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International School of Financial Market Equity Market Module Reg. office : Plot no. 152 - P (LGF), Sec – 38, Medicity Road, NR Medanta Hospital Phone : 0124-2200689, +91 9310608420, +91-8168573253 +91 8368025252 Web: , Email : [email protected]

Career in Stoc Get Certified by SEB

ck Market BI’s Certification

Name Email Id Mobile No. Sr. No. Session Name Sub Topics What is Stock Market, Structre of Securites Stock Exchange 1 Introduction to Participant of Stock Market, Roles and resp Securities Market Major Stock Exchange in Wold Major source of information in stock marke Top 5 Website, Top 5 apps to use What is Primary Market Who are Major Participant in Primary Mark What are Major Products in Market 2 Primary Market Major features of IPO Live Case Studies of Primary Market What is ASBA facility in market Top 5 factors must need to check before ap What is Secondary Market Who are Major participants in secondary m Major products and its features in market 3 Secondary Market Types of Share in stock market What is Pre Opening in stock market What is Post closing in stock market What is AMO orders in market How to install trading software Major key use in software What is stop loss in market, how to use it in 4 Order Management Major types of order in market Major condition in buying and selling of sha What is margin trading facility in market How to use leverage in stock market

Course Name DD……...MM……...YY……….. Batch No. Remarks Duration Time Presented s Market, What is by ponsibilites 2 Sushil et Hours Alewa ket 2 Sushil Hours Alewa pplying IPO market 2 Sushil Hours Alewa n live market 2 Anil Mor ares Hours

What are trading charges in market Major tax in intraday and delivery trading What is Short selling in stock market 5 Trading Ancillary How to use short selling in live market What is Auction in stock market, how to use What is circuit breaker in stock market What is ISIN Number of stock What is Contract note in market Pure practical session 6 Trading Ancillary * Please carry your laptop everyone Everyone must have demat a/c before joini Live stock market classes What is Ration Analysis of Companies 7 Ratio Analysis What are major Ratio in market What are thumb rules to investmen for long How to compare stock for investment & tra What are major factors which affecting stoc What are leading factors Factors Affecting Stock What are legging factors 8 Marke and Major What is Monetary policy of RBI and how to Coporate Action in What are major coporate actions in market market What is divident payout How to calculate divident yield Top 10 divident paying company analysis What is Dabba trading in stock market What is front running by brokers 9 Finacial Safety and What is operator game in stock market Protection What are source of complaint in stock mark Who are Major regulators and their juridict Top 10 Rules of portfolio management What to do and don’t in stock market

e this 2 Sushil Hours Alewa ing session 2 Anil Mor Hours g term 2 Sushil ading purpose Hours Alewa ck market understand this 2 Sushil t Hours Alewa ket 2 Sushil tions Hours Alewa

Basic of Securities Market

What is Stock Market  It is a place where shares of pub  The stock market refers to the co where the issuing and trading of companies), bonds and other sor through formal exchanges or ove  Also known as the equity market vital components of a free-mark companies with access to capital slice of ownership.

bic listed companies are traded. ollection of markets and exchange f equities (stocks of publicly held rts of securities takes place, either er-the-counter markets. t, the stock market is one of the most ket economy, as it provides l in exchange for giving investors a

Top Wealth Creato

or Stocks 2021 23 May 2022

Top Mid Wealth Crea 5

ator Stocks 2021 23 May 2022

Top Small Cap Wealth C 6

Creator Stocks 2021 23 May 2022

Why to Invest in Stock M  Stock Market investments offer y  Liquidity  Flexibility of amounts invested  Operated under high level of re investor rights  Technology based Investment  High return  Capital growth  Dividend

Market you benefits like egulatory framework to safeguard

Top Mistakes for investm  Trade without learning  Trade with small capital with big  Don’t use the stop loss level  Fail to calculate risk and reward  Missing of analysis knowledge  Not able to control greed and e  Dealing with unauthorized interm

ment g margin d ratio emotions mediaries

Things to remember  Investment is not gambling  You need to put your effor you  You should know  where you’re going with yo  what you’re investing in  who you’re dealing with  where to go for help

g rt for your money to work for your investments

Structure of Securiti

ies Market

Financial Ma 23 May 2022


PARTICIPANTS IN THE SECU  Regulators  Me  RBI, SEBI, M  IRDA, PFRDA C  Stock Exchanges R  Listed Securities U  Depositories B  Brokers D  FIIs V C

URITIES MARKET erchant Bankers or Investment Bankers Mutual Funds Custodians Registrars Underwriters Bankers to an issue Debenture trustees Venture capital funds. Credit rating agencies

Financial Re Securities Banking Insura Market FINANCIAL 23 May 2022

egulators ance Pension Commodities derivatives L MARKET 13

Securities and Exchange Bo  Formed as an administrative bod  Autonomous Regulator for Secur  Market through the Act of Parlia  Various Acts administered  SEBI Act, 1992  Depositories Act, 1996  Securities Contract Regulation A  Various provisions under Compa

oard of India dy under Ministry of Finance in 1988 rities ament Act, 1956 anies Act

Entity Example of What do they do? companies Credit Rating They rate the credit Agency (CRA) CRISIL, ICRA, worthiness of CARE corporate and Debenture governments Trustees Almost all banks in India Act as a trustee to corporate debenture Depositories NSDL and CDSL Safekeeping, reporting and settlement of clients securities Depositary Most of the banks Act as an agent to the Participant (DP) and few stock two depositories brokers IFn1osr5teitiugtnional Make investments in Foreign India Investors corporate, funds and individuals

In simpler words If a corporate or Govt entity wants to avail loan, CRA checks if the entity is worthy of giving a loan When companies want to raise a loan they can issue debenture against which they promise to pay an interest. These debentures can be subscribed by public. A Debenture Trustee ensures that the debenture obligation is honored Acts like a vault for the shares that you buy. The depositories hold your shares and facilitate exchange of your securities. When you buy shares these shares sit in your Depositary account usually referred to as the DEMAT account. This is maintained electronically by only two companies in India e You cannot directly interact with NSDL or CDSL. You need to liaison with a DP to open and maintain you DEMAT account These are foreign entities with an interest to wwwian.mivsefomsutn.citnsoI.oninfdmiao. nT2eh3ye,yMaunasduyhae2llyn0ct2rea2tnhseairctaicntilvaitryge in the markets have an impact in terms of

Entity Example of What do they d companies Merchant Help companies r Bankers Karvy, Axis Bank, money in the prim Edelweiss Capital markets Asset HDFC AMC, Offer Mutual Fund Management Reliance Capital, Schemes Companies(AMC) SBI Capital Offer PMS schem Portfolio Religare Wealth Managers/ Management, Act as a intermed Portfolio Parag Parikh PMS between an inves Management and the stock System exchange (PMS) Stock Brokers Angel, Religare and Sub Brokers Sharekhan, ICICI Direct 16

do? In simpler words raise mary If a company plans to raise money by floating an IPO, then merchant bankers are d the ones who help companies with the IPO process mes An AMC collects money from the public, puts that money in a single account and then invest that money in markets with an objective of making the investments grow and thereby generate wealth to its investors. They work similar to a mutual fund except in a PMS you have to invest a minimum of Rs. 25,00,000 however there is no such cap in a mutual fund diary Whenever you want to buy or sell shares stor from the stock exchange you have to do so through registered stock brokers. A sub www.isfmb.rcook.einr is lik2e3anMaagyen2t 0to2a2stock broker

Hierarchy of Stock M 17 Securities & Exchang (SEBI National Securities Depository ltd (NSDL) National Stock Br Exchange of India Inves (NSE)

Market ge Board of India I) Central Depository Services ltd (CDSL) rokers Bombay Stock Exchange of India (BSE) 23 May 2022

What is the Depository  A depository is an entity which helps an investor to paper-less manner. Securities in depository account  What are its main functions? A depository works as a link between the listed com these shares through agents associated with it calle financial institution, a broker, or any entity eligible of shares from the depository to investors. The inve from the depository.  What are the names of some depository organiza The Depository Act of 1996 paved the way for the National Securities Depository Limited (NSDL) whic Development Bank of India and Unit Trust of India Depository Services Limited (CDSL) which is promot Exchange, State Bank of India, Bank of India amon 

o buy or sell securities such as stocks and bonds in a ts are similar to funds in bank accounts. mpanies which issue shares and shareholders. It issues ed depository participants or DPs. A DP can be a bank, as per SEBI norms and is responsible for the final transfer estor, at the end of a transaction receives a confirmation ations? e establishment of the two depositories in India, namely ch is promoted by the National Stock Exchange, Industrial among others. The other depository is the Central ted by the Bombay Stock Exchange Bombay Stock ng others.

About NSDL One of the Largest Dep Wide network of Depository Pa & many more

positories in the World articipants across the Country e…

Depository Progress


About CDSL  CDSL received the certificate of commencem Central Depository Services (India) Ltd. CDSL-596 Depository CVL-2100+ Participants

ment of business from SEBI in February, 1999. + Intermediaries CDSL IR- 300+ Approved Persons

IMPORTANT S CDSL – No.of accoun CDSL - No.of DPs -60 CDSL – incorporated (12 Offices sp CDSL – Largest growing Depository 45 % Cumulative M 15.57 Million Demat Accounts 65 % Incremental

STATISTICS nts : 4.96 Crores 00 d in 1999 pread across country) Market Share - BOIDs Asset Value – INR 20,95,749 Crores Market Share - BOIDs

What is Stock Exchange  The stock exchanges in India, under the overall sup Exchange Board of India (SEBI), provide a trading in securities. The trading platform provided by NSE sellers to meet at a physical location to trade. They available with the NSE trading members or the inte members of NSE.  What is Demutualization of stock exchanges?  Demutualization refers to the legal structure of an the trading rights at the exchange are segregated  How is a demutualized exchange different from a  exchange?  In a mutual exchange, the three functions of owners single Group. Here, the broker members of the exc exchange and they further manage the exchange a decision making. A demutualized exchange, on the segregated, i.e. the ownership, management and tr

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