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Capabilities for Edison Properties

Published by KSS Architects, 2015-10-22 10:47:57

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KSS ARCHITECTSFIRM HISTORY INNOVATION in the intersections KSS Architects is a full-service architecture, We consistently use creativity to turn opportunityplanning, and interior design firm in Princeton, into reality. We are relentless and fearless inNew Jersey and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. our reimagining of what places can be, creatingSince our founding in Princeton in 1983, KSS meaningful innovation that realizes many goalsArchitects has matured, growing in size, abilities, at once. Although we face a world more complexand ambitions. KSS today has a staff of near than ever before, our inquisitive minds and deep60 talented and dedicated design professionals expertise provide the unique ability to solvepassionate about creating built environments that challenges with elegant, effective solutions that gostimulate commerce, learning, and community. beyond single paradigm design.GUIDANCE through the process RELATIONSHIPS that are lastingOur clients are leaders in the fields of business, We believe that deep human relationships are theindustry, education, development, cultural and heart of all great architecture. We value buildingsocial impact. They call us their trusted advisor those relationships as much as the building ofbecause we have honed a process of ideation, stone and steel. We are experts at building bondsbuilt upon intensive listening, deep research, and between people and project, client and community.collaborative imagining. We think like owners, Our firm creates design solutions that facilitatestewarding all the resources of the project to the and celebrate these interwoven relationships,greatest return. We have earned the trust of our creating rich and rewarding communities.clients to lead them through challenges, managethe process, and exceed their goals with design DESIGN that inspiresthat inspires and execution that delivers. Architecture, when steeped in expertise and insight, can affect meaningful change— transforming the heart of the matter beyond metal and mortar, into empowerment, creativity, knowledge and achievement. Thoughtful detail imbedded in a structure cultivates change - meaningful and lasting change. 1|


TEACHERS VILLAGETEACHERS AS AGENTS OF CHANGECan a community of education act as a catalyst forurban revitalization? Can where teachers live affectthe relevance and vibrancy of a neighborhood?Without capes, masks or super-powers, theteachers of Newark, New Jersey are transformingboth the broad horizon of education and the moreintimate future of their community. As residentsof the newly constructed Teachers Village, theseeducators proudly teach in the City’s public,private, and charter schools, patronize local shopsand eateries, and live in purpose-built, teacheroriented residential towers. These buildings serveas a foundation of support for the teachers—fostering an exchange of experiences and ideas,and affording the opportunity to put down rootsand rise to the occasion of Newark’s urban renewal.THE PARTNERSHIPWhile the concept of charter schools has becomereality, the new idea of teachers and education-based communities as purveyors of urbanrenaissance requires a new incarnation of a public-private partnership—such as the one developedby Ron Beit, CEO of the RBH Group, Newark. Tofulfill its vision and mission, RBH—as leaders in realestate financing, development, and managementservices—acquired 77 different parcels of land along11 blighted blocks of Halsey and William Streets.In a complex, virtually one of a kind public-privatepartnership, development assistance and financialbacking came from a wide variety of financialand lending institutions, individual investors, andcity, state, and federal governments. The projectalso received one of the largest residential UrbanTransit Hub Tax Credit allocations in the State ofNew Jersey. The amalgamation of these financialarrangements resulted in the $150 million neededfor the eight-building project. 5|

$150M THE COMMUNITY who share the building, also share a common gymnasium and exercise room which is also openedRAISED THROUGH The Halsey Street corridor and neighborhood, to the residential community by membership afterPUBLIC-PRIVATE also known as an enclave for galleries and artists, school hours.PARTNERSHIP FOR is surrounded by five universities and is in close The Great Oaks Charter School has been specificallyTEACHERS VILLAGE proximity to public transportation. To be ideally designed to support a curriculum of general class situated in an area conducive to creativity and time in the morning followed by robust tutoring214 higher education, RBH proposed a built solution to sessions in the afternoons. A multi-purpose room add re-vamped primary education to the mix—with transforms into a Tutoring Hall, complimented by a the addition of one big, previously overlooked Commons Area, which is better suited for lower ratio component—the community of teachers needed to tutor/student break-out sessions. The Chen School, not just sustain the schools, but to both anchor and providing daycare for infants, toddlers and Pre-K drive the surrounding community forward. students has also been specifically designed to meet the needs of an urban daycare center. Common Areas Research conducted by The RBH Group showed that support group play and assemblies, consideration just 19 percent of Newark teachers live in the city has been given to safety concerns, and a rooftop play proper; 29 percent live in the New Jersey suburbs; area has been created for outdoor play in a limited 19 percent live in New York City; and 10 percent live footprint building. KSS has also completed design in Jersey City. But when surveyed, Newark teachers work on another residential building, which will begin were enthusiastic about housing options with shorter construction in the near future. commute times and proximity to restaurants, movie theaters, bars, museums and shopping. THE RESULTUNITS OF AFFORDABLE THE PROPOSAL: Teachers Village—a mixed use Public-private partnerships, by nature of shared-RENTAL HOUSING educational, residential and retail environment to goal, are also well-suited to professional-creativeWITHIN TEACHERS include three charter schools, a private daycare partnerships: a collection of individually talentedVILLAGE center, 214 units of affordable rental housing people coming together to design and build not just marketed to teachers, and 65,000 sf of high quality a complex of buildings, but a community of learning, retail in over 20 different businesses. imagining and achievement. We can conglomerate the finances and create the buildings, but it is not65K sf THE STRATEGY: by investing in the needs and wants until the students, and their teachers, enter and of the teachers, the teachers become invested in use the buildings—bringing them to life, fosteringOF HIGH QUALITY not just their students, but in their surrounding community and bringing forth change—that we canRETAIL WITHIN community as well. call the project a success. Success can be found inTEACHERS VILLAGE Newark’s Teachers Village. THE ELEMENTS Richard Meier, Newark-born and world-renowned architect, designed the community’s master plan. KSS Architects was invited to the project to lend their education expertise in understanding design, utilizing their experience with mixed-use properties, and share their passionate commitment to urban renewal through meaningful architecture. KSS began work on the interior of Spark, a TEAM charter school, serving students K-4, and the Discovery Charter School, serving middle school students 5th through 8th grades with project-based learning. Making the most of their building’s assets, these two schools,|6

RBH GROUPTEACHERS VILLAGEThe urban renaissance of Newark, New Jersey, Three charter schools, TEAM SPARK Academy,has been strengthened by Teachers Village and Discovery Charter School, and Great Oaks Charterthe creation of a learning community that bridges School, in addition to an early childhood learningNewark’s downtown district with the university center are all integrated into this development.sector, home to Rutgers, The State University of This infusion of K-12 opportunities will provideNew Jersey, New Jersey Institute of Technology, quality educational options for young familiesand Seton Hall Law School. Increased pedestrian living in the surrounding communities. Residentialactivity through mixed-use development, including towers, such as Teachers Village Building 8 providea variety of schools, residential units targeted housing for the teachers working within thisspecifically for teachers, and retail opportunities community. ”Live, Learn, and Work” is the mottowere incorporated into this new model of for this learning community developed to enrichcommunity in order to bring new investment into the urban fabric of Newark.the neighborhood. Master Planner: Richard Meier and Partners LLP Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 42,000 sf Features: Residential Tower, Classrooms, Administrative offices, Gymnasium, Computer labs, Art and music classrooms, Common spaces, Conference rooms, Rooftop play Sustainability: Pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development|8

RBH GROUP TEACHERS VILLAGE RESIDENTIAL TOWER Coinciding with the revitalization of Newark’s activity. The increased pedestrian activity brings downtown district south of Market Street new investment and businesses to the area. the Teachers Village is an exciting mixed-use Simultaneously, teachers from the various school residential project that will enrich the area typologies benefit from the camaraderie of their and address the city’s needs to create learning community through after-school interactions that communities. The master plan, developed by famed are particularly critical for new teachers who often architect and Newark native Richard Meier, builds begin their careers in urban area. on the innovative concept of teacher communities and provides a variety of schools in a mixed-use KSS Architects is working with Teachers Village’s development with residential, retail, and exciting developer to design mixed use residential buildings, urban spaces. As a result, both city residents a daycare center and three charter schools within and schools are introduced to the redevelopment the development. Serving the Pre-K, K-4, 5-8, and area. The regular influx of students, parents, K-8 populations, the schools will be located in two teachers, and staff becomes integral to the urban fourstory mixed-use buildings with retail space on fabric, helping the city reach a critical mass of the public ground floor. Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 80,000 sf (81 units, 110 beds) Features: Charter Schools, Housing, Retail Sustainability: Pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development Design Schedule: 2013 Budget: $18 Million Completion Date: 2016| 10

UNCOMMON SCHOOLS NORTH STAR ACADEMY, 377 WASHINGTON ST. Great potential lies in one of Newark’s parking lots gymnasium and cafeteria each for the high school – and is clearly envisioned by North Star Academy. and the combined middle and elementary schools. Rising from the asphalt, a school will ascend to The complex stacking of classrooms, gymnasiums house over 1,500 students in 13 grades, on 6 floors. and cafeterias benefits from highly specialized Also taking shape: 2 gymnasiums, 2 cafeterias, and building engineering. Directly adjacent and 2 performance art rooms serving as stages for the connected to the new school is an existing parking gymnasiums – all in all, 165,000 square feet of garage that will sport a re-clad exterior, and a educational space and community pride. rooftop play area with two basketball courts. To continue its incubation of schools, North Located in an ideal “bridge” position straddling Star Academy is building a high school at 377 the city and nearby residential neighborhoods, Washington Street and relocating its West Side the parking lot at 377 Washington will soon be Park elementary and middle schools to the same transformed in its physicality–and in its power–to location. Mindfully planned, the design gives provide education, self-confidence and hope for the each school its own identity with features such future to Newark students. as a dedicated drop-off and entrance area to a Location: Newark, New Jersey Program: New construction of K-12 school to serve 1,500 students Size: 165,ooo sf Features: 6-floor school facility, 2 gymnasiums, 2 performance art rooms, 2 cafeterias Est. Project Cost: $25 Million| 12

KIPP NEW JERSEY NEWARK COLLEGIATE ACADEMY, LITTLETON AVE. Newark Collegiate Academy is a thriving KIPP and library—each available for use by the local New Jersey High School, bursting at its seams community. An existing field will be upgraded with with a population of 540 students. To better playing turf, preserving a sense of open space. accommodate this wealth of learners, KSS is working to build a new, larger Academy which will To engage the street, the building is set on a glass phase growth to accommodate the 1,000 high base. The translucent-paneled gym emanates light school students who will progress through the to saturate the area at night. During the day, an charter network in the coming years. expanse of windows along the café affords exterior views while students enjoy high-top café seating The new Academy is situated within the Littleton indoors. The building’s upper floors are bent to Avenue Redevelopment Area and is intended to break down the building’s scale. With energy provide community space for the neighborhood as recovery units on the roof and handsome street well as the school. In addition to academic rooms, and landscaping below, the new school will work the 4-story building includes a gymnasium, café, hard to be just as smart and savvy as its students. Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 106,000 sf Features: Library, Gymnasium, Cafeteria, Performing arts room, Classrooms, Art and Science labs, Administrative offices| 14

UNCOMMON SCHOOLSNORTH STAR ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL“High expectations and no excuses.” That is the room, and a teacher prep room. Additionalculture of Uncommon Schools and North Star elements include:Academy Vailsburg Elementary and Middle School.The students, staff, and partners are working • Modernized HVAC equipment and electrical servicetogether to make North Star one of the highest- • New interior finishesperforming public schools in New Jersey. • Renovated entry lobby and exterior curtain wall • Enhanced natural lighting by replacing fixturesKSS was contracted to update the ailing structureand transform the tired building into an inspiring and exchanging solid walls for glazinglearning environment. Additionally, the demolition • Restoration and repointed exterior masonryof the adjacent former convent would make wayfor a new 9,000-square-foot gymnasium, a middle Uncommon Schools and North Star Academy holdschool regulation basketball court, gym equipment, academic excellence and student achievementa temporary stage, and storage. as their highest priorities. Their ability, through strategic partnership with KSS, to provide a longThe 80,000-square-foot renovation encompasses term, high quality and low maintenance space for30 classrooms, administrative offices, a music their school enables their financial resources to be allocated in support of that mission.Location: Newark, New Jersey Phase 1 Design Schedule: January-April 2013 Phase 2 Design Schedule: February-July 2013Program: Complete renovation of and gymnasium addition to Total Budget: $14 Million three-story school serving 1,000 students Phase 1 Completion Date: July 2013 Phase 2 Completion Date: December 2014Size: 75,000 sf renovation; 9,000 sf additionFeatures: Gymnasium, Multipurpose space with stage, Classrooms, Administrative offices, Music room, Teacher prep room 15 |

UNCOMMON SCHOOLS NORTH STAR ACADEMY CHARTER SCHOOL Successful learning environments are engaging, for students and teachers to share resources such as lively and fun. Downtown Newark, a thriving and the gymnasium, cafeteria, and classrooms. historic area, provided a great setting for North Star Academy, a member of the Uncommon Schools The design addresses several complexities in network. The existing campus in the Military Park planning and code review due in part to the Historic District comprised two separate facilities, area’s dense zoning and proximity to historical a high school and middle school. To meet the needs landmarks. The new building uses materials of the growing student population, KSS Architects that complement the area’s historic context, transformed an existing turf field and parking lot/ including red brick masonry and large, Chicago- alley behind the existing facilities into a state-of- style windows that match those on neighboring the-art, multilevel building that strengthens the buildings. To meet the fast-tracked schedule, KSS campus setting. Elevated walkways and a new worked with consultants and the city to expedite central courtyard and campus entrance organize and the project from concept to bid set drawings in connect the three buildings, providing opportunities just eight months.| 16 Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 50,000 sf Features: Classrooms, Multipurpose room, Gymnasium, Laboratory and art classrooms, Computer labs, Administration offices, Rooftop athletic space, Parking garage Recognition: LEED Gold Certification, U.S. Green Building Council Design Schedule: 2010 Budget: $14 Millon Completion Date: 2011

17 |

TEAM CHARTER SCHOOLS NEWARK COLLEGIATE ACADEMY In Newark’s Central Ward, an underserved area The school offers students a plethora of in-house with great cultural resources and city services, amenities many do not have in their current an open piece of land near New Jersey Institute of schools, such as a state-of-the-art athletic facility Technology and mass transit services presented a with four gym stations, a fitness center, and locker strategic, long-term opportunity for TEAM Charter facilities. A welcoming lobby invites students, Schools. The nonprofit organization is continuing teachers and visitors into the building, which to expand its presence in the city. TEAM’s Newark also has a separate evening entrance for public Collegiate Academy (NCA) is housed in a new access to athletic facilities. With an information state-of-the-art high school in a vibrant urban commons, theater classroom, and gym all on the environment. The expansive site provides many first floor, NCA has become a place for the entire opportunities for school activities and functions, community gather for after-school programs, including car and bus drop-off zones. Integrated events and activities. The new facility also features in the heart of the community, the building also daylighting throughout the spaces. features two pedestrian-friendly facades. Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 64,500 sf building with 69 parking spaces Features: Art and music classrooms, Computer labs, Classrooms, Common spaces, Information commons, Athletic facilities with four gym stations, Fitness center, Locker facilities, Administrative offices, Conference rooms Design Schedule: 2010-2011 Budget: $14.2 Million Completion Dates: 2012| 18

19 |

CANYON-AGASSI CHARTER SCHOOL FACILITIES FUND UNIVERSITY HEIGHTS CHARTER SCHOOL Located in the University Heights district of Newark, character, with modernizing and upgrading the NJ, University Heights Charter School was seeking facility to enable University Heights Charter to expand its facilities from grades K-5 through to School to develop in each student the character, grade 8. University Heights Charter School teamed scholarship, and leadership to succeed in life, up with the Canyon-Agassi Charter School Facilities college, and the community. The existing building Fund and KSS Architects to find the right space was enlarged with a 16,000-sf addition containing a to create a home for their second school facility. multipurpose room and blended learning classroom After evaluating a variety of spaces in Newark with space. The existing building’s exposed heavy timber guidance from KSS, University Heights chose a wood structure was preserved and highlighted, unique location. A former 4-story manufacturing while upgrades including new windows, roof, and facility constructed around the turn of the century façade repair and repointing prepared the structure as a button manufacturer that was most recently for the next 100 years. The addition is constructed home to offices and storage, the 18,500-square-foot of a brick classroom bar to complement the original building was across Hartford Street from University structure and a translucent panel volume that Heights Charter School’s existing school. houses the multipurpose room as a counterpoint to the traditional materials. A new turf play area KSS’s design balances the preservation of historic provides an outdoor recreation area that can be elements of the building to retain its unique shared by both schools. Location: Newark, New Jersey Program: K-8 school Size: 38,638 sf Features: Classrooms, Art, Computer Lab, Music Room, Library Commons, Multi-purpose room, Administrative offices Design Schedule: 2012-2013 Budget: $7.3 Million Completion Date: 2014| 20

AEROFARMS TURNING A CITY GREEN WITH URBAN AGRICULTURE At 212 Rome Street in the Ironbound neighborhood KSS is designing the flagship headquarters for of Newark, New Jersey, growth is taking place. Aerofarms, and the aeroponic urban farm. The AeroFarms is the reason for that growth. As a leader farm will be completed in phases, culminating in urban agriculture, the company utilizes state-of- in three independent buildings. Building 1 will the-art technology to grow leafy greens, herbs and be processing, shipping and receiving, and farm micro greens in a process called “aeroponics”. In this related support areas; Building 2 will be comprised process the seeds are placed on a cloth material of growing and cooling space and a laboratory; and placed onto 5’-0” growing trays where they are Building 3 will contain additional growing space, misted with nutrient rich water. The trays are placed germination, event space and corporate offices. on growing racks under integrated LED lighting. Once the seeds have germinated and reached maturity, the The facility will operate on a 24 hours a day, 7 days trays are removed from the racks and taken by carts a week schedule. Local delivery of the produce will to the harvester. The harvesting machine removes occur 4 times a week to local food markets and the greens from the cloth and packages the product restaurants throughout Newark. into plastic containers. From here, the greens are packaged for shipment. Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: 77,000 sf of renovation and addition Features: Processing area, Shipping and receiving, Farm related support and growing areas, Cooling space, Laboratory, Shop, Event space, Corporate office space| 22

23 |

RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY 15 WASHINGTON ARTS SPACE “15 Washington” stands 16 stories tall on displays, coffee breaks, and lunchtime food for Washington Park in Newark, New Jersey. For almost thought. Organically shaped tables and stackable 85 years the former American Insurance Building chairs enable a variety of communal and singular has been a symbol of pride and progress in the city settings. An abundance of daylight easily converts of “New Work.” Rutgers University, in keeping with to pinpoint theatrical lighting via the ceiling-hung its role as a world-class, urban, public research light grid designed to mesh with the historic university that is not just in Newark but of Newark, architecture while providing structure for lighting, is poised to carry forward the mantle of New Work, rigging, and even sculpture. by giving to the City a place for New Art—the historic yet re-defined space of the Great Hall within Rutgers University partners with the scholars, the renovated environs of “15 Washington.” artists, citizens, and students of Newark to offer a forum for artistic expression, fostering new dialogue An innovative, highly flexible arts events space, and understanding. “15 Washington” is where the Great Hall rises 30 feet to the ceiling and heritage meets innovation; where history is rich— uses expansive vision and creative modularity to and forward thinking, priceless. showcase performances and cross-curricular events from concert, dance, and theater to sculptural Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: Approx. 25,000 sf Features: Amphitheater, Flexible arts events space, Faculty lounge, Art library, Rehearsal rooms, Control booth and recording studio.| 24

RUTGERS, THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEYHAHNE & CO. BUILDING ADAPTIVE REUSEThe adaptive reuse of portions of the vacated partnerships are numerous, including charter schools,Hahne & Co. department store provides Rutgers county and city colleges, boys and girls clubs, the cityUniversity with a unique, mission-driven opportunity museum, and local professional artists. Ultimately,to strengthen its relationship with the community the center will become a beacon of diversity,of Newark and the State of New Jersey. The drawing together people of all ages, ethnicities, anddevelopment of this historic landmark as a center for occupations—utilizing the Arts as a common bond.the creation, exhibition, and conversation of Arts andCommunications enhances the city’s “Arts Triangle”— For Rutgers University, as an anchor institutionthe downtown area under development to reignite in Newark, it is through the thoughtfully craftedthe vibrancy of Newark’s city core. relationship between architecture and community that the fabric of its urban neighborhood will beRutgers is developing approximately 38,594 sf of the strengthened and revitalized. A great place, such as441,000 sf building as a distinctive, community-based the renovated and re-purposed Hahne & Co. Building,educational program that includes an art incubator, will not only bring a community of students andcommunity media center, portrait studio, design neighbors together, but inspire it to do great things.consortium, and letterpress studio. Community4COMMUNITY ARTS CENTER 3ARTS INCUBATOR PORTRAIT STUDIOS DESIGN CONSORTIUM 2LECTURE Location: Newark, New Jersey Size: Approx. 38,594 sf Features: Art incubator, Community media center, Portrait studio, Design consortium, and Letterpress studio.

RUTGERS UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY HONORS LIVING-LEARNING COMMUNITY Some see it as a parking lot. Rutgers University - the lower scale nature of the street the entry has Newark sees it as a plot of asphalt brimming with been pulled back, providing a public quadrangle for the potential to positively affect the University, the student and community utilization. city, the world – and the lives of the 500 students who will have earned the opportunity to live and Along Halsey and Washington Street, the building learn there. The RU-N Honors Living – Learning reinforces the active street wall desired in the living Community reinforces the University’s position as downtown plan by locating ground floor spaces such an integral component of the City of Newark, and as dining, bookstore, university daycare and other seeks to further serve its citizens by creating a living community-based retail directly below residences. and learning environment specifically designed to This approach responds to the Living Downtown support a diverse, yet select group of students. Plan to create a denser, more walkable city. To underpin RU-N’s strategic vision as rooted in the The parking accommodations are located along the cohort model, the design of the new building will least public façade of Linden Street, but rather than provide many avenues for student support. From create a hard uninviting edge, the building reaches residences and community building areas to state- out to the community via a set back ground floor. of-the-art learning environments, administration A grand staircase provides access to a rooftop facilities, dining and retail, the HLLC will become, recreation area and serves as a gathering space for architecturally, a partner in student success. casual conversation and impromptu amphitheater space for community musicians. The corner of The conceptual approach provides the appropriate Linden and University will be transformed from a massing to address various faces of the site. back-of-house parking lot to an inviting connection The building works to respond and reinforce the back to the campus, and respond to the future university’s connective corridor along New Street by student services building to be located across locating its main entrance along this façade. Due to University Avenue. COMMUNITY ARTS CORRIDOR UNIVERSITY PUBLIC SPACE UNIVERSITY CORRIDOR| 28

NEW STREET New Quad WASHINGTON STREETDining KitchenServery Service Access Service Access HALSEY STREET Child Care/ Community Retail Green Roof Recreation KSS ARCHITECTS LINDEN STREET Project No. 22244 | 07/23/15 HONORS LIVING-LEARNING COMMUNITY GROUND F Rutg DLINDEN STREET E A B WASHINGTON STREET CHALSEY STREET NEW STREET HA BUILDING KEY Building A 50,960 GSF - Floor 1: Day Care [8,730 floors 1-5/7,310 floor 6] - Floors 2-6: Residential Building B 59,040 GSF [9,840 per floor] - Floor 1: Lobby/Community Space/Honors Classrooms - Floors 2-6: Residential Building C 2,400 GSF - Floor 1: College Hall Building D 106,410 GSF - Floor 1: Dining [14,430 floor 1/15,330 floors 2-7] - Floors 2-7: Residential Building E 66,080 GSF [16,520 per floor] - Floors 1-4: Parking Deck 196 parking spaces - Green Roof Recreation KSS ARCHITECTS Project No. 22244 | 07/23/15 HONORS LIVING-LEARNIN

GENERAL MOTORSMASTER PLANFormerly a General Motors plant, the 20-acre site corporation’s central industrial plant became a newin central New Jersey was prime for mixed-use boulevard that includes a higher density of retail,redevelopment in a growing suburban township. The office and residential development. This boulevardsite, located in what was once considered the main terminates in a square oriented toward Route 31,industrial district of the town, connects residential currently an active artery in Ewing, N.J., expandingnorth Trenton to a growing number of commercial the visibility of the commercial including the New Jersey State Police Residential development, organized off the centralHeadquarters, NJ Manufacturers Insurance Company, boulevard in classic urban form, varies from singleand Trenton-Mercer Airport. It also has close family homes to multi-family development. Theproximity to Interstate 95 and railroad access. The study also considered opportunities for larger scaleadvantages of this location along with its potential retail or other commercial a bridge between uses encouraged GM to considera vision of effective mixed-use development for the The master plan for the former plant has helpedtown. both GM and the township consider a vision and a recognized value for its redevelopment as their workKSS worked with GM to create a vision for the for its repositioning continues.repositioning of the property. What was once theLocation: Ewing, New JerseyProgram: Mixed use residential/commercialSize: 220,137 sf commercial development; 638,205 sf residential development (105 townhouse units, 80 garden apartment units, 44 single-family homes)

KEAN UNIVERSITYMIXED-USE MASTER PLAN & DEVELOPMENT STUDYLocated at the edge of the historic industrial city, between the school and city. By reaching beyondthe university saw enormous potential to weave the university’s traditional border, the project teamitself into the community’s urban fabric. Its original identified a site on a heavily traveled portion of thevision was to increase its connection to one of main artery that offered mixed-use potential.the town’s main arteries, and increase access tothe nearby New York-bound Train Station. Kean The community proposed by the Town Boulevardenvisioned a Transit Village idea that would create concept becomes a more defined form onadditional student housing in an area in the early the artery and, like all good urban projects,stages of accelerating retail development and, incorporates a mix of residential, institutional,therefore, was prime for redevelopment. commercial, and public spaces. The designKSS Architects continued the university’s vision by responds well to the area’s existing context andproposing a Town Boulevard concept that added creates a new development appropriately scaled,commercial housing and retail to strengthen the link resulting in an exciting boulevard where the city and university can meet.Location: Union, New JerseySize: 105 Housing units, 12,500 sf RetailProgram: Strengthen ties between Kean University and the city of Elizabeth and increase development along Morris AvenueFeatures: Student and commercial housing, Retail space, Parking garage, Urban plazas

DREW UNIVERSITY CAMPUS MASTER PLAN Drew University sought to enhance its essential • Build community. Create a social heart at the qualities and strengths, and establish a plan that university center to promote formal and informal would propel them forward for the next 20 years. One interactions and a sense of place. Strive for a strategy that resonated with the university was the pedestrian-oriented campus. creation of a “campus walk,” which formalized the • Improve campus perception to reflect the student-formed walking paths into a clear, aesthetic, university’s quality of education and update and hierarchal pedestrian walkway to support academic facilities. campus activities. The campus walk, coupled with • Strengthen the campus edge and approach. secondary walkways that weave through and around Redevelop the existing campus entrance to the campus’s heavy forests, will help Drew define create a memorable first impression. Improve their own solution to a traditional campus quad. parking and vehicular circulation. Working with the campus community, KSS Architects • Promote stewardship of the forest. Support identified several development initiatives, including: campus sustainability initiatives. Location: Madison, New Jersey Size: 186 acre campus Program: 20-year land use master plan to support the university Features: Infrastructure renovations, Campus program analysis, Strategic development for campus walks and spaces, Pedestrian and vehicular circulation, Facilities analysis and design| 32


6 Proposed view of the Library terrace, seating along the edge of Tipple Pond. Vignette Library Terrace, Tipple Pond Improvements to the south edge of the Library present an opportunity to address program needs for the Library and heal an unsightly condition. The ramp down to the basement level of the Library no longer provides access to 24/7 study space as originally intended; it is frequently used for main- tenance cart parking, creating an unsightly hole. Library expansion space could infill the opening at the basement level. At grade, a terrace over this opening takes advan- ExEisxtinisgtviienwgofvthieeitnawLggiberocaoorfyfuttladhhnisdebTseLiupiinpnbnlfieryllaPeeodrdnygdw.eaithntodathTtewifoporpeslsetto.rPAylotaendrnddaittieolny,, the open- providing basement and ground level expansion space for the Library. uTnhdeeseruvtiieliwzesBMdusoirhrldeaoidnmwgetpaShitltrosaofwtoetrghatiheeest.eLlibribrraarraycerpyroojbveacetsrceaamnnbeuennfotsuingdhintlSye,ction E: takes advanTdtheaevgenleoaptouarfantl ihgnrfeoardsmeuaonl fanTmyippephldiethgPeeaotnetdor, awtllihothwelsofwothrseetoosnptep.owratullns.ityThteo Alternately,tfootrhethseet iosnoptuhetihsn,ziwnonigthecomofecuaaldmdopwbuespliiasnnnftioinltglaessdgdiwveinnisgtehtahasisotatwhreeoar zones a dis- story additiotinnc,t pchraorvacidteirn. g basement and ground level expansion space for the Library. Also, the natural grade of Tipple Pond allows the opportunity to develop an informal amphitheater, with low stone DRwEaWllUsN. ITVEhReSIfToY:rLeAsNtDiUnStEhMisASzToEnRePLoAfNcampus is not asProposed view of the Library terrace, seating along the edge of Tipple Pond. dense as other zones to the south, with meadow plantings gi<viSnitgetPhliasnarea a distinct character. PROPOSED VIEW OF THE LIBRARY TERRACE AND SEATING LEGEND Green Space Vignette 4 Proposed view near Wesley House. Wesley House Terrace Main Campus Walk Wesley House, the admissions bulding, is the natural start- ing point of apevrisspitoe#rc’stivtoeVuvirgigtnhneretotteuteghatcWamespleuys (i.e. the “Goldensting view of the Library and Tipple Pond. Walk”). The House illustrates the elements of campus walk: wider scale, upgraded mate- rials, inviting benches and lighting. B A6 A Library Learning Center B Library Archives ExEisxtinisgtviienwgofvthieewwalok nfeaWr WeesslleeyyHHouoseu.seEW UNIVERSITY: LAND USE MASTER PLAN DRAFT Wesley House, the admissions bulding, is the natural C11 starting point of a visitor’s tour through campus (i.e. the “SGITEoSldTReAnTEWGIEaS:lkPE”D)E. STTRhIAeNpCeIRrCsUpLAeTcIOtNiv&eOvUTigDOnOeRtStPeACaEtS Wesley House illustrates the elements of campus walk: wider scale, upgraded materials, inviting benches and lighting.ear Wesley House. PROPOSED VIEW OF WESLEY HOUSE FROM THE CAMPUS WALK DREW< USNitIeVEPRlSaInTY: LAND USE MASTER PLAN LEGEND C Green Spacelk near Wesley House. A DAND USE MASTER PLAN Main Campus Walk DRAFT B Secondary Campus Walk 4 Secondary Campus Walk, configured to allow special event vehicle access # Vignette A Mead Hall B Wesley House C Seminary Hall D Future Building Site Existing view to Hall of Sciences & Brothers College This vignette illustrates the character of the proposed SITE STRATEGIES: PEDESTRIAN CIRCULATION & OUTDOOR SPACES C9 Campus Walk, which formalizes the existing pathway of students along the eastern edge of campus walking to and from classes and the residence halls.PROPOSED VIEW NEAR HALL OF SCIENCES & BROTHERS COLLEGE | 34

Existing front lawnThese views represent the development of a cohesivefront lawn which fronts Madison Avenue and thepublic edge of the University; with the removal ofinternal campus roadways and parking. The improvedimage allows the beauty of historic Mead Hall to befully appreciated. The new Mead Circle meets theneeds of emergency access and special occasionsbut the new paving materials highlight the priorityof pedestrian and campus activities. PROPOSED FRONT LAWN OF THE UNIVERSITYExisting University Center and Campus Walk PROPOSED NEW UNIVERSITY CENTER AND CAMPUS WALKThe vignette of the University Center terraceillustrates the relationship of the Campus Walk tothe forest and open spaces. The terrace providesan inviting, sunny edge to the University Centerand a lively “see and be seen” destination along thewalk. The improved paving materials, benches andplantings which integrates the forest and studentactivities. The pathways are scaled to balance thenatural and fixed elements of the campus fabric.Existing front lawn of the University PROPOSED LANDCASTER ENTRANCE DRIVEThese views illustrate the impact of improvementslike upgraded landscaping, paving materialsand wayfinding. The perspective also shows thedevelopment of the Pepin site; the prominentlocation suggests a function which would benefitfrom this public gateway site. Safe crossingpoints are provided for pedestrians by raising thesidewalk, causing traffic to slow and defining busypoints of campus activity.

DREW UNIVERSITY OFF-CAMPUS MIXED-USE DEVELOPMENT Situated near a vibrant downtown, the university KSS Architects collaborated with the client to plan wanted to strengthen the link between city and a mixed-use development with housing, retail, campus. Redeveloping the area between the two and university programmatic elements. Housing destinations, which lacked activity and excitement, would target graduate students, families, and would result in opportunities for the university faculty members, which would benefit from the to create a pedestrian-friendly transit village, access to both campus and downtown. University dynamic campus gateway, and a strong connection buildings in the development would house shared to the downtown business corridor and the urban institutional-public functions, such as a campus area’s resources, including direct access to New hotel and business center. As a result, the site will York City via public transit. integrate, rather than separate, the university and the town communities. Location: Madison, New Jersey Size: Commercial Development Area 29,000 sf (145 parking spaces dedicated); Residential Development Area 238,000 sf (238 total units, 119 one-bedroom units, 119 two- bedroom units, 489 parking spaces dedicated); Institutional Development Area 66,000 sf Features: Hospitality, Continuing education facilities, Cultural and conference center, Parking garage| 36


NEW JERSEY CITY UNIVERSITY WEST CAMPUS MASTER PLAN The site was anything but the obvious choice for campus and become lined with landscapes and NJCU’s new West Campus. Located on blighted land multilevel, mixed-use buildings that will draw new once occupied by a steel manufacturing plant, the site demographics into the community. New retail shops was an eyesore. Inspired by NJCU’s mission to create visible from Route 440 will stimulate interest and a new campus and revitalize the urban fabric of the growth in the neighboring areas. Westside community, a team of design, planning and development experts collaborated to turn the site The West Campus master plan will directly into a thriving academic, retail, and social center. transform and improve a community on a vast urban scale. As environmental remediation moves KSS Architects is overseeing efforts to transform forward, positive changes are already evident after the site into a safe and vibrant hub of community completion of the University Charter School, one of and economic activity. Roads that once dead the first phases of the master plan. ended at the site will flow through the new Location: Jersey City, New Jersey Size: 22 acres of brownfield redevelopment, 1.5 million sf of program Features: Retail (Five buildings will provide more than 218,000 sf of retail); Education (Four buildings will provide 260,000 sf of space devoted primarily to educational use, academic facilities and offices, and performing arts); Housing (Four buildings will contain 250 units in approximately 300,000 sf); Parking (On-street parking, surface lots and four parking structures will provide 2,000 spaces) Sustainability: Pursuing LEED for Neighborhood Development| 38

NMallory East Street Audubon Avenue West Side Avenue Audubon Avenue West Side Avenue Mallory East Street Stegman Boulevard The main entrance for those members of the New Jersey City Stegman Boulevard University community arriving from the eastern campus. South Road RETAIL Carbon Place Stegman Boulevard HOURSEITNAGIL HOUSING TERRACE Stegman Boulevard TOWER Carbon Place HOUSING HOUSING TERRACE TOWER Stegman BoulevardMallory East Street Stegman Boulevard West Side Avenue Stegman Boulevard West Side Avenue Mallory East Street South Road Housing, retail and parking on this block have been placed to Carbon Place match like uses on the opposite side of the street, creating synergistic pairings. Stegman Boulevard Stegman Boulevard South Road HOUSING PARKING RETAIL HOUSING PARKING PARKING RETAIL HOUSING Carbon Place PARKING COMMERCIAL RETAIL COMMERCIAL RETAIL HOUSINGMallory West Street Mallory East Street The main public spaces of the redevelopment. A T-shaped civicMallory East Street Mallory West Street plaza connects the buildings on the blocks to each other and the other buildings in the redevelopment area. Stegman Boulevard COMMERCIAL COMMERCIAL RETTAHIELATER PERFORMINGRAERTTASIL THEATER PERFORMING ARTS Carbon Place PERFORMING PERFORMING CENTER CENTER ARTS CENTER ARTS CENTREERTAIL RETAILMallory West Street Mallory East Street Two academic buildings with first floor retail on both sidesMallory East Street Mallory West Street of Stegman Boulevard will encourage pedestrian traffic and foster street life. Stegman Boulevard FUTURE FUTURE FUTURE AEBDCFUAUUIDCLTDEAUAMTIRCNIIEOAGCND/EMBFUICUILT/DUEIRDNEUGCATAIOCANDEMBFUICUILT/DUEIRDNEUGCATION FUTURE ACADEMIC / ACADEMIC / ACADEMIC /FUTURE ACADEMIC / EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUACCAATDIOENMIC / EDUCATION BUILDING BUILDING BUILDING BUILDINGBUILDING RETAIL RETAILMallory West Street Mallory East Street Housing, retailStegman and pBoulevard arking occur on this block. Retail andMallory East Street Mallory West Street commercial components are located on the first floor along all four frontages. South Road HOUSING PARKING HOUSING Carbon Place PARKINCGOMMERCCOIAML MERCIAL COMMERCIAL RETAIL HOUSING COMMERCIAL RETAIL HOUSING PEDESTRIAN PEDESTRIAN PASS THRU PASS THRU Route 440 Mallory Avenue West Route 440A small tower at the northwest corner of the block marks theMallory Avenue West West Campus site for those traveling on Route 440. The major commercial component forms a retail courtyard. ACADEMIC FINISH FINISH FLOORS GRADE GRADE ACADEMIC GFIRNAISDHECOMMEPRACRIKARILNEGTAILAFCLAODOERMSFIECIEDLOUDFCHFAIOTCIUEOSNPEA//RKING Stegman Boulevard FLOORS RETAIL RETAIL PARKING RETAIL PARKING FIELDHOUSE/ COMMERCIAL ACADEMIC EDUCATION/ FLOORS FINISH GRADE OFFICE Stegman Boulevard Route 440 Mallory West Street Route 440 Encloses the southern edge of the retail courtyard. The retailMallory West Street component is located on the first floor level of the building with offices, schools, or housing above. RETAIL RETAIL COMMERCIAL RETAIL COMMERCIAL RETAIL OFFICE / ACADEMIC / EDUCATION / HOUSING OFFICE / ACADEMIC / EDUCATION / HOUSING OFFICE / ACADEMIC / EDUCATION / HOUSING OFFICE / ACADEMIC / EDUCATION / HOUSING

SETON HALL UNIVERSITY AQUINAS HALL EXPANSION AND RENOVATION In advance of the creation of a new University Center, Disabilities Act (ADA) access to all levels of the Seton Hall University engaged KSS Architects to building. In addition, 16 of the new beds provided will address a critical shortage of on-campus housing be in ADA accessible suites. Other improvements to and to reposition this existing residence hall to be the existing portion of the building will include new more supportive of its residential life program. A energy-efficient windows, redesigned bathrooms new fourth floor, new entry lobby, and northwest in all suites, and renovations to the public spaces, corridor addition to Aquinas Hall will add 164 beds corridors, and lounges. The new finishes within the and redefine this residence hall. The new lobby will public spaces will serve to enhance student life, contain two elevators providing Americans with community, and way finding. Location: South Orange, New Jersey Size: 1o8,000 sf (44,000 sf addition/64,000 sf renovation); 400 beds Features: New entry lobby, Traditional and ADA accessible suites, Updated bathrooms, Improved way finding| 40

NEW JERSEY CITY UNIVERSITYSTUDENT HOUSING DESIGN CONCEPTNJCU’s campus lies within pedestrian-friendly The proposed building, a brick masonry structureresidential neighborhoods on the west side of Jersey with a front garden courtyard, emulates theCity. Tidy row homes and ground-level retail line the gorgeous urban landscaping of the campus. Thestreets along with larger pre-war housing buildings public areas of the building utilize storefront glassand schools. The area is ideal for student housing to create interest, vitality, and transparency, whichbecause of its proximity to campus and relation allows this building to become a safe haven ofto scale of the surrounding residential context. activity at all hours of the day. The transparencyHowever the university’s current housing building reinforces a visual connection with university’son Kennedy Boulevard is in a state of disrepair future plans for front yard presence on Kennedyand cannot accommodate the desired quantity Boulevard. In keeping with the context and scaleof students. The University wants to build a new, of the neighborhood, the building includes durablestate-of-the-art building that will accommodate materials, which will provide ease of maintenancemore students and offer amenities that will make and longevity for the University.NJCU competitive for student population growth.Location: Jersey City, New JerseyProgram: Student housing development with various unit typesSize: 5 story, 47,000 sf building accommodating 263 beds; 5 story, 215 beds in a suite-style format (alternate scheme)Features: Reception area, Residence life and building management offices, Security, Multipurpose room, On-site laundry, Garden courtyard, Group lounge on each floor, Private bathrooms in each unit

BLOOMFIELD COLLEGERESIDENTIAL HALL AND DEVELOPMENTLocated in a desirable neighborhood, Bloomfield Units are arranged along central corridors onCollege emphasizes social responsibility and academic, three floors in a suite-style program that providesprofessional, and personal excellence for its students. complete privacy within a coeducational setting.To celebrate the college’s vision as a learning and The housing design includes lounges for socialliving environment, KSS Architects designed three gathering and facilities for laundry, recycling, andalternatives for student and community residences waste disposal. Each alternate includes a versatilethat enhance the local neighborhood. retail floor and building core that is convenient for service and security and has minimal impact onThe program fosters a sense of place for students retail development opportunities.while the design reflects years of research instudents’ behavioral patterns, social connections,assertion of independence through choice andprivacy, and desire to see and be seen.Location: Bloomfield, New JerseyProgram: Student housing with retail baseSize: Total area: 68,000 sf; Commercial development: 17,820 sf; Residential development: 50,180 sf, 162 beds (6 single units, 1 bed per unit39 double units, 4 beds per unit)Features: Retail, Residential, Living rooms, Private bathrooms, Community study rooms, Community lounge, Laundry facility, Kitchenettes

SELECTED ALTERNATE Alternate 1 Alternate 2 Alternate 3• Residential units are in a double-loaded corridor • Residential units are in a double-loaded corridor • Units are arranged along a corridor with central plan with a central lounge space. plan with a central lounge space. shared community spaces.• The floor plan combines social and study spaces, • Residential floors contain social and study • An intimate upper-floor courtyard allows light provides residents with amenities that foster a spaces amenities that foster community and air into the units sense of belonging to a “house.” • The buildings are all four stories tall to maintain • The building reaches out to fill the corner and• The location provides a sense of security and the neighborhood’s residential scale. provides excellent views. convenience to students. • The ground floor features brick, storefront glass • The small precast and glass cylindrical tower• Simple and efficient Ground Floor plan for and signage. The upper levels playfully balance will become a defining place in the city and for tenants. The building mass is pulled 5 feet from two-tone brick colors and the window modules the campus. the south edge of the site to allow for a service that comprise the residential units. drive and construction ease. • The covered entry, defined by a precast bay, • The ground floor facade organization allows for can be detailed with signage that welcomes the• On the south elevation, the upper floors step a variety of retail spaces. Integrated signage college students. back from the street, creating a small court that and lighting support the retail fabric. provides light and natural ventilation to residents. • A pattern of brick and storefront glass details the retail base.


PROFESSIONAL MERITS MICHAEL SHATKEN AIA, LEED APHistoric Commission of Mendham Township KSS ARCHITECTS | PARTNERWest Morris Regional Long Range Planning CommissionBoard Member and Trustee, Morristown Jewish Center As one of the founding partners of KSS Architects, Michael is driven by hisTrustee, Jewish Housing Corporation of Metro West quest for quality in every layer of a building. His interest in architecture’sTrustee, The Calais School interconnection to the lives of people, cities, and the environment began when he attended graduate school at a time when many American cities were | 48 in deep decline. He continues to see the connective nature of architecture in multiple forms, from the technical details of buildings to its place in the global environment. Michael has devoted his life to creating good design that better serves the clients’ needs by considering broad community and environmental concerns. His pragmatic and meticulous nature complements his design abilities, and he is a respected mentor and leader in the industry. RELEVANT EXPERIENCE City of Newark, Master Plan City of Newark, Sustainability Action Plan Drew University, Brothers College, Academic Building, Master Plan and Renovations Drew University, Campus Master Plan Drew University, Hall of Science, Addition and Renovation Kean University, Center for Academic Success, Academic Building Kean University, Nancy Thompson Library, Addition and Renovation Kean University, Nathan Weiss College of Graduate Studies, Addition and Renovation Mercer County Community College, Kelsey Communications Annex, Design Montclair State University, Student Housing Master Plan New Jersey City University, Forrest A. Irwin Library, Modernization Feasibility Study New Jersey City University, West Campus Redevelopment Master Plan Princeton University, Chemistry Library, Expansion and Renovation Princeton University, Department of Biology, Master Plan and Renovations Princeton University, Firestone Library, Microforms Relocation Princeton University, Moffett Laboratory, Guyot Hall, and Eno Hall Princeton University, West College Admissions Department, Renovation Rutgers University, Biomedical Engineering Building Rutgers University, College of Engineering, Feasibility Study and Master Plan Rutgers University, Newell Apartment Complex, Planning Study and Renovation Rutgers University, Zimmerli Art Museum, Dodge Collection Addition Seton Hall University, Marylawn School of Medical and Health Sciences, Addition and Renovation The College of New Jersey, Paul Loser Nursing/Reception Building The College of New Jersey, School of Arts and Sciences, Master Plan The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, Campus Center The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey, West Quad Academic Building Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Campus Master Plan and Fire Code Plan Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Erdman Hall Department of Voice and Piano, Renovation Westminster Choir College of Rider University, Taylor Hall Music Conservatory, Renovation EDUCATION Master of Architecture and Business Administration, Washington University in St. Louis

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