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Latest Digital Marketing Trends Businesses Must Know

Published by Real Xposure Inc, 2018-03-22 05:26:47

Description: Marketing has never been static. It is continuously evolving in phase with the technological developments. Businesses and brands are constantly on the look out to find out what is next to take their marketing strategies to the next level.
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Since most customers are online today, most part of your marketingstrategies must focus on investing effectively in the digital mediums. Thescope of digital marketing is massive and much more than social mediamarketing. There are plenty of opportunities in front of businesses andthey must seize all those channels that are relevant to them like PPC ads,SEO, email marketing and others. Here are a few latest trends in digitalmarketing you must know in order to shape your marketing campaigns.

Desktops are no more relevant to today’s marketing efforts. Mobile devices arejust eating up the market share and they play a predominant role in customerengagement and conversion rates. On the other hand, the desktop usage hasphenomenally dropped. Hence businesses must tune their marketing strategiestargeting mobile phones. This is irrespective of the type of industry, business orthe size of the enterprise. Zenith, the global media advertising measurementcompany says global media advertising is bound to witness a sharp growthtouching $110 billion shortly. Google’s mobile first algorithm is now mandatingthe focus on ensuring a premium class experience to the mobile users.

Small businesses must not increasingly focus on location basedadvertising. Increase your focus on events conducted within five mileradius. Also called as geo-targeting marketing, this kind of marketingcampaign will cost you less while resulting in more conversion ratesbesides making your advertising budget more effective.The age old adage says a picture is worth a thousand words. This willnow have to be read as a video of a minute’s length is worth a millionwords. We can say video marketing is the brand new poster child for thedigital advertising world. Marketing experts show us that video content isgarnering more traffic, engaging the viewers more and also bringing moreleads and enhancing conversions. Shortly, video marketing will make upabout 82 percent of the whole of online traffic as per the visualnetworking index released recently. The numbers found in the report tellus that this segment will make up over 1 million video minutes persecond.

Every business confronts audience Get in touch with a competentthat is made of new, veteran as well Digital Marketing Agency Miami toas prospective customers of varied give a great shape to your digitalages and belonging to various marketing campaign.cultures and geographic zones.Hence we can never expect them allthe respond to a given content in thesame way. It is necessary to takeinto account their individual needsand expectations. Studies show usthat over 80 percent of customerswill start trusting your brand only ifyou evolve more personalizedcontent. Also, responses fromcustomers reveal us that over 61percent of them got influenced onlyby custom content.

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