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Ceravision Corporate Brochure

Published by matt.conroy, 2016-04-08 06:31:55

Description: Ceravision Corporate Brochure

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High Efficiency Plasma | a revolution in light ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology

Our Mission Ceravision’s mission is to deliver to world leading partners a range of lighting system designs that offer unprecedented efficiency, superior colour, small form factor and long life spans. ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 03

“After many years of development, High Efficiency Plasma is now being introduced to the global lighting industry through various applications. But this is just the beginning, development continues apace and will ensure that Ceravision continues to lead the world of environmentally friendly lighting for many years to come. These are exciting times for both Ceravision and the world of energy efficient lighting.” Tim Reynolds, Ceravision Founder. Ceravision Lighting Limited Ceravision, a private UK-based company, is leading the world in the development of High Efficiency Plasma lighting technology. This technology delivers an unrivalled combination of significant energy savings, market leading reliability, sophisticated lighting controls and light of a superb colour quality. This technology is ionCORE. Ceravision has developed ionCORE, a platform which enables the delivery of lighting solutions in a number of market areas. Lighting solutions can range in power from 400W upwards to 5kW and include applications such as industrial, commercial, sports, amenity, street, studio, architectural, plant growth, UV treatment and many more. ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 03

ionCORE explained 04 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 05

ionCORE is the name we give to the unique technology that drives Ceravision’s brilliant plasma lighting solutions. It sits at the heart of everything we do and powers all of the various applications, both current and planned, across the Ceravision product and service range. Plasma is often referred to as the fourth state of matter. A plasma is formed when a gas is heated to a sufficiently high temperature such that a significant fraction of its constituent atoms and molecules dissociate, forming pairs of electrons and ions. The resulting charged gas is electrically conducting, and when a current is passed through it the electrons interact with the neutral atoms, molecules and ions in the plasma to produce radiation, some of which is in the form of ionCORE combines a stable and well controlled source of radio visible light. frequency energy within a compact discharge chamber to provide a highly intense light emitting plasma. This small light source can be accurately and reproducibly positioned in a precisely designed optical environment to deliver as much light as possible to a target area. By providing a compact and versatile form factor and with the ability to change the combination of materials in the discharge chamber, ionCORE is the product to meet the specific requirements of many specialist applications. 04 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 05

The Story of High Efficiency Plasma 06 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 07

Having evolved over the past 100 years from its initial concept, plasma lighting and more importantly High Efficiency Plasma lighting has now come of age. Evolved from technology conceived by Nikola Tesla in 1891, in At the heart of ionCORE is Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma light which he utilised the principles of “Wireless Energy Transfer”, source, the Light Emitting Resonator, which has embedded within it High Efficiency Plasma delivers real world lighting efficiency with low a capsule containing a mixture of mercury and metal halide salts. power consumption and a high quality of white light. The absence of When energised by radio frequency waves emitted from the antenna electrodes, or filaments, brings some very significant benefits. High of the light engine, a plasma is formed. The power is then regulated Efficiency Plasma is capable of providing high lumen packages for to allow the source to be dimmed and the plasma maintained over a applications from 400W upwards to 5kW. The conversion of power wide range of light outputs. to light is more efficient and lamp life is longer, typically lamp life is 25,000 hours or more. Lamp chemistry can include a wide range of The very efficient conversion of electrical power to light takes chemicals that cannot normally be used in lamps with electrodes as place in the compact capsule. The small size of light source ensures they would react with electrode materials. This allows lamp doses unparalleled efficiency; in simple terms this allows the light to be to be accurately specified to perform any one of a wide range of precisely focused to deliver market leading luminaire efficiencies lighting applications. exceeding 90%. Unlike other light sources in which the large size of the lamp restricts the efficiency of the optics, or in the case of LEDs, where a number of points must be positioned and focused, the small light source required for High Efficiency Plasma gives it its efficiency and the ability to outperform its competition. High Efficiency Plasma, redefining high wattage lighting. 06 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 07

High Bay Lighting 08 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 09

Ceravision has produced a range of high bay luminaires designed to meet the ever changing needs of large open working areas where both the quality and the quantity of light are paramount. The ever shifting commercial market requires buildings such as warehouses and distribution centres to be multipurpose spaces. It is important that they employ lighting of a quality that supports the changing and dynamic pattern of business in modern high bay applications. The range is built around Ceravision’s High Efficiency Plasma light source ionCORE, it is the world’s first dedicated luminaire designed to offer the features and significant user benefits of High Efficiency Plasma. The range of high bay luminaires work exceptionally well and provide real economic benefits when positioned at heights of six metres or more. They deliver light of a range and quality that will, in most cases result in a dramatic reduction in the number of luminaires required in a scheme. The range is suitable for warehouses, distribution and logistics centres, hangars, sports halls, leisure centres, and many many more. 08 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 09

Intelligent Controls 10 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 11

Ceravision is committed to delivering a complete lighting solution from the lamp and luminaires through to controls. “Power is nothing without control” John Morris Never has a quote been so appropriate when talking about lighting, At the heart of ionCOM is the graphical user interface that gives a we have fully adopted this principle at Ceravision. pictorial overview of the area to be lit, showing an indication of light levels and the status of individual luminaires. A wireless signal is sent Legislation defines minimum switching distances and strongly to each luminaire where a pre-programmed transceiver deciphers promotes the use of controls to harness daylight and to balance the commands and responds accordingly. The ionCOM controls artificial lighting with daylight. Lights should be dimmed when philosophy is built around IP-to-wireless technology that provides spaces are unoccupied for short lengths of time and they should be a totally flexible controls solution that is quick to install and set up switched off during longer periods of inactivity. Future legislation and which future proofs the lighting scheme. will build on these principles and the trend is certainly to increase the use of controls. Ceravision strongly believes that an efficient Passive infra red (PIR) detectors and light level sensors can be lighting system such as ionCORE should always be matched to an incorporated in to the system and can be configured to control appropriate system of controls. multiple groups. Full diagnostic reports are generated by ionCOM with multiple data outputs including lamp life and energy consumption Ceravision’s ionCOM and ionSMART system is a wireless control figures to provide the user with important management information. system that allows the user to freely configure their lighting to deliver excellent savings in energy whilst ensuring the lighting is operated correctly and is set to the right levels. Based on wireless networking, no additional cabling is required and each luminaire can be installed pre-programmed and ready to deliver maximum efficiency. ionCOM Graphical User Interface 10 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 11

Our Vision 12 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 13

Horticultural, Amenity, Sports and beyond... Endless possibilities. ionCORE is the new high lumen package lighting system which delivers unparalleled levels of illumination. The small source enables luminaires to be designed to accurately and precisely deliver light where it is required. ionCORE can be incorporated into a range of high lumen output luminaires designed for Horticultural, Amenity and Sports lighting plus many more. ionCORE is compact with a high lumen package that can be easily controlled to ensure even illumination over a given area along with the flexibility to use either local or centralised Sports lighting, where good colour rendering and the ability to dim controls to provide the ideal lighting solution. and rapid re-start in the event of a power failure, are features that could see ionCORE dominate this sector. ionCORE could dramatically Amenity lighting requires good colour rendering, with a good visual reduce the installed load whilst offering the player or viewer the appearance and small footprint that does not intrude within the highest quality of flicker free light. space it is illuminating. ionCORE is designed to reduce the number of lamps needed to light a space as it provides a high lumen package Horticultural applications, where a tailored output spectrum is in a compact form. required, could be perfectly suited to ionCORE. With an electrodeless chamber it does not have many of the chemical constraints imposed by the materials of traditional light sources. The small source size allows compact fittings to be designed which could enable installations to have minimal shadowing and to make the most effective use of any natural daylight. UV treatment, with ionCORE technology, could offer the best combination of efficiency, intensity and lifetime for UV generation compared to the low, medium and high pressure sources currently available. Careful selection of the chemical additives has the potential to provide output over the desired UV wavelength range for sterilisation or curing applications. 12 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 13

ionCORE High Efficiency Plasma is Environmentally Friendly 14 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 15

200 FEWER POWER STATIONS We all take light for granted and since the first 800M FEWER METRIC incandescent lamp was designed by Joseph TONS CO2 Swann in the 1850’s we have seen a gradual 8x uptake in the use of electric lighting that played MORE LIGHT THAN 100W BULB such a key feature in the industrialisation of the 20th century. This clean, new and modern technology replaced dangerous and inefficient gas lighting and heralded a new era of lighting. Fluorescent lamp technology was first developed in the 1930’s and except for a few minor changes remains roughly the same technological platform it was when first developed. Discharge lighting is a similar story and although we have seen improvements in these technologies as well as the rise of LED’s the reality is that each technology has limitations. 60% ENERGY SAVING ionCORE is a new and revolutionary technology that challenges the 8% REDUCTION IN WORLD status quo and offers real world benefits through exceptional lumen ENERGY USE packages, long service life, control and energy savings. “I seriously want Ceravision to succeed, Ceravision’s ionCORE technology contains a compact light source, because its potential to disrupt some of which is smaller than a traditional 100W incandescent light bulb but can put out eight times as much light. The lamps are long lasting and today’s incumbent lighting technologies, to do not lose their intensity or lumen output over time as they have no bring huge improvements in energy efficiency electrodes or filaments that degrade. and the reduction in CO emissions could be 2 absolutely enormous.” The energy savings that can be achieved regularly exceed 60%, contributing to carbon reduction goals and reducing the requirement Jonathon Porritt, CBE for energy generation. It is estimated that if Ceravision’s electrode- less lamp technology were widely adopted today then the world’s total electrical energy use would reduce by over 8%, the output of almost 200 large power stations, and over 800 million metric tons of carbon dioxide would be saved annually. 14 ceravision - Brilliant Plasma Technology 15

Ceravision Limited Ceravision House, Sherbourne Drive, Tilbrook, Milton Keynes MK7 8HX. United Kingdom t: +44(0) 1908 379444 e: [email protected] CVL 2012-1468 v2 / Release date March 2016

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