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The HIWPT Newsletter 2020 | 4th Quarter_EN

Published by Energy and Water Academy, 2020-12-30 16:55:14

Description: The HIWPT Newsletter 2020 | 4th Quarter_EN


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Strategic Partners: JANUARY 01, 2021 | Vol. 2 Issue 1 Follow us on: Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies |P.O. Box 53 Rabigh 21911, Saudi Arabia | [email protected] |+966 12 4222322 ext. 124 |+966 540272423 ; Acwa Power, SWCC joint venture to provide training to young professionals…page 2 Inside this issue: HIWPT to tie up with HRDF for training…page 2 HIWPT signs MoU with PNGIT…page 3 HIWPT, NPA team up for training services…page 3 Engr. Tariq AlShamrani, acting Executive Director of the Higher HIWPT, JIGPC explore partnership to Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT), paid a visit to support young Saudis…page 4 His Excellency the Rabigh Governor Khalid Mohammed Mubeireek, to discuss the institute current operations and future community plans HIWPT, EKB agree to deliver training in training services. to Saudi youth…page 4 Employee of the Month…pg. 6 | Social Responsibility…pg. 7 | Training Bulletin…pg. 8 SADAFCO celebrates graduation of Feature Program…pg. 10 | Special Report…pg. 11 | Goals for 2020 Fulfilled…pg. 12 9 Saudis…page 5 CEO of SWPC pays visit to HIWPT…page 5

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 2 Newsletter Acwa Power, SWCC joint venture to provide training to young professionals Acwa Power, a leading developer, owner, and operator of power generation and water desalination plants, has entered last December 17, 2020 into a joint venture agreement with Saline Water Conversion Corporation (SWCC), a partnership dedicated to exchange operational, technical and engineering services, to provide training to young professionals in order to further expand the Kingdom’s strategic goals and vision for human resources development. The collaboration between Acwa Power and SWCC aims at bringing about integration in the sector and raising its efficiency as the agreement enables the exchange and provision of services for operating and maintaining stations and equipment between the two parties and achieving optimum utilization of resources. In addition to cooperation, the two parties will engage in On the other hand, Engr. Tariq AlShamrani, acting the field of research and related consultations, and Executive Director of HIWPT, expressed his assurance for cooperation in the field of qualification and development the training programs to offer on the ground between the of human resources. partnership of Acwa Power and SWCC. It is noteworthy that work is currently underway to start \"The partnership is an example of how we can work activating the agreement through the maintenance of together to train and provide job opportunities for the equipment for projects of the Acwa Power Company in the youth, participate in national sustainable development sites of desalination workshops, and in cooperation goals, and ensure we continue to support our national between the technical staff and teams of the two sides, priority sectors in line with Vision 2030”. and preparations are also underway to benefit HIWPT from strategic training program initiatives both entities would require. HIWPT to tie up with HRDF for training According to Engr. AlShamrani, HRDF has accepted the training proposal of HIWPT to get a full financial support particularly of training fees for qualified young Saudis in all training courses of the institute. He further added that the compensation initiative, once fully obtained, will dramatically help to increase the number of trainees in training and vocational programs of HIWPT. Thus, it will definitely boost the motivation of young Saudis to be trained and to join in industrial field of work. The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies The HRDF or ‘Hadaf’ in Arabic, is a Saudi governmental authority that was established by a royal decree in July (HIWPT) acting Executive Director, Engr. Tariq AlShamrani 2000. It falls under the Ministry of Human Resources and recently met Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) head of Makkah region, Musaad AlHomrani, to discuss plans Social Development. HRDF is mainly concerned with providing financial support to organizations, such as in Saudi skills development and to tie up with HRDF in training support. HIWPT, a non-profit training institution, that train and qualify Saudis in the private sector.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 3 Newsletter HIWPT signs MoU with PNGIT The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies to achieving the goals of the Saudi Arabia’s 2030 Vision. (HIWPT) has signed recently a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Petroleum and Natural Gas It also aims to exchange training expertise, provide Institute of Technology (PNGIT). training referrals and requests, enhance curriculum development interchange, utilize facilities and The signing, which took place at Rabigh, marks the equipment, and participate and support of events beginning of a long-term alliance between the two arranged by both institutions, based on equality and training institutions that will ultimately help Saudi youth reciprocity. at the forefront of advance training and development in industrial fields. The MoU was signed by HIWPT’s acting Executive Director Engr. Tariq AlShamrani and a representative of PNGIT in The MoU aims to encourage and support vocational Dammam, Bassam Saad AlWehaimed. programs, health and safety training, and other associated activities and projects that are relevant to “In line with the needs of the industries sector and in developing new Saudi workforce in line with Technical addition to establishing training institutes collaboration, and Vocational Training Corporation’s (TVTC) outputs and anything is possible with the working model of strategic programs in an effort to enhance the sector’s capabilities partnerships to train and qualify national cadres in to contribute technical and vocational fields.”, said Engr. AlShamrani. HIWPT, NPA team up for training services The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies Both training institutes will work on establishing training (HIWPT) and National Power Academy (NPA) signed venues and programs covering for new trades such as recently a long-term memorandum of understanding artificial intelligence (AI) and digitization revolution in the (MoU) to accommodate the emerging demand of technical power industry along with energy efficiency in solar and and vocational training in the kingdom complementing the wind. Saudi Vision 2030 for human resources development. Also, HIWPT and NPA will support in allocating students The MoU, held at virtual signing ceremony, is a based on region demands and programs by sponsoring collaboration of the expertise in training services and companies in line with the Technical and Vocational approaches between HIWPT and NPA in the power and Training Corporation’s (TVTC) regulations. renewable energy sectors.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 4 Newsletter HIWPT, JIGPC explore partnership to JIGPC support young Saudis Acting Executive Director of the Higher Institute for Water “Our numerous methods and materials with the most and Power Technologies Engr. Tariq AlShamrani met effective training technology are available to help recently with delegates of Jizan Integrated Gasification prepare and equip our trainees to better do their jobs.” and Power Company (JIGPC) to explore and enhance said Engr. AlShamrani. strategic partnership between the two entities, a move that aims to support young Saudis in specialized training “Using state-of-the-art process control simulation programs in the power industry. systems which are likewise available in our simulator area, we can therefore provide trainees with the virtual In a statement, JIGPC is interested to establish a technical hands-on training that will help develop their skills.” he program with HIWPT that will train select young Saudi added. engineers and technicians in advanced skills such as key areas of power plant process, maintenance and repair of HIWPT and JIGPC have met twice already in Rabigh to gas turbines, electrical and mechanical motors, and strengthen further a possible strategic partnership in generators that are critical to the efficient generation of skills development of young Saudis. electricity in the kingdom. JIGPC is a Saudi Aramco joint venture company. The According to Engr. AlShamrani, HIWPT is proud to team up company was built to operate the intended construction with JIGPC and committed to provide quality training to of an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) most promising Saudis with the advanced skills needed to Power Plant located in the south west corner of the Jazan support their general objectives. Refinery Plot within Jazan Economic City. HIWPT, EKB agree to deliver training to Saudi youth The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies The agreement will provide training in electrical (HIWPT) and Emad Khalid Bawazir (EKB) Company recently equipment maintenance with an initial number of 20 signed an agreement to train Saudi youth for professional trainees from different parts of the region. careers in the industrial sector. EKB is one of the leading companies located at Jeddah The agreement was signed by Engr. Tariq AlShamrani, engaged in engineering and construction projects around acting Executive Director of HIWPT, and Emad Khalid the kingdom. Currently, they have ongoing project with Bawazir, CEO of EKB at a ceremony held at HIWPT in the Mansour AlMosaid Group of Companies. Rabigh. Engr. AlShamrani said, “Our young people are our biggest resource, and by strengthening their skills and preparing them for careers in the industrial sector, we aim to build a strong talent pool of technical professionals, with EKB’s partnership, in the kingdom complementing the goals of Saudi Vision 2030.”

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 5 Newsletter SADAFCO celebrates graduation of 9 Saudis SADAFCO, one of the leading dairy companies in the region, celebrated the graduation of 9 Saudis under the 4th cycle of the Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) program. The ceremony took place on November 12, 2020 in Jeddah. The graduates have undergone training in the operation and maintenance program sponsored by SADAFCO and they are expected to join and work with the company after the graduation. The SADAFCO social initiative in collaboration with HIWPT began in 2017, to cover necessary skills required across electrical, mechanical and refrigeration disciplines, to compliment the company’s needs. The program has successfully trained 56 young Saudis since the beginning, with 39 currently holding permanent positions across SADAFCO’s different facilities. The program has played a key role in supporting strengthening human capital in the country and SADAFCO is keen to continue a successful partnership with HIWPT, in a statement said. CEO of SWPC pays visit to HIWPT Saudi Water Partnership Company CEO Khalid Zuwaid Al-Quraishi paid a visit to the Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) to meet the institute’s management and check on the possibilities of partnership in skills development of young Saudis in the water and power industry. Accompanied by Thamer Al Sharhan, Managing Director at Acwa Power, and Turki AlAmri, Senior Vice President at NOMAC International Business and Vice Chairman of HIWPT Board of Directors, he visited the institute with a campus walkthrough in Rabigh last November 5, 2020. During his visit, he was able to join in an organized presentation of HIWPT headed by Engr. Tariq AlShamrani, acting Executive Director of HIWPT. Meanwhile, Engr. Tariq expressed his appreciation for the SWPC CEO visit and he said, “While COVID-19 took center stage in 2020, for many of us, the year has also involved a rediscovery of the potential clients for HIWPT. I am very much positive that your visit will be mutually fruitful for our two entities”. “We are committed to providing you and your partners with a productive and a high quality training requirements from us”. SWPC is a water and electric power distribution company based in Riyadh and owned by Saline Water Conversion Corporation and Saudi Electricity Company.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 6 Newsletter EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH This is to acknowledge your dedication to the path of your career. We are honored to have you as part of our team by giving your best and for being consistent with your work routines throughout the whole month. We congratulate you for your devotion to this organization, may you continue to flourish. Maintenance Supervisor English Teacher s Workshop Technician Accountant Operation Instructor Purchase Officer Finance Manager Mr. Kurdi officially joined us last December 01, 2020. He is adept in financial reporting and budgeting. His education and excellent experience in finance would be a great factor to his new job at HIWPT.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 7 Newsletter SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Aligning your CSR strategy with Saudi Vision 2030 Saudi Vision 2030, which reflects the long-term vision and The accountability that social responsibility initiatives aspirations of the Saudi people for themselves and for the offer to corporations can also be applied to nonprofit country, was formed on April 25, 2016. It is a development organizations, in line with our country’s vision. program or a strategic framework to reduce Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA)'s dependence on oil, diversify its In this manner, companies and non-profit organizations economy, and develop public service sectors such as should adopt a variety of social responsibility programs by health, education, infrastructure, recreation, and tourism. focusing on one of the key aspects of society such as commitment to the development of Saudi citizens and All future KSA development plans to be crafted and local capabilities through partnerships in training and implemented until 2030 will be anchored on Saudi Vision education. 2030. This will ensure the sustainability and consistency of kingdom strategies, policies, programs and projects across How HIWPT can help with CSR governmental directions. We at HIWPT, a non-profit institution established under the How Corporate Social Responsibility of initiative of Acwa Power and Technical and Vocational companies plays a vital role with this Training Corporation (TVTC), have been serving the vision community through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for more than one decade. Through Social responsibility of businesses, also known as Corporate training services, our organization supports the Social Responsibility (CSR), plays an important role through development of young Saudis for a better future its various social and environmental development complementing the Saudi Vision 2030. initiatives which is one of the key goals of the vision realization program. We believe that education can contribute to the business and economic growth. In alignment with the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, If your company is wondering how to develop a corporate we aspire to have businesses that contribute to developing social responsibility program for human resources our society and our country, not be geared solely towards development, HIWPT has a long and successful history of generating profits. We expect our companies to observe doing so and we can help you develop and execute a their social responsibilities and contribute to creating a strategic plan for success. sustainable economy by creating stimulating opportunities for young men and women that can help them build their Contact us today at [email protected] or professional careers through improved outputs of the 0540272423 about Corporate Social Responsibility plans education and training system at all stages. and let us see how we can establish a partnerships that can Social responsibility in nonprofit make a big impact in achieving the organizations national vision.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 8 Newsletter TRAINING BULLETIN 2021 HIWPT Short Courses Enrich Your Skills 1st Quarter of the Year January Combined Cycle Plant Simulator Operation (Local) - 6 Weeks 10 Jan Pump Technology 31 Jan First Aid & CPR 31 Jan Managing Safely + Risk Assessment & Control 31 Jan Contact us: [email protected] 12 422 2322 ext. 124 | 0540272423

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 9 Newsletter February RO Desalination Plant Simulator Operation (Local) - 5 Weeks 7 Feb Basics of Electrical 7 Feb Electrical Protection Systems & Relays Testing & Calibration 7 Feb Scaling & Corrosion Control 21 Feb Air Compressor Technology 21 Feb March Gas Turbine Technology 14 Mar Emergency Response Training 21 Mar Pump Maintenance 21 Mar Combined Cycle Plant Simulator Operation (Local) - 6 Weeks 28 Mar Enhance your team performance and capabilities by taking their career path to the next level through our Technical Training Short Courses blended with the learning process of 70% practical and 30% theoretical exercises.

The HIWPT Empowering Youth for a Brighter Tomorrow... Page 10 Newsletter FEATURE PROGRAM Training program launched for Saudi youth Occupational Health and Safety Personnel Program The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) has just launched a training program on Occupational Health and Safety which is open to all young Saudis, both for male and female. This training program is an initiative program by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development with the support of the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) to enhance the knowledge and skill of human cadres in the field of occupational health and safety through two tracks: practitioner and professional, with the aim of promoting the application of occupational health and safety practices in facilities. Program at-a-Glance What You’ll Get Complete in as few as 3-4 months  Trainees who agree to complete their chosen certificate program will have their certificate Participants must be high school registration from HIWPT recognized by the Ministry of graduate, diploma or bachelor Human Resources and Social Development. degree holder  Tuition and the registration fee are covered with Accredited by Colleges of Excellence Human Resources Development Fund. and supported by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social  Employment opportunity after finishing the program. Development For any questions in regards to the program or to discuss What You’ll Learn changes to academic plans, please contact us at [email protected] or 0569337957. You will learn about the most current national safety regulations and methods of compliance, as well as state- of-the-art emergency management techniques. Discover how to integrate employee health and safety into daily decision making, save organizational resources and contribute to enhanced employee performance. Engr. Tariq AlShamrani, acting Executive Director of the Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies, signed an agreement with HSE Consultant, Mohamed Aref Marghalani, a retired ARAMCO staff, to strengthen the training on Occupational Health and Safety Personnel Program.

The HIWPT Em po we ri ng You th for a Bri gh te r Tom orro w… Page 11 Newsletter SPECIAL REPORT Meet the future local and CCR operators An HIWPT and NOMAC Simulation Operations Program Way back in 2019, the Higher Institute for Water and Power “It’s the best Technologies (HIWPT) and NOMAC, a leading operation and training I have had maintenance service provider in the region, signed a 3-year ever specially the agreement to start the training process of 22 Saudi youths to fulfill whole setup which the two organizations’ manpower strategic training program in gives an exact simulation operations. feeling as you are working on the Young Saudi talents from NOMAC were selected to continually learn plant.” to both advance their careers and assure high levels of professional competence using real-time simulator experience. So what’s the program really like? And how does the future look for its alumni? We spoke to some current trainees of the simulation operations program from CCGT training and below are their personal experiences that they wanted to share with us. “I think HIWPT is a fantastic institute for “Simulator training has “I am taking part in Combined Cycle Gas Turbine the skills enhancing and career development. increased my work simulation training which is a 6 weeks program and I am really impressed by the whole simulator competency and I’m sure, we believe me we are really enjoying being here in facility and by very experienced and deal with all operation HIWPT feeling proud to be a part of this prestigious qualified staff including the programs they aspects such startup/ opportunity and advance my career.” offered with hands on technical work shutdown/emergency shut- experience.” down and had an interesting Turning Vision into Reality opportunity to do so, as in plant you can’t do. Sure I will recommend my colleagues to participate in the upcoming trainings.”

The HIWPT Em po we ri ng You th for a Bri gh te r Tom orro w… Page 12 Newsletter Goals for 2020Fulfilled “A heartfelt gratitude towards all our Stakeholders, Partners, Committees and Board of Directors, and our Team.” 2020 came to an end. Seeing our calendars dotted with challenge and success, we know deep down, that our accomplishments were possible only because of the trust of our stakeholders, undying support of our strategic partners, an invaluable role of our committees and Board of Directors, and the dedication of our team. Stepping into the beginning of a New Year, we hope to enjoy more of success and share it with all our clients and partners who have firmly believed in our abilities and encouraged us to continually contest ourselves and increase our boundaries. Looking back, 2020 helped us grow to new heights. We faced and overcame several challenges with keen determination, open and brave hearts, and a strong sense of purpose and commitment. The outcome clearly shows in this newsletter that we were able to achieve despite the effects of this pandemic present with us. As a final point, I wish to express my deepest thanks to each and every one of you - a heartfelt gratitude towards all our stakeholders, partners, committees and Board of Directors, and our team of extraordinary experts for their contribution in making the Institute one of the most recognized organizations in educating young men and women complementing the Saudi Vision 2030. Looking forward to a fruitful and successful 2021! Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies P.O. Box 53 Rabigh 21911, Saudi Arabia | [email protected] +966 12 422 2322 ext. 124 | +966 54 027 2423 Engr. Tariq AlShamrani Twitter Facebook Linkedin Instagram Executive Director (A)

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