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Breo scalp mini pro

Published by Breo Company Limited, 2022-01-28 00:06:01

Description: 96 pcs Tapered silicone nodes and 4-shaft centrifugal kneading. The 4 massaging heads, made up of 96 soft silicone nodes, apply gentle and balanced kneading to activate the scalp's blood circulation and reduce tension and stress. Leave no muscle untouched with multi-direction rotation. Deeply stimulates scalp cell vi

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Breo iDream 5s: Your Personal Electric Head And Eye Massager For Comfortable Sleep And Relaxation Hectic lifestyle, workplace stress, and poor nutrition can take a toll on your physical and mental health. After all the chaos and stress, all you would need at the end of the day is a good massage. But who has time and money to visit therapists regularly? If you’re someone who’s involved in a demanding job, is responsible for making critical decisions, and spends a lot of time in front of the screen--you need a relaxing head and eye massage for comfortable sleep. Let’s review a rechargeable head & eye massager you can wear on your head and give yourself the treatment you deserve after a tiring day. Breo iDream 5s: Head, Eye & Neck Electric Massager Breo iDream 5s electric head and eye massager is designed to wear around your head. It sits perfectly on your head while massaging your head, eyes, and neck simultaneously. It’s designed in a way that you can use it while completely relaxing and also when you’re working or watching something.

Breo iDream 5s is the ideal equipment for those who can’t make it to the spa regularly or at all. And why would you visit a spa when you can get the same treatment right from the comfort of your home! Unlike many other head massagers, it doesn’t have a vibrating effect but soothes and relaxes your head with a kneading motion. Let’s look into the features that make it worthy of your spending. Features of Breo iDream 5s: 1. All in one massage function If you want to relax your neck muscles, get a head massage, and soothe your eyes—all at the same time—Breo iDream 5s is the right electric massager. It’s designed to massage your head, eyes, and neck with its non-invasive kneading, air pressure, and heat functionalities. The top of the massager has massage nodes that produce kneading motion on your head and give a relaxing and powerful massage to melt away the fatigue and stress. 2. Size adjustable and removable goggles It has a helmet design with goggles attached to it that gives air pressure and heat to your eyes for relaxation. If you want to have a feel of your surroundings or are engaged in an activity that needs your visual attention, you can remove goggles from the massager. It’s designed to sit on your head and lets you adjust its size according to your need. 3. 150 kneading points for a thorough massage It features 150 kneading points of massage nodes installed in a way that they touch acupoints. It’s a significant and thoughtful design element in terms of giving maximum relaxation. You can optimize these massage nodes by changing massage techniques according to your needs.

4. One-touch start One of its features that makes it a breeze to work with is the one-touch start. There’s no learning curve when it comes to getting the best results out of it. It has a button on top of it that can be pressed to start its massage magic. 5. App-controlled You can optimize its massage techniques by connecting it with the Breo App. It works when you want to personalize the message settings according to your needs. You can adjust the heat, kneading pattern, and pressure through the app. Wrap up Breo iDream 5s is a state-of-the-art head massager with features you need for a relaxing and powerful head, eye, and neck massage. It’s high-quality, durable, and user-friendly, which ticks all the columns of a must-have head massager. If you seek a relaxing massage after tiring days and better sleep, then bring Breo iDream 5s to your life. If you are looking for more relaxing products like Breo iSee K, Breo iSee 4, Breo Massagun S1 than you can explore site-

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