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Saturday Evening Post - Holiday Art Catalog - 2015

Published by Kathleen Pugh, 2015-11-18 14:05:35

Description: Collection of images from the Saturday Evening Post magazine


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ABOUT USFor over six decades, The Saturday Evening Post was aweekly magazine Featuring coversby America’s greatest illustrators.Together, the covers create anincredible pictorial history ofAmerica’s unique culture.The Curtis Archives include over4,000 covers and thousandsof inside illustrations,photographs and cartoons fromThe Saturday Evening Postand The Country Gentlemanmagazines. A common threadweaves throughout the art toform a fabric that could onlybe made in America. With over500 artists showcased, the archiveyields an extraordinarily richdiversity of art styles and themes thattransition beautifully to today’s trends.The artwork resonates strongly acrossgenerations and readily brings a smile ora memory.We are proud to be the stewards of these nationaltreasures and invite you to join us in celebrating thebest of American art and illustration.Holidays are full of family, fun, laughter, warmth and “A Creature Wascheer. The Curtis Archive’s holiday selection embodies all Stirring”of these elements with charm and sincerity. If you don’t see Jack & Jill Cover 12/01/1970the holiday image you are looking for within this catalog, Rae Owingsplease call us! We have so much more and can help youfind exactly what you need!Mike WaldnerDirector Of LicensingCurtis Licensing

TABLEOF CONTENTS04 32santa claus Vintage Holiday08 36main street leading christmas ladies christmas12 holiday fun16 winter wonderland20 woodland christmas22 frosty the snowman24 oh! christmas tree26 yuletide christmas oh holy28 night30 dear santa claus

“Good Deeds” 12-06-1924“Santa at the Map” 12-16-1939 CURTIS LICENSING • 4

Santa Claus“Hug From Santa” “Santa and Christmas Mouse” “Santa’s Lap” 12-26-1925 12-01-1933 12-22-1923“Santa at His Desk” “Santa at the Globe” “Santa’s Expenses” 12-21-1935 12-04-1926 12-04-1920“Santa and His Stocking” “Santa and His Coffee” “Santa and Gifts” 12-12-1917 11-30-1949 12-22-1922 CURTIS LICENSING • 5

“Santa Up Ladder” “Santa and Elves” “Drum for Tommy” 12-12-1930 12-02-1922 12-17-1921“Twas the Night Before Christmas” “Santa and Train Set” “Sleeping Through Santa” 12-01-1925 12-01-1938 12-01-1928“Asleep on the Job” “Santa Ornament” “Santa Claus is Coming!” 12-01-1979 12-01-1966 12-01-1962 CURTIS LICENSING • 6

Santa Claus“Cookies From Santa” “Santa with Train” “Jolly Santa Face” 12-01-1960 12-01-1957 12-01-1965“Santa and Jack in the Box” “Santa’s Friend” “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” 12-01-1968 12-01-1969 12-01-1963“A Christmas Kiss” “A Creature Was Stirring” 12-01-1966 12-01-1970 CURTIS LICENSING • 7

“Christ1m“2Ga-11os28oO--01dr69n-D4a13e9me2e4dnst”s” CURTIS LICENSING • 8

Main Street Christmas“Main Street at Christmas” “Trimming the Tree” “Tree in Town Square” 12-01-1944 12-24-1949 12-04-1948“Bus Stop at Christmas” “Christmas at the Fire Station” “Topping The Tree” 12-13-1952 12-16-1950 12-28-1959“Classroom Christmas” “Christmas Train Set” “Toy Store Window” 12-08-1951 12-15-1956 12-09-1950 CURTIS LICENSING • 9

“Centering the Christmas Tree” “Department Store at Christmas” “Night Before Christmas” 12-22-1951 12-06-1952 12-26-1936“Tree Love” “Christmas Photograph” “Falls City Nebraska at Christmas”12-23-1950 12-11-1954 12-21-1946“Baby’s First Christmas” “White Christmas” “Doggy Basket” 12-01-1929 12-25-1937 12-19-1942 CURTIS LICENSING • 10

Main Street Christmas“Santa’s Helper” “Christmas Morning” “Rural Post Office at Christmas” 12-27-1947 12-27-1958 12-13-1947“Christmas Homecoming” “Children’s Ward at Christmas” “Lost Child Department” 12-25-1948 12-25-1954 12-20-1958“Union Station at Christmas” “Romantic Ski” 12-23-1944 12-01-1937 CURTIS LICENSING • 11

“Ski Jumpers” 2-26-1938 “Ice Hockey Match” 11-18-1936 CURTIS LICENSING • 12

Holiday Fun“Ice Fishing” “Dog Sled” “Ice skating on Pond” 2-01-1962 2-01-1937 1-26-1952“Crack the Whip” “Snow Jump” “Snow Angels” 3-02-1940 2-01-1938 1-10-1953“Winter Skating” “Ski Break” “Sledding and Digging Out” 1-01-1943 1-01-1939 1-28-1961 CURTIS LICENSING • 13

“Wipeout” “Frosty in the Freezer” “Tobogganing”3-03-1928 2-21-1959 2-01-1926“Couple on Toboggan” “Snow Fight” “Downhill Skating” 1-01-1929 12-01-1940 1-01-1927“Tobogganing” “Away We Go” “Snow Angels” 1-07-1928 1-01-1968 11-01-2009 CURTIS LICENSING • 14

Holiday Fun“Snowball Fight” “Woman Skier” “Snowy Ambush” 2-18-1928 2-14-1931 1-24-1959“Woman Skater” “Sledding Designs in the Snow” “Downhill Skiing” 1-21-1933 2-03-1962 1-19-1935“Polar Bear Skis” “Ice Fishing” 1-01-1962 1-01-1964 CURTIS LICENSING • 15

“Mailboxes in the Snow” 12-27-1941 CURTIS LICENSING • 16

Winter Wonderland“Morning Sleigh Ride” “Winter in the Village” “Cutting Down the Tree” 12-01-1943 1-01-1944 12-17-1955“Stream in Snowy Woods” “Sledding By Sunset” “A Gift of Warmth” 1-01-1933 12-18-1948 12-01-1997“The Spirit of Christmas Shall Live” “Cascade Mountain Farm” “Winter Sports Scene” 12-19-1942 2-01-1958 1-01-1932 CURTIS LICENSING • 17

“Sleigh on a Snowy Village Street” “Any Mail for Me?” “Happy New Year!” 2-01-1931 2-01-1968 1-01-1928“Christmas 1947” “Victorian Christmas Scene” “Feeding the Birds” 12-01-1947 12-01-1931 2-01-1936“Deer in Snow” “Winter Scene” “Winter Sleigh Ride” 2-07-1931 12-01-1942 12-17-1949 CURTIS LICENSING • 18

Winter Wonderland“Man with Gifts on Horse” “Christmas Day in the Village” “Snowy Owl in Forest at Night” 12-01-1926 12-01-1938 1-12-1942“Christmas Carolling in Village” “Nebraska Christmas” “Snow on Farm” 12-01-1930 12-01-1946 12-22-1956“Winter Village” 1-01-1950 CURTIS LICENSING • 19

“The Caribou” 12-01-1961 “The Wonderful Christmas Tree” 12-01-1962 “All Ready For Christmas” 12-01-1953“Mice Hiding from Fox” “Bear and Robin” “Elk at Sunset” 2-03-1923 3-14-1925 1-06-1923 CURTIS LICENSING • 20

Woodland Christmas“A Surprise Christmas” “Brighten Up the Tree” “Sharing” 12-01-1934 12-01-1958 2-01-1956“Good Deeds” “Loving Christmas Greetings” “Gul’s Christmas” 12-06-1924 12-01-1924 12-24-1898“Girl and Squirrel” “Winter Snack” 12-18-1915 2-01-1958 CURTIS LICENSING • 21

“The Snowman” 1-01-1962 “Skis for Snowman” 1-01-1957 “John Christopher and the Cherry Trees” 8-01-1972“Ted, Ed and Caroll Build a Snowman” CURTIS LICENSING • 22 “Mice and Snowman” 1-01-2012 1-01-2009

Frosty the Snowman“How Did He Do That?” “Snowman Mix-Up” “Snowman with Wings” 1-01-1972 11-01-2010 11-01-2008“Snowman in Snow” “Feeding Time” “Snowman and Children” 1-01-1970 1-01-1980 1-01-1986 “Snowmen” CURTIS LICENSING • 23 1-01-2010

“Puzzle Jingles” 12-01-1953“Snowflakes” 11-01-2007 “Merry Christmas From All of Us” 12-01-1965“December 1966” CURTIS LICENSING • 24 “The Tree” 12-01-1966 11-01-2007

Oh! Christmas Tree“Jack’s Bell” “Decorating the Tree” 12-01-1975 12-01-1950“Music Tree” “New Snow” “Play the Christmas Tree Game” 12-01-1959 12-01-1956 12-01-1957 “Well Hi There!” 12-01-1965 CURTIS LICENSING • 25

“Stealing a Christmas Kiss” 12-23-1933“Merrie Christmas” 12-03-1921 “Christmas Minstrels” 12-21-1929 “Christmas Coach” 12-28-1935CURTIS LICENSING • 26

Yuletide Christmas“Tiny Tim” “Merrie Christmas” “Mistletoe Kiss”12-15-1934 12-10-1932 12-19-1936“Coachman with Whip” “God Rest Ye Merrie Gentleman” “Three Victorian Musicians” 12-07-1929 12-24-1932 12-12-1931“Musical Jester” “Christmas Dance” 12-26-1931 12-08-1928 CURTIS LICENSING • 27

“Madonna and Child” 12-22-1928 “Madonna and Child” 12-24-1927 “Victorian Family at Christmas” 12-29-1934“My Christmas Song” “Christmas Stained Glass” “Medieval Merry Christmas” 12-01-1970 12-01-1949 12-25-1926 CURTIS LICENSING • 28

Oh Holy Night“Choir Boys Will be Boys” “St. Patrick’s Cathedral” “Sheep in Jerusalem” 12-10-1938 12-03-1949 12-01-1941“Rural Church at Night” “Boys Christmas Choir” “Starry Starry Night” 12-30-1944 12-26-1953 12-01-1950“Santa and Nativity” CURTIS LICENSING • 29

“Do Not Open Until Christmas” 12-01-1934 “Christmas Stocking Joy” 12-24-1938 “Giant Christmas Stocking” 12-12-1926“Waiting for Santa” “Christmas Peek” “Gramps On Rocking Horse” 12-01-1975 12-22-1934 12-16-1933 CURTIS LICENSING • 30

Dear Santa Claus“We Bin Awful Good” “Boy’s Letter to Santa” “Giving Santa His Seat” 12-01-1936 12-19-1914 12-10-1955“Truth About Santa” “See Him at Drysdales” “Discovery” 12-15-1951 12-28-1940 12-29-1956“New Toy Train” “Christmas Morning” 12-19-1953 12-24-1955 CURTIS LICENSING • 31

“Santa’s Homecoming” 12-01-1936 “Good Deeds” 12-06-1924 CURTIS LICENSING • 32

Vintage Holiday“The Dog Ate My List” “Santa and the Toys” “Snowman and Dog” 12-01-1933 12-01-1935 1-01-1935“Santa at Work” “Santa Packing His Bag” “Carolling Clauses” 12-01-1939 12-01-1937 12-01-1926“Santa’s Lap” “Santa Dropping Toys” “Santa Taking the Temperature” 12-01-1932 12-01-1934 12-01-1924 CURTIS LICENSING • 33

“Santa’s Bag” “Christmas Tree List” “Harnessing the Reindeer” 12-01-1929 12-01-1923 12-01-1931“Bringing Home the Tree” “Santa at the Scales” “Dressing the Reindeer” 12-01-1928 12-01-1924 12-01-1925“With Santa” “Billy Coles Plays Santa Claus” 12-01-1929 12-01-1926 CURTIS LICENSING • 34

Vintage Holiday“Gift for Snowman” “Snowman Crossing Guard” “Hiding Behind Snowman” 1-01-1933 1-01-1926 1-01-1932“Winter Season” “Leave My Nose Alone” “Squirrel Meeting” 1-01-1925 1-01-1936 1-01-1937“Trim The Tree” “Choose A Gift” 12-01-1933 12-01-1935 CURTIS LICENSING • 35

“Good Deeds” 12-06-1924“The Mystery of X” 10-01-1955 CURTIS LICENSING • 36

Leading Ladies Christmas“Take Me to Hollywood” “Too Young for Trouble” “He Learned Her About Love” 11-21-1953 5-07-1960 10-17-1953“The Golden Rose” “The Girl Back Home” “Lovely Neighbor” 10-24-1959 1-14-1956 11-20-1954 “Girls Don’t Play Fair” 5-12-1951 CURTIS LICENSING • 37

“The Lady Had an Angel” “The Second Mrs. Thorpe” “The Girl Who Couldn’t Cook” 8-20-1955 2-09-1957 1-16-1954“The Lady’s Future” “Wife In Revolt” “Clever Women are Dangerous” 2-06-1954 3-2-1952 8-05-1950“Hunting A Husband” “I Love You Mama” “I Want a Man” 4-20-1957 3-31-1956 12-06-1924 CURTIS LICENSING • 38

Leading Ladies Christmas“What’s your Christmas Wish” “A Little Naughty is Nice” “Not all Gifts Come in a Box” 3-24-1951 9-21-1957 12-04-1954“What’s Your Christmas List” “You can Never Have Too Much Tinsel” “Old Man’s Darling” 4-06-1957 4-06-1957 3-08-1952“The Muse is My Racket” “The Indiscrete Widow” 2-03-1945 6-10-1950 CURTIS LICENSING • 39


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