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Active deterrence Newsletter - Second Issue

Published by marketing, 2015-12-19 01:19:44

Description: SAVE A LIFE, SAY NO TO SECURITY GUARDS - Protect Your Valuables with Powerful E-Surveillance System.
Page 3 - Cover Story.
Page 6 - Product in Spotlight
Page 9 - Burglary Analytic Heat Map
Page 13 - Expansion & News.


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ACTIVE TMDETERRENCE NEWS Prevent crime before it happens Issue : 02 | December 2015SAVE A LIFE, SAY NO TO SECURITY GUARDS - Protect Your Valuables with Powerful E-Surveillance SystemCover Product In Burglary ExpansionStory Spotlight Analytic & News Heat Map03 06 13 09

“The need for guards was when there was no The Police who mandate security guards mustother alternative to protect property and assets. own full responsibility for the resultant deathToday we have a powerful E-Surveillance because of their mandate. The governmentSystem that does the job more efficiently, at agencies that mandate security guards shouldmuch lesser cost and at the same time, it does also share the responsibility. Loss of a guard’s lifenot put any life at risk. Considering this, should is a grave result of their mandate that can easilywe not embrace E-Surveillance in order to save be avoided.a guard’s life?” We should inform the Police and Government Every week, we come across articles on security agencies that their mandate may result in a guards being killed while guarding the property guard’s life being unnecessarily lost. At first, it or assets. may be difficult to convince the Police and other Government agencies, but the effort will go a long When a guard is killed, it affects his entire family, way to save lives. as most of the time the breadwinner is lost. Think for a minute about the family’s financial future. Warm Regards, Think about how will they survive without the money. Think of the children who lost their father. Sunil R. Udupa Think of the wife who lost her husband. Think of Managing Director the parents who lost their son. [email protected] Who is responsible? The people who killed him are surely responsible. There are two other organisations that share the responsibility - the organisation that hired the guard and the guarding company who placed him there. Both these organisations surely knew that the guard is powerless against armed burglars and his life is in grave danger in case of burglary. Guards were required when there was no other alternative to protect property and assets. Today we have a powerful E-Surveillance System that does the job more efficiently, at much lesser cost and at the same time, it does not put any life at risk. Considering this, should we not embrace E-Surveillance in order to save a guard’s life?1

CONTENTS Cover Story 03 06 Save A Life, Say No To Security GuardsProduct In Spotlight @MS (Integrated Anti-Skimming Solution) Securens Product Updates 07 @MS (Shutter Control) 09 @MS (Energy Management) 10 11 @ MS (Health Check) 13 @ MS (Brand Hygiene) 14 Burglary Analytic Heat Map 2 Active Deterrence Index Securing the Retail Industry with IoT Expansion & NewsA case of Redefined Humanity

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWS Cover Story SAVE A LIFE, SAY NO TO SECURITY GUARDS Protect your Valuables with our Powerful E-Surveillance SystemThere is much anecdotal E-Surveillance v/s Guards criminal activity. This means that there willand conrmed evidence be less incidences of shoplifting, thefts andabout the poor quality of Crime is rampant. Criminals seem to become other crimes and if any of these do happen,security personnel, yet, more brazen every day. All businesses have then a clear CCTV footage can be presented tomany organisations still become a major target. No one is safe from the police as an evidence.regard manned guarding burglary, be it Banks, Retail Outlets,as the right security Commissaries, Schools or Warehouses. CCTV can also help reduce your liability in casesolution and trust them of disputes. With cameras recording the wholeto protect their goods In today’s competitive world, manned security incident, you will be able to prove falseand premises. guarding is an expensive option for securing allegations. premises. Organisations have seen the costs 3 rise year on year, without any significant However, CCTVs cannot fulfil the ultimate goal of increase in efficiency. preventing a crime from happening. Its powers are limited to recording a crime, not preventing it! Manned guarding, by its very nature is subject to human errors, such as lack of concentration, The Alarm System distractions and unplanned absences. Manned guards also have the physical limitation Alarm System is yet another tool that helps of being able to be in one place at a time, thereby protect the premises. An Alarm System is resulting in limited coverage. In case if an connected to various sensors, which are in turn emergency or a crime incident occurs, guards are connected to Shutters, Doors, Windows and Safes the first to be targeted, leaving them seriously in order to detect any unusual activity. injured or maybe dead. A ‘Door Open Sensor’ will alert you of a door There is much anecdotal and confirmed evidence opening, when it is not supposed to. A ‘Shutter about the poor quality of security personnel, yet, Sensor’ will alert you of a shutter opening, when it many organisations still regard manned guarding should not have. A ‘Glass Break Sensor’ will alert as the right security solution and trust them to you in case there is an attempt of a glass break. protect their goods and premises. A ‘Thermal Sensor’ will alert you of a gas cutting attempt on your safe. A ‘Vibration Sensor’ will Some businesses adopt either CCTVs and/or alert you of a drilling or hammering attack on your Alarm Systems. Let’s see what they do: safe. A ‘Motion Sensor’ will alert you of movements in your premises, when they are not CCTVs expected. Does the sight of a surveillance camera pointing at criminals prevent them from breaking into a building? The answer is probably a ‘NO’ for an expert burglar, as burglary is planned keeping the camera placement in mind. As long as the criminal has his or her face covered to prevent being identified, most of them will go ahead with their plan. Surely, CCTVs are necessary. CCTVs can be a valuable tool to document a criminal act and to identify the perpetrators after the crime has taken place. If people spot CCTVs on your premises, then they will think twice before attempting any

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWSThese alerts are transmitted to you through a Executives will then use a 2-Way Audio to Active Deterrence SystemSMS or Voice Message. SMS is an unreliable mode command the burglar in a powerful voice to integrates CCTVs, Alarmof communication for such an important event. leave the premises. In their command, theA Voice clipping alerting you of an incident cannot Executives make sure that the burglar System and a 2-Way Audiogive you details and cannot answer any of your understands that he is clearly identified and System to prevent a crimequestions. monitored LIVE. The Command CentreHowever, to achieve the ultimate goal to prevent Executives address the burglar by the colour of from happening.a crime from happening, Alarm Systems by itself the dress that he is wearing, e.g. “Attention, thefalls short. It cannot prevent a crime – it only man in the green shirt with a hammer in hisalerts you about a crime. hand, you have been identied and Police hasTo prevent a crime from happening, we need been informed. Leave the premisesa robust E-Surveillance System with immediately!”Active Deterrence. When a burglar hears this powerful voice, heThe Active Deterrence System runs away immediately. This is proven time and again with a 100% success ratio.Active Deterrence System integrates CCTVs,Alarm System and a 2-Way Audio System to The Costprevent a crime from happening.When burglary is attempted at any premises, the This powerful, successful, credible and reliableAlarm System generates an alert and the siren Active Deterrence System comes at 1/5th thegoes off. This alert is immediately transmitted to cost of manned security guards.a Central Command Center through wirelesscommunication. As soon as the Central For a typical installation, the ROI can beCommand Center Executives receive the alert, a realised within the first year, with large year onlive video of the site begins. The Command Centre year savings. At the same time, it dramatically reduces overall security costs and delivers a far more effective security solution. Conclusion A remote Active Deterrence System allows the premises to be protected 24x7, 365 Days a Year. Manual Guarding is an expensive and an inefficient security solution. Lives are unnecessarily being risked. CCTVs on its own cannot prevent a crime from happening, they only record a crime. Similarly, Alarm Systems alone cannot prevent a crime – they only alert of a crime. An Active Deterrence System not only records and alerts of a crime, it efficiently prevents a crime from happening and it comes at a fraction of the cost of manual guarding, with no loss of human life. 4

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWSThe frustration of being Important Things to Remember Ensure adequate support terms with vendor.robbed, is nothing with CCTVcompared to the Ensure that the functioning of DVRs andfrustration of being told If you want to protect your property, then there cameras is checked daily, Online Health Checkthat your CCTV footage is are few methods that you need to follow. is critical.of no use. If CCTVs are placed in correct positions, Never 5 they can monitor, capture and record videos and images of everything that happens in your Buy cheap camera or DVR of a questionable premises. With these footage, the trespassers company that has no customer support in and others can always be made accountable India. Remember that the investment you should an incident occur. make must be on high quality products. Always install CCTVs with the option of remote Leave your camera wires exposed, it is an monitoring, so that the agency will be able to invitation to tamper. monitor the premises 24/7. Leave entry or exit points uncovered. These To make the most of CCTV surveillance systems, include areas of the premises that could be there are some important things to remember broken, such as windows and fire exits that and some common mistakes that you mostly go unnoticed. need to avoid. Providing CCTV Evidence for Always Litigation, Proof of Burglary and Fraud Make sure that the cameras are positioned high above the ground and that they aren’t The frustration of being robbed, is nothing within the reach of criminals. compared to the frustration of being told that your CCTV footage is of no use. Position your cameras in places where they are visible. It’s important that people can see that In order for the CCTV footage to be available as a there are CCTVs installed in your premises. credible and usable evidence, the image should The presence of CCTV has been proven to have “sufficient picture quality and details to discourage criminal activities. identify an individual beyond reasonable doubt.” Get a security camera that has infrared LED This means the following lights which makes it ideal for night vision Ensure that all cameras and DVRs are in recording. A majority of incidents take place at working condition, by conducting a daily Online night when no one is around, so night viewing Health Checks. is critical. Ensure that the DVR is recording. Ensure optimum lighting in critical areas even after dark. Ensure that the DVR has sufficient disk space. Have hidden CCTV in critical areas, may be Ensure that the cameras used are of a behind a one-way mirror. These areas can be minimum of 720 TVL. the ATM room, vaults and other places where cash is stored. Ensure that cameras have IR function to record in low light. Get cameras with masking alerts, as criminals will often spray paints on camera lens before Ensure that they are able to record at a attempting crimes. minimum of 6 frames per second (6 fps). We record at 16 fps, which takes a large amount Get a DVR with alarm output. This can be of disk space. Use 16 fps for currency chests, used to trigger an alarm when the DVR hard jewellery outlets and other such places. disk is not working, camera cables are cut and for other tampering attempts. Ensure that the System Clock of DVR keeps correct and accurate time. Sync DVR regularly Store your DVR in a secured place that is with NTP server. protected by a good Alarm System. Ensure continuous power to DVR and all CCTVs through a reliable UPS with adequate battery back-up.

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWSPRODUCT IN SPOTLIGHTMS (Integrated Anti-Skimming Solution)Anti-Skimmer, now integrated with Securens Securens is the first and only company in India Credit reporting groupActive Deterrence Solution to offer protection from both, burglary & FICO has reported that skimming attacks at ATMs with its one attacks on ATMs & bankThe increasing numbers of skimming attacks on integrated solution   property jumped to 174%the ATMs are deeply disturbing. Credit reporting in the rst part of 2015. group FICO has reported that attacks on ATMs & Securens customers can upgrade their ATMsbank property jumped to 174% in the first part of with world's best Anti-Skimmer device from TMD2015. At Securens, we believe that this rise in and also integrate it with Securens ActiveATM fraud is due to the absence of good Anti- Deterrence System. This product is now live inSkimming products. one of the largest banks of Indonesia, ‘Bank Central Asia (BCA)’.Securens is happy to announce that TMD's Anti-Skimming product is now fully integrated withSecurens Active Deterrence.   8 6

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWS SECURENS PRODUCT UPDATESSecurens has come up MS (Shutter Control) MS (Energy Management)with a novel idea of‘Shutter Control’, wherein Securens has come up with a novel idea of Securens provides ‘Energy Monitoring &the shutters are controlled ‘Shutter Control’, wherein the shutters are Management Services (EMMS)’ that monitor,from a remote location. controlled from a remote location. manage and optimise the energy consumption of any organisation. Shutter Control has benefits like Securens Analytics provides measures to detect Auto open and close based on set schedules. and control leakages, suggest power savings, compare periodic consumption device-wise and Ability to change open and close timings from a premise-wise. central location. Critical Facility Management During Active Deterrence, it acts as a great Securens 24/7 monitoring service increases the tool to trap the burglars. reliability of your Generators (DG Sets) by eliminating 95% of all shutdown and fail-to-start Identifies if a person is inside before closing situations. Further, Securens helps reduce costs the shutter. It has a built-in contingency plan. through pilferages. The closing of shutter is accompanied Benets of Securens Generator Monitoring by flashing lights and a voice that service announces “ATTENTION: This Shutter is Closing,” in any two desired languages. Monitor fuel consumption costs. Exit switch to open shutter from the inside. Save costs by detecting fuel pilferage. Improve performance and cost of ownership. Improve efficiency. Reduce fuel thefts. Energy Metering Securens EMMS panel is connected to your energy meter, so that Securens can track your power consumption through a single interface.7

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWS MS (Health Check) MS (Brand Hygiene) Internet Managed Services usingClosed Circuit Television security cameras (CCTV) Competition is intensifying in the retail sector & in& Digital Video Recorder (DVR) are commonly the form of competition, one brand is pitted Internet of Thingsused by most retailers to monitor and protect against another brand. Apart from its offerings,their valuable assets and their employees. In what differentiates one retail brand from thecase if a crime incident occurs at a retail outlet, other is the Brand Hygiene of its outlets.CCTV records the ongoing crime scene, thereby Cleanliness, lighting, arrangement of theproviding valuable evidence against the crime. merchandise, store layout, employee presentationCCTV & DVR offers protection of both the internal & behaviour, all these form a part of the Brandand external environments of your retail outlet. Hygiene of the retail outlet.For these security technologies and equipmentsto provide you maximum protection, a retailer In an attempt to keep you ahead of theshould ensure that the CCTV & DVR installed in competition & make the task of maintaining &their retail premises are working optimally. managing of your retail outlet easy, Securens monitors your day-to-day store operations. ItSecurens Online Health Checkup Services lets monitors store cleanliness, opening & closingyou conduct business & prosper in it without time of the store, attendance of staff & theworries. Securens regularly monitors online, average time to address customers in queues.the health of the CCTV & DVR installed in your Securens highlights whether your customers arepremises, thereby providing maximum health to given enough attention & taken care by your staff.your security technologies and equipments. Your customers are important to you & through our Brand Hygiene Service, we help you understand ‘How well your customers are treated by your employees?’ MS TMInternet Managed Services Prevent crime before it happens 8

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWS BURGLARY ANALYTIC HEAT MAP ATM crime cases are on the rise in India. There These numbers on the Incident Summary Table are certain states which have been under high reflect the fragile states in India, which are most attack by burglars. Through colourful vulnerable to burglary attacks. A glance through representation on the ‘Burglary Analytic Heat these analysis and one can understand that states Map’, we have made an attempt to showcase the – Maharashtra, Delhi & Karnataka record the approximate number of ATM crimes that have highest amount of ATM crimes, followed by Tamil occurred in the different states of India. Nadu, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat and other states. BURGLARY CRIME RATE Low Medium High Uttarakhand Incident Summary States Counts Bihar 12 Maharashtra 123 West Bengal 9 Delhi 115 Kerala 9 Karnataka 50 Assam 7 Tamil Nadu 41 Himachal Pradesh 6 Uttar Pradesh 39 Odisha 6 Gujarat 33 Jammu & Kashmir 3 Andhra Pradesh 31 Chhattisgarh 3 Rajasthan 25 Goa 1 Punjab 21 Jharkhand 1 Haryana 19 Meghalaya 1 Madhya Pradesh 14 Grand Total 584 Uttarakhand 13 * 2011- 20159

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWSACTIVE DETERRENCE INDEXEvaluation Item WEIGHTAGE SECURENS COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY COMPANY SYSTEMS 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Number of installations with Video Verication PVT LTD and 2-Way Audio < 50 = 0 Marks 30% 60 30 20 20 20 5 10 10 0 51 to 500 = 5 Marks 501 to 1000 = 10 Marks 1001 to 3000 = 20 Marks 3001 to 5000 = 30 Marks 5001 to 7000 = 40 Marks 7001 to 10000 = 50 Marks 10001 to 15000 = 60 Marks 15001 to 25000 = 70 Marks 25001 to 50000 = 80 Marks > 50000 = 100 MarksISO 27001 Certication 10% 100 100 0 100 00 0 00No = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksNumber of customers with Video Verication and2-Way Audio< 3 = 0 Marks3 to 5 = 15 Marks 15% 50 25 15 15 25 15 0 0 06 to 10 = 25 Marks11 to 15 = 50 Marks16 to 25 = 75 Marks> 25 = 100 MarksHardware Redundancy in Primary Data Center 10% 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 0with Hot Back-UpNo = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksDual Backhaul with Auto Switch Over 5% 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 100 0No = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksFunctional DRC set-up 5% 100 0 100 0 0 100 0 00No = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksInternational Accreditation for Monitoring 5% 100 0 00 00 0 00CenterNo = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksPositive Net worth 5% 100 100 100 0 100 100 100 100 100No = 0 MarksYes = 100 MarksNumber of Service Centers 5% 50 50 10 25 50 10 75 10 101-10 = 10 Marks11 - 25 = 25 Marks26 - 50 = 50 Marks51 -100 = 75 Marks> 100 = 100 MarksTurnover from Central Monitoring E-Surveillance 5% 50 10 25 10 50 10 0 10 0business< 1 Crore = 0 Marks1 cr to 10 Cr = 10 Marks10 Cr to 25 Cr = 25 Marks25 Cr to 50 Cr = 50 Marks50 Cr to 75 Cr = 75 Marks> 75 Cr = 100 MarksNumber of Installations in a month 5% 75 50 50 50 50 25 50 10 01-10 = 5 Marks11 - 50 = 10 Marks51 -100 = 25 Marks101 - 500 = 50 Marks501 - 1000 = 75 Marks> 1000 / month = 100 Marks 100% 74.25 48.25 37.5 37.5 37.25 31 29.25 24.5 5.525 Marks-Very Poor | 26 Marks to 35 Marks-Poor | 36 to 45 Marks-Average | 45 to 55 Marks-Good | 56 to 65 Marks- Very Good | > 66 Marks-Excellent 10

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWS Article SECURING THE RETAIL INDUSTRY WITH IoT It’s time to Improve Security & Reduce Costs with ‘E-Surveillance’At Securens, we help Lack of knowledge about security equipments ismajor retailers to not only major cause of concern. This is mostly becausereduce their security there is no standardisation in the security industry.costs, but also bring an Moreover, products are sold by system integrators,increased efciency in based on their alignment with a particular brandtheir store operations by and not as per the customer’s security needs. Evenour security solutions. the Intrusion Alarm Panel sold is of 3rd generation. Retailers in today’s times use these equipments E-Surveillance and Retail more for compliance and less for deriving any value out of them. Retail industry in India is booming. In today’s world, start-ups are competing with major Today in the world of internet, connectivity is players in the retail market with their fresh and important, in other words, today is the time for innovative business formats. Internet of Things (IoT). It is important to bring connectivity in between security products too. By Retail outlets of both, the start-ups and bringing your security equipments online, you can prominent retail groups have a state-of-art billing not only be assured about their health and working and management software. But when it comes to status, but it also becomes a medium for remote the security of these outlets, the focus and auditing of the ‘Brand Hygiene’ of your retail importance is way too low. This has created many outlet. challenges like pilferages, poor brand quality at outlets, burglary and others that can At Securens, we help major retailers to not only be easily avoided. reduce their security costs, but also bring an increased efficiency in their store operations by It is surprising to note that these tech-savvy our security solutions of, ‘Remote Audit’, ‘Real- retailers still use manned guarding, which is Time Live Monitoring’, ‘Central Alarm Monitoring’, expensive and inefficient in stopping pilferage and ‘Health Status Monitoring’ and thefts. Most retailers install CCTVs in all their ‘Energy Management’. outlets, however these are offline. Most of the times after a burglary incident, CCTVs are found Rajesh Lamba to be not working or its images aren't clear GM – Retail Sales enough to identify the thieves.11

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWS “Flaw in the human character is each call. This tracking of repeat calls and its If we compare Securens that everybody wants to build and RCA has led to dramatic decrease in calls. The with our cosmos, then thenobody wants to do maintenance.” tracking of engineer efficiency has resulted in Field Service department’s understanding the training needs of theAs per Hindu mythology, it’s the trinity of Gods, underperforming engineers, thereby resulting in role is no different fromwhich is responsible for the creation, maintenance the design of focused training programs. This that of Lord Vishnu’s. Thisand destruction of the universe. While creation and has increased the efficiency of engineers to adestruction are harsh realities, maintenance plays large extent. department helps ina crucial role in the sustenance of life. preventive maintenance A service tool was developed and given to every and health check, so as toIf we compare Securens with our cosmos, then engineer. An engineer who gets a call on his ensure the best possiblethe Field Service department’s role is no different mobile APP, goes to the site and uses thefrom that of Lord Vishnu’s. This department helps service tool on his laptop to check for errors preventive maintenance and health check, so and also to clear them. There is no coordinationas to ensure the best possible uptime. required from HO. This has led to an increased speed of resolution.This department has 166 employees, whichinclude 20 Area Managers across the length and Regards,breadth of India. This department is responsiblefor any breakdown calls, service related calls, Nagendran Pillaicustomer requirements, service delivery, GM – Support Servicerecording and storing images and footage tomaintain the uptime of the monitored sites. This department is led under the able supervision of Nagendran Pillai. He conductsOver the years this department has evolved many motivational sessions for his team anddramatically by introducing many proactive efforts ensures that the team has a positive outlook into ensure that all systems are perfect. Recently, a their approach and that they develop problemfocused ‘Delight’ program was conducted by this solving abilities.department with its top 5 clients – ICICI Bank,Axis Bank, SCB, HDFC Bank and PNB. The resultswere heart-warming and we were proud to getwords of praises and appreciation from them.Securens introduced the ‘Sprint Mobile APP’ toautomatically allocate calls, track calls, trackengineers, engineer efficiency and also helpengineers to quickly put in claims after the end of 12

ACTIVEDETERRENCE NEWS EXPANSION & NEWS INTERNATIONAL EXPANSION Till date, Securens has actively deterred numerous ATM crimes & frauds across thousands of ATMs of various banks in India and now it is spreading its wings internationally. The highly successful Active Deterrence solution from Securens is now implemented at ‘Bank Central Asia (BCA), Indonesia. The Bank has also integrated TMD's Anti-Skimming product, along with Securens Active Deterrence solution, thereby protecting itself not only from Burglary, but Skimming too. NEWS Media Coverage: Business India Magazine In an article published in Business India Magazine, our13 MD. Sunil R. Udupa was featured in ‘Businessmen in the News’ page. To know more go to Media Coverage: Economic Times In an article published in Economic Times, Securens was featured as a start-up company that offers innovative E- Surveillance services. To know more go to

ACTIVE DETERRENCE NEWSSACHIN CHOUGULEA case of Redened Humanity “Securens is not just an organisation, but a family, where I got friends for a lifetime who love me unconditionally. I am proud to be a part of an organisational culture where people and their wellness comes rst”.This is a story of struggle and perseverance of our very own Sachin Chougule. On 1st June 2013, Sachin,along with his three friends attended his friend’s wedding in Pune. They left Pune on 2nd June 2013, afterabout travelling approx. 2 km by car, they met with a serious accident. Sachin fell unconscious and wasseverely injured, his friends took him to a nearby hospital. An urgent and expensive brain surgery was thecall of the hour. His friends mortgaged their car and gold chains for the advance fees and the rest of theamount was to be paid the next day itself. In such a catastrophic situation, Securens was the only ray ofhope.Our MD. Mr. Sunil Udupa, personally visited the hospital and sponsored the operation, he also spoke to thedoctors. He said, “He would render all the help to save Sachin and requested the doctors to give him thebest treatment possible.” Sachin feels that this is his second birth and he owes his life toSecurens. According to Sachin “Securens is not just an organisation, but a family, where I got friendsfor lifetime who love me unconditionally. I am proud to be a part of an organisational culture where peopleand their wellness comes first”.“We are proud to have amongst us Mr. Sachin Chougule who represents Great Determination.”– Sandhya Mohanan (General Manager Human Resources) 14

TM Securens Systems Pvt. Ltd.Prevent crime before it happens 3rd floor, B-Wing, Greenscape Technocity, Plot No. X-4/1 & X-4/2, Mahape, Navi Mumbai – 400 701 +91 22 6179 9400 CIN-U74999MH2011PTC225609

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