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American Kids Zone 1 SB sample

Published by Hamilton House Publishers, 2022-05-24 08:55:42

Description: American Kids Zone 1 SB sample


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Student’s Book Ruby Devon with Ann Jones

Contents Lesson Words Language Phonics Arts and Kids’ CLIL crafts planet Social studies: Hello! page 4 Transportation Science: Hello! squirrel, kite, Hello! Hi! Animal prints I’m Sammy! Math: kangaroo, ball I’m a squirrel! Numbers 1–5 Unit 1 page 7 Social studies: Classroom Lesson Toys 1 Wow! CVC words: a Make a Toys rules 1a train, plane, car, Look at this train! cat, hat, man, school Lesson doll Nice (car)! van bus! 1b Colors 1 Goodbye! yellow, red, What’s this? blue, green It’s a red plane. Sorry! Unit 2 page 17 Lesson Animals Look! A mouse CVC words: e Make a The sea 2a mouse, cat, and a cat! red, bed, pen, paper world Lesson duck, frog Thank you! hen frog! 2b Colors 2 Benny is black brown, black, and white! white, purple He’s funny! Unit 3 page 27 Lesson In the yard Look at that pink 3a tree, bird, butterfly! flower, bee, Look at me! butterfly Stop it! Look at those Lesson Numbers 1–5 birds! CVC words: i Make Busy 3b Help! fig, pin, wig a bee bees Thank you! finger puppet! Unit 4 page 37 Lesson Classroom Where’s my 4a words 1 backpack? backpack, book, Here it is! eraser, pencil Come back! Lesson Classroom Is this your CVC words: o Make The 4b words 2 classroom, fox, box, frog, pencil science classroom, Benny? log toppers! lab desk, chair, Yes, it is. teacher 2

Lesson Words Language Phonics Arts and Kids’ CLIL crafts planet Science: Dinosaurs Unit 5 page 47 Math: Numbers Lesson Family words 1 This is my mom! 1–10 5a dad, mom, Hello! Social She’s nice! studies: sister, brother This is my dad! Hello! Food He’s nice! Science: Lesson Family words 2 This is my friend! CVC words: u Make a Brothers The five 5b grandma, She’s good! cub, bug, sun photo and senses grandpa, friend, He’s good! frame! sisters pet It’s very naughty! Unit 6 page 57 Lesson Facial features Let’s make a 6a snowman, eyes, snowman! nose, mouth Good idea! I have two eyes! Lesson Parts of the He’s a robot. Digraphs: sh Make a Jobs 6b body He has two arms. fish, shell, robot! robot, head, sheep arms, legs Unit 7 page 67 Lesson Food 1 I like apples! 7a apple, banana, Me too! juice, ice cream Wait for me! Lesson Food 2 Do you like chicken? Digraphs: ch Make School 7b chicken, fish, I don’t like spaghetti! chicken, paper lunch pizza, spaghetti cherries, pizza! cheese Unit 8 page 77 Lesson Action verbs I can climb! 8a climb, fly, jump, I can’t climb. swim Lesson Sports Can you play tennis? Digraphs: th Make a Sports 8b play tennis, play Yes, I can! three, teeth, ring toss soccer, play No, I can’t! moth game! basketball Look out! Finger puppets page 87 3

Unit This is my toy plane! My Zone Color and trace. plane 7

a 1 Listen and point. Then say. train plane car doll 2 Look and listen. 1 Look at this train, Sammy! 2 Look at this plane, Benny! Wow! Nice plane! Wow! Nice train! 3 Look at this doll, Benny! 4 Look at this car, Benny! Goodbye, Katie! Wow! Nice doll, Katie! Goodbye! Nice car, Sammy! 3 Listen again and say. Then act. 8

4 Match and say. 3 4 12 ab cd 5 Listen and chant. Then write. doll train car plane 6 Point and say. Wow! Nice plane. DSianngc+e Look at this plane! 9

b 1 Listen and point. Then say. yellow red blue green 2 Look and listen. 2 What’s this, 1 What’s this, Sammy? Sammy? It’s a yellow train. It’s a red plane. 34 What’s this, What’s this, Sammy? Benny? It’s a blue car. It’s a green squirrel! Sorry, Sammy! 10 3 Listen again and say. Then act.

4 Listen and circle. Then say. 34 12 5 Listen and stick. Then write. green blue car doll red yellow plane train 6 Listen and sing. Look! Look! car! ALAoorbekldu! eLaoanondk!dyLegolroleokew!n plane! Look! Look! blue doll! A yellow and LAoogkr!eeLnooak!ndLoyoekl!low train! 11

Phonics 1 Listen, point and repeat. cat hat man van 2 Listen and chant. A cat with a hat, cat, hat. A man in a van, man, van. A cat with a hat, cat, hat. A man in a van, man, van. 3 Read the chant. Circle the a in the middle of the words. 4 4 Listen, circle and write. 12 3 van man cat hat van man cat hat van 12

anAd rCtrsafSeetvsideo. Materials Make a school bus! • Egg carton • Scissors • Yellow paint • Glue 1 • Paintbrush • Gray/Black card • White paper • Two bottle caps • Markers 2 34 56 13

Kpliadnest' Toys 1 Listen and read. Then write the names. 1 Hello! I’m Bob. Look at my car! It’s my favorite toy. 2 Hi! I’m Ann. Look at my robot! It’s my favorite toy. 3 Hello! I’m Tom. Look at my drone! It’s my favorite toy. 2 Listen again and circle. Favorite toys 1 Bob 2 Ann 3 Tom 3 Check ✔ your favorite toy. 14


CSoLcIiaLl studies Transportation 4 1 Look, listen and point. 3 12 car plane train boat 2 Look. Then find the stickers and write. plane 16

Student’s Book American Kids’ Zone is a brand new and exciting multi-level course for young learners in primary school classes. American Kids’ Zone progresses gradually, helping your students reach the required vocabulary and language skill level to continue smoothly into secondary school classes. American Kids’ Zone 1 features: ●   e xciting unit profile pages with striking visuals that engage students through personalized warm-up tasks ●  c learly-structured, easy-to-follow lessons organized to fit the teaching year ●  a ll the key language required for primary school students, transparently presented and methodically practiced ●  fun and achievable activities smoothly introducing students to all four skills ● c arefully graded Phonics lessons ●  special Arts and Crafts pages with video ● t heme-related Kids’ Planet pages with engaging real-life topics ● s timulating CLIL pages focussing on other school subjects such as math and science in English, which aim to enrich the learners’ experience ●  memorable songs, chants and special sing-and-dance videos American Kids’ Zone for the student: American Kids’ Zone for the teacher: • Student’s Book with stickers • T eacher’s Book with embedded Student’s Book • Workbook in full color • Class Audio • Interactive e-book • Flashcard Pack • Interactive Whiteboard Software

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