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WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Published by colin.janssen, 2021-10-25 14:09:36

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About WAITTA 2 Message from our Patron 3 President Report 4 Board Observers Report 6 Programs 7 Game Changer Awards 9 INCITE Awards 12 putt4dough Governance 14 Board Directors 19 Outgoing Directors 18 Board Observers Financials 19 Financial Statements 22 Notes to Financial Statements 23 Sponsors

The Western Australian Information Technology & Telecommunications Association Inc. is a non-partisan, non-aligned alliance of ICT and digital industry and professional stakeholder organisations and thought leaders – the people who provide the digital knowledge, technology and services to the WA community. Our Vision By 2022, WAITTA will be recognised as the advocacy group for ICT innovation in Western Australia. Our Mission & Purpose To promote the Western Australian ICT industry and profession by showcasing excellence through awards, events and recognition programs. Our Values Honesty ● Integrity ● Commitment ● Respect WAITTA is a not-for-profit incorporated association, administered in accordance with the WAITTA Constitution which defines corporate governance, financial accountability and matters relating to rules and membership of incorporated associations. WAITTA’s Constitution is compliant with the Associations Incorporations Act 2015. 2 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Professor Lyn Beazley AO FAA FTSE I write this as the proud Patron of WAITTA, an organisation that I wholeheartedly support as I continue to witness the power of our programs including the Incite Awards, the ‘Awards Nights’ and the Game Changer schools initiative. Each year WAITTA’s influence grows with positive impacts for the entire West Australian community and beyond. I was first introduced to WAITTA whilst I was Chief Scientist of Western Australia (2006-2013) and have been delighted to continue to be part of the WAITTA family ever since. This year in particular we have seen a wonderful new team of energetic volunteers come on board, who have ensured that WAITTA thrives despite the disruption of a pandemic-ridden world. Certainly, we already appreciated that we live in a world where Information Technology (IT) impacts every aspect of our lives, however COVID really reinforced that. We all needed to pivot, the word on all our lips, and IT underpinned that. Working from home, online meetings, shopping from home as never before and home schooling are just a few examples. In the health field, IT has been the backbone of scientific progress from unravelling the original genetic sequence of this new viral entity, to developing tests and then rapidly identifying and tracking each new variant. Developing vaccines has been a major achievement, again innovation heavily reliant on IT. As we seek to emerge from the pandemic, we know that many sectors will continue to depend on IT. These include health, education, the resources and manufacturing industries, construction, agriculture and commerce to entertainment, travel and tourism: in other words, almost everything! Indeed, the record number of entries for our Incite Awards this year reflects this amazing diversity. It was especially heartening to see entries from across the size spectrum of West Australian innovation too, from our major resource companies, universities and TAFEs to home-based enterprises. We know that the world tunes in to our awards program, meaning that WAITTA is a great way to showcase Western Australia to the world. Let’s hope that, as for last year, some of current entrants for the Incite Awards again attract international interest this year. Congratulations to everyone involved in WAITTA. It is a great way to ensure that Western Australia’s cutting-edge IT sector is encouraged, recognised and supported. It is all part of ensuring that our State has a great future not just economically but environmentally, socially and culturally. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 3

Andrea Dearden WAITTA has enjoyed another successful year and continues to excel in the delivery of our awards programs and events. This year we delivered more with less and with new Board members, volunteers and sponsors, celebrating our 30th year running the WA ICT Innovation Awards INCITE, expanding out to regional areas in recognition of our young people exceling in STEM for the Game Changers Awards, and hosting our very first charity golf day putt4dough, in support of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. The Board welcomed new Board members including Michael Lester and Keith Morrison, and farewelled a few more, including our long-standing supporters as Board Observers Mike Coles and Jim Ellis and Alliance Chair David Krieg. A strategic planning session was undertaken early in the year with the new Board, Board Observers, and our Patron, to determine a path forward for WAITTA, and as a result a number of changes were made to ensure sustainability for the year ahead. Whilst Western Australia has been fairly sheltered from the COVID-19 pandemic compared to other states, WAITTA has still had to navigate a new world to ensure events could be delivered to an exceptional standard. This meant taking a risk-based approach to everything we did with a focus on continuity with the ever threat of lockdowns upon us. The program Chairs and their supporting committees navigated this very well and delivered beyond expectations both ‘in person’ and ‘virtual’ events, to ensure our entrants and sponsors gained the most value from their commitment. In addition, our Treasurer and Secretary have continued to support our Board and programs through our back office functions which has only served to strengthen our governance as a not-for-profit. Thank you to all of our volunteer Board Directors for your commitment and loyalty throughout the last 12 months. Leading through change is challenging at the best of times but we have proven we can achieve great things when we come together as a collective force with a common purpose. 4 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

The year ahead will bring many opportunities for WA ICT Innovation Awards programs, including up and coming events for the Game Changer Awards on 6th November 2021 and putt4dough on 23rd November 2021, and we look forward to working with industry, our sponsors, our volunteers, and our supporters to showcase Western Australian talent to the national and global stage. We also look forward to our next Board meeting when the Board will vote in new Office Bearers for the next two years term. On behalf of the WAITTA Board thank you for to everyone who continues support our purpose, we cannot do this without you! Board Performance 2020/21 • Number of Board meetings: 11 virtual Board meetings were held monthly and 1 face to face for strategic planning. • Hours contributed: over 2,000 hours were volunteered by the Board. • Actions completed; over 70 actions were completed by the Board members. • Board turnover: this year we said goodbye to three Board members. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 5

Mike Coles and Jim Ellis OAM The role of the Observers on the Board is to provide advice and counsel using their experience and continuity for the Board to consider. Observers have no voting rights on the Board, but are there entirely to provide perspective and background on the way the Board operates, and how WAITTA has operated over its existence, as Jim Ellis and Mike Coles, the Observers, have both been involved with WAITTA since its very start in 1991. Like 2020, this last year of 2021 has had numerous challenges, but it is fair to say that WAITTA has come through these with grace and success thanks in no small part to the energy of the Board Members. The Board focussed on expanding the scope and role of Treasurer, and Colin Janssen has dedicated considerable time and effort implementing new processes and systems. With Andrea as Chair, strategy and governance have been consistent agenda items and new Board members have been recruited to bring new skills and succession options. There were a number of changes that occurred over the year, not the least of which was the stepping down of the INCITE Awards Chair Sue Findlay, after many highly successful years in that role. We were fortunate that Niamh Toohey joined the Board to take over this demanding position. Niamh and her team of energetic and able volunteers delivered a superlative, new format 2021 INCITE Awards Gala Event night in July. As well as the INCITE Awards, WAITTA also held the successful Game Changers Awards, recognising ICT and STEM excellence in schools and school- age students, as well as the first WAITTA Putt4Dough day which provided significant financial support for the Perth Children’s Hospital from the ICT community. Through all the challenging year of 2021, the WAITTA Board has maintained high governance, reporting and financial standards. As Observers to the Board, we hope that we were able to assist in some small way to the success of the Board’s operations. 6 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Paul Moro The Game Changer Awards Chair The Game Changer Awards 2020 was, for the first time in the program’s history, successfully delivered through a virtual online environment across metropolitan, regional and remote parts of Western Australia. All entries were via an online process, where entrant/s details, pitch documents and video/ photographic content was submitted. Judging sessions were held online via Zoom. The 2020 Game Changer Virtual Awards Evening highlighted the talent of our newly founded innovators and acknowledge their hard work and the support they received from the parents, schools, and communities around them. The event also highlighted those who advocate the value that the awards bring to the state of WA, and the sponsors who believe in the brains trust of Western Australian youth. With the introduction of the online environment, and despite the challenging year with COVID, the following statistics highlights attests to the success of the Game Changer Awards 2020: • 52 team nominations were received (58 team nominations in 2019), which was higher than expected due to the impact of COVID • 4 individual nominations were received, submitted by a parent/guardian (2 individual nominations in 2019) • Approximately 192 students were engaged in the judging process for 48 team judging sessions • 3 schools from regional areas (Karratha, Esperance and Albany) participated in the judging process (no regional schools were involved in 2019) WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 7

Game Changer Awards 2021 All successful entries will have the opportunity to showcase their submission at the Project Showcase ad Awards Ceremony which will be held on Saturday, 6 November 2021 at Curtin University. The Game Changer Awards Committee will c hybrid live and online event online events The Game Changer Awards program • • • • Game Changer Awards Patron Professor Lyn Beazley AO Game Changer Awards Ambassadors (WAITTA Patron) Prof Peter Dr Sandy Chong Quinn Dr Vanessa Prof Peter Rauland Newman 8 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Niamh Toohey INCITE Awards Chair The INCITE Awards celebrated its 30th year this year, with a new Chair — Niamh Toohey — overseeing the design and implementation with support from the organising committee: • Petra Vanessie – Digital Marketing • Celia Jordann – Chief Judge • Simon Yeoman – Sponsorship Lead • Colin Janssen – Budgeting • Andrea Dearden – Governance and Risk Event objectives The following objectives were identified by the organising committee: • Announce the winners of the 30th INCITE Award; • Gather WA tech community for an in-person celebration to showcase #WATech innovation and be the biggest networking event of the year; and • Celebrate 30 years of INCITE Awards and thank its volunteers, sponsors, and key players. The 30th INCITE Awards Gala Cocktail Event was held at The Westin on 23 July 2021; this was a milestone celebration for WA technology innovation. The State’s longest running ICT Awards program – presented WA tech organisations, entrepreneurs, students and industry leaders with winning titles for their medical, AI, robotics and mining technology innovations. The 2021 theme included ‘WA Technology, Diversifying our Economy and Connecting our Community’. More than 450 of WA tech innovators, supporter, partners and industry colleagues joined forces to celebrate the award winners and network with each other. COVID-19 proved to be challenging in every way, meaning we had to quickly innovate and leverage the collective strengths and support of the WATech sector, resulting in an awards program that exceeded everyone’s expectations with more entrants, finalists, and sponsors rowing in behind us and demonstrating that WA is one of the best places in the world to collaborate and innovate. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 9

We could not have achieved this momentum fete without the loyal support of our volunteers, team of judges, ambassadors, the organising committee, sponsors, and partners, we are very grateful for your support. As a thank you to our supporters, the INCITE organising committee held a thank you event on 19 October 2021 and celebrated the 30th year with the cutting of a cake with our sponsors, industry and government supporters including Hon. Don Punch, Minister for ICT and Innovation. 2021 INCITE Award Winners The 2021 Awards entrants showcased the WA Technology sector’s agility and capability to respond to local and global challenges and opportunities. Many of the 30th INCITE Awards winners have developed some first-of-its-kind medical tech innovations, in direct response to COVID-19 and the need to further support the WA health system. For details on our merits and award winner go to WA Tech Innovators Celebrated and Acknowledged at 30th INCITE Awards | INCITE Awards. Some of our WA Tech innovators went on to the National iAwards and then onto the global stage, through the Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA). Design, program, attendance & marketing The event design was positioned as a stand-up affair, to maximise the opportunity for attendees to network. Tables were positioned around the room to enable intimate conversations, along with booths for some of our technology innovators. The event program commenced at 6pm with welcome drinks followed by: • Formal presentations: MC (Lisa Smith & Charlie Gunningham), Welcome to Country, David Scaife, Niamh Toohey and 5 x Awards presentation • Food, drinks and networking break • Formal presentations: 5 x Awards Presentations , INCITE Legends and Close • Live entertainment (DJ Vixon | Si Mullumby), F&B, Networking, Space Activations (photobooths, voxpop, VR booths). 494 registrations were received with over 50% being tickets paid for. Attendance was from a number of industries including; Minerals and Resources, Education, Government and Tech sector, and other industries including investors, HR firms, and Professional Services. 10 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Robert Kolzan from NRW commented that “the event was a great vehicle for finding talent”. Petra Vanessie, from Ava Agency provided significant support for event marketing throughout the planning and execution of the event, utilising a number of mediums to promote the 30th year this included digital and media PR. Supportive comments were provided from a number of groups including finalists, sponsors, stakeholders and guests. INCITE 2022 A post event review was conducted by the organising committee and a number of successes and improvements were identified, including room setup, seating for the awards announcement, digital content production and online pitch. The INCITE organising committee invite industry supporters, finalists, sponsors, and volunteers to provide event ideas for 2022. Please contact the INCITE Awards Committee at [email protected] to submit your ideas or if you would like to volunteer/sponsor the event next year. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 11

Colin Janssen putt4dough Board Sponsor 2020 was putt4dough’s 11th year since inception and WAITTA’s 1st year of running this event. The annual putt4dough event brings together the WA ICT industry over a one-day golf tournament raising much needed funding for WA sick kids on behalf of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Over the years Perth's generous ICT community has helped us raise $493,000 for the Perth Children's Hospital Foundation. These funds have gone towards the purchase of a state-wide Retcam to screen babies at high risk of blindness, the establishment of an Early Intensive Intervention Program for kids at risk of cerebral palsy, the supply of new cots for Perth Children’s Hospital, and so much more. putt4dough 2020 Committee Last year’s event took place once again at Joondalup Committee Member Role Resort Golf Course on Tuesday 24th November 2020. The event was a sell-out with 38 organisations from Colin Janssen Board Sponsor the WA ICT industry taking part. Simon Whitehead Chair Adam Hewitt Committee Member The funds raised from the 2020 putt4dough will be contributing to the next generation of WA paediatric radiologists and their training as part of a Fellowship program. The Fellowship will cover two 0.5 FTE over a period of 3 years. The support of this event by the industry, aside from its longevity is proven by the number of organisations who have taken part of over multiple years, including 2 organisations who have been part of this event since inception with 11 new organisations taking part for the very first time. Introduced in the 2020 putt4dough was the Chris Marshall Shield for the 1st place winner as a recognition of the years of dedication by Chris Marshall. 12 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

The evening event was hosted by Karl Langdon who has been MC of this event for many years with special guest speaker Mick Collis. The 2020 event was a huge success and WAITTA is proud to have raised through putt4dough with the support of the WA ICT Industry a total of $54,000 on the day. This year’s putt4dough will be held once again at Joondalup Resort Golf Course on Tuesday 23rd November 2021. All funds raised will go towards the Early Moves study, to help diagnose babies at risk of developmental delays like Cerebral Palsy earlier than ever before. More information on this cause can be found on the putt4dough website - our-cause The event is already sold out once again. Once again, we have included the $25,000 hole-in-one prize on 2 of the par 3’s on the course, along with novelty competitions run on 5 of the other holes; ensuring it will be an exciting day. We moved our website this year to a purpose- built site dedicated to running charity golf days. This has allowed us to include new features including Self Registration, and on- line Store for additional purchases, Credit Card payment facilities and a Donation option. New sponsorship packages have also been introduced this year aimed at raising some more funds. This year, putt4dough will surpass $500,000 in fund raising on behalf of Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation. Committee Member Role Colin Janssen Board Sponsor putt4dough 2021 Committee Simon Whitehead Chair Jess Foley Marketing WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 13

Andrea Dearden President (until October 2021) Andrea is an industry specialist and has worked in ICT for over 20 years holding a number of senior leadership roles both in Government, not-for-profit and private sector. Andrea is passionate in supporting individuals and business reach their full potential and has supported a number of charities in a volunteer capacity. She is the Secretary for another not-for-profit organisation called Homestead for Youth and an honoree member for the ACS Scholarship Foundation. Andrea is the GRC Security Consultant for ES2. Andrea has a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business and a number of Risk and Governance Certificates. Since joining WAITTA in 2018, Andrea has led the Board in the establishment of an organisation wide strategy and governance framework with designated roles to fulfill key functions. The Board currently meet on a monthly basis to review WAITTA events and programs. Andrea was appointed to the WAITTA Board in September 2018 and was elected President in September 2018. Colin Janssen Treasurer Colin has an extensive career working in the IT industry holding a number of national leadership roles supporting businesses across Australia. Colin has helped to drive the growth of these businesses and their customers through the implementation of major change projects related to IT. Colin is employed by Datacom as General Manager of GovNext which is an initiative of the WA State Government Digital Strategy. Colin is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Colin was appointed to the WAITTA Board in September 2018 and has undertaken the WAITTA Treasurer since October 2019. Colin is also the Board Sponsor of putt4dough (since February 2020) and Chair of the Finance Committee. Gloria Davis Secretary (until October 2021) Gloria is an experienced program manager and governance professional with more than 20 years experience in aged care and retirement living industry. Gloria has supported organisations in their change management program and deliver business process improvements while positively impacting organisational culture through the adoption of digital solutions. Gloria is the Manager, Corporate Governance and Transformation for the Air Force Association WA Division (trading as RAAFA). Gloria has a Bachelor of Science (Health Information Management), Master of Business Administration and Certificate in Governance and Risk Management. Gloria was appointed to the WAITTA Board in January 2019 and has undertaken the WAITTA Secretary role since February 2020. 14 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

Paul Moro Director & Game Changers Awards Chair Paul is a Change Manager with more than 25 years' experience in learning content development/curriculum and professional/leadership facilitator within education and training environments. As a leader/integrator of emerging technologies, Paul has a proven capability in managing key strategic projects focused on implementing change through leadership. He has a broad knowledge and relationship with schools/ universities/professional service providers (both locally and nationally) and has successfully negotiated and delivered collaborative digital transformation projects across single and multi-site locations. Paul was appointed to the WAITTA Board in November 2018 and is the Chair and Board Sponsor of WAITTA's Game Changer Awards (since January 2020). Niamh Toohey Director & INCITE Awards Chair Niamh is a Digital Business Consultant with 20 years' experience supporting client digital transformation programs, focusing on customer & business value and mindful of impact on individuals, our community and the environment. A move to Australia in 1999 coincided with a career shift from plastics engineering to IT, with the help of Murdoch University's Graduate Diploma IT program. Since then, Niamh's IT career has traversed the public and private sector, and more recently, an increasing focus on social impact- advocating for diversity & inclusion with WiTWA, and volunteering in IT upskilling. Niamh's first introduction to the Incite Awards was as a team entrant with Insight (Ignia) - this experience sparked her passion for innovation and empowering others. Niamh was appointed to the WAITTA Board in September 2020 and is the Chair and Board Sponsor of WAITTA's INCITE Awards. Simon Yeoman Director Simon's IT career in Analytics and Software Systems started over 20 years ago. Since then Simon has enjoyed the journey from the start-up of two businesses to large scale transformation in the health and resources sector. Simon's passion is for Data Analytics, Innovation, supporting others to succeed with their ideas. He has recently joined Woodside to take on Data Governance, Strategy and New Platform Capabilities. Previously, in his role at Fortescue, Simon launched the Analytics Strategy and lead the teams building the in-house Cloud Analytics Platform, and in mid-2021 he completed his MBA at UWA. Simon was appointed to the WAITTA Board as Director in November 2020, and lead the sponsorships team for the 2021 INCITE Awards. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 15

Michael Lester Director (since July 2021) Michael has worked within the IT industry for the last 20 years in predominantly technical and technical management roles, prior to his current role as Director of WA-based MSP Catalytic IT. The journey from small, to emerging MSP has been a particularly rewarding one, and their growth led to membership of the CRN Fast50 last financial year. Michael specialises in ICT Strategy, ICT Organisational reviews, and Wi-Fi design, analysis and troubleshooting. Michael has been involved in a number of leading national and international digital transformations, most recently within the private education sector in WA. Outside of his professional interests, Michael is a keen Toastmaster and Secretary of the Piara Waters Toastmaster chapter. Michael holds a large number of technical certifications across Infrastructure, Cloud, Wireless and Security. He holds a Bachelor of Business (Management of IT, Finance) and is currently pursuing an MBA. Michael was appointed to the WAITTA Board as Director in July 2021. Keith Morrison Director (since August 2021) Keith is a passionate, strategic and motivational leader who has over 25 years of industry experience, as an accomplished expert in defining and executing strategy in the ICT industry. Keith is the Regional Director for Datacom Systems and has a BA HONS in Design and Technology with Education. Keith was appointed to the WAITTA Board as Director in August 2021. 16 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

WAITTA thanks our outgoing directors for their contribution and support. David Krieg (until June 2021) Throughout his career as a teacher, school principal and now in a national customer relationship role, David has demonstrated a passion for the use of technology by people to improve society. David is currently the National Client Experience Manager for Radlink Communications, following a 14 year tenure with Kinetic IT. David was appointed to the Board in September 2018 and was the Co-Chair and Board sponsor of WAITTA Alliance (since June 2020). J Marion Burchell (until May 2021) Marion was appointed to the WAITTA Board as Vice President in November 2020 and supported the Board until May 2021 but was unable to continue her term due to personal commitments. Dr Susanne Bahn (until June 2021) Dr Susanne Bahn was appointed to the WAITTA Board as Director in November 2020 and supported the Board until June 2021 but was unable to continue her term due to personal commitments. WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 17

Jim Ellis, OAM (until August 2021) Jim has worked in the information technology industry for over 50 years, Jim helped establish WAITTA in 1993 as an ICT Awards Program, now known as the INCITE Awards, and was its Chair for the first 12 years. Jim was the Chair of the Advisory Board of the Autism Academy for Software Quality Assurance at Curtin University and Adjunct Professor at Murdoch University in 2006. Jim holds a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Statistics. Jim is a Fellow and Honorary Life Member of the Australian Computer Society and Fellow of Curtin University. Jim was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia (OAM) for services to the ICT Industry in June 2008. WAITTA is privileged to have Jim’s ongoing support as an observer to our Board, providing strategic leadership across all programs and supporting the IT industry. Michael Coles (until October 2021) Michael commenced work in ICT in 1980, in roles as managing director & owner, Chief Information Officer, General Manager Technology Services, Project Director, Consultant, Mentor and volunteer. Michael is the managing director of his consulting services company specialising in financial systems integration and ICT Governance. Michael holds a Bachelor of Business (double major in Accounting and Information Processing) and Master of Business Administration, and is a Graduate of Australian Institute of Company Directors and Fellow of Australian Computer Society. Michael has held a number of roles with WAITTA, including Treasurer and Chair INCITE Sponsorship Committee. WAITTA is honoured to have Michael's ongoing support as an observer to our Board and an active contributor for the INCITE Awards. 18 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 19

20 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 21

1. Basis of Preparation The Board has prepared the financial statements on the basis that the organisation is a non-reporting entity because there are no users dependent on general purpose financial reports. This financial report is therefore a special purpose financial report that has been prepared in order to meet the needs of its members. The financial report has been prepared in accordance with the significant accounting policies disclosed below which the Board have determined are appropriate to meet the needs of members. Such accounting policies are consistent with the previous period unless stated otherwise. The financial statements have been prepared on an accrual basis and are based on historical cost unless otherwise stated in the notes. The accounting policies that have been adopted in the preparationof this report are as follows: 2. Summary of Significant Accounting Policies Income Tax In line with ATO guidelines, the Board has self-assessed that the organisation is exempt from income taxas it is: • a not for profit entity established for the purpose of community activity; • is not a charity; • meets the physical presence in Australia test; • complies with all the substantive requirements in it's constitution; and • applies it's income and asset solely for the purpose for which it was established. Revenue and Other Income Revenue is measured at the value of the consideration received. For this purpose, deferred consideration is not discounted to present values when recognising revenue. Interest revenue is recognised using the effective interest rate method, which, for floating rate financial assets, is the rate inherent in the instrument. Dividend revenue is recognised when the right to receive adividend has been established. Sponsorship revenue is recognised over the period the sponsorship revenue was received for. Revenue from the rendering of a service is recognised upon the delivery of the service to the customers . Goods and Services Tax (GST) Western Australian Information Technology and Telecommunications Alliance Inc. is registered for Goods and Services tax. Transactions and balances are disclosed net of GST. Cash and Cash Equivalents Cash and cash equivalents includes cash on hand, deposits held at call with banks, and other short term highly liquid bank deposits with maturities of three months or less. 22 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

WAITTA is a not-for-profit organisation that operates under the support from its dedicated volunteers and partnerships for financial sponsors and in-kind sponsors. This support enables us to deliver our programs to promote and showcase the ICT industry and profession. Thank you to the organisations and individuals who have generously supported WAITTA! The Game Changer Awards Major Sponsors Other Sponsors WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 23

INCITE Awards Exclusive Media Partner Platinum Sponsors Silver Sponsors Professional Services Partner Emerging Tech Partner Supporting Partners 24 | WAITTA Annual Report 2021

putt4dough WAITTA Annual Report 2021 | 25

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