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Published by emma.anglavar, 2016-05-18 13:50:50

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Avec Amour Magazine

Letter from the Editor Hi my name is Emma Anglavar and I am the designer and creator of Avec Amour magazine. For as long as I can remember I have spent my time, drawing, coloring or de- signing things so I knew when it came time to pick my senior project I would head in an artistic direction. At the start of my project I was planning on going into graphic design and I saw the senior project as an opportunity to get my foot in the door and see what it was all about. That is why I chose to create an online magazine. I realized what better way to condense all of my favorite things into one project- instead of having to pick one of my hobbies I would have the opportunity to dip my toes into each one. Starting off I knew automatically who I wanted my audience to be; High school teens. Because, being one myself, I believe that today there is no magazine out there for us that really we can fully relate too. For example, most major magazine companies that are aiming for a teen audience aren’t in fact being run by teens obviously! So truthfully, not all the articles are ones that we 1: really care for or 2: can be relatable. This directed me into a direction that really devoted a lot of time and effort into deciding exactly how the layout, articles and design were going to be. This is really were my project began, as I started researching I realized I personally was more drawn to articles with very simple- cut and clean designs. Not the ones that had 10 million different things to look at. I wanted to get in and out of the article and that’s what I aimed to do in this magazine. Once I had created a mental image of what I wanted the final product to look is when I really started to face some challenges. I had specific ideas floating in my head and when I could not turn that mental image into a physical one, I started to get frustrated. Frustrated that I couldn’t make every possible plan of mine follow through as well as the continual struggle of learning to maneuver an online design program, rather than just a pen, paper and some paint This overall journey to creating Avec Amour has been an adventure to say in the least. Going in I honestly did not realize how much work I was getting myself into but now, after the fact appreciate that very much. I learned so much about the design and myself. It has taught me now where my interests truly lie and accepting things that you cannot always change. Though I would change, tweak and add so many things too vec Amour even though they are out of my control... I would never go back and change this experience. Avec Amour! (With Love),

TABLE OF CONTENTS 7. Trending Now 14. Summers Color 21. Make a Splash 25. Words of Wisdom 29. Freshman Advice



WHAT’S “IN” MATTE LIPS Thanks to the popularity of Kylie Jenner and other trendsetters, matte lipstick is once again a hot item. It’s seen all over the runways, in magazines and let’s not forget most beauty enthusiasts Bible (aka Pinterest). It’s a trend that comes and goes and, in my opinion, never gets old. When it comes to a statement- making pout, matte lipstick is the way to go. The product leaves the lip with a velvety fin- ish that stops people in their tracks. From hot pinks to deep burgundies, matte lips are not the easiest of looks to pull off, but when you can, they look flawless.

TIPS&TRICKS Wearing the right shade is more important than one might think. These shades below are just a few guide colors from across the spectrum that will help inhance the natural beauty of your eye to really make them POP!! BLUES GREENS BROWNS

SOME FAN FAVORITES Make Up For Ever Rogue Artist Intense $19 Revlon Matte Lipstick $8 Kylie Lip Kit $27 Smashbox Be Legendary Matte $19



~The Summer Color~ Royal Blue BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR BLUES!

Style is a way to say WHO YOU ARE without having to speak. Rachel Zoe

SHADES N’SANDALS Wayfarers: Every kids had to own a col- ored pair of these in grade school, as we aged a simple tortoise suites us all better! Clubmasters: Fairly new sunglass trend that seems to be taking off real nice, we hope these stick around! Aviators: This iconic style is one we will always be fans of, regardless of what’s in that year, we know we can always trust our classic aviators to keep us looking good! Round: This specific style is one for those who cant fully commit to the John Len- limits! non style but for sure love to push fashion

SHADES N’SANDALS Suede Sandals: Suede became super popular this winter, the trend seems to be carrying over to the summer! Lace Ups: These beauties as well seem to be a returning trend, one we are all dying to jump on board with! Tory Burch Millers: These classic shoes simply will never go out of style, Gladiator Sandals: This style was well worth the splurg! flirted with last season but now are DEFF a fan favorite!


Swim into Summer Sixteen with Style! Every year there seems to be a new style of swim wear everyone is dying to have! Catch up on what suits everyone want this year as well as some classic favorites. A Twenty-Sixteen Must: I think we can thank the teenage bible (aka pinterest) for this trendsetting style. For sure be on the lookout for High Neck Suits with some simple crotchet detail- ing this summer! Super cute, but sure to leave an interesting tan line ! A Classic Favorite: The Triangl brand swim wear has now made its way back into the closets of girls for the past 4 years since its launch! Deff a suit that you cant go wrong with !




SENIORS : Find friends who value you you for who you SENIORISTIS IS REAL really are...don’t let your friends change you Dont be afraid to put yourself out there. Spray tans are nobodies friends Getting involved is extremely imported... even Don’t judge others so quickly and don’t push away old friends. just 1 activity or trying 1 new sport. Learn to be comfortable being yourself Be friendly and talk to EVERYONE. and do what makes you happy. Not showering is not an option. A bad test or quiz grade will not make or break your life You cannot please everyone. Put EVERYTHING on a flash drive, email EVERYTHING to yourself, email EVERYTHING to someone else because your computer will crash and it’s okay to cry. Everything will get better eventually. Never settle-for your friends, grades, career, boys, or anything. Work hard now, it will pay of later and you will thank yourself for doing so. High school is only 700 days of your life; make the most of it.

and so the adventure begins

and so the adventure begins


Words of “Wisdom” The class of 2016 were asked in “their 18 years of life so far, what is some insight you could provide to everyone as your final days of Seton come to an end”, these were some of their responses. 1. Friends will come and go but family is 10. Don’t let friends pass you by. Grab forever. them, hold on to them, and love and cherish them. 2. Don’t allow toxic relationships with people ruin your outlook on life. 11. The wrong ones disguises them selves as the right ones. 3. You are not living your life to impress other people. 12. Keep a good relationship with your parents. When you realize that you’re about 4. To not make myself unhappy trying to to move away for four years, you’ll want and make everyone else happy. need them more than you know. 5. I’ve learned that time is precious, and to 13. Laugh until you cry. Cry until you enjoy every minute of it with the ones you laugh. love. 14. Take pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. 6. The world is full of so many amazing peo- ple and each person has their own story. You 15. Argue with people when you need to- if have get past you previous opinions of them its worth fighting for, fight fiercely. to see how truly amazing each person is. 16. Your gpa does not confess your charac- 7. The quality of your friends means so much more than the quantity. ter. 17. What mattered a year ago doesn’t mat- 8. Sometimes you’ll lose people- and that’s ter now. Just let things go and if something not always a bad thing. does happen just & ask yourself if it will mat- ter in 5 years? 9. Those who matter don’t mind & those who mind don’t matter. 18. Chocolate is only a temporary fix,


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