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KSS Architects - Qualifications

Published by KSS Architects, 2016-03-10 17:57:35

Description: City National Bank Newark Hahne & Company Fitout


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PRINCETON 10 March 2016 337 Witherspoon Street Mr. Carlton West Princeton, NJ 08542 Chief Information and Operations Officer T 609.921.1131 City National Bank of New Jersey 900 Broad Street PHILADELPHIA Newark, NJ 07102150 S. Independence Mall West Re: City National Bank Hahne & Co. Fitout Suite 944 Philadelphia, PA 19106 Dear Carlton, T 215.320.3000 Thank you for our conversation on Wednesday—we greatly appreciate your time and we believe that KSS and City National Bank have shared values that would make our work together prosperous and fulfilling. KSSARCHITECTS.COM Our work in Newark focuses on celebrating the city’s potential and empowering its citizenry toward KSS ARCHITECTS meaningful and lasting change. The Hahne & Co. building and the Express Newark project we are working on with Rutgers-Newark is a direct example of how we apply great design to enact change. We believe in cities—they directly represent our collective capacity for sharing—meals, sidewalks, conversations. Human centers can be found within a coffee shop, an office skyscraper, a social network, a blossoming neighborhood. We excel at designing spaces that are human, spaces that empower us to achieve. Our unique approach to designing commercial workplace spaces applies innovative thinking that starts with truly understanding a company’s vision and process. Through working with our clients, we synthe- size the individual elements of a project into a greater whole. We create opportunities for engagement, crafting spaces that strengthen positive work patterns while building in variability, comfort, and strate- gies for wellness. We design because we know that our work in making great places matters—to communities of all kinds and sizes. Our projects with Teachers Village, AeroFarms, Burlington Stores, Thomas Jefferson Univer- sity, First Round Capital, and Sparks exemplify the value in designing to express a vision. From the scale of company to city, we steward all the resources of a project to help groups transform themselves and transform the world. Enclosed are examples of our work—spaces that take advantage of elements like expansive light, reen- ergize city centers, and recognize the dignity of people and their aspirations. It’s clear to us that this proj- ect is about vision, civic engagement, and transformation. We would love nothing more than helping you and City National Bank craft an environment that expresses your mission and values. Very truly yours, Sheila Spriggs Nall, ASID, LEED AP Principal, Director of Interior Design Edmund Klimek AIA | Merilee Meacock AIA | Pamela Lucas Rew FAIA | Allan Kehrt FAIA Emeritus | Michael Shatken AIA Emeritus


KSS ARCHITECTSFIRM HISTORY.KSS Architects is a full-service architecture, planning, andinterior design firm in Princeton, New Jersey and Philadelphia,Pennsylvania. Since our founding in Princeton in 1983, KSS hasmatured, growing in size, abilities, and ambitions. KSS today has astaff of 60 talented and dedicated design professionals passionateabout creating built environments that stimulate commerce,learning, and community.GUIDANCE THROUGH THE PROCESS.Our clients are leaders in the fields of business, industry, education,development, cultural and social impact. They call us their trustedadvisor because we have honed a process of ideation, built uponintensive listening, deep research, and collaborative imagining. Wethink like owners, stewarding all the resources of the project to thegreatest return. We have earned the trust of our clients to leadthem through challenges, manage the process, and exceed theirgoals with design that inspires and execution that delivers.INNOVATION IN THE INTERSECTIONS.We consistently use creativity to turn opportunity into reality. Weare relentless and fearless in our reimagining of what places canbe, creating meaningful innovation that realizes many goals atonce. Although we face a world more complex than ever before, ourinquisitive minds and deep expertise provide the unique ability tosolve challenges with elegant, effective solutions that go beyondsingle paradigm design.RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE LASTING.We believe that deep human relationships are the heart of all greatarchitecture. We value building those relationships as much asthe building of stone and steel. We are experts at building bondsbetween people and project, client and community. Our firm createsdesign solutions that facilitate and celebrate these interwovenrelationships, creating rich and rewarding communities.DESIGN THAT INSPIRES.Architecture, when steeped in expertise and insight, can affectmeaningful change—transforming the heart of the matter beyondmetal and mortar, into empowerment, creativity, knowledge andachievement. Thoughtful detail imbedded in a structure cultivateschange - meaningful and lasting change.


HAHNE & CO. BUILDING ADAPTIVE REUSEThe adaptive reuse of portions of the vacated partnerships are numerous, including charter schools,Hahne & Co. department store provides Rutgers county and city colleges, boys and girls clubs, the cityUniversity with a unique, mission-driven opportunity museum, and local professional artists. Ultimately,to strengthen its relationship with the community the center will become a beacon of diversity,of Newark and the State of New Jersey. The drawing together people of all ages, ethnicities, anddevelopment of this historic landmark as a center for occupations—utilizing the Arts as a common bond.the creation, exhibition, and conversation of Arts andCommunications enhances the city’s “Arts Triangle”— For Rutgers University, as an anchor institutionthe downtown area under development to reignite in Newark, it is through the thoughtfully craftedthe vibrancy of Newark’s city core. relationship between architecture and community that the fabric of its urban neighborhood will beRutgers is developing approximately 38,594 sf of the strengthened and revitalized. A great place, such as441,000 sf building as a distinctive, community-based the renovated and re-purposed Hahne & Co. Building,educational program that includes an art incubator, will not only bring a community of students andcommunity media center, portrait studio, design neighbors together, but inspire it to do great things.consortium, and letterpress studio. Community4COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER 3ARTS INCUBATOR PORTRAIT STUDIOS DESIGN CONSORTIUM 2LECTURE Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: Approx. 38,594 sf Features: Art incubator, Community media center, Portrait studio, Design consortium, and Letterpress studio.

RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY15 WASHINGTON ARTS SPACE“15 Washington” stands 16 stories tall on displays, coffee breaks, and lunchtime food forWashington Park in Newark, New Jersey. For almost thought. Organically shaped tables and stackable85 years the former American Insurance Building chairs enable a variety of communal and singularhas been a symbol of pride and progress in the city settings. An abundance of daylight easily convertsof “New Work.” Rutgers University, in keeping with to pinpoint theatrical lighting via the ceiling-hungits role as a world-class, urban, public research light grid designed to mesh with the historicuniversity that is not just in Newark but of Newark, architecture while providing structure for lighting,is poised to carry forward the mantle of New Work, rigging, and even giving to the City a place for New Art—thehistoric yet re-defined space of the Great Hall within Rutgers University partners with the scholars,the renovated environs of “15 Washington.” artists, citizens, and students of Newark to offer a forum for artistic expression, fostering new dialogueAn innovative, highly flexible arts events space, and understanding. “15 Washington” is wherethe Great Hall rises 30 feet to the ceiling and heritage meets innovation; where history is rich—uses expansive vision and creative modularity to and forward thinking, priceless.showcase performances and cross-curricular eventsfrom concert, dance, and theater to sculpturalLocation: Newark, New JerseySize: Approx. 25,000 sfFeatures: Amphitheater, Flexible arts events space, Faculty lounge, Art library, Rehearsal rooms, Control booth and recording studio.

TEACHERS VILLAGETEACHERS AS AGENTS OF CHANGECan a community of education act as a catalyst forurban revitalization? Can where teachers live affectthe relevance and vibrancy of a neighborhood?Without capes, masks or super-powers, theteachers of Newark, New Jersey are transformingboth the broad horizon of education and the moreintimate future of their community. As residentsof the newly constructed Teachers Village, theseeducators proudly teach in the City’s public,private, and charter schools, patronize local shopsand eateries, and live in purpose-built, teacheroriented residential towers. These buildings serveas a foundation of support for the teachers—fostering an exchange of experiences and ideas,and affording the opportunity to put down rootsand rise to the occasion of Newark’s urban renewal.THE PARTNERSHIPWhile the concept of charter schools has becomereality, the new idea of teachers and education-based communities as purveyors of urbanrenaissance requires a new incarnation of a public-private partnership—such as the one developedby Ron Beit, CEO of the RBH Group, Newark. Tofulfill its vision and mission, RBH—as leaders in realestate financing, development, and managementservices—acquired 77 different parcels of land along11 blighted blocks of Halsey and William Streets.In a complex, virtually one of a kind public-privatepartnership, development assistance and financialbacking came from a wide variety of financialand lending institutions, individual investors, andcity, state, and federal governments. The projectalso received one of the largest residential UrbanTransit Hub Tax Credit allocations in the State ofNew Jersey. The amalgamation of these financialarrangements resulted in the $150 million neededfor the eight-building project.

$150M THE COMMUNITY school hours. The Great Oaks Charter School has been specificallyRAISED THROUGH The Halsey Street corridor and neighborhood, designed to support a curriculum of general classPUBLIC-PRIVATE also known as an enclave for galleries and artists, time in the morning followed by robust tutoringPARTNERSHIP FOR is surrounded by five universities and is in close sessions in the afternoons. A multi-purpose roomTEACHERS VILLAGE proximity to public transportation. To be ideally transforms into a Tutoring Hall, complimented by a situated in an area conducive to creativity and Commons Area, which is better suited for lower ratio214 higher education, RBH proposed a built solution to tutor/student break-out sessions. The Chen School, add re-vamped primary education to the mix—with providing daycare for infants, toddlers and Pre-KUNITS OF AFFORDABLE the addition of one big, previously overlooked students has also been specifically designed to meetRENTAL HOUSING component—the community of teachers needed to the needs of an urban daycare center. Common AreasWITHIN TEACHERS not just sustain the schools, but to both anchor and support group play and assemblies, considerationVILLAGE drive the surrounding community forward. has been given to safety concerns, and a rooftop play area has been created for outdoor play in a limited Research conducted by The RBH Group showed that footprint building. KSS has also completed design just 19 percent of Newark teachers live in the city work on another residential building, which will begin proper; 29 percent live in the New Jersey suburbs; construction in the near future. 19 percent live in New York City; and 10 percent live in Jersey City. But when surveyed, Newark teachers THE RESULT were enthusiastic about housing options with shorter commute times and proximity to restaurants, movie Public-private partnerships, by nature of shared- theaters, bars, museums and shopping. goal, are also well-suited to professional-creative partnerships: a collection of individually talented THE PROPOSAL: Teachers Village—a mixed use people coming together to design and build not just educational, residential and retail environment to a complex of buildings, but a community of learning, include three charter schools, a private daycare imagining and achievement. We can conglomerate center, 214 units of affordable rental housing the finances and create the buildings, but it is not marketed to teachers, and 65,000 sf of high quality until the students, and their teachers, enter and retail in over 20 different businesses. use the buildings—bringing them to life, fostering community and bringing forth change—that we can65K sf THE STRATEGY: by investing in the needs and wants call the project a success. Success can be found in of the teachers, the teachers become invested in Newark’s Teachers Village.OF HIGH QUALITY not just their students, but in their surroundingRETAIL WITHIN community as well.TEACHERS VILLAGE THE ELEMENTS Richard Meier, Newark-born and world-renowned architect, designed the community’s master plan. KSS Architects was invited to the project to lend their education expertise in understanding design, utilizing their experience with mixed-use properties, and share their passionate commitment to urban renewal through meaningful architecture. KSS began work on the interior of Spark, a TEAM charter school, serving students K-4, and the Discovery Charter School, serving middle school students 5th through 8th grades with project-based learning. Making the most of their building’s assets, these two schools, who share the building, also share a common gymnasium and exercise room which is also opened to the residential community by membership after

AEROFARMSTURNING A CITY GREEN WITH URBAN AGRICULTUREAt 212 Rome Street in the Ironbound neighborhood KSS is designing the flagship headquarters forof Newark, New Jersey, growth is taking place. Aerofarms, and the aeroponic urban farm. TheAeroFarms is the reason for that growth. As a leader farm will be completed in phases, culminatingin urban agriculture, the company utilizes state-of- in three independent buildings. Building 1 willthe-art technology to grow leafy greens, herbs and be processing, shipping and receiving, and farmmicro greens in a process called “aeroponics”. In this related support areas; Building 2 will be comprisedprocess the seeds are placed on a cloth material of growing and cooling space and a laboratory;and placed onto 5’-0” growing trays where they are Building 3 will contain additional growing space,misted with nutrient rich water. The trays are placed germination, event space and corporate offices.on growing racks under integrated LED lighting. Oncethe seeds have germinated and reached maturity, the The facility will operate on a 24 hours a day, 7 daystrays are removed from the racks and taken by carts a week schedule. Local delivery of the produce willto the harvester. The harvesting machine removes occur 4 times a week to local food markets andthe greens from the cloth and packages the product restaurants throughout Newark.into plastic containers. From here, the greens arepackaged for shipment.Location: Newark, New JerseySize: 77,000 sf of renovation and additionFeatures: Processing area, Shipping and receiving, Farm related support and growing areas, Cooling space, Laboratory, Shop, Event space, Corporate office spaceAwards: PlanSmart NJ Economic Development Achievement Award


BURLINGTON STORES, INC.NEW CORPORATE HEADQUARTERSSeeking to renew its image and its place in the diverse workforce together. Informal meetingoff-price retail marketplace, Burlington Stores’ spaces, an outdoor meeting and lunch space,new corporate headquarters creates a modern and café all provide opportunity to converse,and dynamic workplace where its brand is on meet, and connect. Overall, the building’s twodisplay for the world to see. A place where buyers, forms are linked by a sweep of transparent glass,sellers and designers can come together, the new which showcases the activity within and bringscorporate headquarters fosters collaboration as a all facets of the company together. A red ribbonplace where product and people connect. wall reinforces the Burlington brand. Burlington Stores’ new headquarters expresses its brand andThe new multi-story building features and open reinforces its position in layout, a wide range of amenities, and avariety of spaces designed to bring Burlington’sLocation: Burlington, New JerseySize: 225,000 sf new constructionProgram: Corporate HeadquartersFeatures: Open and Collaborative Spaces, Fitness Center, Conference Space, Multi-Purpose Training Area, Outdoor Meeting and Lunch Space, Cafe

FIRST ROUND CAPITAL4040 LOCUST STREET RENOVATIONWhen First Round Capital decided to relocate to brick and steel. The new office features incubatorthe University City section of Philadelphia, the space for fledgling companies, a large commoncompany sought to find a nontraditional space area with a café kitchen and movable seating tobefitting its own unique mission and culture. The foster collaboration and impromptu inspiration,venture fund got what it wanted at 4040 Locust and technology-rich meeting rooms, offices andStreet, former home to the first Urban Outfitters’ organized workstations. More than just a corporatestore and later a bowling alley and restaurants. To office, First Round Capital’s new home hasshowcase the building’s character and create an become a real resource for the Philadelphia techopen and flexible work environment, KSS gutted community at large.the interior punching out windows and exposingLocation: Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaSize: 9,700 sf renovationFeatures: Business incubator, Collaborative meeting space, Café, Conference rooms, Workstations, Reception


ALLERGANCORPORATE OFFICESeeking a larger presence in New Jersey—one of California feel, reminiscent of the company’s homethe nation’s top pharmaceutical hubs—Allergan base. The open environment is relaxed, clean,teamed up with KSS Architects to develop new and inviting, offering space for collaboration andplanning concepts for a three-phase office interaction. The first phase complete, KSS workedrenovation in Bridgewater. Having previously within a limited budget to repurpose as muchworked with KSS to fit-out its first office space in of the existing office environment as possible,New Jersey, Allergan readily selected the firm for maximizing change through finishes, graphics,its expansion plans. and furnishings. The subsequent two phases will re-imagine the office environment, creating glass-Spanning three floors, KSS teamed with Allergan’s enclosed offices on the interior of the floor layoutCalifornia-based design consultant to create a and workstations along the exterior.light, bright and flexible work environment with aLocation: Bridgewater, New JerseyScope: Interior renovation for relocation of Corporate officesConstruction Cost: $3.5 millionYear Completed: 2014Size: 28,000 sfFeatures: Collaborative Meeting Space, Cafe, Office Fit Out, Private Offices, Workstations, Conference Space, Storage

PRINCETON UNIVERSITYOFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGYThe staff of Princeton University’s Office of personnel who were scattered throughout theinformation Technology had a long wish list for their campus under one roof in a building that fostersnew administrative building. Though they enjoyed collaboration in light-filled, open spaces. Thebeing a part of the exciting university atmosphere, flexibility of the design balances connectivity,their existing facilities were inadequate on both security and privacy, according to the users’ needs.the exterior and interior. They had termed theirconcrete and glass masonry block finishes as “1960s As the first Princeton building to be sitedriot architecture” and found their disorganized off-campus that is completely dedicated tointerior layout counterproductive. From the lack of administrative functions, it will become a new modelcollaborative work and meeting spaces to the poor for housing the university’s administrative services.interior environment, lighting and individual office Relocating staff to a new location just off campusdesks, the occupants were ready for a fresh start. made “change management” of crucial importance. KSS Architects led the change management processThe new administration building at 701 Carnegie by helping staff and people acclimate to the newCenter becomes the information/technology hub for site and by bringing the essence of the PrincetonPrinceton University and brings the administrative University into the new building.Location: Princeton, New Jersey Interior Designer: Sheila Nall, ASIDScope: Additions and RenovationsConstruction Cost: $24 millionYear Completed: 2009Size: 120,000 sfFeatures: Computer labs, Computer training spaces, Collaborative work spaces, Fitness center, CafeRecognition: LEED Gold Certification, U.S. Green Building Council

AEGIS PROPERTY GROUP | PRINCETON UNIVERSITY INVESTMENT COMPANY22 CHAMBERS STREET RENOVATIONBuilt in the 1950s, the former medical building at all levels in a central Investment Area with lowin downtown Princeton was ill-suited for the workstations that will foster collaboration andprofessional and modern office environment required awareness of work activities. The design gatheredby Princeton University Investment Company, which offices together to improve efficiency and addedoccupied three of the building’s five stories. areas for informal and formal interactions including a lounge, library and flex space.To begin the significant renovation andreprogramming of space, KSS Architects worked KSS designed the project to meet LEED Silverclosely with the University and building occupants Commercial Interiors requirements. The renovationto assess their workflow, ideal work environments, also updated building systems, including HVAC, toand plans for growth. The existing space segregated improve energy efficiency and installed new modernprivate offices, administrative staff, and workstations architectural finishes, furniture systems, and ITin a different wing, leaving little opportunity for infrastructure. KSS also coordinated constructioninteraction. KSS reorganized the floors into a modern phasing and helped identify swing space for tenants.and open work environment that integrated workersLocation: Princeton, New JerseyProgram: Off-campus Administration BuildingSize: 16,000 sfFeatures: Reprogramming, Reorganization, Offices, Workstations, Conference Space, Flex Space, Open Workstations, LibraryRecognition: Designed to meet LEED Silver-CI requirements

MATRIX DEVELOPMENT GROUP BRACCO DIAGNOSTICSTo revitalize the Rhodia Pharmaceutical Campus a completely new workspace environment that isin central New Jersey and attract new corporate open, collaborative and sustainable. A key to theusers, KSS Architects collaborated with Matrix success of this transition was a visioning processDevelopment Group to create a new Master Plan and change management activities toward gainingfor the prominent site along the New Jersey buy-in from management and employees alike.Turnpike. The plan and designs highlight thecampus’ park-like atmosphere and show how Through the incorporation of lit glass panels,infrastructure, such as parking, allows each Bracco’s identity is highly visible from the Newbuilding to stand alone. Jersey Turnpike. Bracco’s brand is further woven through the space through graphic images andKSS and Matrix renovated Building H for Bracco color. KSS’ ability to provide complete designDiagnostics, an advanced technology developer of services, including interior design, helped bring thismedical imaging devices. The new offices provide important corporate client to the campus.Location: Monroe, New Jersey Interior Designer: Sheila Nall, ASIDScope: Interior Fit-OutConstruction Cost: $14 millionYear Completed: 2007Size: 112,087 corporate office building interior fit-outProgram: Corporate office building in commercial office parkFeatures: Conferrence Center, Offices, Training Rooms, Collaborative Workspace, Open Gallery Space, Inter-connecting Stair

THOMAS JEFFERSON UNIVERSITYDEPARTMENT OF INFORMATION SERVICES AND TECHNOLOGYThomas Jefferson University is blazing its path to KSS, melding input from the Jefferson IS&T teamthe future by creating a dedicated and customized and Epic Consultancy, came decision-ready to eachspace for its new Electronic Health Records Team— meeting, identifying efficiencies and streamliningyet to be hired, but already setting the tone for processes. The resulting designs and specificationsthe University’s technological advancement via are astute yet agile—a combination of multi-innovation and functionality, collaboration and disciplinary, open team areas and quiet, morecreativity. The 30,000 sf space in Philadelphia is personal spaces. A fluid, open floor plan that alsodesigned to accommodate multiple user groups and affords privacy. Specific program elements include aaccomplish many operational goals at once. Above all variety of conference and training rooms as well aselse, it must attract and retain the right personnel to huddle pods, hotel stations, a genius bar and café.staff the department—becoming a workplace of both Broad brush strokes paint a flexible, expressive workcomfort and inspiration. Driving the project ahead? space, awash in natural light, generating a tangibleThe ambitious seven-month time frame. sense of modern thought and deed to complement the department’s historic surroundings.Location: Philadelphia, PASize: 30,000 sf consolidation and expansionFeatures: Administrative offices, Open work stations, Executive office suites, Collaborative spaces

BERLITZ / ELSCORPORATE HEADQUARTERSBerlitz/ELS, a global educational language services and design to provide for organized and collaborativecompany had outgrown its current location and workflow. The new workplace environment includedwas looking to move to new space that would private offices, open workspaces with shared workafford the opportunity for growth, flexibility, and areas, a variety of conference rooms, open huddlehigher quality space in keeping with the image the spaces, flexible training rooms, and multiple pantry/company wanted to project. KSS assisted Berlitz lounge spaces. KSS also assisted with the evaluation/ ELS with the evaluation of multiple locations of existing furniture and how to combine it withthrough building analysis and performing test-fits new furniture purchases in a seamless way. Graphicfor each of the 5 prospective locations. imaging, designed in collaboration with the Berlitz marketing group, was utilized in key areas throughoutKSS began the design process with programming to the space to create visual interest and the opportunityassess personnel counts, requirements for growth, for branding. The final design was light and fresh withworkflow, as well as visioning for the new image a modern feel allowing natural light to penetrate thethey wanted to capture in their new workplace. KSS space and incorporating the Berlitz brand colors.worked closely with the client to create a plan layoutLocation: Princeton, New JerseyProgram: Corporate HeadquartersSize: 70,000 sfFeatures: Reprogramming, Offices, Workstations, Collaborative and Conference Space, Flex/Hoteling Space, Open Work Areas, Training Rooms

SPARKSCORPORATE OFFICE IMPROVEMENTSWhen Sparks, a brand experience agency, desired spaces to carve out a linking corridor. The resultto renovate their corporate offices, KSS identified unites teaming and presentation areas, executivethe vital need to unify the work areas with the offices, and the accounting department in onefirm philosophy and communicate Sparks’ unique seamless, artful space.brand. Once an industrial building that had beenadapted in disjoined sections, the new space was Replete with group workspaces, meeting areas,designed to feature a core avenue linking once and collaborative nooks, the avenue doubles asdisparate spaces and establishing a cohesive work a creative environment in which to gather withenvironment fit for the cutting-edge creative high-end clients. Fresh pops of color, sharp angularagency. Following a phase-based approach, with flooring features, and the captivating movement,extensive charettes and employee input, KSS such as the physical incorporation of a race car andlowered the existing paneling that partitioned motorcycle in the interior, embody Sparks’ stylish authenticity.Location: Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaProgram: Corporate OfficeSize: 10,258 sfFeatures: Offices, Conference Room

SPARKSSOHO OFFICEWhen Sparks, an innovative brand agency, wanted for events. A bar area doubles as an activity hubto renovate their SoHo offices to express their and primes the space for everything from launchcutting-edge, funky vibe, KSS delivered. Designed parties to think tank promote Sparks’s youthful work environmentwhile also serving as a flexible event space, The atmosphere embodies SoHo’s craftsman,the new offices feature elegant standing desk boutique culture. Modern furnishings complementconfigurations and an open floor plan. In modest the original brick and milled woodwork, playingsquare footage, the new offices provide an array to the space’s 5th floor loft feel. Skylights andof programming, from brainstorming areas to glazing at each end of the slender workspace fill itentertaining space. KSS lifted the floor to create an with natural light. Overall, the space’s stylish yetelevated conference area that doubles as a stage authentic ambience fully expresses Sparks’s brand.Location: New York, NYProgram: Corporate officeSize: 3,700 sfFeatures: Offices, Standing desk configuration, Bar/kitchen area, Conference room/stage

UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIAPENNOVATION CENTERPennovation Works—the 23 acre former DuPont and a “bleacher” to facilitate the many pitches thatindustrial site along the Schuylkill River, in the start-up companies typically present. This centralup-and-coming neighborhood of Grays Ferry, is the space, above all else, is an area of intersections—next generation of Philadelphia and global innovation. where disciplines, theories, and brilliant ideas overlapPennovation Center, a brick and mortar factory and collide in a spectacular array of what-if, outside-relic, is the site’s anchor building and will become an the-box, next-big-thing thinking, doing, and “we’reiconic landmark for Penn. The Pennovation Center’s going to need more space” happening.program will enable entrepreneurs, researchers, andindustry partners to translate inventiveness into KSS, as the executive architect, has facilitatedviable ventures in a dynamic environment. a thoughtful process through creativity, careful management, and thorough oversight in all aspectsCo-working space has been amalgamated and of the team’s work. The Pennovation Center iscentralized to connect offices, labs, and shared the cutting edge home for the next generation ofresources—allowing engineers to break out from their entrepreneurship in the region and its design is bothlaboratory space and work cross-curricular with other an inspiration and a testament to the University’slessees. In addition to co-working desk space, the mission of fostering innovation by creating vital,common area includes meeting rooms, social space, vibrant, and prolific intersections.ViLeowcatoiofnF: lPohoilard2elpInhciau, bPAator / Co-working Space 13Size: 58,000 sf addition and renovationCompletion Date: Est. Summer 2016Features: Business Incubator, Offices, Wet and dry labs, Co-working desk spaces, Studio spaces, Meeting rooms, Central presentation “bleacher,” Social spacesDesign Architect: HWKN

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