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Kids' Zone 3 Student's Book

Published by Hamilton House Publishers, 2020-06-13 06:22:50

Description: Kids' Zone 3 Student's Book


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Pupil’s Book

Contents Grammar Vocabulary Page 4 Hello! 9 Unit 1 To be (affirmative, people 21 negative, questions) adjectives Plurals 33 This, that, these, those 35 47 Unit 2 Have got (affirmative, story words negative, questions) 59 Possessive adjectives family jobs Revision 1 Units 1 and 2 Unit 3 Present continuous clothes (affirmative) 1 verbs Unit 4 Present continuous story words (negative and questions) 1 verbs numbers 11–20 Revision 2 Units 3 and 4 2

Grammar Vocabulary Page 61 Unit 5 Present simple story words 73 (affirmative) food 85 87 Unit 6 Present simple story words (question) days of the week 99 Revision 3 Units 5 and 6 111 113 Unit 7 Present continuous story words (affirmative) 2 outdoor activities Present continuous (negative and questions) 2 Unit 8 Whose and ’s clothes music Can (affirmative, negative, numbers 10–100 questions) Object pronouns Revision 4 Units 7 and 8 Finger puppets 3

Unit This is our dad. He’s strong. My Zone Trace and colour. I’m strong. I’m strong, too. 9

a A spider! Help! This is Fifi. She’s very 2 clever! Fifi, this is for you! 1 Listen and read. Thank you. 1 Hi! I’m Jimmy! I’m Robbie. I’m young I’m fast. and strong. I’m Katie. I’m young and tall. 3 I’m Pete. I’m not young! 4 A spider! Pete isn’t I’m old but I’m very brave! Help! brave. 2 Write the names. 1 Jimmy is fast. 2  is young and strong. 3 is tall. Let’s talk! 4 is clever. This is for you! Thank you. 5 is old. 10

young tall clever old brave spider 3 Read and learn. 4 Write ’m, ’s or ’re. To be Negative 1 We ’re old. Affirmative I’m not brave. I’m happy. He/She/It isn’t old. 2 They tall. He/She/It’s young. We/You/They aren’t short. We/You/They’re tall. 3 She young. I’m = I am I’m not = I am not 4 He clever. isn’t = is not LooK! it’s = it is aren’t = are not 5 You brave. you’re = you are 6 I strong. Questions Short answers Are you old? Yes, I am. No, I’m not. Is he tall? Yes, he/she/it is. No, he/she/it isn’t. Are they brave? Yes, they are. No, they aren’t. 5 Complete the questions and answers. 1 Is she happy? 4  he brave? No, she isn’t . No, . 2  they young? 5  they tall? No, . Yes, . 3  it beautiful? 6  she clever? Yes, . Yes, . 6 Ask your friend. Are you hungry? Yes, I am. brave happy hungry  old short tall thirsty young 11

a Over to you! Is Sporty No, he isn’t! Trucky is your friend? my friend! He isn’t fast but he’s very cool! Am I fast? Yes, you are. Am I strong? Yes, you are. 1 Write ’m, ’s or ’re. 1 She ‘s very clever. 2 They young and strong. 3 I brave. 4 He short. 5 You fast. 6 It very small. 12

2 Write the answers. 1 Are they old? 4 Are they short? Yes, they are. 2 Is she sad? 5 Is she clever? 3 Is he brave? 6 Is it beautiful? 3 Circle. brave beautiful clever fast happy hungry old strong tall thirsty young 13

b The children are here! 2 Those men are soldiers. 1 Listen and read. 1 Hi! We’re in the toy room with our friends. That man is a king. 3 This woman is a queen. 4 Oh, no! The children And that’s a castle. are here! It’s beautiful! Look! Two big feet! In the box now! 2 Read and circle. 1 He’s a king / queen. 1 2 3 4 2 She’s a fairy / queen. 3 He’s a king / soldier. 4 She’s a woman / man. 14

roomhappy mhaunngry sicoeldcierer am wsaodman thirsty child 3 Read and learn. Plurals This, that, these, those This is a box. That’s a castle. Regular Irregular These are pens. Those are robots. -s man – men robot – robots woman – women -es child –­ children dress ­– dresses person – people box – boxes mouse – mice -ies tooth – teeth fairy – fairies foot – feet -ves leaf – leaves 4 Write this, that, these or those. 2 Look at spider. 1 Look at these watches. 3 Look at 4 Look at mice. camera. 5 Complete the sentences. 6 Listen and say children  mice  teeth  men  women  people the chant. 1 2 34 1 Those people are happy. 2 Those are tall. 3 Those are big. 5 Four tall doors and 4 These are sad. 6 four short doors. 5 These are old. 6 These are hungry. 15

b Over to you! Wow! Look at those sandwiches! Look Oh no! Look at those feet! at these chocolate cakes! Yummy! The children are here! 1 Write. These are boxes. 1 This is a box. 2 That is a mouse. 3 That is a fairy. 4 This is a woman. 5 That is a dress. 6 That is a man. 16

2 Read and circle. 5 Look at this / that spider! 1 This / That is a castle. 2 These / This mice are fat. 6 These / Those mice are small. 3 These / Those women are old. 7 Look at this / these soldier. 4 These / Those robots are clever. 8 That / These men are tall. 3 Read and match. 1 room e a 2 soldier f b 3 woman c 4 people g 5 child h d 6 man 7 mice 8 children 17

c 1 Listen and This man’s thin. He is Tim. chant. This cat’s fat. It is Pat. thin fat This girl’s pretty. She is Vicky. Tim That boy’s strong. He is John. That monster’s ugly. It is Bugly. Vicky Look at me! My name’s Dave! Help! It’s a monster! I’m not brave! Bugly John pretty ugly Pat Dave 2 Listen again. Then complete the sentences. pretty thin strong brave ugly fat 1 Tim is a man. He’s thin . 4 Bugly is a monster. It’s . 2 John is a boy. He’s . 5 Vicky is a girl. She’s . 3 Pat is a cat. It’s . 6 Dave is a boy. He isn’t . 3 Read and find the stickers. 1 23 4 Write. 1 They’re young. young old man tall 2 children woman 3 4 456 5 6 strong fat mice ugly girls monster 18

KKpplialidandnesets't' 2 I’m Sarah and this is John. He’s my brother. I’m nine 1 Read. years old and he’s seven years old. We live in Hello! My name’s Richard. Rome. I’m tall and thin. 1 I’m eight years old and He’s short and thin. I live in London. I’m strong and clever! I love books! I always read a book before I go to bed. 2 Write the names. 3 Read, draw and write. 1 Richard is eight years old. My best friend is nine years old. 2 is nine years old. His name’s Peter. He’s tall and thin. 3 is short and thin. He’s very clever. 4 is strong and clever. 5 is tall and thin. 19

C LI LMaths (ordinal numbers) 1 Read. 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th first second third fourth fifth sixth seventh eighth ninth tenth 2 Count, read and colour. 1 Colour the second butterfly blue and the fourth butterfly green. 2 Colour the first dress pink and the sixth dress orange. 3 Colour the third car purple and the eighth car brown. 3 Write. 1 Lisa is the first . 2 Jim is the . 3 Ann is the . 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 4 Bill is the . Lisa Jim Ann Bill Sue 5 Sue is the . Values Be the first to help an old lady. 20

Pupil’s Book Kids’ Zone is a brand new and exciting multi-level course for young learners in primary school classes. Kids’ Zone progresses gradually, helping your pupils reach the required vocabulary and language skill level to continue smoothly into secondary school classes. Kids’ Zone features: ●   exciting unit profile pages with striking visuals that engage students through personalised warm-up tasks ●  clearly-structured, easy-to-follow lessons organised to fit the teaching year ●  all the key grammar and essential vocabulary required for primary school students, transparently presented and methodically practised ●  fun and achievable activities developing and practising all four skills ● s timulating CLIL pages focussing on other school subjects such as maths and science in English, which aim to enrich the learners’ experience ●  theme-related culture pages that introduce learners to the English-speaking world ● r egular revision sections ● m emorable songs and chants ●  a special Values section in every unit Kids’ Zone for the pupil: Kids’ Zone for the teacher: • Pupil’s Book with stickers • Teacher’s Book with embedded Pupil’s Book • Activity Book in full-colour and Photocopiable Tests • Test book • Class Audio • Interactive e-book • Flashcard Pack • Interactive Whiteboard Software

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