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World LNG Summit Speaker Brochure

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The Meeting Place for the World's LNG LeadersThe End of YearGathering for the LNGIndustry is Returningto Barcelona, SpainThe CWC World LNG Summit & Awards Eveningis recognised as the end of year gathering for theLNG industry. Bringing together over 500 LNGprofessionals under one roof to discuss the topicsthat matter in the LNG #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG Summit Khalid Sultan R. Laurent Yuki Sadamitsu Al-Kuwari Vivier Director Petroleum and Natural Chief Marketing & Shipping President Gas Gas Division Officer Ministry of Economy Trade RasGas Company Limited Total and Industry (METI), JapanKhalid Sultan R. Al Kuwari leads the Marketing & Laurent Vivier started his career within Total in 1996. Yuki Sadamitsu is serving as Director for Oil and GasShipping Group, and is responsible for RasGas’ global He held successive positions in the Group’s trading of the Agency for Natural Resources and Energy atLNG commercial and marketing activities, economic offices in Paris, Geneva, London and Houston. He was the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)and market analysis, production planning, and responsible for the trading activities in LPG and then and is in charge of policies for upstream developmentshipping operational and scheduling activities. in natural gas for the European Continent and North and procurement of oil and gas for Japan. He has aAl Kuwari joined RasGas in 1997 as a Petroleum America. long career in energy affairs at METI as Director of theEngineer and has held leading positions in the He moved back to Paris in 2011 where he held various Energy Strategy Office, and as Director for Industrialcompany’s Reservoir Engineering, Petroleum positions as head of strategy for gas, power and Research, JETRO London.Operations and Technical Planning departments. renewable energies. He obtained his LLB from the University of TokyoIn 2003, he was assigned to LNG Marketing as In 2014 he was appointed Vice President Strategy and (1992).Marketing Manager and as a member of the RasGas Market Analysis for the Gas & Power division and isMarketing Committee. In 2007, Al Kuwari was now President Gas at Total, responsible for the Gasappointed Marketing Executive, and his scope of division, since 1st August 2015.responsibilities further expanded in 2011 to includeProduction Planning and Allocation, Sales Contract “We chose the World LNG Summit for Tellurian Investments’and the management of the RasGas shipping activities very first company sponsorship because if you’re in LNG,with a fleet of 27 LNG carriers. it is the place to be.\"Al Kuwari has held board representative positionsfor the South Hook Gas (UK) and Adriatic LNG (Italy) Martin Houston, Co-founder, TellurianInvestmentscompanies. He has a B.Sc. in Natural Gas Engineeringfrom Texas A&M University-Kingsville and an EMBAfrom HEC-Paris. Kunio Hiroki Steve Nohata Sato Hill Senior Executive Director Senior Executive Vice President Executive Vice-President for Gas and Energy Marketing and Trading Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd JERA Co., Inc. ShellMr Nohata took up duties as Senior Executive Officerof Tokyo Gas Co.Ltd. in 2015, after he had been in Mr. Hiroki Sato is Senior Executive Vice President of Steve is a member of Shell’s Integrated Gas andcharge of LNG procurement and trading as Senior JERA Co., Inc. He graduated from Keio University, Shell’s Trading & Supply Leadership Teams withGeneral Manager from 2011 to 2014. Prior to the specializing in Marketing Management and had a career responsibility for Shell’s global LNG, natural gasGas Resources Department, he engaged in Power as a diplomat in Middle East for a certain term. and power marketing and trading activities. SteveGeneration Business as General Manager for two He has over 20 years' experience in LNG procurement is also responsible for Shell’s natural gas marketyears after serving in LNG Infrastructure Planning and trading. development activities, Shell’s Integrated GasDepartment as General Manager, to respond to the He made several innovative deals such as joint strategy and Shell’s gas advocacy efforts.growing future demand, for two years. purchasing, time swap, tripartite SPA, liquefaction Prior to the Shell purchase of BG Group, Steve wasHe also contributed to the start-up and the growth tolling agreements with FLNG Liquefaction, LLC which a member of BG Group’s Corporate Executive Teamof Gas Malaysia, the first Natural Gas distribution is an affiliate of Freeport LNG Expansion etc. in Chubu. with responsibility for BG’s global LNG, naturalcompany all over Malay Peninsula, as a Technical He joined JERA as one of the foundation members gas and crude oil marketing and trading activities,Specialist in energy sales and technical services for from Chubu, and he is responsible for fuel transaction and BG’s shipping business. Steve was involved inIndustrial customers. in JERA. building and optimizing BG’s LNG business sinceHe joined Tokyo Gas Co. Ltd. after earning a Master’s joining the company in 2002 in roles in the UK, USAdegree in Mechanical Sciences and Engineering from and Singapore.Tokyo Institute of Technology in 1984. Prior to joining BG Group, Steve worked for Mobil and subsequently ExxonMobil, in business development and trading roles in the UK, USA, Singapore, and Qatar. Steve graduated from Durham University in the UK with a degree in Engineering and #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG SummitQ&A Philip Prabhat Olivier Singh Octávio M. C. Simões CEO CEO President ENGIE Global LNG Petronet LNG Ltd Mr. Prabhat Singh is currently Managing Director and Sempra LNG & Midstream Philip Olivier holds Electromechanical and Nuclear CEO of Petronet LNG Limited, India's premier LNG Engineering Degrees as well as Management Degrees infrastructure company which owns and operates LNGHow is the requirement of buyers to seek from Gent and Fontainebleau. He has over 25 years of import and receiving terminals in India.  Mr. Singh is aout shorter term contracts affecting project experience in the electricity and gas industry. Civil Engineer having graduated from the prestigiousfinancing? The first twelve years of his career he spent working Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, and hasGiven the size of the capital requirements for Electrabel holding various positions in electricity around three decades of experience of working into launch a liquefaction project, short-term and gas distribution operations. Since 1995 he has the Hydrocarbon Industry both in MNC and Publiccontracts do not support the development of worked for SUEZ Energy International, contributing to Sector Companies at prominent positions. Mr. Singhnew supply. The size of the commitment can its expansion worldwide, predominantly in electricity is leading Petronet LNG since September 2015 andbe mitigated by establishing contracts for the and gas distribution and transportation. From 2002 to is working on various new initiatives which includesinfrastructure only, such as in the US projects, 2007 he held the position of Chief Business Developer creation of small scale LNG infrastructure, new regasbut not the commodity, what we typically at Suez Global LNG Ltd. In 2007 he was appointed to terminals outside India and development of newdesignate as the cost-plus model. This allows the position of President & CEO of Suez Global LNG. LNG markets in India.   He has sound knowledge ofnew supply to be developed on a timely basis After the merger with Gaz de France, he became commercials of LNG and Gas industry and has been aand avoid the “Buyer’s market – Seller’s market” CEO of Global LNG, the business unit responsible for key force behind Petronet's growth over last one year.cycles. the management of all ENGIE Group’s LNG supply Prior to joining the Company, Mr. Singh was DirectorHow effectively are gas and LNG competing and vessel chartering contracts, for optimization (Marketing) in GAIL India Ltd before which Mr. Singhfor their rightful place alongside coal and of the Group’s LNG portfolio, and for LNG business headed the Upstream Business Development and therenewables? development including new markets, new supplies Strategy Divisions in British Gas (BG) India. During hisThe simple answer is that in my opinion gas and investments in liquefaction plants. earlier stint in GAIL, he headed GAIL’s Exploration andis not competing effectively. The flexibility Production Department as General Manager. He madeof gas generation to support the renewables a major contribution in the execution of world's longestdevelopment and the environmental exclusive LPG pipeline project from Jamnagar to Loni.advantages of gas versus coal and oil are notbeing deployed successfully. Part of the problem Ahmad Adly Djohardi Anggahas to do with the recent high prices of LNG as Alias Kusumahthe linkage to oil caused the cost to skyrocketwhen went up in price. Another element of the Vice President, LNG Marketing & Senior Vice President Gas andfailure has to do with a lack of industry advocacy Trading Powerand coordination to assign real carbon costs to PETRONAS PT Pertamina (Persero)the fossil fuels being considered.What are Sempra’s main reasons for Ahmad Adly Alias is the Vice President of LNG Djohardi Angga Kusumah is the Senior Vice Presidentsponsoring the World LNG Summit this year? Marketing & Trading in PETRONAS. In this role, of Gas and Power at PT Pertamina (Persero). He hasWe regard the World LNG Summit as the he oversees the trading and marketing of LNG in been part of the senior management in Gas, Newpremier annual gathering of the industry Asia, Europe and the Americas on top of energy & Renewables, and also the Upstream business ofparticipants. It provides us with an opportunity commodities trading in the UK and Europe. He is Pertamina. He starts his C – Level career as the firstto get together with everyone at the end of also currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of President Director of PT Nusantara Regas, one ofeach year and make an assessment of where PETRONAS LNG Sdn Bhd (PLSB). Pertamina’s subsidiary which serves domestic gaswe are and the challenges ahead. And we have He joined PETRONAS in 1993 as part of the Planning demand by utilising the first FSRU in Indonesia.been supporting the event in different ways and Recruitment team in Human Resources Having professional expertise for more than 24 yearsfor more than a decade. As Sempra continues Department and went on to have stints in multiple covering LPG, LNG, CNG, power, new & renewables,to expand its footprint in the LNG industry, we areas with various positions in PETRONAS including and also upstream business, he has a comprehensiveremain committed to advance the industry Corporate Planning & Development (CPDD), knowledge mainly in developing Pertamina’s gasand contribute to maintain the high levels of Commercial Business Development in PETRONAS business at full value chain, from exploration untilperformance, safety and reliability that this Dagangan Bhd (PDB) and Group Strategic Planning. delivering the gas to its end users. Currently he isindustry has demonstrated in the past. He also headed Strategic Initiatives and Chemical & also appointed as the Head of LNG Committee of Special Products section of Engen’s Sales & Marketing Indonesia Gas Society. Division prior to heading LNG Trading in PETRONAS Graduating his Management studies from LNG Ltd in 2013 before assuming his current position consecutively University of Padjajaran and University in 2014. of Gajah Mada in Indonesia, Djohardi has proficiently Adly sits on the Board of various PETRONAS managed across business and operational matters in subsidiaries namely PETRONAS LNG Ltd (PLL), the company. PETRONAS LNG (UK) LIMITED (PLUK), PETRONAS LNG Sdn Bhd (PLSB), PETRONAS Energy Trading Ltd (PETL) and the MLNG Group of #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG Summit Meg IGN Wiratmaja Martin Gentle Puja Houston President Director General of Oil & Gas Co-Founder Ministry of Energy & Mineral Cheniere Marketing Resources, Indonesia Tellurian Investments Following his studies which commenced withMeg Gentle is Executive Vice President, Marketing IGN Wiratmadja was appointed Director General of Oil a bachelor’s degree in geology from Newcastleand President of Cheniere Marketing, LLC, a wholly- and Gas in May 2015. He is also a professor at Bandung University in 1979 and then a petroleum geologyowned subsidiary of the Company, since June 2013. Technology Institute. IGN Wiratmadja graduated master’s degree from Imperial College London inMs Gentle previously served as CFO of Cheniere from from Mechanical Engineering, Bandung Technology 1983, Martin was employed by BG Group plc andMarch 2009 to June 2013. Prior to 2009, she served in Institute in 1987. He received Master of Science in its predecessor companies, retiring after 30 yearsvarious senior roles in Strategic Planning and Finance. Engineering Mechanics from University of Kentucky, in February 2014 as Chief Operating Officer and aPrior to joining Cheniere in June 2004, Ms. Gentle U.S.A (1994), Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering member of the board of directors.spent eight years in energy market development, Mechanics, University of Kentucky, U.S.A (1996), Post During his international career, Martin has conductedeconomic evaluation, and long-range planning. She Doctoral in Mechanics of Solid & Materials, Dept. of business in over 40 countries. More than half of thisconducted international business development Mechanical and Intelligent Systems Engineering, time was spent living in foreign locations includingand strategic planning for Anadarko Petroleum Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan (2000) and Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore, the Philippines andCorporation, a publicly-traded integrated energy Post Doctoral in Smart Materials & Structures, School the USA. He’s managed all forms of enterprise in thecompany, from January 1998 to May 2004 and energy of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronics Eng., energy industry, has established a strong externalmarket analysis for Pace Global Energy Services, an University of Sydney, Australia (2002). reputation in the international gas business and isenergy management and consulting firm, from August largely credited with being the key architect of BG1996 to December 1998. Group’s world class LNG business. In recognition ofMs. Gentle is currently a director and Senior Vice this, in 2011 he was the first recipient of the CWC LNGPresident of Cheniere Partners GP, a wholly owned Executive of the Year Award.subsidiary of the Company. Ms. Gentle received herB.A. in Economics and International Affairs fromJames Madison University in 1996 and her M.B.A. fromRice University in 2004. Jonty Monika Octávio M. C. Shepard Zsigri Simões COO LNG Policy Officer, DG Energy President BP European Commission Sempra LNG & Midstream Monika Zsigri works for the European Commission Octávio M. C. Simões is Senior Vice President ofJonty joined BP Oil in 1992 where he performed a in EU energy policy dealing focusing on gas security Sempra International and President of Sempra LNG,number of roles in operations, trading and refining. of supply. Currently she is involved in the revision where he directs all LNG operations. Sempra LNGIn 1998 he took over the business development team of the Gas Security of Supply Regulation and the leads Sempra Energy’s efforts to develop, build andlooking after the Former Soviet Union, Mediterranean development of a comprehensive EU LNG and storage operate liquefied natural gas (LNG) receipt terminalsand Africa. During this period he took on the role of strategy. In previous positions she was responsible and liquefaction facilities.BP nominated director in the set up of a new internet for energy infrastructure and regional cooperation in Most recently, Simões was the Vice President ofcompany the Intercontinental Exchange, which is now the Baltic Sea Region, as well as Central- and South- commercial development for Sempra LNG, where hethe world’s second largest energy exchange. Eastern Europe overseeing initiatives such as the was responsible for all commercial activities related toIn 2001 Jonty moved to Vietnam to be the marketing North-South gas corridor or the BEMIP, the Baltic Sempra LNG. Prior to joining Sempra LNG, Mr Simõesmanager for upstream. In this role he was responsible Energy Market Interconnection Plan. held numerous management positions in the Semprafor negotiating gas sales agreements with the State Before joining the Commission, as management Energy family of companies. Mr Simões has moreOil and Power companies, and working with the World consultant she worked on different assignments in than 30 years of experience in the energy industry,Bank to finance new Power stations. Following this the energy and telecommunications sectors helping serving as a project manager, project developer,he moved to Angola where he was the commercial clients optimizing their business processes or consultant, and asset manager in the United States,manager for BP’s first deep water oil development. developing successful business strategies. Ms Zsigri Latin America, and Europe. He holds a Master's degreeJonty has been the executive assistant for the head of holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institutethe IST then Group Strategy in the Corporate Centre. of Technology, and a Bachelor's degree in MechanicalJonty is currently Chief Operating Officer for BP’s Engineering from the University of Massachusetts –Global LNG business with a responsibility for the Dartmouth. He is a registered professional engineermanagement of upstream contracts in Trinidad and in the state of Massachusetts.Egypt, a fleet of 7 LNG carriers, regas facilities in theUnited States, UK, Spain and Italy, as well as long termcustomer contracts throughout #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG SummitQ&A Kathleen Moriyuki Eisbrenner Aida Patrick Janssens Chairman & CEO Executive Officer for Europe, Vice President, Global Gas NextDecade Middle East and Africa Solutions JBIC Kathleen Eisbrenner is Founder, Chairman, and CEO ABS of NextDecade, LLC, a company positioned to create Moriyuki Aida holds the position of Executive OfficerRegarding FSRUs, how much potential is out innovative opportunities in the global integrated for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Japan Bankthere in terms of unlocking new demand and natural gas industry. NextDecade brings together a for International Cooperation (JBIC) based in Londonwhere will this demand come from? team of industry leading partners to develop land- since July 2015.LNG supply is growing fast. Australian projects based and floating LNG projects around the world.are coming onstream, and the US Gulf of Mexico Ms. Eisbrenner was previously the Executive VP at Prior to his current posting to London, he was Director– which has the ambition of becoming one of the Royal Dutch Shell, for Shell’s Global LNG strategy General, Treasury Department, Corporate Group.main LNG exporters worldwide – exported its and was the CEO/Founder of Excelerate Energy. She He has led various departments of the bank duringfirst LNG earlier in 2016. Many of the traditional is a member of the US National Petroleum Council his career which have included; Director General,LNG offtake markets (such as Japan, Korea, and American Bureau of Shipping. In addition, Ms. Oil and Gas Finance Department and postings asEurope) show little growth potential in the Eisbrenner served on the board of Chesapeake Energy Chief Representative in the Dubai office and Seniorimmediate term, but other growing economies, Corporation. Representative in the New York office.which by virtue of their growth see a quick risein energy needs, could employ FSRUs, a solution He graduated from Keio University in April 1986that is demonstrating it can provide a fast and with a BA in Economics and M.Phil in Developmentcost-effective solution to serve these markets. Economics & Sociology, Cambridge University.Hardly a week goes by without a new FSRUopportunity being announced. “Participating in CWC’s World LNG Series is a must forWill FSRUs continue to be cost-effective enablers NextDecade because global decision-makers from the fullto open new markets? spectrum of the LNG supply-chain attend theseFSRUs offer multiple advantages. The units can top-tier events...\"be fairly standardised and built in specialisedshipyards which offers clear cost benefits. FSRUs Kathleen Eisbrenner, Chairman, Next Decadegenerally are offered to the market on leasingterms allowing projects to be developed with Amani Josévery limited cash up front for LNG importers. Al-Azzam SimónSeveral FSRU projects have demonstrated theycan offer access to new market very quickly; Vice Managing Director Assistant SVP Global Gas & Originationin many cases, new LNG import facilities have for Operation & Planningbecome operational in less than 12 months, NEPCO Iberdrolaand some have reached that point in even lessthan six months. FSRUs can provide significant Amani Al-Azzam graduated from Jordan University of Mr. Simón holds a Bachelor in Law and Economicsflexibility, serving growing markets and Science and Technology (Irbid-Jordan) as an Electrical from ICADE, MBA from IESE Madrid and MBA inseasonal markets and can even be deployed Power Engineer in 1989. In 1990, she joined National International Leadership by IMD Lausanne. In 1993as a temporary solution while permanent land- Electric Power Company in Jordan as a Planning he started his career as Senior Consultant in Arthurbased facilities are being constructed. Major Engineer. In 2002 she had held a position of Technical Andersen.oil companies now also see FSRUs as market Studies Section Head, and in 2004 became a manager In 1997 he joined Iberdrola as Director for Corporateopeners for LNG. When large LNG exporters for the Technical Studies Department. Planning until September 2001 taking an active rolefully support this business line along with the In year 2006 she became Studies Managing Director in the Iberdrola Strategic Plan launched in 2001shipping and FSRU community, the sector will Assistant for Planning Affairs, and was nominated which transformed the company. In addition, he leadbe strengthened significantly. as Secretary General for EIJLLPST Project (Eight corporate transactions and power assets acquisitions.How do you see the shipping industry evolving Interconnection project which aims to connect Egypt, In 2001 he was appointed VP for Gas Procurement,and innovating in this new era of oversupply? Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Palestine, Syria and being one of the members in the top managementCurrently, there is an oversupply of LNG ships, Turkey). In 2010 she became a Assistant Managing team that set up the gas activities for Iberdrola.but there also is huge potential for new LNG Director for Operations and Planning Affairs. During Since 2014, he heads the global gas and LNG activitiescoming onto the market in the medium term. At her career, Amani Al-Azzam has focused mainly on of the whole Iberdrola Group, which encompasses anpresent ship owners are looking at alternative generation expansion studies, IPP’s and Electrical overall portfolio of roughly 14 bcma of gas suppliesmarkets for both unfixed old and new tonnage. Interconnection Projects. Nowadays, she is deeply and very recently he has been appointed responsibleRecently, one of the most modern LNG carriers involved in the Renewable Energy projects and works for Global Origination, taking care of the promotionwith the newest slow speed dual fuel engines as a manager for LNG project in Jordan. of the different Iberdrola businesses growth in the UK,was fixed for a long-term contract as an FSU. US and Continental Europe markets.Many owners are looking at opportunities forconverting vessels to FSUs or FSRUs. In thelonger run, this also helps unlocking the newLNG #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG Summit Patrick Peter James Janssens Abdo Henderson Vice President, Global Gas Managing Director, Head of LNG, Senior Research Fellow Solutions Origination & Structuring – EMEA Oxford Institute for Energy ABS Bank of America Merrill Lynch StudiesPatrick Janssens is currently serving as ABS Vice Peter runs the Commodity Origination & Structuring Dr. James Henderson has been working in the oil andPresident LNG, Corporate Global Gas Solutions and team in London covering LNG, Gas, Power, and gas industry for the past 25 years as a commercialis responsible for coordinating LNG-related activities Coal. Peter has led the LNG team at Merrill Lynch manager, a consultant, an investment banker andwithin ABS on a corporate level. Commodities since 2010. The LNG team has transacted now an academic. He worked at US oil company more than 4.5bcm since 2011. Peter began his career Amerada Hess in the 1990s before joining WoodPrior to joining ABS, Janssens served as Senior Vice at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Commodities in 2007. Mackenzie Consultants, where he became Head ofPresident of Technology at Flex LNG where he focused Energy. His interest in Russia and the CIS began whenon conceptual development and FEED of a generic Peter’s experience extends to physical and financial he joined Renaissance Capital in 1997 as Head offloating LNG liquefaction project. He also served as commodity transactions, Asset Monetisation, as well Research and oil and gas analyst, and having becomeChief Technical Officer of Exmar Marine NV where as commodity off takes, hedges and commodity a partner he left in 2002 to begin a PhD at Londonhe was in charge of the development of the first LNG financing with producers, power plants, and utilities. University on “Partnership in the Russian Oil and Gasregasification vessels from conceptual design to the Peter has over 20 years of commodity experience Industry”.development of all operational procedures and the working in the Americas, Asia and Europe in similar He worked at Lambert Energy Advisory as Headdevelopment of the first commercially used ship to roles. Peter began his commodity career at Cargill of Russia and CIS from 2006-2013, finishing hisship LNG transfer system. He managed newbuildings Financial Markets (US and Singapore), and has doctorate in 2010 and becoming involved with theprojects for several LNG carriers, LPG/NH3 carriers, oil worked in London for 13 years for Enron, Sempra Oxford Institute for Energy Studies (OIES) at thetankers, bulk carriers and container ships. Commodities, and Merrill Lynch Commodities. same time. He is now a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute, working for the Gas and Oil ProgrammesJanssens holds a Master’s degree in Naval Architecture covering Russia and CIS issues as well as writing onand Marine Engineering from the University of Ghent global energy matters that affect the region. He hasin Belgium. published numerous working papers for OIES and in 2010 published a book entitled “Non-Gazprom Gas Producers in Russia”. Geoffroy Martin Graham Hureau Paliga Hartnell Secretary General Managing Director Manager, LNG & Gas Consulting CEDIGAZ Galway Group Poten & PartnersGeoffroy HUREAU is Secretary General of CEDIGAZ. Martin has over 30 years of experience in the energy Graham Hartnell leads LNG & gas consulting activitiesAn international association dedicated to Natural business of which more than fifteen is LNG-focused. for Poten & Partners in London. He has over 25 yearsGas information, CEDIGAZ has been the industry’s This includes LNG marketing and the negotiation and of experience in the oil and gas industries. He beganreference provider of fundamental gas data since its implementation of agreements for the development, his career in the oil and gas exploration sector andcreation in 1961. Geoffroy is an Energy Economist, he installation, financing and operation of LNG has subsequently worked in a variety of upstream andholds an engineering degree in geology and an MBA import facilities. Martin specialises in commercial downstream roles in a wide range of countries acrossfrom the HEC School of Management in Paris. development and the negotiation of commercial the globe. Previously he was Vice President withHis fields of expertise include upstream oil & gas agreements for LNG projects, either for buyers or Nexant, following spells with Bechtel, Halliburton andeconomy and worldwide hydrocarbon reserves. At sellers of LNG. Enterprise Oil.CEDIGAZ, besides his activity as Secretary General, Prior to joining Galway, Martin held LNG marketing He has wide experience in developing corporateGeoffroy is in charge of worldwide gas reserves positions at RasGas and Qatar Petroleum, was and sector strategy and providing commercialestimations. Apart from CEDIGAZ Geoffroy has Commercial Manager for an LNG and power project and technical support to oil and gas companies,been collaborating with IFP Energies nouvelles in northern Spain and has acted as an independent governments, regulators and financial institutions on(New Energy ), the leading french research center consultant specializing in LNG. technical, economic commercial and financial issueson energy, transport and the environment, since related to oil and gas developments and markets.2004. His contribution include a participation in He has been active in the LNG industry for over 15IFPEN’s annual survey “Investments in Exploration- years advising buyers, sellers, project developersProduction and Refining”, of which he writes the E&P and governments around the world. He is an activesection. In a previous career, Geoffroy has worked member of a number of industry societies. He holds aas an engineer for a mining company and as an BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering, an MSc degreeindependent consultant. in Geophysics and an MBA degree, specialising in #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG SummitQ&A Li Christopher Yao Goncalves Jason Feer CEO Chair and Managing Director, Head of Business Energy Intelligence SIA Energy Berkeley Research Group, LLC Poten & Partners Yao is the founder and CEO of SIA Energy with 18 years Mr. Christopher J. Goncalves, Chair and Managing of energy industry experience. SIA Energy is a China- Director of BRG’s Energy and Natural ResourcesHow do you see small-scale LNG developing focused energy consulting firm offering insight and Practice, is an international expert with over 25 yearsas a means to unlock new demand in data on Chinese energy policy, politics, players and of experience in the energy and financial industries,emerging markets? markets, covering the full oil, gas and power value spanning over 40 countries worldwide.Small-scale LNG has the potential to be a chain. SIA Energy serves foreign entities looking tosignificant source of new demand in coming invest and growth in China, and Chinese entities He has advised on business strategies, transactions,years. Applications such as bunkering, motor looking for entry and expansion abroad. and dispute resolution matters involving market,fuels and small scale generation all have the Prior to founding SIA, Yao served as Senior Director commercial, financial, and regulatory issues forpotential to increase demand for LNG. That and Head of PFC Energy’s China office for over seven natural gas and LNG, oil and petroleum products, andsaid, it will take some time before these new years, lived and worked in the Middle East for six conventional and renewable electricity generation.applications combine to boost overall demand years, and served Chinese central government forsubstantially. two years. He has broad experience with industry, economic, and Yao holds a Master of Science degree from the damages analysis and testimony for commercial andHow competitive is LNG in the fuel mix and Edmond A. Walsh School of Foreign Service at investment disputes before international arbitrationwill we see an increase in the use of LNG to Georgetown University in Washington DC, and a panels and in litigation proceedings.Power in the coming years? Bachelor of Laws degree in International Politics fromAt current prices, LNG is highly competitive. Not Renmin University of China.only does it displace coal fired capacity in somemarkets, such as Europe, but it also is attractive Philippe Melissato markets considering small-scale projects Berterottière Lindsayand FSRUs. However, in the longer run, LNGprices are likely to rise as the current surplus is Chairman & CEO Global Head of LNGabsorbed so there is a risk that LNG will become GTTless competitive over time. Philippe Berterottière, is a graduate of the H.E.C. Tullett Prebon Business School and of the IEP Political Studies Melissa joined Tullett Prebon in 2007 to establishWhat role do you see gas having in the next Institute. He worked for Airbus, Matra and Arianespace the LNG broking desk which now operates out of5-10 years and what will be the relationship where he was Senior Vice President Sales, Marketing London, Madrid and Singapore. TPLNG have sincebetween gas and renewables? and Customer Programs and member of the Executive facilitated the sale and purchase of over 70 cargoes,Gas should have significant role in the global Committee. In April 2009, he joined GTT and was assisted with the entry strategy of successful LNGenergy mix in coming years. As both liquefaction appointed Chairman and CEO of the company. trading businesses, negotiated regasification capacitycapacity and regas capacity grow, LNG will find options and been involved in a number of deals thatnew markets. LNG and natural gas also have \"An excellent opportunity have been industry firsts. In 2012 TPLNG closed its firsta role to play in reducing carbon emissions, to meet and hear from medium-term deal and is now increasingly involved inparticularly in markets where gas can displace the latest players and medium-term procurement and sales. The team werecoal in generation. stakeholders in the LNG the first to develop Spanish Gas broking. Melissa was industry.\" also heavily involved in the development of the LNGWith regard to renewables, gas both financial market, working with traders and exchangescomplements and competes with renewables. David Colson, Commercial VP, GTT to create a standardised contract to consolidateOnce renewable capacity is built, it tends to run liquidity. Subsequently TPLNG was the first brokerwhenever the conditions are right, and that can to close a JKM swap deal both voice and on Tullettdisplace natural gas generation. Prebon’s electronic trading platform. In 2014, Melissa added an LNG trading consultancy arm to the business and has advised on the marketing of new project volumes out of West Africa, and established leading monthly report, TPLNG Outlook. Melissa was formerly an Oil Market Analyst at #WLNG16   

Meet the Global LNG Leaders Spearheading the World LNG Summit Richard Steven Pat Nelson Miles Roberts Partner Head of LNG Practice Managing Director King & Spalding Baker Botts LLP LNG-Worldwide LtdRichard Nelson is an energy partner with King & Steven heads Baker Botts’ 50+ attorney LNG Practice Since 2005 Pat has been the Managing Director ofSpalding, based in Singapore. Richard has worked and chairs the firm’s Energy Sector Committee. He LNG Worldwide Ltd, a consulting company offeringpreviously in London, Hong Kong and Tokyo and is a member of the Firm’s Executive Committee. advice, support and training in all areas of the LNGadvises on energy-related transactions and projects, His practice focuses on the LNG and natural gas commercial supply chain. Previous to that Pat has 24particularly in the upstream oil and gas, LNG and industries, as well as electric power and renewable years of experience with the Shell Group of companiespower sectors. Richard regularly advises international energy. He is co-chair of the LNG Committee of the both in Oil and Natural Gas. Her direct experience inoil and gas companies, host governments and project Association of International Petroleum Negotiators LNG is in the area of developing and implementingdevelopers and sponsors in jurisdictions across South (AIPN). He has the highest ranking for LNG attorneys LNG strategies for new market entrants andEast Asia and the wider Asia-Pacific region. He is in Chambers USA, and has been included in The Best companies seeking to strengthen partnerships withcurrently recognised as a leading energy and natural Lawyers in America, Which Lawyer? (Energy; Banking LNG producers.resources lawyer in Singapore and Asia Pacific by the & Finance), Super Lawyers, Best Lawyers, Who’s This includes working in all commercial areas acrossleading legal directories, including Chambers and Who Legal (Energy and Project Finance) and the PLC the LNG value chain. Her work has included workingLegal 500. Cross-border Finance Handbook, and Expert Guides – with governments, NOCs, IOCs and utilities and she Project Finance. Steven holds a BA (1980) from Union has advised on structuring and optimising LNG supply College; an MBA (1984) from Cornell University, and portfolios. Coupled with her commercial experience a JD (1984) from Cornell Law School. He is based in is also a strong grounding in fundamental market Baker Botts’ Washington, DC office. analysis and strategic planning. Debbie Andy David Turner Flower Ledesma Director, Senior Shipping Independent Consultant Energy & Strategy Consultant Advisor SSY Gas Flower LNG South-Court Ltd Andy Flower has been working as an Independent David Ledesma is an independent gas and LNGDebbie is currently the Senior Shipping Adviser to Consultant since 2001 specialising in the LNG consultant with 20 years’ LNG experience gainedSimpson, Spence and Young, one of the largest business where his areas of expertise include; through the development of LNG projects in Asia andprivately owned shipbroking firms in the world. strategy, marketing, project structures, shipping, the Middle East. David provides commercial, financing pricing, supply and demand and project economics. and strategic support to national and internationalShe has over 30 years of LNG and LPG experience and He retired from BP in 2001 after thirty two years energy companies globally.began her career with Burbank Marine which became of service, including twenty two years working in He also gives commercial training courses on LNGpart of the Braemar Seascope group in 1999. She the company’s LNG and natural gas business units in the UK and overseas, writes on gas and LNGestablished the current LNG desk which has grown where he managed BP’s interests in a number of LNG and presents regularly at conferences. David wasin stature and worked closely with the successful projects. He has negotiated LNG sales and purchase appointed a non-executive Director of Pavilion Energytechnical arm of the company, Braemar Engineering agreements with buyers in Asia, Europe and the USA. in 2013 and is also a Fellow of the Oxford Institute for(formerly Wavespec). Energy Studies.In her current job, Debbie is responsible for theconsulting work and aiding the broking team on longterm strategy together with day to day charteringbusiness. She also works in close co-operation withthe highly reputable SSY Research #WLNG16   

Highlight Your Position as a Pillar of the IndustrySponsorship OpportunitiesThe World LNG Summit and Awards Evening SPONSOR THE WORLD LNG SUMMIT TO GET: is the most significant and influentialforum for the LNG industry. For companies   looking to develop and leverage businessopportunities, this forum provides exclusive Unrivalled Exposure on Positioning Show your Privatebranding and hosting opportunities. As Branding programme and visibility in support and meetingthe most important end-of-year gathering Opportunities the market commitment rooms*for the global LNG industry, why not use to the industrythis opportunity to raise your profileinternationally to gain a competitive edge? With thanks to our 2016 sponsors so far*Subject to availability For all enquiries, please contact Tyler Forbes +44 20 7978 0061 or Elliott McGinn on +44 20 7978 0029 or email [email protected]

From the Industry-AcclaimedWorld LNG Series❝ TheCWCWorldLNGSummitattractsdecisionmakersand policy makers and all the main stakeholders in theLNG supply chain. It is a prime event for getting a feel ofwhere the markets are heading and provides valuableopportunities for networking.❞Patrick Janssens, VicePresident,GlobalGasSolutions, #WLNG16   

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