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Wilderness Proposal for flipbook

Published by katelyn, 2020-03-25 15:05:58

Description: Wilderness Proposal for flipbook


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Preserving The Wilderness Country Club proposal

residents of Wilderness Country Club, I would like to introduce myself. I am Jerry Wachowicz, a real estate broker at William Raveis Real Estate, a Christies International Real Estate firm here in Naples. I am originally from the Tri City area of Michigan and the northern area of beautiful Lake Charlevoix. I have designed, developed and built environmentally friendly subdivision communities in both areas of Michigan and Florida. My wife, Patricia has worked along with me in real estate both as a builder and interior designer for the past 50 years. We owned and operated a real estate company in the Tri City area of Michigan that housed 95 agents. Additionally we owned and operated a golf course in Michigan. We have lived in Naples since 1991 and have practiced real estate since then. The Frank family has commissioned me to help solve the problems within the Wilderness Country Club and to design a plan whereby the land lease can be purchased by the 300 owners at Wilderness at a discounted price. The Frank Family Trust would be paid in full for the land lease while still preserving the Wilderness golf course. The plan proposal is designed to benefit both parties involved, providing a win win situation. The enclosed information will outline the proposal plan that will remove the land lease and pass ownership of the Wilderness golf course to the 300 residents, along with the construction of a new club house, some golf course modifications and relocating certain amenities. The proposal outlines the cost to the 300 Wilderness owners and the benefits to the 300 Wilderness owners. The proposed plan provides for major increases in revenues to the Wilderness club by the addition of new golf and social memberships, while decreasing golf monthly fees and golf initiation fees. 2

The Frank Family Trust has agreed to the sale of a portion of their golf course land to help pay off the land lease. They are willing to do so in order to preserve the Wilderness Golf Course and thus help the 300 owners at Wilderness. See pages 6-9.   The 300 condominiums at the Wilderness Golf Club are grossly UNDERVALUED due to the current LAND LEASE, the $65,000.00 MANDATORY GOLF INITIATION MEMBERSHIP FEE,  the extremely HIGH GOLF MONTHLY MAINTENANCE FEES and yearly SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS. The following proposal ELIMINATES the LAND LEASE and gives FULL OWNERSHIP OF THE GOLF COURSE LAND to the 300 OWNERS at the Wilderness Country Club. By ELIMINATING THE LAND LEASE, condominium VALUES of the 300 condominiums at the Wilderness Country Club are expected to INCREASE IN VALUE by a minimum of 50% to 100%.   The proposal also provides for either a NEW CLUB HOUSE or a complete remodel and expansion of the current club house, relocation of the bocce ball courts and croquet courts, next to the new club house and the addition of a pickle ball court next to the tennis courts along with some reconfiguring of a small portion of the golf course. (see pages 8 & 9)   SO HOW DO WE DO THIS? Of the 300 family memberships at the Wilderness Golf Club, currently only 70% of the membership play golf leaving room for at least 100 to 150 new memberships. 3

PROPOSAL After careful examination of the Wilderness Golf Course, it was determined with the advice of two local golf course owners and golf professionals that holes #12 and #13 are the least challenging and the least favorite to play at Wilderness. But these two golf holes are in an ideal location, with the proximity of running parallel to Goodlette Frank Rd. for a potential development of a 55 and older RETIREMENT COMMUNITY similar in design, style and size to that of THE MOORINGS AT GREY OAKS which borders Airport Pulling Rd. in a similar manner. That development is adjacent to multi million dollar villas and single family homes at The Estuary. The other proposal would be an upscale condominium development. To make a viable footprint for either type development, Golf Holes #12 and #13 along with the Frank Park and adjoining lake (for water management) would have to be included in the proposed development. (see page 6 & 7) The new development would have its own separate egress and ingress. The entrance would be at the north end of Wilderness. No auto traffic from this new development would enter through the Wilderness Country Club gate house onto roadways of Wilderness. (see page 10 & 11) Since we are eliminating golf holes #12 and #13 two new golf holes would have to be created. The following on (see pages 8 & 9, 12-17) could be accomplished. THE FOLLOWING IS RECOMMENDED • Reconfiguration of #7 golf hole to a shorter par 4, construct tee boxes behind the current #7 tees on both the mens and ladies tees. Construct a new #7 green adjacent to the lake with large sand traps and tree buffers to the east of and between #6 golf green and the new #7 green. (see pages 12 & 13) • Construct new mens and ladies tees on the north end of the lake, that is currently the lake adjacent to #7 green. This would now become #8 golf hole as a par 3 golf hole, demanding precise golf shots over the water. (see pages 14 & 15) • Construct #9 golf hole mens and ladies tees adjacent and off to the side of condominium building 109. Construct #9 green and sand traps to be hollowed out of the densely wooded area along Club House Lane and behind condominium building 109. This will be a total carry golf shot over a densely, vegetation filled rough area, making it very challenging.  (see pages 16 & 17) • The current #8 golf hole becomes #10, #9 golf hole becomes #11, #10 golf hole becomes #12 and #11 golf hole becomes #13, golf holes 14,15,16,17 and 18 remain as numbered (see pages 8 & 9) • The current golf carts paths will remain the same, except for the golf cart path across #5 and #7 fairway will be removed. Two short golf cart paths would need to be constructed to service #9 tees & green. • Recommend transplanting grasses from the tee boxes, greens and fairways of #12 and #13 to the new tees and greens of #7, #8 and #9. Any trees that can be transplanted from the construction of #9 tees, greens and sand traps could be replanted between the new #7 green and #6 green. Fairway grasses can be transplanted to replace the removal of the cart path across fairways #5 and #7. • Every effort will be made to preserve the specimen trees located in Frank Park. • The creation of two, new and very challenging par 3 golf holes and the shortening of #7 golf hole would enhance the overall golf experience and also will provide for a quicker round of play on the front 9 holes. Play on the front 9 holes should be completed within 1 ½ hours. 4

THE BENEFITS TO THE 300 HOMEOWNERS AND THE WILDERNESS COUTRY CLUB • Elimination of the Land Lease giving total ownership of the Wilderness lands to the 300 members of The Wilderness Country Club. Thus potentially increasing the VALUE of all condos by a minimum of 50% to 100%. • As mentioned, only 70% of the membership play golf, this leaves room for additional 100 to 150 memberships. As the age of owners at Wilderness increases more individual owners will discontinue playing golf thus allowing for more new golf memberships and increased revenue to the Wilderness Country Club. • Allowing non-residents living outside of Wilderness Country Club and the new proposed development to join the Wilderness Country Club is not a viable solution. This would create a parking and traffic issue, as the current parking area will not support additional amounts of  non-resident members traffic flow and parking requirements.   • New golf and social memberships are expected to be generated from within the newly  Proposed Wilderness Development. The new development will have a 8 passenger golf cart shuttle service operating to and from the new development to the new club house from 8:00 am. to 10:00 pm. • To entice new membership from the new development, we recommend lowering the golf initiation fee of $65,000.00 to $45,000.00. • To promote resales of the 300 condominiums at Wilderness, we recommend lowering golf initiation membership fees to $25,000.00 to new resale condominium buyers. • A new club house, along with the relocation of the bocce ball court, croque courts and adding a pickle ball court adjacent to the new club house will attract new members and will increase the overall use of these amenities and  increase  the use of the club house facilities thus increasing overall revenues of food and beverage and pro shop items. • Certain line items from the budget can be eliminated;  maintaining Frank Park,  $24,300, marketing  Wilderness,  $23,863.00,  advertising, search engines and website costs,  $19,294.00.  Total saving, $67,457.00 per year. • Land Lease payments of $208.75 per month by 300 owners will be eliminated. Total savings $751,500.00 per year. • Increased revenues to the Wilderness Country Club from new golf and social members will eliminate yearly special assessments and increase reserves and revenues. (see page 18) • The addition of a rental golf cart program to accommodate new member golf play, will increase revenue to the club. It’s anticipated that once all the changes are made at Wilderness Country Club and new golf and social memberships are generated the current golf club dues should be able to be reduced. Wilderness Country Club will become a much more marketable country club with the new and upgraded amenities. EXAMPLE - Bears Paw at a $45K Golf Initiation Golf Membership Fee offers new club house, tennis, pickle ball, croquet, and bocce ball to their membership thus drawing new golf and social memberships. This increases revenues to the club. 5

DRAWN BY: KJG GradyMinor CHECKED BY: DLS JOB CODE: SCALE: 1\" = 150'' Civil Engineers ● Land Surveyors ● Planners DATE: 3 MARCH 2020 FILE: 15-175-EXHIBIT Cert. of Auth. EB 0005151 Cert. of Auth. LB 0005151 SHEET: 1 of 1 Bonita Springs: 239.947.1144 6

● Landscape Architects WILDERNESS COUNTRY CLUB EXHIBIT - 2 Business LC 26000266 LYING IN Fort Myers: 239.690.4380 SECTION 27, TOWNSHIP 49 SOUTH, RANGE 25 EAST LEE COUNTY, FLORIDA 7











POTENTIAL INCREASED REVENUE TO THE WILDERNESS COUNTRY CLUB AND THE 300 CONDOMINIUM OWNERS Potential New Memberships 150 New Golf Memberships at $45,000.00 each $6,750,000.00 50 New Social Membership at $15,000.00 each $750,000.00 Total New One Time Revenue $7,500,000.00 Potential Monthly Revenues 150 New Golf Membership Monthly Dues at $1,126.11 each $2,026,998.00 50 New Social Membership Monthly Dues TBD Potential Yearly Increased Revenue 150 Golf Member Minimum Food & Beverage Fee at $1,200.00/year $180,000.00 50 Social Member Minimum Food & Beverage Fee at $1,200.00/year $60,000.00 Total Annual Revenue $240,000.00 Potential Revenue From Condominium Resales Currently 28 condos are for sale. If all were sold, new owner golf membership fees at $25,000.00 would generate $700,000.00. Potential Increased Revenues Golf Cart Rental Fees From New Members TBD                                          Restaurant Food And Beverage TBD Increased Sales At Pro Shop TBD Special Event Room Rental At The New Club House TBD (This would also help promote new memberships and condo sales) Land Lease Elimination Monthly fee of $208.75 Total Savings Per Year - $751,500.00 18

Schedule of events and approvals to complete transaction by the 300 owners of The Wilderness Country Club 1. Deed Frank Park to the Frank Family Trust. 2. Relocate bocce ball and croquet courts to the new club house and construct a pickle ball court adjacent to the tennis courts. Approximate cost, $160,000.00. 3. Construct new tees, greens and cart paths as outlined above. Approximate cost - $600,000.00. 4. Approval of new development community of a 55 and older retirement community and/or an upscale condominium community. Maximum height 4-5 stories per building. 5. Construct a 6,000-7,000 square foot club house. Approximate cost - $5,000.000.00 6. Contribution to pay off land lease to be paid by Wilderness Country Club and the 300 owners at The Wilderness Country Club. A discounted contribution amount to the Frank Family Trust to pay off the Land Lease will be determined once a purchaser for the development land has been secured. Before this can be accomplished we need a general consensus for the approval of the proposed plan so please fill out the enclosed post card and mail back to me. You can also send an email to [email protected] with questions or comments. Approval to amend the current PUD of 300 units thus allowing an additional 300 units of density. Merrill Lynch representatives after reviewing this proposal expressed a major interest in providing financing to the 300 owners for the land lease buy out, new club house and recommended changes to accommodate this win win proposal. Approval of the final buy out cost being approved by the Wilderness CC Board Of Directors. Respectfully, Jerry E. Wachowicz, P.A. Jerry E. Wachowicz JW & Group William Raveis Real Estate [email protected] 19

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