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Course Handbook 201617 Rosie

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2016 - 2017Learning Area: Early YearsCourse Title:CACHE Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and CareStart Date: 5th September 2016Completion Date: 30th July 2017

Welcome PageInduction 1Timetables 2The Teaching Team 2Other Members of the Team 3Ready to Learn; Ready to Earn 3Attendance and Punctuality 4Performance Improvement 5English and Maths 5Learning at College 6Tutorials, STaRs and Reporting 6 6 Reports 6 Parents Evening 6Student Support 7 Safeguarding 7 E-Safety 7 Learning Centre 7Work Related Activities & Enhancement 7-8 Industry Weeks 7 Competitions 7 Trips 7 Work Experience 8 Enhancement 8Student Voice 8Equipment Required 9British Values / Equality and Diversity 9Health and Safety 9About Your Course 10Plan Ahead and Assessments 10-11Programme Aims 11Programme Objectives and Unit Details 11Grading 11Appealing a Grade 11Plagiarism 11Internal Verification 12External Verification 12And Finally ……. 12

Welcome to City College Southampton. This handbook has been designed to give youuseful information about your course. Read it carefully at the beginning of your studiesand use it during the programme to make sure you know what you should expect from thecourse and what we expect from you.We hope that you will find the course interesting, fun and rewarding. To make the mostof the opportunities open to you, it is important for you to understand what the courseinvolves, how the staff will work with you and how you should work with us. This CourseHandbook should be used along with the Welcome Handbook and the Student Code ofConduct, which you will be introduced to during induction.I wish you every success in your studies and hope that you enjoy your time with us at CityCollege.Rosie CollantineCourse Leader 1 page

Before you start your course there will be an induction period. During this period you willmeet your fellow students and teachers. Remember! Most students turn up for induction not knowing anyone else. We have students from different schools and different backgrounds. Everybody is in the same boat, nobody knows anyone else. Induction is where you will meet the people you are going to be studying with for the next year or more.There will be different activities planned for the induction period, these will include: Introduction from all your teaching team Welcome from your Learning manager You will receive your course handbook Go through the College/Course expectations and College Code of Conduct Receive your timetable which will include Maths and English and Work experience You will have an initial on-line screening for your current skills in Numeracy and Literacy. Go on a tour of the College so you can find important places like the Library, Student Union, Futures, Student Support and City Kitchen You will have a health and safety briefing including internet usage and e-safety Be informed about how we keep you safe at College and how to report or tell us about anything that is worrying you Find out about enrichment opportunities and trips and visits A log-in for the College network and shown how to access STARs and CityBit Be informed how to update your personal details Student Voice Class representative selection Have your first 1:1 tutorial Booklists of essential and recommended reading Information on financial guidance CityBit, STaRs and MyBit induction Meet the Principal and Directors Attend the Fresher’s Fayre on 13th or 14th SeptemberDuring induction you will be given a timetable, this will also be available on CityBit, theCollege’s Virtual Learning Environment. It is very important that you follow yourtimetable.Please remember however that your timetable is not static and you may find that duringthe year there will be changes made according to different activities that take place andunits that are being studied.You will be kept informed of any changes (check the noticeboard and CityBit). If youcannot find your class then please ask the department administrator - they will be awareof many of the changes. 2 page

You will meet the teaching team during induction. All Team members are fully qualifiedin their field; each has a great deal of experience in teaching and working within theindustry.Rosie Collantine Course LeaderJo Farren [email protected] WakefordJenny Lampard Learning Manager, Health, Social Care & Early YearsVicki Jones [email protected] DennettTo be confirmed Teacher [email protected] Teacher [email protected] Teacher [email protected] Workplace Assessor [email protected] English TeacherTo be confirmed Maths TeacherJill Amphlett Director for Learning - AdultsSue Slader [email protected] Department Administrator [email protected] will also meet a number of visiting speakers and industry professionals who will tellyou more about what it’s like in the industry. Make a note of their name and contactdetails in your files as you never know, you may need them again! 3 page 3

You will have signed that you agree to the terms laid out in the student code ofconduct. The following are things which we also expect you to stick to on the course:Work hard and exceed your expectations Be the best – exceed your expectationsExpect 100% attendance Maximise your attendance in order to achieve. Tell your teacher in advance of any un-avoidablePunctuality absence.Be ready to learn – Correct equipment Be on time – don’t miss your opportunity to learnand dress and follow directions first time Dress to learn – always have the correctPositive Behaviour – Be nice, language equipment with you and follow instructions.and respect, remember please and thank Take your student folder and handbook to everyyou lesson.Try new things and meet your assignment Respect the difference. Treat others as youdeadlines would expect to be treated yourself.Visible – wear student card at all times Achieve your deadlines – contribute to yourHydrate your brain – bottled water success. Complete activities and assignments inallowed in class the time agreed. Use time wisely andNo litter effectively: if you fall behind on work, includingSmoke only in designated areas English and Maths you will have to attendMobile phone and MP3’s College in addition to your normal timetable and maybe during the holidaysTalk to us For identification, please wear your lanyard and student ID card No eating or drinking in class, only water allowed Bin it. City College proud to be litter free Use it, don’t abuse it. Manage your mobile, only use it in class when teacher says If you have problems or worries, ask for help and talk about how you are doing with your teacher.Plagiarism (copying) of any kind will not be tolerated. If any member of staff has reasonto believe you have been involved in plagiarism, serious action will be taken. This willinclude re-doing the assignment, but may also result in the failure of the unit, failure ofthe course and removal from the college.Teachers on the course will make sure:  assignments and work are relevant to the Early Years industry  there is a range of learning experiences  give you different types of work and make it challenging  they give you support 4 page

More 86% – than 94% 95%You are expected to attend all parts of your course and we want to see Less100% attendance. We know that students with high attendance pass their thancourses more than those whose attendance is lower. 85%Absences must be recorded so you need to contact us and let us know before 9.00 am ifyou are unable to attend any sessions. Three or more unexplained /unauthorisedabsences in a row may result in the College following its performance improvementprogramme, and could result in you being withdrawn from the course.If you are called away during a lesson, you must let the tutor in charge know; if there isan emergency in the College we must know where you are so we can make sure you aresafe.Appointments such as dental or doctor’s appointments and driving lessons should,wherever possible, be made OUTSIDE of scheduled class times. Holidays should not betaken during term times.Please speak to your course leader if you have any problems or queries.If you are unable to attend College please use the absence reporting system on STaRs.Please note that after your return from any absence, it is your responsibility to collectany handouts, details of work set, advice given etc. by seeing the Course Leader,checking CityBit or asking for one of your colleagues to collect the material for youbefore the next lesson.We use a two-track system to manage student performance improvement. The twotracks are designed to deal quickly and fairly with breaches of the Student Code ofConduct or other inappropriate behaviour.Academic Track Behaviour TrackAttendance, standard of work produced, Breaches of the student code of conductfocus on learning, academic progress either in the classroom, anywhere else on the campus or in the environs of theResults in an improvement and support collegeplan. Could result in withdrawal. Results in an improvement and support plan. Could result in exclusion 5 page

Our mission is to provide excellent career focused learning which prepares out studentsto succeed at work and in life. This includes our students having good English and mathsskills; essential for education and employment opportunities.All 16-18 year old students on full time courses will continue to develop their English andmaths skills. If you have a GCSE grade D/grade 3 in English and/or maths you will continue to study for a grade C/grade 4 or above in these subjects. If you have below a grade D/grade 3 GCSE in English and/or maths, you will be placed on an English and/or maths programme to support your progression in these subjects. If you already have grade A*-C/grade 9-4 in GCSE English and/or maths, you will continue to develop your skills within your vocational area.You will be learning the necessary skills for your programme through a variety ofmethods. These will include formal lectures, group discussions, student presentations,demonstrations, tutorials and practical work.The course tutorial is an important part of your course. Matters relevant to the courseand your work are discussed and you will be able to raise issues that are having an effecton you. The tutorial may be a group session or individual appointment and will be basedaround your Individual Learning Plan on STaRs.If you have a problem with a subject you should first raise them with your subjectteacher before raising them at tutorial.During your tutorial time you will complete an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) with yourtutor on the STaRs system. You agree you targets with your tutor and then they arereviewed to make sure you can achieve your full potential. These targets will be for bothyour course and for you personally.Please note that we are here to help you. Do not hesitate in asking for additionaltutorials if you feel that you need them.Reports: You will have a paper-based report from STaRs sent to you (if you are under-18a copy will be sent to your parent/guardian twice a year). This will let you know how youare doing and will be written with your tutor.Parents Evening: You and your parents/guardian will be invited into College twice a yearto attend a parents evening which will be an opportunity to discuss your progress withmembers of the team. 6 page

Whilst at the college you may find that you need some extra support or advice and ourStudent Services team are here to help. They could help you with: Learning support, maybe via our success centre or provide you with assistive technology, Financial support (dependent on your circumstance) Personal support, helping with personal issues. Careers and employability advice and support through FuturesDuring your tour in Induction, you will be shown where you can see the student supportteam. More information is also included in the Welcome Handbook and on CityBit.Safeguarding: We want to make sure that you are safe at college, home and at work. Ifyou are worried about a friend or you feel you are not safe then you can contact ourSafeguarding Team on 07900684493.E-Safety: During induction you will be given information about keeping safe on theinternet. You can also find more information, download check list about what you shouldand shouldn’t share on the internet on CityBit (on the left hand side of the page whenyou have logged in). You can also visit the Learning Centre for more information.Learning Centre: Based on the ground floor of Austen, they have many books andperiodicals you can use to help you on your course. They also have a lot of resources foryou on CityBit. You will receive a Learning Centre induction and the team in this areacan give you training on referencing your work.As well as ensuring you are ready for the world of work through developing your mathsand English skills we will also make sure you develop skills that will support you in yourcareer. Some of the things you may find yourself taking part in are: Live Projects Trips &Visit sIndustry Week: We will run an industry week during the year where we will invite peoplein from industry, visit work places or exhibitions that are relevant to the course.Competitions: By taking part in competitions it builds on your practical skills byincreasing your speed and accuracy and helps you to get a feel for what working inindustry may be like.The following are the trips, activities, work experience and competitions we are planningfor this year: Proposed Date Proposed VenueAutumn Term 29 September 2016 Woodmill Activity CentreSpring Term To be confirmedSummer Term 29 June 2016 Thorpe Park 7 page

Work Experience: This is a mandatory part of your course and will be discussed duringtutorial. The Placement Coordinator will find your work placement, as well as checkingthat it is safe and suitable for you. If you do find a work placement yourself, please tellus in advance so we can do these checks. Without us having visited the work place andagreed that all is ok you won’t be able to go! Most of your units include a work-basedcomponent to make sure what you are doing is what the industry would expect. You willalso have a Journal of activities to complete which will be used as part of your evidence.There are a set number of days to work with different age ranges: babies, toddlers,preschool and the Assessor will plan your observations with you to enable you tocomplete all the required tasks – without this, you will not be able to achieve yourqualification.Once you have completed any work related activities you can log them on the workexperience log on MyBit. You will need to think about what you have done and say how ithas helped you develop your knowledge of the industry or develop your own skills orboth!Enhancement: Whilst you are at the college you can take part in additional activitiescall Enrichment. These are things like clubs, societies, football etc. and a Student Unionin St Mary’s block. If we don’t have enough students wanting to do something then wewon’t be able to run it so make sure you put your suggestions for activities forward andattend anything we set up. We want you to have fun but we can’t do this without youjoining in!Every year you elect a Student Cabinet, a group of Your College,students who represent you and your opinions at meetings Your Voice.with Senior Staff. During induction you will asked to select Have your sayStudent Reps from your class. The reps meet termly withthe Student Cabinet at a student conference and reportback any issues you may have or what you think is going reallywell.There will be three surveys through the year: College Survey in the Autumn Term – asking about induction and college experience Spring Term – a National Government Survey – tell the rest of the country what you think of City College Summer Term College Survey – asking about your experience of Teaching and Learning at the College.We also run Student Voice weeks through the College at set times during the year whenyou may get to meet other members of staff and a member of the College Governors who want to get your opinions. 8 pa8ge

You will need to have the following: Any tutor recommended reading material. Polo shirt for work placement Suitable writing materials and note paper. Folders and lever arch files to contain notes and hand-outs for each unit. Calculator, stapler, hole punch USEFUL but OPTIONALCity College has an Equality Policy. Detailed information is freely available and can befound on the College Website. During your course you will be looking at the issuesaround stereotyping and the representation of different groups of people. You will,through your work, have the opportunity to challenge the way people see things.You will be issued with the ‘Safety in College Information Guide’ during your inductionweek in College. Please read it carefully. It is your responsibility to carry out activitiesand behave in a safe manner. You will be instructed in the safe way to carry outactivities and will be expected to follow these instructions. 9 page 9

We have planned your year for you, we will tell you the key dates which you need to beaware of during your course and on the course calendrer on CityBit. This will tell you canwhen your assignments and exams are due so you can plan your holidays around thesedates a copy of the plan ahead is on Citybit. Assessment Plan Level 2 Certificate in an Introduction to Early Years Education and Care (QCF) (B03883) Unit Issued Final submittingNumb Unit title er2.1 An introduction to the role of the early years Autumn 1 starting practitioner 12.09.16 Final submission due by units to be the1.3 Support physical care routines for children continuous 31.10.16 assessment, as units overlap5 Understand how to work in partnership Use legislation relating to the health and safety of3 children Autumn 2 start 31.10.16 Final submission due by4 Use legislation relating to equality, diversity and units to be the2 inclusive practice continuous 09.12.16 assessment, Understand legislation relating to the as units overlap. safeguarding, protection and welfare of children3.8 Understand how to plan for the needs of the Spring 1 developing child start Final submission due by 03.01.17 the6 Supporting children’s play units to be 17.02.17 continuous assessment,7 Support children’s play in early years as units overlapOP2 Support creative play Spring 2 Final submission due by start 8 Support the needs of the child in preparing for the school 27.02.17 31.03.17 units to be 10 Supporting children’s development continuous assessment, as units overlap 11 Use observation and assessment and planning Summer Final submission due by 12 Supporting children’s positive behaviour 24.04.17 the Weekly ongoing 9 Engage in professional development continuous 19.05.17Op 1.1 Support healthy lifestyles for children through the assessment of 10 p12age provision of food and nutrition theme

This course is designed by people working in the industry to:  provide vocationally-related education and training for people who want to work in the industry  give you the opportunity to achieve a qualification at level 2 so you can either carry on in education or go to University or get a job in the industry  help you to develop skills, knowledge and understanding relevant to the industry  help you to develop personal skills which will help you in working life.This qualification prepares you to become Early Years Educators, enabling you to workwith children from birth to 5 years and gain knowledge of children aged 5 to 7 years.Upon achievement of this qualification it is intended that you will be able to enter theworkforce as Early Years Educators.There are sixteen (16) mandatory unit assessments which are set by CACHE, and markedand quality checked by your teachers – these are graded PASS or Refer.If you do not agree with a grade you have been given first talk to your teacher. If youstill disagree with the grade then you have the right to appeal. The first person youappeal to is the Internal Verifier. You have to do this within 2 weeks of receiving yourmarked work. The College’s appeals procedure is on CityBit for you to see.Taking someone else’s work, images or ideas and say it is your own is notacceptable (this is plagiarism). Through tutorial you will be shown how toreference your work correctly. Our policy on plagiarism can be found CityBit.The following are also not allowed: Secretly agreeing with others to cheat or deceive Using the computer, the internet or information stored on a hard disk or memory stick which belongs to someone else, and saying its yours.If you are discovered or suspected of doing any of the things shown in the list above, theCollege will investigate and may take action against you under the PerformanceImprovement Procedure: Academic Misconduct. 11 p1a2ge

Your teachers continually check to ensure that their marking is fair and in line withstandards used by other teachers delivering the course. The teacher checking the work iscalled an internal verifier. The internal verifier checks the marking of a number ofassignments from several students. If your work has been selected, it will be returnedwith an indication that it has been sampled (usually on the assignment front sheet.)The Awarding Body NCFE CACHE will check how well the College is delivering thequalification. They will look at your work and check that they agree with how we havemarked your work. This is why we keep your work in College to ensure that when theyask to see a sample it is already here for them.Your Course Leaders and course team hope that you will enjoy your course and achievegood grades in your final award.If you are uncertain about events at any time during your stay with City College, talk toyour Course Leader or one of your teachers. The course team members work on a rangeof courses and their timetables are very tightly scheduled. You may find that they arenot available outside of the times they teach you because they are taking other groups. Ifyou do need to contact a teacher outside of class time, the best method is by email.You, the student, are very important to us. We try to work together at every step of theway to make your stay with us an enjoyable and productive one.Work with us, work hard, do your best and you will succeed! 12 p1a2ge

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