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KSS Architects—Industrial Capabilities

Published by KSS Architects, 2018-09-05 09:53:00

Description: KSS Architects is a full-service architecture, planning, and interior design firm in Princeton, New Jersey, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Since our founding in Princeton in 1983, KSS Architects has matured, growing in aspirations, capacity, and caliber. KSS today has a staff of near 70 talented and dedicated design professionals passionate about creating built environments that stimulate learning, commerce, and community. Our clients are leaders in the fields of business, industry, education, development, cultural and social impact. Our mission? To create meaningful and lasting change that impacts our clients, our firm, and our world.

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Guidance • Relationships • Innovation • Design

KSS ARCHITECTS FIRM HISTORY EXPERTS KSS Architects is a full-service architecture, AT BUILDING BONDS BETWEEN planning, and interior design firm in Princeton, New Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. PEOPLE, PROJECT, CLIENT, Since our founding in Princeton in 1983, KSS AND COMMUNITY Architects has matured, growing in size, abilities, and ambitions. KSS today has a staff of near RELATIONSHIPS that are lasting 60 talented and dedicated design professionals passionate about creating built environments that We believe that deep human relationships are the stimulate commerce, learning, and community. heart of all great architecture. We value building those relationships as much as the building ofWE THINK LIKE OWNERS GUIDANCE through the process stone and steel. We are experts at building bonds between people and project, client and community.STEWARDING ALL Our clients are leaders in the fields of business, Our firm creates design solutions that facilitate RESOURCES industry, education, development, cultural and and celebrate these interwoven relationships, social impact. They call us their trusted advisor creating rich and rewarding communities. because we have honed a process of ideation, built upon intensive listening, deep research, and DESIGN that inspires collaborative imagining. We think like owners, stewarding all the resources of the project to the Architecture, when steeped in expertise greatest return. We have earned the trust of our and insight, can affect meaningful change— clients to lead them through challenges, manage transforming the heart of the matter beyond the process, and exceed their goals with design metal and mortar, into empowerment, creativity, that inspires and execution that delivers. knowledge and achievement. Thoughtful detail imbedded in a structure cultivates change - INNOVATION in the intersections  meaningful and lasting change. We consistently use creativity to turn opportunity into reality. We are relentless and fearless in our reimagining of what places can be, creating meaningful innovation that realizes many goals at once. Although we face a world more complex than ever before, our inquisitive minds and deep expertise provide the unique ability to solveRELENTLESS IN REIMAGINING challenges with elegant, effective solutions that goWHAT PLACES CAN BE beyond single paradigm design. 7|

EDMUND P. KLIMEK AIA, NCARB KSS ARCHITECTS | PARTNERPROFESSIONAL MERITS Ed’s passion is the Architecture of Commerce, designing places that bring people together in the grand endeavor of the economy. Working closely with clientsNational Association of Industrial and Office Properties (NAIOP) as both designer and trusted advisor, he has helped to create visionary placesUrban Land Institute for work and industry. Collaboration is the cornerstone of Ed’s architecturalArchitectural Consultant, LEED for Warehouse and approach. He thrives in leading larges complex teams through a process driven by a dedication to exceptional design that draws upon the unique skills of all Distribution Center; Adaptations Working Group, U.S. its members. Ed is an innovator in his field. His clients have invited him to Green Building Council speak at national corporate gatherings, he has been a frequent contributor at“Preserving Assets, Maximizing Investments.” SCUP national industry conferences, he has lectured at MIT and other higher education Southern Regional Conference, October 2015. institutions, and he has been a consultant to the United States Green Building“Green Industrial.” ARCHITECT Magazine, January 2011. Council. Ed has been a partner at KSS since 2000 and has over thirty years of“Empire Merchants North: Green Design for the End User.” experience. Development, Summer 2010.“Bringing Productivity Back to Brownfields.” New Jersey RELEVANT EXPERIENCE League of Municipalities, April 2009.“iPort 12: A Former Landfill Comes of Age.” Development, Burlington Stores, New Headquarters Summer 2008. Cabot Industrial Trust, Volkswagen of America,Inc., Regional Distribution Center“Greening of Industrial.” NAIOP’s Industrial Conference Cultech, Inc., U.S. Headquarters (I.con) presentation, Spring 2008. Empire Merchants North, Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center“New Distribution Center for Mercedes Proves Big can be Forsgate Industrial Partners, Coca-Cola Refreshments Distribution Facility, Beautiful.” Development, Summer 2004. Building S320-321ACCREDITATION / LICENSURE Forsgate Industrial Partners, Corporate Offices Forsgate Industrial Partners, Hyundai Motor Corporation, Distribution Center,AIANCARB Building S139NJ, PA, GA, FL, IA, IL, SC, TX, ME Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Scandling Campus Center, Add. and Reno. Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Stern Hall, Academic Building Matrix Development Group, Bracco Diagnostics Inc., Headquarters McKesson, Multiple Confidential Projects Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC, New Parts Distribution Center New Jersey Economic Development Authority, Trenton Headquarters Panattoni Development Company, P/A Associates, iPort 12 Princeton University, 701 Carnegie Center, Off-Campus Administration Building Prologis, Cranbury Business Park, Buildings 1- 8 Prologis, Elizabeth Seaport Business Park Prologis, I-78 Distribution Center Prologis, I-81 Distribution Center Prologis, Liberty Logistics Center Prologis, Portview Commerce Center QPSI, Headquarters and Supply Chain Center for Excellence Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), Book Storage Facility Somerset Tire Service, Corporate Headquarters and Distribution Center Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Distribution Campus W.W. Grainger, Zone Distribution Center Warby Parker, Optical Lab and Northeast Production Facility EDUCATION Bachelor of Architecture, University of Detroit|8

PROFESSIONAL MERITS SCOT MURDOCH AIAReal Estate New Jersey, 40 Under 40, 2008 KSS ARCHITECTS | PARTNERYoung Architect of the Year, AIA New Jersey, 2004 Scot has supervised the successful transformation of millions of square feet of industrial development from design to production. He excels at developing and implementing solutions to design challenges in both new and existing buildings for many project types. With a deep understanding of the value of sustainable design and the role of cutting-edge facilities in the marketplace, Scot’s work unlocks value and improves performance for clients. Scot’s work unlocks value and improves performance for clients. His knowledge and commitment to sustainable design have contributed to KSS’ leadership in the development of contaminated sites in New Jersey, and in facilitating industrial growth in Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE Forsgate Industrial Partners, Building M40 Forsgate Industrial Partners, Coca-Cola Refreshments Dist. Facility, Blg S320-321 Forsgate Industrial Partners, Hyundai Motor Corporation, Dist. Center, Blg S139 Forsgate Industrial Partners, Restaurant Depot, Building S41, Redevelopment KTR Capital Partners, 600 Meadowlands Commercial Facility, Alterations Matrix Development Group, Somfy Systems, Inc., U.S. Corporate Headquarters Newark Farmers Market Panattoni Development Company, P/A Associates, iPort 12, Wakefern Pro Warehouse, Distribution Center, Expansion Prologis, Cranbury Business Park, Buildings 1- 8 Prologis, Elizabeth Seaport Business Park Prologis, Franklin Commerce Center Prologis, Highridge Business Park Prologis, I-78 Distribution Center Prologis, I-81 Distribution Center Prologis, Liberty Logistics Center Prologis, Mohawk Industries, Inc., Interstate Crossdock Redevelopment Prologis, Portview Commerce Center Prologis, Portview Commerce Center, FedEx Prologis, Prologis Park South, Buildings 2 and 3 QPSI, Headquarters and Supply Chain Center for Excellence Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP), Book Storage Facility River Terminal Development, Kearny Campus, Speculative Warehouse Somerset Tire Service, Distribution Center Teva Pharmaceuticals USA, Distribution Campus The Coca-Cola Company, Lehigh Distribution Facility The Hampshire Companies, Speculative Warehouse W.W. Grainger, Zone Distribution Center Warby Parker, Optical Lab and Northeast Production Facility EDUCATION Bachelor of Architecture, University of Arizona 9|


AT THE CUTTING EDGEOF DISTRIBUTIONCASE STUDY: W. W. GRAINGERKSS has worked with Grainger since 1994. In ourcourse of work, we have designed and constructedthree large distribution center projects as well asmany renovations and expansions. Throughout,KSS has witnessed and responded to a rapidlychanging market with an evolving distributionstrategy as a key team player in realizing distribu-tion strategy in built form. KSS has remained a keycollaborator with Grainger due to our recognitionthat distribution strategy is a dynamic influenceover the full course of building design. We havelearned the means to accommodate a dynamicdecision-making process by clearly defining whatis known, what remains unknown, and how tologically design infrastructure to receive changing 13 |

elements into a well-conceived whole. We have genuine concern for the well-being of the Center’s been able to advance design primarily because we nearly 600 anticipated employees. The design are viewed as a trusted advisor to Grainger and for the Northeast Distribution Center includes a the industry at large. We have built that reputa- conditioned and fully day-lit mezzanine and loading tion by embracing and learning our client’s busi- area where most employees spend their day. It ness objectives and by building solid, long-lasting includes amenity and reception spaces filled with relationships. Our methodical process has empow- light and natural materials that forge natural ered Grainger to advance projects at a much more connections to the outside space, while feeling rapid pace and to meet key business milestones. secure and welcoming. In an effort to provide com- plete accessibility, the building is being designed Another important aspect of our work for Grainger beyond the requirements of the Americans with has been responsiveness to social responsibility. Disabilities Act. All barriers are being removed and Our objective for the Northeast Distribution Center special consideration is being made for employees is to achieve a LEED Platinum rating, unprecedent- with developmental disabilities. KSS is especially ed within the industry. Our energy savings mea- proud of our work and relationship with Grainger sures, including designing for equipment heat loads as, together, we seek to innovate and break the and lighting, have truly been innovative, as has our barriers of traditional industrial architecture.| 14


UNIFYING INNOVATIONWITH BRANDCASE STUDY: COCA-COLAThrough a continuous application of ingenuityand trust, KSS has built a lasting and expandingrelationship with one of most recognized brandsin the nation. Our relationship began with Coke’snew distribution center in South Brunswick, NJ.KSS transformed Coke’s operating mission “LivePositively” into a building that visibly embracessustainability while expressing brand. Our LEEDSilver design particularly takes advantage of alighting strategy that introduces and monitors 19 |

SOUTH BRUNSWICK DISTRIBUTION FACILITYLEHIGH VALLEY SYRUP PLANT diffuse daylight into the operational portion of Positively” goals. Crafted uniquely with locally the building. Artificial lighting can be curtailed available precast and masonry materials, the when appropriate, impacting nearly one third of a building’s Coca Cola graphic brand is unmistakable. distribution center’s typical energy use while also The relationship between KSS and Coca Cola improving significantly the quality and perception continues to expand as we develop innovative of light. Our signing system promotes the strategies for other distribution centers, production sustainable systems within the building, directly plants, and bottling plants throughout the nation. correlating these measures with specific “LiveThe Coca-Cola CompanyLehigh| 20Valley Syrup Plant Expansion



TURNING A CITYGREEN WITH URBANAGRICULTURECASE STUDY: AEROFARMSGrowth is taking place in the Ironboundneighborhood of Newark, NJ, where AeroFarmsis building the world’s largest indoor verticalfarm. A leader in urban agriculture, thecompany utilizes state-of-the-art aeroponicstechnology to grow leafy greens, herbs, andmicrogreens. KSS is designing a three-volume,hybridized facility on the site of a former steelmill to serve as AeroFarms’ multi-use campus.Farming, processing, distribution, and corporateheadquarters will all flow from the Newark sitestrategically chosen to nurture the vulnerable,under-employed, and food-scarce neighborhood.At the project’s heart is the renovation of apre-war warehouse frame, redeployed to serveas the harvest and packaging center. Playfulsupergraphics and thoughtful massing at thestreet façade transform the character of thebuilding into a welcoming and vibrant volume 23 |

that celebrates the area’s industrial heritage accommodates people speaks to the project’swhile acting as a harbinger of future growth. A status as a game-changer for the urban biome.generous culinary kitchen serves as the hub forcelebrations and community gatherings, and a AeroFarms also defines a new moment in theplanned phase of solar panel-covered parking future of Newark, and Ironbound itself. Thewill double as a neighborhood space for farmers’ neighborhood’s fabric of urban residencesmarkets, further engaging urban agriculture punctuated by vast industrial tracts is overrun withbeyond the scope of the on-site vertical farm. fast food restaurants and expensive convenience stores, with little to no affordable healthy foodRemediating the superfund site (an EPA designation options. In short, Ironbound is a food desert. Theof nationally-prioritized polluted sites slated for new hybrid farm, distribution, and headquartersdecontamination) and optimizing the facility for will be a local source for healthy greens for therapidly evolving farming processes has required neighborhood, operating year-round, 24/7, anda meticulous and creative design approach. The delivering four times per week to local foodfarm’s precise temperature, humidity, and lighting markets and restaurants. KSS’s collaborationsetpoints comprise an energy load leading to with AeroFarms, consulting scientists, andadaptive solutions for the three-building facility. engineers is revolutionizing the boundaries ofWith an eye toward sustainability, the aeroponics farming methods, and turning over a new leafapproach will use 95% less water than traditional in the Ironbound neighborhood. With a designfarming practices, and on-location research solution that changes the game in farming, andwill continue to rethink and advance farming changes the game for Ironbound, AeroFarms willmodels. The layered complexity of an interior reconnect Newark community members withagricultural environment that comfortably agriculture, and bring farms back to the people. 25 |

INNOVO PROPERTY GROUP VERTICAL INDUSTRIAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER There are two ways to increase speed-to- - Vertical material integration makes use of the high delivery—go faster, or decrease the distance. land value to double the usable space. The vertical industrial distribution center at 2505 - A two-lane, one-way ramp protected from the Brucker Boulevard is a game changer in industrial elements promotes traffic separation for speed and development. Only minutes away from 20 million redundancy. people, the project is redefining the role of industrial - Integrated vertical daylight shafts promote well- development and establishing a viable solution to being and visibility to the community. last-mile customer fulfillment in an e-commerce era. - Multi-modal access to promote local workforce sourcing and a powerful presence that defines its Situated at a unique 6-way interstate intersection role as an economic driver in the city. with highway access to port and city, the project’s clean, integrated design poises goods and products As a solution for the changing industrial landscape, for lightning-fast fulfillment delivery. KSS Architects 2505 Bruckner operates at dimensions that designed the industrial center to promote 2505 transcend any one scale to support New York City’s Bruckner as a vital organ for infrastructure: prosperity and serve the entire urban system. Location: Bronx, New York Size: 565,000 sf warehouse; 180,000 sf mezzanine; 34,000 sf workplace; 52,000 sf parking Features: Two-level warehouse, mezzanine, workplace & offices, amenity spaces, parking, 32’ clear height Press: Featured in the Wall Street Journal; New York Yimby; Bronx Times, New York Post, Real Estate Weekly| 26

UPPER MANHATTAN 7 MILES 25 MINUTE DRIVEMIDTOWN MANHATTAN QUEENS 11 MILES 3 MILES 33 MINUTE DRIVE 4 MINUTE DRIVE DISTRIBUTION NETWORKParkchester Zerega 5.2 mil/yr 784k/yr (0.7 mi) Bx8/7 3.2 mil/yr (0.7 mi) BX5 Q44/50 3.5 mil/yr 9 mil/yr (0.4 mi) (0.5 mi)PUBLIC TRANSIT ACCESS 27 |

MCKESSON CORPORATION MCKESSON PHARMACEUTICAL/MEDICAL SURGICAL NATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER The McKesson Corporation has engaged KSS standardized information that can be drawn upon to develop prototype designs for distribution by business unit representatives, design teams, centers for two business units and to implement developers and construction managers. Adopting these designs at locations identified throughout this approach has allowed McKesson and the design the United States. This includes validated team to continue to advance innovative solutions pharmaceutical distribution as well as distribution and adapt specific design elements to local for medical surgical consumer goods. The process conditions or business objectives while efficiently has included parametric programming and design and comprehensively preserving corporate enabled by the Building Information Modeling (BIM). decision-making. Full projects have been completed Utilizing Revit software, KSS has lead a process at six facilities, with five additional ongoing that includes the work of structural engineers projects varied in phase from site selection and and MEP engineers to design and document programming through construction administration. specific building programmatic elements. These These locations have been withheld at McKesson’s elements are infused with important technical and request for confidentiality. Location: Confidential Scope of Work: Full A/E Service Construction Cost: Confidential Year Completed: 2015 Size: Confidential| 28


THE HAMPSHIRE COMPANIES 50 BRYLA DISTRIBUTION CENTER A companion project to The Hampshire Companies’ industrial facility. A full-height patterned glazing 200 Milik Distribution Center to the west, 50 Bryla system defines the project entrance and will work Street further develops many of the iconic and to be an illuminated billboard signaling the presence sustainable building features at 200 Milik and of Hampshire’s industrial presence within the Port responds to the site’s unique visibility from the New industrial community. Patterned ribbed metal Jersey Turnpike. panels adjacent to the entry patchwork window and high patterned clerestories, reinforce the unique This historically significant site, visible from and just brand presence for Hampshire and the sustainable off of exit 12 of the Turnpike, takes the former Saint- qualities which prospective tenants seek –daylight Gobain glass manufacturing plant and transforms it and energy efficiency. Further, the project cleans back into a functioning, money-generating property up a contaminated site and ensures its economic within Carteret. The designs’ combination of similar success well into the future. This building achieves building elements to 200 Milik ensures its place as a LEED Certified rating from the U.S. Green Building a sustainable, energy efficient and daylight filled Council. Location: Carteret, NJ Size: 459,000 sf Program: Double-loaded warehouse divisible for up to two tenants Features: Flexible 36-foot clear warehouse, office space, 91 trailer spaces Sustainability: LEED Certification| 30

THE HAMPSHIRE COMPANIES 200 MILIK NEW DISTRIBUTION CENTEROne of the first speculative industrial projects to window facing Blair Road, create a unique brandcome to fruition following the economic downturn, presence for Hampshire and prospective tenants.Hampshire’s 200 Milik New Distribution Center is an It maximizes the potential to attract tenantsexample of how to create an iconic, cost-effective, with an open plan filled with natural light anddistribution center with the features needed to energy-efficient light fixtures—both measurableattract today’s industrial tenants. incentives. These elements work together to create a sustainable workplace, LEED-certified by theLocated just off of the NJ Turnpike, a few miles US Green Building Council, which is becoming ansouth of Port Newark, 200 Milik takes an existing industry and restores it to be a functioning, money-generating property within Carteret. The designs’ As a tribute to the success of this project, FedExcombination of building elements: anodized ribbed Ground is taking the whole building for part of itsmetal panels, a sleek storefront system, high Ground Delivery supply chain.patterned clerestories, and the iconic patchworkLocation: Carteret, NJSize: 231,941 sfProgram: Single-loaded warehouse divisible for up to two tenantsFeatures: Flexible 36-foot clear warehouse, offices with future office mezzaine, 50 trailer spacesSustainability: LEED Certification 31 |

MERCEDES-BENZ USA PARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER When Mercedes-Benz embarked on their goal of and training spaces. The distribution center has creating the finest warehouse in the world, it was many “firsts.” Programmatically, it is the first only natural that the sleek and classic beauty of to receive any part shipped from Europe to the the company’s W125 Silver Arrow racing car would United States. As the first building to occupy inspire its architecture. KSS created a building the industrial development park at New Jersey that celebrates the Mercedes-Benz aesthetic in an Turnpike Interchange 7A, it had to be perfectly entirely new scale, utilizing layers of perforated oriented on the site to create a lasting impression and solid metal panels and glass, redefining the on the public. The distribution center brings in standards of industrial architecture. Inside this extensive natural light and creates a workplace building is the Mercedes-Benz east coast parts environment that conveys the qualities of what distribution center as well as extensive office it’s like to work for Mercedes Benz. Location: Washington Township, New Jersey Size: 1.2 million sf Features: Office space, Support space, Training rooms, Warehouse| 32

HYUNDAI MOTOR CORPORATION PARTS DISTRIBUTION CENTER Located on the summit of the hill at the New The rear-loaded, end parts distribution center for Jersey Turnpike’s Interchange 8A, the Hyundai Hyundai’s northeast region towers dramatically Distribution Center slowly emerges into view for above grade. Horizontally, long expanses of travelers on highway. The design and accessibility clerestory windows allow daylight to penetrate the of the prominent building, wrapped on three warehouse. The exterior comprises intersecting, sides by the highway, suited Hyundai’s needs bent planes of brick masonry, concrete block, while speaking to the architectural vernacular of and glass that at times cantilever into space. Forsgate Industrial Partners. In addition to the parts distribution center, the building contains corporate offices as well as a fully equipped automobile maintenance training facility. Location: Jamesburg, New Jersey Size: 352,000 sf (30,000 sf office) Clear Height: 36 ft Features: Office space, Service training facility, Parts distribution center, Warehouse| 34

CULTECH US HEADQUARTERS As an international designer, manufacturer, and space, and warehousing on two floor levels. distributor of high-end packaging for cosmetics, Ideas originating from the second floor offices Cultech wanted to bring its corporate, creative, of corporate and executive staff and package and production staff together to an iconic US designers stream to the factory floor in a building headquarters. Cultech selected Scozzari and KSS designed to enhance the creative process. Architects as the design/build team to create the Celebrating Cultech’s unique products, KSS elegant building that would express that vision. designed the building exterior to be an elegant The fully-conditioned and humidity-controlled carton of textured metal skins and graphic forms. building comprises office space, production Location: Plainfield, New Jersey Size: 151,000 sf (25,000 sf office space) Features: Lobby, Presentation room, Gallery, Boardroom, Training rooms, Photo imaging room, Locker rooms, Loading docks, Design-Build Partner: V.J. Scozzari & Sons| 36

TEVA PHARMACEUTICALS USA NEW DISTRIBUTION CAMPUS The fully conditioned and validated pharmaceutical features redundant 80-foot clear storage and distribution center will become the central hub receiving buildings that incorporate an Automated for North American distribution operations for Supply and Retrieval System (AS/RS) housed in Teva, a leading pharmaceutical company and the an environmentally conditioned structure that is largest generic drug manufacturer in the world. tightly controlled and monitored. In addition to the Its strategic and continuous growth demanded distribution center, there are over 100,000 square an exceptional distribution system, to which feet of corporate offices and a tier IV data center. this facility will be integral. KSS Architects has This is all supported by a central energy plant worked with Teva to design the project to set stringently designed to pharmaceutical standards new precedents in distribution center design. It while reducing long-term operational costs. Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Size: 136 acres of brownfield redevelopment, 1.1 million sf Construction Manager: Turner Construction Company| 38

PROLOGISSETTING THE Prologis (then Security Capital Trust) was one square feet of buildings in New York, Pennsylvania, STANDARDS of the first national REITs to make a presence in and New Jersey that are served by the PortFOR QUALITY central New Jersey, and it chose KSS to design Authority of New York and New Jersey, setting the its first development in Cranbury. Together, we standard for industrial development in the region. created an expression of brand identity that We have vigorously pursued a sustainable agenda continues to make a Prologis project one of the and much of our work has obtained LEED ratings, most easily recognizable. Clearly, these buildings including the new LEED certified, one million- belong to a developer of the highest quality and to square-foot Pulaski Distribution Center in Jersey sustainable industrial developments. For more than City. twenty years, we have designed tens of millions of| 40


TRAMMELL CROW COMPANY INNOVATIVE Innovative design set to the right market new development that significantly incorporatesDESIGN DEFINING standards defines industrial development for daylight and presents a project of unmistakable Trammell Crow. This philosophy coupled with character. That same approach was taken for a INDUSTRIAL our design has attracted the highest caliber new speculative development of multiple buildings DEVELOPMENT of national investors. Our project together in in Piscataway, New Jersey. The visual character and Bethlehem, Pennsylvania draws upon the deep presence of these projects continue to form the industrial heritage of the region and establishes a identity of Trammell Crow.| 42

SITEX GROUPVALUE THROUGH Driven by the shared philosophy of adding value mutual trust and respect, the team fosters COMMUNITY & to tenants through quality built environments, authentic “good neighbor” relations, develops Sitex and KSS have teamed together on over half critical viewsheds and optimized circulation, andSITE-CONSCIOUS a dozen responsive, thoughtful developments implements custom materials, scales, and designENVIRONMENTS throughout the North Jersey / New York selections sensitive to project-specific empirical metropolitan area. Informed by site, budget, research and analysis. and schedule constraints and inspired by good design principles, KSS and Sitex have together Enabled by a flexible, responsible design process embraced opportunities to maximize investments and ignited by the passion to elevate architecture for commercial and industrial tenants. Through to its highest potential, Sitex and KSS continuously a holistic approach to architecture steeped in meet opportunity with exceptional solutions.| 44

HEADQUARTERS ASMARKETPLACECASE STUDY: BURLINGTONSTORES HEADQUARTERSWith fresh ideas and offerings, Burlington Storeswas growing and transforming itself in the off-price retail market. They were in need of a newcorporate headquarters that would create amodern and dynamic workplace and display theirbrand for the world to see. The executive teamat the new building would be supported by alarge workforce of merchant buyers—young anddynamic, they moved frequently and effortless-ly between locations in New York City and thecompany’s traditional home in Burlington, NewJersey. As such, they craved collaboration—a placeto intersect with vendors and a space where theycan interact with merchandise. The solution:to create a workplace that is a marketplace.

Option 1: Large Floor Plate FINDING THE RIGHT FLOOR PLATEOption 2: Campus CommunityOption 3: Integrated Approach Burlington Stores sought to build its new headquarters on a previously purchased site adjacent to its existing offices. They engaged a civil engineer to develop a plan to accommodate their full office needs on a three-story footprint. The result was a deep floor plate with its dominant facades oriented away from the street and facing East and West. Given this circumstance, an opportunity existed to explore the prototypical office building with the owner in order to better realize the corporate objectives. To find the right fit for the right floor plate on the site, a sequence of scenarios was developed: LARGE FLOOR PLATE: The given site diagram, this solution turns away from the street requiring an expression of identity associated with a minor façade. The East / West dominant facades would need to incorporate screening elements to protect from direct sun. Light wells would be required to introduce natural light. MODIFIED LARGE FLOOR PLATE: The depth of the floor plate has been reduced by introducing a fourth floor. The geometry has been modified to address the entrance drive, and hierarchy created. Yet the building still suffers from large and deep floors and less than optimal solar orientation. THE CAMPUS APPROACH: Understanding the desire for residual value, three “prototypical” developer office buildings are joined to form a corporate campus. While floor plates are more manageable and offer opportunities for better daylight, the workspace becomes disjointed and fails to bring the organization together. AN INTEGRATED APPROACH: Learning from the optimal depth of the prototype buildings and the opportunities for better integration offered by large plate solutions, a diagram is developed that extends a four-story bar of appropriate depth along the best solar orientation and toward the street. A second “building” is introduced that is lower in height and

carefully positioned. An extended, rather thancentralized atrium of public space is introduced tointerconnect the spaces.THE SIMPLIFIED DIAGRAM:The idea is simplified into a diagram of two officeplaces interconnected by a dynamic public space.That space, organized against an outdoor plazaand stretched against the whole building, providesfor corporate identity towards the street withprogram and spaces that interconnect a dynamicworkplace.Beginning with site orientation and floor platedesign, an extensive, in-depth exploration revealedthe most advantageous scenario: it is of two officeplaces interconnected by an energetic public space.That space, organized against an outdoor plaza andstretched against the whole building, provides forcorporate identity towards the street, and offersprogram elements and spaces that together createa dynamic workplace.A new face of corporate identity is achieved asthe bustling public space within the building opensonto the outdoor plaza in which it is nested. Theground floor of this building is where vendors andvisitors come to interact with the merchant teamand where that team can come together in a largeand vibrant way. Vendor rooms, where garmentsare displayed, bought, and sold, line the majorthoroughfares through the building along withlarge meeting rooms to accommodate town hallpresentations. The upstairs workplaces are lively—there are special delineations for workstationsto be left open, creating a more studio-likeatmosphere, encouraging and accommodatingcollaboration. Work groups are punctuated by

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