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The HIWPT Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

Published by Energy and Water Academy, 2020-04-02 06:56:47

Description: The HIWPT Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1


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Your Perfect Training Partner, Y o u r L e a d e r i n T r a i n i n g D e v e l o p m e n t . Follow us on: April 01, 2020 Volume 1 Issue 2 Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies |P.O. Box 53 Rabigh 21911, Saudi Arabia | [email protected] |+966 12 4222322 +966 540272423 HIWPT shift to e-learning is relatively smooth After announcing school closures in an effort to stem the spread of the new coronavirus (COVID19), many schools are shifting to e-learning. The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) did not take much time to shift to the online platform as it has already integrated online education system in many of its programs as part of the institute’s strategic plan, said Engr. Fawaz Alghamdi, Executive Director of HIWPT. INSIDE THIS ISSUE 1 HIWPT shift to e-learning is relatively smooth 2 HIWPT signs MoU with BUNYAN for NEOM Project City 3 Football League of HIWPT values in building team unity and camaraderie HIWPT trains 34 new engineers for Strategic Plan Engagement industrial work Employees were briefed previously by Eng. Fawaz Alghamdi, Executive Director of HIWPT, concerning 4 SADAFCO Training Program, A Business the business strategic plan of the institute including implementation of the e-learning system with the Case Success competency-based educational team. According to Engr. Alghamdi, the recently implementation the quality of education will not be compromised,” Engr. of e-learning to the HIWPT trainees was relatively smooth Alghamdi further added. and favorably relevant to make up for the closure of Engr. Alghamdi also stated that a full-fledged application schools due to the COVID19 pandemic outbreak in the of e-learning is a huge challenge for the institute but in Kingdom. the long run it is achievable. “So much of the work that we’ve done over the past Now, HIWPT is taking measures to expand that e-learning several months to establish the e-learning system with our system if a bad situation with COVID19 worsens. competency-based educational team, we were already Meanwhile, in order to protect the health and to stay safe very interested in different learning modalities to expand from the pandemic, the HIWPT employees and trainees that system”, he added. were greatly advised to practice personal preventive “Now with this implementation of e-learning as a non- measures such as proper hand hygiene, social distancing, conventional distance education, we’re making sure that cough etiquette, refrain from visiting crowded places or everyone gets access and has a hot spot, and the method attending mass gatherings, and stay at home. of learning has really robust platform for interaction thus

Page 2 HIWPT signs MoU with BUNYAN for NEOM Project City The Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies Partnership Meeting (HIWPT) has recently signed an MoU with BUNYAN Development Company for NEOM City, a planned sustainable HIWPT management and BUNYAN team recently held a productive meeting in Rabigh ecosystem for living and working in the Tabuk province of for a partnership program to train Saudi youth intended to Neom City job requirements. northwestern Saudi Arabia, which will encompass all the training job requirements of the project. 2020 Summer Workshop Meeting The two parties will work in tandem on training development Engr. Fawaz Alghamdi, HIWPT Executive Director, received last February 25, 2020 of Saudi Youth who are resolute to learn and determined to the committee of Petro Rabigh Summer Program 2020 for a kick-off meeting in Rabigh. get employed right after the training process. HIWPT and BUNYAN desire to explore possibilities of partnership of delivering trainings under the NEOM City’s workers requirements in the area of academic and technical training, hospitality and event management, human capital development, management and soft skills training and other related programs. Nabil Tuker, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of BUNYAN, expressed his appreciation to the HIWPT management for hosting his team during the recently held meeting in Rabigh. “This collaboration is a great initiative and an excellent partnership between BUNYAN and HIWPT. Together, through our high quality of education and proven track record, we can help youth to build the future. We will work with you to create customized programs,” he said. BUNYAN was established in 2019, with the sole purpose of being an innovative home that promises to be a place of excellence in the education field. The new company is the fruit of the collaboration between the University of Prince Mugrin in Madinah and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), a hospitality management school in Switzerland.

Page 3 Football League of HIWPT values in building team unity and camaraderie Awarding Day Building a sense of team unity and camaraderie at school is important for growth and moral support as the Higher Staff, teachers and students recently attended the Football League Awarding Institute for Water and Power Technologies (HIWPT) Ceremony held at HIWPT multi-purpose hall in Rabigh. The event was joined by recently culminated its 6th Annual Football League in Rabigh Engr. Fawaz Alghamdi, Executive Director of HIWPT. The winners received medals campus. and trophies. The tournament ended with full of sportsmanship and excitement. It was supportively joined by staff, teachers, and students of the HIWPT. The games ran for almost a month with 12 teams vying to get the coveted title – the champion. Umluj 1 team was the winner. Abker Zain of Umluj 1 team received the award for the most valuable player. “It’s just awesome to see the experience for everyone, to have a strong team. How great it is to say, ‘I’m on a team winner,” he said during the awarding ceremony. Rami Basahih, Head of Trainees Affairs, said the program was an amazing thing for the staff, teachers and students. They play and come together and they’re able to make friends but also have a good time in the institute. “In conjunction with building camaraderie and interaction between them, other desirable goals of the game are to promote physical fitness and to adopt healthy lifestyles and wellness,” he added. HIWPT trains 34 new engineers for industrial work In marketing partnership with AMALLCOM Enterprise and Congratulations! training collaboration initiative of King Abdulaziz University (KAU), the Higher Institute for Water and Power Graduation ceremony of 34 new engineers and engineering students for the Technologies (HIWPT) successfully trained 34 new engineers successful completion of the Industrial Qualification Program held at HIWPT in with the Industrial Qualification Program to prepare them Rabigh last February 27, 2020. for the future work in industrial plant maintenance and operation. familiarization with the actual field of work of the industrial The 15 new engineers of AMALLCOM and 19 engineering engineering sectors. students of KAU attended HIWPT highly technical training in electrical and mechanical fields for 3-week duration and The HIWPT has already trained numbers of capable and completed last February 27, 2020. The engineers also got competent engineers since the inception of the program last the opportunity to be exposed and to experience working in 2019. an industrial plant. The Industrial Qualification Program is one of the pioneering engineering programs aimed at developing local groups of engineers and technicians in exceptional technical skills and

Page 4 SPECIAL REPORT SADAFCO Training Program, A Business Case Success There are several challenges that currently face dairy Training in this context, is envisaged as one companies – creation of adequate manpower capacity; of the most important vehicles for bringing reduction of reliance on foreign workers; and compliance to about improved performance and change. the localization of job opportunities. Training in this context, is envisaged as one of the most The inclusive training development and delivery is a important vehicles for bringing about improved performance technician can handle the dairy transport vehicles’ and change - be it developing new capacities, mechanical, electrical and AC maintenance. competencies, orientations or leadership styles; or supporting new organizational structures, processes and The training focuses on practical applications. Therefore the systems. graduates are of high automotive maintenance skills. The In order to respond to SADAFCO’s call for a rapid participants have proven high quality performance during introduction of more successful ways of developing their field assignments. The graduates are always reliable as manpower resources, the Higher Institute for Water and per the feedback from the work sites. Power Technologies (HIWPT) proposed, way back in 2017, The TVTP with focus on automotive courses for SADAFCO the Technical Vocational Training Program (TVTP) to training needs will likely culminate this year-end 2020. It is accommodate numbers of Saudi Youth and to meet and recommended to expand the scope of the program in other match the skills’ demand in the company. training areas, and to introduce to other companies for HIWPT and SADAFCO agreed to conduct the training process possible business. in Rabigh as a one year associate diploma degree program in the automotive field for 40 Saudi college graduates divided in four batches. The training program is accredited by Technical Vocational Higher Institute for Water and Power Technologies Training Corporation (TVTC), and supported by on the job training (OJT) at SADAFCO factories. P.O. Box 53 Rabigh 21911, Saudi Arabia The SADAFCO social initiative is a special technical | [email protected] vocational training program in which college graduates are +966 12 422 2322 | +966 54 027 2423 engaged in electro- mechanics and AC & refrigeration. Twitter Facebook Linkedin Instagram

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