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Kids' Zone 4 Student's Book

Published by Hamilton House Publishers, 2020-06-13 06:25:40

Description: Kids' Zone 4 Student's Book

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Pupil’s Book

Contents Grammar Vocabulary Page 4 Hello! 9 Unit 1 Present simple story words 21 (affirmative) animals Present simple (negative 33 and questions) 35 Unit 2 Let’s ... story words 47 Must (affirmative and directions 59 negative) time Revision 1 Units 1 and 2 Unit 3 There’s / There are story words Prepositions house Some / Any How much / How many Unit 4 Was / Were (affirmative) story words Was / Were (negative and weather questions) Revision 2 Units 3 and 4 2

Grammar Vocabulary Page 61 Unit 5 Past simple: regular verbs story words (affirmative) places in a city Past simple: regular verbs (negative and questions) Unit 6 Past simple: irregular seasons 73 verbs (affirmative) geographical features Past simple: irregular verbs (negative and months of the year questions) Revision 3 Units 5 and 6 85 87 Unit 7 Comparative story words Superlative city sights Unit 8 Going to (all forms) story words 99 Will (all forms) parties Revision 4 Units 7 and 8 111 Finger puppets 113 3

Unit This is a camel. Camels live in the desert. My Zone Trace and write. 1 tiger 2 20 3 4 19 18 5 17 6 16 7 15 8 14 10 11 12 13 9 9

a At the zoo 2 Those are penguins. Penguins live in the snow. 1 Listen and read. 1 Today the toys are at the zoo. Look at the tigers! Tigers live in the jungle. Monkeys live in the jungle, too. 3 Look at the camels! 4 I love this zoo! Camels live in the desert. Come back! You Look out! aren’t a monkey! The tree! You’re a pirate! 2 Write. and (1) tigers live in Monkeys . the (2) . (3) Let’s talk! live in the (4) . (5) Come back! Look out! live in the (6) 10

zoo tiger jungle monkey penguin snow camel desert 3 Read and learn. 4 Read and circle. Present simple 1 Monkeys lives / live in the jungle. Affirmative 2 Lenny plays / play the saxophone. I/You/We/They live in a 3 Camels lives / live in the desert. small house. 4 Pete has / have cheese and bread for breakfast. He/She/It lives in the jungle. 5 Katie and Fifi lives / live in the toy room. 5 Complete the sentences. Koko the monkey (1) lives in plays gets up lives play has watches climb goes a tree house. Every morning Koko (2) and he (3) bananas for breakfast. Then Koko (4) to the park with his friends. They (5) trees and they (6) games. Every Monday Koko (7) the violin and every Saturday he (8) TV with his friends. 6 Talk to your friend. Wrong! 7 Write about you. Write Yes or No. Right! Koko has milk 1 I live in the jungle. for breakfast. 2 I have cereal and milk Koko has bananas for breakfast. for breakfast. 3 I ride my bike to school. 4 I watch TV every Sunday. 5 I play with my friends every day. 6 I like fish. 11

a Over to you! Giant pandas live in China. They climb trees and they eat bamboo. A giant panda eats 12 kilos of bamboo every day! There are only about 1,000 giant pandas in the world today! 1 Complete. eat helps likes live sleeps swim 1 I live in that house. 2 Penguins fish. 3 He 4 Fifi his friends. 5 We in a flower. 6 She in the pool. chicken. 12

2 Read and match. Then write. 1 He watches a milk and cereal for breakfast. 2 Monkeys live b his scooter every morning. 3 Katie has c in the desert. 4 Pete wears d TV every Sunday. 5 Robbie rides e red and white pyjamas. 6 Camels live f in the jungle. 1 He watches TV every Sunday. 2 3 4 5 6 3 Write. 1 T _i g_ _e _r s_ live in the jungle. 2 P _ _ _ _ _ _ _ live in the snow. 3 C _ _ _ _ _ live in the desert. 4 M _ _ _ _ _ _ live in the jungle. 13

2ba Shirley, Annabel and Harvey1 Listen and read. 2 Do you run Yes, I do. every morning, Do you run Shirley? every morning? 1 Shirley’s a sheep. She lives on a farm with her friends, Annabel and Harvey. Annabel is a cow and Harvey is a horse. 3 In the afternoon, Shirley doesn’t No, I don’t. I’m very tired! run. She dances with Annabel 4 Does Shirley watch No, she doesn’t. and Harvey. TV every night? She’s very tired! Do you dance every afternoon? 2 Write. s h_ e_ e_ p_ 2 c__ 1 f___ No, I don’t. I’m very tired! 3 h _ _ _ _ 4 14

sheep farm cow horse tired afternoon 3 Read and learn. 4 Read and circle. Present simple 1 Cows doesn’t / don’t live in the jungle. Negative 2 Katie doesn’t / don’t run every day. I/We/You/They don’t live in the zoo. 3 You doesn’t / don’t like chicken. He/She/It doesn’t live in the zoo. 4 My dad doesn’t / don’t play the guitar. Questions 5 Pete and Katie doesn’t / don’t dance Do I/we/you/they run every day? Does he/she/it run every day? every day. Short answers Yes, I do. Yes, he does. 5 Complete the answers. No, we don’t. No, she doesn’t. 1 Does Robbie live in the jungle? don’t = do not No, he doesn’t . LooK! doesn’t = does not 2 Does Fifi live in the toy room? Yes, . 6 Listen and ✔. 3 Do penguins live in the jungle? 1 No, . a b✔ 4 Do camels live in the desert? 2 Yes, . 7 Listen and say the chant. a b 3 a b 4 Jimmy’s in the jungle! a Jimmy can jump! Jump in the jungle, Jimmy! b Jump! Jump! Jump! 15

b Over to you! Do you dance Yes, I do! Does he run Yes, he does! every day? every day? Cool! Cool! 1 Write the questions. 1 Does he like fish? Yes, he does. He likes fish. 2  No, they don’t. They don’t live in London. 3  No, she doesn’t. She doesn’t wear pink pyjamas. 4  Yes, we do. We run every morning. 5  No, he doesn’t. He doesn’t dance every day. 6 Yes, I do. I walk to school. 16

2 Write the answers. 1 Does he read books every afternoon? No , he doesn’t . 2 Does she play the piano in the evening? ,. 3 Do they surf in the summer? ,. 4 Do they drive to the castle every morning? ,. 5 Does he ride a bike every afternoon? ,. 6 Do they watch TV every evening? ,. 3 Circle. afternoon breakfast cereal evening morning night tired 17

I’m a whale. I live in the sea. And that’s a shark. That’s c 1 Listen and That’s a shark. He chases a shark. sing. Those are dolphins. me. whale They play and play shark dolphin play all day. They live here too. and play, they We all live in the sea. WIAIWnelepodlvaapellyIal tylwlhoiivevateehnsdieantahnphedtlahordyeIsoeabll.polnuvhHdeeien,paslbs,nawldutyih, and the seals. seals. seahorse turtle seal 2 Complete the sentences. 3 Read and find the stickers. seal turtle seahorse 12 dolphin shark whale tigers penguins 1 I’m a shark . . 2 I’m a . 3 4 . sharks camels . 3 I’m a . 4 I’m a 4 Write. 1 Tigers live 5 I’m a 2 in the jungle. 3 in the snow. 6 I’m a 4 in the sea. in the desert. 18

Kids'Kpplialdanneset't in danger! Animals 1 Read. Look at this beautiful whale. It’s a blue Look at these turtles. Turtles whale. Blue whales live for about sixty usually live for seventy years years. Whales live in groups and two but some turtles live for two whales usually swim together. hundred years! Look at the baby seals. saWeinnaihmldsapaalarenlorssget,,eebtvcuruet.rrtWttylhteheessempmaye!nucadisartel They live next to the sea and they catch fish. Seals can swim under the water for twenty minutes. 2 Complete the sentences. 3 Read, draw and write. 1  Whales live in groups. My favourite animal is the tiger. It is orange and black. 2 Some live for two It lives in the jungle. It runs very fast. hundred years. 3  can swim under the water for twenty minutes. 4 Blue live for about sixty years. 5 Whales, turtles and are in danger. 19

C LI LSocial sciences (animals) 3 1 Which animals are in danger? Look and ✔. 12 blue whale tiger cow 4 5 6 panda horse African elephant 2 Read these amazing animal facts. Which TWO facts are not true? 1 Camels can drink 150 litres of water at once. 2 Tigers are very good swimmers. 3 Dolphins have got 200 teeth. 4 Sharks can live up to 100 years. 5 120 kinds of turtles are in danger today. 6 Seahorses love to eat – they eat all day! 7 Penguins are birds, but they can’t fly. 8 Seals can stay underwater for five hours. Values Protect animals in danger. 20

Pupil’s Book Kids’ Zone is a brand new and exciting multi-level course for young learners in primary school classes. Kids’ Zone progresses gradually, helping your pupils reach the required vocabulary and language skill level to continue smoothly into secondary school classes. Kids’ Zone features: ●   exciting unit profile pages with striking visuals that engage students through personalised warm-up tasks ●  clearly-structured, easy-to-follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year ●  all the key grammar and essential vocabulary required for primary school students, transparently presented and methodically practised ●  fun and achievable activities developing and practising all four skills ● s timulating CLIL pages focussing on other school subjects such as maths and science in English, which aim to enrich the learners’ experience ●  theme-related culture pages that introduce learners to the English-speaking world ● r egular revision sections ● m emorable songs and chants ●  a special Values section in every unit Kids’ Zone for the pupil: Kids’ Zone for the teacher: • Pupil’s Book with stickers • Teacher’s Book with embedded Pupil’s Book • Activity Book in full-colour and Photocopiable Tests • Test book • Class Audio • Interactive e-book • Flashcard Pack • Interactive Whiteboard Software

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