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CUSG Chronicle Vol. 1, Issue 2

Published by Hunter Bond, 2018-12-13 11:31:22

Description: CUSG Chronicle Vol. 1, Issue 2


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CUSG CHRONICLEDecember 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2Clemson's Undergraduate Student Government Newsletter

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2CUSG CHRONICLE Clemson's Undergraduate Student Government NewsletterEven CUSG Celebrates the IN THIS ISSUEHolidays PROJECT SPOTLIGHT:The legislative branch of CUSG celebrates their FOOD TRUCKSlast senate session of the semester with a friendly LIGHTING IN THEugly Christmas sweater themed competition. GARDENSChristian Jones, the Clemson Undergraduate SENATE BILL 18:Senate President, dressed up as Santa himself. INITIATIVE & REVIEWWe concluded the night by exchanging our secret TIGER WALL ARTSanta gifts with each other. ASSOCIATION ITSAB FUNDING UPDATE

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2Project SpotlightFood Trucks Lighting in the GardensProject OverviewWho: Campus Dining partnered with CUSG The annual Lighting of the GardensWhat: Various food trucks on campus for students on event was held to bring the Clemsonfinals week community together during this specialWhen: Monday, December 10th and Wednesday, time of the year.December 12th from 10 am-6pmWhere: Next to Riggs Hall, Cooper Library, Holmes Did you know that In 1917, the entireHall, and Schlietter Clemson senior class enlisted in World War IWhy: Students get incredibly stressed during finalsweek between all the papers, projects, and exams thatthey have to do. We want to do whatever we can toalleviate as much stress as possible so the food truckinitiative was brought up, an idea that has been carriedon for several semesters before this. On the Mondayand Wednesday of exams week, we had four foodtrucks with various selections stationed in differenthigh-traffic areas where students could stop and getdelicious food to take some stress off of their studies.There was Gravy Train, One Love Fusion Food, FoodTruckin’, and The Pound Cake Man. The food truckswere a huge success with lines at each one throughoutthe day. Tate Fowler

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2The Tiger Wall Art Association is a student orgdedicated to celebrating community andpromoting positivity through visual art. Westarted TWAA because we saw limited ways forartistic students to use their talent outside of anart-centered major. We wanted to create a wayfor those students to show off their work in away that could bring people together and leaveour mark on Clemson. Nearing the finish ofour first mural, themed 'Dear Old Clemson', wehave received such an amazing response fromour community, and can't wait to create moreart for everyone to enjoy! Arianna Conti

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2Lets Get to KnowFreshman CouncilWill ReinertFavorite Experience: Freshman Council RetreatFavorite Clemson Football Player: ChristianWilkinsFun Fact: Recently put a Christmas tree on top of his red car andit looked like a giant slayWhat does FC mean to Will: I love Freshman Council because thisexperience has helped me understand my impact at Clemson andshowed me what my passions are as a student. Lauren WoodsFavorite Experience: Being in the bell tower and looking out to ClemsonFavorite Clemson Football Player: Hunter RenfrowFun Fact: Still don't know how to ride a bikeWhat does FC mean to Lauren: Freshman Council has been likefamily and helped me grow as a person in my first year of college.

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2 The Clemson Career Closet is off to a great start! Military Appreciation EventFun Fact Mar Paricio Sunyer Academic Affairs Chair Mar was born in Barcelona, Spain. She was actually born without a nose. Mar then moved to the United States at 10 years old and now fluently speaks three different languages.

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2 With finals wrapping up we hope everyone finishes strong and that you enjoy your much needed break. Outlets were funded for the third floor of the Cooper Library ITSAB also approved funding for a colored printer in Brackett HallThe Brookes Center will now get a new smart classroom after their funding was approved

DECEMBER 13, 2018 VOL. 1, ISSUE 2 RESOLUTION REVIEWInitiative and Review Constitutional AmendmentOn October 29th, the Student Senate passed Senate Bill 18 (SB18), which was a constitutionalamendment to give more powers to you, the Undergraduate Student Body. This amendment to theconstitution will give you the power as the student body by petition to directly propose legislation to theSenate Body, as well as giving you the power by petition to repeal legislation that we pass. This processis commonly known in Student Governments across the country as \"Initiative & Review.\"After this was passed by Senate, a Special Referendum was held on November 14th where 1,061 students(96.1% of the votes) voted to enact this amendment to our Constitution.The main purpose of this amendment to our Constitution was so that we could give more of anopportunity to the student body, our constituents, more of a voice in Student Government and a way forstudents to directly tell us what they would like to see CUSG working on to better the college experienceof all Clemson students.With Initiative, students will now have the right to directly propose legislation to the Senate Body viathe power by petition, meaning the student will have to collect a certain number of signatures before thelegislation is brought to the Senate floor. For Initiative, students will need 5% of the UndergraduateStudent Body to sign a petition supporting their legislation.With Review, Students will have the power by petition to repeal legislation that the Senate body passes.This requires 10% of the Undergraduate Student Body to sign a petition with the reasoning behind whythey would like a certain piece of legislation repealed. Once a student has gathered the number ofsignatures required, the Senate body will vote on whether or not the student body will vote on the repeal,and the Senate accepts the petition, then the Student body will vote on whether or not the legislation inquestion should be repealed. This was created as a way for the Undergraduate Student Body to have acheck on the Legislative Branch of CUSG.Our new motto is “With You, For Clemson”, and being “With You” means that we should be listening toyour concerns and your thoughts on how we can better the “Clemson Experience” and be an advocatefor you to the administration. With this amendment, you now have the chance to do that, and at thesame time, become more involved with your student government.With You, For ClemsonMatthew Innocenti


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