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Published by Kathleen Pugh, 2017-01-19 16:29:06

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by WbyillWiaimlliaSmainStaint Illustrated by Jack Desrocher NNAAMMEETTHHAATTSSHHAARRKK! ! by WbilyliWamilliSaaminStaint Illustrated by Jack Desrocher The ocean is full of different kinds Many types of fish have formed one giant school! of sharks, such as whale sharks, Can you tell how many different kinds there are? goblin sharks, and blue sharks. Can you name four other types of HIHNITNT Remember to count the different sharks based on these drawings? kinds of fish, not the total number. 1 23 4 WWAATTEERRWWOONNDDERERSS The names of four oceans and 10 seas are hidden below. Find and circle each one. TTEENNTTAACCLLEETTAATTTTOOOOSS OCOECAENASNS NNNAG B P o k j u P z u C E Arctic A A E T d z A MMM E v B G q l This octopus wants to get one word tattooed on each Atlantic E E E B T R C T S F F R Y qw I Indian GNY R S R I AAT l ANT I C of his tentacles. Solve the numbered clues and write the Pacific E Av E E o F A I SNMC R AB ARBdl S I F TA I I SRdl answers in the blanks to discover which words he wants! SESAESAS NR F Nd l C Y E I T P A P GA Adriatic C E z AA E o B q l C B N E x C HIHNITNT Each of the answers uses only Aegean F T P TA I BwAC I T C R Ak letters found in the word “octopus.” Arabian S I wYq I d B hAB E R I NG 8. _8_.____________ Baltic FdCuR l I NN I uq E S F x 1 1Home for a chicken 1. _1_.______________________ 7. _7_.______________________ Bering Y EqASwI j I I T P vC Cq 2 2Flower container 2. _2_.________________ 6. _6_.________________ Black SMC u I Mv T R RqMN P B v 3 3Drink from this 5. _5__. _____________________ Caribbean P B S A z h z M x zw F x T P G 4 4Opposite of “bottom” 3. _3_.________________ 4. _4_.________________ Mediterranean j S u N F Mv S wd k R I u Gw 5 5Red sign with eight sides Red x E j Cok I P dhS I NS Ck 6 6Nickname for a police officer Yellow 7 7A mark on a Dalmatian 8 8Opposite of “in” 10 Answers on page 30. 11 Dive into a SSuunnkkeenn MMuusseeuumm by Gail Skroback Hennessey Artist Jason deCaires Taylor has created If you want to see Jason’s sculptures up close, Seven-year-old Sam Clarke recently visited Marine life moved onto Jason’s statues a Photos courtesy of Jason deCaires Taylor and Howard Clarke more than 500 life-sized sculptures of you’ll need scuba or snorkeling equipment. Grenada’s underwater sculpture park. ”I wore couple of weeks after they were placed in the people. But you won’t find them in a Those of us who’d rather stay dry can hop on a snorkel gear, which has my mask and snorkel,” sea. Sponges began to grow on some of their typical museum. Instead, Jason’s works of art glassbottom boat to get an overhead view of Sam says. “On my feet, I wore fins that helped faces, while algae, coral, barnacles, and sea- are on display in a most unusual place—they’re Jason’s work instead. me swim quickly.” weed grew on their bodies. The marine life then under the sea! attracts fish such as lobsters, angelfish, sardines, But why anchor such beautiful sculptures in Sam says he was impressed by the many turtles, and barracudas looking for food and Jason has created two underwater sculpture the sand 10 to 30 feet beneath the waves in the different statues. “My favorite sculpture is Circle of shelter. Within six years, only the rough shapes parks in the Caribbean Sea. The first, which first place? Children. Standing together, 26 boys and girls are of the statues will remain because undersea features 65 sculptures, is located near the holding hands like they are friends under the sea.” creatures will have completely covered them. island country of Grenada. The second is in The idea is to draw snorkelers and scuba divers the National Marine Park of Cancun, Mexico. away from fragile nearby reefs. Thousands of If you look closely at the faces of the sculptures, Does it bother Jason to see his artwork That one has 485 sculptures, the world’s largest people swim around those reefs each year, you will see that all of their eyes are closed. That’s changing like that? ”No,” he says. “It’s the part I underwater collection of modern sculptures. accidentally harming the reefs and the marine because the people who posed for the statues like the most. Each visit is unique. Marine growth animals that live there. “If people instead were covered from head to toe in a special is taking on the role of the artist as it changes swim around the beautiful sculpture concrete when Jason made the molds. The the sculpture.” parks,” Jason explains, “it will give the reefs a rest.” process took two loooong hours, so the As for Sam, he loved his visit! ”Snorkeling in models had to keep their eyes shut the the underwater sculpture park is a good chance whole time to keep the concrete out. to get wet, see cool stuff, and swim with fish,” he says. “Oh, and there’s a sculpture of a man on a bike. It’s very funny seeing a man riding his bike underwater!” 28 29 Ready, Set, Create! 3. Fill the bottle the rest of the 4. Use the paper towel to dry the bottle rim and way with oil, leaving two cap. Apply glue around the rim, then screw Sea in a Bottle inches of air at the top. on the cap. Ask your adult to tighten it. Illustrated by Michael Palan 5. Turn the bottle on its side and gently rock it to make Create your own seascape—then make some waves! Ask your rolling “waves” in your adult to help you. Tip: Make this craft outside. sea in a bottle. What You Need: • ¼-¾ cup clean sand • Several small shells • 1- or 2-liter clean plastic bottle with cap, label removed (smooth bottles look best) • Blue food coloring • Large pitcher of water • Spoon • Clear vegetable oil or mineral oil • Paper towel • Craft glue What You Do: 1. Add sand and shells to your bottle. 2. Add just one drop of food Email a photo of you with your craft to [email protected] or mail it to “Creative Kids,” 31 coloring to the pitcher of Humpty Dumpty, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. water and stir. Fill the bottle Include your name, age, and address. Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids. 30 halfway with the water. StorieS & ArticleS of their jaws, used for crunching up food, are up to 35 dolphins. Like other dolphins, botos Down in more like human molars than the cone-shaped use echolocation like a radar system, and their the Ocean TThheePPiinnkkDDoollpphhiinn teeth of their oceanic cousins. Although botos small eyes see very well, despite the murky are sometimes called the “ugly dolphin,” they waters of the Amazon River. Art by Elisa Chavarri by Morgan Perez have big smiley faces and, being naturally Down in the ocean, Art by Elisa Chavarri friendly and curious creatures, often approach For centuries these incredible creatures have boats and humans. lived in safety, protected by the superstitions Little fish “Careful!” Captain Aliomar pulls me back from of the indigenous river tribes. Aliomar tells me Dance in the water. the rail of the Amazon Explorer II. “If you fall in, the Even though botos are social animals, they that to kill a boto is to invite bad luck, and if Swish! Swish! Swish! encantados will get you!” he says, his black eyes typically live alone or in pairs. From May to you stare directly into its eyes, you will have twinkling mischievously. July, when the forest floods, botos hunt among bad dreams. Every tribe tells tales of their 22 the giant trees. Unfused vertebrae allow them people being saved from drowning by botos “What’s an encantado?” I ask as I slap at a to turn their necks 180 degrees, making it easier that push them ashore. Unfortunately, the fat mosquito that’s been feasting on my leg. The to explore the river bottom with their sensitive boto is no longer protected by myth and dense jungle air wraps around us like a hot, wet snout bristles in search of crustaceans, catfish, legend, and has become an endangered blanket, and Aliomar mops his face with a kerchief piranhas, even turtles. During the low-river animal. Destruction of their habitat, mercury before answering. season, botos may hunt in family groups of five poisoning from gold prospecting, fishnet to eight and, at the meeting of rivers where fish entanglement, and increased boat traffic “Encantados are botos (BOH-toos)—your pink are plentiful, they can form hunting parties of are all threats to the boto’s survival. dolphins.” I must look confused, because he continues. “The river people,” he says, gesturing 15 Can you find these objects toward the banks of the Rio Negro sliding slowly hidden in the picture? past the majestic river boat, “they believe that the crayon boto turns into a beautiful man at dusk. He comes spoon onto land to charm and enchant pretty girls. strawberry Encantado ... enchanted.” I give him a dubious sock look and he laughs. My father joins in. Our family button arrived in Manuas, Brazil, four days ago. I wasn’t teapot exactly thrilled about moving to a new country carrot where I’d have to make new friends and learn alphabet block a completely different language. But I’ve been stoked about this river trip, especially now that 23 I’ve heard about the pink dolphins. The pink dolphin, or boto, is found in the fresh waters of the Amazon, Araguaia/Tocantins, and Orinoco river systems. It is the most intelligent of the four species of river dolphin, with a brain capacity 40 percent larger than a human’s. Botos are light gray at birth but can turn light or hot pink as adults. This crazy coloration may be because of blood vessels just beneath the surface of the boto’s skin, but their color can also depend on how murky the water is where they live. They darken to a bluish-gray in their old age. Long-snouted, with small eyes, bulges of extra skin, and a hump instead of a dorsal fin, botos look less like Flipper and more like some kind of river dinosaur. The wrinkled teeth at the back14HiddenThingsTo do Ocean Treasures Answers on page Lorna Elliot Hidden in this poster are 10 ocean treasures. Use the clues to 1. More than 10 billion tons of this precious metal terraces, ramps, and steps sits 25 meters (82 feet)Art by Elisa Chavarri reveal the treasures.Then search for them in the ocean scene. dust is dissolved in ocean water, but it’s so diluted, below the surface near Okinawa in Japan. Don’t be afraid to do some research. Good luck, ocean explorers! removing it would be impossible. 8. This legendary creature sang enchanting songs to lure sailors onto the rocks, where their ships 2. These sparkly gems can be found resting on seabeds would be wrecked and the sailors left to drown. surrounding Africa and Indonesia. 9. This real-life sea monster lives at ocean depths of more than 2,200 meters (7,218 feet), can be up to 3. These explosive mountains and this scary 46 feet long, and has eyes the size of dinner plates sea-dwelling creature were hazards that ancient and tentacles with suckers sailors anticipated as part of sea voyages. and swiveling hooks. 4. This hard, jewel-colored animal, once used as money, lives in the sunlit shallows of the ocean. 5. Sailors from ancient Greece and Rome respected and feared the seas and prayed to this god before setting off on voyages. 6. This animal yields a creamy, round gemstone, and can be found in the sunlit shallows of the ocean. 7. This man-made structure with massive stone18 19

Ocean Dwellers OCEANtthhee These two animals live in the ocean. Connect the dots to see what FLOOR they are. Then you may color the pictures. 6 7 5 89 15 14 4 16 11 10 17 20 18 13 19 12 3 21 2 1 1 13 12 15 14 2 20 21 3 19 18 17 16 11 5 4 10 6 9 8Shark’s Very Bad Toothache “This is Shark,” he replied. “I have a very bad toothache. Can I 7 34 come to your office tomorrow morning?” 23 by Marilyn Coleman Illustrated by Robin Boyer “Of course,” said Dr. Gentle. “I can see you at 9:00 a.m.” “Thank you,” said Shark. “Good-bye.” “Good-bye,” Dr. Gentle said, trembling. You see, Dr. Gentle had a secret, too. He was afraid of sharks with their sharp, pointy teeth. Shark did not sleep well. He had dreams about dentists. Dr. Gentle didn’t sleep well. He had dreams about sharks. by Ginny Winter Which shells match? Color each matching pair a different color. One shell has two matches. Can you find it? Shark had a very bad toothache. He tried rinsing his mouth 19 with Super Duper Minty Mouthwash for Sharks. But his tooth still ached. He would have to call a dentist. Shark shivered right 7 down to his tail. You see, Shark had a secret: He was afraid of dentists with their sharp, pointy instruments. But Shark had no choice, so he called Dr. Gentle at Dolphin Dental. “Dr. Gentle speaking. How may I help you?”6 Build a Book Build a Book THINGS TO DO Illustrated by Rob McClurkan Riding the Wave You can build this little book. Just follow the steps below. What You Need: by Teresa A. DiNicola • Safety scissors • Stapler What runs but doesn’t walk? What You Do: 1. Cut on the dotted lines. To solve this riddle, follow the directions below. 2. Fold on the solid lines. 1. Write the word RUNS. 1. 3. Put the pages together in 2. Change the vowel to an A. 2. the correct order. Use the page numbers as your guide. 3. Move the first consonant so it 4. Open to the middle and becomes the last letter. 3. staple at the top and bottom. 4. Add a W to the beginning of the word. 4.20 5. Replace the N with a T. 5. This lifeguard is tired of summer’s heat, so he’s think- 1 2 ing about things associated with the cold. Solve his 3 6. Replace the second-to-last letter with chilly crossword puzzle using the clues below. 4 6 8 the fifth letter of the alphabet. 6. 10 by Beverly J. Letchworth Across Down 5 Illustrated by Rob McClurkan 7 Beetle rode the wave on his back 3. Season of cold 1. Flightless Arctic bird 9 4. Beyond Earth’s atmosphere 2. Store your Popsicles here and then swooshed across the grass. by Teresa A. DiNicola 5. Made from blended ice cream 6. Largest state in the U.S. 8. “COWABUNGA!” they all cheered. Brenda bought a brand-new beach bag. Knowing that stripes 8. White powder from the sky 7. Southernmost continent 8. make her dizzy—and that she doesn’t like long straps or the color orange—can you figure out which of these bags is Brenda’s? 9. Keeps food chilled 10. Huge block of frozen water Follow the crabs’ paths to Illustrated by Marcus Cutler find out which one lives in this comfy hole in the sand. 6. “WHOOPEE!” the ladybugs yelled, “SHE’S COMING! GET READY!” 32 Answers on page 34. 33 racing their tiny boat downstream. Beetle called to his friends. 3. 6. StorieS & ArticleS SaaiillPiinniigrgraWaWitittthheess Build a Book Sail Away!BuildaBook™ bybLyoLrnoarnEallEiolltiot by B.J. Blank ArAt rbtybMy eMrreirllriRllaRinaeinyey miles of deck with sand, making the wooden planks so other would-be pirates knew what could happen Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri less slippery during storms. He slept with the rest to them. But, all in all, Tim enjoyed life at sea. The You can build this little book. Just follow the steps below. of the crew in a canvas hammock slung between crew was now his family. The treasure stolen from What You Need: numbered pegs near his personal battle station. It passing merchant ships was always divided fairly. • Safety scissors was down there, to the damp, dark, low-ceilinged Tim was slowly learning about rope tying and sails, • Stapler bowels of the ship, that Tim would run when a navigation and weather, and in another 10 years, he What You Do: merchant ship was spotted. For in those frightening would be a quartermaster or maybe even have com- 1. Cut on the dotted lines. hours of ship-to-ship combat—rather than hand- mand of his own pirate ship. to-hand battle—it was Tim’s job to keep the sailors 2. Fold on the solid lines. supplied with gunpowder and the fire buckets filled But on that particular night, as Tim scanned with water. So, no, Tim was certainly no wimp. the horizon, he was not thinking about gold doubloons, silver pieces of eight, Chinese silks, True, he sometimes had nightmares—usually fabulous gems, or exotic spices. No, as he stared after a particularly indigestible dinner—in which out onto the swirling mist that curled and snaked he saw, yet again, the infamous pirate Blackbeard, across the oily black sea, he felt the first fingers of tarred, feathered, and inside a steel cage, displayed fear taking grip of his very soul. Was that wispy, Heave ho! Home we go! Home before the sun gets low! Heave ho! Heave ho! 88.. Sailing home we go! Nine-year-old Tim, the cabin boy, was on lookout 3. Put the pages together in duty perched in the crow’s nest high up among the correct order. Use the a thick forest of masts, sails, and rigging. One hundred page numbers as your guide. feet below his home for the night, the wooden deck creaked and groaned as the little ship rolled gently on a desert island, and finding cursed treasure. 4. Open to the middle and left and right on a tropical moonlit sea. Music drifted Tim didn’t frighten easily. He was, despite his staple at the top and bottom. up from below deck where Tim’s crewmates sang sea shanties and frightened each other with blood- young age, already a veteran of sea battles and 13 2222 curdling tales of walking the plank, being marooned raiding parties. He was used to a ship’s diet of salt beef and weevil-infested biscuits. He expected to find an occasional dead mouse or drowned rat at the bottom of the drink barrel. He was used to climbing onto the rigging, his bare feet clinging onto the rain-lashed ropes. He had scrubbed endless 12 A salty blow—a splash of tail! Swab the deck and hoist the sail! Wave ye to the humpback whale! We will catch fish in our pail! 6. 6. 3. Things To do A Pirate's Life for You ! byLornaElliot Make a Buried Treasure Map If you want to be a pirate, you will need two things: a hat to tell the world who you are and a You Will Need: map that will lead to your buried treasure. Follow • Two sheets white paper the directions below to make both, and start your • Small sponge adventure as a true pirate! • Bowl filled with strong, cold tea • Bowl of water Make a Pirate Hat • One teaspoon instant coffee granules • Paper towel You Will Need: • Markers or crayons • Pirate hat template • Scissors Directions: • 1 piece of black poster board 1. Tear off small pieces of paper of vary- • Pencil • White paper ing sizes around • Crayons or markers the edges of the • Glue stick sheets of paper. • Measuring tape Crumple each sheet of paper into a ball, Directions: and flatten it out. Pirate Hat Template 1. Cut out the hat template on page 9. 2. Dip the sponge fold line into the bowl of tea, and wipe the Fold the poster board in half. Lay the brown stain all over both sides of fold line of the hat stencil against the folded each sheet of paper. Let them dry. edge of black paper. 3. Dip one dry, tea-stained paper at a 2. Trace the template, cut out the hat time into a bowl of water, and shake shape, and unfold it. This is your off excess water. pirate hat. 4. Sprinkle a few coffee granules onto a 3. Use the white paper, markers, and small section of the paper. Count to your imagination to draw something five. Blot the coffee granules with a horribly scary that will fill all who see sponge or paper towel. Repeat on your pirate hat with terror. Glue this various sections of the paper, frightening image to the middle of your and let dry. pirate hat. 5. On your best, most antique- 4. Ask an adult to measure your head. Cut a strip of looking paper, use markers or poster board several inches bigger than your head. crayons to draw an outline of Have your adult helper mark on the strip your island. Mark the spot where the strip should join to fit your head. where the treasure is buried. 5. Glue the strip onto the back of your hat. Draw directions to the Glue the ends of the strip together where treasure and landmarks or your adult helper has marked your head size. hazards that may appear on the island such as a shark-filled bay, a sandy cove, houses, walk forty paces to the north, or mountains. 8 9

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PUPPUPPYPYPAPNADNEDMEMONOINUIMUM by WbilyliaWmillSiaamintSaint IllustIrllautsetdrabtyedJabcyk JDaecskroDcehseror cher FclwhothahbFsecilrwechontohdhahubwsepaigrecnruohhdsitpuqwtepaguhirusyhisiertpoqtwrreueuhiphsylrieoriouwacrrouehpnphclr.shoaiuwTaceohprtnsecar.shearctwTseeoert!sieartnterBhchtseeoteeeh!ictntloeaBhheruteaeebchscshlloeeaahearuneasbrcskshdhleahse.tanoe’Bstrsokshdadfse.dttlio’usBhtsiocsaeddoftdetleirvushaireicgsede—orthdeervetta,ire.hgae—Frcehldhoett,d.hadcFocealoghondgs’dco’tisaomgrnngesm’am’tismmerenedemmami,amebetdeeemirl,aybteerly TUCTKUECRKER ______________________________________ 1 1 AMAAMZAIZNIGNGAPAPPLPELSESFraegrpmiFvrraeeeegrnrspmievHroneeeentnrsnientHronhgyente’nisantfrhoaglyeerl’ltsacetfhoenalaerrllratceodthpenfapgrtralrhodepoesfpwgttalrhoesolpesawdhtpaeosaplcpbaoldehepdesatpec.biolnUetedhsst1ee.ei2nUtpthdhs1heiee2frfaptledhsehrietefertfanwelesetrrert-eciattnwoenttrledro-ncia-rtocnstiole,ndolneo-rtcashrio,cnechleootaahormpcenchpboealiomenpnapbtertliieenoeantsrts!ieoenss! ______________________________________ 2 2 ______________________________________ 3 3 EE FF MM O O ______________________________________ 4 4 AA LL HH PP RR TT YY UU MAMGGAIGEGIE OLIOVELIVE LUCLYUCY LELAEFAYFY HH LELTETTETRESRS CanCyaonuyfoinudfitnhdestehese S SE E six fsaixll-fraellla-rteeldatwedorwdsords AE E K KS S hiddheidndiennthine tphielepile AcoArncorn PT TA AQ QP of roakf eradkledavleas vbeesfobreefore A P N NR R O OC TrouTbroleumblaekmear kTeimr Tmimy my AppAlepple U UP P SCSACRAERCERCORWOW QK KP CA SCSHCOHOOLOL scatstceartstethrsemth?em? FooFtboaoltlball FarmFaerrmHeernHryenisryleiasdleinagding HarHveasrtvest Q A a scarseccarroewcr-obwui-lbduinilgdicnlagscsl,ass, butbmuot smt osfthoisf shtiusdsetundtsenatrsena’rten’t RakReake S S A AL L L L A AB B T TO O O OF F paypinagyivnegryvecrloysceloasteteantttieonnt.ion. FindFiannddacnirdclceirtchlee tohneeosnteudsetundt ent SquSaqshuash H H A A R R V V E E S S T T H HS S L L A A K K whowhhaoshbausilbt uailstcarseccarroewcrow exaectxlaycltilkyeliHkeenHrye’nsreyx’saemxpalme.ple. 10 11 Ready, Set, Create! 2. Use the markers to draw funny pig faces on the Oinking Herbs outside of the shells. by Jan Van Pelt 3. Fill your piggies with Illustrated by Patti Goodnow potting soil and sprinkle Herbs smell wonderful and give your food a good flavor. Growing them different seeds in each one. is easy. Ask an adult to help you start your own “oinking” herb garden! Set them in the egg carton and label it with your What You Need: marker. Gently water them. • 3 large eggs • Small bowl 4. Place your piggies in a sunny spot and keep the soil moist. When • Egg carton they are ready for haircuts, use the herbs in your favorite foods. • Waterproof markers • Potting soil Use to flavor poultry, Use to flavor Use to flavor soups, • Seeds, such as tarragon, seafood, veggies, or garnish salads, fish, soups, and salad almost any salad poultry, and parsley, and chives dressings. veggies. or dish. What You Do: 1. Have an adult remove a quarter-sized Take a Picture! Before you cut your oinking herbs, have someone take a clear photo of you holding them. hole from the top of each egg by tapping Send it in, along with your name, age, and address, and you might see it in an upcoming issue. it with a spoon. Empty the insides Mail your photo to “Oinking Herbs,” Humpty Dumpty, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Or e-mail into the bowl and save. your photo to [email protected] Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids. Rinse the eggshells and let dry. 2121 2020 Mr. BelVle’srGyaBredrerny Fill-In 12 by Sharon Soffe 3 Art by Robin Boyer 4 Mr. Bell’s garden has some unwanted snackers. To see who they are, first 5 find and circle these veggies in the puzzle. They are written across and may appear more than once. Then color the circled words as shown. When you finish, the uncolored letters will reveal the munching moochers! Can you1f.indrathsepmbheidrirngy in this picture? Color Guide Beans—Green 2. blacEkgbgpelarnrty—Purple Beets—Red Lettuce—Green Carrots—Orange Peas—Green Corn—Yellow Tomatoes—Red 3. strawberry C OR N EGG P L ANT B E E T SCA R ROTS B E A N SGO P H E RS R A C C O4O. bNlueSberCryO R N T OM A TOE S D E ER S L U G S L E T T U CE P E A S E G G P L A NT RAB B I T S B E ETS C O R N P 5E. cAranSbeBrryU G S 11 5 National Watermelon Watermelon GardenFun Food: “Is this anything?” Abbie asked, holding out needed the flint for their arrowheads so they could Promotion Board her hand. hunt animals for Keith Simek 2. Use the melon baller to scoop Dean took a close look. “That’s a leave-erite.” As the afternoon passed, Ms. Brady discovered watermelon balls out of the hen Ms. Brady asked her fifth-grade stu- “Correct.” She walked to the board at the front “What’s that mean?” the base of a large arrowhead made from an or- Art by Christopher Wurth bottom half, or “flower bed.” dents to call out their favorite sport, most of of the classroom. “You can actually spell the word “It means ‘leave ‘er right’ where you found it. ange, clear piece of flint. She said she planned to Place the balls in the bowl.them said baseball, football, or basketball. Marcel two different ways: archaeology or archeology.” She It’s just a rock.” hang it as a suncatcher in her classroom window. July is National Watermelon and Blueberry Month! Let’schose hockey, while Ben and Nancy settled on soc- wrote out both. “But ‘a’ or no ‘a,’ it means the study “Oh,” Abbie said, grinning. celebrate! Ask an adult to help you make this pretty, 3. Have your adult helper cutcer. Abbie, who was a bit of an odd duck, picked of ancient humans. I’ll contact a farmer friend of They weren’t all “leave-erites,” though. By the By the time they left for school, each kid had yummy garden for your next family picnic! the top half of the melon intopro wrestling. But it was Dean’s response that made mine to see if we can pay his field a visit to look for time Ms. Brady served lunch, both Ben and Nancy his or her pockets full of flint chips. When the bus ½-inch slices. Use the cookieevery head in the class turn in his direction. arrowheads.” had found arrowheads about 1,000 years old! And pulled up to the school, all the students roared You Will Need: cutters to cut out flower shapes. “Could you repeat that, please?” Ms. Brady asked. Marcel had found a scraper, a blade-like stone tool. their approval to Dean. There was even some ap- • Chef’s knife (for adult use) “Arrowhead hunting,” Dean said again. Cheers filled the room. While they ate their boxed meals, Dean told how plause and a few cries of “Speech! Speech!” • Round, seedless The teacher smiled. “I’m not sure that’s a sport, That next Friday, a school bus carried the class the farmer’s field was only a few miles from a largeDean. A sport is an activity in which you compete into the countryside an hour’s drive from the flint deposit. Ancient tribes, he said, had traveled Dean was too embarrassed to speak, so Ms. watermelon, washedagainst another person or team, matching your school. Ms. Brady’s friend had given permission for long distances to dig the flint from the ground. Brady stood. “I’m not sure if we’ve decided if ar- • Melon ballerskills with a goal in mind. Does that sound like ar- the students to use his farm as their archaeological Even the tribes that were unfriendly to one another rowhead hunting is a sport or not,” she said, “but I • Medium-sized bowlrowhead hunting?” dig site. Three days of rain had washed the freshly had worked the area in peace because they all think we can all agree that it was a lot of fun. And • Flower-shaped “Yep!” Dean said. “When I’m hunting arrow- tilled earth, which meant that the arrowheads we can also all agree to thank Dean for his patienceheads, I’m sometimes competing against another would be free of soil and easier to find. and skill. He’s the best sport of all!” cookie cuttersperson, but I’m always competing against Mother As they traveled, Dean explained that nearly all • 10-15 wooden skewersNature. It takes great skill to locate an artifact that arrowheads are made of flint. He described how • 1 cup of fresh 4. Carefully stick the end of amight only be partly exposed after being buried for to spot them shining in the mud and even passed skewer about ½-inch intohundreds of years. And my goal is to find the nicest around a box of his own arrowheads so they could blueberries, rinsed the side of a flower. Stick theand oldest arrowheads I can.” see what they were looking for. other end into the flower bed. “Sounds like a sport to me,” Abbie agreed. All morning long, the kids walked up and down “How can you tell how old the arrowheads are?” the field. But Dean didn’t join his friends in theMarcel asked. hunt. Instead, he stood at the edge of the dig “I have books to help me identify them,” Dean site, a book in his hands, helping his class-explained. “I’ve found some that are about 8,000 mates identify their finds.years old!” Eyebrows raised all around the room. What to Do: 5. When all of your flowers are “Whether arrowhead hunting is a sport or a 1. Wash your hands. Have planted, return the melon ballshobby,” Ms. Brady said, “it certainly seems to have to the flower bed and sprinkleinterested you all. Can I see hands for those who’d an adult cut ¼-inch off the the blueberries on top. Yourlike to take a field trip to look for arrowheads?” bottom of the watermelon family will be amazed at your Twenty-four hands shot into the air. Abbie put up (to make it sit level), and yummy watermelon creation!both her arms. then cut off the top half “Very good,” Ms. Brady said. “Do you know the and set it aside.proper name for your ‘sport,’ Dean?” “Archaeology,” he replied. 18 Illustrated by Jimmy Holder14 15 Be sure to remove the skewers before eating! 19

Old MacDonald Farm Funnies Pen in Hand BTahren Art by Marsha Winborn by Chloe Ovenell Had Some Pigs Chloe is 12 years old and in Art by Phyllis Harris Art by Marsha Winborn It’s harvest time on the farm. The the seventh grade. She lives Old MacDonald had some pigs, E-I-E-I-O. pumpkins are ready, the corn is ripe, in Washington with her mom and and the apples are juicy and sweet. dad, and she has two older brothers Those piggies up and wandered off; But there are 10 things wrong with who are in college. Chloe enjoys volley- Where’d those piggies go? ball, soccer, boating, and skiing. When With an “oink-oink” here this picture. Can you find them? she graduates from college, she hopes And an “oink-oink” there. to become a teacher and, if possible, Here an “oink.” an undercover detective. There an “oink.” Everywhere an “oink-oink.” The barn I played in was a deep, dark red. The golden hay was stacked up to my head. Old MacDonald had some pigs, E-I-E-I-O. A rake leaned helplessly against its wooden walls. Can you find the five pigs that are It was hard to ignore its “please use me” calls. hiding in this picture? The loft up above me I got to by ladder.18 It was dusty and grimy, but to me that didn’t matter. A cat would walk by, hungry, on the prowl. It dodged and pounced, missing its prey with a scowl. A swinging rope lingered above me, suspended there so tight. A moth-eaten mattress beneath me, so falling wasn’t a fright. The barn I played in was a really good friend, My rusty old playmate till the very end! 19 22 16 Answers: The pig in the tub, the giraffe, the clock on the barn, the dolphin, the chicken and pumpkin in the apple tree, the fish in the corn, the scarecrow, the squirrel, and the snowman. Ready, Set, Create! 3. Dress your scarecrow. Use a scarf or bandana to cover the tape. Make a Scarecrow 4. Use the markers to give your scarecrow Illustrated by Michael Palan a face. Your garden pal is ready! The summer berries are ripe. Ask an adult to help you make this fun scarecrow to keep the birds away! What You Need: • Hammer (for adult use) • Wooden broomstick pole (body) • Clean plastic milk jug (head) • Wire coat hanger (shoulders) • Duct tape • Safety scissors • Old clothes (flannel shirt, bandana, hat) • Permanent markers What You Do: 2. Place the jug upside down over Take a Picture! 1. Have an adult hammer the the broomstick. Push the top Ask someone to take a photo of you with your scarecrow, and send it in along with your name, age, of the hanger into the mouth broomstick several inches into of the jug. Hold everything in and address. You might see it in an upcoming issue! the ground until it stands firm. place while your adult helper Mail it to “My Scarecrow,” Humpty Dumpty, P.O. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Or e-mail your secures it with duct tape. photo to [email protected] Submissions become the property of U.S. Kids. 2020 2121 Things To do Answers on page 34. Art bAyrtMbayrcMuasrCcuustleCrutler by Jacqueline Schiff These flowers show the number of raindrops they need to keep blooming. Fill in the missing letters in each word. Then unscramble the first Work the problem on each cloud to learn how many raindrops it holds. letters of the words to spell the name of a well-known March holiday. Then draw a line from each cloud to the flower that should get its rain. 1. A jig and a reel are types of __ __ N __ E S 2. A Claddagh ______ (finger jewelry) __ I N __ 5 + 3 + 10 – 5 12 + 5 + 3 + 2 17 – 5 + 10 – 5 3. Three-leafed green plant __ __ A M __ __ __ K 4. Eat a delicious pudding and say __ U M 5. Thick soup containing meat and veggies __ T __ W 6. A person who likes to celebrate: party __ __ I M __ L 12 + 3 – 8 + 1 8+7+3–8 7. Country nicknamed “The Emerald Isle” __ R __ L __ N __ 8. Corned beef and __ A __ B __ G __ 9. You’ll see floats and marching bands in a __ __ R A D __ 10. It protects a cook’s clothing __ P __ O __ 11. A leprechaun’s mischievous prank __ __ I __ K 12. Skirt-like garment for men __ I __ T 13. Hot drink (not coffee) __ __ A __ __. __ __ __ __ __ __ __’__ __ __ __ You don’t have to get wet in the spring. Can you find the dry path through these puddles? 30 31 Mix&Fix: Yummy Flowers Fruit Flowers by Ed Pessalano What You Do: Art by Christopher Wurth 1. Wash your hands. Spread peanut butter Everything’s blooming and so is this snack! Ask your adult to help you on the graham crackers, and put them make these fruit and veggie flowers to share with friends or family. on the plate. Fruit Flowers 2. Banana-grape flower: Place the banana in the center of a cracker. Circle What You Need: it with grape halves, cut-side down. • Butter knife • Peanut butter 3. Apple-raisin flower: Place the raisins • 2 graham crackers in the center of the other cracker. Circle • Plate them with apple slices. • 1 banana slice • 4 red or green grapes, 13 washed and halved • 1 tablespoon of raisins • ½ apple, washed, cored, and thinly sliced Veggie Flowers What You Need: • Butter knife • Spreadable low-fat cream cheese • 2 large whole-grain crackers • Plate • 1 grape tomato, washed and halved • Small broccoli florets, rinsed and dried • ½ orange or yellow bell pepper, washed and sliced 12

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Butterfly BananafliesFun Food: 3. Break the last two pretzels Art by Christopher Wurth to make antennae. Insert two antennae into the top of each banana. Wash With a little help from your adult, you can make these yummy spring bananaflies! Your Hands! You Will Need: 4. Use the chocolate (Makes two servings.) chips or cranberries • 2 small bananas, peeled for eyes. • 6 mini pretzels • 4 mini chocolate chips or or Your yummy bananafly is ready to flutter into your mouth. Mmm. dried cranberries What to Do: 1. Place each banana on a plate. 2. Gently insert a pretzel about 1/3 of the way into the sides of the bananas. These are the wings. 20 21 27 Can you find these butterflies The Butterfly Egg in the picture? by Jo Carol Hebert 5 Illustrated by Amy Wummer 4 3 Once there was a little egg, No bigger than a dot. It hatched into a little worm And ate and ate a lot. It wrapped up in a blanket And then went beddy-bye; And when it woke, it was surprised To be a BUTTERFLY! 30 31

Build a Book Show-and-Tell Surprise by Genevieve Petrillo Illustrated by Elisa Chavarri “Bye, little mantises,” the kids said. Meg brought a twig to school “Let’s release them in the “Enjoy your new home!” for show-and-tell. There was a school garden,” Ms. Perry said. strange-looking ball stuck to it. “They’ll eat pests that hurt the plants.” 8 2 7 May I The children scooped up all the “It’s some kind of egg case,” Ms. Perry said. They placed the twig on the science table. The next morning, the egg case Take Your baby mantises and put them in the jar. “Ooh … cool,” the students whispered. “I’ll bring a jar for it tomorrow,” was empty. Praying mantis babies Ms. Perry said. Order? 6 3 were everywhere! 4 by Nicole Fournier Mulloy 5 Art by Gary LaCoste Mosquito pizza and a cup of mud Are on the menu today.Or would you care for a slug sundae On a silver tray? Piles of pine needles and pine cones Baked in a lovely pie, Or cherry pits and dinosaur bones Served with cream of fly?Lava rocks and slippery earthworms Make a delicious treat; We sprinkle them on dirty snow And serve with buffalo meat. Gravel mixed with acorns And the hair of ten baboons Makes quite a crunchy snack When watching your cartoons. For dessert, we serve the very best, So perfectly enticing: Caterpillar cupcakes Topped with grasshopper icing. We hope that you enjoy your meal. Make sure to tip your waiter.If you’re brave, come back tomorrow; We’re serving alligator! Hidden are six dinosaur bones. Can you find them? Answer on page 34. Ant Farm LLDeertatoa’rswn by Jean FranklinTwo worker ants have been asked to fetch water. Begin at START 1 Let’s create some friendly 2 Draw two more loops Now, add a thick, fuzzy and follow the path through the tunnel to find the water pump. dragonflies! First, make a underneath, then a curvy sideways figure eight. line by itself, off to one side. 3 line through the middle to Finish form the body. 4 On the curvy line, draw Add two squiggles to the top Dragonflies are now in three more loops, two cuddling and one alone. 5 of each line in the middle. 6 sight. With your colors, paint them bright. Try iT here!10 Start 13 REGULAR Know UR Food Get a Move on! Kids Wanna know Pinky and the Bees FEATURES Without honey bees to spread pollen, many food Looking for a cool outdoor game to play Is it true that we only use Art and story by Valeri Gorbachev by Elizabeth G. Terry, R.N., M.S.N., C.P.N.P. crops would die off. Let’s take an up-close look at in cold weather? Bundle up for an 15-30% of our brain? AntennAe these powerful pollinators and their hive! ice-cube scavenger hunt! Pinky’s uncle Boar is a beekeeper. Allow the bee to smell Tim in New York “Here’s a present for you from the bees,” Uncle Boar eYeS WInGS 1. Mix water with food coloring, then fill an said. “They know how much you love honey.” and measure flight speed. Made up Two pairs for flying ice cube tray with the dyed water. The idea that we only use “Thank you, bees!” Pinky said happily. CeLLS of thousands of and cooling the hive a small percentage of our brain has been around Hexagons for storing tiny lenses. 2. Freeze the tray overnight. for many years. However, Dr. Eric Chudler, a 12 nectar collected from in summer. 3. Ask an adult to hide the colorful ice cubes University of Washington neuroscientist, says, “It flowers as well as honey. is not true! We use all of our brain. Brain scans outside. show that all parts of the brain function. Even 4. The person who finds the most cubes wins! during sleep the brain is active. The brain is still being ‘used,’ it is just in a different active state.” After a day of outdoor fun, come inside WAX for a mug of honey hot cocoa. As our bee “Why did the bees try to sting me?” Pinky asked. GLAnDS friends demonstrate, honey is a high- “The bees were not trying to sting you,” Mama said. Produce beeswax. energy food that can warm you up. It can “They were after the sweet nectar inside your f lowers.” even help soothe a winter cough! “Oh! I’m so glad they like my present!” Pinky said. You Will Need: In the Nov/Dec issue, Stephanie in Indiana CAP Traces of still-edible honey have • ½ cup honey asked for help with house-training her puppy. Made of beeswax been found in the tombs of • ½ cup unsweet- Aria in New Jersey says, “I used to have the by a worker bee Egyptian pharaohs. same problem! Try teaching him the com- ened cocoa mand ‘Go potty’ when you go out for walks. to cover the Honey bees communicate with • ½ cup water For inside-the-house training, try using puppy honey-filled cell. one another by “dancing.” • 1 teaspoon vanilla pads. It worked for me!” The honey bee is the only What do bees do in winter? Sit in their insect that produces food extract Here’s our new letter. Send your advice with your hives and pig out on honey, of course! eaten by humans. • 3 cups milk name, age, and state. We’ll print answers in the maga- Eating honey allows the bees to produce Directions: zine or on the website! enough body heat to keep the colony a toasty AREA FOR SPOT ART In saucepan, mix honey, cocoa, and water. 90°F. Shivering worker bees huddle around SHOWING SHIVERING Warm over low heat 5 minutes. Remove Dear kids, the queen to keep her warm, then rotate WORKER BEES HUDDLED from heat and stir in vanilla. Set mixture Everyone at my school plays hockey or from the middle to the outside of the group AROUND THE QUEEN aside. Heat milk in another saucepan. Stir so no one bee gets too cold. chocolate mixture into warm milk. Serve soccer. I like sports, but I don’t really like 30 in four mugs. hockey or soccer. Any ideas? Roger in Wisconsin Do you have a question? Kids Helping Kids will answer it! email ques- tions and advice to [email protected] or snail mail them to “Kids Helping Kids,” Jack and Jill, P.o. Box 567, Indianapolis, IN 46206. Illustrated by Jimmy Holder seCachnteisocwnkeoorfsuuttostkhyiedos“umKr iahdgessaW.lctaohnmqnuafoeKsrnteiooxwnpse”.rt Want to visit a bee farm? Go to 15 31

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What you need: by Corey Michael Dalton 25 Small balloon Water Bowl Screwdriver Battery-powered tea light What to do: 1. Fill balloon with water until it’s 6-8 inches across. Tie closed. 2. Put water-filled balloon in bowl. Place in freezer (or outside, if it’s cold enough). 3. Let freeze for 12-24 hours, checking it every once in a while. You do NOT want it to freeze completely solid! 4. After a thick shell of ice has formed, puncture balloon and pull it away from ice. 5. Use screwdriver to make a hole in the bottom of the ice globe. Drain remaining water. Widen hole until it fits over tea light. 6. Turn on tea light and place globe over it. Now put your ice luminary out- side to light up those cold winter nights! Tip: Add food coloring to the water to make colored luminaries, too!Space Fleet is Calling!Before joining Space ScoringFleet, all cadets must know a few facts Now turn the page upside down to check your answers. about outer space. Give yourself 2 points for each one you got right. Then Take this pre-entry exam look below to see if you’re Space Fleet find out if you’ve got what it takes to explore 8-10 points: Wow! Pack your bags. the final frontier! You’re going to Mars!Circle the item in each 4-6 points: You’re on the right track! group that is NOT Keep up the good work, and you’ll like the other two. be breaking gravity in no time. 0-2 points: No worries! You still have Group 1 plenty of time to study before your first mission into space.a. Mercuryb. Saturnc. MoonGroup 2a. Polka dot starb. Blue starc. Red starGroup 3a. Space capsuleb. Space shuttlec. Submarine Group 4a. Asteroidb. Thyroidc. CometGroup 5a. Astronautb. Juggernautc. Cosmonaut Group 1: c. Mercury and Saturn are planets. The moon is a satellite of the planet Earth. 31 Group 2: a. Blue stars and red stars are types of stars. A polka dot star is just plain silliness! Group 3: c. Space capsules and space shuttles take people into space. Submarines take people underwater. Group 4: b. Asteroids and comets are chunks of rock or ice that orbit the sun. The thyroid is an organ in the human neck. Group 5: b. Astronauts and cosmonauts are people who travel in space. A juggernaut is something that’s unstoppable. Things To do Answers on page 34. Art by Shaw Nielsen by Charlotte Gunnufson Can you find your way Ana and Alonzo have discovered a new solar system with six planets orbiting a star called Nus. through this Ana has given Alonzo a list of six clues. Can you help Alonzo give each planet the correct name? American flag maze? Clues: 4. Beebo has the most moons. 1. Ing has rings. 5. Matik is farthest from Nus. 2. Ipp is in the orbit closest to Nus. 6. Zarania is between Ooloo and Ing. 3. Ooloo has two moons. Planet Names: by Colleen Fahy 1. _______________ 2. _______________ Arrange the highway numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 3. _______________ and 9 on the signs so that any three highways in a 4. _______________ straight line going up, down, or across add up to 15. 5. _______________ Each number will be used only once. 6. _______________ by Rosie Centrone Place the names of these 18 cats into the grid. M We’ve done one for you. O U Hidden in this puzzle are 16 out-of-this-world 3 letters Jungle (cat) 9 letters N words. Can you find them? Search up, down, T backward, forward, and diagonally. Bonus: Can Rex Ocelot Shorthair A you find the word “Sun” three times? I Tom 7 letters 11 letters N Clouded (leopard) 4 letters Marbled (cat) Russian Blue 31 Bush Comet Star Mars Lynx Siamese 12 letters Galaxy Sun Mercury 5 letters Spotted Scottish Fold Meteor Pluto Neptune Black (leopard) 8 letters Balinese Moon Earth Saturn Tiger 6 letters ✓ Mountain (cat) Planet Jupiter Uranus Bobcat Venus 30

Life in Space A space station is a big satellite built to let people live on board as it orbits in space for long periods of time. The first space station Art by Merill Rainey was launched into space in 1971. Life on a space station is differ- ent from life on Earth. Hidden in this poster are 9 things that are part of everyday life in space. Use the clues to reveal them, then search for them in the scene. Don't be afraid to do some research! CLUES 1. Visiting crew members sleep in one of these tied to a wall. 2. Astronauts get around the space station this way because there is no gravity mixed with water and sipped from a plastic bag. 7. On Earth, these solid condiments are shaken onto food to add flavor, but in in space. 3. This is the only space station in orbit right now. 4. Space stations orbit this planet. 5. In this area of the space station, astronauts work to make discoveries in fields like biology, chemistry, and medicine. 6. Normally a liquid, this space food comes in powder form and is space they are liquids. 8. Astronauts have to wear this special clothing that supplies oxygen only when they venture out into space. 9. The permanent crew changes every few months but will always have this many astronauts. Answers on page 34.StorieS & ArticleS THINGS FECRluAeL: Answers on page 34. TO DOThe Hand-Me-Down the problem. Then Grandma stopped and sipped could keep it.” A__s_u_d__d_e_n__e_r_uption tWooAbAdcjoeiR(slcncNitkosIteoNveerGoClrlaua:tntroChiioosmeunnnaanniln)s.e,niCcmaigtoganeonlronnocCrleouyincnptttgshottethefhletnsleatunatwmuhiroshmbnfieetboherersimradSeoniindnndtggstbthitaalnehuresetyrhfeooirlsSuonlostmetwlsian!1rsetftaiooerfls2da7.n some water. “You still have my old space suit? I “Then I’ll ask Aunt Julia. That suit kept her safe 11RaECM“lusOheo:TAoEtl_sino_g_c_as_tl_lae_rd_.”____ofenergy. wore it when I helped build this place. Did I everSpace SuiT bbyyPPaammeelalaLLoovvee tell you about the time my friend’s tether broke? in a sandstorm on the highest mountain on Mars. 33 22 IcalHCEluAeR:TO_u_r__h_o_m__e_.___ ClAueR:MOSu_r_n_e__x_t-_d_o_o__r_neighbor. Illustrated by Jack Desrocher AArtrtbbyyMMeerrrirlilllRRaainineeyy He started drifting away into space—” She’d never recycle it,” said Chloe. 55 44 33 66 “But you held out a support rod for him to “Well, you can try,” said Grandma. ONOm aNaGraAn anagram is a 22 11 27 27 27 27 grab. You saved him!” Chloe interrupted. “Mom Aunt Julia was at work, so Chloe asked Uncle says I can keep the space suit if I find somewhere Edward instead. He shook his head. “Sorry, but aSTr word formed by rearranging mS 66 66 2 2 17 17 24 24 23 23 else to put it.” we are recycling lots of things, too. We’re adopt- 77 88 ing a little boy and we’ll need more room.” the letters of another word. 26 26 Grandma sighed. “I’d like to help. But in a Looking unhappy, week, another scientist will be sharing my room.” he said, “I’m even (For example, you could rearrange 25 25 22 22 She pointed to her recycling bin. “I’m even recy- giving up my 21 21 cling my first telescope. I was your age when I trumpet. I don’t “staple” to make “plates.”) 15 1516 16 bought it. I haven’t used it in years, but I wish I play it much 20 20 Rearrange the words on the shooting stars 24 24 23 23 dtousctraenatdhtegaatesim.ghattcshptahcee-greivlaetnedcluanesa.gramsCTluReA:CAERCbAlo_uRw_eT_:lS_-As__h__ga__ip_g__e_a_d_n__dt_iec_p_gr_leo_swsioinngobnaltlhoefggraosu.nd. 10 10 11 11 14 14 17 17 88 99 11 11 12 12 13 13 18 18 19 19 19 19 UCNluAeB: LCElo_u_d__o_f__in_t_e_r_stellar 13 13 55 44 77 88UCNluSeT:OAPdSa_r_k__a_r_e_a_o__n_the sun. FttihwnedinSyoSuyaoteSuuaxrtpenuxoirpasneoniastsenhhetashhpiemaepi-pmseoh-psisftohtosiefrtrtobeirsyrbhsisypidhosiptindtogiintntaggimntaghomenthgotwesntgottwshatoeltiehaNnelieseNptnhtesuaptnthtuiaaanrtneiaanernexaatneicxavtaetlyicsvt.aelylsik.aeli?ke? One morning, Chloe saw that a space suit was ExTraTErrESTrIal -- A missing. Not the one Mom wore every day to make A repairs outside the space station. Not the one Chloe TExTING used on field trips to the moon. This space suit was CCaann special. It had been Grandma’s, then Aunt Julia’s, Ground control has intercepted an alien then Mom’s. Chloe planned to wear it as soon as it fit. transmission! Use the key at right to decode the message and discover what the aliens are saying. At breakfast, Chloe asked Mom, “Where’s your old space suit?” the space suit, I won’t recycle it.” “Could we send it back to Earth?” Chloe Mom said, “In the recycling bin.” Chloe dropped her toast, which floated away. asked, hopefully. “But I wanted to wear it someday.” Mom shook her head. “Too expensive.” Mom caught the toast. “I’m sorry. I’d like to keep Chloe wouldn’t give up. Hand over hand, her it, but our closet’s much too crowded. You have your own space suit now. When you’re grown, you legs floating behind her, she pulled herself up the won’t want that old hand-me-down.” ladder to see her grandmother on the next level. “You wore it when you found that meteorite with a fossil in it on the moon. That fossil’s old, too, and Grandma exercised while Chloe explained they keep it in a museum,” Chloe said. Mom smiled. “You know how crowded the space 21 32 33 station is, but if you can find another place to keep20

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StorieS & ArticleS Things To do sleeping bag or sandstorms that tore the skin ECgargton DDiinnoossaauurrss with the ferocity of a thousand knives. ThereA Monstrous Tale sleeve. This story would never have been retold were man-made dangers, too—rich countries Make your very own dinosaur out of egg 1. 2. Lorna Elliot had it not been for the curiosity, bravery, and surrounding Mongolia were often at war, and cartons! Whether you make him ferocious or 3.Art by Bart Rivers can-do attitude of Roy Chapman Andrews, the locals couldn’t pass up the chance of a good kind, he’ll be great at protecting your most 9 a staff member at the American Museum of raiding party! special treasures inside his egg-carton body. Raindrops drip, dripped down tree trunks and Ignoring the chaos all around her, a mother Natural History in New York City. He took many through the lacy fingers of huge green ferns. Protaceratops used her flexible fifth finger to expeditions to remote and dangerous locations. Suddenly, the peaceful scene was shattered You Will Need: Dragonflies as big as seagulls hovered over stag- gently lay the last leafy fern over her nest of 25 We find Andrews on the mother of all expedi- by car tires blowing up clouds of dust. The nant pools while giant beetles, hairy spiders, and eggs, which was raised up off the earth in a sau- tions to uncover the secrets to the origins of life vehicle screeched to a halt a few inches from (Makes one dinosaur) all sorts of other supersized creepy-crawlies scuttled cer of sand. She had done as much as she could on Earth. Andrews’ chair. George Olson, assistant pale- • 3 six-pack egg cartons (the inside supports across the forest floor. In the distance, the black, to protect her babies until they were ready to ontologist, leaped out of the car. rain-filled clouds were streaked with red, mauve, hatch. Now it was time to join the rest of her herd Date: July 13, 1923. Location: the Flaming between egg holders must be tall) copper, and gold as a volcano spewed clouds of on their long journey to new feeding grounds. Cliffs, somewhere in the windswept nothing- “Found them!” he yelled. “We were right!” • Scissors burning ash and red-hot boulders into the sky. ness of the Gobi Dessert. It was several minutes before he was able • Masking tape This is the start of our story, and where, for to describe the cause of his excitement. He • Paintbrushes A blood-curdling screech suddenly ripped apart our family of Protaceratops, it began and ended, Andrews stood outside his tent. To his right had found a nest of fossilized dinosaur eggs. • Acrylic craft paints the solemn silence. The victor in today’s fight far too soon. This story is buried not only in the stood the 125 tethered camels that had hauled There, sticking up out of the red sandstone limped away. Its 3,000-pound opponent turned sands of time but also under tons of rock, bad supplies all the way from China; to his left sat layers, were three eggs, egg fragments, and Directions: its eyes skyward before keeling into the soft sand luck, meteor showers, volcanic lava, ice, and the automobiles that the team used to ferry the skeleton of a baby dinosaur. with an earth-shuddering thump! everything else Mother Nature had up her themselves between excavation sites. The smell The find was hugely important; until that 1. Cut out four of the inside supports from of mutton wafted over armed men taking turns day, scientists had assumed that dinosaurs two of the egg cartons. These will be the6 on patrol. There was danger—and not just from had given birth to live young. Excavating the legs. Use masking tape to attach each poisonous snakes wanting to snuggle into a world’s first nest of dinosaur eggs changed support (narrow tip facing down) to an their theory. For you and I, the discovery egg holder on the underside of the third provides the last chapter for a mother and egg carton, the dinosaur’s body. her unhatched babies. It finishes a story that started millions of years ago under rain- 2. Cut out one more support from one streaked skies; a story of sacrifice and survival; of the egg cartons. This will be the tail. a story that ended before it began, and was Tape it onto one end of the carton's lid. only now, in 1923, finally being told. 3. To make the dinosaur’s head, cut out 7 one of the egg holders from a carton’s underside. Tape it onto the front of the dinosaur’s body. Carefully cut the mouth in half so that the carton can still open. 4. Cut out two egg holders. Tape them onto the top of the carton so they are the bumps on the dinosaur's back. 5. Paint your dinosaur whatever colors you choose. Don’t forget to paint the dino’s underside and the inside of his mouth! 8 Things To do Art by Shaw Nielsen These dinosaurs are all tangled in a knot. Help untie them by tracing each tail to its owner. Coloring each dinosaur with a different crayon will help. One of these dinosaurs Backstroke has adapted (changed) Breaststroke to get a little ahead of its friends. Butterfly Can you figure Crawl out which one? Fins Float 30 Freestyle

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