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Published by cmmarshall, 2020-05-12 14:44:46

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Bonnie Abbott Field of My Dreams Acrylic Paint, Paint Skins On Canvas, 24 x 36 $495 As an artist and a lifelong art teacher, I have been interested in the possibilities of a variety of media. I paint with acrylic, encaustic and watercolor regularly and I also do a variety of surface design techniques involving dye. The link between my diverse interests is color. Color takes me where I want to go. I love painting birds. Most recently I am painting owls. I find acrylic paint to be an immediate and encouraging medium as I work to refine my interpretation of these magnificent and mysterious animals on a larger scale.

Sue Downes Allen Web of My Own Making 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 20 x26 $1200 I am an abstract expressionist working in all water media. By the tides is inspired by a view of the sea at sunset. I have used the ebb and flow of water to give movement to my painting while landforms and sky are backdrop for this intense moment.

Elaine Anagnos Art Class 2020, Acrylic, 36x36. $600 I've been drawn to the art of painting from the time I was eight when I would draw cartoons and ask my mother if they had retail value. Most of my work is evolutional - it seldom ends up as it was intended. I often start my paintings upside down so that shapes emerge rather than what the eye is trained to see. My medium is acrylic/mixed media because it suits my temperament. Its properties allow me to experiment to my heart's content. I am passionate about capturing emotions and personalities - whether human, animal or inanimate - and my aim is to be simple, direct and to explore shapes and color.

Marilyn Bachelor Sea Grapes 2019, Acrylic on paper 16 x20 $189 I have been painting since the age of 7. I have grown to love experimenting with acrylics. My hope is that the viewer also experiences joy.

Renee Benson Red Dog 2020, Acrylic 30 x 40 $750 I like to paint direct-using a big brush and my whole arm. The looser my painting, the more successful. I like to let the paint drip. I am interested in creating a painting surface that is energized and exciting. I like to let the paint drip.

Donne Bitner Snow Days 2019, acrylic. 14x12 $600 It seems like I have been doing art my whole life. In high school art was the one thing that I was really good at so I pursued it in college. After graduation life got in the way with marriage and children. But I still took a week to go to an art camp or study a craft. I did basket making, quilting, photography, ceramics, stained glass and painting. There came a time finally when my family was older, and I had time to work on being an artist. I work in acrylic on paper, wood and canvas. I don’t work from a reference. It’s Abstracted Reality and every piece comes from my imagination.

Mirko Bratic Sign from Nature 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 36x30 $1200 My goal is to build my own visual images. For me, it's just a starting point of a matter, a landscape that gradually reduces, transforms, and tries to convey a message to an observer without the existence of an object, but generally only an artistic element. My goal is to build my own feelings and experience and transfer them in the painting. I paint the emotional and psychological state thru my inner experience. Thru color I attempt to compose similarly as a composer with tones.

Cynthia Cooper Changeling 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 24x36 $450 My paintings all begin with an image which evokes a personal emotion. I use color to express that emotion while remaining true to the shapes in the original image. The vibration of juxtaposed intense colors excites and inspires me. I have always had a special affinity for animals, and they are frequently the subject of my paintings. Once I realized that the desire to create, not the creation, makes you an artist, my work process changed completely. My mantra became “mistakes are opportunities to learn”. Acrylics are a perfect medium for me because they facilitate experimentation to communicate my point of view.

Linda Cowles Forbidden Fruit 2020, Acrylic with hand painted paper & pencil, 22 x 22 $375 As an artist, I am drawn to abstract and nonobjective painting because it liberates me. It gives me freedom from imitation, freedom from rules and freedom to experiment, Painting abstractly allows me to create something entirely new and original. Whether it is entirely nonobjective or intended to convey the impression of subject matter, the canvas or paper becomes a personal universe where I live and play for a while. I love to experiment with composition and the challenge of creating depth in a static space. I also often include pattern and texture in my work... a bit of homage to Gustav Klimt.

Kerry Didday Yellow Crossing 2019, Acrylic Collage, 24 x 30 $850 As artists, we create shapes with edges and then fill those shapes. Many times the filling actually creates the shape. That's when we do not draw first, which is a very creative way to paint. These shapes, their edges and how we fill them is what defines our individual styles.

Bea Dreier Swannanoa River I 2019, Acrylic, 30 x 40 $2500.00 In addition to being a painter, I am also a published poet. I derive a great deal of satisfaction from both. Both of these disciplines are born out of my heart, soul and truth as I see it and express my emotional responses to experience and observation. I have always loved and been awed and inspired by nature and music, both of which take me outside of my head and into a deeper intuitive part of myself forming the rhythm and energy of my work. Like life, a great deal of my work is multi-layered. As I paint, I repaint, scrape away and often add texture, papers or other mixed media materials to my work.

Jeannine Dunlap The Red Shoes 2020, Acrylic 24 x 36 $300 I have always loved painting and fabrics and working with color and design, whether in the house, on clothes, or on canvas. I often add collage and mixed media elements to my paintings. My imagery if often drawn from travels I have taken throughout the world.

Sally Evans Giraffe World 2020, Molding Paste and Acrylics, 30x24 $2800 My paintings are expressive works of contemporary art that are constantly evolving. I paint with a combination of vivid colors, line and design that constantly challenges me by the emotions I feel when painting. Color has been the focus of my paintings for the last ten years and my subject matters are inspired by nature, my surroundings, and the sense of humor that life has. I want to convey to my viewers that commonplace subjects can be viewed in uncommon ways. I do not like to feel confined to one way of painting. The painting or idea dictates the medium I use. My technique ranges from pure pastels, watercolors, and acrylics, to mixed media pieces. Painting with mixed media is the most exciting, with endless possibilities of color, line, and movement in the work.

Yugen Finity Field of Giants 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 14x 14 $420 Matisse, Valtat, Gauguin, and Kandinsky are among my favorite artists in these genres. I look to these master artists because of their artistic rebellion, and their courageous use of bold colors, wild brush strokes, and intuition. When viewing their various works, even for the hundredth time, my soul’s breath catches, negating the mind’s need to know, “What is it? What does it mean?” That, to me, is art. My inspiration to create comes from my belief that deep within all of us is the intense potential for love and empathy: sometimes freely expressed, sometimes hidden out of fear but intense nonetheless. I have trouble finding words to adequately express this belief, and that is why I look to colors, shapes, depths, and values, to explore and tease it out. I hope to communicate my sense certain that we are all connected by a universal energy, and that energy is love and empathy.

Elizabeth Fontaine-Barr Italian Dream 2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 12x12 $380 I would call myself a modern, expressionist landscape painter. I am always moved by the beauty in nature. It is wondrous and mysterious to me. There seems to be a hidden energy underneath it all that I strive to capture. It is also very personal in how it inspires my imagination. The incredible colors, the intense light as it hits the edge of a cloud or the shape of an old tree are my tools I work with as I create my own interpretation of what I see. All the colors you see in my paintings exist in nature. I've just moved them around a bit. For me, it's all about the joy of creating something that I want to share with others.

Scott Frederickson 90 Million Hockney 2020, Acrylic on Canvas 30x30 $1200 Scott Frederickson began painting later in life and was influenced by his mother who also found her talent later in life. He primarily paints in oils and acrylics and enjoys the challenge of painting in many different styles.

Betsy Gandy Spanish Skies: La Vera Cruz 2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 19ix 23 (framed) $2000 Betsy Gandy was born in the United States and received her B.A. in Art from Mercer University, her M.A. in Art History from the University of Georgia and her diploma superior in Spanish from the Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. She taught Art History, Art Appreciation and Spanish at various universities while painting freelance over a period of two decades before deciding to turn her attention to painting full time. Betsy made her artistic debut in Madrid, Spain, and has since exhibited in shows throughout the United States and abroad. Her preferred medium is acrylic on canvas, with her main focus on a series titled 'Spanish Skies,' another series known as 'Excavations,' based on her impressions of prehistoric cave paintings, and prints and paintings of wildlife.

Joan Garcia Immersion 2019, Acrylic on canvas, 24x24 $850 Living in the Tampa Bay area you can feel the life around you, the atmosphere, community and the wildlife. That is what inspires me to create and I paint what intrigues me. As to medium and style I have a restless spirit, working in oil, acrylic and colored pencil. When I look at a painting, I always want to look at the strokes, the hand of the artist. But my main focus is the combination of light, shadow and edges that create depth. However, composition is the key factor, that’s where I start. I then work all over the canvas in layers, building up to a few areas of thicker paint. Art was always part of my life, and my body of work encompasses realistic wildlife and landscape paintings in oil and acrylics, illustrations, and portraits in colored pencil. My work can be found in corporate and private collections both nationally and internationally.

Mavis Gibson Bliss 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 47x30 $990

Linda Grzesik Quiet Solitude 2019, Acrylics, 16x20 NFS Completing a painting is a very emotional process. To move paint on a canvas and see the images and colors emerging and taking on a life of their own gives me an indescribable sense of satisfaction. My desire is for my paintings to connect to the viewer in a way that evokes feeling - whatever that feeling may be.

NC Hagood Hen House 2018, Acrylic, 22x28 $800 My art is a like a dream where fleeting moments in time have been captured. Someone, somewhere, an emotion that has registered and is firmly rooted in my being. I start by doing quick marks in a raw and fundamental manner, with paint, paper and any other media which I feel a piece demands. I then allow the piece to take me on a voyage without a destination. In short, it's like capturing a dream and transferring it for the viewer to observe. 'Sharing the soul through creativity is a great feeling and it happens every time one creates’. NC

Sharon Harris Time With Daddy 2020, Acrylic/colored pencil on Canvas, 40x30 $1400 My paintings are a narrative of an experience or idea. My goal is to visually tell the story by giving a viewer enough information to understand my idea. In my work, subjects are painted as a representation of my interpretations and are not literal. I paint allegorically so objects depicted are chosen for their symbolic contribution to the idea presented. In techniques I prefer to keep evidence of the painterly? opaque surface to a minimum, choosing rather to use glazes to energize the surface with the luminosity of overlaying transparent hues. My major influence is Sherry Zvares Sanabria.

Kaliope Harvard New Look #20 2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 12x 24 $375 Native Floridian BS Degree in Education Lifelong interest in art, continuously taking classes including history, color and design, clay and drawing. Since 1996 have attended a regular studio in water media as well as several workshops given by nationally known artists. Member FWS and ISAP

Patton Hunter Blue Nude 2017, Acrylic, 40x40 $4,500 Life experiences, memories and emotions take over my work. Viewers seize the moment and find their own explanations. Painting communicates on the most personal level. Saying too much limits the viewer’s need and desire to develop the story. Linger before the work and it will invite you in. The \"meaning\" of the work grows with each layer of interpretation.

Vickey Imes The Waiter 2019, Acrylic on Canvas 30 X 40 $700.00 Color is her inspiration. As a child she spent many hours experimenting with colors using crayons and coloring books and feels she has simply transferred that excitement to mixed media using paint brushes.

Greg Irwin Reflections of a Life 2019, Acrylic on Canvas 20x24 $650 I am an Expressionist figurative and landscape painter using acrylic medium to show color and energy in the world around me.

Leslie Jeffery Noble Spirit 2020, Acrylic on Canvas 40x40 $1400 My paintings are mostly themed abstractions which feature texture, light or heavy; marks of all kinds; deep colors; patterned backgrounds; drips and various mediums. They convey energy, lyrical or frenetic. They convey mood, serious or lighthearted. I find the painting process exhilarating. I feel successful when I believe the last one is my best one.

Sue Johnson Into the Lavender Field 2019, Acrylic on Canvas, 30x30 $800 In my present work, my references are small collages or paintings with no reference to reality. I begin by laying down an under painting that incorporates textural grounds and patterns from template. As I work, I experiment with emphasis, value, size of shapes, patterns, and marks, sometimes adding texture, sometimes scratching into the surface. I use a variety of marks and alternate organic shapes with linear based on an intuitive sense of what the painting needs. I now paint in acrylics as the acrylics dry quickly and, I believe, not having to wait long periods for paint to dry facilitates a more spontaneous approach, the happy accidents treasured in our artistic labors. When I initiate a painting, I am intrigued by potential, a fleeting sense of what might be, the possibility of discovery, a mystery to solve. Excitement, intuition, emotion, and experience - all impact the direction of creation.

Libit Jones Capriccio 2019, Acrylic on Yupo 26 x 20 $2000 My passion is texture. I love pushing the limits of my abilities and asking why not.

Renee Kahn The Three Graces 2019, Acrylic on Gallery Wrap Canvas 36X40 $ 3,000 There is greatness in simplicity. If one eliminates the unnecessary, the necessary can speak.

Cathy Kania Skirting The Edges 2018, Acrylic with Collage 24 x 24 $300 I work mostly in Acrylic and “build” my paintings by putting down multiple layers, one at a time; each layer once incorporated, helping to dictate the form and hue of the subsequent layers. I continue to add color, pattern, texture, contrast until it feels complete.

Carson Kapp Strawberry Fields 2019, Acrylic on Canvas 12x12x1.5 $175 Exaggerated and sensuous shapes in vibrant colors and energetic, quick strokes are embodied in my artistic studies. An expressionistic background is combined with abstracted sketches to form a unique personality. Each Fun, Funky and Heartfelt piece speaks to viewers on a very personal and poignant level.

Cheryl H. Kinderknecht Quietude 2020, Acrylic, 41.5 x 31.5 x 1.25 $1750 Cheryl H. Kinderknecht is a mixed media artist and former gallery owner currently residing on Florida’s west coast. Originally from Kansas, her formal art training includes an undergraduate art degree from Fort Hays (KS) State University. Kinderknecht's work is exhibited in local galleries, juried regional and national shows and private collections in the U.S. and abroad.

Patricia Kluwe Gobbo Tampa 2019, Acrylic on Canvas (gallery wrapped 1\" 1/2\"), 30x40 $1100 I’ve always loved to draw, even the smell of my uncle’s colored pencils inspired me to major in architecture - since art was not an option in the little city where I was raised in Brazil. I used my art to express my projects and ideas. It also became my way of thinking. In my artwork, first I draw freely and loosely the subject of my paintings. After that, I let my feelings guide me while I put color inside the lines, one after the other without any real commitment to reality. Just letting the energy flow and the painting tell me what it wants to be. As a local Artist, I fully appreciate and enjoy the amazing diversity of the Tampa Bay area and truly believe that Art from all its possible forms plays an important role in harmoniously connecting people.

Bob Konstantinovich Burst My Bubble 2020, Acrylic on foam board 18 X 14 $450 In both figure drawing and in painting I am attracted to the rhythm, proportion, balance, gesture - the visual dance. In painting I especially love to capture those fleeting yet eternal moments...the interplay of form, movement, light and color.

Arnie Lipsey Person to Person 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 30 X 24 $2500 More recently, with a move to St Petersburg, Florida, I've returned to my original artistic passion: painting. My work is personal and focuses on the psychological legacies that link generations. Thus, in my painting practice I use elements of narrative and portraiture to explore questions of identity and the hidden psychological motivations and patterns that undergird family mythologies. My paintings often use old family photographs as a point of departure for this exploration of underlying truth. These interpretive portraits will then incorporate additional elements, objects and settings that speak to the nature of the myth surrounding the subject. The paintings are executed in acrylics, affording the freedom to invent and control colour elements that enhance and transform the original black and white source material. My aim is to produce images that mine symbolism and nostalgia, without being either overtly symbolic or primarily nostalgic. The viewer is invited to witness the emotional specificity of someone else’s family, and then relate it to the mythologies of their own.

Bridget Marshall Uncle James 2018, Acrylic, 16 in. x 20 in. $650.00 BRIDGET MARSHALL, artist and poet, was born in Dayton Ohio. BFA Fine Arts from Howard University, Washington, DC. Her aesthetic focus shifted from the earlier landscapes to non-representational abstract expressionism. Currently, she defines herself as an impressionistic, expressionistic colorist. Her subject matter is dominated by facial explorations. It is her intent to establish a silent visual dialogue between the viewer and the 'work' allowing the viewer to recall a past experience or identify and contemplate a personal truth while reserving all judgment. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries in Syracuse, NY, Washington, DC Rockville, MD, Pinellas, Florida, and St. Petersburg, FL..

Cora Marshall Aster (Love) 2020, Acrylic, 18 x 24 $1800 Through art, I locate the places that form when ideas cross––ideas of self, home, and community. These new-sprung imaginative spaces are rich with possibilities and it is here that I can reveal, challenge, and expand my notions of the nature of life and my place in the world. Often, my art is centered in spirituality and I create work that seeks out the connections to and lessons from my African and Native American familial past. By mixing and melding symbols and meanings, I able to conjure new multi-layered narratives. Currently, I am working in and across the media of painting, mixed media, and photography to find intersections and crossroads among belief, understanding, and context.

Mary Mirabal Blue Bird 2018, Acrylic on Canvas, 24 x 24 $1,400 As an artist, I work hard to develop paintings that speak both to me and to others about the simple beauty that exists in everyday life. Inspiration comes from many varied sources. My garden, nature, music, childhood memories and travels to New Mexico all play a large part in my subject matter. Vibrant exploration of colors, interesting brush strokes, and uncommon compositions that include a touch of whimsy are some of the identifying characteristics found in my work. My soul’s journey speaks through my work. When people see my work, I’d like them to feel like they’re part of my journey. Each of my paintings possess a little bit my soul; and, I like to leave the final interpretation up to the viewer so they can develop their own personal connection to my art. Acrylics are my medium of choice for creating abstracts, landscapes and floral themed works. All of these subject matters bring me immense joy and happiness to paint. My hope is that these feelings shine through on each painting.

Kathleen Mooney Blue Lagoon Blue 2 2019, Acrylic on Paper, 15 x 15 750.00 When working directly with paint on canvas or paper Mooney fully expresses the creative properties of water and pigment while composing with balance and harmony. Line, color, shape, and texture recall rich vistas, coastal magic, or the pure beauty of nonrepresentational abstraction. Most often Kathleen Mooney utilizes lyrical painting, printmaking, hand cut stamps, and custom stencils to create with harmonic intuition in strong compositions developed through decades of dedicated studio practice -- connecting with energy, confidence and cutting-edge sensibility.

Jeff Mullins Emergence 1 2020, Acrylic on Canvas, 36 x 36 $750.00 I love the fluidity of painting with acrylic since it resonates with how my work develops on the canvas. Sometimes I do have a composition in mind, and other times, it is a process of discovery to see will emerge from the paint. I think of color as energy and I try to reflect this in my work.

Michael O'Connell Springtime 2018, Acrylics, 32 x 32 x 2 $800 I am an artist living in Clearwater Florida. I had my first professional start as an airbrush artist at Busch Gardens. Over time, my paintings developed into contemporary abstracts. I am often inspired by the vibrant colors of the suncoast and the Tampa Bay area in general. I tried to keep my work open for interpretation so everyone can connect to each piece on a personal level.

Elizabeth Ogata Etude 2020, Acrylics on Canvas 30x40 $850

Tom Parker San Francisco 2017, Acrylic on Canvas, 32 x 42 $800 I love producing abstract art. Both my non-figurative and figurative art reveals my expressionism-style and my internally driven exploration of vibrant and intense colors. I typically produce non-figurative abstract paintings, layer by layer, that are rich in color and texture. I try not to get caught up in my own preconceived ideas and notions of what the final result should be. In effect, I allow the painting to take me on a twisting and turning journey that keeps me guessing what the final outcome will be. In many of my large textured paintings you will find that I combine acrylic paint, oil paint and wax with a few found objects, e.g. stones, metal, paper, sand, wood, etc. to create a large, textured, mixed media canvas. I have been awarded several “First Place” awards or “Best In Show” awards for my abstract work and currently have client/buyers in the Unites States well as Europe. Art Business News selected me as one of the Top 50 Artists to watch in 2014.

Manuel Peinado Box2 Slide 85 NOV 70 2019, Acrylic on Wood, 9x12 $1800 I’m an American artist documenting my family’s immigrant experience. I paint from slides my father shot and, upon his death, passed down. My acrylic painting technique and composition provide a viewfinder perspective of a family finding their way in Oakland, CA circa 1970. I received a BFA from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA, reside in Oakland, paint from my art studio in Berkeley, and have called the San Francisco Bay Area home since birth.

Amy Phillips Man on Nature 2020, Acrylic/Oil on Canvas, 30 x 24 $1,200 Growing up on Martha's Vineyard Island and being interested in art as a child, I fell in love with nature and my art reflects this. I find beauty in nature a constant form of inspiration. Through still lifes, close-ups and landscapes, I find ways of using nature as metaphors for social situations. A field of wildflowers may be likened to a community of people. An isolated flower alone in a field symbolizes human isolation. The three paintings submitted here are 100% acrylic. Having painted for many years with oils, I have more recently tried to master acrylics to achieve the blending properties and effects of oils.

Debra Radke Path 2018, Acrylic w/Pastel on Rives Moulin du Gue paper. 30 x 22 $950 My images are the way I see the world, my own individual viewpoint. They are not meant to explain the world to others. They are simply reflections - drawn from a place deep inside me – of what I see and think at a particular moment in time. I seem to see things differently from others, my field of view being often inward, a response to things that are important to me. Quiet things like the breeze on my face that portends the coming spring and its uniquely fresh smell. Ephemeral things like a breathtakingly beautiful flower that appears for a day or an hour, and then decomposes before my eyes. Or the colors of the rainbow after a storm, reminding us of something precious, a moment not to be taken for granted. Intrinsic things like the air we breathe without a second thought. My work is a reflection of my desire is to beckon the viewer into an ambiguous space between abstraction and reality, feeling and instinct, moment to moment. It is my ongoing attempt to make the unseen visible.

Sharon Repple Refreshing 2020. Acrylic on Canvas 20 x 20 $700 My paintings are inspired by the beauty of God's creation. I strive to reflect His canvas.

Carla Rudolph Office Party 2020 Acrylic on canvas with charcoal lines 36 inches x 36 inches $2,500

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