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Autumn Newsletter

Published by lucy.holland, 2021-11-03 09:46:46

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EXPLORE THIS MONTH ALBERT WEATHERILL A message from Van Ameyde McAuslands Managing Director Hello and welcome to our of the business leaders from You should all take pride in latest Newsletter. It is still across the Group meet. Here the fact that the main board untitled so let’s have some we learned of the Group’s are incredibly pleased with suggestions. I’m not really financial position and strat- the results of the marine liking “Newsy McNewsface” egy for growth. It was also sector. We provided a beacon so let’s get creative. great to meet with Walter of light during the darkest and Hanna and talk about hours of the past. Working As I write this there is not a how we all want to develop in all conditions at all hours. cloud in the sky and the sun the marine offering. I am Shipping never stops. Ports is shining brightly and yes, very confident that there never sleep. I am extremely it is late October, and I am are good things that will be proud of each and ever one in the north of England! Like happening in the future for all of you. Thank yourselves for the weather there is much of us. As surveyors, many of a job well done but also take to be bright about at VA. you will spend long periods this opportunity to turn to On a personal note, my wife away from your colleagues your nearest colleague and and I were able to go on an or offices starting work early thank them. We do this as a overseas holiday. The first in and finishing late. It’s easy to team, not just for ourselves. almost two years. Meetings forget that you are part of a Individual talent can win a are being planned and face to dynamic, growing Company game but teamwork and in- face gatherings are gathering with high ambitions and a telligence win the champion- pace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t desire to become increasing- ship. After almost 40 years in able to attend the recent ly Green. Whilst in Malaga the role I, perhaps more than marine seminar (although we heard from the leaders anyone, know that this is so I did watch from my sun of new companies that have much more than just a job. lounger. Honest!) but I hear joined our portfolio. Twen- that it went very well, and tyfour from Germany and Enjoy this latest edition and the setting and production Quadra from the UK. You will do please let us know if there was certainly of the highest read a little more about them are things that you would like quality. in this issue, but it is fasci- to see included. nating to hear of the diversity I was also able to travel to of clients that they represent Good luck and good health Malaga for the annual VA and the ideologies that they everyone. Group conference where all believe in. 2 Van Ameyde Marine Newsletter

RV TRITON UPCOMING Upcoming Events: Van Ameyde McAuslands surveyor Eric Casson Our internal monthly os currently surveying the RV Triton presentations are this month on the 24th McAuslands Senior Surveyor, Eric Casson, has re- November. Marine cently surveyed the RV Triton as part of a pre-sale Managing Director, assessment. Eric was captain of the Triton during her Walter Dekkers will initial trials program with QinetiQ/RN, soon after she be presenting on was built. For the next edition, there will be an entry LNG. from Eric on the RV Triton, in the mean time, you can take a tour of the vessel by following this link We have an exhibition stand at the Hamburg Maritime Forum on No- FEEDBACK vember 30th - Decem- ber 1st organised by Reaching out to clients for feedback on recent in- IGGS Group. structions. Lucy now sends out feedback questionnaires each week which has kept the feedback rolling in on a regular basis. We are pleased to report that, so far, not only have we had a 100% positive feedback rating, it has all been at the top-end, demonstrating that we are performing at a level our clients expect. We encourage you all to continue to send out the feedback questionnaires after finalising instructions. JOB WELL GOOD DONE! WORK! Van Ameyde Marine Newsletter 3

VA KROGIUS LOAD-OUT SURVEYS by Kaupo Püvi Since the 1940s shipbuilding practice has undergone massive changes, adopting new technolo- gies. These days, most ships are constructed from prefabricated units. These are assembled into blocks, which need to be transported to the shipyard to be assembled. Loading and discharging as well as lashing and securing of such heavy lift project cargo demands specialist supervision. Historically, ships were built on slipways, working from vessel. the bottom upwards. The huge war-time demand for ships led to the application of mass production tech- Loadout survey: the scope niques in shipbuilding. And as ship sizes increased, the amount of steel used in shipbuilding demanded a new In our capacity as Marine Warranty Surveyors, Van approach: building ship sections as units. Ameyde Krogius were instructed to supervise and check Today, all vessels are prefabricated to various degrees. the loading and securing operations of hull blocks for Units are assembled into larger structures. These larger two newbuilding projects. These projects concerned two structures are called blocks. According to Eyres & Bruce expedition cruise vessels, designed for 150 passengers (2012) a block is an assembly of two or more units into each. a bottom or side block, weighing up to 200 tonnes. So- The scope of our work included: called “grand blocks” or “mega blocks” can be the full - Review of the plans and drawings, ranging from block width of the ship, weighing up to 500 tonnes. specifications and certificates for lashing equipment to Outfitted units, combined into blocks, may include the methods of loading and stowage, passage planning machinery, pipework and other systems. To save costs, and shipper’s instructions these units are not built at the shipbuilding yard, but at - Site survey and overseeing the loadout operations other locations. And in view of the size and weight, the - Lashing and securing survey blocks need to be transported by sea. Loadout is the - Issuing the Certificate of Approval prior to the voyage, process of moving heavy structures from land onto a subject to proper adoption of our recommendations, of course - Reporting 4 Van Ameyde Marine

VA KROGIUS Let’s take a closer look at one of the loadout surveys requirements. However, the rule-of-thumb method is that we conducted as part of this project. more robust. The maximum securing load (MSL in kN) is the load capacity for any device used to secure cargo. Preparing the survey The rule-of-thumb determines that the total of the MSL values of the securing devices on each side of the block In preparation, we carefully reviewed the Transport Man- should equal the weight of the block. Suffice to say, that ual issued by the carriers. This included all the plans and the same unit is used when comparing MSL and weight: drawings mentioned under the scope. We also paid close 1 kN = 100 kg = 0.1 tonne. attention to the ship stability calculations. The stowage For instance, the MSL of welded sea fastenings is 10 kN plan had factored in the fact that some of the blocks (1 tonne) per cm of weld run. The weld must of course would extend over the vessels’ sides. Three blocks would be of good quality, with sufficient penetration. The thick- be loaded via the stern and two via the starboard side. ness should be about 1 cm. A D ring weld run of 10 cm supports an MSL of 10 tonnes (100 kN). Loading We established that the lashing arrangements met the requirements. The welding work too was inspected by us, The vessel was moored stern to and a KAMAG self-pro- showing some unfinished work, which was subsequently pelled multi-axle transporter was used for loading. The completed in accordance with our recommendations. In blocks of the first shipment were fitted with lifting lugs, addition, weldments were randomly tested for cracks to allow them to be lifted off the vessel at Helsinki. Later using the magnetic particle test method. No cracks were shipments used the ro-ro method for both loading and found. discharging. Beside the gaps in the supporting framework and the You can imagine the importance of continuously adapt- unfinished welding work, we found that some loose items ing the vessel’s ballast, from when the vessel first picks were stowed in the block assemblies. To remedy this, sea up load up to when the entire structure is in position on fastenings were applied. board. When in position, the transportation framework of the block is lowered onto the supporting blocks. Close Certificate of Approval inspection of the supporting blocks showed that part of the grillage transportation framework was deformed. To Once the recommended work was finished, we checked ensure proper support, plywood sheets were packed into the work, with which the attending surveyor was entirely the gaps. satisfied. Subsequently, the Certificate of Approval was Once the narrower blocks were in position, the blocks issued. extending over the sides were loaded sideways. For this purpose, the vessel was turned, berthing alongside. As Mission completed successfully you can see in the photograph, this was an extremely tight fit. From September 2020 to May 2021 we supervised the loadout operations, comprising nine shipments of a total Lashing and securing of 46 blocks. A massive operation, which was brought to a successful completion thanks to the close cooperation To secure the blocks, lashing lugs had to be welded to of the shipbuilder, the block manufacturer, the carriers the transportation framework. Another area of inspection and, of course, the Marine Warranty Surveyors of Van is the transverse lashing arrangements. Wire rope slings Ameyde Krogius! were connected to the welded lashing lugs. Clamp hooks were fitted with welded stoppers and D rings were weld- ed to the deck plating. There are advanced calculation methods for the lashing Van Ameyde Marine 5

EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT MAXYM KOSTIUECHENKO Where were you born? Kyiv Did you enjoy school? Yes Any random facts you could share? N/A What was your first paid work? As a lawyer deputy Where do you live now? Kyiv What’s the best place you’ve visited? All places I’ve been to previously, except Mos- cow, are nice places to visit And the worst place you’ve visited? Moscow No particular favourite What is your go-to meal? Tell us something about yourself that N/A would surprise us. Top three life highlights? Family, Work, Sports What advice would you give to 16-year “You’re doing well, keep going like that :)” old you? What’s the best concert you’ve been This might happen in future, after pandemic... to? 6 Van Ameyde Marine

VA MCAUSLANDS VAN AMEYDE MCAUSLANDS SPONSOR LOCAL FOOTBALL TEAM Van Ameyde McAuslands Sponsor Kingswood United Under 13 Girls Football Team. Kingswood United Under 13s Girls Diamonds football team were delighted to receive their new winter rain coats proudly sponsored, for the second time, by Van Ameyde McAuslands. The girls play their football from Kinloss Garth on Brandsholme in Hull and compete in the East Riding Girls Football league. Together since the age of six the girls have grown both on and off the pitch (Some more than others!) and the skills they learn in sport will help them in later life to compete in a fair and gracious way. Managed and coached by Senior Marine Surveyor Lee Myers, the girls currently sit top of the table with four wins from four and through to the quarter finals of their league cup. Competing as far and wide as Hornsea and Hessle, Cleethorpes and Barton the girls will wear their jackets with pride and spread the Van Ameyde name far and wide. VA MCAUSLANDS CHARITY SPONSORS A few McAuslands colleagues spon- sored Hull colleague, Gail Fox, fam- ily member, who has been raising money for the new Queens Centre Acute Assessment Unit at Castle Hill Hospital. The Assessment Unit provides un- planned assessment and treatments for oncology and haematology pa- tients who have symptoms or com- plications of their cancer treatment, or diagnosis. It supports patients to have the option to stay at home if possible, with loved once, and has become a lifeline to many. Van Ameyde Marine 7

VA MCAUSLANDS ALBERT WEATHERILL SHORTLISTED FOR LOCAL AWARD McAuslands Managing Director, Yorkshire. Albert Weatherill, has been It gives companies of all sizes – from pioneer- shortlisted for the Entrepreneur ing start-ups to the powerhouses which drive the region’s economy – a chance to be recog- of the Year at the Hull Live Busi- nised and proud of the work they do. ness Awards! The categories represent businesses from all sectors and industries – from technology and Hull Live says; “A director of the business innovation to green energy. within a decade of joining from the Merchant Navy, he has been instrumental in making a And it’s not just businesses which are cele- long established Hull-based marine surveyor brated. The Business Awards also recognise an international force, from the Humber to individual talent, whether you are an entre- Teesport and Taiwan. preneur who has launched a business and grown it successfully, or a star employee who Made managing director in 2008, and stay- has stood out from all others. ing on to play a group role after acquisition in 2019, he welcomed in the first £1 million The awards also remind us that Hull and East revenue year and is now sailing towards the Yorkshire is a great place to live, work and do £4 million mark. Initiating a safe crew change business. system in Covid as a seafaring humanitarian crisis emerged has played a key role in recent They toast success, celebrate achievement growth.” and highlight successful and innovative busi- nesses doing great things right here in the The HullLive Business Awards celebrate the region. very best of business across the city and East 8 Van Ameyde Marine

VA MARINE FIREVEOSNSEBLOSARD Written by Walter Dekkers, Almos Boldizsar and Gerard Bakker Quite coincidentally we had two cases mid-September involving vessels with fire in the hold. One vessel was loading steel scrap and the other one discharging deck cargo however plywood inside the hold underneath. Firefighting on board vessels can be complex to deal with. A fire on a vessel is a se- rious hazard because of the way vessels are constructed with difficult access and the possibility of fire spreading beyond the compartment. Van Ameyde Marine 9

VA MARINE To fight any vessel fire effectively, firefighters taken of course. must be familiar with the basic details of: Our surveyor Gerard Bakker has handled the 1. Vessel construction, design, and other fire case which resulted in a huge dam- terminology age to the vessel’s hull. 2. On-board fire protection and In consignments of steel scrap, nowadays firefighting media lithium battery packs are frequently found. These battery packs are known to self-ignite 3. General issues such as liaison when they are damaged or heated. with other authorities, emergency During loading of steel scrap, the cargo in no. plans, responsibility for control of 2 hold smoke and fire was noted to emerge operations and safety precautions from some meters down, which fire spread to the no. 3 hold within hours. 4. Vessel stability We assisted the master and Rotterdam Fire Our surveyor Almos Boldizsar was dealing Brigade in decision making how to combat with the plywood fire. It appeared that Plas- the fire and prevent spreading of the fire to ma cutting on the hatch cover leads to ply- the other holds and fuel oil bunker tanks. wood fire in hold. Once fully discharged again, the full extent of Cutting of stoppers is a frequent occurrence, the fire damage became visible. The vessel but what to do when plywood stowed under- will stay in Rotterdam for repairs. neath? The necessary precautions should be 10 Van Ameyde Marine

VA MARINE VAN AMEYDE MARINE ANNUAL GOLF TOURNAMENT On September 21, our annual golf tournament took place. We look back on a sunny, pleasant and successful day. It was our first event in a long time and it was nice to meet our relations again. Van Ameyde Marine 11

VA KROGIUS VAN AMEYDE KROGIUS APPOINTED AGENTS FOR TOKIO MARINE We have been appointed as the Agents for claims handling, survey and recoveries for Tokio Marine for the automotive business in Norway starting from 1st of October 2021! We are handling claims and recoveries related to damage to Toyota, Nissan and Mitsubishi cars during transit from various factories to the car dealers in Norway. Attached meeting room picture is from a training session we held in September. Colleagues Thomas and Jane from Van Ameyde Krogius have trained claims han- dlers of Van Ameyde Scandinavia in the Oslo office to receive and handle the claims. At the same time, we have also started reg- ular FPR inspections at the Port of Brevik for Toyota cars on behalf of Tokio Marine. Our car inspector went over to train the local car inspector. The usage of FPR App developed by VA MLC, Spain, for the FPR inspections made it much easier to start with new location and new people. And with the help of the system we can do the reporting and monitoring from Finland by Jaana and Timo who have years of experience. Great team work from everyone! Everything has started really well and we are looking forward to pin Norway on our Marine network map in the near future. BACK TO IN-PERSON MEETINGS Our colleagues in Estonia had a meeting face to face meeting on 23.08. with BLRT Group Quality Director Mr. Sergei Saveljev and Head of Internal Audit Mr. Roman Laidinen about JH143 Risk Assessment in Tallinn and Turku. 12 Van Ameyde Marine

VA MCAUSLANDS NEW MCAUSLANDS STARTER TREVOR FROUDE I was raised in Durban, South Africa. Af- ter school I completed a Maritime Stud- ies diploma and a Class 3 (deckside). Following a few years at sea I stumbled into marine surveying while looking for shore-based work and have been at it for nearly 20 years now. I have done more draught surveys (no, not the beer ones) than I care to remember and spent days of watching rotten chicken or such like being unpacked from a dam- aged reefer. Occasionally I crack one of those who-done-it surveys which is satisfying. Now living in Colchester (Britain’s oldest city). I’m married to Natasha and have a pigeon pair of children - Noah & Gabri- ella. I enjoy surfing, snowboarding and the great outdoors. Image taken by VA McAuslands Surveyor, Andy Wilson Van Ameyde Marine 13

Thank you for reading this months newsletter! We hope you are all enjoying reading our staff newsletter. If you have anything you would like to input our next newsletter in December, please send all entries to Lucy; [email protected] 14 Van Ameyde Marine

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