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Published by KSS Architects, 2015-10-22 11:27:53

Description: Capabilities package for Normandy

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KSS ARCHITECTSFIRM HISTORY than ever before, our inquisitive minds and deep expertise provide the unique ability to solveKSS Architects is a full-service architecture, challenges with elegant, effective solutions that goplanning, and interior design firm in Princeton, New beyond single paradigm design.Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since ourfounding in Princeton in 1983, KSS Architects has RELATIONSHIPS that are lastingmatured, growing in size, abilities, and ambitions.KSS today has a staff of near 60 talented and We believe that deep human relationships are thededicated design professionals passionate about heart of all great architecture. We value buildingcreating built environments that stimulate those relationships as much as the building ofcommerce, learning, and community. stone and steel. We are experts at building bonds between people and project, client and community.GUIDANCE through the process Our firm creates design solutions that facilitate and celebrate these interwoven relationships,Our clients are leaders in the fields of business, creating rich and rewarding communities.industry, education, development, cultural andsocial impact. They call us their trusted advisor DESIGN that inspiresbecause we have honed a process of ideation,built upon intensive listening, deep research, and Architecture, when steeped in expertisecollaborative imagining. We think like owners, and insight, can affect meaningful change—stewarding all the resources of the project to the transforming the heart of the matter beyondgreatest return. We have earned the trust of our metal and mortar, into empowerment, creativity,clients to lead them through challenges, manage knowledge and achievement. Thoughtful detailthe process, and exceed their goals with design embedded in a structure cultivates change -that inspires and execution that delivers. meaningful and lasting change.INNOVATION in the intersections We consistently use creativity to turn opportunityinto reality. We are relentless and fearless inour re-imagining of what places can be, creatingmeaningful innovation that realizes many goalsat once. Although we face a world more complex 4|


BURLINGTON STORES, INC.NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERSSeeking to renew its image and its place in the diverse workforce together. Informal meetingoff-price retail marketplace, Burlington Stores’ spaces, an outdoor meeting and lunch space,new corporate headquarters creates a modern and café all provide opportunity to converse,and dynamic workplace where its brand is on meet, and connect. Overall, the building’s twodisplay for the world to see. A place where buyers, forms are linked by a sweep of transparent glass,sellers and designers can come together, the new which showcases the activity within and bringscorporate headquarters fosters collaboration as a all facets of the company together. A red ribbonplace where product and people connect. wall reinforces the Burlington brand. Burlington Stores’ new headquarters expresses its brand andThe new multi-story building features and open reinforces its position in layout, a wide range of amenities, and avariety of spaces designed to bring Burlington’sLocation: Burlington, New JerseySize: 225,000 sf new constructionProgram: Corporate HeadquartersFeatures: Open and Collaborative Spaces, Fitness Center, Conference Space, Multi-Purpose Training Area, Outdoor Meeting and Lunch Space, Cafe

W. W. GRAINGER, INC.NORTHEAST DISTRIBUTION CENTERThis new 1.3 million square foot distribution center will The building enhances that process by addressingbe the third ground up facility that KSS has designed employee well-being as much as much as it doesfor Grainger in a relationship that began in 1994. efficiency. Inside are multi-tiered work areas and an advanced automated retrieval system, all inInnovation has always been at the heart of these spaces that are conditioned and day-lit. Places forbuildings matching the Grainger vision of customer offices, gathering, and just relaxing, were givenservice. Transformed by the advent of e-commerce, great attention in this transformed distributionThe Northeast Distribution Center will bring center. Although this footprint is big, it carefullytogether more than 600 employees, focused on considers itself in the environment in a project thatdelivering Grainger products faster and in a way is committed to a LEED Gold rating. The Graingermore customized than ever envisioned before. branded identity is ever present, announcing and reinforcing a vision that is always ahead of its time.Location: New JerseySize: 1.3 million sf.Program: Flexible, state-of-the-art distribution centerFeatures: Cafe, Office space, Support space, Training rooms, Warehouse

THE TRAMMELL CROW COMPANY AND CLARION PARTNERSLEHIGH VALLEY INDUSTRIAL PARKVII DISTRIBUTION CENTERPart of Lehigh Valley Industrial Park VII, a 1,000- adds visual interest, while vegetated screens hideacre business park taking shape on contaminated the loading docks beyond.and abandoned land once home to Bethlehem SteelCorporation, KSS’ speculative distribution center Situated on a brownfield, the team incorporatedpays homage to the site’s industrial past while environmental systems into the building’s design.creating a flexible design future users. A venting layer below the slab with a continuous vapor barrier prevents harmful gases below groundA double-loaded warehouse for up to two tenants, from getting into the building. Should any gasthe new building can accommodate manufacturing, escape, a passive venting system of wind-activatedretail, distribution and office. To anchor the entry, turbines on the roof is in place to alleviate thea glass “lantern” with muntins harkens to the issue.former steel plant’s architectural aesthetic whilebringing in much-needed natural light. A canopyLocation: Lehigh Valley, New JerseySize: 677,000 sfFeatures: Double-loaded, 32-foot clear height building with 135 loading docks, car parking, and trailer parking

MATRIX GROUP | MERCEDES-BENZ USAPARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTERWhen Mercedes-Benz embarked on their goal of and training spaces. The distribution center hascreating the finest warehouse in the world, it was many “firsts.” Programmatically, it is the firstonly natural that the sleek and classic beauty of to receive any part shipped from Europe to thethe company’s W125 Silver Arrow racing car would United States. As the first building to occupyinspire its architecture. KSS created a building the industrial development park at New Jerseythat celebrates the Mercedes-Benz aesthetic in an Turnpike Interchange 7A, it had to be perfectlyentirely new scale, utilizing layers of perforated oriented on the site to create a lasting impressionand solid metal panels and glass, redefining the on the public. The distribution center brings instandards of industrial architecture. Inside this extensive natural light and creates a workplacebuilding is the Mercedes-Benz east coast parts environment that conveys the qualities of whatdistribution center as well as extensive office it’s like to work for Mercedes-Benz.Location: Washington Township, New JerseySize: 1.2 million sfFeatures: Office space, Support space, Training rooms, Warehouse

COCA-COLA REFRESHMENTSDISTRIBUTION FACILITYThe new facility is focused on Coca-Cola’s strategic need for artificial lighting during daytime buildingplan for growth and promotes the company’s operations. Energy-efficient, hi-bay fluorescentcorporate values of sustainability. Having achieved light fixtures will operate on occupancy sensors.LEED Silver rating, it will use at least 20 percent Water efficient plumbing fixtures will reduce waterless energy than a comparable building type usage by 35 percent of U.S. EPA standards, and athrough strategic sustainable design measures. white-colored roof will mitigate heat island effect.Insulated precast wall panels improve the thermal Interior finishes will include both renewable andperformance of the building envelope and required regionally manufactured materials. This modelless time and energy for construction. Perimeter building is also a clear and bold expression of theclerestory windows and daylighting tubes that Coca-Cola brand identity.are coupled with daylighting sensors reduce theLocation: South Brunswick, New JerseySize: 226,000 sf (20,000 sf office)Clear Height: 32 ftFeatures: 16 dock doors, 6 high-bay, drive-in doors, White membrane roof

FORSGATE INDUSTRIAL PARTNERS | HYUNDAI MOTOR CORPORATIONPARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTERLocated on the summit of the hill at the New The rear-loaded, end parts distribution center forJersey Turnpike’s Interchange 8A, the Hyundai Hyundai’s northeast region towers dramaticallyDistribution Center slowly emerges into view for above grade. Horizontally, long expanses oftravelers on highway. The design and accessibility clerestory windows allow daylight to penetrate theof the prominent building, wrapped on three warehouse. The exterior comprises intersecting,sides by the highway, suited Hyundai’s needs bent planes of brick masonry, concrete block,while speaking to the architectural vernacular of and glass that at times cantilever into space.Forsgate Industrial Partners. In addition to the parts distribution center, the building contains corporate offices as well as a fully equipped automobile maintenance training facility.Location: Jamesburg, New JerseySize: 352,000 sf (30,000 sf office)Clear Height: 36 ftFeatures: Office space, Service training facility, Parts distribution center, Warehouse

MATRIX DEVELOPMENT GROUP BRACCO DIAGNOSTICSTo revitalize the Rhodia Pharmaceutical Campus a completely new workspace environment that isin central New Jersey and attract new corporate open, collaborative and sustainable. A key to theusers, KSS Architects collaborated with Matrix success of this transition was a visioning processDevelopment Group to create a new Master Plan and change management activities toward gainingfor the prominent site along the New Jersey buy-in from management and employees alike.Turnpike. The plan and designs highlight thecampus’ park-like atmosphere and show how Through the incorporation of lit glass panels,infrastructure, such as parking, allows each Bracco’s identity is highly visible from the Newbuilding to stand alone. Jersey Turnpike. Bracco’s brand is further woven through the space through graphic images andKSS and Matrix renovated Building H for Bracco color. KSS’ ability to provide complete designDiagnostics, an advanced technology developer of services, including interior design, helped bring thismedical imaging devices. The new offices provide important corporate client to the campus.Location: Monroe, New Jersey Interior Designer: Sheila Nall, ASIDScope: Interior Fit-OutConstruction Cost: $14 millionYear Completed: 2007Size: 112,087 corporate office building interior fit-outProgram: Corporate office building in commercial office parkFeatures: Conference Center, Offices, Training Rooms, Collaborative Workspace, Open Gallery Space, Inter-connecting Stair

THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SYSTEMS TECHNOLOGYThomas Jefferson University is blazing its path to KSS, melding input from the Jefferson IS&T teamthe future by creating a dedicated and customized and Epic Consultancy, came decision-ready to eachspace for its new Electronic Health Records Team— meeting, identifying efficiencies and streamliningyet to be hired, but already setting the tone for processes. The resulting designs and specificationsthe University’s technological advancement via are astute yet agile—a combination of multi-innovation and functionality, collaboration and disciplinary, open team areas and quiet, morecreativity. The 30,000 sf space in Philadelphia is personal spaces. A fluid, open floor plan that alsodesigned to accommodate multiple user groups and affords privacy. Specific program elements include aaccomplish many operational goals at once. Above all variety of conference and training rooms as well aselse, it must attract and retain the right personnel to huddle pods, hotel stations, a genius bar and café.staff the department—becoming a workplace of both Broad brush strokes paint a flexible, expressive workcomfort and inspiration. Driving the project ahead? space, awash in natural light, generating a tangibleThe ambitious seven-month time frame. sense of modern thought and deed to complement the department’s historic surroundings.Location: Philadelphia, PASize: 30,000 sf consolidation and expansionFeatures: Administrative offices, Open work stations, Executive office suites, Collaborative spaces

AEGIS PROPERTY GROUP | PRINCETON UNIVERSITY INVESTMENT22 CHAMBERS STREET RENOVATIONBuilt in the 1950s, the former medical building at all levels in a central Investment Area with lowin downtown Princeton was ill-suited for the workstations that will foster collaboration andprofessional and modern office environment required awareness of work activities. The design gatheredby Princeton University Investment Company, which offices together to improve efficiency and addedoccupied three of the building’s five stories. areas for informal and formal interactions including a lounge, library and flex space.To begin the significant renovation andreprogramming of space, KSS Architects worked KSS designed the project to meet LEED Silverclosely with the University and building occupants Commercial Interiors requirements. The renovationto assess their work flow, ideal work environments, also updated building systems, including HVAC, toand plans for growth. The existing space segregated improve energy efficiency and installed new modernprivate offices, administrative staff, and workstations architectural finishes, furniture systems, and ITin a different wing, leaving little opportunity for infrastructure. KSS also coordinated constructioninteraction. KSS reorganized the floors into a modern phasing and helped identify swing space for tenants.and open work environment that integrated workersLocation: Princeton, New JerseyProgram: Off-campus Administration BuildingSize: 16,000 sfFeatures: Reprogramming, Reorganization, Offices, Workstations, Conference Space, Flex Space, Open Workstations, LibraryRecognition: Designed to meet LEED Silver-CI requirements

ALLERGANCORPORATE OFFICESeeking a larger presence in New Jersey—one of California feel, reminiscent of the company’s homethe nation’s top pharmaceutical hubs—Allergan base. The open environment is relaxed, clean,teamed up with KSS Architects to develop new and inviting, offering space for collaboration andplanning concepts for a three-phase office interaction. The first phase complete, KSS workedrenovation in Bridgewater. Having previously within a limited budget to repurpose as muchworked with KSS to fit-out its first office space in of the existing office environment as possible,New Jersey, Allergan readily selected the firm for maximizing change through finishes, graphics,its expansion plans. and furnishings. The subsequent two phases will re-imagine the office environment, creating glass-Spanning three floors, KSS teamed with Allergan’s enclosed offices on the interior of the floor layoutCalifornia-based design consultant to create a and workstations along the exterior.light, bright and flexible work environment with aLocation: Bridgewater, New Jersey Interior Designer: Sheila Nall, ASIDScope: Interior renovation for relocation of Corporate officesConstruction Cost: $3.5 millionYear Completed: 2014Size: 28,000 sfFeatures: Collaborative Meeting Space, Cafe, Office Fit Out, Private Offices, Workstations, Conference Space, Storage

THE RICHARD STOCKTON COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEYMATHEMATICAIn the vast region of preserved forests and responsibility and preserves Stockton’s naturalwetlands known as the New Jersey Pinelands, setting. Sited at the head of a future campusStockton College is naturally situated to become a green, the campus center has become a destinationleading practitioner of sustainable design. As the that greets visitors and fulfills everyday services ofcollege continues to grow, it faces the challenges of the community.creating a campus able to attract top students andfaculty, meet the needs of academic and collegiate The design translates the existing forestedlife, and simultaneously celebrate its integration transition between the college and outsideand place in nature. community by using organic, nature-inspired architectural details such as soaring columnsThe new building provides a place where the topped by outstretched trusses reminiscent ofcommunity can truly realize the Stockton College tree limbs, and a drop ceiling canopy created fromvalues and culture. KSS coordinated managing the wood panels. Sustainable design elements includecollege’s project budget with designing a social an Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage, an energy-and cultural center that supports environmental efficient geothermal heating and cooling system.Location: Pomona, New JerseySize: 153,000 sf new constructionFeatures: Meeting spaces, Dining facilities, Bookstore, Retail destinations, Theater, Informal hang out spaces, Admissions, Dean of Students, Student servicesRecognition: Special Citation, American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase. LEED Gold certification.Associate Architect: VMDO Architects

THE CHILDREN’S PLACECORPORATE HEADQUARTERSThe Children’s Place, a national retailer of children’s showcases the current product to visitors, andclothing and merchandise, wanted to consolidate serves as impromptu meeting space.their New Jersey offices into a three-story officespace located within an active retail development. When selecting the materials and interior finishes to create a sophisticated, functional and corporateTwo full-scale mock stores in the headquarters work environment, KSS Architects carefullyallow the design and marketing team members to integrated TCP’s four signature colors—pink, blue,experiment with product displays and train staff to green and purple—as accent colors. The team alsoensure a consistent store brand across the nation. balanced TCP’s need for extensive storage spaceOpen work areas integrated with private offices with the need to provide daylighting and qualityallow for executive, design, and administrative lighting to studio spaces. By collaborating closelystaff members to collaborate. A cafe located with TCP, the project team, and local officials, KSSbetween the two mock stores creates a “mall completed the renovation and tenant fit-out fromlike” atmosphere that allows for visual product programming to completion in just 10 months.display for the design and merchandising groups,Location: Secaucus, New JerseyProgram: Corporate HeadquartersSize: 140,000 sfFeatures: Mock Store, Training Room, Team Room, Food Service, Offices, and Conference Room

PRINCETON UNIVERSITYOFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYThe staff of Princeton University’s Office of personnel who were scattered throughout theinformation Technology had a long wish list for their campus under one roof in a building that fostersnew administrative building. Though they enjoyed collaboration in light-filled, open spaces. Thebeing a part of the exciting university atmosphere, flexibility of the design balances connectivity,their existing facilities were inadequate on both security and privacy, according to the users’ needs.the exterior and interior. They had termed theirconcrete and glass masonry block finishes as “1960s As the first Princeton building to be sitedriot architecture” and found their disorganized off-campus that is completely dedicated tointerior layout counterproductive. From the lack of administrative functions, it will become a new modelcollaborative work and meeting spaces to the poor for housing the university’s administrative services.interior environment, lighting and individual office Relocating staff to a new location just off campusdesks, the occupants were ready for a fresh start. made “change management” of crucial importance. KSS Architects led the change management processThe new administration building at 701 Carnegie by helping staff and people acclimate to the newCenter becomes the information/technology hub for site and by bringing the essence of the PrincetonPrinceton University and brings the administrative University into the new building.Location: Princeton, New Jersey Interior Designer: Sheila Nall, ASIDScope: Additions and RenovationsConstruction Cost: $24 millionYear Completed: 2009Size: 120,000 sfFeatures: Computer labs, Computer training spaces, Collaborative work spaces, Fitness center, CafeRecognition: LEED Gold Certification, U.S. Green Building Council

LAFAYETTE COLLEGEFILM & MEDIA STUDIES MOHICAN BUILDINGRENOVATION & NEW THEATER BUILDINGSeeking to bring together its Film and Media Studies Situated along Easton’s main thoroughfare, theand Theater programs while creating a welcoming new Theater Building is lifted off the floodplaingateway to Lafayette College’s campus, the City creating a suitably dramatic statement forof Easton, and Williams Arts Campus, the College Lafayette at the gateway of campus. Designedteamed up with KSS to complete two projects that with sustainability and responsible stormwatertransformed the front door of its campus into a management in mind, it incorporates solar panelsvibrant arts community. Together, the renovation and a green roof. Visitors pass through Lafayette’sof the Film and Media Studies Mohican Building and “arts walk” and existing sculpture plaza to enternew Theater Building provide opportunity for new the Theater Building through a stunning glasscross-department collaboration, create a welcoming vestibule. Moving up to a central lobby, studentscenter for community engagement, and preserve and the public find ample room for college and cityand protect the sensitive natural environment events. The renovation of the Mohican Buildingsurrounding the Bushkill Creek. provides much-needed room for faculty offices and strengthens the building’s flood protection.Location: Easton, PennsylvaniaProgram: Collaborative arts campus and integrated learning environmentSize: 12,000 sf (existing), 22,000 sf (new)Features: Black box theater, Screening room, Supporting spaces, Media-rich classrooms, Faculty offices, Student lounge

RBH GROUPTEACHERS VILLAGEThe urban renaissance of Newark, New Jersey, Three charter schools, TEAM SPARK Academy,has been strengthened by Teachers Village and Discovery Charter School, and Great Oaks Charterthe creation of a learning community that bridges School, in addition to an early childhood learningNewark’s downtown district with the university center are all integrated into this development.sector, home to Rutgers, The State University of This infusion of K-12 opportunities will provideNew Jersey, New Jersey Institute of Technology, quality educational options for young familiesand Seton Hall Law School. Increased pedestrian living in the surrounding communities. Residentialactivity through mixed-use development, including towers, such as Teachers Village Building 8 providea variety of schools, residential units targeted housing for the teachers working within thisspecifically for teachers, and retail opportunities community. ”Live, Learn, and Work” is the mottowere incorporated into this new model of for this learning community developed to enrichcommunity in order to bring new investment into the urban fabric of Newark.the neighborhood.Master Planner: Richard Meier and Partners LLPLocation: Newark, New JerseySize: 42,000 sfFeatures: Residential Tower, Classrooms, Administrative offices, Gymnasium, Computer labs, Art and music classrooms, Common spaces, Conference rooms, Rooftop playSustainability: Pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development


EDMUND P. KLIMEK AIA, NCARB KSS ARCHITECTS | PARTNERPROFESSIONAL MERITS Ed’s passion is the Architecture of Commerce, designing places that bring people together in the grand endeavor of the economy. Working closely with clientsNational Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) as both designer and trusted advisor, he has helped to create visionary placesUrban Land Institute for work and industry. Collaboration is the cornerstone of Ed’s architecturalArchitectural Consultant, LEED for Warehouse and approach. He thrives in leading larges complex teams through a process driven by a dedication to exceptional design that draws upon the unique skills of all Distribution Center; Adaptations Working Group, U.S. its members. Ed is an innovator in his field. His clients have invited him to Green Building Council speak at national corporate gatherings, he has been a frequent contributor at“Green Industrial.” ARCHITECT Magazine, January 2011. national industry conferences, he has lectured at MIT and other higher education“Empire Merchants North: Green Design for the End User.” institutions, and he has been a consultant to the United States Green Building Development, Summer 2010. Council. Ed has been a partner at KSS since 2000 and has over thirty years of“Bringing Productivity Back to Brownfields.” New Jersey experience. League of Municipalities, April 2009.“iPort 12: A Former Landfill Comes of Age.” Development, RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Summer 2008.“Greening of Industrial.” NAIOP’s Industrial Conference Burlington Coat Factory Stores, New Headquarters (I.con) presentation, Spring 2008. Cabot Industrial Trust, Volkswagen of America,Inc., Regional Distribution Center“New Distribution Center for Mercedes Proves Big can be Cultech, Inc., U.S. Headquarters Beautiful.” Development, Summer 2004. Empire Merchants North, Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center Forsgate Industrial Partners, Coca-Cola Refreshments Distribution Facility,ACCREDITATION / LICENSURE Building S320-321AIA Forsgate Industrial Partners, Corporate OfficesNCARB Forsgate Industrial Partners, Hyundai Motor Corporation, Distribution Center,NJ, PA, GA, FL, IA, IL, SC, TX, ME Building S139 Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Scandling Campus Center, Add. and Reno. Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Stern Hall, Academic Building Matrix Development Group, Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Headquarters Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, New Parts Distribution Center New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Trenton Headquarters Panattoni Development Company, P/A Associates, iPort 12 Princeton University, 701 Carnegie Center, Off-Campus Administration Building Prologis, Cranbury Business Park, Buildings 1- 8 Prologis, Elizabeth Seaport Business Park Prologis, I-78 Distribution Center Prologis, I-81 Distribution Center Prologis, Liberty Logistics Center Prologis, Portview Commerce Center Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), Book Storage Facility Somerset Tire Service, Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Distribution Campus The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, West Quad Academic Building W.W. Grainger, Zone Distribution Center EDUCATION Bachelor of Architecture, University of Detroit

SHEILA NALL ASID, LEED AP KSS ARCHITECTS | PRINCIPAL, DIR. OF INTERIOR DESIGNPROFESSIONAL MERITS Sheila has more than 30 years experience designing corporate environments for companies and institutions throughout the U.S. Her design ability allowsIndustrial Commercial Real Estate Women, Inc. (ICREW NJ); her to see potential in all spaces, and to create beautiful, unique environments President, 2011 that meet, and often exceed, her clients’ expectations. Her management ability allows her to lead and collaborate with teams of coworkers, consultants andASID Lucille Morgan Award for Service to the Profession contractors to complete complex and highly technical projects that delight andDuPont Design Award: Resurgens inspire her clients. Sheila believes that before her clients can benefit from herGeorgia Chapter ASID: Design Award Resurgens knowledge, she first has to learn much from and about them. Her dedicationNational ASID Honorable Mention: Design Award Resurgens to providing a listening ear and exemplary service has led to the creation ofIndustrial Commercial Real Estate Women, New Jersey successful, functional and beautiful environments for a myriad of clients. President (2011); President-elect (2010) RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Allergan, Bridgewater Corporate Offices Archer & Greiner, P.C., Princeton Law Office Blank Rome LLP, Princeton Law Office Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC, Princeton Law Office Dechert LLP, Princeton Law Office Genmab, Inc., Expansion and U.S. Headquarters Institute for Advanced Study, School of Natural Sciences, Bloomberg Hall, Addition and Renovation Ironbound Capital Management, Princeton Corporate Office Mathematica Policy Research, Princeton Corporate Offices Matrix Development Group, Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Headquarters New Jersey City University, Business Development Incubator Princeton University, Aaron Burr Hall, Addition and Renovation Princeton University, 701 Carnegie Center, Off-Campus Administration Building Princeton University Investment Company, Corporate Office, Renovation Reed Smith LLP, Princeton Law Office Saul Ewing LLP, Princeton Law Office Sparks, Corporate Headquarters, Renovation The Children’s Place, Corporate Headquarters The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Campus Center Tyco Flow Control, Corporate Headquarters EDUCATION Bachelor of Science in Design, Magna Cum Laude, University of Cincinnati


CLIENTS COMMERCIAL / CORPORATEINTERIOR DESIGN AMB Property Corporation BBL Construction ServicesAegis Property Group Bohren's Moving and StorageAltered Image Brandywine Realty TrustBlank Rome C&I PromotionsBPG Properties Ltd. Cabot Industrial TrustBristol-Myers Squibb Carteret 12 DevelopmentCaxton Corporation Cityside Archives Ltd.CB Richard Ellis Commercial Realty Corp.Cephalon Inc. Empire Merchants North DistributorsClique Communications Forsgate Industrial PartnersDechert LLP Hampshire Management Go.Educational Testing Service Hansor, Inc.Genmab Inc. KTR Capital PartnersHolly Rock Miller Matrix Development GroupIEEE Mercedes-Benz USAInstitute for Advanced Study PA AssociatesIronbound Capital Management PanattoniMack-Cali Realty Corporation Playmobil, Inc.Mathematica Policy Research ProLogis TrustMatrix Development Group Punia CompanyMercer Bucks Cardiology River Terminal DevelopmentNassau Educators Federal Credit Union RBH GroupNew Jersey Economic Development Authority Roland FoodsOpinion Research Corporation Scozzari BuildersPhotosound Somfy Systems, Inc.Princeton Advisory Group TEVA PharmaceuticalsPrinceton Longevity Center The Coca-Cola CompanyPrinceton University The Keating GroupPrinceton University Press The Punia CompanyReed Smith The Research and Collection Preservation ConsortiumSaul Ewing LLP Toyota Motor CorporationSpear Street Properties Volkswagen of AmericaThe Children's Place W.W. GraingerThe Gale Company WHYY Public MediaTrammell Crow Williamstown Business GroupWalt Disney WorldWashington Group International

AWARDS Rutgers University, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Piscataway, NJ AIA NJ, Honor Award, 2007PROJECT AWARDS New Jersey City University, Business Incubator, Jersey City, NJCornell College, Mount Vernon, Iowa New Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Good Neighbor Award, 2007Facility Design Award of Excellence, Association of College Unions International, 2015 School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University, Ithaca, NYEden Autism Services Education and Outreach Center, Princeton, NJ Ithaca Pride of Ownership Awards, 2006AIA Philadelphia Design Merit Award, 2013AIA NJ Design Merit Award, 2013 Morris Arboretum at the University of Pennsylvania, meta-Metasequoia Viewing Structure AIA NJ, Merit Award, 2006Drew University Ehinger Center, Madison, NJAIA NJ Design Merit Award, 2013 Kean University, Center for Academic Success, Union, NJ AIA NJ, Honor Award, 2006Lawrence University Warch Campus Center, WisconsinAIA NJ Design Merit Award, 2011 Princeton University, Aaron Burr Hall, Princeton, NJ Historical Society of Princeton Preservation Award, 2006Hamilton Public Media Commons at WHYYPRO AV Spotlight Award: Best Entertainment Spotlight Award, 2011 Cornell University, School of Hotel Administration, Ithaca, NY NY State Contractors Association Award, 2006The Coca-Cola Company Distribution Center Ithaca Pride of Ownership Awards, 2006Deal of the Year Finalist, NAIOP New Jersey, 2011 AIA Philadelphia, Merit Award, 2006 AIA NJ, Built Honor Award, 2004STS Distribution Center, Bridgewater Township, NJNew Good Neighbor Award, NJ Business & Industry Association, 2011 New Jersey City University, West Campus Redevelopment, Jersey City, NJ New Jersey Future Smart Growth Award, 2006Stockton College, New Campus CenterSpecial Citation, American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase, 2010 Cranbury School, Cranbury, NJ AIA NJ, Merit Award, 2005Lawrence University Warch Campus Center, WisconsinBest of Show, Top Project, Wisconsin Builder and The Daily Reporter, 2010 Mercedes-Benz Parts Distribution Center, Washington Township, NJConcrete Design Award, Wisconsin Ready Mixed Concrete Assoc., 2010 New Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Good Neighbor Award, 2005Dreamers and Doers Award, Appleton Downtown, Inc., 2010Facility Design Award of Excellence, Association of College Unions International, 2010 Cranbury Business Park, Building 5, Cranbury, NJ 42nd Annual New Jersey Concrete Awards, Honorable Mention, 2005HWS Scandling Campus Center RenovationBrick in Architecture Bronze Award, Brick Industry Association, 2010 New Jersey City University, Charter School, Jersey City, NJ AIA Committee on Architecture for Education, Merit Award, 2005Human Rights Institute, Kean University AIA NJ, Built Merit Award, 2004AIA NJ Design Honor Award, 2010 School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University, Ithaca, NYHamilton Public Media Commons at WHYY AIA NJ, Built Honor Award, 2004AIA NJ Design Merit Award, 20103form People’s Choice Awards, First Place, Best Exterior Installation, 2010 New Jersey City University, West Campus Redevelopment, Jersey City, NJ AIA NJ, Smart Growth Award, 2004MacDonald Moot Courtroom, Cornell UniversityAward of Excellence, The Architectural Woodwork Institute, 2010 Princeton Township Municipal Building, Princeton, NJ New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Grand Award & Best of Municipal/Community, 2003School of Hotel Administration Tower Renovation, Cornell UniversityAIA NJ Design Merit Award, 2010 School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY AIA Philadelphia, Merit Award, 2002Robert L. Horbelt School, Barnegat, NJNew Jersey Golden Trowel Awards, Special Recognition, 2009 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Special Recognition, 2002AMB Liberty Logistics Center, Newark, NJNew Good Neighbor Award, NJ Business & Industry Association, 2009 Princeton University Press, Princeton, NJ New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Special Recognition, 2002Somerset Tire Service Distribution Center, Bridgewater Twp., NJSomerset County Land Development and Planning Award, 2009 Prologis Business Park, Buildings 2 and 3, Cranbury, NJ New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Honorable Mention, 2001Lillian M. Dunfee School, Barnegat, NJNew Jersey Golden Trowel Awards, Special Recognition, 2009 Zimmerli Art Museum, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Honorable Mention, 2001Denville Township Municipal Building, Denville Twp., NJBrick in Architecture Gold Award, Brick Industry Association, 2008 New College Store, Ursinus College, Collegeville, PA New Jersey Society of Architects, Gold Medal, 2001iPort 12 with Panattoni and P/A Associates, Carteret, NJ45th Annual New Jersey Concrete Awards, Merit Award, 2008

Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ Mercer County Community College Art Gallery, West Windsor, NJAIA NJ, Silver Award for Excellence in Architecture, 2001 New Jersey Monthly magazine, Designs of the Year Award, 1991Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ Fitzrandolph Faculty Residence Addition, Princeton University, Princeton, NJNew Jersey Society of Architects, Silver Medal, 2000 New Jersey Society of Architects, Commendation, 1990Princeton Township Municipal Building, Princeton, NJ Drake Residence, Pennington, NJMunicipal Complex Design Competition, First Place Award, 1997 Qualified Remodeler magazine, Remodeling Design Award, 1989New Jersey Economic Development Authority Headquarters, Trenton, NJ Williams Residence, Tewksbury, NJNew Jersey Business & Industry Association, New Good Neighbor Award, 1998 New Jersey Monthly magazine, Designs of the Year Award, 1988Downtown New Jersey Association, Grand Award, 1998New Jersey Golden Trowel Award, Best of Commercial Award, 1998 White Residence, Princeton, NJ New Jersey Society of Architects, Award of Merit, 1987Rider University, Memorial Hall Renovation, Lawrenceville, NJAmerican Institute of Architects New Jersey, Citation of Merit, 1998 FIRM AWARDSUniversity of Delaware, Allan P. Colburn Laboratory Renovation and Addition, DE American Institute of Architects New JerseyAmerican School & University Architectural Portfolio Competition, 1998 Firm of the Year, 2013Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., National Chapter Award of Merit, 1997Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., Delaware Chapter Excellence in American Institute of Architects New Jersey Firm of the Year, 2009 Construction Award, 1996 American Institute of Architects New JerseyKean University, Nancy Thompson Library Addition and Renovation, Union, NJ Making a Difference Award, 2008New Jersey Golden Trowel Masonry Awards, Special Recognition, 1997 American Institute of Architects New JerseyVolkwagen of America Eastern Parts Distribution Center, South Brunswick, NJ Firm of the Year, 200534th Annual Concrete Awards, Merit Award, Industrial Category, 1997 American Institute of Architects New JerseyPennington Municipal Building, Pennington, NJ Firm of the Year, 2002American Institute of Architects New Jersey, Citation of Merit, 1996 STAFF AWARDSVillanova University School of Law, Garey Hall Renovation and Addition, PAAmerican Institute of Architects New Jersey, Citation of Merit, 1996 Merilee Meacock, AIA, PP, LEED AP AIA New Jersey, Architect of the Year, 2014Milltown Municipal Building, Milltown, NJ NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business, 2012Special Recognition Award, Eleventh Annual Masonry Awards Program, 1994 AIA New Jersey, Young Architect of the Year, 2003American Institute of Architects New Jersey, Citation of Merit, 1996 Jason Chmura, AIA, LEED AP BD+CUnited States Coast Guard, Fort Wadsworth Family Housing Rehabilitation AIA New Jersey, Young Architect of the Year, 2014Citation of Merit, 1996 Nicole Hollenbeck, LEED APLowenstein Residence, Long Island, NY AIA New Jersey, Intern Architect of the Year, 2014Builder Magazine, Builder’s Choice Design and Planning Award, 1995New Jersey Society of Architects, Award of Excellence, 1994 Victoria Pivovarnick, AIA AIA NJ, Intern Architect of the Year, 2013Suburban Rockaway Office Complex, Rockaway, NJSeventh Annual Masonry Awards Program, Special Recognition Award, 1994 Edmund Klimek, AIA, NCARB Real Estate New Jersey, Architects Building NJ’s Future, 2009Zeitlin Residence Addition, Princeton, NJNew Jersey Monthly Magazine, Designs of the Year Award, 1993 Scot Murdoch, AIA Real Estate New Jersey, 40 under 40, 2008Eno Hall Renovation, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ AIA NJ, Young Architect of the Year, 2004Tenth Annual Masonry Awards Program, Special Detail Award, 1993 Allan W. Kehrt, FAIA, LEED APTemple Beth El, Charlotte, NC AIA NJ, Architect of the Year, 2006Interfaith Forum on Religion, Art and Architecture (IFRAA), Honor Award, 1993New Jersey Society of Architects, Award of Merit, 1991United States Coast Guard, Building 140, Governors IslandNew York State Historic Preservation Office, Letter of Commendation, 1992Franklin Township Public Safety Building, Somerset, NJSomerset County Planning Board Land Development Award, 1992New Jersey Society of Architects, Award of Merit, 1992Ninth Annual Masonry Awards Program, the New Jersey State Conference of Bricklayers and Allied Craftsmen and Mason Contractors of New Jersey, Best Block Project, 1992

KSS ARCHITECTS LLP PRINCETON 337 Witherspoon Street Princeton, New Jersey 08542 T 609.921.1131 | F 609.921.9414 PHILADELPHIA Public Ledger Building 150 South Independence Mall West Suite 944 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106 T 215.320.3000 | F 215.351.5374

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