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Published by Sara Kamanmalek, 2021-08-01 19:10:18

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Urban Swarm


Existing Conditions

PLAN // 1 PLAN // 2 SECTION // 1

PLAN // 1 SECTION // 1

PLAN // 1 SECTION // 1

plan 1 : bedroom and bathroom plan 2 : kitchen plan 3 : dining space and living space plan 4 : split level plan 4 : upstairs room

terrace : access to shared terrace plan 1 : kitchen, dining space, and living space plan 2 : bedroom and bathroom

plan 1 : Living space and kitchen. plan 2 : Bedroom and bathroom.

UPTOWN FOREST TRANSIT 1 1.6 to 1.8 million m3/yr North America’s demand for C LT North Carolina- 18.14 million acres of timberland 2 and 2.5 million m³ by the end of 2020 was valued at $ 119 million in 2016, Charlotte North Carolina Largest transit system between 10 O ce Towers It is the third fastest-growing Ranked top 10 Busiest Airport Cross laminated timber panels are 47% Tree Canopy Coverage 18.2 Million Acres of Forest Washington DC & Atlanta, GA Built / Being Built Since 2010 major city in the United States. In The World transported using the existing track system About This Project and stored on site. The UPTOWN FOREST is at the nexus of one of Charlotte's largest transit hubs. This mixed-use building considers the future of transportation with the future of construction. Visual connection across tracks: East to West. TRANSIT 2 Considering the new addition of the LYNX Silver Line travelers will be directly connected from Charlotte Douglas International Airport to the heart of Uptown Charlotte. Additionally, this mixed-use Uptown Forest - “O ff-Grid” environment. building will also host Charlotte’s rst hostel, a food hall, as well as a variety of socially equitable spaces; accessible to both visiting travelers and the community . Furthermore, the building will also host Greenery + Possible Green corridor venue. The extension of the Gold line intersects with the Greyhound station, a storage facility for cross-laminated timber products. and the proposed Silver line,which would extend from Belmont,N.C., move Wood Composition through Charlotte Douglas International Airport, The 180,000 square-foot facilities will be made of Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) an emerging building technology, that will be sourced from the North Carolinian forests, bringing a and terminate in Mathews, N.C. physical piece of the forests into the heavily urbanized core of Charlotte. As such, the articulation of the project bridges the divide between North Carolina ’s forestry industry in both the Western and TRANSIT 3 Eastern regions of the state with its largest metropolitan area, the Charlotte-Mecklenberg region right in the middle. This simultaneously provides a touch of southern hospitality to entertain and house the “urban nomad” visiting the city within a building that is the culmination of the emerging technologies of wood in the building construction eld. The structure will encompass a rail station, a hostel, The intersection of the Gold line and the Silver line will increase the number as well as amenity spaces for the hostel and the community. of travellers moving through the city, creating a demand for a ordable accomodations. Additionally, several key fatures promote an energy-e cient design. The rst is the woven wood facade that allows the bottom two levels of the building to be naturally cooled by allowing passive air ow and by providing shade at the same time. The second are the balconies that wrap around the hostel levels. These balconies provide equitable access to the city skyline for all TRANSIT 4 guests, while also providing shade to sub levels. The use of mirrored glass and these “wrap-around balconies” drastically reduce the amount of heat gain during the day, while still allowing daylight to enter the hostel rooms; this feature ties the interior and exterior spaces, reinforcing the connection gusts have with the city and the forestry culture of the state. The overlapping transit systems create a node that encourages movement The addition of a CLT storage facility, adds a layer of movement that connects the urban nomad and the process of forestry. This happens through the simultaneous use of train routes to move in and through the site and into city. out of the city. Due to the strategic location of Charlotte, and the immediate access to the train tracks, charlotte’s will be even more connected to an already emerging globalized market. Throughout the perimeter of the building, a series of plazas and parks will be adorned with pine trees arranged in a grid that resembles the structural grid of the wood columns within the building. Special OUTDOOR 1 connections such as these create a new standard in urban space, as well as dwelling space by connecting the process of forestry with the urban occupation. - Global Production Regions Mt. Moriah Primitive W. Trade st Post Gateway Place W. Trade st Norfolk Southern Baptist Church W. 4th st Train Corridor Norfolk Southern Train Corridor Wilkes pl W. 4th st Wilkes pl Mixed-Use Apartment Complex (Under Construction) N. Graham st N. Graham st Johnson & Wales University SITE SITE Johnson & Wales University Parking Lot Express Bus Routes Local Bus Routes Parking Lot W. Trade st Gold Line Streetcar W. Trade st Amtrack W. 4th st Circa Uptown The Mint Greyhound Bus Station Apartments Apartments S. Graham st W. 4th st S. Graham st BB&T Ballpark Future Construction High Medium Low Global CLT Markets PROFILES IDENTIFIED IN REL ATION TO THE CU LTURAL IDENTIT Y OF CHARLOTTE BEACHES LOCAL BUSINESS COMMUNITY CONSIDERATIONS ENTERTAINMENT RIVERS NEW TECHNOLOGY LAKES REGION MOUNTAINS CO-RELATED PEOPLE Democratic Space CULTURE Developed Markets Developed Growth Expected Growth CHARLOTTE Regional Market

RIDE-SHARE LOCAL Housing Mobility Accesible Facilities AMTRAK BREWERIES Parks and Recreation LIGHT RAIL AIRPORT TRANSPORTATION Pedestrian friendly hub. CUISINE The various modes of occupancy between SPORTS city dwellers and urban nomads creates intersecting paths of circulation. Oregon Washington Montana Illinois Alabama North Carolina Office: OUTDOOR 2 Logistics + Distribution Global Hostel Occupation Advanged research Show room Cleanliness Specialized Materials Amenities: Canopy is a visual and programmatic ancho r. Tourism & Hospitality Exhibition Services: These intersections also result in various types of gatherings, Retail & Dining Professional happening publicly and privately through the form of a plaza and a terrace. Attractions Technology Hub/ Big DAta Increase in Hostel Travellers Desire to Visit Most Visited Region Security Entertainment / Brewery Wi-Fi Commuting Staff Hostel Restrooms Bike Lane Access Transportation Value for Money Communication Location Hostel Occupation OUTDOOR 3 5% 16% 2% 49% 12% 40-59 60+ 16-25 Age Groups 33% 22-39 18% Brazil Australia 20% India 10% 20% 10% USA Germany 20% While some terraces are intended to be occupied, others are intended to be 10% used as green roofs for water collection. 45% France OUTDOOR 4 10% UK Inner city activation + transit node convergence. Demographics 20% Regional Hostel Location Pennsylvania Wisconsin Montana Atmosphere Addionally, the form was adapted in order to create an equitable acess Facilities to the terraces from various sides of the hostel. Washington, D.C. Arizona Arkansas Louisiana Tennessee Massachusetts New York Virginia California Colorado Hawaii Oregon Utah Washington Illinois

4.9 461.456342 3.8598 m/s 5.23 13.018.1937 63.915 m/s 11.30 12.40 NNW N NNE 10.17 NNW N NNE 11.16 34.6835 34.598 43.484 73.082 Daylight Factor (%) 100% NW NE NW NE 50% 3.4339 34.4346 9.04 43.7115 72.694 9.92 W/m2 W/m2 7.91 8.68 997.69 997.69 0% WNW ENE WNW ENE 897.92 897.92 798.15 798.15 W73.319 E 53.1724 6.78 W45.4225 E 72.7535 7.44 698.38 698.38 5.65 6.20 598.61 598.61 498.84 498.84 WSW36.8628 ESE3.1285 4.52 WSW3.9868 ESE53.1659 4.96 399.07 399.07 3.39 3.72 299.31 299.31 199.54 199.54 SW SE 2.26 SW SE 2.48 99.77 99.77 56.5035 23.2787 0.00 0.00 49.198 23.8379 1.24 W/m2 W/m2 1.13 SSW SSE 997.69 997.69 SSW SSE 897.92 897.92 54.9075 S 34.12 0.00 798.15 798.15 37.8298 S 3.166 0.00 698.38 698.38 598.61 598.61 Wind-Rose 13.05.967 Wind-Rose 54.134 498.84 498.84 399.07 399.07 Charlotte Douglas Intl Arpt_NC_USA Charlotte Douglas Intl Arpt_NC_USA 299.31 299.31 1 JAN 1:00 - 31 MAR 24:00 199.54 199.54 1 APR 1:00 - 30 JUN 24:00 Hourly Data: Wind Speed (m/s) 99.77 99.77 0.00 0.00 Hourly Data: Wind Speed (m/s) Calm for 8.70% of the time = 188 hours. CLIMATE 2 CLIMATE 3 Calm for 9.34% of the time = 204 hours. Each closed polyline shows frequency of 1.0%. = 22 hours. Each closed polyline shows frequency of 1.1%. = 23 hours. 6.7 130.1.393 73.5162 m/s 3.85 1.43 3.39 m/s 10.30 3.29 6.39 12.90 NNW N NNE 9.27 NNW 7.56 11.61 NNE 10.32 N 9.03 42.3695 63.7156 3.64 3.0 4.12 6.16 NW NE NW NE 2.861 63.8049 8.24 3.4 2.66 7.21 3.84 5.03 WNW ENE WNW ENE W23.462 E 62.5987 6.18 W4.03 E 2.54 7.74 5.15 3.94 6.45 4.1 WSW2.8954 ESE42.5834 4.12 3.85WSW ESE 5.16 3.09 3.87 4.62 2.59 3.22 SW SE 2.06 SW SE 2.58 43.3153 32.4654 2.83 1.29 3.94 3.31 0.00 1.03 8.11 SSW SSE SSW SSE S53.34 32.8952 0.00 8.51 S 4.53 4.78 3.67 Wind-Rose 62.6968 Wind-Rose 4.7 11.59 Charlotte Douglas Intl Arpt_NC_USA Charlotte Douglas Intl Arpt_NC_USA 1 JUL 1:00 - 30 SEP 24:00 1 OCT 1:00 - 31 DEC 24:00 Hourly Data: Wind Speed (m/s) Hourly Data: Wind Speed (m/s) Calm for 13.63% of the time = 301 hours. Calm for 11.64% of the time = 257 hours. Each closed polyline shows frequency of 1.0%. = 22 hours. Each closed polyline shows frequency of 1.2%. = 25 hours. WITHOUT SHADING WITH SHADING CLIMATE 1 CLIMATE 4 The form was disected in order to take advantage of The form was also adapted to the position of the sun throughout the year The cores of the building are erected through the center of the hostel spaces. Centrally located in the middle of multiple transit nodes, the summer and winter winds. This would help create cooler ourdoor in order to maximize dayligting as well as passive heating during the winter. The structure encloses elevators as well as egress straicases, the grain of the building allows circulation to disperse through multiple layers. spaces for guests as well as assisting with natural ventialtion. while the atrium works as a way to bring fresh air and daylight into the hostel. Consideration for highly transparent glazing from units into atrium. Su cient daylight. Window to Wall ration maximized using mirrored Glass. Air Exhaust Photovoltaics System Server Outdoor Sensors Weather Data Live Wind Data Prevailing Wind Air Exhaust Prevailing Wind Prevailing Wind

ROOM 1 ZONE 1 Fresh Air Fresh Air Radiant Floor CO2 Sensor Solar Shading Manual Control Radiant Floor CO2 Sensor Solar Shading Manual Control Window Actuator Motorcontrol Window Actuator Natural Ventilation Mixed Mode Ventilation + Radiant Floor Diagram Mixed Mode Ventilation Diagram


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