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Published by ODY LAVARIAS, 2021-12-04 07:49:21



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QUALITY FORM Document Code: BTN-SSCLD-300707-QF-TS-003 SUMMATIVE TEST Control No: 001TLE Revision: 00 Effectivity date: 03-29-2019 Name of School: LIMAY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL ICT GRADE 9 SY 2021-2022 (Quarter 2) NAME:____________________________ DATE: _______________________________ YEAR&SEC.:______________________ PARENT’S SIGNATURE:__________________ I. MULTIPLE CHOICE: Select & write the letter of the correct answer on the blanks provided for. ______1. Which of the following is a connector on the back of a computer or other device?. a. Modem b. Network c. Port Hub d. Router ______2. Which of the following is used to enter System BIOS? a. F1 b. F2 c. F4 d. F6 ______3. What file system is usually used during installation?? a. FAT b. FAT32 c. NTFS d. NTFS32 ______4. Where do we typically install the operating system? a. Drive C b. DVD c. External Drive d. Floppy Drive ______5. If you see a message to press any key to boot the CD and you fail to do so, what do you think will happen? a. The computer will restart b. Set up inspecting your system will appear c. It will be prompted to BIOS setup d. It will return to boot menu ______6. What tab of BIOS Utility Set Up to go to CD/DVD? a. Main b. Advanced c. Power d. Boot ______7. Which of the following is for saving and exit BIOS? a. F6 b. F8 c. F9 d. F10 ______8. After installing how many seconds it will automatically restart the system? a. 10 seconds b. 15 seconds c. 20 seconds d. 25 seconds ______9. Which of the following you will click if you don’t have Windows version? a. Custom b. Advance c. Complex d. Premium ______10. Which of the following is for saving and exit BIOS? a. F6 b. F8 c. F9 d. F10 ______11. What is the way to set up a system or the assortment of components that make up the system? a. Configuration b. Set up c. Driver d. Installation ______12. Which of the following is a software shared on a small memory chip on the motherboard? a. BOOT b. BIOS c. MENU d. CPU ______13. What are small software programs that help the operating system use the device? a. Drivers b. Software c. Hardware’s d. Application ______14. It means Save and Exit in BIOS utility set-up.? a. F2 b. F4 c. F6 d. F10 ______15. It means to select field in BIOS utility set-up. a. Select b. Press c. Tab d. Enter

______16. What is called a two-part tool? a. FDISK b. FORMAT c. TONER PROBE d. LOOP BACK ADAPTER ______17. _____17. Which of the following optimizes space on a hard drive to allow access to programs and data? a. DISK b. FORMAT c. SFC d. DEFRAG ______18. Which prepares a hard drive to store information? a. FDISK b. FORMAT c. SFC d. DEFRAG ______19. What is a command-line tool that creates and partitions on a hard drive? a. FDISK b. FORMAT c. SFC d. DEFRAG ______20. Which initializes disks, creates, and formats partitions? a. Disk Management Tool b. System File Checker c. Loop Back Adapter d. Digital Multi Meter II. MATCHING TYPE: Match Column A to Column B. Write your answer on space provide for. Column A Column B ______21. It serves as the brain of computer a. Test Procedures ______22. Printed-circuit boards (also called interface cards) that b. External Visual enable the computer to use a peripheral device Inspection ______23. Also called read/write memory c. RAM ______24. Main board of a computer d. Operating System ______25. Plug- and play portable storage device e. Loopback adapter ______26. Computer software f. Adapter ______27. Made up of CPU, memory and other devices attached to it g. Hard drive ______28. Clear space on a hard drive h. System Unit ______29. Checks the integrity of files and folders i. System Unit ______30. Command-line tool that scan the Operating System j. Motherboard ______31. Verify the chips, cards, cartridge and heat sink k. SFC ______32. Test the integrity of circuits and quality of electricity l. Scandisk ______33. Test the basic functionality of computer ports m. Disk Clean up ______34. Quick Inspection of monitor, keyboard, cables & Peripherals n. Digital multimeter of the computer ______35. Guides what needs to be done o. Internal Visual Inspection III. TRUE or FALSE: Write TRUE if the statement is correct then FALSE if otherwise. Write your answer on the blanks provided for ______36. When attaching cables, never force a connection. ______37. Unplug all the cables and move your PC to a clean workspace for safety purpose. ______38. The CPU fan is located left on top of the CPU heat sink, which is a large piece of metal with fins on the top. ______39. To remove the RAM push down on both tabs holding the RAM in place, which are located at both ends of the RAM ______40. The motherboard has six screws holding it to the frame, which are indicated by large white circles around them. ______41. Use an inexpensive antistatic wrist strap. Make sure you are wearing your anti- static wrist strap correctly ______42. Before you secure the motherboard onto the PC case/chassis, inspect it carefully for any visible defects. QF - Page 2 of 4

______43. Follow the manufacturer's directions to install the heat sink and the fan that will cool the processor. ______44. Plug in the power cable after you have connected all other cables ______45. BIOS instruct the computer on how to perform several basic functions such as booting and keyboard control. ______46. Unknown devices and generic devices are of different devices category. ______47. The most basic test is to switch the system off to check it starts without errors. ______48. Diagnostic tools are used to test and diagnose equipment of your computer. ______49. The toner part is connected to a cable at one end using specific adapter. ______50. Gathering test information is the first step to test the installation. Prepared by: GLEZEL M. TACTO/TERESITA C. ISIP/ODY V. LAVARIAS ICT Teachers Noted: EDGARDO E. ORDIALES HT-III, TLE Department QF - Page 3 of 4

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