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Amazing English 2 Workbook

Published by Hamilton House Publishers, 2020-06-02 08:26:05

Description: Amazing English 2 Workbook

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WORKBook Angela Carlton Elizabeth Gordon

Contents Welcome Lesson 1 4 Lesson 2 6 pages 4-7 Lesson 1 8 Lesson 2 10 Around Town Lesson 3 12 Lesson 4 14 pages 8-17 Skills Building 16 REVIEW 1 18-19 Lesson 1 20 Our Amazing World Lesson 2 22 Lesson 3 24 pages 20-29 Lesson 4 26 REVIEW 2 Skills Building 28 30-31 How are you ? Lesson 1 32 Lesson 2 34 pages 32-41 Lesson 3 36 REVIEW 3 Lesson 4 38 Skills Building 40 Going Away 42-43 Lesson 1 44 pages 44-53 Lesson 2 46 REVIEW 4 Lesson 3 48 Lesson 4 50 What do you do? Skills Building 52 54-55 pages 56-65 Lesson 1 56 REVIEW 5 Lesson 2 58 Lesson 3 60 Why don't you ...? Lesson 4 62 Skills Building 64 pages 68-77 66-67 REVIEW 6 Lesson 1 68 Lesson 2 70 Lesson 3 72 Lesson 4 74 Skills Building 76 78-79

Why don't you ...? Lesson 1 VOCABULARY A Complete the blog with these words. author cartoons chapter cover reader review series title Book friendly Hi, everyone! Today, I’m writing about my favourite 1 , Roald Dahl. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a(n) 2 which everyone knows! Even if you’re not a(n) 3 , you’ll know the film! Roald Dahl wrote stories for both children and adults. He also wrote a(n) 4 of recipe books! A famous artist, Quentin Blake, drew the 5 for some of Roald Dahl’s stories. There is even a Roald Dahl Museum! Are you a fan of Roald Dahl? Write a(n) 6 and tell us about your favourite character, or your favourite 7 in one of his books. Or why not enter our drawing competition? Draw a picture for the 8 of your favourite Roald Dahl book! We’ll put the best ones on the blog! Until next week, Phil Like B Complete the words with vowels (a, e, i, o, u). 1 f _ rry 2 k _ nd 3 fr _ _ ndly 4 m _ _ n 5 str _ ct C Complete the sentences with the adjectives from B. 12 3 This small The people in the bookshop are Mrs Jones is a rabbit is afraid of people. very and teacher, but she’s a good one. always say hello. 45 Lily is sad because the other students Giving to people who need help is are to her. . 68

GRAMMAR A C omplete the dialogue with the correct form of the adjectives in brackets. Use the comparative form. Use any other words you need. Bill Is that your bike? Jane Yes. Do you like it? Now my bike is 1 (new) than yours! Bill My bike is old, but it goes 2 (fast) than yours! Your bike is slower than mine! Jane Oh, I don’t know! I can ride 3 (quick) than you. I can also go 4 (far) than you. I can ride into town and back! Bill Mum says I must only ride in the village because the roads into town are 5 (dangerous) than the roads in the village. Jane I can ride on those roads because I’m 6 (old) than you and I also ride 7 (careful) than you. Bill Yes, but I’m 8 (good) than you at fixing bikes. Remember that when you have a problem with your bike! B C omplete the questions with the correct form of the words in brackets. Use the superlative form. Use any other words you need. Then match the questions with the answers. 1 Who is one of (famous) English authors? 2 How many pages are there in (long) book in English? 3 Is Lord Voldemort 4 How old is Hatchards, (mean) character in the Harry Potter series? 5 Who reads (old) bookshop in London? 6 Who was (fast) in the world? (young) writer to sell a book? a 7312. b Charles Dickens. c Well, he’s not very kind. d Howard Berg can read more than 25,000 words every minute. e It’s more than 200 years old. f Dorothy Straight was only six! C Circle the correct words. 1 Which is Roald Dahl’s silliest / sillier story? 2 My sister reads faster / quicker than me. 3 This chapter has only four pages; it’s the shorter / shortest one. 4 I think the book is better / as good than the film. 5 The first chapter is more funny / funnier than the second chapter. 6 Do old writers write slower / more slowly than young writers? 7 My story is not as / more interesting as yours. 8 Books with pictures are the ones young children can understand the most easily / easiest. LESSON 1 69

Lesson 2 VOCABULARY A Circle the correct words. 1 Don’t tell anyone! It’s a key / secret! 2 Did you find the answer to the puzzle / treasure? 3 We’ve lost our secret / key, so we can’t open the door! 4 They were diving when they found the clue / treasure. They sold it for a lot of money! 5 Sherlock Holmes finds a puzzle / clue in the first chapter, but the reader doesn’t know why it’s important. B Complete the sentences with these verbs. disappear discover end escape lock press solve unlock 1 23 1 Can you this puzzle? 2 This key can and the door. 4 3 This butterfly can when it is on a tree. 4 He wants to . 5 When the blocks fall down, the game will . 6 What will she today? 7 She has to the button for the 5th floor. 567 C Match. 1 They can’t escape because a they’d found a lot of clues. 2 They solved the puzzle after b in an old box. 3 They discovered the treasure c he has locked the door. 4 The key has disappeared and I don’t know d they wanted to use the lift. 5 They pressed a button because e where it can be. 6 All the animals escaped because f they’ve read the last chapter. 7 They know how the story ends because g someone unlocked all the cages. 70

GRAMMAR A Read each pair of sentences. Tick (✔) the sentences which use a passive. Do the sentences in each pair mean the same thing? Circle = or ≠. 1 a The team which scores the most goals wins the game. sentence a = / ≠ sentence b b T he game is won by the team which scores the most goals. sentence a = / ≠ sentence b sentence a = / ≠ sentence b 2 a The game is played by children all over the world. sentence a = / ≠ sentence b b A ll over the world, people play this game. sentence a = / ≠ sentence b sentence a = / ≠ sentence b 3 a Clues aren’t given in the game. b N o clues are given in the game. 4 a New games are created every month. b C lever people create new games every month. 5 a My brother always beats me when we play chess. b When I play chess, I’m always beaten. 6 a Our maths teacher teaches us chess. b W e are taught chess by our maths teacher. B Make questions. Use the present simple passive. Then write short answers. 1 ? / this game / play / outside ✘ 2 ? / chess games / often / win / by / computers ✔ 3 ? / my brother / invite / to / the / escape room ✔ 4 ? / the doors / lock / by / a / police officer ✘ 5 ? / your sister / often / find / in / a / bookshop ✔ 6 ? / you / help / by / your team, / Jim ✘ C Circle the correct words. 1 Are / Is your brother taught chess by your dad? 2 If mistakes make / are made, our team will lose! 3 Clues are / is found in the escape room. 4 The game are / is explained before we play. 5 This game is played by / from both children and adults. 6 This information aren’t given / isn’t given to the team. 7 I are not / am not beaten! I will win! 8 A lot of money is / are spent on video games. 9 This woman is / are asked a lot of questions. LESSON 2 71

Lesson 3 VOCABULARY H J I COU L J KMR RDH A Find, circle and write five verbs. C B P E I ZW KNR A E CD 1 N I OTME I 2 SAV E BNG 3 L TEOF I T 4 5 B Complete the sentences with the verbs from A. 1 If you practise this game, you will . 2 Did you your work before you turned off the computer? 3 Let’s a hole – we might find the treasure! 4 John is good at cooking; he can amazing meals! 5 This box is enormous; it doesn’t in the car! C Complete the crossword. 1G 2S 3W Across 4W 1 Our windows are made of . 5P 4 The old door is made of . 5 My book is made of . Down . 1 My jewellery is made of . 2 My bracelet is made of . 3 Our socks are made of 72

GRAMMAR A Underline the past simple passive in each sentence. Then match. abcd 1 This model was made by the students. e f 2 The car wasn’t fixed by Dad – Mum fixed it! 3 This game was played hundreds of years ago. 4 This was worn by a character in a famous story. 5 The book wasn’t written this year. 6 This picture was painted by cave people. B Circle the correct words. 1 ‘Were / Was the book written in 2000?’ ‘Yes, it was / were.’ 2 ‘Were / Was Sherlock Holmes created by Conan Doyle?’ ‘Yes, he was / were.’ 3 All the escape room tickets were sold / was sold. 4 Mrs Smith was asked / were asked about video games. 5 You was given / were given the book by your grandma. 6 Minecraft weren’t played / wasn’t played twenty years ago. 7 ‘Was / Were we chosen to play?’ ‘No, we wasn’t / weren’t.’ 8 I weren’t beaten / wasn’t beaten by my dad in the match. I was beaten / were beaten by Grandpa! C Make questions with when, where and how. The words in bold in the answers will help you. 1 A: ? B: The game was invented in Sweden. ? 2 A: ? B: The book was written very slowly. ? 3 A: ? B: The treasure was discovered in 1990. ? 4 A: B: The players were beaten last night. 5 A: B: The door was unlocked quietly. 6 A: B: The clues were found in the kitchen. LESSON 3 73

Lesson 4 VOCABULARY A Match. 1 Oh, no. I’ve forgotten my password! a I have to check my messages. 2 Don’t call your sister names! b OK. Let’s delete them. 3 Why are you looking at your phone? c Don’t worry! You can create a new one! 4 These photos aren’t very good. d I’m sorry, Mum. That was mean. 5 Please don’t share this information! e I won’t. It’s our secret! B Complete the sentences with these adjectives. full personal true unfriendly unhappy unkind 1 The sign on my brother’s bedroom door says ‘Stay Out Of My Room!’ It’s very . 2 The students called me names. They were very . 3 Please don’t ask questions! 4 His name is James Henry Robinson, but his friends call him Jim. 5 She’s because her friends were mean to her. 6 I don’t believe you! It’s not ! C Match. abcd 1 This shows someone’s full name. e f 2 This is lots of patients’ personal information. 3 Be careful! His story might not be true! 4 She’s unhappy because she doesn’t like salads. 5 Dressing animals up is unkind; they hate it! 6 Be careful! This bird is very unfriendly! 74

GRAMMAR A Circle the correct words. 1 I didn’t ask you sharing / to share your personal information. 2 He dislikes to take / taking photos. 3 I can’t stand losing / to lose my phone. 4 They forgot deleting / to delete the mistakes. 5 Grandpa has learnt using / to use the computer. 6 To find out / Finding out information is easy on the Internet. 7 I’m not good at to play / playing games online. 8 I know that to spend / spending a lot of time on my laptop isn’t a good idea. B Complete the sentences with the gerund or infinitive form of these verbs. do delete lose meet play read say share use 1 information online isn’t always safe. 2 Mum isn’t very good at video games. 3 We discovered that all our messages is easy. 4 Do you miss your friends at the beach every day? 5 Her children don’t seem many books. 6 Oh, dear! I forgot ‘Happy Birthday’ to my aunt. 7 I always save my work because I’m afraid of it. 8 Is homework on the computer easier than a pencil and notebook? C Match. 1 I’m tired and I want a to get up yet. 2 I don’t like sports, so I’m not interested in b playing football. 3 I’m good at all computer games, but I like c using it. 4 I need my smartphone because I’ve just remembered d to sleep. 5 I’m rarely online because I believe that e meeting my friends is more fun. 6 I spend a lot of time online because I enjoy f sending messages and photos. 7 It’s early in the morning, but I haven’t decided g to check my messages. 8 I don’t like this app; I hate h playing Minecraft best. LESSON 4 75

Skills Building READING Read the review and complete each sentence with a word from it. 1 If you play the game, your body can become . 2 You can learn about the problems with the . 3 Unless you wear a special , you can’t play the game. 4 Players must in different ways. 5 In the story, Earth is very . 6 You have to solve problems on the , in the air and under the water. Holodance ★★★★★ Review by Jenna Jones Do you love dancing? I do! I want to tell you about an amazing video game which is lots of fun, helps you to become stronger and teaches you about problems with the environment! What is it? It’s called Holodance and it’s a virtual reality game – you have to wear a special gadget on your head so that you can ‘see’ the game and play. How do you play it? You can play this game in different ways. One way is just to move your body. Put the gadget on your head. Then the music starts and you have to move your body in different ways. For example, you might see balls flying around very fast. When they come near you, you must catch them. It’s better than dancing. It’s great exercise! Another way to play the game is in a story. You fly in the sky with amazing creatures called dragons! The planet has become very dirty – the creatures want you to make it clean again. In the story, there are problems on the ground, in the air and under the water. Can you finish the game and save Earth? Why do I love it? It’s like a music video – and you are in it! If you only want to dance, play it without the story. If you want to fly with the creatures and learn something too, play it with the story. Both ways are great! 76

GRAMMAR A The words in bold are wrong. Write the correct words. 1 I’m a good player, am I? 2 You shared my photo, haven’t you? 3 We weren’t online last night, weren’t we? 4 This isn’t your full name, is this? 5 His messages were unfriendly, wasn’t they? 6 They’ve won the game, didn’t they? 7 He can play Minecraft, can he? 8 She doesn’t have any messages, has she? B Match. 1 You haven’t learnt to play Minecraft, a does he? 2 He doesn’t usually win, b do you? 3 You don’t like video games, c did she? 4 She didn’t beat you, d have you? 5 They lost the game, e will they? 6 They won’t spend all day playing, f didn’t they? WRITING it right! When you write in Write a review of your favourite game. Use different adjectives. Use the plan to English, your writing help you. Don’t forget to check your spelling and punctuation when you finish! becomes more interesting if you use Plan different adjectives, Title: Name of game for example: fun, Paragraph 1: Say what kind of game it is. exciting, amazing, Paragraph 2: Describe how you play the game. great, unusual, etc. Paragraph 3: Explain why you like it. SKILLS BUILDING 77

Review 6 VOCABULARY Choose the correct answers. 1 The of my favourite book is The Outsiders. 11 I’m this email because I don’t know the sender. a title a sharing b chapter b improving c review c deleting 2 ‘I have a .’ 12 ‘How many books are in this ?’ ‘Oh! Tell me what it is!’ ‘There are three.’ a key a password b series b series c secret c chapter 3 She broke the window and there was 13 My phone was on the kitchen table a minute ago. everywhere. Now it has ! a paper a disappeared b glass b checked c silver c created 4 He’s a person – he says terrible things to me. 14 is the most beautiful metal. a strict a Gold b true b Wood c mean c Wool 5 Don’t forget to the door when you go out. 15 J. K. Rowling’s name is Joanne Kathleen Rowling. a lock a friendly b press b furry c escape c full 6 I all my photos on my computer. 16 The story you’ve written is good, but you can it. a fit a press b save b share c dig c improve 7 It’s not nice to someone names – you shouldn’t 17 Do you read any before you decide to watch do it. a film? a call a treasure b improve b reviews c delete c titles 8 Tolkien wrote the Lord of the Rings books – he was 18 He couldn’t unlock the door because he didn’t have the . a. a reader a puzzle b cover b key c author c cartoon 9 ‘I can’t this puzzle.’ 19 Don’t give your information to people unless you ‘I’ll help you.’ know them! a discover b solve a true c unlock b kind c personal 10 ‘How does the story ?’ 20 Their team lost the football match this morning, so ‘Read the book and find out!’ they were . a end b stop a unhappy c disappear b unkind c unfriendly 78

GRAMMAR Choose the correct answers. 1 I like Ellie because she’s girl in my class. 11 My work on this computer. a kind a don’t save b kinder than b isn’t saved c the kindest c saved 2 ‘ by four players?’ 12 ‘I’m a good player, I?’ ‘No, only two.’ ‘Yes, you’re the best!’ a Does the game play a can’t b Is the game played b wasn’t c Do they play the game c aren’t 3 The door by one of the players. 13 I don’t think silver is gold. Do you agree? a was unlocked a as nice b unlocked b nice as c unlocks c as nice as 4 a new game is exciting! 14 The secret by anyone. a To create a didn’t discover b Create b wasn’t discovered c Creating c hasn’t discovered 5 We decided to the cinema on Saturday night. 15 During the summer, I miss my friends from school. a go a seeing b to go b to see c going c see 6 ‘You’ve played the game before, you?’ 16 ‘I hope you remembered my book.’ ‘Yes, and I think it’s great!’ ‘Oh, sorry! I forgot!’ a haven’t a to bring b aren’t b brought c didn’t c bringing 7 This concert is the last one we went to. 17 They go to the stadium every weekend, they? a the worst a don’t b worse than b haven’t c bad as c couldn’t 8 When the button , something unusual happens. 18 We think he writes his father. a pressed a well b presses b as well as c is pressed c well as 9 by a famous artist? 19 He couldn’t escape from the room, he? a Were the cartoons drawn a could b Did the cartoons draw b can c Had the cartoons drawn c did 10 My brother, Max, is afraid of , so he never travels 20 ‘I think that puzzles is fun.’ by air. ‘Yes, it is.’ a to fly a to solve b flying b solves c fly c solving REVIEW 6 79

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