Rai Varghese addressed the first year MBA and HR students will have to make to face challenges in an students on 12th July 2019 in the Management Block. organisation. They ought to use strategies and Mr Rai Varghese, a post-graduate in Personnel innovative techniques as expected. One has to be Management, is an experienced management quantifiable and deliverable because it is the need of professional with over 20 years of experience in the hour. Mr. Rai spoke about usefulness of conflict reputed multinational and central government and difference of opinion to generate a strategy. He environments. Qualified as an ISO 9000 auditor, is an insisted that teamwork is always the best option. expert in process designing and systems Secondly including the opinions of others is always a development. Mr Rai has a proven track record of good recipe for being successful. He stressed upon the independently handling HR function using modern need for good communication between people in an methodologies and practices and can handle the industry. It will help to establish good rapport with functions with minimum resources. He has each other and deal with all kinds of situations in a extensively worked on developing and implementing professional way. He further mentioned that the right HR strategies, policies and procedures. Mr Rai began kind of leadership skills adds value to the nature of job with a self-evaluation exercise and aptly mentioned and benefits the company eventually. Mr Rai asserted that being less observant is quite common in today's that being adaptable to new technologies, ideas, society. He pointed out that students are methods etc. always helps in successful unconsciously pulled into unwarranted competition implementation of new initiatives. As an open synergy because they are socially conditioned to be a part of a seeker, he motivated them to try to get the best out of race. In the corporate world, the ability to compete human and technological potentials. The students with others is dependent on one's ability to think were quite interactive during the corporate talk and differently and be innovative. Mr Rai asserted that have learnt many valuable tips. In all probability his professionals are those who provide solutions to expertise and knowledge will help them in different problems. There is no way to apply a solution understanding the nuances of the corporate world in template to a given problem. future. Mr. Varghese also obliged by answering various related and general queries that the audience put forward. The guest lecture was an eye opener in terms of the current business challenges for HR and probable ways to overcome them. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus HR – Heartbeat of An Organization We, Christ Lavasa, set standards, define standards and burn midnight oil to achieve it. Deadlines are just a formality for us. Always we think out of the box and when cocoons of ideas are born, we incubate it with our mind and thought and translate it in to Actions. However difficult it is, we chase it with determination, dedication and persistence to make sure Goals and Plans are met. We work hand in hand and hand over hand to make events happen successfully. HR club provide platform to students to blossom themselves as Go Getters and adaptable to challenges of jobs and volatile changes of future. The HR club conducted lots of activities for the Juniors which had excited them as a part of the learning. As future HR professionals, the students are trained to not only understand the working of the HR functions, but also in the various developments taking place in the business environment. The sessions focussed on training the HR students to be a part of any role of HR to a HR Generalist. The first HR club activity witnessed very interesting sessions with all the juniors actively involved with vibrancy, and in their good spirits. The blind snake game is to carry out to build trust as a par of team- building-activity-that-focuses-on-non-verbal-communication SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Summarized Activities Organized By The HR Club STRESS INTERVIEW The students of 50 were divided into 5 groups of 10 each and were asked to present a sales interview, which were questioned by the Sales Manager and lots of questions were raised which made them stressful. The students were divided into teams of two. A scenario was given to each team and they were asked to present their views on the situation. The teams were put under extreme pressure. The teams were tested on their tactics, their ability to think, staying calm and composed. It was basically designed to check how people act under pressure, deals with stress and handles workplace conflicts. The students pulled it off effectively. The activity went on well and was successful. WORD CLOUD – WORDS IN THE CLOUD WORD CLOUD was conducted as words compiling competition, which was organized for Junior Batch of MBA by the HR club. The chosen member of different teams wrote certain words to be connected with a certain theme and to relate to a story based on these words. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus BLIND SNAKE Socializing and making friends in the workplace is one of the best ways to increase productivity in the work places esp.: in Corporates. It not only increases morale of the employees, but also provide conducive atmosphere to work better by solving everyday work- related issues. Teamwork Boosts Productivity and team performance of any group. The very objective of this Game Titled “Blind Snake” was to acquaint students with the power of nonverbal communication to interconnect ideas to other team members and its impact on the outcome of the activity. It helped them to develop Team Building, Nonverbal Communication, Coordination and Trust capabilities among themselves. ZIG ZAG The Objective of the game is team work and coordination within team and different teams. It’s a game developed to promote and boost the Intra Team Activities. This helps different teams to understand each other and gel well to move to their task without much complications. MORPHED PICS The activity was to identify the student’s name whose facial photograph was morphed with pictures of two different students in the same picture. The combination of two faces it very difficult to identify the correct face and it was a very funny time for the entire team. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus BUSINESS AND HR QUIZ The objective was to sharpen the Business and HR knowledge of the team. The exposure to Industry Jargons, systems, procedures, and formalities is a must to a person who is ready to take up job as HR Officer. Our Students are trained on steps required to assess a candidate well and for this, they are put on interview conducting modes on real time basis. During these Virtual Interviews, they are provided exposure from Primarily Level to Final Level Interview and entire recruitment processes. Application Screening, Shortlisting, Candidate Assessment, Analysing, Salary Negotiation, Psycho Metric tests, Grading etc, are practiced on a real time basis in these sessions. These exposures make them Confident and Prepared to take up jobs in their stream immediately after the Completion of the Course DEBATE Debates on Contemporary, Industry and Syllabus based Topics, either as Inter Team Debate or Intra Team Debate, are a regular affair in the HR Club. Always we witness very heated, but very productive and meaningful exchange of views during these debates. It helps the students to Improve their Communication Skill and be savvy with different topics. The moment the Panel Propose Topic of Debate students jumps in to discussion and participants presenting their views on it .Most times Arguments and Counter Arguments sets the sessions on Fire, makes these sessions electrifying SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Corporate Talk by Mr Rajesh Trivedi Organizational Consultant, Founder, Director and CEO, Tui Consulting . Organizational Development Process Explained to MBA Students Mr Rajesh Trivedi, Organizational Consultant, Mr Rajesh asserted that a student has the Founder, Director and CEO, Tui Consulting, capability to identify himself or herself with any Organisation Development (IOD) and Leadership incident in another person’s life. A student Development Consulting Organization addressed interacts with a wide variety of people daily and is HR students on 4th October 2019 and all MBA often able to identify with the experience. Such students on 5th October 2019 of Christ Institute of cognitive learning offers lifelong lessons. The Management, Lavasa. entire schedule was divided into two phases of two hours each. The first part was about transactional As an entrepreneur he has been extensively analysis and change. The third hour was dedicated involved in OD and change management projects to assessment of the survey. It gave them an for Oil & Gas, Retail, Financial, IT, Healthcare and insight into collaborative effectiveness of the team. FMCG Organizations. Hence a real-life scenario was created to give the students an insight into the corporate work During his stint in the corporate sector he often culture. The talk culminated in a brilliant movie worked with start-up phase hence was responsible `Inside Out’ and it gave an insightful approach to for scaling up team, process execution and assess their personality development. The standardization, culture transaction analysis will definitely help them to building, succession planning, leadership assess any development in their personality. As development, career planning, setting up part of a follow up plan the students were given performance standards and assessment and study material to reflect on the learning process. competency mapping. Mr Trivedi presented a tried They are expected to ponder over, analyze and and tested perspective of Organization then plan a strategy to bring about a desired Development (O.D.). The sole purpose behind the change in their overall personality. The HR and talk was to experience organizational MBA students thoroughly enjoyed their respective development process either as an individual or as sessions. an organization as a whole through a survey research feedback plan. It is presumed that the practical experience will be further implemented in their professional lives. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus Ms Eileen Naughton Vice President, People Operation Google . Eileen Naughton holds the Vice President People Operations position on Google's Human Resources team. As Vice President People Operations, Eileen Naughton is an important member of Google's leadership. Eileen Naughton is entrusted with maintaining the happiness of employees, whether it be through perks, company outings, or benefits. Employees at Google rate their leadership an A+, ranking them within the Top 30% in San Francisco. She is an alumni of Time Inc. (TIME), serving as the general manager of Fortune Magazine from 1993 to 1998, and was also president of Time Magazine from 2002 to 2005. She left Time (then Time Warner) for as a director of sales at YouTube and rose up the ranks, serving as vice president of sales for Google, and then later heading up sales and operations in the UK and Ireland. Naughton, according to sources, was one of the highest rated managers at Google by employees. She was also a founding member of Google’s women’s organization, Women@Google, along with former Google exec and current Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. In her new role, she will be overseeing all of human resources, recruiting and benefits globally, at the company, which currently counts 64,000 employees. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus INDUSTRIAL VISIT TO INFOSYS BPM, PUNE (BUSINESS PROCESS MANAGEMENT) Education at CHRIST is not limited to mere text books Leadership, Integrity and Transparency apart from rather it transcends from the corporate talks and Fairness and Excellence. There was a session by Mr. practical hands-on training and moves on to Holistic Clifford Mohan Pai, Vice President, HR, Business Education. The visit to Infosys BPM, Pune was an Leader and Head - Employee Relations, Infosys BPM enriching experience altogether for all HR major and Limited, post lunch during which he shared some minor students as they got a meaningful insight into HR programs which are implemented and followed by practices being followed in Infosys. As part of a holistic Infosys for retaining and engaging employees. He approach towards education, students of Human asked the students to have their basics strong rather Resource Department, accompanied by Dr Neena PC, follow the recent FAD trend. He also spoke about the HOD, HR and Counsellor, Ms Arpita Ghosh went to changing role of HR as a strategic business partner. Infosys BPM Ltd, Pune on 18th July 2019. The agenda behind the visit was to understand the culture of Some other programs discussed were Gurucool, Idea & Infosys BPM Ltd, to enlighten the students about their You, Geo Ambassador, Buddy program, Meet your HR practices and give them a meaningful insight into leader and Speed Lead. Some of the important policies the corporate world. of Infosys such as Whistle blower policy, HEAR (Hearing Employees and Resolving), ASHI (Anti Sexual There was an orientation session by Ms Srilata Nair, Harassment Initiative) and Information security policy Senior Lead - Employee Relations about Infosys. The were also discussed. Then the students went for a focus of the orientation was on the journey of Infosys. campus tour and they were highly impressed by the She also explained the concept of employee life cycle, well-equipped board room and the ambience. Most of employee engagement etc. them aspire to work at Infosys. The students noticed a self-sustainable environment. They had hopes in their The introduction was followed by a team building hearts and dreams in their eyes as they bid good bye to activity. Students were asked to build a pyramid out of the Infosys team and expressed their gratitude for an certain pieces. The activity tested their swiftness, their eventful day. coordination, when they tried to sync with each other and above all their strategies. Matters pertaining to HR A huge responsibility falls on the employees of Human were chiefly discussed and they provided future Resources to understand the needs of the employees prospects for the students. and the task to align their needs with the organizations' needs. The sessions included activities that help in The orientation session for students was followed by a building communication skills and understanding the presentation on values of Infosys 'C-LIFE' by Mr. various needs of an individual which are not easily Mukesh, Business Unit HR Head (HR Business understandable. Manager). The emphasis was on Client Value, SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus HR CLUB MEMBER’S ACTIVITIES IN IDK The Activities conducted during the Industrial Domain realities of the industry, they operate in. Therefore, Knowledge (IDK) sessions focussed on building loyalty activities conducted during Industrial Domain and trust and also teamwork among individuals. HR's knowledge are designed in such a way so that the have a huge responsibility to keep the spirits of the knowledge about the environment in which the employee's high and energized, so the IDK sessions business organizations operates are well understood. provided an open platform for the students to conduct various activities which gave learning As the future HR professionals, we are trained to not opportunities. The new technique to attract the right only understand the working of the HR functions but talent is to boost your stockholder value of your firm also the various developments taking place in the to retain talent. The students were asked to identify business environment. One of the function HR's have the top five firms of the same sector with high stock to perform is getting the “Right person for the right price value and were asked to sketch it from the job”, so the basic requirement is to have the right higher stock price firm to the lowest and rate the information regarding the type of skills and performance index of each firm. experience required by the organization for the job role. The session focussed on training us on using the Professionals who understand the business and right information to attract the right candidate by industry dynamics have a competitive advantage formulating a job description that fulfils the needs of during volatile and economically challenging times. the organization. HR's are the mediators that help Every successful professional is expected to act as an reduce the bridge between the employees and the advisor or consultant, to provide strategic forward- organization. Training sessions have been focussed to looking advice at some point in their career. provide a platform of open communication to Professionals cannot transition to different roles and understand the emotions and problems of an delight customers or employers unless they individual. understand the operational and environmental SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus EMPLOYEES WELLNESS PROGRAM A crucial step from HR perspective & the need of the Hour Dr Neena P C HOS- HR & Assistant Professor Employees are invaluable assets of any Following are some of the direct benefits of an Organisation and ensuring their excellent mental employee wellness program and physical health sets them up to perform well. The health and wellness of the employees usually Ÿ Increased productivity levels have a direct effect on the productivity and Ÿ Increased employee morale performance of any Organisation. Many employers Ÿ Reduced absenteeism understand this and are ready to spend on such Ÿ Improved Company Image programs, so they will be very Productive, Ÿ Reduced Staff turnover (Higher commitment) Energetic, Dedicated and Quick Adaptive Work Ÿ Reduced Health risks Force. Ÿ Building bond among workers In the Modern industrial scenario, it is the duty of H Ÿ Higher Recruiting & Retention R department to devise Employee Wellness Programmes that provide Healthy and Conducive Different Organisations Provide Different Working Atmosphere to its Employees. Employee Wellness Initiatives In a Nutshell Employee wellness programs are programs undertaken by an employer in order to Ÿ Healthy and Nutritious lunch and snacks improve employee health and also help individual Ÿ Employee Assistance programs employees to overcome particular health-related Ÿ Naps & Creating Nap rooms problems. The employer can offer compulsory Ÿ Fitness activities & Yoga Classes employee training, staff seminars, or even work Ÿ Community service activities with a third-party provider offering a variety of Ÿ Music and Dance Therapy programs. Even though the advantages of an Ÿ Onsite healthcare services, including physician, employee wellness program is not quantifiable in short period it is a proven fact that employees who chiropractic, physical therapy, and massage are healthy always bridges benefits to other service employees and the organisations. Ÿ Weight management & and mindfulness classes Ÿ Flex time Ÿ Stress management workshops, etc SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus GAMIFICATION: AN EMERGING TOOL FOR HUMAN RESOURCE -Jessy Sini Dass Introduction to Gamification training were examined in some studies. For example, a study by Baxter et al state that a Gamification is the method of using game design gamified version of IT security training resulted in elements in non-game contexts. While it is still not more satisfaction in trainees than a non-gamified discovered when gamification was introduced to version of the training. Another study by Kelly et al the market but many states that its first appearance focussed on employee engagement through an was around 1900s. Though gamification was being online training platform which rewarded training used in practice for a long period, gamification itself was not named as a term. It was in 1980, completion with gift cards. commercial books and academic papers were published on the term ‘gamification’. Employee performance is one of the areas where most frequent applications of gamification are Gamification in the Workplace used. Employee performance is monitored by a new form of monitoring system called ‘Enterprise Gamification is an emerging technique which most gamification systems’. These gamification systems of the organisations are adopting in their workplace are different from the traditional monitoring to improve employee engagement. If designed and systems by closely monitoring employees with implemented properly, gamification can make a performance data which are conveyed to significant improvement in employee engagement. employees immediately (e.g., scoreboards) and by encouraging employees to perform activities which In a gamified structure, employees are recognised provide employers more charge and supervision of and rewarded in an open platform through a employees’ endeavours. reward system which is transparent. This structure engages employees and helps them to exhibit good Gone are those days where recruiters used the performance. Also, gamification makes the task traditional way of recruitment and selection more attractive and interactive thus reducing the processes. Modern-day hiring team use tedium levels. gamification as the best tool to identify, attract and hire the new talents (who are mostly the millennials Researchers have also discovered that fun and Gen Z) sessions, joyful activities and well-designed gamification processes minimize employee In a nutshell, gamification concept creates a fun disengagement and further will have wide-ranging and pleasant environment which encourages the advantages, for instance, employees will become employee confidence to solve problems. more creative and will tend to take greater risks. Researchers and professionals believe that gamification can be applied in any practices which Gamification focuses on making learning more involve employees. According to Gears & Braun, enjoyable and entertaining. Gamification employee morale and productivity were increased techniques are used in gamified training to engage in places where gamification is adopted. Thus and motivate employees to accomplish better gamification can be applied in any Human performance. The motivational effects of gamified Resource processes beginning with recruitment to SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A SAVIOR FOR RECRUITMENT -Eric Premnath Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionary approach Recruitment is the process of creating a pool of viable aimed at transforming machines to think and process candidates for the company to place the right person, in information as humans do. The study on artificial the right place, at the right time. Artificial Intelligence has intelligence begins with trying to understand how the helped multiple companies in streamlining this process human brain thinks, learns, decides and works under by sorting and screening out candidates who will be the various circumstances subject to the different right fit for the company not just in terms of knowledge or constraints of a human mind in terms of the amount of skill but also in terms of his/her suitability to the information that can be processed, analyzed, stored and organizational culture. Talent Acquisition leaders around recalled. All of this for the purpose of solving problems the world undeniably believe that the hardest part of the arising in the day to day life of a human and to ensure recruitment process is, screening candidates from a large survival and sustainability. pool of applicants. This difficulty however, can be sorted with the help of a few applications of artificial intelligence Therefore, essentially artificial intelligence is a form of such as – mechanized human capable of performing tasks as a human would. However, artificial intelligence has long 1.Automated Candidate Sourcing, that helps in been looked upon as a threat to human existence, let screening close to 300 million social profiles to create a alone human jobs. The key influencer behind this pipeline of potential candidates. thought is probably the belief that stems from notions and ideals of fictional writers and to an extent paranoids, 2.Candidate Matching, facilitates tracking of candidate’s portrayed to the common public through various forms behaviour on the business website to automatically send of media such as novels, comics and especially movies.It the prospects customized messages and content based has been a theme to portray Artificial Intelligence as the – on their interests. “Ender of the human era” rather than showcasing it for what it actually is – “A mere tool to enhance human 3.Customized Employee Value Propositions, another capabilities and functionalities” – “A support system application of AI’s ability to analyze personalities could be designed to bring out the highest level of efficiency from the automated designing of the benefits to be given to a any human being”. person based on their persona. Artificial Intelligence since its introduction into the world 4.Facial Expression Analysis, in a world moving towards has proved to be beneficial to businesses all over the online interviews, AI can help analyze facial expressions world in reducing costs, improving productivity and both live and during a video interview to give the facilitating businesses to attain the optimal results within recruiters a better shot at selecting the right candidate the realms of the bounded rationalities of the human for the job. world. One such area where artificial intelligence has not just proved its worth but has also become a saviour for Artificial Intelligence is a technology of today that is companies is the recruitment aspect of the human paving the way for a better tomorrow. Therefore, it is resource function. important for us to look at the possibilities of utilizing this technology to reduce human involvement in mundane tasks in order to facilitate the use of the vast and unending human potential in a seemingly more beneficial and worthwhile area to achieve better results at the least cost. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus INTEGRATION OF COMPETENCY BASED RECRUITMENT IN THE ORGANIZATION -Nilanjan Sarkaar Competency Based Recruitment is a guide to help To summarize, HR pioneers and specialists need to recruiters and managers hire better candidates utilize keen frameworks that enable them to carry using competency-based hiring models. Procuring out their responsibility better and streamline procedures are generally dubious, principally on existing procedures to give a customized, drawing the grounds that it includes HR at both the finishes in, imperceptible, instinctive and social (questioner and competitor), both with fluctuated involvement with the work environment. characters, recognitions, mentalities and practices. It turns out to be much progressively complex when Receiving a competency-based enlisting model we have ambiguous answers or no responses to requires a speculation of time and exertion in questions like what is required, why it's required, advance; however, that venture is definitely when it's required and how to go about it. Here are justified even despite the exertion since it a couple of reasons why conventional employing empowers you to settle on progressively suitable procedures neglect to convey wanted outcomes: and refined contracting choices. After the contract is made, center capabilities keep on being helpful in Ÿ Absence of appropriate competency profile for a defining objectives and situating new contracts for job progress, distinguishing territories for expert improvement, and settling on fitting choices about Ÿ Vague desires from the job/asset future advancements and raises. Ÿ Failure to coordinate applicant profile with It’s often a big and rather frightening step to deviate competency profile from what has long been regarded as the accepted way of doing this. But once you’ve taken the step, An organization effective performance is highly the many benefits quickly become apparent. In fact, dependent on systems to assess and develop everything indicates that competency-based employee performance against conceptually recruitment is becoming increasingly more sound and measurable criteria. This is forged by the common and more important. Especially now, necessity for an organization to know whether their when having the right person in the right place is staffs possess the abilities critical for success to ever more decisive to a company or organization’s adapt to changing demands. Appointing the right ability to successfully hold its own. In the United person to the right job is the primary goal of the States, for one, the evolution is clearly moving implementing 23 competency models. A poor or towards recognizing the importance of treating all wrong selection decision can have negative candidates equally and focusing strictly on the consequences for an organization. The role of required and assessable skills. competency-based performance management is gaining relevance in many industries and sectors. SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW TO MOTIVATE MILLENNIALS IN THE WORKPLACE -Sachin Sharma As millennial generation starts to rise in workplace leadership style from rather controlling and baby boomers start to give up work, millennials transactional leadership.It should be note that will in the long run take up the positions of baby previous style has been heavily concentrated by boomers and Generation X. There is a generation methods of controlling all aspects of employee gap between these generations, and managers and productivity; the future is moving towards more human resources professionals will need to balanced approach and doesn’t imply total lack of understand the background and characteristics of control. every generation (Kuek et al., 2015). In order to develop new engagement models and manage the Managers should also make sure that the workforce more effectively (Gilbert, 2011), this individuals that they hire to work for their company study proposes motivational factors that motivate are those that can work and get along with their employees and the methods to retain talents in the other colleagues. Once such lower needs are company. satisfied, there is a highly likely chance that the individual would then focus on building his/her self Millennials are motivated by challenging work that esteem through garnering personal and satisfies more than their existential needs. In professional achievements, in addition to self- general, every new generation is more learned & skilled than their predecessor; also the products actualization. Compared to Maslow’s theory on are getting increasingly complex, often integrating motivation, and even Porter’s own research different technological fields into one. Fortunately, findings, Herzberg states that employees would not Millennials have been raised in a way that be content through the satisfaction of their lower- encouraged team work, collaboration and a belief level needs. In other words, acquiring basic salaries that power of many is greater than that of a few. and being able to work in satisfactorily or average Unlike, their predecessor – Gen X, they are better working conditions would not necessarily make the team player than individual accomplishers, they employee happy with his/her job. According to cherish diversity and believe that there is a proper Adams (1965), when it comes to research studies place and value for every individual in regarding reward allocation, there are three organizational system. common allocation rules. These include equity, equality and need (Deutsch, 1975). Millennials would prefer more to be lead than managed; the shift is towards transformational SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus BLOCKCHAIN: UNBLOCKING THE BLOCK -Madhulika Mahara BLOCKCHAIN - Brain child of a person (or a group of the need of verifications, employment databases and people) using the name Satoshi Nakamoto is undeniably paperwork. a revolutionary invention that has evolved into something great. The bitcoin network is the first 3) Secure ‘Transactions’ successful implementation of block chain technology. But what is bitcoin? Transactions can be anything from an exchange of information which are personal, work history, data If we put into simple words, Blockchain is a decentralized relating to financial details and cryptocurrencies. Every network of computers that verifies and automates the record stored in blockchain are secured through flow of information. The data or record is cryptography which makes it very difficult to tamper the cryptographically stored in blocks. The technology is data. Even if the data is changed, the original blockchain called Block chain because a block is a record of new record would still have the original record. transactions and when the block is completed, its added to the chain of networks. Only the owners would have the 4) Attendance private password. Blockchain technology has been widely used to store Blockchain has the power to revolutionize the way biometric data such as fingerprint, palm veins, face organizations work. recognition, iris recognition or DNA for record keeping and legal ID. For implementing ID2020, this technology But what power does this technology have that would was used. Similarly, organizations can also use this help the way Human Resources work? technology for real time data to track attendance of the employees and workers and also track expenses for 1) Block chain would make career networking wages. websites and resumes obsolete 5) Payroll Shocking! Right? But it’s true. The resume contains the employment history of the applicant but instead of Blockchain helps in cutting intermediaries like banks and writing up all the description of where the applicant also helps in reducing human error. For e.g. if ‘A’ needs to worked, their schooling background, experiences, etc. be paid on the completion of a mining project of the block chain network would simply store all of the month ‘Y’, as soon as the work is completed and all applicant’s record of their education, skills, training and conditions met, the payroll process would be initiated workplace performance. and money would be transferred to ‘A’. Blockchain would help to transfer money more seamlessly and securely 2) Gig workers without any transaction cost or human intervention. Employers have to pay 5-30% of the contract cost to Blockchain is a brand-new technology which is different. intermediaries to employee people to contract. The It is cheaper and much more effective which promotes solution to this is ‘Smart Contracts’. Implementing smart “SMART” working in the organization. The technology is contracts in organizations will make it simpler for out there and is manifesting itself into the organizations. workers to be paid automatically by generating a code It is up to the organizations to make this technology into a without any risk of delays or fraud. It also supports the reality. rise of the ‘gig economy’ as blockchain would help to create a gig workforce that could be called upon without SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS -Abhijeet Singh There is a temptation in the business world to moving between jobs at a pace that would have assume that key performance indicators (KPIs) are seemed impossible only decades ago. In a world the sole purview of “organizational leaders”: CEOs, where the other side of the fence is as close as a presidents, board members and other C-suite search on and articles executives who make important strategic decisions. The reality couldn’t be further from the about what workplace culture should be proliferate truth. on LinkedIn, it’s also more informed than ever. Catered lunches or a foosball table in the break KPIs, the principle metrics that define strategic room might be enough to cut it in some workplaces. success and act as a yardstick for areas that might need improvement, are an essential tool for Connecting employees to your organization’s developing your team and achieving high-quality purpose organization-wide results. Ask any employee why they don’t feel engaged at work and you’ll probably get some variation on the They might even offer an innovative solution to the same theme. intractable problem of employee engagement. Ÿ They feel disconnected from the organization’s The problem with Employee Engagement larger purpose. Ÿ They fail to see any impact their daily efforts – Employee engagement is something with which many organizations are struggling. Just 33 per cent the activities which occupy most of their time – of workers in the United States (and a measly 15 per have on larger organizational goals. cent worldwide) define themselves as being Ÿ They don’t understand the strategic direction of “involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to the organization. their job and workplace” Employee engagement is one of the most elusive – and misunderstood – concepts in the business world today. Many executives are struggling to cope in a world where employee expectations seem to soar by the day. Workers are more mobile than ever before, SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus NECESSITY OF TRAINING NEED ANALYSIS IN A FIRM -Nikita Arora The process of identifying training needs in an analysis are those who will receive the training and organization for the purpose of improving their level of existing knowledge on the subject , employee job performance. Today’s work their learning styles , and for those who are environment requires employees to be skilled in involved in the conduction of training. performing complex tasks in cost effective and safe manner. The difference between actual level of job 3. Work Analysis / Task Analysis – Analysis of the performance and the expected level of job tasks is being performed. This is an analysis of the performance indicates a need for training. The job and the requirements for performing the work. identification of training needs is the first step in the Also known as task analysis or job analysis, this uniform method of instructional design. Mainly analysis seeks to specify the main duties and skills describing Three types of need analysis which are level required. This helps to ensure that the training beneficial are as follows- which is developed will include relevant skills to the content of the job. 1.Organizational Analysis – An analysis of the business needs or other reasons training is needed. Training need analysis and design thinking are An analysis of the organization’s strategies , goals , most important tool which is used in each and every and objectives . organizations which is an organized method for all the tasks performed. 2.Person Analysis – Analysis dealing with potential participants and instructors involved in the process . The important questions being answered by this SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus PROS AND CONS OF HUMAN RESOURCE OUTSOURCING -Amit Kumar Singh Outsourcing itself is not a new concept as HRO Management in IT sector, Priorities in organizations have for years contracted with identifying Core and Non-Core HR activities for HRO external suppliers to provide an array of services. A (list of 42 HR activities), HRO decisions in IT Industry, number of studies indicate outsourcing is growing Need for developing new competencies and skills with respect to both the number of companies for in-house HR professionals. outsourcing and the number of functions outsourced. Attracting, retaining and developing It is clear that in spite of the needs expressed by workforce, and keeping abreast of the latest several authorities and researchers, there is no technology can prove difficult and costly for many empirical study covering the decision making on organizations. Almost all businesses can benefit HRO and different issues and considerations of HR from some kind of outsourcing. But, the challenge Outsourcing in IT organizations. The present paper is to decide which HR function to outsource and is an effort to fill the above stated gap. The research which to retain. Further the need for employment helps in understanding the decisions related to HR information and expertise service at low costs outsourcing and to assess the effectiveness of HR extended by vendors has given rise to HR outsourcing in Indian IT organizations. This is a outsourcing. descriptive research. The method used is field research. The data collection is done primarily While the existing studies provide some insights using questionnaire. The paper is outcome of the regarding the trend and practice of HR outsourcing, study conducted for 114 senior professionals they do not explore HR outsourcing practices in (primary data) from Large and Medium IT depth. There is little research on HR outsourcing companies located in the state of Karnataka. The practices in Indian organizations and very little is research gives the clear idea of what are the future known about organizations’ experience with directions with reference to changing in-house HR outsourcing HR. The purpose of this paper is to functions and the priorities for HR Outsourcing. contribute to the knowledge of HR outsourcing practices in large and medium sized Indian IT companies located in the state of Karnataka. This paper will focus on analyzing: Emerging trends in SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019

CHRIST (Deemed to be University) Pune Lavasa Campus IMPORTANCE OF EMPLOYEE WELFARE FACILITY -Jayshree Chitale Employee welfare facilities are a very important more updated with employee welfare facilities. The part of any organization, where employee work various welfare measures provided by the happily and satisfy about company welfare facility. employer will have an immediate impact on the When the organization providing the welfare facility health, physical and mental efficiency alertness and to the employee, they feel that the company was overall efficiency of the worker and thereby thinking about their contribution and importance contributing to the higher productivity. Welfare and they try to give their best to the company. facilities are very important. Without welfare Welfare activities will reduce employee turnover, facilities, the employee cannot work efficiently and and create per meant settled employee force by productively for an organization. making service attraction to the employee. Also, employee welfare helps to build good relation In an organization employee plays a very important between employee and organization. Its create a role in company production, without Employee good work environment where the employee Company won’t be successful. Human resource works more productively for an organization. Good management is to make sure that each employee relationships can be achieved through employee would get those facilities. Welfare facilities also it’s a welfare. critical issue because if you do not provide this facilities employee will be unhappy to work in an In employee welfare facilities main focus is on organization also their performance would be employee health and safety. If the employee poor. So, welfare facilities make an employee satisfies through these important needs then they happy and work satisfaction. The purpose of labour will perform best for the organization. There are welfare is to bring about the development of the various employee welfare facilities provided by an whole personality of the workers to make a better employee such as canteen facilities, drinking water, workforce. The purpose of this research is to know proper and sufficient lighting, and restroom. Also, the importance of employee welfare facilities and non-statutory welfare scheme, medi-claim their impact. insurance, personal health insurance, flexi-time, harassment policy, etc. nowadays employee is SPERANZA NEWSLETTER 2019


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